Nexcess Review 2023: Fully Managed Web Hosting Services

Updated May 17, 2023.
Nexcess Review

Are you looking for a WordPress hosting service that’s both reliable and affordable?

This Nexcess review will help you decide if Nexcess is the right web host for your WordPress website.

  • Free SSL certificates.
  • Built-in CDN.
  • Free site migrations.
  • One-click staging sites.
  • 24/7/365 live chat customer support.
  • Free unlimited email hosting.
  • No free domains.
  • Not very beginner-friendly.
  • 60% discount for new accounts only lasts 3 months.
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Editor’s Take

Nexcess web hosting is a reliable and well-optimized managed hosting service. The service is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses that don’t want the hassle of dealing with the technical aspects of managing a website. Considering its one-click staging sites, WordPress expertise, and unique website performance tools, Nexcess has secured its place among the best managed WordPress hosting companies.

Best For
$15.83 – $883.50 /month
Annual Discount

What is Nexcess?

Nexcess is one of the most popular web hosting companies in the world. It’s headquartered in the US, with data centers in the UK and Australia.

As part of the Liquid Web group of companies, it has managed to create a solid reputation as a reliable WordPress hosting company.

Although Nexcess provides several managed services, it’s focused on managed WordPress hosting. With advanced technology and WordPress expertise, Nexcess has become the web host of choice for many small and mid-sized businesses.

In this Nexcess review, we’ll be finding out why exactly customers love Nexcess by looking at its WordPress hosting features.

Nexcess Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is Nexcess’s flagship service. Nexcess promotes this service by highlighting its technology and expertise in the WordPress Content Management System (CMS).

With Nexcess WordPress hosting, your website’s server-side needs, e.g. software updates, are taken care of so that you can focus on growing your business.

Since Nexcess specializes in WordPress, hosting with it gives you access to highly-optimized servers that are fast and reliable. Your WordPress site gets a performance boost from image compression technology to load pages fast, and a global content delivery network (more on that later).

Here are some benefits of signing up for one of the Nexcess hosting plans:

  • You can collaborate with others through multiple user accounts: You can add users to your Nexcess hosting account to help you design your website and run the day-to-day operations of your website. This is great for a team managing one or several websites where everyone has controlled access to website data and content.
  • Get your WordPress site moved to Nexcess for free: Nexcess offers free site migration services to make it easy for those coming from other web hosts. This is helpful because Nexcess has WordPress experts who will ensure that your site migration is smooth and successful.
  • Quickly create sites using stencil sites: If you plan to have more than one website, instead of building each one from scratch, you can save time by using stencil sites. Stencil sites act like templates of websites with full functionality. Once you develop one website, you can save it as a stencil site and then choose it every time you’re creating a similar site.
  • Test website changes with a staging site: With a website, you’ll often need to test changes before publishing them on your live site. Using a test site, you can easily check the impact of plugin updates and new content formats without messing up your live website. Additionally, you can share links to your staging sites to collect feedback. If you’re satisfied with the changes, you’ll only need one click to merge the changes with your live site.

Nexcess Pricing for Managed WordPress Hosting

Which one of these managed WordPress plans is right for you? Here is a quick guide:

Spark Plan should be your choice if you're only hosting one website.

Spark+ Plan is the right choice if you intend to host up to 3 websites, including a high-traffic blog.

Maker Plan gives you room to grow and build up to 5 websites, with enough resources to run a small ecommerce business.

Designer Plan gives you the bandwidth to run multiple high-traffic sites and use high-resolution images to display ecommerce products.

Builder Plan is best if you plan on starting an agency. You'll be able to host up to 25 websites with each having up to 30 PHP workers.

Producer Plan is best if you have an existing web design and hosting agency with less than 50 clients and want to migrate them to Nexcess.

Executive Plan is best if you're running a big agency with 100+ clients and want the flexibility of having each website allocated up to 60 PHP workers.

Enterprise Plan is ideal for large companies running ecommerce websites for multiple brands while hosting knowledge bases as well as internal and external community forums.

Please note that Nexcess allows you to negotiate custom hosting plans if you’re running an agency.

And by the way, in case you don’t know what PHP workers are, they are background processes in a web hosting server. These processes are responsible for processing website requests for things like searching an ecommerce product catalog or signing up to a membership site.

When websites have very few PHP workers, they can easily be overwhelmed by website requests, leading to time-out errors. To avoid this, Nexcess caches static website content to free up PHP workers and allocates a given number of these workers to each website.

Nexcess Performance

The performance of your website is critical to its success. And since load times impact search engine rankings, it’s necessary to find out what performance tools and features a web host offers.

Nexcess managed hosting solutions include performance tools and settings designed to boost your WordPress website’s performance. Here are four of them:

1. Nexcess Server Locations

The Nexcess server infrastructure comprises data centers located in the US, UK, and Australia, plus a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered by Cloudflare.

Cloudflare’s CDN network is highly rated for its ability to provide fast page loads and secure websites from malicious attacks.

Why do you need a CDN

With this Content Delivery Network, Nexcess gives you an easy-to-use settings panel from where you can make the changes that suit your needs. And since the CDN is supported by 280+ edge servers, you automatically get the SEO boost you need to start ranking on SERPs.

Check out our guide to SEO to learn how to conduct keyword research and write content that will build trust and convert your audience.

2. Auto-scaling

Nexcess has an auto-scaling feature that prevents your site from crashing due to traffic spikes.

With this feature, Nexcess ensures that your site remains stable even when a blog post goes viral, pushing your website beyond its resource limits.

Cloud Auto Scaling

Auto-scaling is also key when managing an online store. Instead of upgrading your website’s plan for one month due to an upcoming campaign, auto-scaling helps you to minimize costs.

In line with its up-time guarantee, Nexcess provides this feature to all its customers for free for up to 24 hours per month. After that, you’ll be billed $0.10 per minute in 30-minute increments, with $3 being the minimum charge.

3. Cloud Accelerator

Nexcess helps your site load faster by implementing a cache memory that stores your website’s static content such as images. This cache helps avoid the need of loading files from the database—a process that takes longer than loading them from memory.

With the cloud accelerator, Nexcess gives your website extra performance, leading to fast page loads that help you maintain a high customer experience.

4. Plugin Performance Monitor

Your WordPress website will have several plugins installed to provide the needed functionality. One of the most important functionalities you’ll have to get from plugins is SEO.

Once you start installing plugins, your website risks slowing down, especially when those plugins get updated. Note that WordPress itself gets frequent updates.

To ensure that your site is always functioning as expected, Nexcess provides a plugin-monitoring tool that checks for any issues related to plugins.

With the Nexcess plugin performance monitor, you can easily know if a plugin’s update is affecting your site’s performance. Since the tool analyzes individual pages, it will show you the performance of specific pages and provide information to help you fix any issues.

Page performance

This tool also comes in handy when you need to choose one of two plugins that perform the same task. With the analysis of how each plugin impacts your site’s performance, you’ll be able to easily decide which one is best for your site.

Nexcess Ease of Use

Managing one or multiple sites on Nexcess is easy, thanks to a straightforward Nexcess portal.

Although the admin panel’s interface isn’t the most beautiful, it’s designed well, with helpful explanations of what you can do in the various sections.

The Nexcess WordPress dashboard shows you the status of your hosting account while giving you direct access to the latest blog posts. Together with the option to search the knowledge base, Nexcess makes it easy to learn what you need to maximize its services.

Nexcess Ease of Use

From the control panel, you can upgrade your plan, add new websites, enable or disable various settings, and manage everything as you wish.

It’s also easy to access your email settings, manage domain options, and check the status of your free SSL certificate.

Nexcess Customer Support

Many times we don’t think much about customer support until we need help with something. To avoid surprises, it’s always good to find out what kind of support a service provider offers.

With Nexcess, you can get assistance on everything from setting up your cloud infrastructure to resolving plugin conflicts. Here are some details about the Nexcess customer support options:

  • Nexcess live chat support: The Nexcess live chat support team is quite responsive—I got a response within three minutes. The support team is made up of reps from different parts of the world. The most important thing, however, is that they’re knowledgeable enough to solve any problem you might have.
  • Nexcess phone support: Nexcess provides phone numbers that you can call from within the Americas region, the UK, and Australia. Wherever you’ll be calling from, the good thing is that you can contact support any day, any time—including holidays.
  • Nexcess ticketing system: Nexcess provides a way of creating support tickets from within the customer portal. This is very convenient as opposed to going to your email program to write an email. Not only can you create tickets, but can also check their status and get a record of your interactions with the support team.
  • Nexcess knowledge base: In case you’re the hands-on type, Nexcess provides you with a library of how-to articles and tutorials. The library is categorized by product and service, making it easy to learn about the Nexcess WordPress hosting service.

Nexcess Pros and Cons

This review can’t be complete without highlighting some Nexcess pros and cons. Here is a quick summary of the good and not-so-good aspects of Nexcess, to help you compare it with other WordPress web hosting services.

Nexcess Pros

  • Fast page loads: Nexcess servers are highly optimized for the WordPress platform. On top of this, Nexcess has a built-in CDN powered by Cloudflare and some performance-boosting tools that ensure your website is fast.
  • Flexible managed WordPress hosting plans: Instead of forcing you to choose between two or three plans, Nexcess gives you up to eight plans to choose from. This makes it easy to choose the plan that fits your business needs without the costs associated with under-utilized server resources.
  • Free site migration: Moving your site from one host to another can be hectic. With Nexcess, you not only get free site migration, but if eligible, Nexcess can even buy out your existing contract for up to $200.
  • Free email hosting: Many web hosts offer email hosting as a separate service. But with Nexcess, this is a part of every managed WordPress hosting plan. Moreover, for both internal and external communication, you can create unlimited email accounts and send all the emails you need at no extra cost.
  • 24/7/365 customer support: Nexcess customer support is available round the clock through phone, support tickets, and live chat. If you’re a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) person, then you can go through the knowledge base to find answers to your questions.

Nexcess Cons

  • Not very beginner-friendly: Although Nexcess is relatively easy to use, the admin interface contains a lot of text and generally requires a basic understanding of website hosting.
  • No free domains: Nexcess doesn’t offer free domains. Moreover, the domain options from Nexcess are more costly than the competition since Nexcess doesn’t offer any discounts on domains.


Is Nexcess Easy To Use?

Nexcess is relatively easy to use, although you need some knowledge of managed hosting. That said, Nexcess makes it easy even for beginners to manage their hosting accounts by providing explanations of what the features are all about.

Does Nexcess Provide a cPanel?

Nexcess doesn’t provide a cPanel. Instead, Nexcess provides a customer portal that you can use to manage your website’s hosting account. From the portal, you can do everything from upgrading your plan and adding new sites, to configuring your email and managing your domains.

Is Nexcess a Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

Nexcess web hosting is reliable in every way you can imagine. You will benefit from 99.99% up-time and the Nexcess security policy that includes malware monitoring and automated daily backups. Combining this with Cloudflare’s CDN, Nexcess managed hosting services guarantee you up-time and fast page loads from anywhere in the world.

Does Nexcess Provide Good Customer Support?

Nexcess has good customer support. It’s made up of WordPress and cloud hosting experts who are available 24/7/365. You can contact support through live chat, tickets, and phone, and they’ll help you deal with any web hosting issues you may have.

Nexcess Review Bottom Line

Nexcess is a well-optimized managed hosting platform offering lots of pricing options to cater to customers with different needs.

While the main focus is on managed WordPress hosting, you can also get cloud hosting with a staging site, and WooCommerce and Magento hosting.

With its automated daily backups and unique performance tools, coupled with a 30-day money-back guarantee, Nexcess is a web host that’s worth checking out.

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