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11 Best Cheap Web Hosting Services of 2022

Get great shared website hosting on a budget. Discover and learn about the best cheap web hosting providers on the market today.

Best Cheap Web Hosting Services

It used to be a complicated, costly, and hard undertaking to build and manage a website. However, in the last few decades, things have changed dramatically, and lots of developers are sprouting up by the numbers.

In reality, with an affordable hosting solution, you may plan, create and manage your own site for the same cost as a takeaway pizza or a mug of tea.

Although it is clear that certain hosting services are far pricier than their counterparts, some provide services that cost a few bucks and do not sacrifice the value you’ll be getting.

The best budget hosting services offer email addresses, domain names, loads of website templates, website builders, bandwidth and ample storage, free SSL certificates, impressive performance, 24/7 support, etc., in a single package.

If you are searching for an inexpensive website hosting service but do not know which hosting service provider to settle for, we’ve checked and listed the most common vendors available today, so there is nothing to worry about.⠀

What are the Best Cheap Web Hosting Services?

1. Bluehost

Best cheap web hosting platform for beginners who want a reliable, and pocket-friendly hosting provider.

Bluehost Best cheap web hosting platform for beginners who want a reliable, and pocket-friendly hosting provider.

If you’re shopping for an inexpensive hosting company, Bluehost is a good, reliable option; the vendor's cheap prices, combined with its superiority in the web hosting sphere, are what render it such a worthwhile deal.

The company is renowned for superior hardware setups, a generous list of extras, and exceptional service and durability, at a price bracket that is normally smaller than that of the normal market price.

The performance and speed of this platform arise from very contemporary hardware and an international content delivery system driven by Cloudflare.

Bluehost, together with several other benefits, provides virtually limitless access, such as bandwidth, emails, and storage.

For instance, to keep the website on the go, Bluehost provides marketing credits and a free domain, hence contributing to its quality.

We rank Bluehost near or at the top for its dedicated, VPS, and WordPress offerings. You will be glad to see that the brand's extremely favorable prices apply to all their services.

Hence ensure that you take a careful look at their offerings once more before making a choice.

  • Customizable, easy-to-use cPanel
  • Tons of add-ons and site tools
  • Free domain-tailored email addresses
  • Free site builders
  • Cloudflare integration
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Top-notch security inclusions
  • Free SSL certificate

We are confident that Bluehost has the solutions to satisfy your hosting demands currently and in the times ahead. They also have competent and round-the-clock customer support.

This vendor features a one-month money-back policy if, for whatever purpose, you feel unhappy after purchasing any of its packages; but we're prepared to wager on this. You surely won't be.


Bluehost - pricing - Shared hosting - VPS - Dedicated

With Bluehost, you will enjoy three different pricing options. The Shared Hosting plan, which is great for simple sites, the VPS plan, which is good for growing companies, and the Dedicated plan, which is great for websites with heavy traffic.

2. Hostgator

Best low cost web hosting service for small and medium-scale businesses.

Hostgator Best cheap web hosting service for small and medium-scale businesses.

HostGator provides an innovative hosting infrastructure for those searching for unlimited bandwidth and unrestricted domain registrations, constantly innovating across various channels.

This provider will get everything you desire, whether you are searching for a VPS hosting, web hosting, or shared hosting service.

This vendor has been in the industry for more than ten years, and it is esteemed for its multitude of servers and sustained dependability.

Recognized majorly for its shared hosting offering, HostGator still provides VPS and dedicated options if you'd like your website to measure up.

HostGator costs slightly more than some of the other budget-minded shared hosts, but that echoes the brand's reputation for strong infrastructure and helpful support. 

HostGator offers decent features in its basic shared hosting offerings, such as unlimited disk space, a nice control panel, and free website templates. 

Plus, you get the flexibility to add numerous add-ons for privacy, security, and productivity as you see fit.

HostGator is a bit more expensive than the other pocket-friendly shared hosting providers, but this reverberates the firm's image for helpful support and robust infrastructure. 

In its simple shared hosting services, HostGator includes good functions, like unrestricted storage space, a friendly control center, and free prototypes for websites. 

And, as you deem appropriate, you'll enjoy the freedom to incorporate various productivity extensions, protection, and privacy extensions.

HostGator features dedicated, shared, VPS, and cloud hosting, as well as reselling options, a website builder, and domain registrations. The height of HostGator's offerings is its shared hosting service. 

HostGator has perfected whatever it involves establishing a good user experience while still focused on the industry's shared server niche, understanding the demands of the shared hosting client well enough.

HostGator's knowledge of the shared hosting client renders the provider the suitable guide to actually help their clients into the dedicated and virtual server ecosystem as they surmount the shared world over time.

Targeted mainly at the moderately-technical customer, the versatility of HostGator is its forte. Windows, VPS, and dedicated hosting is obtainable if it aligns with your requirements, as well. 

Support for Python, Perl, Ruby, and other programming languages, root access, and SSH are obtainable on all of its packages.

  • Bandwidth Allowance
  • Storage Confines
  • cPanel Integration
  • Email Hosting
  • Web Framework Support
  • CMS Support
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Database Support
  • File Management
  • Security Tools

With starter-friendly support systems that will resonate with the full range of clients, HostGator has almost unlimited control and options available in their databases.


Breakdown of HostGator’s Shared Hosting pricing plans

The subscription packages for Hostgator include Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. You will enjoy 24/7 support when you subscribe to their plans. 

3. Hostinger

Cheapest web host for seasoned WordPress developers who’d like to host a fast website.

Hostinger - Cheapest web host for seasoned WordPress developers who’d like to host a fast website.

Email addresses, bandwidth, and unrestricted capacity have become remarkably normal as the shared hosting industry is becoming rapidly crowded. 

Even so, Hostinger stretches the standard, anticipated stats to longer lengths; for most clients, the list of servers, blogs, parked domains, subdomains, and FTP users is all unregulated.

Business and Premium hosting services, together with backups, benefit from unrestricted processing capabilities and free registration of domain names.

Although perfectly suitable for new ventures and new websites, one of the more sophisticated packages is preferred for customers to register; space for development is necessary, and the future-thinking approach avoids any future issues with updating resources or transferring data.

Overall, while attempting to cater to cost-minded website owners, we admire how Hostinger does not compromise efficiency and features. 

The firm's all-SSD framework is sure to encourage enduring and long-term hosting partnerships, together with the addition of a simple-to-use website builder, carefully thought-out speed upgrades, and domain name and free SSL certificate offerings.

The elegant, innovative GUI of Hostinger helps users to handle all facets of their domain and hosting services and no longer keep a record of different login credentials to update your billing records, sign up for a new domain or restore a website or even fire up an entirely new server.

  • Daily Backups.
  • OpenResty nginx+lua.
  • CloudLinux.
  • Access Manager.
  • Cloudflare integration.
  • Custom hPanel.
  • Automated and streamlined server deployments.
  • LetsEncrypt integration.

We admire the larger graphics included with its panel by Hostinger.

An ever-present icon appears in the portal to guide visitors to the most important information from the knowledge base. Support is readily available in the form of how-to manuals, a ticketing system, and a live chat.


Hostinger - VPS Pricing

The pricing of this hosting provider is fairly straight to the point with four different plan features to choose from. You may either be billed monthly or annually. 

4. A2 Hosting

Best cheap hosting service for website owners who want an excellent uptime and fast server speed.

A2 Hosting - Best cheap hosting service for website owners who want an excellent uptime and fast server speed.

There are many superb hosting services out there, but what is it that separates this provider from the others? 

Not only will the provider deliver a lot of benefits, but it has handcrafted its services that place the preferences beyond pricing for improved protection, speed, and efficiency.

A2 hosting plans feature a free Cloudflare distribution network, round-the-clock Guru Crew support, and several SSD performance boost technologies. 

Inside the comfy cPanel, operators will find the Softaculous functionality — including convenient, one-click installations of common web apps.

Users get available KernelCare and HackScan security with the Perpetual Security inclusions, which perform daily auto-updates to kernels. 

99.9% connectivity and 24/7 service surveillance are promised by the provider, including malware testing and protection against ruthless attackers.

A2 Hosting was not just among the first hosting services to give SSD hosting, with load times that are thrice what is obtainable with a normal host. However, the service has developed its Turbo hosting network. 

A2 Hosting's Turbo Servers offer twenty times higher load times and lesser operators on each database, consuming less processing power and memory.

We admire how A2 hosting invests a tremendous amount of resources and time on quality monitoring and ensuring that it provides clients with the best performance, protection, and service available at the cost customers can appreciate. 

The fully optimized systems of this service make it super simple, and the utility and durability of the solutions from A2 Hosting render them incredibly budget-friendly. 

We are sure that A2 Hosting will give you the need to get an inexpensive website deployed and flourishing with 24/7 service.

  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unrestricted Transfer
  • 24/7 Email, Live Chat, and Support by Phone
  • Easy-to-use cPanel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Growth Inclusions
  • Limitless Websites
  • Free Server Refresh Data Backup Security
  • Traffic Spike Safety Alternative plus Performance
  • Limitless Databases

A2 Hosting customers profit from the business's hack protection scanner, HackScan, as a portion of most packages' Perpetual Securities kit. Consumers also get KernelCare for free, which performs daily rebootless kernel automatic updates.

An improved module for WordPress hardens your website to discourage hacks while also featuring reCAPTCHA functionality on the login screen, fully automated WordPress updates, and a distinctive WordPress login web address.


A2 Hosting - Pricing

A2 hosting has four different plans, as shown above. Billing can either be monthly or annually, contingent on the option you go for. Irrespective of the package that you buy, you will enjoy top-notch customer support.

5. Dreamhost

Affordable hosting service for site owners that want unlimited bandwidths.

DreamHost - Affordable hosting service for site owners that want unlimited bandwidths.

One of the sought-after hosting providers for people who know what they want, DreamHost gives its users a nuanced and performant hosting environment that is ideal for scaling their apps and website.

Even though we adore this provider's offerings, the truth is that hobbyist developers and beginners may not have extra cash to spare to leverage the performance, optimization, and managed services that DreamHost offers.

If your website is still gathering and growing more and more traffic for your business, then it is suitable for hosts such as this type. 

Managed services comprise infrastructure management, automatic updates and backups, DDoS protection, and malware scans.

It is also interesting to know that this provider is a private business that was developed for the joy of open-source systems. These developers regularly give back programs to communities, like OpenStack and WordPress.

DreamHost has also done its homework in ensuring that they have a great support team that is willing to attend to the queries of their customers. 

At every hour of the day, they’re there to provide you with great support, prompt SSD-based framework of DreamHost, hand-made cPanel, WordPress-fitted solutions, and consistent managed services.

  • Unconstrained Sites
  • Free Domain inclusive
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • FREE Domain
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • WordPress Pre-installed
  • Limitless Email

DreamHost provides ticket-based and email support and also live chat functionality. 

It features a healthy knowledge catalog. Unluckily, this provider does not come with mobile support, which is unappealing because there are certain times that you'll like to deal with a real human being.

Irrespective of what time of the day that you reached out to their support, you’ll get a response from them, and the response will come in less than one minute.


Dreamhost - pricing

Dreamhost has three subscription plans that include Shared, DreamPress, and VPS, and users are charged annually or monthly.

6. Hostpapa

Leading cheap web host for small businesses that want a friendlier user-interface.

HostPapa - Leading cheap web host for small businesses that want a friendlier user-interface.

Hostpapa is another provider that provides top-notch, feature-rich, and cheap web hosting services to their customers to help both small business and website owners to build their online dominance.

In fact, the offerings of this company are far beyond the normal web hosting thing. 

The company's CEO has stated that it intends to become a one-stop-shop for those small business owners searching for a simple and seamless solution that will help them grow in the marketplace. 

As soon as you register on the Hostpapa platform, you'll notice that their resolve to achieve big in the industry they find themselves in is glaring. 

It includes a large plethora of features that make Email, eCommerce, and marketing a breeze. Aside from Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps, it features dual in-house email packages with a modest functionality and user-friendly interface.

The email storage limits of this platform fall short of the Outlook and Gmail offerings, only that the price is lower than half of the price brackets offered by Microsoft and Google, and this makes it a nice option.

Even though this provider's packages seem to be somewhat economical, the truth is that it is not important for everyone with hosting needs.

With the content delivery system of Cloudflare and the unlimited bandwidth of this provider, their users can augment performance and speed with its Rocket Fast Premium Servers – two times the storage space, two times the RAM size, and a 3X speed. 

The 99.9% service availability assurance of Hostpapa is not so impressive, but it should more than cater to most of its users' needs.

  • Free drag-and-drop website builder
  • Host limitless WordPress websites with one account
  • 24/7 support through live chat, Email, and phone
  • Free email accounts and domain registration
  • Unlimited bandwidth and 99.9% uptime guarantee

Do you need more clarification on starting out with this provider? This provider seems to be the only one that gives its customers the benefit of a one-on-one dialogue with their customer support. 

Their thirty minutes conference call carried out through video chat, or phone is inclusive for the Hostpapa Business Pro and Business plans.


HostPapa - pricing_

The pricing plans of this hosting service include the Starter, Business, and Business Pro. While the Starter plan is perfect for a basic blog or website, the Business plan is ideal for small business owners, and the Grow plan is perfect for those sites that want to prioritize speed, security, and performance.

7. GreenGeeks

Great cheap web hosting choice for the environmentally-conscious and quality-conscious users.

GreenGeeks - Great cheap web hosting choice for the environmentally-conscious and quality-conscious users.

It is difficult to conceive something as insubstantial as a site, being a factor that leads to climate change. 

With thousands of data centers and millions of servers consuming a large amount of power, the truth is that the web hosting sector is gradually surpassing  the air travel industry as one of the worst polluters on the planet.

That said, Trey Gardener, the CEO of GreenGeeks – a passionate skier, hiker, and surfer, having helped in the development of seven different hosting providers – established the company sometime in 2008 to set the pace of leaving a clean carbon footprint for other hosting companies to follow.

GreenGeeks buys wind power credits to replenish more than thrice the amount of energy that the company utilizes.

GreenGeeks offers excellent bundles of hosting that function independently. 

The organization has grown to serve more than thirty-five thousand consumers and hosts upwards of three hundred thousand sites in nearly ten years of operation, fuelled by advanced name-brand hardware and advanced SSD storage.

In addition to checking the site builder and managed WordPress solutions, after placing the firm's dedicated, VPS, and shared services via the wringer, we were amazed by the myriad of innovative inclusions that promote hosting options for both professional developers and beginner website owners.

A competent 24/7 assistance, combined with free movement and high availability, allows it to expand via the dedicated and VPS hosting ranks.

  • Limitless domains on one profile
  • Limitless SSD webspace
  • Free site builder
  • Free domain registration
  • Limitless Free Email IDs
  • Includes a special SSL Certificate (Let's Encrypt Wildcard)
  • Free late night backups
  • Free synchronization with CDN 

There are four server farms of GreenGeeks that are situated in Phoenix, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Montreal.

Suppose you are the kind of person who wants to figure out technological challenges individually, you will be delighted to learn that GreenGeeks offer a broad information base and a series of thoroughly-taught instructions.

And you can try out GreenGeek's site if you want to know more about concepts like security, SEO, and online marketing.


GreenGeeks - pricing

The subscription plans for GreenGeeks include Lite, Pro, and Premium. Users will be billed monthly. When you opt for any of their plans, you will enjoy round-the-clock support.

8. SiteGround

Top cheap web hosting provider for those looking to seamlessly build and manage their websites.

SiteGround - Top cheap web hosting provider for those looking to seamlessly build and manage their websites.

SiteGround is a top player in the hosting market, from creative tech applications to premium customer care, with an incredible array of general hosting options. 

The enterprise includes a wide spectrum of web hosting services, like limitless bandwidth and MySQL databases, SSH-enabled cPanel, and free Cloudflare CDN, not to say award-winning service quality.

The corporation's crowning achievement, behind custom systems designed to render the hosting process as strain-free as feasible, has always been its top-notch customer support. 

SiteGround has developed a live chat technology that lets users decide and rank rigorously tested customer service representatives they have already dealt with. 

The organization has also developed its very own booking method, consisting of an algorithm programmed to identify suitable technical service for particular tasks.

Instant answers to telephone conversations and talks and ten-minute answers to electronic requests are the end product, both leading to a 99.7 percent level of customer happiness.

  • Bandwidth Allowance
  • Storage Limits
  • Control Panel Integration
  • Email Hosting
  • Web Framework Support
  • CMS Support
  • File Management
  • E-Commerce Integration
  • Database Support
  • Security Tools

SiteGround has built an exclusive server protection framework for shared hosting, which prohibits compromised servers from taking down whole networks. 

The firm developed its own cloud storage infrastructure in place of VPS hosting, offering thousands of clusters and high-end scalability and protection.

Both users of the SiteGround hosting service profit from a special system for avoiding interruption, which has enabled SiteGround to establish credibility for outstanding availability rates: 99.999% monthly and 99.996% yearly.


SiteGround Pricing Plan

SiteGround subscription packages are depicted above. They’re the StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan, and the GoGeek plan. What differentiates these plans, aside from their costs, is the number of websites they can host, their webspace, and the number of allowed monthly visits.

What are the Best Cheap Website Builders?

It's easier and cheaper than ever before to be available on the internet with a website builder's services. But which of these website builders saves the most resources for you? 

Right below, we're going to run through three separate site builders' lowest subscription options, which are all below $15 per month. 

1. Wix

Best free and user-friendly website builder to build your search engine friendly site.

Wix Cheap Website Builder

About one hundred million individuals in 190 various countries utilize Wix. It's a reasonably priced, convenient, and stress-free method of building your own site in a matter of a few minutes.

Creating a site of your own was something that only adept programmers were able to do. Or individuals who've been affluent enough to reward adept web developers after helping you do so!

But kudos to Wix; anyone can build their personal and professional site now. Depending on your degree of knowledge, the versatile prototype editor from Wix offers you total creative control even without knowing how to interpret a single line of code.

If you browse through any of the samples of websites generated by Wix, they are stunning and obviously competent.

Of course, Wix is not the only site builder with a drag-and-drop feature. But it currently stands as one of the best site builders in cyberspace.

What made it one of the best out there? Firstly, it caters to hundreds of markets, far above other site builders known today.⠀

  • Small businesses
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Musicians
  • hospitality and Hotels
  • Graphic designers
  • Photographers

You'll see Wix prototypes, software, and applications in their repository to compliment your work type, irrespective of your specialty. 

Walkers of dogs? Coaches for excellence and success in business? Stars of the Internet? The sectors Wix does not reach are hard to guess!

A website builder is a web-based app that lets you develop, without programming, your own site.

The traditional pattern-based systems, and the more current Artificial Intelligence-powered platforms, are two major styles of site builders.

You can select from a wide selection of pre-designed models using a standard website designer. The prototype can then be conveniently modified and loaded with all of your own information, incorporating important features that you need.

Artificial Intelligence-powered site builders operate by posing a number of queries, like the kind of site you would like and your expectations for design. It then builds a site for you after that.

You can also introduce some adjustments to the interface, but this technique is mostly about individuals who suddenly need a basic website.

Wix is a standard website designer with templates and an Artificial Intelligence system bundled into one.

You can select from the more than five hundred prototypes that are unique to the market and use its amazing drag-and-drop tool. Or utilize the Wix ADI, if you would like, and allow Wix to create a site for your business!

Wix has earned fantastic prestige, but it's our duty to dig underneath the crust and inform you just how amazing it is.

We perform our own extensive investigation and evaluation to offer you expert insight, so you can make informed decisions.


Wix Pricing Plan

The subscription plans for Wix include VIP, Unlimited, Combo, and Connect Domain. Users will either be billed annually or monthly. These plans mainly differ on the inclusions of some applications, like Visitor Analytics App and Site Booster App. 

2. Squarespace

Best website builder for non-programmer customers that want a high-quality and high-security platform.

Squarespace is the Best website builder for non programmer customers that want a high quality and high security platform

Squarespace is a site creator built to help innovative people, regardless of their technological abilities, create their own platforms and promote their projects. 

The newest iteration of Squarespace made it simpler than ever before to implement web sitewide interface improvements.

For artists, photographers, and people that enjoy designing and need their website to feel as amazing as the stuff they display online, Squarespace is the ideal solution. 

This is where Squarespace shines, and if you do not have high-resolution graphics – or if your website is alphabet-heavy – you may find it hard to fully leverage on Squarespace's architectural elements.

After the free fourteen days trying out the platform, more than two million users made a monetary commitment to continue utilizing the platform, and that is a great testimony to the consistency of outcomes it provides.

We carried out a thorough analysis of this provider, and Squarespace scaled on most of our indices.

Squarespace is a drag-and-drop site creator, but you cannot easily drag anything just to any location, unlike other makers (like Wix). It's more portion-based, but coming to terms with it takes a bit more time.

Although the layout of Squarespace is sleek and minimalist, it may feel rather too simple at the beginning. 

In order to locate the items you're searching for, it requires a few taps, and occasionally we needed it to be more clear where and how to find those elements.

That being said, designing appears quick and simple when you know what you are doing, and you can learn to love the uncomplicated lists. 

The longer you utilize it, the Squarespace creator gets simpler – you would only need a small training and experience to get the best of it.

Squarespace is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) creator.

This implies that your site shows in the web creator just the same way it will display when it is up and running, and all the changes that are happening will be shown to you.

One of the most interesting parts is that you don't have to know anything about programming to be able to use it. 

Yes, you may make use of the code if you'd like to. One of the strongest points of this platform is the fact that you can use it to build a professional website even without being a professional developer or programmer.

Because you have an idea of the very changes you are incorporating, it is easy to see why this web builder is a straightforward one. 

Just like our analysis of the platform shows, you'll not be kept unaware of what is happening on the platform.

Squarespace provides you with organized content so that if you choose a “contact us” page, for instance, it would not just present you with a form. 

Rather, it would provide you with different alternatives about unique elements that you may like to use and unique designs that you can choose to create the section.

As mentioned before, this web builder is the best fit for designers, artists, and people that want the world beyond to know about artistic crafts.

Squarespace was also built to execute an assortment of different functions perfectly, like eCommerce, Small Business, and Blogging.


Squarespace Pricing

With Squarespace, you’ll enjoy four unique plans. They include, Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Analytics Commerce. Billing can either be monthly or annually. 

3. 10Web

Best all-in-one website builder for SEO-conscious customers.

10Web - Best all-in-one website builder for SEO-conscious customers.

When you are developing your site, it is very important to optimize the pages in a user-friendly manner and also make them very accessible.

10Web has come to understand this by being in the industry for quite a time now and allows you to utilize an effective drag-and-drop web page builder to effortlessly include page elements that suit your fancy and personalize your spec without writing any program for it.

10Web is powered by an exceptional and creative web page builder known as the Elementor page builder. 

This website creating system is an open-source alternative that is very easy to use, free, and faster than most of the options that you will find on the market today.

The Elementor Web page builder comes with more than twenty different extensions that you can use to optimize your website, creating an experience, and make everything a fun-filled venture. 

These extensions include WordPress social media sharing options, post layouts, call-to-action options, and a pricing table. This ensures that you have greater control and management power over your website. 

You can check out Stratum Elementor Widgets, Master Add-ons for Elementor, Plus Add-ons for Elementor, and JetPlugins, and see if they suit your taste.

There is also another plugin known as the WordPress form maker that will help you when you are creating different forms. 

These forms can easily be created with the drag-and-drop functionality from your web browser and have them personalized to match your taste using the different fields in the platform.

If you’d like to create a lot of responsive sliders for your new site, then the WordPress Slider plugin is your best bet. With it, you can add posts, images, videos, and some other types of media in your layered form and slider format.

It can also create limitless numbers of events and calendars and allow you to section them into certain tags and groups without having the tiniest bit of programming knowledge.

The WordPress Instagram Feed will be helpful to you when you want to highlight your Instagram feeds.

Because of its user-friendliness, you can create tons of Instagram posts in WordPress by following some simple steps and promoting your site.

If you want to check out your website statistics to show your primary clientele's behaviors, interests, and location, the WordPress Google Analytics will do that for you.

You can see the results on your website, and this includes traffic source, goals completed, monitoring eCommerce conversion rate, and lots more.


10web Pricing

The pricing plans of 10Web are straightforward. They include, Personal, Premium, Agency, and Custom. WHat differentiates these plans is the number of monthly visitors allowed, number sites that can be hosted, and the SSD storage capacity.

What is a Cheap Web Host?

A cheap web hosting service is one that will provide you with very good customer support, great uptime, and outstanding server performance at a price that you don't have to rob the bank to pay.

One of the common mistakes of most buyers is that they often sacrifice costs at the expense of quality. This same rule is also at play when people go out shopping for a cheap web host.

But the good news is that there are very competent web hosting services that we can boldly say are inexpensive.

Right below, you’ve explained some of the cheapest hosting plans that you can get when you go shopping for one. And don’t even think otherwise, they’re valuable too!

How to Choose the Best Cheap Web Hosting Service

Yes, you can choose a very good hosting service at a reasonable price, as we’ve discovered when running a search on the subject matter.

Wait, is it true that you can purchase one month of the worth of high-quality hosting service for a price lower than what you pay for a Starbucks Grande cappuccino? Incredible, but true.

The standard monthly cost of web hosting for all the eight hosting service providers that is captured in this article is incredibly low!

1. Upsells and Options

Those very cheap appetizer rates that you see all over the internet are there to attract you. 

Many of these hosting service providers are not even hideous about the fact that they'll demand extra cash from you to make up this difference by requesting extra cash for site migration and backup.

A web hosting plan that is cheap is great if you want to run a personal business

It is also great for a basic business website that aims to function as a landing page or an online calling card for guests that would appreciate more information about your establishment. 

It is not a very great choice for a website that will soon encounter a huge increase in traffic. 

If you opt for a cheap plan when making a buy for your hosting needs, it is not uncommon to expect frequent upsell deals for greater feature-filled (and tangibly pricier) packages. 

These upsells include a wide variety of packages. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Website Builder Tools. Normally, you wouldn't enjoy a lot of hand-holding service with these providers, as you may enjoy with turnkey options, such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix. Many of these hosting providers will offer you wizard-driven functionalities that'll give room for less technically sophisticated customers to create their own website by pointing their cursor on certain on-screen elements and clicking it.
  • Managed WordPress hosting. Most of the companies listed here have a managed WordPress offering that insulates customers from the chore of managing the underlying web server or installing and maintaining their own WordPress instance. Most such offerings include a selection of ready-made themes; others include WordPress-oriented website builders.
  • Virtual private servers (VPS). In the bare-bones shared hosting environments, multiple tenants share a single server's hardware and software resources. In a VPS, multiple tenants share the physical server hardware, but each server instance is isolated from the others using virtualization software, with resources (memory and storage, for example) assigned directly to the VPS.
  • Dedicated servers. This is the most expensive option of all, with physical hardware dedicated to a specific customer and not shared with other accounts. This option is most appropriate for high-traffic websites that can't afford any downtime, but the price is far from cheap.

2. Free Trial Period and Refund Policy

You have to be conversant with some things you need to know about a provider before opting for it. 

For instance, it is vital to know the way your hosting company will handle your refund so that all your money would not go down the drain in case things turn sour.

Certain hosting providers will charge you extremely high cancellation charges if you cancel the subscription on your account during the periods when you are still trying it out. 

Our recommendation? Don’t opt for these types of hosting providers. On the flip side, some providers will give you your funds back when your trial period is over.

3. Customer Support

What is the number of contact points the hosting provider offered that you selected? 

If the provider did not come with a phone support option and ticket-based methods and emails are the basic methods for the resolution of an issue, does the support agent respond fast to your queries?

4. Storage and Bandwidth

Most of the providers in our list offer limitless data storage and transfers. For more costly packages, it is normal to feature hard limits on monthly data transfer and storage.

5. Security

How easy is it to add SSL support, and how much does it cost to renew a certificate? Ask the support department whether they will assist if your website is hacked, and if so, how much the repair will cost. 

Most, if not all, hosting providers normally boast of their highly protected infrastructure. As a customer that is not so tech-savvy, it is almost always impossible to vet those claims. 

However, you can assess the essential security system and best practices of the provider. Does your chosen provider feature a multi-factor system authentication?

Are vital software automatically updated, or are you obligated to be in charge of this update by yourself? How simple is it to include SSL support to your website, and what is the price for certificate renewal?

6. A Control Panel that is Easy to Use

A hosting control panel that is user-friendly with a wide array of functionalities is a great option for you, especially if you are just starting.

You don’t have to worry if it is Plesk or cPanel. All you have to do is check out its user-friendliness. Also, you need to confirm that it contains all the vital systems and functionalities that are needed to run your site.

If you don’t have a good control panel, every one of your hosting needs will be taken care of by your provider’s customer support. And as you may have known, no one does it better than you.

Cheap Web Hosting FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Host a Simple Website?

The cost of hosting a simple website can range from $2/month – $10/month. Of course, dedicated, cloud-based, and virtual servers feature a higher price tag, but this is not the case with a simple website.  

Other prospective costs are:
– Registration of domain name
– Design (Web Designer, Website Builder, Themes)
– eCommerce Tools, Security, Managed Services

In this article, the hosting services we listed merge the aforementioned services to arrive at a low-cost, high-value hosting package. 

The service providers are the best when it comes to cheap hosting because of the immense value they offer to their customers.

Are there Any Free Web Hosts or Website Builders?

Yes. The internet is filled with different almost free hosting services, such as Bluehost, SiteGround, Hostgator, Dreamhost, and Squarespace. For the same reason; the internet is filled with free website builders, such as Wix, Weebly, Strikingly, Mozello, and Webflow.

At the end, you get what you pay for. If you purely want a free web hosting, then you should not expect any or good customer service and some useful features that help you make money from your website.

But web hosting does not have to be very expensive. Hence, above you will find a list of very useful cheap web hosts.

How can I get a free domain?

Do you want a free domain for your website? Then, Bluehost is your best bet. While it is true that there may be other tested and trusted service providers out there, we must bring the best for you, and that is Bluehost. 

And it is the best for some reasons. These include a free SSL certificate, free Cloudflare CDN integration, a one-click WordPress installation module, extra eCommerce plugins, and numerous CMS integrations.

Launch Your Website or Online Store with a Cheap Web Hosting Service!

Not all the cheap web hosting services out there are made to be equal. For instance, there are storage space caps and data transfer allocation that is worthy of your investigation. Carefully study the limitless storage offerings fine print.

Bluehost is the option to go for if you are hunting for a cheap hosting company that has found a way of striking the balance between offering quality services and cheapness. 

Dreamhost is your best bet if your business is still in its nascent stage and hence needs to withstand a huge surge of traffic. 

If you are a more eco-conscious individual that is particular about a high-quality web hosting company, then GreenGeeks is what you are looking for. 

Wix is the website builder you should go for if you want a free platform that you can use even if you are not a programmer. If you are looking for an innovative platform that will help you showcase your projects for the world beyond to see, then it makes a lot of sense to opt for Squarespace.

Written by
Anastasia Belyh