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13 Best Squarespace Alternatives for Websites and Online Stores

Discover the best Squarespace alternatives to create your website, blog, or online store. We compared the best and cheapest website builders.

squarespace alternatives

Are you looking for Squarespace alternatives because, like many others, you were disappointed with its limited features and poor functionality?

While Squarespace is known for its beautiful and stylish templates, that’s not the ultimate requirement of a website. There is a lot more to a website than simply the way it looks.

Website owners these days may or may not have coding knowledge and look for solutions to this. An ideal website builder must help such website owners build their websites with minimum roadblocks, customize them and offer secure websites to their customers.

We have put together a list of the best Squarespace alternatives that will help website owners create just the site they have in mind.

With a thorough understanding of why each alternative is better than Squarespace, you will be informed enough to make the right decision.

Why Squarespace Alternatives?

Even though Squarespace could be a designer's dream come true because of its slick design and many templates, here are some factors that make Squarespace far from desirable.

1. Built for content-based websites

Squarespace was built with content-based websites in mind and it later started offering services to eCommerce store owners. Therefore, it does not offer most of the useful features that eCommerce website builders look for.

2. Does not offer high customizability

Where most of the best website builders in the market offer drag and drop customization, and let you customize every single element of your web page, Squarespace lets you edit with its structured editor and it does not offer any support in case you have problems with customizations.

Another negative feature is that while there are many templates, Squarespace does not let you build your website from scratch. You cannot start building on a blank canvas and will have to choose a template whether you like it or not.

Surprisingly, it does not even help you troubleshoot a website unless you remove those customizations!

3. More expensive than other better website builders

Compared to all other website builders, Squarespace’s pricing plans are also quite expensive and do not provide all functionalities in the price range. 

4. No advanced SEO tools

Even though it does offer some basic marketing and SEO functionalities, it lacks advanced marketing and SEO tools. This might result in mediocre sites that look great on design but rarely get discovered on the search engine. 

The list is quite long and if you are serious about having a fully-functional, customizable, global, and discoverable website, you would surely want to look for Squarespace alternatives.

Some alternatives are better for those who want to create content based blogs while some are ideal for eCommerce website owners. 

Best Squarespace Alternatives for Regular Websites and Blogs

1. Wix

Best Squarespace alternative with the best page editor. 

Wix Simple Website Builder

Wix and Squarespace give each other some tough competition.

However, with Wix, you can edit your page the way you want it instead of having to do it a certain way. You can just drag and drop images or text and place them where you like on your page. 

Wix’s highly customizable editor lets you design your page just the way you want it.

It offers 800+ designer-made templates for you to choose from. With Wix, you can create your logos, a portfolio website, or design your blog. Wix also lets you create complex web applications using their software.

Based on the plan that you choose, Wix offers a free domain name to its users for a year post which they will be charged. Wix also includes hosting services, taking one more headache off the shoulders of website builders. 

With Wix, you can also get the SSL certificate for your website and stay compliant with all necessary regulations.

A great feature offered by Wix is the built-in Wix Analytics that is included in the dashboard of every Wix published website. 

This tool gives you complete information about the visitors on your page, the way they interact with your content, the source of your traffic, and much more. 

Businesses or bloggers who have visitors from different parts of the globe can benefit immensely from Wix’s multilingual feature, where it translates website content to any desired language and lets you create subdomains to be discoverable in different regions. 

If you have a team working on your website, Wix also allows you to grant permissions and roles so that each person can access, manage and edit the website and stay on the same page. 

For businesses operating on larger scales than blogs, Wix also offers several enterprise tools that let businesses create sites for internal communications, marketing campaigns, customer support, and much more. 


Wix Premium Plans - Website Plans
Source: Wix

After analyzing the different needs of different types of users, Wix offers four different pricing plans for its users and also offers three different plans for businesses based on business needs. 

Wix also offers a few features like web hosting, templates, and unlimited pages for free, but the premium plans are the complete package. 

Why Do People Choose Wix Over Squarespace?

Every good website builder offers some core services like templates, photo galleries, forms, and others, but what sets Wix apart is the many additional features that Wix offers and Squarespace doesn’t.

Wix offers secondary features that you can build into your sites like a forum, live chat, a membership page, a ticketing gateway, and others. However, if you would like to use Squarespace, you would have to sign up for many integrations, all of which might not be free.

Wix is also very beginner-friendly, offers flexible customizations, and has dozens of apps to choose from. Squarespace on the other hand might not be straightforward and intuitive for beginners, and they offer structured customizations only. 

2. WordPress + Bluehost

Best one-stop solution for WordPress site owners.

Bluehost WordPress - Fast and Reliable WordPress Hosting Plan

Bluehost is known for being the leading WordPress hosting solution but it is also great at providing some other features like building your website or online eCommerce store.

With Bluehost WordPress website builder you can purchase a plan that suits you best based on the number of visitors you expect per month. Every plan gives you a free SSL certificate and a fully equipped staging environment, eliminating a lot of technicalities from your way.

It also offers multiple layers of security so that your customer’s and your information stays encrypted. No unwanted content can make its way to your website and associated data due to the partnership with Akismet. 

Bluehost WordPress website builder conducts daily scheduled scans to detect malware and removes them whenever detected.

Apart from allowing you to build customizable websites, Bluehost WordPress website builder does a lot more. You can schedule backups so that no information on your website is ever lost and you can store every backup information and access the backup log to restore changes.

Bluehost WordPress builder offers advanced analytics that can help you under user behavior, traffic, and its sources, demographics, and a lot more. 

It offers many SEO tools that offer SEO recommendations which in turn improve your site’s visibility and ranking on the SERP. By integrating with different social media channels, it helps you streamline and manage your social media strategy from one central place.

When your website starts receiving more and more traffic, you do not need to make any major changes to your site. All websites built on this website builder come with built-in scalability features that keep your website from crashing.

If you have any existing website, transferring it to Bluehost is extremely easy. 

Bluehost WordPress Builder accepts payments through PayPal making it possible for you to accept payments from over 60 countries globally.


Bluehost WordPress - WordPress Managed Hosting

Three different pricing plans let you set up, grow and scale your online website based on the number of visitors you get each month. With each plan, you also get a free 30-day trial of Microsoft email.

Why Do People Prefer Bluehost Over Squarespace?

WordPress owners prefer Bluehost because of the range of customizability that Bluehost offers over Squarespace. While Squarespace has some limitations while customizing WordPress sites, Bluehost lets you completely customize your WordPress website.

Bluehost WordPress website builder was built specifically for WordPress websites with features targeted at WordPress website owners compared to Squarespace which was built with a much generic view.

Better CMS also makes Bluehost much more desirable than Squarespace.

3. 10Web Builder

Best Squarespace alternative powered by Google Cloud for WordPress website builders.

10Web - Best Squarespace alternative powered by Google Cloud for WordPress website builders.

Since 10Web Builder has partnered with Google, it leverages the brand name and also several tools offered by Google. While it is known mainly for its hosting services, 10Web AI-backed website builder is also top-notch.

This website builder is based on Elementor and lets you build and customize your website the way you want. Right from small businesses, freelancers, agencies to large websites, there is a solution for every need.

You can benefit from the many free templates offered, the drag and drop feature, and customization that lets you customize every element of your website. All your websites and every single page in it is optimized for mobile devices and load very quickly.

10Web assures that every website that is built on or hosted on 10Web gets a speed score of 90+. You can also verify this score which means that this genuine claim is nothing but proof of the quality of features offered.

10Web is highly useful and attractive for bloggers because it offers many attractive features that could encourage readers to engage with content. These include share buttons, other CTAs, login forms, carousels, interactive features, countdowns, and many more.

It also offers premium integrations and plugins that could help website owners stand out from the crowd like multi-functional forms, photo galleries, sliders for visual content, customizable Google Maps, event calendars, social media feeds, and others.

This all-in-one website builder for WordPress websites also offers a backup service that lets you backup all the changes on your website, schedule backups and access backup logs, and restore from any point.

You can also protect your website from all kinds of security breaches by performing scheduled scans, detect possible attacks, scan for any unauthorized changes and also restore files to the previous conditions after an attack.

Content-based website owners building their websites on 10Web can see their content rank faster on the search engines and get discovered faster because of the many SEO features that it offers while most other website builders offer very few SEO features.

You can also install the powerful Google Analytics plugin on your website and seamlessly access all reports in your admin area on WordPress.


10web - WordPress bundle pricing

While these plans are exclusively for the 10Web AI website builder, there are 3 other plans and a custom plan that include hosting as the primary feature and the website builder just as a component of the package.

Why Do People Prefer 10Web Builder Over Squarespace?

While Squarespace has the reputation of not being SEO friendly, 10Web Builder offers SEO features that can enhance the ranking of websites that are built on this platform. In fact, most website builders do not offer the level of SEO services that 10Web Builder offers.

Squarespace also does not have a very great image of the extensions and plugins it offers while 10Web Builder offers much better quality plugins that can improve the functionality of your website. 

4. Gator Builder by Hostgator

Best user-friendly Squarespace alternative.

Hostgator Website Builder - Best user-friendly Squarespace alternative.

Right from domain registration, to building your custom website and ensuring all security features like SSL certificates are in place, HostGator is a one-stop solution with all desirable website building functions. 

If you sign up for any of their plans that have an annual subscription or more, you can register for a free domain with HostGator. 

If you would like to have a blog that also sells a couple of things or your custom range of 10 products or a complete eCommerce store, HostGator has options for each of these needs. With each of its plans, you can sell a certain number of products on your website. 

HostGator offers an AI-backed website builder which makes website building further easier by creating a website for you based on just a few questions. You can then customize it the way you want by adding logos, images, fonts, texts, and others.

It offers hundreds of templates and drag and drop features which makes it a very beginner-friendly website builder. Each template is mobile-friendly which further results in a mobile responsive website.

For eCommerce website owners, HostGator offers inventory management tools, shipping integrations, automatic tax calculators, and other business management tools. 

HostGator is also renowned for its email marketing plans using which you can automate emails to your database, get information about clicks and opens, and many more technical things.

If you are a service provider or you simply need to set up a calendar that lets people book appointments to speak to you, HostGator can be a great solution as it provides specific appointment booking features, unlike other website builders.

HostGator is one of the most beginner-friendly but up-to-the-mark website builders because it offers everything that a website owner would want without getting into technicalities, like website analytics.

Instead of drowning in numbers and charts, HostGator provides visitor information and information about customer behavior in very simple formats.


Hostgator Website Builder - pricing
Source: HostGator

HostGator offers three different plans where there are different options for different types of website owners. You could get started with the Start plan and then move to other plans if you find features missing, otherwise, the Start plan is pretty great to start building your website.

Why Do People Prefer HostGator Over Squarespace?

Squarespace may be useful for designers or website owners who are looking for stylish blogs, but for users looking for functionality and simple blogs at many affordable rates HostGator is the best option.

HostGator is also cheaper and much more affordable than Squarespace making it ideal for small businesses that are just starting and want to have a basic blog.

HostGator offers better 24/7 customer service as compared to Squarespace making it ideal for beginners who might require help along the way.

5. Constant Contact Builder

Best Squarespace alternative that offers the most feature-rich free plan.

Constant Contact - Best Squarespace alternative that offers the most feature-rich free plan.

Getting started with your website through Constant Contact can be really easy as they handhold you through the process and guide you throughout. All the templates offered are customizable and mobile-friendly as well.

Often bloggers have a limited number of pictures that they can add to their page and Constant Contact addresses this by offering over 55000 images for free. 

Constant Contact offers an AI-backed logo maker using which you can create unique logos that match your brand image. You can also utilize their educational resources to understand how you can leverage your logo to improve your brand.

If your business is listed on Google My Business, you can utilize the integration offered by Constant Contact to manage your listing, respond to comments, make changes, or even get listed as a new business on it.

Constant Contact also offers website analytics which you can access directly from your dashboard. You do not need to access any other application for the same. All important traffic, engagement, and eCommerce analytics can be accessed from your dashboard.

Constant Contact offers different themes to set up your website according to the industry you are in. It also offers many marketing tools that help in email marketing, targeting, integrations with social media audiences so that you reach a wide audience, and many more.

The visibility of your website also significantly improves due to the SEO friendliness of your website due to Constant Contacts optimization that goes into every website. 

You can also start selling on your page by subscribing to any of the Constant Contact plans including the free plan. It lets you list unlimited products on the site, manage inventory and also get useful analytics important to your website.

Constant Contact accepts payments through credit and debit cards through PayPal, Stripe, and Mollie. 


Constant Contact - pricing

Since Constant Contact also offers eCommerce marketing and email marketing, it offers plans for each of them. You can also utilize their free plan to create your website for free, it offers most of the essential features you would need. 

Why Do People Choose Constant Contact Over Squarespace?

While Squarespace is good for creative people or designers who need great designs for their websites, Constant Contact is more functional and practical than Squarespace.

Constant Contact offers affordable pricing plans for small businesses to create their online stores and also offers many integrations that take care of functions like email marketing, marketing automation, inventory management, and others.

6. Weebly

Best Squarespace alternative that offers a lot of inbuilt apps and integrations.

Weebly for bloggers who need an easy website builder for smart looking blogs

The primary feature that sets Weebly apart from Squarespace is the ease of use. Weebly is extremely beginner-friendly, is very intuitive, and has a layout that tells users clearly about where everything is. 

Using Weebly’s customizable templates, non-coders can easily create beautifully designed websites on their own. It offers drag and drop features, custom fonts, video backgrounds, advanced animation effects, and more that let you completely customize your site. 

Bloggers, small online shops, small to medium-sized businesses, freelancers, or people creating portfolios online with limited technical knowledge could find this software quite helpful.

Weebly lets you purchase a domain directly from them and also offers a reliable and fast hosting service. It also lets you manage your SSL certificate and other website infrastructure-related aspects from one place.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to start their eCommerce store, with Weebly you can customize your customer experience the way you want. You can sell digital as well as physical goods through your store and can list unlimited items on your catalog

It lets you choose and edit your desired store layout, set up welcome emails or abandoned cart emails, along with a shipping tool and an inventory management tool. 

Some other unique features that it offers to online store owners are a coupon builder, product search feature, the ability to feature customer reviews, and more. 

It also offers some necessary SEO tools and features that help improve your site’s discoverability on search engines. 

Weebly lets you accept payments through different payment processors and also offers an automatic tax calculator thereby refining the customer experience.

This website builder also offers one of the best email marketing tools that let you send newsletters to your contacts, create custom contact lists, offers ready-made templates, and also provides email related stats like the clicks and opens. 

Weebly also has a mobile app that lets you edit and manage your pages from your mobile on-the-go. 


Weebly - pricing

Weebly offers four different pricing plans and is an inexpensive feature-rich alternative compared to most other website builders in the market. You can opt for a monthly or an annual plan.

Unlike most service providers, the free plan offered by Weebly also offers some of the most useful features that a person building a website would require, without any hidden costs.

Why Do People Choose Weebly Over Squarespace?

One of the primary reasons that people choose Weebly over Squarespace is the ease of use. Squarespace has a minimalistic layout which requires users to dig deeper to find features. Weebly on the other hand is very user-friendly and intuitive. 

While Squarespace offers many paid and free third-party integrations, Weebly has an app store with a wide range of apps and extensions that can help in certain functions like marketing, analytics, and a lot more. 

Another factor that makes Weebly more desirable than Squarespace is the pricing and the fact that Weebly’s free plan is a truly free plan with necessary features and even their paid plans are much cheaper than that of Squarespace.

7. Webflow

Best website builder that offers high customizability that is ideal for designers.

Webflow is the Best visual web design tool for creative professionals

What sets Webflow apart from the rest and especially Squarespace is the ability to start designing your website from scratch instead of changing elements from a template. The creative freedom that the tool offers is quite appealing for designers. 

The interface might be slightly difficult to navigate for beginners but Webflow offers many tutorials, support material, a forum, and articles to help such users. 

Webflow allows you to build your website design from scratch and even lets you choose from a combination of free and paid templates. 

This website builder also offers an excellent CMS system that lets designers, editors, content strategists, as well as developers, work together on the website. 

It lets you add, edit or create content to your live website with a click, add designs to it, create content types and structures that work best for your brand and also import content from external sources, publish to an app and do a lot more. 

Webflow is ideal for non-coders who would like to build their online store that stands out from the rest. 

You can build an eCommerce website and customize every interaction with your customers, highlight product information, customize your checkout eCommerce page and shopping cart, and much more. 

You can create an online store that matches the voice and feel of your brand.

Webflow also lets you host your website with them powered by AWS and is reputed to have very high uptime, fast loading speed, and high security. 

Online reviews also suggest that Webflow offers an advantage to websites with regards to SEO due to the SEO tools that they offer.


Webflow - Pricing - Site plan

Webflow offers two primary types of plans based on user requirements. If you would like to build just a single page, site plans are ideal as they are built on a per-page basis. If you have a team collaborating on the website, the account plans would be ideal.

Under each category, there are further types of plans each for a different purpose. Webflow lets you start building your website for free. Once you have completed designing your page, all you have to do is purchase a plan for it to go live. 

Why Do People Choose Webflow Over Squarespace?

Even though Squarespace may be more user friendly compared to Webflow, its structured editor and template-based approach restrict the creativity of users. 

Webflow on the other hand offers templates and also allows users to design their website the way they wish. Even the templates offered by Webflow are much more customizable than Squarespace’s.

While Squarespace only offers you a free 14 day trial, with Webflow, if you are building a website for a client, you do not need to pay anything on your own but can instead pass the billing to the client.

Best Squarespace Alternatives for Launching an Online Store

1. Shopify

Best website builder for eCommerce websites.

Shopify Best Overall E commerce Platform for any Scale of Business.

While choosing a website builder to build an online store, Shopify would be the obvious option especially due to its brand name. 

With Shopify, you can start, sell, market,eCommerce and manage your online store from one central location using the different tools on offer. You can start to create your eCommerce website from scratch with Shopify.

Right from choosing your business name, to designing the logo, getting a domain, looking for stock images to match your brand voice, setting up your online store and selling on it, receiving payments,eCommerce, and calculating taxes, Shopify lets you do it all.

You can host your website on Shopify and also utilize the CMS system it offers. Shopify offers 70+ designer templates and gives full access to the HTML and CSS of your page, thereby letting you control every aspect of it.

Every website built on Shopify is mobile friendly and offers a mobile-friendly shopping cart. If you would like to have a blog or an informational page on your website, Shopify lets you have your way.

Shopify’s advanced inventory management, reporting, and custom staff permissions let store owners integrate in-store and online sales through their robust POS system

You can also sell on different channels like Instagram and FB and Shopify will keep track of your inventory. 

If you already have another content-based website, Shopify lets you sell items through the same page by simply including a Buy button.

Shopify also offers a range of marketing tools like email marketing, Shopify Ping, Shopify’s Google channel, and Facebook Ads so that you can boost your brand image and increase sales directly from your online store. 

From shipping to payments and reporting, Shopify offers a range of features that let you manage your online store centrally from a unified dashboard.


Shopify - pricing

Shopify offers a 14 day free trial for users to test the services and also offers a lite plan at the price of $9 which is one of the cheapest plans offered to build an online store. 

Why Do People Choose Shopify Over Squarespace?

Even though Squarespace lets users build their online stores, it does not offer some key functionalities that Shopify offers like dropshipping options, sophisticated inventory management and reporting features, a detailed tax calculator, extensive payment gateway options, and more. 

Shopify offers with all its plans, the abandoned cart saving feature where emails are sent to users with products in their carts. This significantly impacts sales and Squarespace requires you to pay extra for it.

People also tend to prefer Shopify because even though it is quite easy to use, users can get Shopify experts to build their stores for them, a service that most service providers do not offer.

2. Shift4Shop

Best eCommerce website builder for businesses of all sizes and a unique pricing model.

Shift4Shop - Best eCommerce website builder for businesses of all sizes and a unique pricing model.

Shift4Shop was previously known as 3dcart and was acquired by Shift4. Since then it has built itself to provide solutions to eCommerce store owners that help them start, grow and manage their online stores.

Shift4Shop lets you create drop shipping websites, online stores to sell physical products like books, apparel, furniture, or even digital products like ebooks, music, event tickets, and others.

This website builder pays extra attention to the mobile-first experience and ensures that all your pages are optimized for mobile as well as desktop. 

Each of its templates is mobile responsive and are automatically integrated with Google AMP that further improves the loading speed of pages on mobile. 

Shift4Shop offers a Core Theme editor using which you can make changes to templates, add logos, text, and as many pictures as you need. You can also build your custom store by clicking on the custom option offered.

Once your store design and layout is ready, you can add unlimited products to your store by simply entering product information on the dashboard. If you have many products to add, you can simply import them by uploading a CSV file that contains information about all the products.

Once your online store is ready, you do not even have to be worried about figuring out the logistics as Shift4Shop offers an integration with FedEx that takes care of your shipping, labeling, package tracking and everything related.

You can also streamline and integrate your inventory with Shift4Shop’s inventory management tool. It lets you sync your inventory, sales received, and orders fulfilled, thereby allowing real-time inventory tracking, and also sends you stock alerts.

With Shift4Shop’s flexibility, you can accept different forms of payments like credit and debit cards, buy now pay later services, and others. It also automatically calculates taxes for you based on the region, postal code, and configuration.

Shift4Shop helps in enabling returns and refunds, offers advanced reporting features, allows pre-orders, offers single page checkout, and also allows customers to set multiple shipping addresses in one purchase.

With several SEO tools and integrations with the major marketplaces, Shift4Shop acts as a one-stop solution for eCommerce website builders. Manage all the features from a unified dashboard.


Shift4Shop - pricing

Shift4Shop offers a free plan and each of its plans includes basic features like 24/7 customer support, mobile-friendly themes, domain registration, unlimited storage, and many others. Compared to many others, Shift4Shop offers inexpensive pricing packages.

Why Do People Choose Shift4Shop Over Squarespace?

Shif4Shop offers integrations with some of the leading business names like FedEx, different tools by Google, Facebook, and AWS. Squarespace integrations require you to pay and do not come as an inclusion.

Shift4Shop makes it easy for merchants to accept global orders as they accept payments in different forms while Squarespace only accepts Stripe and Paypal.

3. Zyro

Best website builder that ranks high on simplicity, ease of use and provides all essential features.

Zyro - Best website builder that ranks high on simplicity

You can easily launch your online store using Zyro’s templates and customize it the way you want using the drag and drop feature

It offers dozens of payment and shipping options to choose from which helps you make the entire shopping experience seamless for your customers. 

With Zyro, you can manage your inventory, email marketing, SEO efforts, social media ad campaigns, traffic analytics, all from one dashboard. Zyro also lets you integrate with different platforms to directly sell on them and updates inventory according to each sale. 

You do not have to spend any time hunting for the best website hosting services as Zyro offers free website hosting, offers cloud hosting, and also offers free domain names for a year with some of its premium plans. 

If you already have a domain, connecting it to Zyro is extremely easy. 

This website builder is also very well known for the ease of use and simplicity which can be a great plus for website creators who do not want to spend a lot of time figuring out their way but also want all the important website building features.

You can also take complete charge of your website’s SEO by using Zyro’s SEO tools and can also utilize Zyro’s integrations with Google tag Manager and Google Analytics to get data-based information about your site’s performance. 

Online stores built on Zyro are quick to load and are optimized for the mobile-first experience. You can also edit and manage your website on-the-go with their mobile application.

With Zyro’s online store building services, you can create coupons and sell gift cards, get in-built sales reports and tracking, automate your marketing efforts, calculate taxes automatically and do a lot more seamlessly, even if you may have never done any of this before. 


Zyro - pricing

Zyro offers four different business plans to meet different business needs. It offers the option to subscribe for a monthly, yearly, biannual, or four-year plan and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with each plan.

With every plan, Zyro promises that you will never be bombarded with ads, get a custom favicon, choose your domain, get unlimited storage for your content and also scale as your website and number of visitors scale. 

Why Do People Choose Zyro over Squarespace?

The primary and probably the most important reason why users prefer Zyro over Squarespace is the extensive AI tools that Zyro offers. With Zyro’s AI tools, you can take your website game to a whole new level. On the other hand, Squarespace does not offer any AI tool. 

The AI writer generates SEO content for your website, helps you generate a business name if you do not already have one, a tagline, a unique logo, and also provides titles for blogs if your website has one. 

The AI heatmap also helps identify where you can place content, buttons, and other information on your website for maximum conversions and effectiveness. 

4. Selz

Best Squarespace alternative for businesses building websites to sell digital products. 

Selz - Best Squarespace alternative for businesses building websites to sell digital products.

Even though Selz is relatively newer than many other good website builders out in the market, it has earned the reputation for being the website builder for businesses that sell digital products online. 

It also lets you sell physical goods or other services but is ideal for digital sellers

If you want to sell your online course online or any other digital product like an ebook, software, apps, videos, or others, Selz lets you build an online platform to sell, market, and manage it.

With the Selz online store builder, you can easily create an online store using the pre-built themes, customize them according to your brand, and process payments through the built-in payment processor. 

Selz lets you choose a custom domain name once you subscribe with them and also provides a free SSL certificate for your website and helps build the credibility of your online store. 

You can also create an online store on Instagram and Facebook and start selling directly across these platforms with Selz.

You can also convert an existing website or a WordPress website into an online store by including buy buttons, widgets, a shopping cart, or even convert it completely to an online store. 

Due to its integration with Google Smart Shopping, you can also market your products directly to Google’s audience and multiply your reach exponentially.

By utilizing their integrations with Google Analytics or Bing Analytics, you can get advanced analytics about store visitors, source of traffic, user activity, and all other important sales information which you can export to other systems as well.

Selz also offers a blogging feature that eliminates the need to build a blog elsewhere. 

You can manage inventory, choose from shipping options, calculate taxes automatically and manage staff permissions using different tool integrations that Selz offers and manage everything from one dashboard. 


Selz Pricing Plans

Selz offers a 14-day free trial for all its plans. It offers monthly and annual subscriptions for all its plans where you can save 10% through the annual subscription.

Why Do People Choose Selz Over Squarespace?

When it comes to digital sellers, the mode of payment may make a huge difference to the sale made. While Squarespace offers only Stripe payments which might not be available in all regions, Selz accepts different modes of payments which acts in favor of digital sellers. 

Another reason why users prefer Selz over Squarespace is that Selz offers features targeted at digital products like video streaming, multi-file downloads, unlimited products, unlimited storage, and others. 

On the other hand, Squarespace was built for content-based websites and started offering eCommerce features quite later. 

5. BigCommerce

Best online store builder that offers high scalability.

BigCommerce - Best online store builder that offers high scalability.

BigCommerce lets you quickly launch and edit your online store by offering store layout templates that require no coding experience. You can customize every element in your website the way you want.

If you have a coder on board and would like to make changes to the code, BigCommerce provides access to the HTML, CSS, and Java content-based website. You can also switch between storefronts with a simple login.

With BigCommerce you can become a truly global online seller as it lets you sell across major marketplaces, integrates with your social media selling channels, and also lets you accept payments in different currencies.

You can access your entire product catalog on BigCommerce, import it from external sources, create coupons and gift cards, enable returns and refunds and do so much more through your online store. 

BigCommerce partners with shipping companies and offers the best rates for shipping. You can also automate tax calculations and set custom tax tables for different regions as BigCommerce also lets you segment customers into different groups.

You can customize your customer experience and also provide a B2C experience even for your B2B customers. Integrating your in-store sales and online sales is also easy with this website builder.

Through the BigCommerce analytics dashboard, you can also get important information about customer behavior, sources of traffic, demographic information, and others. 

BigCommerce offers high scalability and flexibility for online store owners by offering a tool called Stencil CLI, which lets you make changes to your website in real-time and implement them simultaneously without the need for any downtime. 

It has a vast app store that offers many free integrations and plugins which can help improve and measure your website’s performance.


BigCommerce - pricing

BigCommerce offers four different pricing plans where one is enterprise-level pricing that is a custom pricing plan. BigCommerce offers a 15 days free trial for each of its plans and lets you save 10% when you subscribe to an annual plan.

Why Do People Choose BigCommerce Over Squarespace?

Online store owners prefer BigCommerce because it does not take any percentage of your sales while Squarespace does. Except for a couple of its plans, it charges you a 3% transaction processing fee from your sales revenue.

While Squarespace offers only two payment gateways, PayPal and Stripe, BigCommerce offers 40 payment gateways making it easier for merchants to offer different payment methods to their customers.

Even though BigCommerce offers fewer templates than Squarespace, they have been created with online store owners in mind and offer different store layouts. Whereas Squarespace was built for content owners and offers limited store layouts.

You also have complete control over the HTML and CSS of your website with BigCommerce which you do not have with Squarespace.

The major differentiating factor that makes BigCommerce the ideal choice for eCommerce retailers over Squarespace is that it offers multi-currency selling and lets sellers collect payments from customers across the world. 

This is a very important functionality for online retailers. 

6. WooCommerce

Best Squarespace alternative to convert WordPress websites to eCommerce platforms.

WooCommerce Best Squarespace alternative to convert WordPress websites to eCommerce platforms.

WooCommerce could be a blessing to WordPress site owners as it helps them create their online stores on the most desirable CMS in the world. 

Simply install the free plugin and start customizing your store within seconds. Since WordPress and WooCommerce are both open sources you have complete control over your website.

While you can use all the plugins supported by WordPress, WooCommerce has its own marketplace of plugins and extensions and integrations with third-party developers which help you integrate SEO, marketing, analytics, and much more to your website. 

WooCommerce offers 140+ payment gateways supported across various regions and also offers complete accurate translation in 24 languages, helping you target a global audience. 

You can sell physical as well as digital products and services on your online store with the WooCommerce plugin, add descriptions for each item, highlight best selling products, create bundles, and more.

Conducting an online eCommerce business becomes very easy with WooCommerce as it helps you automatically calculate taxes, get shipping rates from the leading shipping carriers, and also lets you print labels for your products from your home. 

With its mobile application, managing and editing your website from your phone becomes possible. You can add new products to your catalog, keep track of your orders and also receive notifications each time a new sale is made across any sales channel.

The extensions offered by WooCommerce let you sell across different marketplaces and social media channels and keep track of inventory in one place. You can also integrate with third-party marketplaces and create shopping ads by using them.

WooCommerce lets you create coupons, gift cards, points, and rewards and elevate your customer experience. 

You can also recover abandoned carts, send newsletters, automate emails asking for reviews or feedback, and much more all through the many integrations WooCommerce offers.

Security with WooCommerce is also taken care of with Jetpack which ensures that you are safe from attacks, payments happen securely and all your customer logins are genuine.

Even if you have never used WordPress or WooCommerce before, there are tonnes of tutorials and help documents that can help you become a pro at it.

Moreover, you can leverage the themes offered by WordPress and the blogging feature to have an award-winning website, all without any coding experience. 


While WooCommerce is a free plugin, you would be required to purchase a domain name and choose a hosting service which might cost you different rates based on where you host your website and buy the domain name from. 

While choosing WooCommerce as your store builder you can also opt for Bluehost WordPress as it offers the best hosting service for WordPress websites. WooCommerce and Bluehost work together to give website owners the best eCommerce experience.

Why Do People Choose WooCommerce Over Squarespace?

Squarespace being new to the eCommerce domain, WooCommerce has been leading the game as it can turn any WordPress website into an online store by simply installing the free plugin.

It also offers many plugins and extensions that serve different purposes which Squarespace doesn’t. Being a part of the WordPress ecosystem, WooCommerce integrates with WordPress plugins and also has its plugins as well as plugins by third-party developers. 

Once you install WooCommerce on your WordPress website, you have a one-stop-solution that includes everything that you need to run, manage and market your online store effectively. 

Squarespace Alternatives FAQ 

Who are Squarespace competitors?

All the alternatives mentioned in our list are Squarespace competitors for different parameters. 

While Squarespace may beat all others for their template designs, when it comes to customizability, Wix and Webflow are its competitors.
In terms of building WordPress websites, WooCommerce and Bluehost WordPress Builder are Squarespace competitors. 

While looking for content-based website builders Squarespace alternatives are Constant Contact, HostGator, Webflow while when it comes to online stores, Zyro, BigCommerce, Selz are Squarespace competitors.

Why shouldn't you use Squarespace?

You should not use Squarespace unless you are looking for a website that only ranks high on design and no other functionality.

Squarespace is not user friendly and does not offer complete customizability. It does not offer advanced marketing or SEO tools that affect the site’s visibility on SERP.

It accepts payments only through PayPal and Stripe, which comes in the way of becoming global sellers.

Squarespace’s customer service is also quite poor, so if you get stuck while building your website with Squarespace you can expect to be stuck there for a long time.

Squarespace Alternatives Comparison: Which One to Choose? 

Based on the type of website that you would like to create, i.e., a blog or an online store, there are different alternatives that you can choose from. 

For a one-stop website building solution Zyro, Constant Contact Builder, Bluehost WordPress Builder, Weebly are the best options. 

For WordPress users who would like to get the most of WordPress, WooCommerce, 10Web Builder, Bluehost WordPress Builder could be what they are looking for.

If you would like to create a highly customizable website, you can choose between BigCommerce, Wix, and Webflow

For users who want their eCommerce stores to stand out, Shopify, Selz, and Zyro are the best.

Understand the kind of website that you want to create and evaluate which option lets you achieve your goals. Read a few online reviews to understand the user experience before you make a final choice. 

This guide should prove to be helpful in how each Squarespace alternative is different from the other.

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