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21 Best Online Gantt Chart Makers for Project Planning

Discover the best Gantt chart makers to easily create beautiful Gantt charts. Schedule, manage dependencies, & prioritize anything in a project timeline.

Best Online Gantt Chart Makers for Project Planning

Every project manager requires the right tools for planning, managing, and executing their tasks, projects, and activities with ease. One of the most popular and best tools for project planning is the Gantt chart. Since it was made popular by Henry Gantt in the early 20th century, project managers use it to plan activities and build project timelines.

Gantt charts are flexible tools that provide you with a comprehensive view of every aspect of your project, showing you the tasks that need to be done, your project’s schedules, and the resources available. Business owners can leverage Gantt charts to easily monitor, track, and manage projects and the workforce.

With so many Gantt chart makers for project planning in the market, picking the best for your project management needs can be a daunting task. In this article, you will learn about the key features to look for in a Gantt chart marker and 21 of the best online Gantt chart creators for project planning.

Let’s get started.


Best Overall Online Gantt Chart Maker

Try Monday.com


Best for Task Rescheduling Feature

Try ClickUp


Best for Intuitive Communication Feature

Try Wrike


Best for Comprehensive Dashboard

Try Teamwork


Best for Automatic Data Update Capabilities

Try Scoro


Best for High Quality Collaboration

Try SmartSheet


Best for Team Collaboration

Try ProofHub


Best for Multiple Workflows

Try Paymo


Best for Reliable Baselining Feature

Try TeamGantt


Best for Expense Management

Try GanttPRO


Best for Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts

Try Celoxis


Best for Column Customization

Try Mavenlink


Best for Small Businesses

Try Bitrix24


Best for Interactive Gantt Chart

Try Clarizen


Best for Automated Email Reporting

Try Workzone


Best for High Data Security

Try Agantty


Best for Dashboard & Time Management

Try InstaGantt


Best for Extended Design Elements

Try Canva


Best for Data Imports & Visualizations

Try Asana

Zoho Projects

Best for High Quality Templates

Try Zoho Projects

Microsoft Project

Best for Customization Options

Try Microsoft Project

Best Online Gantt Chart Makers for Project Planning

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Gantt Chart Maker that Offers Dynamic Integrations 

Monday.com is the Best Overall Gantt Chart Maker that Offers Dynamic Integrations

Monday.com is a web-based Work OS trusted by over 100,000 organizations worldwide including Hulu, PayPal, Adobe, and Uber, among others. This platform offers compatibility with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. It is designed to give project managers and teams the crucial tools they need, with Gantt charts being one of them.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive Dashboard View: Monday.com presents you with an intuitive dashboard allowing you to visually plan every aspect of your project, including your dependencies and milestones. You view elements by day, week, month, quarter, or year and even collapse and expand groups to focus on what matters the most. Dashboards also allow you to track multiple projects’ progress at once, view items from multiple boards on the same Gantt chart, and group these items by boards or by any other variable.
  • Drag-And-Drop Editing: With drag and drop capabilities, editing charts remains as easy as it gets as you easily and interactively update and edit your Gantt chart by simply dragging tasks to it.
  • Quality Integrations: Monday.com equips you with integrations that help you collaborate seamlessly. These include integrations with popular productivity apps such as Dropbox, Excel, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Integromat, Slack, Trello, and Zapier.


  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Private boards and documents as well as guest access option
  • A dashboard that combines up to 50 boards
  • Mobile applications
  • Free plan and 14-day free trial 


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Services are offered through five tiers of pricing: individual, basic, standard, pro, and enterprise.

  • The individual plan is free and suitable for individuals looking to track their tasks, activities, and projects.
  • The basic plan is suitable for managing your teams’ work in one central location.
  • The standard plan offers extra collaboration features for optimizing your team processes.
  • The pro plan offers time tracking and extended integrations to help you streamline your teams’ complex workflows.
  • The enterprise plan is best for organizations in need of multi-level permissions and enterprise-scale automation features. 

Try out Monday.com’s 14-day free trial on its basic and standard plans.

2. ClickUp

Best Gantt Chart Maker for Project Planning with Intuitive Task Rescheduling Feature

ClickUp is the Best Gantt Chart Maker for Project Planning with Intuitive Task Rescheduling Feature

Trusted by Google, Webflow, and IBM, ClickUp is one of the best work management tools that also equips you with Gantt charts to plan projects, schedule tasks, and take care of every other important aspect of your project timeline.

Main Features

  • Dynamic Timeline: ClickUp’s dynamic timeline workspace gives you a seamless time management workflow as it lets you schedule tasks, monitor projects, track deadlines, and get rid of bottlenecks from a single interface.
  • Drag and Drop Editing: You easily update your projects through drag and drop actions. 
  • Automatic Task Rescheduling: Not only does ClickUp allow you to manage task dependencies through drag and drop actions, but tasks are also automatically rescheduled as you make changes to these tasks with dependencies.
  • Dependency Tracking: ClickUp equips you with an intelligent dependency tracking feature, allowing you to recognize bottlenecks before they have any effect on your project.


  • Guest, private, and protected chart permission options
  • Focus on security through multiple security features
  • Unlimited tasks and members on a free plan
  • Custom exports


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp's Gantt charts are available to you through five plans: free forever, unlimited, business, business plus, and enterprise. 

  • The free forever plan is best for personal use
  • The unlimited plan is ideal for small teams and comes with unlimited integrations and dashboards
  • The business plan is best for mid-sized teams and comes with Google SSO, advanced time tracking, and other features.
  • The business plus plan is suitable for multiple teams and offers team sharing, increased automation and API, priority support, and personalized admin training.
  • The enterprise plan is best for many large teams and comes with HIPAA compliance and over 250,000 automation per month.

Try out ClickUp’s 14-day free trial to get started. 

3. Wrike

Top Gantt Chart Creator that Offers Intuitive Communication Feature

Wrike is the Top Gantt Chart Creator that Offers Intuitive Communication Feature

Wrike is one of the best Gantt chart software trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide including Google, Lyft, and Dell, among others.

Main Features

  • High Task and Dependency Visibility: Wrike presents you with a dashboard that lets you monitor your progress through interactive timelines, receive real-time updates on what your team is working on, and visualize all subtasks and individuals working on them. You easily create dependencies from these same dashboards and track them so you never miss a deadline.
  • Simplified Communication: Through its intuitive “@” tagging feature, the platform allows you to directly tag only the relevant individuals and reduce unnecessary alerts for other team members.


  • A free plan with a comprehensive list of features.
  • Integrations with file-sharing and cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.
  • Branded and customizable workspaces and workflows.


Wrike Pricing Plan

You have access to Wrike's Gantt charts through a free plan, a professional plan, a business plan, an enterprise plan, and a pinnacle plan.

  • The free plan is suitable for teams just getting started.
  • The project plan is best for fast-growing teams and offers support for up to 200 users and shareable dashboards. 
  • The business plan is ideal for teams across all organizations. It comes with custom workflows and real-time reporting features. 
  • The enterprise plan is best for large teams. It comes with advanced security options, custom permissions, and up to 1000 automation.
  • The pinnacle plan is suitable for teams with complex work needs and offers up to 1500 automation.

Try out any Wrike’s paid plan for 14 days.

4. Teamwork

Affordable Gantt Chart Maker that Presents You With A Comprehensive Dashboard

Teamwork is an Affordable Gantt Chart Maker that Presents With a Comprehensive Dashboard

Teamwork is an all-in-one project management platform dedicated to managing client work, within which you have access to a Gantt-style view of all your tasks.

Main Features

  • Comprehensive View: Teamwork's Gantt chart allows you to view and manage your projects through a view that shows you your list of tasks, subtasks, dependencies, and attached milestones. You also get a view of your entire timeline in months and days and the different individuals assigned to take care of each task.
  • Automatic Workflow Saves: By activating the autosave feature, Teamwork automatically saves every change you make to your Gantt chart so you do not end up losing any important progress you make.
  • Beneficial Integrations: The platform integrates with other platforms that help you maintain a seamless workflow. These include integrations with Google Drive, Zapier, Xero, Hubspot, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Office, among a whole lot of others.


  • Multiple quality integrations with top work software such as Google Drive, Zapier, Xero, Hubspot, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Office
  • Collaborative document editing
  • Advanced profitability reporting option


Teamwork Pricing Plan

Teamworks is available to you through four different pricing plans: free forever, deliver, grow, and scale.  

  • The free forever plan is suitable for individuals and small teams with little Gantt chart needs. 
  • The deliver plan helps you manage multiple projects with integrated team chat and time tracking options.
  • The grow plan is ideal for large teams and offers custom fields, workload resource management, and other features for better organization and efficiency.
  • The scale plan helps you scale your business with unlimited projects and up to 10,000 automation.

Try out Teamwork’s 30-day free trial on its deliver and grow plans to see if it meets your business needs.

5. Scoro

Best Gantt Chart Software that Equips You With Automatic Data Update Capability

Scoro is the Best Gantt Chart Software that Equips With Automatic Data Update Capability

Scoro is a SaaS solution for professional and creative services which serves as an all-in-one business management software to manage projects, teams, sales, billing, and professional service automation.

Main Features

  • Complete Dashboard View: Scoro's Gantt chart allows you to track progress, tasks, events, dependencies, milestones, and more in one view, presenting you with all the information you need.
  • Real-time Updates: As team members and contributors log time and add tasks, changes are represented in real-time on the Gantt chart. You have access to a real-time overview of everyone’s workload, schedule tasks based on your team’s actual availability.
  • Automatic Updates: Scoro allows you to minimize your manual work as it presents you with a solution that leverages interconnected data. With this, you minimize manual updates as changes to linked tasks are automatically updated for all users.


  • Additional functionalities for sales force management
  • Automated chart updates
  • Complete personnel and project tracking.
  • Free trial


Scoro Pricing Plan

Scoro is available through four plans: essential, work hub, sales hub, and ultimate plans.

  • The essential plan is suitable for smaller teams. 
  • The work hub plan offers additional time and resource management options. 
  • The sales hub plan comes with a 360-degree overview of your customers, pipeline, finances, forecasts, and reports. 
  • The ultimate plan comes with advanced automation and reporting.

Try out Scoro’s Gantt chart features freely for 14 days.

6. SmartSheet

Top Gantt Chart Maker with High-Quality Collaboration Features

Smartsheet is the Top Gantt Chart Maker with High Quality Collaboration Features

Smartsheet is another Gantt chart creator released in 2006 offering you collaboration and work management solutions for your business workflows.

Main Features

  • Drag and Drop Editing: SmartSheet allows you to easily move tasks, change timelines, and edit dependencies through intuitive drag and drop actions and just a few mouse clicks.
  • Focus on Sharing and Collaborations: The platform allows you to share your projects with unlimited free users. It also collaborates in real-time with discussions, attachments, and notes available on any browser, device, or operating system. You can also share your charts directly to the web or download them as PDF or PNG file formats.
  • Custom Views: SmartSheets’ Gantt chart dashboards remain customizable, meaning different individuals working on projects get a quick visual status report on the relevant tasks and elements they are working on. 
  • Templates: You have access to dozens of pre-built templates, not only for Gantt Charts but also for web forms, to-do lists, and sales pipelines.


  • Integrations with multiple cloud tools and calendars
  • Extended import and export options
  • Easy and quick chart creation through templates
  • Automated alerts and custom notifications
  • 30-day free trial


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

SmartSheet is available to you through three plans: pro, business, and enterprise.

  • The pro plan provides you with unlimited sheets, reports, and dashboards for collaborating, tracking, managing, and executing your teamwork.
  • The business plan comes with unlimited collaborations and automation.
  • The enterprise plan comes with additional apps, SSO (single sign-on), event reporting, and others.

Try out SmartSheet’s 30-day free trial to see if it meets your needs.

7. ProofHub

Best Online Gantt Chart Software that Allows You to Create Tasks Using Direct Emails

ProofHub is the Best Online Gantt Chart Software that Allows to Create Tasks Using Direct Emails

ProofHub is one of the best online Gantt chart makers trusted by Nike, NASA, and Netflix that offers you tools to effectively and efficiently manage your projects and team collaborations. 

Main Features

  • Private lists: ProofHub allows you to limit access to your task lists only to the assigned people.
  • Email-in tasks: With its email-in feature, you easily add tasks to your Gantt chart via email without having to log in to your ProofHub account.
  • Milestone Association Features: ProofHub allows you to set milestones for tasks and mark key dates, such as desired completion dates and even project review meetings on the project plan. 


  • Drag and drop capabilities
  • Intuitive data import options
  • Direct printing from the tool
  • All visualizations on one workspace


ProofHub Pricing Plan

ProofHub is available to you through two plans:  an essential plan and an ultimate control plan. 

  • The essential plan allows you to manage 40 projects and unlimited users.
  • The ultimate Control plan comes with custom roles, custom workflows, and API access, among a lot of other functionalities.

Try out ProfHub’s 30-day free plan to plan your projects.

8. Paymo

Simplified Gantt Chart Maker that Offers Automations for Multiple Workflows

Paymo is Simplified Gantt Chart Maker that Offers Automations for Multiple Workflows

Paymo is a full-featured online Gantt chart creator for time tracking, resource planning, Gantt charts, reports, kanban boards, invoices, and expenses.

Main Features

  • Multiple Visual Indicators: Through an array of colors, Paymo’s Gantt chart separates and visualizes different elements of your project workflow for you. Past due dates and broken dependencies are signaled in red. Your task’s progress is indicated by a darker green color over a lighter one. Where the budget has been surpassed, task progress is indicated by a grey color beneath this darker green color
  • Automation: Through additional auto-scheduling capabilities, the Gantt chart tool allows you to both manually and automatically make changes to your project timeline. You also have access to a critical path functionality that shows you the shortest route to completing your project with the most minimal of risks. Your project start and end date are also automatically projected on the timeline.
  • Export Option: Paymo allows you to export your generated Gantt charts in PDF format. 


  • Extensive project templates including dependencies
  • Automatic determination of task durations
  • Daily lead and lag time
  • Auto-scheduling function
  • Critical path functionality
  • Export to PDF function
  • 15-day free trial


Paymo Pricing Plan

Paymo is available to you through three plans: free, small office, and business. All plans are charged per user and month. 

  • The free plan offers you simple tools for small teams. 
  • The small office plan is suitable for growing teams and departments.
  • The business plan is designed for large teams. Only the business plan offers you access to its Gantt chart. 

Try out Paymo’s features freely for 15 days.

9. TeamGantt

Ideal Online Gantt Software with Reliable Baselining Feature for Small Businesses

TeamGantt is an Ideal Online Gantt Software with Reliable Baselining Feature for Small Businesses

TeamGantt is one of the best online Gantt software trusted by top companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Nike that equips you with free and intuitive Gantt charts to plan, schedule, and manage your projects.

Main Features

  • Intuitive Workspace and Workflow: TeamGantt presents you with an interface that is easy to get a grasp of. Alongside color coding for different elements of your project management workflow, you easily draw task groups, tasks, and milestones on the timeline or convert tasks into a group of tasks or milestones with just a few clicks and drag and drop capabilities.
  • Baseline Feature: This is an intuitive feature used for performance monitoring. With this, you take a snapshot of the current state of your project and compare it with the projected progress at any point in time. You easily and accurately identify the points where your project went sideways and how far off you are from your target.
  • Guest Permissions: One other great feature offered by TeamGantt is its guest user access option. Individuals outside your collaborative circle comment on tasks or just view tasks through shareable project URLs. 


  • Exports in PDF format
  • Intuitive interface
  • Efficient project performance and progress tracking 
  • Easy conversion of tasks to groups and milestones


TeamGantt Pricing Plan

TeamGantt is available to you through three plans: free plan, standard plan, and advanced plan.

  • The free plan is suitable for personal use and supports up to 3 users.
  • The standard plan offers unlimited and business features such as baselines and workloads.
  • The advanced plan comes with time tracking and hourly estimating features. 

Try out TeamGantt’s 30-day free trial on its premium plans.

10. GanttPRO

Top Gantt Chart Maker with Great Expense Tracking And Management Features

GanttPRO is the Top Gantt Chart Maker with Great Expense Tracking and Management Features

GanttPRO is a dedicated online Gantt chart maker you could trust to take care of your project planning needs. 

Main Features

  • Multiple Import Options: With GanttPRO, you get to import your project data from other project management platforms like CSV and JIRA, making your whole workflow more comfortable.
  • Baseline Feature: Just like TeamGantt, and possibly even better, GanttPRO equips you with an intuitive baselining feature. Alongside closely monitoring project progress, you are helped with automated workflow adjustments based on task durations and project working days. 
  • Expense Management Features: GanttPRO also presents you with precise cost tracking and budget reports showing you the total cost of a task (based on the assigned user’s hourly rate or the task’s fixed price) when compared to the actual cost (based on the current tracked time). This allows you to effectively monitor the budget variance between these two.
  • Extended Export Options: Alongside the general PDF export format, the software allows you to export in PNG, Excel, or CSV file formats.


  • Very extensive data import and chart export options
  • Advanced baselining features
  • Effective cost management features
  • Intuitive portfolio Gantt charts
  • Access permissions for guests


GanttPRO Pricing Plan

You have access to GanttPRO through three plans: individual, team, and enterprise. 

  • The individual plan offers all the Gantt features that you need for personal productivity. 
  • The team plan offers you dedicated tools for efficient collaborations.
  • The enterprise plan comes with onboarding assistance, advanced security options, and increased API limits.

Try out Gantt’s free 14-day trial to see if it is a fit for your Gantt charts’ needs.

11. Celoxis

Easy Gantt Chart Maker with Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts

Celoxis is an Easy Gantt Chart Maker with Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts

Celoxis is another reliable fully-featured project and resource management software that equips you with Gantt charts and additional issue tracking tools.

Main Features

  • Drag and Drop Editing: Celoxis’ Gantt chart allows you to make edits to your project task timeline through drag and drop actions. With this, you easily reorder tasks in a hierarchy and make quick edits to dependencies.
  • Autosaving: When this option is checked, changes made to the project plan are saved automatically, ensuring that you avoid any progress loss.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Multiple keyboard shortcuts are available to you for quick editing. These include “n” to add tasks, “e” to edit tasks, “delete” to delete tasks, and “CTRL+C” to copy tasks, among others.  


  • Easy task editing
  • Dynamic saving options
  • Direct chart printing
  • Automatic task progress updates


Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis offers you its services through two plans: a  loud plan and an on-Premises plan. All plans are charged per user and come with free support (for the On-premises plan, support is free for only one year). Gantt features are included in both its cloud and on-premise plans. 

Try out Celoxis free 30-day trial available for both plans.

12. Mavenlink

Your Best Gantt Chart Software with Extended Gantt Types And Column Customization Options

Mavenlink is the Best Gantt Chart Software with Extended Gantt

Mavenlink is a time, resource, and project management software suitable for making Gantt charts. It is trusted by Salesforce, RSM, and Cornerstone, among a lot of other top companies.

Main Features

  • Multiple Gantt Types: Mavenlink presents you with global Gantt charts and local Gantt charts. Global Gantt charts give you a high-level view of all your active projects, providing a visual comparison between scheduled and actual dates. Local Gantt charts, on the other hand, present a more detailed look at each of your projects and the current status of all tasks and subtasks. 
  • Column Actions: To customize your columns, Mavenlink allows you to reorder a column by clicking on the column header and dragging it to a new position. You also easily sort information in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header or the small gray arrow that appears to the right of the column name. Each column also has a filter option with which you filter items displayed in them.


  • Instant view of project’s duration, budget, and burn rate, among others
  • Color coding
  • Timeline autosave option
  • Multiple functionalities through varying Gantt charts


Mavenlink's pricing is determined by your industry, company size, and where your company location is.

13. Bitrix24

Suitable Simplified Gantt Chart Maker for Small Businesses

Bitrix24 is the Suitable Simplified Gantt Chart Maker for Small Businesses

Bitrix24 is a free online Gantt chart maker presenting you with dynamic cloud, iOS, Android, and open-source options to manage your tasks and projects with ease. 

Main Features

  • Multiple Deployment: Bitrix24 is deployable as both a cloud service and an on-premises service. This means you get to choose how much access and control you wish to have over your Gantt charts and data. It is also available through iOS and Android devices.
  • Highly Extendable Functionality: Not only is Bitrix24 free, the software remains open-source, ensuring that you get an endless list of functionality available to you. You also have access to an API for even more functionality.
  • Employee Workload Planning: Alongside Gantt charts, Bitrix24 lets you allocate a specific number of hours and employees to a project and track time spent on this project.


  • Additional time, document, resource, and client management features
  • Workflow automation
  • Mobile applications for portable project management
  • HD calls for collaborations


Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

You have access to Bitrix through four plans: a free plan, a basic plan, a standard plan, and a professional plan.

  • The free plan is free for unlimited users.
  • The basic plan offers effective collaboration for small businesses and sales teams for up to 5 users.
  • The standard plan offers advanced collaboration tools for your entire company and workgroups for up to 50 users.
  • The professional plan supports unlimited users and comes with a business process automation feature and others. 

Try out Bitrix24’s 15-day trial period for free. 

14. Clarizen

Best Project and Portfolio Software for Interactive Gantt Chart

Clarizen is the Best Project and Portfolio Software for Interactive Gantt Chart

Clarizen is a scalable Gantt software tool that helps you manage all your project tasks and workflows.

Main Features

  • Drag and Drop Editing: Clarizen allows you to drag tasks left or right to alter their start and end dates. You also drag entire tasks in the Gantt while preserving their set duration, reorder work items, and create dependencies between tasks with drag and drop actions.
  • Task Tracking: As well as tracking tasks in sprints, Clarizen's Gantt chart gives you insights to track tasks against milestones, giving you a form of baselining to work with.


  • API access on all plans
  • Up to 4,000 custom fields
  • Unlimited projects and cases on all plans
  • Mobile applications
  • Social collaborations
  • Reporting and analytics


Clarizen comes to you through an unlimited edition and an enterprise edition. All plans are determined by a quote. You can also request a demo to test out the software. 

Try out Clarizen’s 30-day free trial to test if it is the right fit for your business needs.

15. Workzone

Top-Rated Gantt Chart Tool with Automated Email Reports On Project Status 

Workzone is the Top Rated Gantt Chart Tool with Automated Email Reports On Project Status

Workzone is a cloud-based Gantt chart maker that offers you document management, project collaboration, customizable reporting, resource management, task management, and time tracking functionalities.

Main Features

  • Automatic Updates: With Workzone, tasks and timelines automatically change as users make changes within the Gantt Chart. This makes it easy to see the effects of changes across an entire project from a single view without having to manually seek information from others.
  • Expanded Dashboard Reporting Views: Your Gantt charts come with dashboard reporting views that give you insights into the number of tasks assigned to every team member. You also have access to workload reports and calendar views to complement your Gantt charts.


  • Color-coded Gantt status alerts
  • Easy switch between Gantt charts and structured lost view
  • Centralized project and timeline view


Workzone Pricing Plan

Workzone offers three pricing plans: team plan, professional plan, and an enterprise plan. All plans are priced per user and month.

  • The team plan offers you unlimited project & task management, project templates, Gantt charts, task dependencies, advanced reporting, and time tracking & resource management features.
  • The professional plan offers you all the features of the team plan plus more storage, custom project intake forms, and API access features.
  • The enterprise plan is suitable for users who need more customizations such as custom reporting, enhanced reporting dashboard, and custom fields features.

Workzone does not offer any free trial. 

16. Agantty

Free Gantt Chart Maker With High Data Security

Agantty is a Free Gantt Chart Maker With High Data Security

Agantty is a free, dedicated, and comprehensively featured Gantt chart maker that helps you plan, track, and collaboratively work on projects without paying a dime. 

Main Features

  • Unlimited Invitations: Agantty allows you to invite as many team members to work on a project or guest users to view the project schedule as you like. 
  • Multiple Export Options: Where you need to export your charts, you have multiple options available to you. You either export as Excel and XML formats or share your charts through Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook calendar links.
  • Mobile Applications: Agantty and its Gantt chart generation capabilities are available to you through both iOS and Android applications, meaning you have access to an intuitive visual representation of your projects at all times. 
  • High Security: Even though Agantty remains free for you to use, you enjoy effective security and protection through secured servers complying with German data protection regulations (BDSG) and automated patch management with regular backups and ISO 27001 certification.


  • Free to use and open source
  • Peculiar chart export options
  • Portfolio Gantt chart
  • High security for your data
  • Unlimited teams and guests
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Mobile application


Agantty is free to use. All you need to do is to register and download the .exe file. It also employs a per feature pricing model if you want access to more features.

17. InstaGantt

Best Online Gantt Chart Software for Dashboard and Time Management

InstaGantt is the Best Online Gantt Chart Software for Dashboard and Time Management

InstaGantt is a platform that previously served as an extension for Asana but now presents you with a standalone and more complex version of its own project management software. It provides users with a simple but powerful Gantt chart maker.

Main Features

  • Undo Feature: InstaGantt presents you with an undo button, allowing you to restore previous versions of your Gantt chart without any hassle. This is one feature some other Gantt chart makers lack.
  • Easy Progress Viewing and Navigation: Rather than having to resort to horizontal and vertical bars to view the relevant area of your project workflow, you have access to a minimap. This not only gives you an easy view of your project's health but also aids easy navigation of your whole workflow.
  • Intuitive Notification Feature: InstaGantt also implements a feature that shows you all the changes that have been made to your Gantt chart and projects during the time you were away.


  • Uncommon undo actions in case of mistakes
  • Exports in PDF, PNG, or CSV formats
  • Instant snapshots
  • Baselining for expense management 


InstaGantt Pricing Plan

InstaGantt is accessible through two plans: a single subscription plan and a team subscription plan.

  • The single subscription plan offers unlimited projects, project groups, portfolios, and public snapshots. 
  • The team subscription plan offers you all the features in the single subscription plan with extra license and workload management features.

Try out InstaGantt’s 7-day free trial with no credit card required.

18. Canva

Easily Navigable Interface with Extended Design Elements

Canva is an Easily Navigable Interface with Extended Design Elements

Canva is a graphic design platform used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content.  This platform also serves as a Gantt chart maker to manage your tasks and entire projects.

Main Features

  • Very Intuitive Interface and Designs: Although Canva does not equip you with the detailed, robust, and in-depth data and dashboard like other software tools, it makes up for this with its intuitive interface. You can easily create designs through drag and drop actions, making the platform a great choice for beginners with little design knowledge. 


  • Additional templates for slideshows, presentations, infographics, graphs, and emails, among others.
  • Integrations with multiple external social media and content creation platforms
  • Free trial and free plan
  • Mobile applications.


Canva Pricing Plan

Canva is available to you through free pricing plans: free plan, premium plan, and an enterprise plan. All plans are ultimately determined by the number of users involved.

  • The free plan offers you access to 250,000+ templates.
  • The premium plan offers you access to over 100 million premium stock photos and design elements.
  • The enterprise plan offers users more control over their designs and comes with unlimited cloud storage. 

Try out Canva’s 30-day free trial available on its professional plan.

19. Asana

Best Online Gantt Chart Maker with Fast Data Imports And Visualizations

Asana is the Best Online Gantt Chart Maker with Fast Data Imports and Visualizations

Although Asana is not a comprehensive Gantt chart tool, the top-rated work project management tool offers you a very similar chart through its Timelines solution. Asana integrates with Instagantt to provide Gantt chart features. 

Main Features

  • Quick Data Imports: Through support for CSV file format, Asana allows you to quickly import your project data and immediately visualize them into intuitive project timelines. 


  • A very comprehensive tool for additional workflow management
  • Fast project visualization and editing
  • Mobile applications
  • Unlimited tasks and projects on the free plan


Asana Pricing Plan

Asana is available to you through three plans: basic plan, premium plan, and business plan.

  • The basic plan is free and suitable for individuals or teams just getting started.
  • The premium plan is best for teams that need to create project plans. It comes with unlimited dashboards and custom fields.
  • The business plan is ideal for teams and companies that need to manage work across platforms with portfolio views.
  • The enterprise plan comes with native integrations, SAML, and custom branding options, among others.

Try out Asana’s 30-day free trial to find out if it is an ideal solution for your Gantt chart needs. 

20. Zoho Projects

Affordable Online Gantt Chart Maker with Multiple High-Quality Templates To Choose From

Zoho Projects is an Affordable Online Gantt Chart Maker with Multiple High Quality Templates To Choose From

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based Gantt chart maker dedicated to helping teams efficiently plan, track, collaborate, and achieve project goals.

Main Features

  • Fast Dependency Creation And Editing: Zoho Projects’ Gantt chart allows you to easily create four types of dependencies for each task, edit and delete them, or adjust the time lag between dependent tasks as required by you.
  • Baselining: With the Gantt chart, you get to set up baselines to properly compare your project progress over different periods. The end variance indication helps you identify delayed tasks while slippage tracks tasks that have not started yet but have exceeded the baseline's end date.
  • Templates: One feature that is not so common with other Gantt chart makers on this list is the templates Zoho Projects provide to you. You do not only save time through these templates but have the option of converting an existing project into a template.


  • Color coding
  • Multiple template options
  • Drag and drop editing function


Zoho Projects Pricing Plan

Zoho Projects is available to you through three plans: free, premium, and enterprise. 

  • The free plan is free for up to 3 users.
  • The premium plan offers you unlimited projects and a Gantt chart viewer for up to 50 users.
  • The enterprise plan comes with no user limit, global Gantt charts, custom fields, and baselines, and others. All plans are priced per user and month.

Try out any of Zoho Projects’ premium plans for free for 10 days.

21. Microsoft Project

Simple Go-To Gantt Chart Maker that Offers A Wide Range Of Customization Options

Microsoft Projects is a Simple Go To Gantt Chart Maker that Offers a Wide Range Of Customization Options

Microsoft Project is a project management software developed by Microsoft, designed to assist you in developing schedules, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

Main Features

  • Dynamic Customization Options: Microsoft Project offers you flexibility in customizations as you get to change the color, shape, or pattern of Gantt bars. New bar types can also be created and you are allowed to add text to bars, increase the height of bars, and change the appearance of link bars within Gantt bars.
  • Views: Track tasks and activities for your projects with grid or board views.
  • Tracking and Scheduling: Helps you set and track due dates and timelines for your projects. Assign tasks to members of your team with the software tool.
  • Collaboration: Provides collaboration tools and features for managing all aspects of your project. Some of these collaboration features include file sharing, setting editing permissions, and more.


  • Very extended customization features
  •  Integration with other Microsoft 365 tools


Microsoft Projects Cloud Pricing Plan

This Gantt chart maker is available to you through a series of plans split across general plans for cloud-based and on-premises solutions. 

Microsoft On-Premises Pricing Plan

Use Microsoft Project freely to know if it is the right fit for you. 

Key Features to Look For in Online Gantt Chart Makers

Gantt Chart makers have their own differences from app to app, but there are certain features that they must all have, irrespective of the app being used. These features are a must-have and the absence of even one of them can cause troubles for your chart and ultimately, your project.

1. Tasks

Tasks are the things that you want to do, the reason for the existence of the Gantt chart in the first place. The space to input tasks must be clearly visible on the left-hand side. 

There are always multiple tasks and subtasks in any project, so the Gantt chart maker must be able to accommodate as many tasks as possible. Tasks are almost always horizontally arranged.

2. Time

Time is the second most important part of a Gantt chart. It shows the entire time frame for the project, and then it breaks down into smaller time frames. If a task is supposed to last through a year, the year is what should show on the Gantt chart, with little markers to show months and weeks for the achievement of each goal. Sometimes, time can be shown as dates or days.

3. Gantt Bars

Gantt bars show the relationship between time and tasks. A Gantt bar starts where a task is supposed to start and ends where a task ends. The size of the bar does not matter, what matters is where it is. 

A Gantt bar for a task can be at the end of the project and it can even be at the beginning. In some really large and complex projects, a task can have multiple Gantt bars in it, this just means different times (and probably types) of activity to be carried out for the task.

4. Arrows and Milestones

Another feature to look out for in an online Gantt chart maker is arrows and milestones. Arrows show the relationship between Gantt bars, and this means that they tell you when a task is supposed to compliment another task, or when they are supposed to synergize. 

Milestones are a little bit different from arrows because milestones break tasks down into small bits that are to be achieved daily, weekly, or monthly. Depending on the size and scope of the project, there can even be yearly milestones. Milestones give you progress reports, and let you know how a task is coming along. 

If a task is not coming along, the arrows let you know if a task was affected by the failure or delay of other tasks, and other tasks that are likely to be delayed too.

5. Marker

A marker lets you know where you are on the Gantt chart. It marks the current day or week you are in and how many more weeks are left before the completion of the project. A little red vertical line that cuts across all tasks and bars to show you where the level of progress is supposed to be and just how much time to the completion of the project.

6. Resources

Resources may vary from vehicles to staff and test subjects to boardrooms and even prototypes of the product being created. The kind of resources needed and used depends a lot on the project, but they still have to be input into the Gantt chart.

The reason why is that it helps you manage your budget and definitively gives set times for the use of certain resources. It also lets you know when the resources are supposed to be serviced or locked away, and even to prepare for any accident that might emerge from the use of such resources. 

Gantt Chart Maker for Project Planning FAQ

What is a Gantt Chart Maker?

A Gantt chart maker is the tool that you use to create a Gantt chart online. Ordinarily, you can create the chart on a piece of paper, but because of an increasing need for ease of creation and accessibility to a chart by other people, it is so much easier (and cooler) to do it on a mobile device, in applications designed with that feature.

What is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a kind of graph that lets you know what to do, and when to start and finish. That is the simplest explanation for it. Of course, its functions go beyond that to include resource management, multitasking, and even outsourcing. It is like having a master plan for a project.

The Gantt chart lets you know when each aspect of the project should start, when it should start and finish, and the number of resources allocated to that part of the project, and other aspects of the project that can be carried out simultaneously. 

In the event of a problem, you can see how a problem in one place affects all other places and how you can avert or mitigate such a problem.

What is the Best Tool to Create A Gantt Chart?

The best tool to create a Gantt depends largely on the features you are looking for. A good UI/UX might do it for you, or it might be the drag and drop feature. It can also be automatic backups and access from multiple devices that you need, collaboration, and sharing. 

For some projects, you need tasks to be color-coded or you might need to make corrections to the chart on the go, and others. Monday.com is the best overall Gantt chart maker for project planning.

How to Create A Gantt Chart in Excel?

You can create Gantt Charts in Excel, but there are no templates for it. You would have to do everything yourself to set it up. The first thing you will need to do is to break down your project into bits that will form the basis of your chart. 

From there, you create a stacked bar chart but do not select the 100% stacked bar, and that creates an empty bar. Then you start to input all the details that you might need for your chart (time, date, resources, and more).

How Much Does a Good Gantt Chart Maker Software Cost?

The average cost of a good Gantt chart maker ranges between $9 to $20 per user per month. However, if you want to enjoy advanced features, you will have to spend more than the average cost. 

Your team size and nature of use also affect the costs. Gnatt chart maker plans for large-size teams are charged at a premium. The good news is that many Gnatt chart makers discussed in this article offer you a free trial to test its features.

Many Gnatt chart software offers a free plan such as Bitrix24, Agantty, Monday.com, Paymo, TeamGantt, ClickUp, Teamwork, Zoho Projects.

Which Gantt Chart Software Should I Try

The ideal Gantt chart software provides all the features that you need at an affordable price. Before choosing a Gantt chart software, consider factors such as your team size, integrations, customer support, and preferred deployment model.

The major use cases of the Gantt chart markers have been provided below.

Luckily, the majority of the recommended Gantt chart software in this article offers trial plans which let you test their suitability for your Gnatt chart needs. Try out the free plans or free trials of any Gantt chart software that appeals to you before considering its premium plans.

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Anastasia Belyh
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