8 Fastest Web Hosting Services of 2024 (With High-Speed Server)

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

The best thing you can do for your website is to use a super-fast web hosting service, but figuring out the best one is a lot of work. We’ve saved you time by compiling the top 8 fastest web hosting services of 2022. Here are the top five:

SiteGround icon


Our top choice with high-quality hosting powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Offers an average website speed of 137 milliseconds.
Rocket.net icon


Fitted with many security features and unlimited offers. Global server response time is set at 2.9 milliseconds which is lightning fast.
WP Engine icon

WP Engine

Designed for WordPress and professional blogs, with unlimited data transfer offered. The average global speed is 158 milliseconds.
Bluehost icon


Impressive web host for small websites and beginners, approved by WordPress. Provides an average world speed of 153 milliseconds.
Hostinger icon


Offers superior speed at an affordable and wallet-friendly price. Its well-balanced hosting offers an average speed of 136 milliseconds worldwide.

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A top ranking factor to consider when choosing a web host is speed, which is why most businesses and blogs lookout for the fastest web hosting service. But while considering speed, you have to look at the value and features that the company offers.

We conducted extensive testing and research on a wide range of web hosting companies and compiled a list of the fastest web hosting providers in 2022. With SiteGround as the top choice, we have seven other web hosts that will give your website lightning loading and response times.

Check out our fantastic options below.

What are the Best Fastest Web Hosting Services?

Here are the best web hosting services for speed.

1. SiteGround

Best Overall

Editor’s Take
9.6 out of 10
Best For
Overall Fast Web Host
$14.99 – $39.99 per month
Annual Discount

At the top of our list is SiteGround, which we loved for its speed and premium services. As one of the fastest web hosts, it comes with several features that enhance website speed and excellent tech support for all users. If you're not sure of the fast web host for you, SiteGround is the ideal choice.

SiteGround is a solid company and one of the fastest web hosting companies that you can use. Since it was founded in Bulgaria in 2004, the hosting provider has constantly impressed its users with its consistent speed and wide range of services. This web host company is trusted by over 2,000,000 domains worldwide.

SiteGround is one of the three web hosting providers endorsed by WordPress, based on Google Cloud, and has won multiple awards for its service. The company has reliable customer service for its users worldwide, and the uptime has remained 99.99% for almost a decade.

Key Features

Speed Enhancing Features

There's a reason why SiteGround is at the top of our list of the fastest web hosting services in 2022. The hosting solution features SSDs on all servers, which is 30% faster than the standard HDDs. SiteGround has all data centers on the Google Cloud Platform for improving your site’s performance. The platform is enhanced with Cloudflare, SuperCacher, and PHP features to ensure your site loads quickly.

User-Friendly Site Tools

Anyone can get started with the SiteGround control panel. Rather than using the cPanel that most web services use, the company moved on to create Site Tools, which is easy to use and efficient. Most tasks take up to three clicks or less to achieve, and you won't miss having the cPanel.

Free Daily Backups

SiteGround ensures that its users don't lose any information with the free daily backup. This is available on the Shared and Cloud plans, and the backups are done automatically. With the shared hosting plan, you get data backup for up to 30 days. Restoring your data is free of charge.

Managed WordPress Service

SiteGround is one of the top recommended managed WordPress hosting providers. Because of this, users can enjoy seamless WordPress hosting for their blogs and websites. Some perks include exclusive WordPress customer service, 1-click staging, WP-CLI enablement, Git activation, and automatic updates.


SiteGround has ten data centers on four continents, which means you can enjoy an average page load speed of 139 milliseconds globally. The impressive speed combined with managed hosting makes WordPress a breeze. All the server locations use the Google Cloud Platform.

It's advisable to pick the data center closest to your target audience and get the most of their site load speeds. Let's look at the global average speeds in various countries from our server speed test.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States68
Eastern United States33
São Paulo181


2. Rocket.net

Best for Security

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
Best For
$30 – $200 monthly
Annual Discount
Two months off

The fastest web hosting on our list is Rocket.net. With mind-blowing speeds of 2.9 milliseconds globally! With this website speed, you can meet users' needs in any country without worrying about lagging or downtime. It's a pretty great platform for security, with a wide range of fittings to protect your information.

Next on our list is Rocket.net, the fastest web hosting company on our list for any type of business. Although it was launched in 2020 and is one of the newest web hosts, the server response times are much faster than older web hosts.

Aside from the impressive page load times, Rocket.net is fitted with multiple security features, making it the fastest web hosting service for data protection. The company has gained a strong reputation over the two years and comes with reliable customer service for solving all hosting issues in an instant.

Key Features

Multiple Security Features

When using Rocket.net, you can expect all-around security for your website. Rocket.net offers free malware protection and a free Secure Sockets Layer, which will enhance your website's standing among users. The hosting company is fitted with two firewalls powering it and will protect websites from cross-site scripting, comment spam, SQL injection, and malicious file upload.

Free and Easy Site Migration

Rocket.net offers free site migration from one server to another, especially since this process is usually hectic. You have to contact their experts, and they will put you through. They ensure that your website stays online throughout the process.

Content Delivery Networks

All traffic that goes through Rocket.net passes the Cloudflare enterprise-level service, which allows it to deliver website content from and to over 200 locations worldwide. This removes the problems of slow load times, bandwidth consumption, and downtime.

Automatic and On-Demand Backups

You never have to worry about losing information with Rocket.net, as it provides free daily backups. You can manually back up your site, which is a good feature for whenever you make an update. Plugin management is pretty easy with this fast web hosting provider, as you can update, delete and add WordPress plugins easily.


In terms of site speed, you can't do better than Rocket.net. It is the fastest web hosting solution because it uses a cloud edge network and content delivery network to send all website users to the nearest server. This gives you a fast response time, almost instant in some countries.

Aside from the speed, Rocket.net has incredible uptime. You can expect your website to run 99.99% to 100% of the time consistently. All the speed test ratings are single figures, and you can find out more below.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States2
Eastern United States1
São Paulo4


3. WP Engine

Best for Your WordPress Site

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
WordPress Site
$30 – $75 monthly
Annual Discount
2 months free

If you own a WordPress site, the best and fastest web hosting service for you is WP Engine. We were especially impressed by the high-quality, managed hosting with WordPress-focused security for all your data. It comes with fantastic hosting plans and different unlimited features for WordPress users.

One of the most popular content management systems is WordPress, and so many website owners use this platform. If you're one of them, it's better to go for a fast web hosting solution that devotes its resources to WordPress, and that is WP Engine.

The top-quality managed WordPress hosting service will satisfy its users with reliable uptime, advanced security features, daily backups, flexibility, and other fantastic features. Although it does not have email accounts and a free domain name, it makes up for this with a couple of unlimited offers on its hosting plans.

Key Features

Ecommerce and Email Marketing Features

As a WordPress-focused hosting service, it's not surprising that WP Engine comes with multiple features for e-commerce and email marketing purposes. The hosting solution comes with an extensive CMS plugin library of tools for e-commerce websites, including plugins for Shopify and WooCommerce. There are multiple email marketing tools to leverage too.

WordPress-oriented Security

If you want to monetize your website or rank higher on Google, you need to have an SSL certificate. WP Engine offers one free SSL certificate on all hosting plans for free. Aside from this, it carries out malware scans daily and has a daily updated firewall to keep threats out. You can expect free hacking remediation and real-time threat detection.

Reliable Uptime

You can expect your WordPress site to keep running consistently with WP Engine. The speedy hosting solution comes with excellent uptime, and your website might only go down for a few minutes a year due to maintenance.

Customer Service

One of the most crucial web hosting service features is reliable customer support. Luckily, WP Engine has 24/7 customer service for the Growth and Scale plan users. But the Startup hosting plan does not offer round-the-clock service. WP Engine promises a 60-day money-back guarantee that is much longer than most hosting providers.


As one of the top hosting companies for site speed, you can expect impressive rates globally when using WP Engine. The global average speed is 158 milliseconds, which is ideal for websites trying to reach a global audience.

Those in the United States and London offer quicker speed than those in Asia, but overall, their fast servers make it easy to keep your website visitors coming back. You can enjoy a reliable and speedy hosting service with managed WordPress hosting perks and site staging. The breakdown of the speed test is explained below.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States65
Eastern United States32
São Paulo127


4. Bluehost

Best for Small Websites

Editor’s Take
8.8 out of 10
Best For
Small Businesses
$9.99 – $28.99
Annual Discount
36-months discount

We added another WordPress-recommended hosting service to our list, and Bluehost offers incredible benefits for small websites and blogs. It is one of the fastest web hosts, providing a worldwide speed of 153 seconds and has gained a reliable reputation.

Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting companies in the industry, and it's incredible that it still manages to be one of the fastest solutions you can choose for your website. The company was founded in 2003 and has gained an excellent reputation so far. With the service's experience, you should expect some fantastic benefits.

The company has affordable plans and is constantly offering discounts. You can choose shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting. The provider also has one of the fastest VPS hosting plans. Bluehost is one of the recommended web hosts from WordPress, making it a fantastic choice for small businesses, websites, blogs, and beginners.

Key Features

High-Performance Servers

Although Bluehost is recommended for small websites and beginners, it offers lots of room for growth with high-performance servers. When you pay for the Pro plan under shared hosting, Bluehost arranges a few users for each server, which means you get less downtime, quicker website speed, and more resources.

Extensive Set of Benefits

When you use Bluehost, you can expect different unlimited features from the higher plans. You don't have to worry about planning resources or limiting your website's growth. These include unlimited bandwidth, unlimited websites, parked domains, subdomains, and SSD storage. Customer service is fantastic and available 24/7.

Free Features on All Plans

Also, users can expect free features when they use Bluehost, and these are freebies that will help you save money. You can save money with a free domain name, as they offer this for the first year while competitors charge hundreds of dollars. You enjoy free SSL and free CDN on your hosting plan.

Topnotch Security Features

Security is a forte of Bluehost, as the fast web hosting company offers multiple perks that will protect your website. These features attract extra costs, like CodeGuard Basic, which monitors your site, performs backups automatically, and informs you of changes. Other features include SpamExpert and SiteLock.


You can expect impressive page load times when using the Bluehost hosting service. The global response time is 153 milliseconds, and the company has remarkable ratings for different countries, including those in Asia and Australia.

Bluehost has two server locations in the United States and India. So, although you might have a site speed of 330 milliseconds in Bangalore from the US server, the Indian server offers an impressive speed of 4 milliseconds in the country. It's essential to choose the server closer to your target audience. The breakdown below is the result of the speed test from the US data center.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States23
Eastern United States78
São Paulo164


5. Hostinger

Best Budget Web Host

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best For
Budget Web Host
$1.99 – $4.99 monthly
Annual Discount

If your business is looking to save some money on hosting but still enjoy incredible speed, Hostinger is the fastest budget web hosting service for you. With web hosting starting at $1.99 monthly, multiple data centers and a wide range of free and unlimited features, you can enjoy more value for your money.

Hostinger is one of the biggest web hosting companies you can find in 2022, and it is one of the fastest. The company has 10 data center locations globally, powering about 30 million websites across 178 countries. The hosting provider started as Hosting Media and changed its name to Hostinger after it reached the mark of one million users.

Hostinger is the ideal choice for any business that wants to save money, as they offer hosting services at meager prices. Not only this, but the company matches this low price with an impressive global speed, beginner-friendly interfaces, localized support, and a wide range of features.

Key Features

Impressive Features to Increase Speed

You can expect even better speeds for your website with the various features on Hostinger. One of these is the cache manager, which will ensure your site loads quickly. The 1-click installer for adding apps quickly, PHP7 support, and WordPress optimization. Other features include Git enablement, HTTP/2, and NGINX caching.

Custom hPanel Dashboard

Unlike most web hosting providers that use cPanel, Hostinger made its customized dashboard called hPanel. And you'll be pleased to see that they did it right. The dashboard offers a clean and intuitive interface, with minimalistic icons that any beginner will be able to use.

Reliable Customer Service

If you want to avoid frustrating customer service, you can go for Hostinger. The fast web hosting company comes with responsive and dependable support through live chat, and they respond in a few seconds. The service has a well-designed interface that will please users and a knowledgeable support team to meet your needs

Great Price

As the budget option on our list, it's not surprising that Hostinger is pretty affordable. The prices make them stand out from the competition, especially since they offer fantastic speed and a wide range of free and unlimited features. It would be easy to find the hosting plan for your business.


The Hostinger global speed is 136 milliseconds with the US data center. This offers fast server response times for websites and users around the globe. With their speed-enhancing features, you can get even better values than this for your website.

Keep in mind that Hostinger has ten data centers worldwide, which means that you should choose the server closest to your audience. For example, while the US data center offers a speed of 244 milliseconds in Singapore, the Singapore-based data center beats this with three milliseconds in the country. Despite this, a speed rating of 244 milliseconds is pretty great. The speed test results below are for the US data center.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States75
Eastern United States21
São Paulo136


6. GreenGeeks

Best for Eco-Conscious Companies

Green Geeks - Web Hosting that's fast, secure & eco-friendly

Businesses focused on eco-friendliness can go for GreenGeeks, the next on our list. Although the company offers eco-conscious services, it is one of the fastest web hosting providers that you can go for in 2022.

GreenGeeks was founded in 2008 to reduce how much energy the web hosting industry consumes and has become the most eco-friendly hosting provider globally. The company hosts hundreds of thousands and has been one of the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for four years.

Key Features

300% Green

GreenGeeks is one of the fastest web hosting companies with eco-friendly features. The company takes energy efficiency to the next level with its carbon-reducing process that replaces three times the energy it consumes. This is done through wind energy credits. They plant a tree on your behalf with every hosting plan you purchase.

Unlimited Resources and Features

Most people are wary about dealing with green companies, but with GreenGeeks, you can expect fantastic value for your money and their hosting plans. In the first year, you get free domain registration. You can enjoy free site migration, unlimited data transfers, unlimited databases and domains, and unlimited SSD webspace.

Data Privacy Concerns

As GreenGeeks is based in Canada, you can expect its services to be focused on data privacy. The PIPEDA compliance protects users in Canada, and global users can benefit from the company's experience and knowledge in dealing with safeguarding your personal information.

Easy to Use

Both beginners and experts can benefit from the easy user interface on the GreenGeeks platform. The dashboard and website are clear and intuitive as they use the cPanel, which is ideal for all users.


With a global speed of 119 milliseconds, businesses can offer incredible speed to their users worldwide. Aside from providing great speeds, the web hosting company comes with multiple optimizations that enhance your speed further. These include Powecacher, SSD hard drives, LScache, Litespeed web server, free CDN, PHP7, HTTP3, and QUIC.

GreenGeeks has five data center locations worldwide, with two in the US, two in Canada, and one in Amsterdam. This makes it easy for them to provide impressive speeds. Go for the server closest to your target audience for your site’s performance. The table below is the speed test for the US data center.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States50
Eastern United States23
São Paulo145

7. Cloudways

Best for Cloud Hosting

Cloudways - Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Next on our list is Cloudways, one of the fastest web hosting providers that you can get in 2022. Best for cloud hosting, this fast web company offers speeds as low as two milliseconds for websites in the United States and Japan. The cloud hosting company provides impressive services and is even one of the top services for WordPress.

Aside from fast-server speed, the hosting company is well-known for offering a flexible payment structure through pay as you go. The hosting plan will come with a free trial, allowing you to get a feel of what to expect, and you only pay for the resources you use.

Key Features

Excellent Uptime

Cloudways offers very stable hosting for all websites, with an impressive uptime. The hosting solution ensures that your website runs almost all the time, except for a few minutes per year. Not only this, but it comes with WordPress-friendly features that allow you to build your website quickly.

Many E-Commerce Tools

E-commerce businesses, especially those using WordPress, will be pleased with the extensive library of tools featured on Cloudways. The speedy cloud hosting service includes tools like Prestashop and Magento, making it easy for you to create your store.

Top Security Features

This managed hosting solution has impressive security, starting with the free SSL certificates that will increase your authenticity online. The service protects your installation from attacks through regular upgrades and other authentication technology.

24/7 Customer Service

If you have a problem, you can quickly contact the 24/7 customer support team. Through web chat, you can receive a response from their customer service reps within minutes. There is the option of requesting a phone call or Skype. The customer support team is patient and knowledgeable.


With data centers in the United States, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, and Germany, it's not surprising that Cloudways offers incredible speeds around the world. Although it's not great for hosting in India, the other speed test ratings explored in the table below will leave you impressed.

The average global speed is 80.5 milliseconds, which is way higher than most web hosts on our list. If you're looking for super-fast web hosting worldwide, except for in India, you can go for Cloudways.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States9
Eastern United States2
São Paulo110


Digital Ocean plans

AWS plans

Google Cloud plans

8. DreamHost

Best for Unlimited Features

DreamHost - Web Hosting with Purpose

The final, but one of the fastest web hosting providers on our list is DreamHost, with an incredible global speed of 119 milliseconds. We named it the best fast hosting provider for website building, as it comes with intuitive features for setting up a site. Based in California, which explains the incredible speed in the US and Canada, DreamHost was founded in 1997 by four founders in college.

It is one of the oldest services on our list, which has attracted trust and a good reputation. DreamHost is a fantastic place to host your website with hundreds of thousands of customers and hosting over 1.5 million websites. Remember that DreamHost is recommended by WordPress officially, making it a fantastic choice for those with WordPress sites.

Key Features

Intuitive Website Builder

DreamHost is the ideal choice if you need a hosting provider with a website builder. It comes with the WP Website Builder for anyone who wants to build a WordPress site quickly. The drag-and-drop builder is super easy to use, and in five easy steps, you can create a website for your blog or business. Since no coding is required, you get custom fonts and colors, mobile-ready templates, free stock photography, and more.

Flexible Plans

DreamHost comes with monthly hosting plans and not the kind that is automatically billed per month. Instead, you're not locked in the hosting plan and can always back out if you don't enjoy using the service. But, it's more affordable to use the yearly billing plans. The web hosting company also offers a 97-day money-back guarantee on credit card purchases.

Wide Range of Unlimited and Security Features

With DreamHost, you can expect different security features like a free SSL certificate, daily backups, custom web app firewalls, and the WHOIS Privacy domain. The unlimited offerings include SSD storage, emails, websites, subdomains, databases, FTP, SFTP, and shell users.

100% Uptime

You're expecting a 100% uptime guarantee when you host your website on DreamHost. This is a step up from the usual 99.9% that most hosts offer, and the company provides compensation if your website experiences downtime due to the server.


The 119 milliseconds global speed offered by DreamHost is pretty impressive. With a fantastic global speed, it is one of the quickest web hosts on our list. On the downside, the speed gets lower when you target regions far away, but 242 milliseconds in Singapore is still pretty decent.

The two data centers of DreamHost are in the US so that the Eastern USA can enjoy two milliseconds of response time. The company stores your data in SSDs for better speed. Take a look at the breakdown of the speed test below.

LocationSpeed in Milliseconds
Western United States70
Eastern United States2
São Paulo117


Why Web Hosting Speed Matters

If you're wondering why you need to choose the fastest hosting provider for your website, the internet favors speed more than anything else. Here are some reasons why web hosting speed matters:

Slow Speed Drives Customers Away

Studies have shown that 47% of people expect your website to load in under 2 seconds, and 40% will go back to the previous page if it takes longer than 3 seconds. This means that your website has to load within three seconds for you to please your visitors and prospective customers.

It Affects Your Google Ranking

Google favors sites with speedy server response and load times over those that are slow. Google has stated that they consider load speed when ranking websites, although it is a minor factor. Despite this, you will do some good for your website if you choose a fast web hosting service. This feature affects rankings on other search engines.

It Determines Your User Experience

If you have a fantastic user design and experience but terrible speed, the former does not matter. To provide a positive user experience, you need to shorten the time that users take to complete their tasks, and this isn't possible if your website is loading slowly.

It Affects the Credibility of Your Website

In the long-term, slow websites will kill conversions and reduce your credibility. With about 40% of leads leaving your website, you will barely be able to convert them to customers. The first impression that customers will have on your website will be bad, and if the slow speed persists, they will leave and give negative reviews to others.


What is The Fastest WordPress Hosting?

The fastest WordPress hosting service on our list is SiteGround, offering an impressive speed of 137 milliseconds globally. Since it is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, users can expect lightning loading and response times. Other fast WordPress hosting providers include Bluehost and DreamHost.

Why is Fast Hosting Important?

Fast hosting is essential for any company or website that wants to increase lead conversations. Up to 40% of people leave your site if it doesn't load in three minutes, and it reduces the quality of your user experience, so you need to go for one of the fastest web hosting companies that we recommended.

What is The Fastest Cloud Hosting?

The fastest cloud hosting is Cloudways, with a global speed of 80.5 milliseconds. This is a fantastic loading time for countries around the world. Aside from offering fast cloud hosting, the company features exceptional uptime for your website and a wide range of security and e-commerce features.

Choosing the Fastest Web Host

If you're worried about the loading speed of your website, the best thing you can do is switch to the fastest web hosting providers. While the loading and response time is an important ranking factor, you should choose one with excellent uptime, reliable data centers, and good value for your money.

When choosing the best web hosting solution, it's essential to consider the available plans and choose the best one for your business and website. There are multiple choices to select from with the wide range of hosting plans available, from shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting to dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting.

This article has compiled eight of the best and fastest web hosts, so you only need to compare the speeds and pricing and choose one. Here are the top five picks:

Best Overall


Our top choice with high-quality hosting powered by the Google Cloud Platform. Offers an average website speed of 137 milliseconds.
Best for Security


Fitted with many security features and unlimited offers. Global server response time is set at 2.9 milliseconds.
Best for WordPress Site

WP Engine

Designed for WordPress and professional blogs, with unlimited data transfer offered. The average global speed is 158 milliseconds.
Best for Small Websites


Impressive web host for small websites and beginners, approved by WordPress. Provides an average world speed of 153 milliseconds.
Best Budget Web Host


Offers superior speed at an affordable and wallet-friendly price. Its well-balanced hosting offers an average speed of 136 milliseconds worldwide.

If you need any more resources, you can check out these detailed guides:

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