Best WordPress Hosting (2024): Convesio Review

Updated Dec 24, 2022.
Convesio Managed Hosting for Scaling Wordpress Designed for Business Critical Websites

Convesio provides a superb caching system and server uptime, which are essential for fast and reliable WordPress hosting. This Convesio review covers its features, pricing plans, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. 

It's always advisable to go with a WordPress hosting provider that positively impacts your page loading speed. Like the fastest web hosting services, Convesio's high-speed infrastructure can directly increase your website's loading speed.

WordPress Convesio hosting is also great if you want to improve SEO and increase your website's server storage space and user traffic. Convesio offers managed hosting that provides more value for money compared to most web hosts, providing robust features at the lowest tier plans

The WordPress hosting service isn't without its disadvantages, however, and in this comprehensive Convesio review, I'll cover all its features, as well as its pros and cons.

What is Convesio?

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If you want complete control and managed WordPress hosting at a fair price, Convesio is a great option. It has a top-notch software stack and is great for automating scaling. It is among the best WordPress hosting services available if you prioritize performance, dependability, and managed hosting.

Convesio is the first platform-as-a-service for building and maintaining WordPress websites that repairs itself. It enables you to scale almost effortlessly, automating the use of server resources to match changes in your website's demands.

The WordPress hosting service provides incredible website speed with the help of proprietary Docker container technology and scalable CDNs that distribute content from different locations throughout the globe.

While the platform guarantees fast website loading for every one of your website visitors regardless of their location, it also provides truly convenient scaling for you, the user, by letting you pay as you use.

Who Created Convesio?

Convesio's chief executive officer and co-founder is Thomas M. Fanelli. He is an established worldwide product and marketing professional who has worked in both tiny, innovative startups and major corporate organizations like Microsoft.

He has led marketing and product teams that are spread across the globe. He has also led businesses through reorganizations and transitions.

Convesio was established in order to give businesses and agencies a platform for safe, scalable hosting without the complexities of conventional cloud web hosts.

What Makes Convesio Extraordinary?

Convesio is the only WordPress hosting platform that uses Docker containers and has auto-scaling capabilities.

You must first understand how Convesio's rivals host their clients' websites to fully appreciate why this makes Convesio the top managed WordPress hosting company.

Many managed WordPress hosts host multiple websites through shared hosting, which has the following disadvantages:

  • It has limited availability of resources.
  • There is a high risk of security issues.
  • Additional fees are required for SSL certificates.
  • Your website will probably go offline or start loading extremely slowly if any of the websites on the same server experiences a significant surge in traffic.

Web hosts also provide reliable hosting through virtual private servers. A virtual private server has its disadvantages as well:

  • It is more expensive than shared hosting.
  • Server resources are still scarce. Your website must be transferred to a new server once you've reached your limit to keep it available and quickly load pages.
  • Some popular hosting providers provide VPS hosting but do not properly assign the resources. This may pose issues in the future if a specific site uses its resources at maximum capacity.

Convesio's infrastructure makes use of Docker containers, which provide the following advantages over even the best shared web hosting services:

  • Caching a container cluster.
  • Resource sharing that is adaptable.
  • Scalability with the capacity to run several containers on a single host.
  • Hosting your service on storage that is more cost-effective than traditional WordPress hosting solutions.
  • Rapid deployment and WordPress installation.
  • Better security.
  • A convenient pay-as-you-use pricing structure.

With its architecture driven by Docker containers, Convesio hosting eliminates the restrictions and dangers of shared and VPS hosting.

What Are Docker Containers?

Convesio's technology is great for automatic scaling, thanks to the use of Docker containers. For instance, Convesio will move the container if the load on your website unexpectedly increases.

When your website traffic rises and your original container can no longer handle it, these docker containers may reach multiple servers, letting those servers take over and manage the current server you're using.

This method minimizes the possibility of failure, allowing your website to function even when overloaded. The load balancer, docker containers, and CDN work together to distribute and provide the content of your website to visitors worldwide.

As a result, your visitor is forwarded to a server closer to them because this will manage their load more efficiently than your website's main server. This speeds up your website's loading speed regardless of the user's location.

Convesio Features

In this Convesio review, we'll be looking at the robust features provided by the managed WordPress hosting provider:

  • Assembled Database: An open-source relational database management system called MySQL allows numerous users to create and administer various databases while efficiently handling requests. Convesio's multiple MySQL servers power each WordPress website.
  • Account Backups: With just a few clicks, you can quickly clone, restore, or back up your website using Convesio's WordPress site backup technology. Convesio also provides versioned backups in the git format, which makes data restoration simple and fast. Without endangering the earlier WordPress version, any team member with access to an account can restore lost files.
  • Intuitive Interface: Convesio hosting uses an advanced, simple-to-use site dashboard for controlling every part of your website. You won't have trouble using managed WordPress hosting even if you're a beginner. The website would become live immediately after connecting the domain and hosting. Additionally, you can directly access the database to track important indicators.
  • Automatic Scalability: Utilizing available resources and scaling them in response to peaks in traffic is possible with automatic scaling. Users must select the basic slider option when resources like bandwidth and storage need to scale automatically. Scaling with Convesio doesn't require any technical know-how or skill.
  • Safety Tracking: The security monitoring offered by Convesio includes the ability to monitor and scan for security issues. The system can quickly alter the code and configurations to stop malware and other attacks. Additionally, the system continuously checks your website's application to ensure that any changes you or your team make are permitted and confirmed. You can automate malware detection because each website hosted by Convesio is deployed to a separate container.
  • Dependable Customer Support and Zero Cost Migration: When it comes to customer support, Convesio does not fall short. The website has excellent choices for customer service. The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and responds to questions immediately. Convesio's basic support package also includes help with moving a website from another WordPress hosting service. The team gets to work quickly and effectively, finishing the migration in 48 hours.
  • Self Repair: For websites with high traffic volumes, self-healing is advantageous. It is important to note that many managed hosting and shared hosting companies don't offer this feature. As one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers out there, Convesio can restore your website if it is down. The platform will immediately deliver your cartridge thanks to its self-healing capability.
  • Reliable Caching: Convesio offers a quick caching system that keeps a static copy of your WordPress website on file. The server sends a static copy of your website whenever someone attempts to view it. Therefore, the website doesn't need to run complex scripts repeatedly.
  • Fast and Dependable Servers: The infrastructure of Convesio is created using Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Additionally, the platform has built data centers in key global locations. The locations of each clustered database are in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Speed test results are also encouraging, with response times being among the quickest.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: For being one of the most reputable web-hosting providers, it offers a complimentary month-long trial without requesting your credit card details. Consequently, if the product doesn't work out for you, you won't have to worry about committing to an expensive plan.

Convesio PageSpeed Optimization Services

Convesio's quick and simple WordPress installation and optimization service provides an affordable way to instantly increase the performance of your website.

In addition to its robust features, the WordPress hosting service also provides speed optimization services. The key advantages are:

  • Fast loading to impact ease of use and SEO.
  • Global CDN to make website resources more easily accessible to users.
  • CSS Optimization to automatically reduce the size of CSS assets.
  • Javascript Optimization to delete unuseful white spaces and avoid dead code.
  • Image Optimization to keep website load times as quick as possible.
  • Minification to speed up websites and use less bandwidth
  • Compression to shorten the time required for file transfers and rendering
  • Basic testing and QA to guarantee that everything functions and displays properly on all relevant hardware and browsers.
  • Optimization Assistance to improve site performance and drive more traffic.

Convesio WordPress Optimization Services

A managed WordPress hosting service should, at the very least, have infrastructure that supports PHP and MySQL and is optimized for a WordPress site.

Convesio servers have cutting-edge servers created just for WordPress sites. More than 42% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress, the world's most widely used content management system.

Convesio provides:

  • Complementary server resources that adhere to specific technical specifications.
  • Optimal maintenance of your WordPress site.
  • A server-level caching feature quicker than any plugin.
  • A tailored platform to support WordPress website management.
  • The fastest server response time and site speed possible.
  • A website load test to assess how much capacity is required.

Convesio WordPress Hosting Pros and Cons

The managed WordPress hosting service has a lot of distinctive features. Let's examine some of its benefits and drawbacks from various angles.


  • Convesio is the best option if page speed is crucial to you. Because it has servers all around the world, you can benefit from quick browsing and better website performance on all devices.
  • Convesio's consistent uptime guarantees that your client's website is constantly reachable, preventing traffic loss.
  • Convesio makes use of the Docker Cloud service to run your program in a container while utilizing the minimum amount of resources.
  • Several MySQL servers are used on the website. They handle database requests quickly and securely.
  • On the website, scaling and descaling are both automatic.
  • Convesio provides regular backups. Backups are offered on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


  • For many people, adding a domain name requires technical work.
  • You'll have to make use of an email hosting service offered by a third party.
  • Convesio focuses exclusively on WordPress websites.
  • It is relatively expensive when compared to several widely used WordPress hosting services.

Convesio Pricing Plans

Starter Plan

Pricing: $50 per month

Promotion: 30-day free trial

Convesio - Managed Hosting for Scaling WordPress, Designed for Business Critical Websites - Starter plan
Source: Convesio
  • This Convesio plan is Level 1 and is designed for freelancers or small business owners looking to host their website.
  • The price is $50 per month, allowing four users and 5 gigabytes of disk space.

Business Plans

Pricing: $150 – $600 per month

Promotion: 30-day trial

Convesio - Managed Hosting for Scaling WordPress, Designed for Business Critical Websites - Business plan
Source: Convesio
  • This plan is designed for businesses willing to max up their online presence or create a responsive online workplace with Convesio's intuitive site dashboard and reliable caching features.
  • Level 2 is priced at $150 per month and allows up to 16 workers.
  • Level 3 is priced at $300 per month and allows up to 32 workers.
  • Level 4 starts at $600 per month and allows 50 workers.

Enterprise Plans

Pricing: $1000 – $2400 per month

Promotion: 30-day trial

Convesio - Managed Hosting for Scaling WordPress, Designed for Business Critical Websites - Enterprise plan
Source: Convesio
  • This package is structured for large companies that are looking to scale and make their site more effective with Convesio's auto-scaling feature and multiple servers.
  • Level 5 is available at $1000 per month and provides 750 gigabytes of bandwidth.
  • Level 6 is available at $1600 per month and provides 24 gigabytes of RAM.
  • Level 7 is available at $2400 per month and provides 32 gigabytes of RAM.

The pricing plan you choose will depend on your budget as well as the predicted traffic spikes for your WordPress website.

Convesio WordPress Website Hosting Comparison

Despite being a relatively new product, Convesio has attracted a loyal following of customers who value its simplicity and extensive feature set. In this Convesio review, we will compare Convesio with other hosting providers.

Convesio vs. GoDaddy

GoDaddy pricing is less expensive, but the product lacks some essential functions like auto-scaling. Despite being widely used, it lacks several features present in Convesio.

Convesio overcomes the difficulty of running WordPress in a highly scalable environment by combining open source software and proprietary technology.

Choose Convesio if you want to quit worrying about server administration, security, performance, and uptime monitoring.

Convesio vs. Bluehost

Bluehost is a top recommended web hosting service for WordPress because of its cheap hosting plans, but it has some drawbacks:

  • Increased renewal prices.
  • There is no hosting for Windows servers.
  • No free site transfer.
  • Costly upgrades and add-on features.

In contrast, Convesio is a cost-effective and scalable WordPress hosting platform that’s great for website speed. The platform was also created especially for WooCommerce, online learning, live events, and membership sites.

Convesio has been set up on Steadfast, AWS, and Google Cloud. In order to improve performance and security, the platform incorporates Cloudflare enterprise features.

Convesio vs. WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the best WordPress hosting solutions for your business. While it is a premium managed hosting service, WP Engine's pricing only provides shared and managed hosting.

It also blacklists some WordPress plugins and limits site visitors.

If you're seeking a dependable and more supportive solution to host your scalable WordPress sites, Convesio is a fantastic WP Engine alternative.

Convesio vs. A2Hosting

Because of disadvantages like poor server backup and the inability to use a fast server on a cheap plan, A2Hosting lags well behind other options, especially for beginner bloggers and small website owners that need a fast and dependable WordPress site on a tight budget.

You will be charged for site migration if you downgrade, and their turbo plan does not apply to Ruby applications.

Convesio, on the other hand, offers managed WordPress hosting at more cost-effective plans. These include starter and business hosting plans with no setup cost, as well as a faster server and more bandwidth.

It is advisable to pick a hosting platform that supports scalability without any problems.

Convesio vs. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the best WordPress hosting platforms. It is also less expensive than Convesio but has some features that limit its functionality: These include:

  • Low disk space and bandwidth.
  • Lack of physical scaling options
  • Limit on site visitor allowances
  • Doesn't prioritize support for low pricing plans

While Convesio provides features such as auto-scaling, 247 customer support, zero limit on site visitor allowances, high disk space and bandwidth.

Despite being cheaper, SiteGround still falls short of Convesio in terms of features designed exclusively for WordPress websites.

Why Convesio is Great for WooCommerce Stores

Your hosting company must be able to handle traffic spikes to host WordPress websites. Convesio is aware of this, which is why they've set up procedures to ensure that even in the face of heavy traffic, your WooCommerce store won't go offline.

The auto-scaling solution is useful for deploying a new container to manage the surges while saving costs.

By resolving technical, operational, and security pain points that hamper your store's performance, Convesio's Professional Services team can help you fine-tune WooCommerce to tackle difficult circumstances by:

  • Examining the present setup to find problems and bottlenecks.
  • Analyze customer purchasing trends and traffic patterns.
  • WordPress and WooCommerce optimization, as well as creating unique server-side caching rules.
  • Advanced “edge” optimization with CloudFlare Enterprise and our integration.
  • Extensive load testing to ascertain the required level of resources (via Pro Services).
  • Choosing the ideal hosting setup.
  • Continuous technical assistance and professional advice.

If you're looking to consider some of the best WordPress web hosting services, check out my detailed reviews below:

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