13 Best Domain Name Generators to Find Good Domain Name Ideas

Updated Jun 15, 2023.

Do you want to get creative with your domain name? Are you looking for a short, unique, and catchy domain name that works every time?

If your answer was yes, let’s check out the top 13 domain name generators available now.

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Bluehost, as the best overall domain registrar, is great if you are looking to search and register your domain name all at a time.
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The best domain name registrar for searching for bulk domain names, GoDaddy provides rich domain extensions and quality broker services.
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Whether you want WordPress integration, or are just looking for a domain name generator for domain transfer, Domain.com remains #2.
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If the idea of having a personalized email and more personal online security tickles your fancy, you will love this domain name generator.
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Lean Domain Search

A very fast domain search engine that delivers results faster than the speed of light, Lean Domain Search is a top domain name generator.

Our work is supported by affiliate commissions.

If you want to market your business online by creating a website or blog, everything starts with choosing a domain name.

And you can go through the manual process of thinking and overthinking about the most ideal domain.

Then after coming up with one, you are told it's not available for registration.

You can then go through the stressful and time-consuming process again.

But do you want to go through the smart and fast way of choosing and checking domain availability?

Use a domain name generator.

So here are 13 top domain name generators ranked according to their test results.

Yes, they are free, and you can start using anyone you like.

Maybe it's time to change your old and boring domain name too.

Best Free Domain Name Generators

1. Bluehost Domain Name Generator

Best Overall Domain Name Generator

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Best for
Best Overall

Bluehost Domain Name Generator proudly leads as the best overall among domain name generators.rnrnOne, I found it very easy to use more than all other domain makers and it offers many useful features that you might not find in all other domain generators.rnrnThey include easy domain management, domain forwarding, and round-the-clock domain support.

Using Bluehost Domain Name Generator is very simple even if you have never used a domain name generator.

Key Features

Domain Search

You have to type your preferred domain name in the rectangular search box and choose the domain extension you want. In a lightning-fast period, it searches to check domain availability. If it is not available, it brings out other available domain name suggestions that you can use.

Domain Management and Domain Forwarding

You have an easy-to-use control panel where you can easily manage your domain's aspects. With the domain forwarding feature, you can also automatically redirect your domain visitors to other preferred locations.

Domain Lock and Auto-Renewal

If you have found your preferred domain, the tool will lock it down to avoid unauthorized transfers. The auto-renewal feature will automatically prevent your domain from expiring.

Available Support

24/7 domain support, including phone and chat support.

Start using the Bluehost domain name generator now and enjoy.

2. GoDaddy Domain Name Generator

Best Domain Name Generator With Large Domain Extensions and Subdomains

Editor’s Take
9.0 out of 10
Best for
Bulk Domain Search

If you gather ten website owners and ask for their domain name generator, half of them would likely mention GoDaddy.rnrnGoDaddy shines as the first runner-up due to its many offerings, such as a straightforward search process.rnrnDomain broker service and new domain extensions, and the free bulk domain search are things you would enjoy with GoDaddy.

With over 20 million customers worldwide, GoDaddy is a leading force among top domain registrars and web hosting.

GoDaddy Domain Name Generator is popularly used by many companies and businesses who want to make quality appearances online.

Key Features

Domain Search

To use this free domain name generator tool, you simply have to enter words that aptly describe your idea or business. Then, it uses multiple prefixes and suffixes to create a list of domain name suggestions. You can then register your domain and multiple domains.

Bulk Domain Search

Another perk that comes with using GoDaddy is that you can search and buy domains in bulk. For example, you can enter or upload a list of domains and even maximize your savings by registering multiple domains. However, you have to sign in if you want to search up to 2,000 domains at a time.

Domain Privacy and Protection

GoDaddy allows users to easily add domain privacy and protection to every domain in the cart.

Get started with GoDaddy Domain Name Generator.

3. Domain.com

A Top Domain Name Generator With WordPress Integration

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best for
Complete Online Set-up

After trying and testing all the domain name generators reviewed here, Domain.com remains the next domain name generator to beat after Bluehost and GoDaddy.rnrnYou get to enjoy many benefits like top-level domains, premium domains, simple domain transfer, and rich integrations.

Domain.com has been in existence for more than two decades in the domain industry and it is a top pick among potential website owners.

With Domain.com, you can enjoy premium tools for domain search, domain transfer, website building, WordPress web hosting, and general web hosting services.

Key Features

Domain Search

There is a rectangular search box that allows you to check domain availability status. All you need to do is enter the domain name you want, and it digs through its registrar to see if your chosen domain is available. You can proceed to registration if it is available.

Domain Transfer

Domain.com allows you to transfer your domain for a cheap $9.99 fee while getting a free registration for a year. Note that domain transfer takes between 5-7 days to be completed. Under domain transfer, you would enjoy email forwarding, URL forwarding, DNS management, and 24/7 support services.

Premium Domains

Premium domains are high-quality domain names that have undergone initial registration but are now available for sale according to the present value. Domain.com allows you to check the available premium domain for sale through a straightforward search process.

Getting online with Domain.com is easy as it integrates seamlessly with SiteLock, WebsiteBuilder, and WordPress.com.

4. Namecheap

Best Domain Name Generator for Personalized Web Presence and Email

Editor’s Take
8.2 out of 10
Best for
Online Beginners

If you are a fan of free offerings, choose Namecheap without blinking twice. rnrnFor example, you would enjoy the free email trial, free DNSSEC website security, and free domain privacy protection.rnrnAlso, Namecheap lets you enjoy a personalized online web presence through a personal domain.

If you are looking to search, register, host, and manage domains easily and at affordable prices, Namecheap is the right choice among other domain generator tools.

Key Features

Domain Search

It utilizes a simple process that lets you generate a great domain name as quickly as possible. Check domain availability status by using the search bar and then check if you can register it.

Bulk Domain Search

Access a bulk domain name search tool to register multiple domains easily. All you need to do is drop or select a CSV file containing the multiple domains. And if you like, you can enter up to 5,000 terms and search in real-time.

Handshake Domains

To let you enjoy more online freedom and stay secure with a progressively decentralized web, Namecheap provides millions of unique domains available on the Handshake blockchain.

Personal Domain

If you want a personalized web presence and email with your name, together with the right domain name extension, then you would enjoy the unique Namecheap domain feature.

Start using Namecheap and discover the perfect domain name for your business.

5. Lean Domain Search

Fast Domain Name Generator With Sorting and Filtering Features

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best for
Online Beginners
Free Plan

If I arranged the best domain name generators only in terms of speed, Lean Domain Search would come out as the best instant domain generator.rnrnType in your preferred domain name, and watch it bring up results before you can say, Jack Robinson. rnrnIn other words, this domain maker generates results in less than 5 seconds.

While Google is a search engine for finding out about almost anything you want to learn, Lean Domain Search also comes as a search engine for generating the best domain name ideas through multiple caching techniques.

Key Features

Domain Search

Lean Domain Search combines your search phase with other popular keywords and uses this to show you the available domain name suggestions that you can register. However, you can't search for anything with a special character, hyphen, or number. One in twenty domain name suggestions is registered with this instant domain research tool.

Domain Extensions

Also, Lean Domain Search checks to see whether the domain name's .com extension is available which you can register. You can also register the other different domain extensions of the perfect domain name.

Sorting and Filtering

Lean Domain Search allows you to sort and filter the available search results. For example, you can sort by popularity, alphabet, or length. You can also filter the results and take advantage of the sorting and numerous filtering tools.

Use Lean Domain Search now and get your desired domain name.

6. Shopify Business Name Generator

An Ideal Pick for Small Businesses

Shopify Business Name Generator - Create a business name and claim the domain in seconds

You have probably heard of Shopify when it comes to setting up online ecommerce stores that work.

But did you know that they also provide a Shopify Business Name Generator that you can use to find the perfect name for your business with just a few clicks?

Well, whether you know it or not, consider taking advantage of this free tool, especially if you are just starting a small business or setting up an online business.

Key Features

Business Name Search

Shopify Business Name Generator is simple, straightforward, and fast. Get started by providing a one-word description for your brand, which you have to enter into the search tool. And in a twinkling, it comes up with automatically-generated name ideas for company domains.

Domain Availability

After you might have selected the name of your choice, you need to check domain availability.

Domain Name Generator

Fortunately, Shopify also provides a simple domain name generator that you can use to check the domain availability of your chosen business name. If available, claim the suitable domain name and proceed to domain name registration.

Start using the Shopify business name generator now and get your business online.

7. Domain Wheel

Short Website Name Generator With AI-Capabilities

Domain Wheel - The Best Domain Name Generator

Another free domain name generator that is simple to use and brings instant results, Domain Wheel lets you discover your domain without stress.

Key Features

Domain Search

Domain Wheel provides a large rectangular search box where you only need to add one or multiple keywords to generate new domain name suggestions that work with your business. After that, you have access to domain name ideas and word combinations allowing you to select from multiple blog names.

Premium Alternatives

Let's say you enter the query “shoes.” Domain Wheel quickly brings up the ideal domains for shoes. And if you don't find anyone you like among the various options, it brings up suggested premium alternatives. Sound-like rhymes and random suggestions related to your keyword are also provided.

Domain Registration

You can now register the domain idea you like by clicking on ‘View Details.' A benefit of this domain name generator tool is how it hides unavailable domains, allowing you to generate domains easily.

8. Namelix

Ideal Business Name Generator With Multiple Name Styles

Namelix - Business Name Generator

Namelix domain name generator tool allows you to generate a memorable and unique name for your business through artificial intelligence capabilities.

Key Features

Domain Search

When you enter your keywords into the search box, it brings up catchy and branded names relevant to your business ideas. Then, you have to filter your results by prioritizing a particular keyword or a shorter name.

Name Styles

Note that various name styles are also available. You can also choose the degree of randomness you want, from low to medium to high.

Better Domain Results

The more you use Namelix, the better the results you get over time. The Namelix algorithm automatically learns from the names you like in its search history and utilizes them to give you better long-term recommendations. Thus, generating domain names is much easier.

Why don't you try out the Namelix domain search tool and see if your endless search for a domain is about to end?

9. Panabee

A Simple Tool to Search for Domain Names, Website Names, App Names, and Business Names

Panabee - Panabee is a simple way to search for domain names, app names, website names, and business names

From generating an ideal name for your website to tapping a catchy name for your app and finding a suitable name for your brand, Panabee can be used for many things.

Key Features

Domain Suggestions

Panabee delivers AI-powered name suggestions using the AI name engine through world-class AI technology. The domain name suggestions are based on your original business idea and the domain that you search for. These suggestions are derivations of suffixes, prefixes, abbreviations, syllables, common domain trends, and phonemes. While you can choose from these name suggestions, you can also generate new domain ideas related to your business goals and objectives.

Domain Extensions

Moreso, if you search domain ideas for non-traditional or obscure domain extensions, Panabee makes the process a lot easier. The reason is that Panabee's search result page loads up alternatives with the corresponding domain names but different extensions. You can also anchor searches with different domain name extensions, including top-level domains.

Search History

Unless you explicitly change extensions, Panabee sets the prior extension in your search history share as default for future searches. A perk that comes with using Panabee is finding an awesome domain in your country

So start enjoying Panabee's limitless capabilities now.

10. Instant Domain Search

Best for Checking Domain Availability and After-market Sale Opportunities

Instant Domain Search - Search Domain Names

As the name already testifies, Instant Domain Search generates domain names instantly.

Key Features

Domain Search

As you type your keyword into the search tool, you get corresponding domain names with the instant search and suggestion tools. It adds many common prefixes and suffixes to your domain search. You can also try new search words, word combinations, or synonyms.

Domain Extension Tool

Instant Domain Search provides a domain extension tool that lets you search hundreds of country-code domains simultaneously. You can search for all other domain extensions, including obscure extensions and top-level domains.

Domain Name Availability

Check domain availability and get search results fast with the DNS query. Although DNS queries are much faster than WHOIS domain lookups, you can get more information about who registered the domain name with WHOIS domain lookups. A red sign is shown when a domain name is already taken, while a green sign means the domain name is very much available. Domain names for sale are represented with the blue sign.

Bookmarking Tool

Instant Domain Search also provides a bookmarking tool that lets you save your favorite domain names.

Start using Instant Domain Search now.

11. Business Name Generator

Your Ideal Pick If You Want a Different and Yet Unique Business and Brand Names

Business Name Generator - Discover thousands of new inspiring business name ideas with our free business name generator

Business Name Generator allows you to discover thousands of creative and inspiring business names.

This domain registrar uses modern AI technology to create original and creative brand and business names.

Key Features

Business Name Search

While most users search for fitness, fashion, and gaming, you can also generate business names for any niche. Just enter keywords that are relevant to your business ideas. You can add and remove any filters, and adjust the tone, length, and attractiveness of each name idea. Have you found a catchy name that you like?

Domain Generator Tool

Use the domain generator tool to see if the business names are available as domains.

Brand Name Generator

You can also use the brand name generator tool that follows much of the same processes you use to generate a business name. For example, enter a few keywords, and you will see over 1,000 brand name ideas in a matter of seconds. This gives you extensive options to choose from in your bid to find the perfect name for your brand.

Domain Purchases

It partners with GoDaddy to give good discounts on your domain purchases.

Use Business Name Generator and enjoy its unlimited capabilities for unique, creative, and inspiring brand and business names.

12. Nameboy

Oldest Domain Name Generator on the Internet

Nameboy - The Best Domain Name Generator

Choose Nameboy, and you have chosen the oldest domain name checker in the world.

Nameboy first saw the light of the day in 1999, and it has not looked back since, helping users find creative domain hacks and ideas.

Key Features

Domain Search

With Nameboy, you can search for new company name ideas, and get the domain name immediately. To get started, enter a few keywords into the search bar, and press submit. The Nameboy artificial intelligence algorithm mixes random and common words, search keywords, prefixes, and suffixes.

Domain Extensions

It also provides results that include popular domain extensions plus unpopular ones. An advantage is that you can use Nameboy for generating all sorts of names in different areas, such as social media usernames.

YouTube Name Generator

If you have checked out YouTube statistics and are willing to use them for your business advantage, then you can use the YouTube name generator to get started.

Other Available Tools

There is an app name generator, business name generator, software name generator, and even a podcast name generator.

Why don't you try out Nameboy today and see why it continues to maintain relevance among top domain name generators?

13. Zyro

Best Domain Name Generator With Free Web Hosting

Zyro - Domain name generator

Zyro does more than help you find the domain name for your business.

With Zyro, you can get a free domain, create a website, launch an online store, brand your business, and start a blog.

Key Features

Domain Search

If you only want to get quality domain name ideas for a perfect domain, you are also at the right place. Check domain names by entering a keyword or two that are relevant to your business. Zyro then generates a unique domain name and checks domain availability, all in a flash.

Domain Extension

You can then move to the next step, in which you choose a domain extension. Then, proceed to domain registration.

Free Offerings

When you choose an online store, advanced store plan, or a website, you get free domain registration for the first year. That's not all; Zyro also offers free web hosting apart from the free choice of your website address.

Get started with Zyro and start enjoying all these benefits and many more.

What is the Best Domain Name Generator?

The Bluehost Domain Name Generator is the best domain name generator, and it is also the most popular among other domain name generator tools.

This is due to its multiple benefits like the ultra-fast domain name search process and the affordable domain name registrations with attractive discounts.

But you know one thing? Many other reputable domain name makers are equally best in features and benefits.

Here are the top 5 best domain name generators and their use cases.

Best Overall


Bluehost as the best overall domain registrar, should be a foremost consideration if you are looking to search and register your domain name all at a time.
Best for Beginners


The best domain name registrar for searching for bulk domain names, GoDaddy provides rich domain extensions and quality broker services.
Best for Domain Transfer


Whether you want WordPress integration, or are just looking for a domain name generator for domain transfer, Domain.com remains the right pick.
Best for Better Security


If the idea of having a personalized email and more personal online security tickles your fancy, you will enjoy the Namecheap domain name generator.
Best for Fast Search Results

Lean Domain Search

A very fast domain search engine that delivers results a little less than the speed of light, Lean Domain Search has come to stay as a top domain name generator.

Get started with any of these domain and business name generators today; it doesn't cost a cent.

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