Wix vs Squarespace – Which Website Builder is Best in 2024?

Updated Apr 3, 2023.
wix vs squarespace

How do you choose between Wix and Squarespace?

Maybe you've heard that Squarespace is the better solution for an elegant portfolio site or a music site that will look stunning on all devices, but lacks some of Wix's eCommerce features?

Or, you came across an article stating Wix is a better all-around solution catering to a wider variety of industries, but less equipped for blogging in comparison to Squarespace?

There are truths in these claims, but, in this article, you will find a summary of advantages and drawbacks for both of these website builders.

Read on, and find out which of these tools is more profitable for what occasion.

Wix vs Squarespace Comparison: Website Builder Overview


Used by over 100 million people, Wix is an affordable website builder that will allow you to create a website within minutes.

Wix is an affordable website builder that will allow to create a website within minutes

This cheap website builder covers everything from small businesses, restaurants & hotels, as well as photographers, graphic designers, musicians, and hundreds of other industries.

Wix is a powerful combination of a classic template website builder and an AI platform.

Whether you want to choose from over 500 industry-specific templates and utilize their drag-and-drop editor or allow Wix ADI to design a website for you, the final result will be what you had in mind.

Wix industry specific templates features
Source: ezblox.site

Business websites are Wix's forte, as you can select from hundreds of industry-specific templates for advertising, marketing, real estate, handy services, and everything else.

Powerful business features like email marketing, subscription forms, appointment bookings, an app market full of various add-ons are all part of Wix's incredible business offer.

Create a jaw-dropping online store through Wix's eCommerce functionality.

Sell an unlimited amount of physical, digital, service products, and add a discount or a promotional code on whichever product you choose.

Manage your shipping functions and operate your store with your mobile through an app.
Ssource: support.wix.com

Manage your shipping functions and operate your store with your mobile through an app.

With an app like Ecwid, Wix will enable you to use guest checkouts, inventory tracking, social commerce, and many more advanced features.

Yet another expertise of Wix's are the personal websites.

Whether you want to highlight your work through an online portfolio or showcase your skills with an online resume, Wix has got you covered there, as well as any event promotion (e.g. wedding, ceremony).


Perfect for people looking for a superb design and who have a little bit of technical knowledge, Squarespace website builder offers 113 mobile-optimized templates.

Squarespace is perfect for people looking for a superb design and who have a little bit of technical knowledge

The best designs and tools on the market will equip bloggers, small business owners, creative people, and personal users with SEO tools, eCommerce functions, social media integration, payment gateways, and everything else you need to create a website.

Photographers and artists that have design-driven content to showcase will especially benefit from Squarespace.

The industry's best template designs from Squarespace are optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile use, while the mobile app allows you to edit pages, blog posts, and eCommerce settings on the move.

With the Squarespace AI app, you can save time coming up with creative ideas or compensate for the lack of technical skill and choose from a selection of recommended templates or let the app create a design based on your layout, images, font, color preferences.

Squarespace expertly supports image-rich blogs, where you can support multiple contributors, share on social media, and manage your blog on the go.

Grow your business through Squarespace's email campaigns, SEO, eCommerce, analytics, different integration features, and so on.

The stunning eCommerce-specific designs with a built-in inventory system will help elevate the small and growing stores and make your products shine.

Squarespace is among the consistently top-ranked website builders for blogging.

Squarespace is among the consistently top ranked website builders for blogging

Editor, Content Management and Ease of Use

1. Editor


In Wix Editor, you can utilize its absolute positioning approach and move and drop content anywhere on the page.

Wix Editor gives more customization options
Source: isitwp.com

While this gives you more customization options, it increases the chance for design errors as the text and images get misaligned with each other.

You are creating two sites in Wix Editor, with one being for desktop and one for mobile.

Sometimes, the mobile version of the website will not be satisfactory and you will have to generate an additional design.

In Wix, you can connect to a wide range of social media accounts to import images, and its editing functionality allows a wider range of filters for your images.


You can remove backgrounds from a picture with the auto cut-out feature in Wix, while Squarespace makes for better image optimization across multiple devices.

In Squarespace, you won't have to deal with separate mobile and desktop versions of your site with a fully responsive approach to the template design.

While Squarespace provides 4 levels of heading options (H1 – H4), Wix goes up to 6 levels (H1 – H6).

In Squarespace, you can set a focal point for your pictures to highlight the most important part of the image when it automatically crops down for a smaller screen.

2. Content management


With Wix's content manager, you can store content in collections and connect the collections to the various elements in the editor to display content on your site or receive form submissions.

Your or your visitors' content will get stored in a grid layout, and find compatible elements to connect to your collections to manage your site more efficiently.


Squarespace's simple CMS gives you almost complete control over headlines, images, videos, text, links, and everything else.

The CMS in Squarespace comes in a form of a drop-down menu with a variety of administrator page options.

You can edit content structure and style, as well as preview what your site will look like before you save the changes.

The preview option and a highly-structured editor are exactly what many potential blog and store creators are looking for, but you can always find the cheapest Squarespace alternative.

You can see your site how your visitors would see it as you make the changes.

3. Ease of use


The user experience in Wix is visually comprehensive which is excellent for beginners.

Everything you want to change can be easily done by just clicking on the element, while the Site History function allows you to recover content easily.

Wix Ease of use which is excellent for beginners
Source: picklewix

Through Wix ADI, you will receive a website tailored to your needs after a virtual assistant asks you a variety of questions that serve as reference points for your site's design.


Ultimately, you need to click through additional layers to achieve the same result in Squarespace as you would in Wix.

You will need to create additional columns on their grid layout to add certain elements to your design.

Another big drawback to Squarespace is that you don't get a backup and restore function.

Winner: A tie.

While Wix allows you to recover content easily, store content in collections and has more customization options, Squarespace's fully responsive approach is more preferred by Google, neat features like auto cut-out and focal point, and the preview option make the first round of Wix vs Squarespace a draw.

Feature Comparison

Apart from the mandatory photo galleries, maps, forms, audio players both Wix and Squarespace have covered, these website builder tools have expanded past just website building.

They offer email marketing, eCommerce, and many more services.

Email marketing features


You can benefit greatly from Wix's completely free email marketing without having to purchase a Premium Plan.

You can send up to 5K individual emails throughout 3 campaigns, with the monthly quota resetting on the first of the month.

Wix email marketing features
Source: support.wix


In Squarespace, you can find stunning email layouts for every audience.

Add images, link to relevant content, and use buttons to drive clicks and engagement.

The advanced email marketing tools of Squarespace will help you automate your emails, streamline your contact list management, and personalize your messages.

eCommerce features


Gain access to 500+ professional template designs at Wix's storefront, custom online store, multi-channel sales while utilizing 50+ payment gateways, automated sales tax, and abandoned cart recovery options.

Wix eCommerce features

You will find different free, discount, and custom shipping rates as well.

Wix will cover your SEO & marketing, analytics from all corners while creating an attention-grabbing product catalog through multi-channel inventory management, product imagery & organization, product variants, import/export, and so on.

Wix eCommerce & Finance management
Source: support.wix


Squarespace's world-class designers will help you create the most expensive-looking online stores.

Allow the visitors to browse through your merchandise, add items to their cart, and finish the checkout seamlessly.

You can sell subscriptions, digital products, or sell in-person while keeping your inventory and customer data equally in sync.

The flexible system allows you to manage your selling, payments, checkout, and taxes effectively with built-in booking calendars, social media integrations, embedded maps, tax tools, discount codes & gift cards, and much more.

Other features

What Squarespace requires integration with a third-party provider for, Wix can offer outside the box.

Functions like a membership site, live chat, forum, takeout orders, ticketing & RSVP are all examples of services provided regardless of your monthly plan, many of which require an additional fee.

Wix Other features

The donation system is much more developed in Squarespace than in Wix, with the latter utilizing only a basic donation button that redirects the donors to PayPal.

Functions like suggested amounts are much more fitting of a fully-featured donation system, which is exactly how Squarespace does it.

While Wix's sheer volume of different features can seem impressive, Squarespace has developed some features to the smallest of details that simply can't be found in Wix.

Good examples of Squarespace's thorough feature layouts are syndicated podcasts that allow you to submit your material to Apple Podcasts and Spotify, which Wix doesn't offer.

Winner: Squarespace.

Wix has an admirable completely free email marketing plan, a full range of eCommerce features covering your products at the storefront, but Squarespace's mapped-out features that cater to specific industry needs and attention to the necessary detail are what bring Squarespace the overall round win in features.

Design Templates and Flexibility


While you can't use CSS or HTML, this website builder allows you to rearrange your site elements with enough flexibility that you don't need to use other web building tools.

While this structure has been the choice of 120 million users, it is expected that you can find a more suitable and powerful Wix alternative.

Wix Pro Gallery Custom layouts
Source: Support.wix

For mobile and tablet display, you will have to arrange elements manually, which gives you full control over your mobile design despite requiring more effort.

While you can still change fonts and colors once you build a website, you can't change your templates.

Wix gives you the chance to choose from over 800 free themes covering everything from business, fashion, travel, beauty, restaurants, and many more industries.

Music templates are divided into separate sub-categories for solo artists, bands, DJs, and so on.

Wix Music templates

You can access Wix's library of professionally-shot images for free or access Shutterstock for $2.99 per image.

In Wix, you can add parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, and animations to a website easily, but these functions will be automatically disabled in a mobile view to optimize the performance.

Wix allows parallax scrolling, video backgrounds, and animations to a website easily
Ssource: support.wix


Squarespace will give you access to 110+ templates, but they are all mobile-responsive and you can edit the source files in CSS and HTML from the Business plan onwards.

Squarespace templates option
Source: Websiteplanet

More intuitive customization options allow you to choose from a color palette that matches your brand colors which you can apply throughout the website.

Later on, you can change the color of specific elements to add contrast.

Both Wix and Squarespace allow you to construct only one sub-level under your homepage.

Apart from the sleek, modern design, Squarespace's templates are regarded for their usability and performance.

All templates are highly customizable, allowing you to replace images, add or delete sections, edit text, manage multiple pages simultaneously, create collages and overlapping images, etc.

Winner: Squarespace.

In this round of the Wix vs Squarespace matchup, Squarespace takes the prize with quality over quantity. Mobile responsiveness and more intuitive customization options allow the user to make the most out of any template they choose without constraints.

SEO Capabilities

Both Wix and Squarespace handle the basics of search engine optimization without any difficulties.

Wix SEO Capabilities
Source: pinterest

Each website builder will give you the capacity to perform the following tasks

  • Change page titles
  • Add headings
  • Customize page URLs
  • Add meta descriptions
  • Optimize alt text
  • Create 301 redirects
  • Utilize SSL encryption
  • Access SEO Wiz for step-by-step instructions
  • Track performance and keyword rankings through Google Search Console
  • Find your site's bounce rate through Google Analytics
  • Set SEO settings for multiple pages at once with SEO Patterns
Squarespace data control
Source: bigpictureweb

Speed up the delivery of mobile search results through a blog post display in AMP format.

Add and edit title tags easily in Wix or Squarespace, utilize the drag-and-drop simplicity to handle content, and save significant startup time, with each platform being a perfect tool for content, title tags, and inbound links.

The weaknesses

Instead of using a responsive design, Wix creates separate site versions for desktop and mobile.

The reason this is considered a weakness is that Google prefers templates that adapt their size automatically to the device over the absolute positioning approach.

There are multiple advantages to the responsive design.

Squarespace complicates the alt text change process, while both website builders insert prefixes into your URLs in some cases as opposed to the Google-preferred clean URLs without the /posts/ or /blog/ prefixes.

Squarespace falls short in headings providing H1 – H3 formats compared to Wix's H1 – H6 range.

On the other side, Wix doesn't provide search engine instructions for blog posts while Squarespace does it for all pages.

Winner: Squarespace.

The Google-preferred responsive design and all-inclusive search engine instructions are what give Squarespace the edge in this round.

Customer Support

The main difference between Wix and Squarespace when it comes to customer support is that you can contact Squarespace through live chat or email and Wix through phone or email.

You will probably have to search for guidance and advice through the help center in both of these website builders before gaining access to their support teams.


Wix's callback service is available 24/7 in English and English, as well as 8+ hours for five days a week in seven other languages.

Wix's callback service
Source: keevi.io

You can get redirected to a specialized care expert if you categorize your issues and save time in the process.

The Wix help center allows you to ask questions in the search bar and browse various articles to find answers and share insights.

The start-up process, premium plans, mobile editor, SEO, marketing, Wix ADI, and everything else is at arm's reach here.

The Wix help center

The trending topics section suggests articles dealing with everything to do with improving your website performance.


You can get in contact with a member of Squarespace's customer care team, technical, marketing, or HR team through email.

Squarespace's support center enables you to browse partnership and sponsorship inquiries and security escalations, as well as access press and media information.

The help center displays a search option just like in Wix, where you can conduct queries and get solutions for your website builder issues.

Through guides, you will find in-depth articles and videos on the account, billing, analytics, commerce, and a dozen more topics.

Squarespace help center displays a search option

The video workshops will present you with tricks and tips to get the most out of your Squarespace account, covering everything to do with your designs and content.

No matter the size of your business or the ambitions you aspire to, you can benefit greatly from the guidance provided by any website builder.

With similar results for setting team objectives and achieving milestones, you can use the OKR system to build your website on a goal-setting framework.

The community forum can help you with advanced customizations while webinars provide you with a chance to sign up for interactive sessions with experts walking you through Squarespace basics.

Winner: Wix.

With the opportunity to have an interactive support experience and access the premium support for an additional fee, Wix has this round.

Integrations and Add-Ons


Wix allows you to integrate with third-party services through the App Market.

Wix App Market Integrations
Source : Websiteplanet

The App Market is extremely popular with up to 44K apps being installed per day on average.

Their app store contains hundreds of add-ons, while the alternative to access integrations will require you to use an HTML block and copy and paste code from third-party services into it.

The alternative to access integrations will require you to use an HTML
Source: mystampinblog

You can find everything from shopping carts, live chat widgets, marketing tools, and much more, with a lot of apps being completely free and some offering you premium versions for a small monthly fee.

If you are not sure of an app's function, Wix will assist you with descriptions, user reviews, and video demos.


Squarespace enables integrations through a couple of different channels, including out-of-the-box integrations that you can access from the Business plan and onward.

For anything not available through the out-of-the-box approach, you can sync tools and share data between apps through Zapier.

Squarespace enables integrations that can access from the Business plan and onward

For a reasonable monthly fee ($20 for the premium version), you can connect Squarespace with 3K+ apps to supercharge your work automation.

Another option you have is to check out Squarespace's paid-for apps in the Squarespace extensions that cover everything from cloud-based bookkeeping, post-purchase customer feedback automation, shipping management, order management, social media marketing, and much more.

Squarespace Integrations

With Squarespace plugins, you can add different functionalities to your site through simple code snippets.

These plugins will allow you to equip your sites with lightbox pop-ups, sidebars, accordion tabs, super grid galleries, and many more functions you won't find through any other source.

Winner: Wix.

This one was especially hard to choose Wix or Squarespace as a winner, but we give the slight edge to Wix due to its high-quality service App Market, a quick-fix HTML block copy and paste system, and the assistance they provide for understanding the apps.

Online Store Builder: Wix eCommerce or Squarespace Commerce

To build an online store in Wix or Squarespace, you will need to purchase their more advanced plan.

More precisely, you will need to pay at least $23 for Wix's Business Basic plan and onwards and $26 for Squarespace's Business plan or higher.

Apart from the inventory management, product variations, taxes fundamentals, you will find the more advanced tools like custom email receipts, POS, Instagram shop tagging, automated cart recovery, recurring payment products as well.


What can you sell?

Wix enables you to sell both physical (clothes, cameras; etc.) and digital goods (music files, ebooks, images, etc.).

To create product subscriptions in Wix, you will need to upgrade to the Business Unlimited or Business VIP Premium Plan.

Wix product subscriptions Business VIP Premium Plan
Source: Support.wix

Also, you need to connect to a payment provider that supports recurring payments, but you won't be able to create product subscriptions for digital goods.

Where can you sell?

While both Wix and Squarespace allow you to use third-party sales channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, Wix extends this functionality through integration with eBay.

Wix integration with eBay
Source: wix.com

To sell goods in a physical location and sync your inventory with your online store, you can utilize Wix's POS functionality.

Features and advantages

Create up to 6 product options like weight and size and display up to 300 variants of products.

With members' areas, you can allow your visitors to create an account on your store which allows them to access order status, store addresses, and manage credit cards.

An advantage that Wix has over Squarespace is that their video hours feature lets you sell or rent video content to your visitors.

Wix Video Features and advantages

Point of sale

Wix is more flexible in Point of sale than Squarespace, allowing you to use Square or SumUp as your POS solution through card readers.

You can use POS in a wide range of locations like Japan, Australia, and many European countries while Squarespace limits their POS use to the USA only.

Wix is more flexible in Point of sale than Squarespace
Ssource: support.wix


What can you sell?

Apart from physical and digital products, Squarespace allows you to sell services and subscriptions.

To establish a recurring revenue by selling packaged food & beverages, subscription boxes for cosmetics, ongoing services, and memberships, Squarespace will help you with the subscription products.

Features and advantages

Squarespace allows more product options than Wix, but it's more limited in the number of variants it allows you with 100.

Unlike Wix that allows you to only add text to the product form fields, Squarespace allows surveys, passwords, addresses, phones, checkboxes, and a lot more options.

Squarespace Features and advantages
Source: fix8media

This way, you can receive additional information when a customer checks out.

Squarespace allows you to sell gift cards with unique codes, and the customers can email the code to their recipients.

RestockNotify will take care of restocking notifications automatically for you.

Allow your customers to leave their email, and the widget will display the items and variants that are out of stock.

Once the stock is full again, all the customers on the waitlist will get notified.

To access the members' areas in Squarespace, you will need to purchase their add-on, so you can monetize your additional content.

Point of sale

To access the POS functionality, you can use Square and card readers linked to mobile devices.

Squarespace Point of sale setup
Source: Peachs.co

Winner: Wix.

Choosing the winner for the commerce round of Wix vs Squarespace can seem quite evenly-matched until you consider that Wix offers a wider range of payment gateways, a multi-currency app, more advanced tax calculation functions, a cheaper abandoned cart functionality, and no transaction fees.

Regular Websites and Blog: Wix or Squarespace

Apart from sharing your thoughts on the subjects that you are passionate about, you can use blogging to build on your online store or business site, demonstrating your expertise in specific areas and improving your ranking on the search engine results pages.


Wix allows blogging on any of their paid-for plans.

Wix allows blogging on any of their paid for plans
Source: Support.wix

The first blogging option in Wix is to follow their step-to-step system that will serve you with guidance and tools you will need to start a blog and attain loyal readers.

Install the Wix Blog app and enjoy the benefits like

  • Site traffic surge through an advanced SEO system
  • Professional look with diverse customization options
  • Ads and subscriptions for blog monetization
  • Wix mobile app for posting on the move
Wix Blog app

The editor is simplistic and has powerful image editing, as well as video and text features that you can use to give your brand a voice and engage your audience through beautiful layouts.

Make your blog fully mobile-optimized and make your blog posts the talking point of the online community by allowing your readers to organically share your content.

You can allow more people to write on your blog and add multiple contributors and RSS feeds.

Wix multiple contributors and RSS feeds.
Source: support.wix

Add SEO tools like schema and AMP to improve your website's page rankings in the Google search results.


The blogging function in Squarespace is completely built-in, so you won't be needing to download any apps to keep it running.

Squarespace's blogging features have been praised for being able to compete with WordPress, which is a great criteria to determine great WordPress alternatives.

Squarespace has been widely regarded as the best blogging tool out of any website builder.

Apart from the rich text editor, you will gain access to an extensive library of stock images, more control over the post layout and display options, and blog post-related marketing campaigns.

Since Squarespace's expertise are content-based sites, you can utilize the stock image library and other features and construct a beautiful portfolio, online resume, student website by taking inspiration from the best personal website examples.

Apart from categories and post scheduling, Squarespace supports features like post tagging, drafts, comments, customizable URLs, moderation, and much more.

Assign different roles like content editor, comment moderator to your collaborators and develop each section of the blog more thoroughly.

Squarespace will enable you to install the podcast hosting integration, with the built-in RSS feed allowing you to publish on Apple Podcasts and other subscription services.

The RSS feeds can include up to 300 most recent podcast episodes.

Winner: Squarespace.

With the more easily exportable blog posts, blogging features that can compete with WordPress, role assignment for different collaborators, and a comprehensive editor, Squarespace outshines Wix here.

Pricing Plans, Fees, and Value for Money


Wix's pricing plans will vary depending on the location.

Free plan

This cheap website builder does offer a free plan which is enough for you to create a simple website, but the plan is ad-supported, doesn't facilitate eCommerce, and it prohibits a domain name connection.

If you are using the free plan for a one-time deal like a wedding or some sort of a celebration, it will do the job, but it's not suited for anything more professional.

Wix offers a stunning website for free
Source: support.wix

You do get access to all 800 templates, free hosting, images, clipart, and icons, as well as access to the app market.

Connect Domain Plan ($4.50 per month)

The plan doesn’t remove the intrusive brand advertising from your website while allowing you to connect a domain name for free for the first year.

Plus, you get 1GB of bandwidth and 500MB of storage space.

Combo Plan ($8.50 per month)

Apart from all the features in the Combo Plan, you get access to the Site Booster app for search engine submission, 3GB of content storage, 2GB bandwidth, a free domain for 1 year, and 30 minutes of video content.

Wix Website Pricing Plan

Unlimited Plan ($12.50 per month)

Apart from the unlimited bandwidth and access to the logo making and calendar tool for event listings, you will receive the social media icon customization function, plus $300 of Ad Vouchers, 10GB of content storage and 1 hour of video content.

VIP Plan ($24.50 per month)

Alongside all the features in the Unlimited Plan, you get higher priority support and 35GB of content storage, and 5 hours of video content.

eCommerce plans

Business Basic Plan ($17 per month)

The cheapest plan that allows you to make a website that's an online store will give you 20GB of content storage and 5 hours of video content.

The eCommerce features are more limited than the other online store plans, not allowing you multi-currency price display, subscriptions, automatic tax rates, product reviews, or dropshipping.

Business Unlimited Plan ($25 per month)

35GB of storage, 10 hours of video content, logo-making functionality, social media icon customization are some of the things the Unlimited plan brings besides the Business Basic's features.

It offers way more eCommerce features than the Business Basic plan, but the automated tax (100 transactions per month) and dropshipping (250 products per month) function are more limited.

Wix Business and eCommerce Pricing Plans

Business VIP Plan ($35 per month)

With 50GB of content storage and unlimited video hours of content, this plan is far more lavish than any other plan.

Priority support and extended sales tax transaction limit of up to 500 per month are some of the enhanced functions it offers.

Enterprise plan

If you want a plan that can rival Shopify Plus or BigCommerce Enterprise, you can try the Wix Enterprise (around $500 per month).

Transaction fees

Since Wix Payments aren't available in all countries, you will have to use a third-party payment gateway and accept credit cards.

Wix doesn't charge transaction fees for any of its plans, but you will have to pay the credit card processing fees.


Squarespace offers only 4 plans that you can purchase monthly or yearly, with a 2-week free trial.

Unlike Wix, Squarespace doesn't offer a free plan.

This means that your website will be removed from the web if you stop paying for an account, while Wix allows you to keep the website on the free plan.

Squarespace plans will cost you less money if you decide to pay annually, and you get the benefit of a free custom domain.

Website plans

Personal Plan ($12 per month)

Squarespace's cheapest plan will be good enough for you to create a simple website similar to one like Wix's Free Plan.

Business Plan ($18 per month)

This plan offers valuable functions that the Personal doesn't, for $6 more.

You can sell products and accept donations with a 3% transaction fee.

Through the Business plan, you will gain access to Opentable, Chownow, Gmail, Acuity Scheduling, and Mailchimp integrations.

The analytics conversion metrics allow you to track how visitors convert.

Promotional pop-ups, mobile information bars, and announcement bars are some of the marketing tools the Business plan provides.

Squarespace Pricing Plan

eCommerce plans

Basic Commerce plan ($26 per month)

The plan has no transaction fees, and you get to unlock specific eCommerce metrics, customer accounts, gift cards, integrations with Xero and ShipStation.

Advanced Commerce Plan ($40 per month)

Apart from the Basic Commerce features, the Advanced plan provides more flexible discounts, gift cards, subscription products, automatic abandoned cart recovery, real-time shipping rates among other things.

You can see some of the additional advanced features of eCommerce plans in the image below.

Squarespace additional advanced features of eCommerce plans

Transaction fees

Plus, there are no transaction fees in the two eCommerce plans.

Depending on your location, you will only be charged a PayPal or Stripe transaction fee.

Otherwise, Squarespace will charge you a 3% transaction fee on sales

Winner: Wix.

Due to their 500MB storage, 1GB bandwidth free plan, and more plans to choose from for different purposes, Wix takes this round in the Wix vs Squarespace battle.

Best Alternatives to Wix and Squarespace

1. Shopify.

Best eCommerce Website Builder in the Industry.

Shopify is the best eCommerce Website Builder in the Industry

While Wix was conceived as a solution for content-based websites, Shopify was designed as an online store website builder.

Shopify has five pricing plans to choose from, out of which Shopify Lite is the cheapest one at $9 per month.

Shopify Lite allows Facebook selling, POS, and provides you with a Shopify Buy Button so you can sell goods on an existing website, social media profile, or a blog.

You can construct a fully-functional online store with plans up the scale, and these come with a higher number of account users, professional and advanced reporting, shipping discounts, third-party shipping rate calculations, and much more.

Due to its unrivaled popularity, you can always design stunning Shopify stores by looking into the endless list of successful examples.


  • All templates come in 2-3 variants
  • More robust eCommerce themes
  • Wider range of content and aesthetic filters for templates
  • 100% mobile-responsive templates that are easy to switch
  • Access to CSS & HTML
  • Easy exporting of pages and posts
  • Multiple mobile apps
  • Integration with over 100 payment gateways
  • Multi-currency selling
  • Dedicated POS support, POS hardware store, and POS reporting
  • Real-time shipping quotes and generous discounts
  • Better for selling digital goods than Wix and Squarespace
  • Tax calculation for all locations
  • 4K+ app integrations

2. 10Web.

Best Website Building and Automated WordPress Platform in the Industry.

10Web is the best Website Building and Automated WordPress Platform in the Industry

10Web is an excellent tool for web developers, freelancers, agencies, and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

This automated WordPress platform uses powerful automation to make building and hosting beautiful websites accessible to everyone.

10Web has significantly better SEO support than Squarespace, as well as more extensive plugins.

Unlike Wix that will cost you $23 per month, you can get similar features for $10 per user per month in 10Web.


  • Automated web hosting
  • AI-assisted website building
  • Automated 1-click migration
  • Automatic 90+ PageSpeed optimization
  • Automated website management
  • Detailed user guide
  • Conditional logic option
  • Fast and patient customer service
  • Plugin management
  • Performance evaluations
  • Image optimization
  • Online booking tools
  • Real-time editing
  • SEO management

3. Zyro.

Fastest Website Builder with Free Forever Web Hosting.

Zyro is the fastest Website Builder with Free Forever Web Hosting

Zyro is a perfect website builder for small-to-medium-sized businesses and individual users.

You will find free hosting, SSL certificates, free custom domains, designer-crafted templates, blogging tools, Messenger live chat, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google tag manager, visitor remarketing, and much more.

One of Zyro's biggest advantages to Wix and Squarespace, as well as many other website builders, is the price.

The Basic plan starts at an amazing $1.89 per month.


  • Full eCommerce functionality
  • AI writer and heatmap features
  • Great page loading speeds
  • Live customer support
  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Email notifications
  • Discount coupons and gift cards
  • Order and inventory management
  • Shipping and tax management
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Store translation in multiple languages
  • Facebook Shop and Instagram Store

4. Webflow.

#1 Completely Visual Website-Building Canvas with no Code.

Webflow is a completely visual website building canvas with no code

Webflow is better suited for web designers with more programming experience.

This template-based website builder offers an extra level of customization similar to that of WordPress.

Emphasizing the richness of design features, Webflow provides you with interesting features like parallax scrolling, multi-step animations, micro-interactions, sliders, tabs, background videos, reusable symbols, and much more.

Advanced SEO optimization tools like automatically-generated sitemaps and 301 re-directs allow Webflow to enhance your website's Google and Bing search results.


  • In-depth onboarding tutorials
  • High-end web design customization tools
  • HTML/CSS editing features
  • Blogging functions
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Multi-step animations
  • Micro-interactions
  • Sliders, tabs, and background videos
  • Automatic sitemaps and customizable 301 re-directs
  • Stripe, Apple Pay, PayPal, credit card, and debit card support
  • Automatic sales tax and VAT calculation at checkout

5. Bluehost (with WordPress CMS).

Bluehost is one of the most popular Blog, Website, and Online Store Solution

Primarily, Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting companies, but it allows you to create websites through CMS systems like WordPress and Joomla.

Apart from WordPress and several other hosting services, Bluehost provides you with a free SSL certificate, free domain for a year, unlimited bandwidth, marketing credits, and much more.

The cloud-based website builder Weebly that comes with every Bluehost plan allows you to access full HTML/CSS control, drag-and-drop page builder, integrated eCommerce function, mobile apps, hundreds of free and premium templates, and so on.

The most basic plan in Bluehost starts at $2.75 per month, and it comes with every resource you will need for a blog or a small business website.

Just like Bluehost is Wix and Squarespace's site-building alternative, you can choose cheaper and more powerful Bluehost hosting alternatives.


  • No branded ads in the cheapest plan
  • Integrated eCommerce platform
  • 100s of free and premium templates
  • Email marketing
  • App market
  • Photo galleries
  • SEO tools
  • Excellent customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Wix vs Squarespace: Which Website Builder Should I Pick?

With an overall score of 5:5, Wix and Squarespace have proven to be quite evenly matched.

Squarespace's fully-responsive design approach makes creating mobile websites much easier.

Undoubtedly, Squarespace is the better option for a dedicated blogger due to its variety and level of technical detail in all features, in general, possessed in Squarespace.

Finally, if you prefer a more structured editor in combination with fewer but more developed, stylish design templates, Squarespace is the website builder for you.

Wix, on the other hand, is a far more versatile tool, as they enable you to develop top-tier websites for specific industries like hotels & restaurants, events, as well as small businesses.

A wider range of eCommerce features, extensive free email marketing features, a full range of widgets and apps for every function you seek, as well as more flexible payment gateways & tax calculation options are some of Wix's advantages.

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