Best Cheap Web Hosting Australia 2023

Updated Jun 8, 2023.

Starting your website or an eCommerce store? You don’t need to break your bank by buying a hosting plan. Here we have reviewed the 8 best cheap web hosting providers in Australia and our top 5 choices.

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Get your website live and access the custom-built algorithm that helps you adjust your plans as you go based on website performance.
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Migrate your websites for free with the help of the top-rated hosting support and built-in access security for ultimate website performance.
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Get your business and website online by accessing smart web solutions and a user-friendly control panel offered by HostPapa.
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Bluehost is an all-in-one website platform offering everything your website needs from startup to its success and is optimised for design freedom

A2 Hosting

This reliable hosting service gives you a strong uptime, excellent page loading speed, and a knowledgeable customer support team.

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To get the most value from your hosting and to access the best cheap web hosting provider in Australia, you need to find a reputable company that offers affordable plans. While maintaining your budget is crucial while starting a new website, you should also ensure that you do not compromise on your website's quality, speed, and performance.

With so many hosting providers in the market, it might be difficult for you to choose the perfect one. The platforms mentioned in our review offer affordable plans and have unique features that set them apart.

Best Cheap Web Hosting in Australia

Here are the best cheap web hosting platforms you should choose from when thinking of setting up your website in Australia.

1. Hostinger

Affordable Web Hosting Solution Optimised for WordPress

  • Guarantees a 99.99% uptime.
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer support team.
  • Minimal learning curve.
  • Does not offer automatic backups for all hosting plans.
  • No access to support via phone.
  • File manager is a bit glitchy.
Hostinger icon
Editor’s Take

Hostinger gives you access to hosting plans that are as dynamic as your business. It offers affordable plans with top-notch quality. I highly recommend this hosting to companies setting up their websites on WordPress. You can host your small business online with ease and flexibility, along with the freedom to drive more growth to your business. 

Best For
WordPress Optimisation
$9.99/mo – $15.99/mo
Annual Discount
Save 70%

Hostinger offers shared, secure hosting plans best suited for small and medium-sized businesses.

Best Features

Customised Dashboard

Hostinger gives you access to a minimalist yet fully functional dashboard for a few dollars. You can easily customise it as per the needs of your business and keep it clutter-free. Instead of a traditional cPanel, you get to use a modernised version known as hPanel. You can manage your files, FTP servers, and email accounts from a single dashboard.

Fast Loading Time

Hostinger offers one of the fastest speeds at its price point. Just because you are subscribing to a cheaper plan does not mean that you will have to sacrifice speed. While the industry average is 900 milliseconds, you can load your page with Hostinger within 400 milliseconds. However, it does not offer unlimited disk space or storage space.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Even if you do not have much experience hosting or managing a website before, the administrative dashboard of Hostinger is pretty easy to use. Since everything is labelled clearly, you can access WordPress directly from the dashboard. By accessing your usage statistics, you can analyse how your current hosting meets your needs.

Powerful Caching

This WordPress hosting uses LiteSpeed, one of the fastest web server software. With the automatic cache option, you can create cached copies of your pages, significantly reducing the page loading times for your visitors. If you are hosting static websites like your portfolio or business, you may benefit from this even more. When you want to scale up your business, you can switch to dedicated server or virtual private server hosting.

SSL Certificate

This web hosting for Australia gives you access to a free SSL certificate. With this certificate, you can encrypt and secure the data of your visitors. An SSL certificate also communicates to Google that your business website is secure and legit, helping it rank in organic search results. It also protects your website from malware or malicious activities.


With Hostinger, you get access to a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can connect your business website to this shared hosting along with a free domain name and free SSL certificates. You can get a full refund within 30 days if they do not offer quality service.

2. SiteGround

Top Cheap Web Host for Website Migration

  • Load your website 4 times faster.
  • Quick server response time.
  • User-friendly and customisable dashboard.
  • Website storage space is capped.
  • Does not offer dedicated hosting servers.
  • Expensive monthly renewal plans.
SiteGround icon
Editor’s Take

SiteGround is built on the premium Google Cloud infrastructure offering top-of-the-line security and speed. What I love the most about this hosting platform is its seamless ability to migrate your website. You can take help from the migration experts and easily transfer your website from another hosting provider to SiteGround. Enjoy free automated migrations with their WordPress Migrator plugin as well.

Best For
Website Transfer
$14.99/mo – $39.99/mo
Annual Discount
Save 80%

SiteGround is designed with speed optimisations and built-in security, offering ultimate website performance.

Best Features

Website Loading Speed

SiteGround is built on top of Google Cloud and is designed to offer excellent website performance. Your website would load 30% faster with multiple custom speed optimisations than other web hosts. You can also connect to CDN for free on all your sites. This makes SiteGround one of the leading cheap hosting services in Australia.

Managed WordPress

SiteGround's plans include WordPress installation. This makes it easier for you to manage your WordPress site. You also get access to a custom-built WordPress starter or migrator plugin, allowing you to migrate your functional website without hassle. With the optimiser plugin, you can optimise front-end and server-side performance. However, it does not offer unlimited disk space.

Domain Management

You can access dedicated domain management services and your shared hosting account. SiteGround gives you access to more than 50 domain extensions. You can also transfer your domain to the hosting provider and manage it using SiteGround.

Reliable Email Service

To get your business or website to the top, you need a reliable web host in Australia and a good email service. You can easily create a professional email address for your business at no extra cost. By creating multiple accounts on the platform, you can onboard your entire team to this WordPress hosting service.

Enterprise-Level Security

SiteGround is one of Australia's most secure web hosts. They proactively protect your website from malicious code affecting your credibility or traffic. The AI anti-bot system designed by the platform automatically blocks millions of security threats. You can choose dedicated hosting, or VPS hosting to better secure and scale up your business.


SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to its customers. You can transfer your website to the platform and manage your traffic with enterprise-level security. If you are not satisfied with the platform's performance, you can get a 100% refund within the first 30 days.

3. HostPapa

Best Web Hosting Platform for Advanced Security

  • Easy to navigate cPanel.
  • Offers support options in multiple languages.
  • Highly secured data centres.
  • Does not offer speed-enhancing software.
  • No free automatic backup options or limitless disk space.
  • Limited data centre coverage.
Hostpapa icon
Editor’s Take

HostPapa is a popular web host for small businesses. What I love the most about this web hosting are its advanced security features. This independent web host has multiple security features, including DDoS attack prevention, server firewall, and brute force detection. You can also access a dedicated IP address and domain privacy protection on premium plans.

Best For
Advanced Security
AU$9.99/mo – AU$23.99/mo
Annual Discount
Save 60%

HostPapa is a powerful web hosting company that helps you get your website online.

Best Features

Reliable Uptime

HostPapa offers a pretty reliable uptime of 99.96%. This means that the web host ensures that your website will stay live and not have any issues due to its server maintenance. Additionally, they have reported downtime of just an hour and a half in the last 6 months. This web hosting service offers dedicated server and cloud hosting as well.

Simplified Control Panel

You get access to a client area that is pretty user-friendly. Manage all your services, shared hosting, and websites from their easy-to-use cPanel. This innovative panel is suitable for both beginner and advanced users. You can access this panel from your client area.


If you're concerned about the environment and climate change, HostPapa is the perfect hosting for you. It is one of the very few green hosting providers in Australia. They've taken the initiative to purchase 100% green, renewable energy to power their servers and office space in Australia and around the world.

Site Migration

Transfer your website easily from another web host to HostPapa with their free site migration option. If you're launching a new website, you can do that by clicking on the one-click website installation buttons. You do not need to download and install anything on your own. This works for WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. However, the platform does not offer unlimited disk space.

Efficient Sitebuilder

This affordable web host offers inexpensive shared hosting services and lets you design your eCommerce site for free. With the drag-and-drop functionality, website templates, and widgets, you can easily design your website without much hassle. You can also use the widgets to connect social media profiles to your website.


Read more Hostpapa pricing

With HostPapa, you get access to a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can connect your website to this shared hosting along with the free SSL certificates. If you are unhappy with their services, you can get a full refund within 30 days.

4. Bluehost

Best Web Hosting Provider in Australia with a Customised cPanel

  • Reliable security features.
  • Generous storage and unmetered bandwidth.
  • Scalable hosting plans.
  • Only one free website migration.
  • Limited server locations.
  • Customer support could use some improvement.
Bluehost icon
Editor’s Take

Bluehost offers inexpensive and intuitive hosting plans while integrating seamlessly with WordPress. I would highly recommend this shared hosting to businesses looking for a customised cPanel. With this beginner-friendly and intuitive control panel, you can manage your website efficiently. You can simply click on the graphic icons on the panel and open up pages of your website.

Best For
Customised cPanel
AU$14.31/mo – AU$41.52/mo
Annual Discount
Save 70%

Bluehost offers an all-in-one website platform, everything your website needs, from startup to success.

Best Features

Reliable Uptime

The uptime of the web host can make all the difference to the success of your website. Bluehost offers a decent and reliable uptime, keeping your site live 99.98% of the time. It has encountered less than 45 minutes of downtime in the last six months. This ensures that your website will be live consistently. It also offers dedicated servers and cloud hosting options.

Fast Page Loading Speed

This cheap web hosting server in Australia is one of the fastest WordPress hosting services, offering a page loading speed of 416ms. It means that your website visitors can access your website quickly, thus reducing your bounce rates. The fast loading speed is also beneficial when optimising your website for mobile users. Bluehost is improving its page loading speeds every month. It offers limited disk space and storage space.

Two-Factor Authentication

This web host offers impressive security features, along with two-factor authentication. By setting 2FA, you can ensure that no one can access your web hosting accounts, even though they know your password. This prevents any unauthorised person from accessing your website or Bluehost account.

Domain Manager

Along with hosting your website, you can buy your domains via Bluehost. You can also access the domain manager through their cPanel, making it easier for you to transfer, update, and manage your domains in one place. This makes Bluehost one of the best hosting companies for domain management.

Bluehost Maestro

Manage all your WordPress sites and clients and simplify your workload using a single dashboard. You can also monitor all your websites from the dashboard. It lets you track your website's uptime history and get downtime alerts instantly. Easily track all the broken links on your website and never let them impact your rankings.


Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all its users, where you can customise your website with themes and park your domains on the website. If unsatisfied with their services, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of signing up.

5. A2 Hosting

Top Web Hosting Solution for Faster Page Loading Speed

  • Super fast turbo servers with SSD storage.
  • Intuitive client login user interface.
  • Four data centres worldwide for faster data delivery.
  • Customer support is slightly slower.
  • Does not offer a free domain.
  • Higher renewal rate on monthly plans.
A2 Hosting Icon
A2 Hosting
Editor’s Take

A2 Hosting is a reliable provider that focuses on speed and gives you tons of options to get your site up and running. What I love the most about this web host are its fast page loading speeds. A2 Hosting offers a 20 times faster turbo mode to its users. This means you get better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates on your website.

Best For
Page Loading Speed
$10.99/mo – $25.99/mo
Annual Discount
Save 72%

A2 Hosting provides one of the best web hosts that offers blazing fast and reliable services.

Best Features

Malware Scanning

With A2 Hosting, you can scan malware and monitor your website 24/7. The web host would generate an alert whenever malware or spammy activity is detected on your website. This makes A2 hosting the most affordable shared hosting in Australia for malware scanning.

Reliable Uptime

Along with offering lightning-fast services, this web hosting is reliable. It offers up to 99.99% of uptime, which means that your website would stay live without much downtime. A2 Hosting suffered downtime of just 6 minutes in the past six months. It also offers a dedicated hosting server if you want to scale up your business.

Developer-Friendly Tools

Along with reliable shared hosting, A2 hosting gives you access to CMS and developer-friendly tools. With these tools, you can design multiple sites for your clients that are interactive. You can install Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or an Opencart website with a few clicks. The free Cloudflare CDN with all shared hosting plans further speeds up the development process.

Carbon-Neutral Hosting

With A2 Hosting, you can be sure you are hosting your website or online store without adding to your carbon footprint. As the world is moving towards greener technology, this hosting uses servers that are deemed carbon-neutral. This is done by purchasing carbon offsets.

Scalable Hosting

A2 Hosting is perfect if you are just starting and planning to grow your website's traffic. This scalable web host offers various options you can switch to as soon as your website starts gaining more traction. All of the plans provided by the platform are optimised for speed and reliability.


With A2 Hosting, you get access to a 30-day money-back guarantee, where you can migrate your website for free and access up to 100 GB of SSD storage. If you are unhappy with the hosting's services with the anytime money-back guarantee, you can get a 100% refund within the first 30 days.

6. Digital Pacific

Best Web Host for Backup and Recovery

Digital Pacific- Stunning Value Comes Standard on the new Intel Dedicated Range

Digital Pacific offers reliable web hosting plans without lock-in contracts, allowing you to scale your hosting as your business grows.

Best Features

High-Performance Network

Digital Pacific is an Australian web hosting brand that offers a robust network that spans the continent. With this high-performance network, you can host your website without worrying about downtimes. You get access to lightning-fast speed, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and second-to-none redundancy.

Easy-to-use cPanel

This web host is designed for both beginner and advanced users. You get access to an intuitive cPanel which is easy to operate, making it seamless for you to manage your Australian websites and shared hosting service. Everything can be controlled and accessed through the control panel. This makes Digital Pacific one of the best hosting companies.

DDoS Protection

This affordable option offers reliable service and protects your website from malware or spam attacks. You can protect all your sensitive data with the best-in-class firewall hardware and security infrastructure. The advanced security features ensure your customer's data is always secure and the website does not suffer any downtime due to malware.

Carbon Neutral Hosting

With global warming on the rise, Digital Pacific gives you access to a carbon-neutral shared hosting service. Therefore you can host your website without adding to your carbon footprint. Depending upon your location, you can connect to any one of their carbon-neutral web servers.

Website Migration

If you have been using another shared hosting and want to shift your website to Digital Pacific, you can do so by choosing one of their three services. When managing your website for quite a while, you can migrate it to Digital Pacific by yourself for free. You can also use Digital Pacific's site migration service if you're a beginner and don't want to get into the hassle of transfer.


  • Simple and easy-to-use management interface.
  • Easy to scale up hosting plans.
  • Daily backups for easy recovery.


  • Does not offer free migration.
  • Lacks website designing tools.
  • Unresponsive customer support team.


Digital Pacific- Pricing Plan

Digital Pacific offers two plans to choose from – Basic and Standard.

With Digital Pacific, you get access to a 30-day money-back guarantee, where you can host your website, get automatic daily backups, and store them for thirty days. If you are not satisfied with their service, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of signing up.

7. GreenGeeks

Best Green Web Hosting in Australia

GreenGeeks - Web Hosting that's fast, secure & eco-friendly

GreenGeeks gives you access to reliable and fast web servers that are also secure and eco-friendly.

Best Features


Even if you keep your professional website secure, there is always a slight chance that malware may infiltrate your database and hack your website. In such situations, backups are necessary. GreenGeeks offer a daily backup option, through which you can easily restore your website with just a few clicks. However, it offers limited storage space for backups.

Green Energy Match

While most web hosting services today are gearing up towards carbon-neutral shared hosting, no one matches up with GreenGeeks. It works with a third party to calculate its carbon footprint and annual energy consumption. They then take a step ahead and purchase three times the amount of renewable energy credits it has consumed.

Reliable Security

When you host your website via GreenGeeks, it is protected through advanced firewall protection. It blocks any attacks on your website and automatically backs it up daily. You can also take help from customer service to remove malware from your website.

LiteSpeed Web Server

Your professional website is hosted on the server using LiteSpeed. This is a much faster solution and loads your website 50 times faster than others. The web server also caches your website automatically and optimises the CSS codes to load faster for your customers.

Email Hosting

Along with a shared hosting server, you'll also get access to email hosting. This makes it easier for you to reach your team and customers. You can access your email via Webmail, filter out spam, and easily sync your calendar and contacts. This is what makes GreenGeeks one of the leading web hosting companies for email hosting.


  • Offers a free domain name for the first year.
  • Unlimited bandwidth of data.
  • Servers are located on three continents.


  • No team management options.
  • Backend is slightly outdated.
  • Does not offer a 24/7 customer support option.


GreenGeeks- Pricing Plan

GreenGeeks has three plans: Lite, Pro, and Premium.

At GreenGeeks, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can add up to 50 email accounts and access unlimited databases. If unsatisfied with the company's services, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days.

8. HostingCloud

Top Web Hosting Solution for Unlimited Bandwidth

HostingCloud- Australias Best Value Web hosting & Domains

HostingCloud is one of Australia's most affordable web hosts, with all its data centres located within the continent.

Best Features

Daily Backups

HostingCloud gives you access to free daily backups. It means that you can back up a copy of your website every day. You can use the backup in case your website gets attacked by malware. Quickly restore your website with an easy-to-use interface.

cPanel Migration

If you host your website on another platform and want to switch to HostingCloud, you can use their skilled technicians' help. They'll create a complete backup of your existing cPanel account, including emails, files, databases and settings. Afterwards, they will migrate it to their web servers.

SSD Web Servers

HostingCloud uses top-notch Dell web servers that offer remarkable disk performance. They are 300 times faster than average web servers and make sure that your website's loading time is negligible. Provide better speed and uptime to your website with this hosting provider.

Unlimited Bandwidth

HostingCloud gives you access to an unlimited bandwidth plan. This means that your website will never go down because of too much traffic, making it convenient for you to manage and scale your business without worrying about your hosting limitations. While you won’t be able to add unlimited websites, you can get unlimited traffic to your website.

DDoS Protection

It's too crucial for you to prevent DDoS attacks on your website. These attacks not only slow down the loading speed of your site but can also bring your website down in Google rankings. You can access several protected upstream providers that scan your network throughout the day and protect it from malware attacks.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and traffic.
  • Connect limitless databases and email accounts.
  • Daily backup option.


  • Data centres are only located in Australia
  • Customer service is slow.
  • Does not offer live chat support.


HostingCloud- Pricing Plan

HostingCloud has three plans: Lite, Pro, and Pro Max.

You can try out HostingCloud today and cancel their service anytime you want. You can secure your business or personal website by adding a free SSL certificate and accessing unlimited traffic and daily backups.

What is Cheap Hosting?

Cheap hosting refers to affordable and low-cost hosting that's a great resource for beginners. These shared web hosting plans are offered for either Linux or Windows web server platforms. Cheap hosting is suitable for people just starting and who want to run optimised business websites created with WordPress or other website builder platforms.

A cheap or affordable hosting plan supports a single domain and website on a shared hosting plan. If you opt for a cheap, shared hosting plan, you'll rent a part of the server from your provider.

While choosing a hosting plan, you need to make sure not only that it's cheap but also that it offers reliable uptime and fast loading speeds. Many cheap web hosts offer affordable monthly rates and a reliable and secure server. Among them are Hostinger and SiteGround.

Pros & Cons of Cheap Web Hosting

When you are choosing a cheap hosting plan, it means you are selecting shared hosting. Shared hosting uses a single server for multiple websites. All small business websites connected to a shared hosting server will use all the server resources equally.

Pros of a Cheap Web Hosting

Shared hosting plans are the best for you if you're just starting or have a small business with low to moderate traffic. Here are a few benefits of cheap web hosting solutions.

1. Easy to Get Started

A cheap, shared hosting plan is a great place to start if you have never created or managed a website. It gives you access to an easy-to-use cPanel with graphical icons. This makes it simpler for you to access and navigate your account.

2. Little Technological Knowledge Required

You don't require any programming skills to use a shared hosting plan. Get your website up and running on the same day without technical knowledge about servers or databases. This way, you can focus on your business while having a high-quality website.

3. No Admin Issues

When you choose a shared or WordPress hosting plan, you do not have to worry about maintaining the server. Your hosting would be responsible for taking care of the admin and maintenance of the web infrastructure. Additionally, you don't need to stress about any administrative tasks. All you have to do is to log into your account and manage your website.

4. Availability of Support

Hosting your website on an affordable hosting plan is extremely simple. However, you can always contact customer support if you still have issues. Some of the best hosts, like Hostinger, would even help you with the installation and migration of your website. This makes your task much easier.

Cons of a Cheap Web Hosting

While using affordable web hosting is a great way to start, you should also be aware of the potential issues. This can help you evaluate if it's the right solution for you. Here are a few drawbacks of cheap web hosting.

1. Limitation of Resources

Sharing a server is cheap, but it also means you share your resources with hundreds of other sites. You get a share of the bandwidth and resources. This option may work well for a small website with a few hundred visitors. But you'll have to change your website hosting service as your business grows.

2. Potential Security Issues

Sharing your server with other Australian websites makes it more susceptible to cyber-attacks and malware. Malicious scripts can affect your website as they spread to all the sites connected to a server. You can choose a shared, cheap web hosting plan with strong security measures to prevent this.

3. Limited Customisation

When you are on a cheap, shared hosting plan, it will limit the customisations you can make to your system files. While installing the software, you cannot customise how they work or utilise the server. Your hosting company would maintain control of your server.

Cheap Hosting Australia FAQ

What is cheap web hosting, and why is it so inexpensive?

Cheap web hosting is a low-cost hosting solution that offers plans for Linux or Windows server platforms. These affordable plans are best suited for beginners.

When you host your website through a shared hosting plan, you rent a small part of the server. This means you will share your resources and bandwidth with hundreds of other websites.

Does cheap web hosting mean low quality?

Cheap hosting plans do not mean that web hosting companies offer low-quality services or plans. Multiple web hosts offer you a wide range of features and security options but have affordable monthly plans. 

Shared hosting plans are cheap but enjoy the same reliability, uptime, and performance as other advanced hosting plans. You would be limited on the customisations and the features you can utilise.

What is the cheapest WordPress hosting in Australia?

Hostinger offers one of the cheapest WordPress hosting in Australia. If you subscribe to a 48-month plan on Hostinger, the hosting would cost you just $1.99 a month. The renewal plans for Hostinger are also inexpensive when compared with other providers.

What are the Best Cheap Australian Web Hosts?

You must choose a hosting to take your business and website online. The best cheap Australian web hosting solution would depend upon the location of your target audience and the services you require.

  • If you want a platform that is optimised for WordPress, Hostinger or Bluehost might be a better option.
  • If you want a web host to migrate your already built website, you should try SiteGround or Digital Pacific.
  • If you're looking for advanced security in your hosting plan, HostPapa or A2 Hosting might be a good option.

When looking for the top cheap web hosting in Australia, you can compare Bluehost and SiteGround. You can also read our detailed guide on Hostinger and our well-researched review on Bluehost.

Best Overall


Get your website live and access the custom-built algorithm that helps you adjust your plans as you go based on your usage and website performance.
Best for Website Migration


Migrate your websites for free with the help of the top-rated hosting support and built-in access security for ultimate website performance.
Best for Advanced Security


Get your business and website online by accessing smart web solutions and a user-friendly control panel offered by HostPapa.
Best for Customised cPanel


Bluehost is an all-in-one website platform offering everything your website needs from startup to its success and is optimised for design freedom
Best for Loading Speed

A2 Hosting

This reliable hosting service gives you a strong uptime, excellent page loading speed, and a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team.

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