10 Best Website Builders in India (2022 Comparison)

Updated Dec 25, 2022.

Find out the best website builders for creating an online presence for your business to attract more customers and boost brand awareness.

In this article, I’ll discuss the 10 best website builders in India, starting with my top five recommendations with the right features for a professional-looking website.

Squarespace icon


Build your website any way you want using their new Fluid Engine, a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to express your creativity online.
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Bring your business online using an intuitive store builder that helps you create an ecommerce platform to attract more customers and drive sales.
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Access over 500+ customizable templates to create a professional and beautiful website with scroll effects and video backgrounds.
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Choose one of the affordable plans to add powerful and premium features to your site or online store for maximum business growth.
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Create a free website and use out-of-the-box integrations to add simple, customizable features you can edit on a live site.

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Do you need an online presence to sustain your business? Use one of our top picks for the best website builders in India to launch an online business with a unique brand to target customers and increase sales.

However, choosing a website builder that satisfies your business needs can be overwhelming, given the number of options available. So, I’ve compiled a list of the best website builders for Indian businesses looking to scale higher in the web space.

What are the Best Website Builders in India? 

Here’s a list of the 10 best website builders in India for 2022.

1. Squarespace

Overall Best Website Builder India

Editor’s Take
9.6 out of 10
Best For
$16 – $49 per month
Annual Discount
Save up to 30%

With more than a decade of website building experience, Squarespace is the best website builder that provides tons of website templates for any industry. Additionally, you can add color palettes and designer fonts to give your website a sleek, polished look. With its intuitive drag-and-drop tool, you can create web layouts within just a few clicks and add multiple templates to the same website.

Squarespace is a powerful website builder with completely customizable features and unique designs for every business. You can convert your existing website into an online store and easily manage your products, orders, and inventory.

With Squarespace, you can launch a website and make it unique by adding custom forms, images, videos, logos, and texts. Use easy-to-use analytics and SEO tools to drive traffic to your website and grow your business online.

Key Features

  • Custom Templates: You can customize world-class templates with modern browsers or mobile devices to create a website that fits your taste and business brand. You'll enjoy using the latest HTML and CSS techniques to create unique landing pages, blogs, and ecommerce websites.
  • Pre-Built Layouts: By choosing a pre-built layout, you can create a website layout with sections for about, products, portfolio, blog, and more. With a few mouse clicks, arrange page elements to best display your website content, with the possibility to add or remove blocks for a custom look.
  • Logo Maker: Save money by creating a free logo for your website and stand out from the crowd. You only need to choose an icon from The Noun Project's collection to design a simple logo for your business instantly. Use the downloadable logo on your website, business cards, and t-shirts.
  • Analytics: Use analytics to understand your site's metrics, such as traffic, visitors, and sales, to make data-driven decisions. For an ecommerce store, use Commerce Analytics to track revenue, orders, and units sold to identify your best customers and provide them with the best shopping experience to drive sales.
  • Social Media Integrations: Add social icons on your website to connect with site visitors directly through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. As a result, you can connect with a larger audience and increase your site's reach on the web for maximum business growth.


Squarespace - Pricing Plan

Squarespace offers four paid plans: Personal at $16, Business at $23, Basic Commerce at $27, and Advanced Commerce at $49 per month. They also offer a Squarespace Enterprise Plan with custom pricing for large businesses.

A 14-day free trial is available across all plans.


  • Free unlimited web hosting
  • Allows multiple templates on the same website
  • 24/7 customer support with every plan


  • Lacks an autosave feature

2. Shopify

All-In-One Website Building Platform With Powerful Ecommerce Features

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For
₹2,200 INR – ₹22,680 INR per month
Annual Discount

Shopify in India is an ecommerce builder that lets you add unlimited products and start selling within minutes. You can integrate your Shopify store with a WordPress site and accept online payments through major credit cards and third-party payment processors. Create stunning templates with its powerful editor to draw more visitors to your ecommerce site or blog.

Shopify is a popular website builder that empowers independent business owners in around 175 countries to sell everywhere through a website, social media platforms, and leading online marketplaces. 

You can turn any website into an ecommerce site by adding a buy button, making it the best ecommerce platform on our list.

Shopify provides the easiest way to launch a fully functional online store and sell online in India with no technical knowledge needed. Hire a Shopify expert to help you integrate all the ecommerce and point-of-sale features to grow your business.

Key Features

  • Storefront: Use more than 70 themes to brand your store and edit HTML and CSS to customize every aspect of your website. You can build a mobile responsive ecommerce solution, allowing your customers to shop on the go using their smartphones or tablets.
  • Web Hosting: Get unlimited bandwidth and a free SSL certificate for your store to create a responsive website that effortlessly receives the newest features and keeps your business data and customers' information secure. You can add a custom domain name to match your business brand.
  • Reports & Analytics: Use an actionable dashboard that displays traffic, sales, and orders and create reports that help you make the best business decisions. You can also integrate your site with Google Analytics to measure visitors and referrals to ensure you're attracting the right customers to your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Create a website, blog, or store using SEO techniques like headings, titles, and meta tags to help potential site visitors to locate your online business using search engines.
  • App Store: You can access over 6,000+ apps that integrate directly with your store to add customer-friendly features and functionality to sell more and scale faster. You'll improve your sales, marketing, and social media strategies to help you find customers and run your business effectively.


Shopify- Pricing Plan

Shopify pricing starts with a Starter Plan at ₹399 INR per month. The other paid plans are Basic Plan at ₹2,200 INR, Shopify Plan at ₹5,990 INR, and Advanced Plan at ₹22,680 INR per month. They also offer a Shopify Plus Plan with tailored pricing for high-volume merchants and large businesses. 

A 14-day free trial is available across all plans.


  • Intuitive ecommerce store builder
  • Multi-channel selling
  • Unlimited products and contacts


  • High transaction fees

3. Wix

Best Website Builder for Customizations and Development Teams

Editor’s Take
8.9 out of 10
Best For
$4.50 – $24.50 per month
Annual Discount

WiX ADI (artificial design intelligence) allows small business owners with little budget to quickly launch a stunning website with no coding skills. They only need to answer a few questions about their business to create a free website instantly. You can also create a website from scratch using the drag-and-drop Wix editor and add customizations to give it a professional look.

Wix is a flexible website builder that allows you to create a professional website with a unique online presence. You can use the Wix landing page builder to design a landing page with all innovative features to increase site traffic and stand out from the competition.

Unlike other website builders, Wix gives you complete flexibility in web design to create websites for your business while also focusing on user experience to foster a successful business environment.

Use Velo by Wix to build advanced web applications with hassle-free coding freedom to deploy your next web project. As a result, this platform is suitable for web development teams.

Key Features

  • Wix ADI: Get online fast by answering a few simple questions and letting Wix ADI instantly build a personal website for your business. You can change the layout and use robust features to add a booking system or an online store and go live with one single mouse click.
  • Professional Blog: By starting a blog and using the integrated SEO and marketing features, you can develop a strong online presence for your company and grow a loyal audience. Choose from 200+ free, customizable blog templates so you don't have to start from scratch.
  • Free Hosting: Get web hosting services for free to ensure your site is safe and secure. Your site will be SSL-certified, allowing you to safeguard customer and business data. You can also add member login pages that are password protected.
  • Wix eCommerce: Manage your site and business all in one place using Wix ecommerce, which allows you to create beautiful storefronts and start selling physical or digital products online. Additionally, you can manage several business sites from a single dashboard.
  • Social Tools: Connect your site with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram by adding customizable icons to grow your social following. You can also share your blog posts on social media and manage comments to engage with your site visitors.


Wix - Pricing Plan

Wix pricing starts with Connect Domain Plan at $4.50 per month for most basic use and contains ads. The other paid plans with no ads are Combo Plan at $8.50, Unlimited Plan at $12.50, and VIP Plan at $24.50 per month. There is a separate Business and Ecommerce Plans for accepting online payments.

A 14-day free trial is available across all plans.


  • Beginner-friendly site builder
  • Multilingual support
  • 24/7 customer and phone support


  • There is no way to change templates after going live

4. Zyro

AI-Powered Website Builder With Cheap Plans for All Business Sizes

Editor’s Take
8.4 out of 10
Best For
Cheap Plans
₹150 INR – ₹300 INR per month
Annual Discount
Save up to 68%

Zyro in India stands out from other website builders since it allows you to create a website fast with minimal effort and no coding knowledge required using AI tools and pre-designed content blocks. Additionally, each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee enabling you to test Zyro risk-free for a month. Therefore, it's the most affordable and intuitive drag-and-drop builder for small business owners and newcomers.

Zyro is the best drag-and-drop site builder for your new website or online store because you can easily add all the free domain features, such as titles, images, videos, and unlimited pages, to create professional web pages from a single location.

You can use Zyro's AI Writer to generate content and get free access to more than a million stock photos for your free website. Additionally, use helpful business branding tools like adding a custom domain name, user-friendly logo maker, and business name generator to differentiate your business from the competition.

Key Features

  • Professional Templates: Find and select a professional designer-made template and customize it with features to suit your company's needs. Use the drag-and-drop editor to add, edit, or remove elements from your new website effortlessly without coding, ensuring complete creative control.
  • Free Web Hosting: Secure cloud and free hosting ensure your site or store is always online and has the reliability it needs to draw in more traffic. Enjoy lightning loading speeds and get a free SSL certificate that encrypts all visitors' data to enhance the security of your site.
  • Blogging Tools: Create a blog on your Zyro website to share your ideas or tell your story to attract new traffic and increase site visitors. With the AI Writer, you can instantly create unique content on any subject. You can also add search-engine-optimized posts to ensure your site ranks high in Google searches.
  • Analytics: Understand your site visitors or the best-performing web pages using Google Analytics and Tag Manager to grow your business brand and boost conversions. Use a mobile-friendly platform to monitor your key business metrics on the go to ensure you never miss important information or data.
  • Integrations: Target the right audience by integrating your e-commerce website with powerful platforms like Google Ads, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Facebook. You can also directly interact with your site visitors using Facebook Live Chat to ensure you never miss a sale or conversation.


Zyro- Pricing Plan

Zyro offers two paid plans, including a Website Plan at ₹150 INR and Business Plan at ₹300 INR per month.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is available with every plan.


  • Perfect for absolute beginners
  • Free domain for one year
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage


  • It doesn’t allow template switching on a live site

5. Weebly

Best Free Website Builder Platform With Robust Integrations 

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For
$0 – $25 per month
Annual Discount:
Free plan

Unlike many website builders, Weebly in India offers a free plan with built-in SEO tools and features to help your business rank highly on Google and other search engines. You can use lead capture and contact forms to collect email addresses from site visitors for use in marketing campaigns. Your free website will display Weebly ads, but you can remove the branding by purchasing either the Pro or Business plans.

Weebly has a powerful drag-and-drop tool for creating websites or online stores fast. Over 30 million people worldwide use Weebly because of its codeless website creation, making it an ideal website builder for small businesses looking to build a unique professional website.

In addition to being a versatile site builder, Weebly offers a full ecommerce solution for every business. You can manage everything from your mobile devices to ensure you engage with your potential customers quickly and convert more sales.

Key Features

  • Custom Templates: Get access to custom template designs to build a website and add robust features that will help you get discovered easily on the web and expand your customer base. The free plan also enables you to create a unique web design.
  • Blogging: Make a fantastic blog in minutes by choosing free blog templates that can work on an existing site or store. You can customize the blog templates to match your business goals and develop a distinctive brand voice that appeals to more potential site visitors.
  • Online Form Builder: From a single control dashboard, create unique contact forms, surveys, RSVP lists, and manage submissions. Easily add new fields, such as checkboxes, drop-down menus, and text boxes to the customs forms to give your site visitors a distinctive response experience.
  • Real-Time Stats: Use website statistics and analytics calculated in real-time to track visitors and understand the performance of your own website. Check your site statistics from a web browser or mobile device to ensure you never miss any crucial business developments.
  • App Center: Integrate third-party apps and services with your site, store, or blog to expand your business like never before. You don't need to be a web developer to add everything from menu, calendar, marketing, and shipping integrations to your site.


Weebly - Pricing Plan

Weebly offers a Free Plan and three paid plans, including Connect Plan at $5, Pro Plan at $12, and Business Plan at $25 per month.


  • Free version for basic website use
  • An auto-saving feature that maintains your work progress
  • Helpful community forum


  • Limited customization options

6. Bluehost Builder

Best Website Builder for Creating Unlimited WordPress Websites With Free Hosting

Bluehost Builder- Create a great website

Bluehost Builder is the best website creator for WordPress users looking to launch personal or business websites, blogs, and online stores with free web hosting. They can also create unlimited websites under one single account, making it the best website-building platform for managing multiple sites.

With its unique template designs and integrated digital marketing tools, this content creation tool is ideal for building a loyal fan base for influencers, vloggers, and bloggers by increasing views and subscriptions.

Key Features

  • Custom Templates: Access over 300+ designed desktop and mobile-friendly templates best suited for your business needs. You can also purchase additional premium templates like testimonials, team profiles, subscriptions, and business reviews.
  • Multiple Websites: You can create unlimited websites with hosting included and control everything from a single account. Boost traffic and brand awareness using notable features like site analytics, email marketing tools, contact forms, and malware protection.
  • Blog Post Management: Add a blog post to your business site or store and manage everything from inside the builder or standard WordPress. Additionally, blog post templates are optimized for mobile editing, giving you the flexibility to change article contents and interact with readers at any time.
  • Email Marketing: Use Creative Mail to engage with your site visitors through free email marketing campaigns. You can add call-to-action buttons on your website to allow visitors to learn more or buy products. 
  • WooCommerce Integration: Create a unique online store using WooCommerce and other plugins designed for selling unlimited physical or digital products and appointment booking options to engage more with customers and close more sales.


Bluehost Builder - Pricing Plan

Bluehost Builder has four paid plans: Content Creation Plan at $2.95, Business Plan at $9.95, Online Store Plan at $12.95, and Online Store Premium Plan at $24.95 per month. There is a 36-month purchasing option for the paid plans.


  • Unlimited websites with free hosting
  • Free domain and SSL certificate for one year
  • Excellent email, chat, ticket, and phone support


  • It doesn’t include WordPress widgets

7. WordPress

WordPress- Welcome to the world’s most popular website builder

WordPress is the best free website builder in India that enables you to create any website with no code, manuals, or limits. You can share your ideas or services through a site, blog, or store within minutes.

WordPress powers about 43% of the websites on the internet, making it the world’s most popular website platform. It’s used by Fortune 500 companies, small firms, and bloggers who take advantage of the unlimited number of plugins and add-ons to enjoy infinite possibilities for the growth of their businesses. 

Key Features

  • Custom Themes: Choose from a wide range of customizable themes to launch a website with a unique design to attract more site visitors and stand out from the crowd. You can also create a mobile-friendly site with a few clicks by selecting several mobile responsive themes.
  • In-Depth Stats: Use site statistics and Google Analytics to learn more about your site visitors and the most popular pages so you can concentrate on those to attract a huge audience. In addition, you’ll get useful insights that will help you make data-driven decisions for your business.
  • Built-In Social Sharing: Add social tools to your site to connect more with visitors. You can also publish blog posts and share them automatically on Facebook and Twitter, giving readers the chance to share widely to reach more people and increase traffic.
  • Search Engine Optimized: With built-in sitemaps and other SEO tools, potential site visitors or buyers can easily find your business site or store through search results on Google and other search engines.
  • WordPress Plugins:Access thousands of easy-to-install plugins to expand your business. Using the WooCommerce plugin, you can convert an existing site into a store, start selling products or services, and accept payments online. Plus, you can seamlessly connect one of the best CRM software in India with WP plugins and enhance customer acquisition. These include Monday CRM, which integrates with WooCommerce, Zoho, and Hubspot CRM.


WordPress- Pricing Plan

WordPress has a Free Plan for creating simple websites. The paid plans are Personal at $4, Premium at $8, Business at $25, and eCommerce at $45 per month. They also offer an enterprise-focused WordPress VIP Plan starting at $2,000 per month.


  • User-friendly CMS (content management system)
  • Large selection of themes and plugins for all business niches
  • Free domain for one year with the paid plans


  • There is no built-in drag-and-drop functionality

8. Strikingly

Best Free Website Builder for Entrepreneurs and Creatives

Strikingly- Make a website in minutes

Strikingly is the best website builder platform trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives to create free sites or simple stores for their businesses. You can edit and publish a free site in under 30 minutes without coding or design knowledge.

Use effective tools to grow your audience, such as newsletters, live chats, and sign-ups, to convert site visitors into superfans. You can also register new site users through membership accounts to engage your audience.

Key Features

  • Single-Page Websites: Unlike any other website builder, this platform focuses on creating simple one-page sites with every business information accessed through scrolling up and down but still on one page. However, you can activate multi-page sites in the settings as an option.
  • SEO: Optimize your single-page site with keywords and meta tags to ensure that it ranks highly on search results. You can also create a simple, SEO-optimized blog to reach more people and keep them updated.
  • Analytics: Discover your traffic sources and country of origin using built-in analytics, and visualize everything on easy-to-read charts. Add Google Analytics for more in-depth visitor information and gain insights on where to concentrate your efforts to boost traffic to your website.
  • Sign-Up Forms: Get feedback about your site by setting up contact and sign-up forms, which compile data and preferences from your website visitors. Because of the engagement, you'll never miss out on a potential consumer or visitor.
  • Social Feed: Display your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to directly interact with your site visitors. For an ecommerce store, you can sell products or services through social media marketplaces, boosting sales.


Strikingly-Pricing Plan

Strikingly offers a Free Forever Plan and the paid plans include Limited Plan at $8, Pro Plan at $16, and VIP Plan at $49 per month. Other plan subscription lengths are available, including two, three, and five years. You can also purchase Custom Email Addresses for $25 per year.

A 14-day free trial is available across all the paid plans.


  • Easy to use
  • The free plan allows you to create unlimited free sites
  • Allows switching between templates on a live site


  • Limited features and customizations 

9. Webflow

Best Free Website Building Platform for Managing Multiple Sites

Webflow - The site you want — without the dev time

Webflow is the best website building platform that allows you to build your site for free. You only need to upgrade to a premium plan if you want to add more pages and a custom domain to give your business a unique brand.

Webflow stands out from the competition because it promotes team collaboration when managing multiple sites using Workspace plans. This platform also uses codeless website creation, making it ideal for novice and skilled business owners.

Key Features

  • Custom Code: With this open-source platform, you can completely customize your website or individual pages by adding a custom code. Webflow offers a blank canvas for designing whatever suits your creative preferences. You can also use motion design to create 3D transforms and animations without writing the code.
  • CMS: Use dynamic content templates to generate blog post collections that appeal to your site visitors to build a loyal audience. You can add your clients as content editors for easier collaboration on specific products, services, or projects.
  • Custom Branding: Use CMS white labeling to add a custom logo to your site and build a unique online brand. You can create custom forms to collect all the data required to expand your business. Automate your custom form lists by integrating with MailChimp and Zapier.
  • Marketing & SEO: Use auto-generated XML sitemap and image tags to improve your site’s search engine ranking. You can customize pages by adding meta titles and descriptions and use marketing tools to ensure you’re attracting the right visitors to build a large following. 
  • Integrations: Connect your site with powerful digital marketing tools like Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Zapier to better understand and engage with your site visitors and boost traffic.


Webflow - Pricing Plan

Webflow has a Free Starter Plan and three paid plans, including Basic Plan at $12, CMS Plan at $16, and Business Plan at $36 per month. There is an Enterprise Plan with custom pricing. They also offer Ecommerce Plans for selling online and Workspace Plans for managing multiple sites.


  • Free plan with 50 CMS items
  • Powerful web design tools
  • Appropriate for managing multiple sites through team collaboration


  • Requires a steep learning curve

10. BigCommerce

Best Website Builder for Large Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions

BigCommerce - Ecommerce for a new era

BigCommerce is the best landing page builder that allows enterprises to launch and edit website pages using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface with no coding required.

BigCommerce offers an ecommerce building solution for large businesses with tons of features like selling unlimited products, single-page checkout, and multi-storefront

You can save money on costs because this ecommerce platform doesn’t charge transaction fees with leading payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Key Features

  • SEO: Use best-in-class SEO to rank higher on Google or in the search results by adding features, such as automatic sitemaps, sitewide HTTPS, and search-friendly themes. You can customize your URLs and add tags to maintain your brand's uniqueness and awareness.
  • Buy Buttons: Add buy buttons in your emails, blogs, and social media posts to sell goods or services anywhere. You can turn an existing site into a store within minutes and start selling worldwide. Activate the buy buttons by generating, copying, and pasting the code anywhere you want. 
  • On-Site Blog: Create and deliver a content-rich experience to your following using a fully supported blog with all the SEO features you need to rank highly and boost traffic. You can share your ideas or services to close more sales while simultaneously interacting with your customers.
  • Streamlined Checkout: Build a beautiful store and make checkout a breeze to boost conversions and give your customers a smooth shopping experience. Use the one-page checkout to accept payments globally without recurring unnecessary transaction fees.
  • Integrations: Connect your site with effective enterprise integrations and ecommerce apps to grow your business. Use the WordPress plugin for BigCommerce to get the flexibility that allows you to customize your store like never before.


BigCommerce - Pricing Plan

BigCommerce offers four paid plans: Standard Plan at $29.95, Plus Plan at $71.95, and Pro Plan at $269.96 per month. There is an Enterprise Plan with custom pricing. 

A 15-day free trial is available for all the paid plans.


  • Solid SEO features
  • No transaction fees for ecommerce stores
  • 24/7 tech support (ticket, chat, and phone)


  • Expensive plans

How to Build a Website FAQ

What are website builders?

A website builder is a software that helps you create websites, blogs, or stores without coding and designing skills. 

They help business owners or managers save on costs by providing pre-built and ready-to-use templates to launch a website and get their site up and running fast.
However, you must buy paid plans or use free plans or trials to use website builders.

You have the option to use website builders with free trials, such as Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, and BigCommerce. You can also try several free plans, such as Weebly, WordPress, Webflow, and Strikingly.

Do I need technical skills to use a website builder?

You don’t need technical skills to use a website builder because they give you a codeless website creation with simple editing tools when creating websites. 

In addition, most business owners are not programmers, so they are always looking for simple website builders to launch an online presence for their companies in the least amount of time. 

As a result, anybody can design and create a personal or business site without technical or coding skills. 

However, you can use several open-source website builders to customize the code using programming languages like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and CSS. This is usually for web developers or programmers.

Which website builder is easiest to use?

Most website builders are easy-to-use, but it mostly depends on your business size and the number of customizations and features you want to incorporate into your site.

The easiest website builder is Squarespace and WordPress for small and large businesses. For launching an ecommerce store, you can try Shopify and BigCommerce.

Wix is perfect for beginners and small companies because you can create a professional-looking website in minutes by letting WIX ADI do all the work for you. Zyro is another AI-powered sire that offers the best premium features.

What is the Best Free Website Builder in India?

The best free website builder depends on your business needs and budget. The free versions are ideal for small startups and businesses, while the premium plans are perfect for already established businesses looking to scale higher on the web.

You can choose those with free versions or trials to test out the platform before committing to a premium plan.

However, this can take a lot of time. So we have done the difficult part by identifying the best website builders to create an online presence for your business and get up and running in no time.

Here are our top five picks for the best website builders in India again:

Best Overall


Build your website any way you want using their new Fluid Engine, a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to express your creativity online.
Best for Ecommerce


Bring your business online using an intuitive store builder that helps you create an ecommerce platform to attract more customers and drive sales.
Best for Customizations


Access over 500+ customizable templates to create a professional and beautiful website with scroll effects, animation, and video backgrounds.
Best Cheap Plans


Choose affordable plans to add powerful and premium features to your site or online store for maximum business growth.
Best for Integrations


Create a free website and use out-of-the-box integrations to add simple, customizable features you can edit on a live site.

Do you still need more information before selecting the best website builder in India? Check out our more in-depth comparison reviews of various website builder platforms.

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