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19 Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management in 2022

Discover the best Gantt chart software for a more visual project management, higher accountability, and better project planning.

Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management

Gantt charts have been around since the 1900s and they have not gotten outdated.

Infact, they have become more popular than ever and they are used by businesses of all types and sizes.

Do you know what keeps them in circulation?

The vast benefits they offer for businesses like yours. What are these benefits? 

Would you also like to tap into the usefulness of this important project management tool without spending much?

Are you tired of the messy nature of your projects and tasks?

Then, you have got to invest in a Gantt chart software.

And I will guide you to choose the right Gantt chart software for your business through this review.

Just continue reading and you would know the features and pricing plans offered by different Gantt chart software vendors in the market today.

Let's get started at once.


Best Overall Gantt Chart Software

Try Monday.com


Best for Powerful Project Plans

Try ClickUp


Best for Managing Multiple Projects

Try Wrike


Best for Better Collaboration

Try Teamwork


Best for Data  Centralization

Try Scoro


Best for Gantt Customization

Try Smartsheet


Best for Tasks Visualization

Try ProofHub


Best for Project Planning

Try Paymo


Best for Small Businesses

Try TeamGantt


Best for Comprehensive Project Overview

Try GanttPRO


Best for Project Scheduling & Tracking

Try Celoxis


Best for Project Lifecycle Management

Try Mavenlink


Best for Small Businesses

Try Bitrix24


Best for Interactive Gantt Chart

Try Clarizen


Best for Project Creation

Try Workzone


Best for Free Features

Try Agantty


Best for Dashboard & Time Management

Try InstaGantt

Zoho Projects

Best for Affordable Features

Try Zoho Projects

Microsoft Project

Best for Simple Features

Try Microsoft Project

Best Gantt Chart Software for Project Management

1. Monday.com

Top Online Gantt Chart Maker with Good Visualizations

Monday.com is the Top Online Gantt Chart Maker with Good Visualizations

Monday.com is an all-in-one work management software which allows you to plan, execute, and track your projects with powerful Gantt charts and flexible visualizations.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Milestones: Keep track of your milestones, visualize important dates, milestones and set dependencies for your projects.
  • Views: Explore different types of views, Gantt, Kanban, timeline and workload to transform your data and run your workflows smoothly.
  • Boards: Convert your spreadsheets into smart boards to view as Gantt charts, put your work in context and collaborate with your teammates easily.
  • Automation and Updates: Easily set up any automation fast, and have real-time updates to your team members' devices to improve team collaboration.
  • Integrations: More than 40 integrations are available including tools like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Slack and Zoom.


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com has a totally free plan which is best suited for individuals who only want to keep track of their work. 

Although the free plan offers good features like unlimited boards and docs, consider choosing the most popular plan which is the Standard plan at $10 per seat per month

With this Standard plan, you have access to all Basic and Plus plans' features and additional ones like timeline and Gantt views, automations and guest access. 

Monday.com offers a 14-day trial and an 18% discount for yearly subscription.

2. ClickUp

Best and Affordable Gantt Chart Software for Powerful Project Plans

ClickUp is the Best and Affordable Gantt Chart Software for Powerful Project Plans

ClickUp, a leading project management software, allows you to get a comprehensive view of your projects, lists and tasks with the online Gantt chart.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Task Organization and Prioritization: Organize how you see your tasks with a quick sorting and see the next important tasks by creating cascading views with one click.
  • Project Progress: Update projects with a drag-and-drop action to ensure team collaboration, get detailed snapshot with dynamic progress percentages.
  • Time Management: Schedule tasks, manage deadlines, handle bottlenecks and keep up with project progress with the dynamic timeline.
  • Chain Tasks: Easily create tasks and link them with dependencies, have your tasks automatically rescheduled in the chain by dragging a task with dependencies.
  • Tracking: Identify potential bottlenecks with the intelligent dependency-path tracking.


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp offers affordable pricing plans including a free plan which gives you access to unlimited tasks and custom views, and up to 5 spaces. 

If $9 per member per month does not sound like an expensive pricing, then you can go for the Business plan to enjoy the vast number of available features that ClickUp offers. 

Try out ClickUp today and if you don't like it, you get your money back within 30 days.

3. Wrike

Simplified Gantt Chart Software for Managing Multiple Projects

Wrike is the Simplified Gantt Chart Software for Managing Multiple Projects

With Wrike, you get access to online Gantt charts which you can use to plan projects with a drag-and-drop interface, and visualize them with a timeline view.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Multiple Projects: Control multiple projects from a single platform with critical path analysis, snapshots and baselining.
  • Timelines: Use the point-and-click builder to visualize progress and dependencies, spot bottlenecks with the critical path analysis.
  • Files Import: Import Microsoft Projects files, get all your durations, dependencies and responsible parties imported by adding .MPP, .MPS and .XML tasks to Wrike.
  • Integrations: Select from over 400 integrations or import files fast without doing any manual copying.


Wrike Pricing Plan

Even though Wrike has a free plan, you can only access the interactive Gantt charts on the paid plans. 

So, you can start with the first paid plan, the Professional plan which charges $9.80 per month

It covers all the features available in the free plan and it additionally include shareable dashboards, interactive Gantt charts and up to 1 to 2 GB storage per user.

Try out any Wrike's paid plan for 14 days.

4. Teamwork

Affordable Online Gantt Chart Maker for Better Collaboration

Teamwork is an Affordable Online Gantt Chart Maker for Better Collaboration

Create a Gantt chart online with Teamwork to keep your projects running on track, manage your timelines and deliver projects on time and on budget.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Mapping: Break down your projects into tasks, add due dates, and assign work to the necessary employees to increase accountability.
  • Project Timeline: Visualize your project timeline, connect dependencies, prevent bottlenecks and create simpler project workflows.
  • Updates: Take manual updating of all associated tasks and dependencies out of the way by dragging and dropping tasks to update your Gantt project planner.
  • Collaboration: Update clients and stakeholders on project progress in real-time and take advantage of the shared online Gantt chart to keep everybody on the same page.


Teamwork Pricing Plan

Teamwork's free plan, which is most suitable for individuals and small teams, offers features like subtasks, dependencies, milestones and Gantt chart. 

But a major way it falls short is that it only allows limited board view, workload and Zapier integration. 

The paid plans are Deliver, Grow and Enterprise

Go for any of the paid plans to remove most of these limitations and consider subscribing for the Grow plan at $18 per user per month for more features. 

Use Teamwork freely for 30 days to see if it will meet your business needs.

5. Scoro

Best Gantt Chart Software for Centralizing All Your Data into a Single View

Scoro is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Centralizing All Your Data into a Single View

Scoro is a project management software with Gantt chart which lets you track progress, events, tasks and dependencies in one view.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Workload and Tasks Scheduling: Easily get an overview of the workload of every member of your team and schedule tasks based on their exact availability.
  • Dependencies and Milestones: Use phases, milestones and dependencies to create a structured schedule for your projects, visualize and track information by toggling layers of data.
  • Collaboration: Update schedules with a drag and drop interface, use layers to see time entries, progress and events in a single place.
  • Automatic Updates: Changes to linked tasks are automatically updated for all users allowing you to save time and reduce manual updates.


Scoro Pricing Plan

Scoro's plans are Essential, Work Hub, Sales Hub, and Ultimate, and they are a little expensive. 

If you manage a small business, you can choose the lowest plan, Essential plan at $26 per user per month with a minimum of 5 users. 

Apart from the Ultimate plan, the other two plans, Work Hub and Sales Hub both start from $37 per user per month.  

Try out Scoro's features freely for 14 days.

6. Smartsheet

Most Suitable Online Gantt Chart Maker for Gantt Customization

Smartsheet is the Most Suitable Online Gantt Chart Maker for Gantt Customization

Smartsheet gives you access to lots of features as a work execution platform and lets you create a Gantt chart online easily.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Critical Path: Create a critical path by setting up a Gantt chart with dependencies and a predecessor column.
  • Dependencies: Build dependencies between tasks, adjust start or end dates all by dragging and dropping.
  • Task Duration: Visually track the duration of and relationships between tasks in a project.
  • Project Timeline: Highlight the key tasks in your project timeline fast, identify tasks affecting project's completion date.


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Smartsheet's lowest plan, Pro, goes for $7 per user per month and it allows up to 25 users and a minimum of 3 users. 

This plan should satisfy all your basic business needs except you want other additional and expanded features like document builder, unlimited collaborators and automations.

Try out Smartsheet freely for 30 days.

7. ProofHub

Best Online Gantt Chart for Tasks Visualization

ProofHub is the Best Online Gantt Chart for Tasks Visualization

Stay in control of your tasks and projects, track progress and visualize tasks in a timeline view with ProofHub online Gantt Chart software.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Task Visualization and Assignment: By adding task lists and tasks to Gantt chart, visualize tasks in a timeline view, assign tasks or subscribe the entire task list to one or multiple people.
  • Task Dependencies: Easily set dependencies between tasks, adjust schedules based on work changes and deadlines shift.
  • Private Lists: Gantt chart's private tasks lists enable you to limit visibility of task lists to the assigned people that you want.
  • Print Gantt Chart: Print or export Gantt charts and use them for resource management, project planning and scheduling.


ProofHub Pricing Plan

Instead of offering a per user subscription basis, ProofHub allows you to make a flat payment and add as many users as you want for any of its two plans that you want. 

If you choose the Essential plan, you would pay $45 per month billed annually and have access to 40 projects and 15GB storage. 

For the Ultimate Control plan at $89 per month, enjoy unlimited projects, 100GB storage and other features such as custom workflows and white labeling. 

Plan your projects with ProofHub today, try it out freely for 30 days.

8. Paymo

Simplified Gantt Charts for Project Planning

Paymo is a Simplified Gantt Charts for Project Planning

Create a Gantt chart in seconds, manage tasks and track work time, all on the Paymo work management platform.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Portfolio Gantt Chart: Get the big picture of all active projects and maintain a balanced project pipeline.
  • User Filters: Know the responsible team members for tasks at any given day with the Gantt chart and get a clear-cut view of their deadlines, performance and remaining work in conjunction with the user filters.
  • Task Dependencies: Create task dependencies to understand how tasks relate to each other, easily account for an overlap or delay between two consecutive tasks.
  • Sharing and Task Scheduling: Easily update your clients about project progress by exporting the Gantt chart as a PDF/PNG, schedule tasks with a drag-and-drop action.


Paymo Pricing Plan

Paymo has a free plan and other paid plans which are Small office and Business plans

However, you can only access the Gantt charts feature on the Business plan which charges $15.79 per user per month and covers other features like priority support, 100 GB storage and online remote assistance. 

You can also try out the features of any plan you want, freely for 15 days. 

A 2-month free discount is also available if you go on an annual subscription.

9. TeamGantt

Ideal Online Gantt Chart Maker for Small Businesses

TeamGantt is an Ideal Online Gantt Chart Maker for Small Businesses

TeamGantt allows you to create online Gantt charts which you can use to plan, schedule and manage your projects, collaborate with your teams and clients on your project plan.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • One Hub for All: Keep all your documents, tasks and conversations in a single centralized hub, store all important information in your Gantt chart tool.
  • Project Views: Switch from your Gantt chart diagram to Kanban board or calendar view with one click.
  • Resource Management: Check team availability before scheduling and assigning project tasks, know who's occupied or available with just a glance at your online Gantt chart.
  • Portfolio Views and Reports: Visualize your projects' status with a single click, use the project health reports to know tasks that are not performing to expectations.


TeamGantt Pricing Plan

TeamGantt has a free plan with 3 users and 60 task limits. 

Although you can access the dependencies feature on the free plan, you only get access to 1 project and labels. 

Therefore, you might have to ultimately subscribe for the Standard or Advanced plan to get unlimited projects, tasks and other collaboration and planning features. 

You can also try out any of the paid plans freely for 30 days.

10. GanttPRO

A Top Project Management Software With Beautiful Gantt Charts for Comprehensive Project Overview

GanttPRO is a Top Project Management Software With Beautiful Gantt Charts for Comprehensive Project Overview

Use GanttPRO to create powerful Gantt charts fast, track tasks, dependencies and resources, collaborate with your team and manage your projects easily.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Gantt Chart Templates: Instead of creating new Gantt chart schedules from scratch, select from the available Gantt chart templates which you can edit in Google Sheets or download in Excel.
  • Timeline: Plan, schedule, manage and assign all your projects tasks with a simple drag and drop.
  • Critical Path: Enable the critical path to visualize the most important tasks for a successful project accomplishment.
  • Task Settings: Easily set dates, statuses, priority and duration for your tasks, assign them to teammates fast.


GanttPRO Pricing Plan

GanttPro offers three plans which are Individual, Team and Enterprise. 

The Team plan, chosen by 74% of businesses, goes for $8.90 per user per month while the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing. 

You can take a free 14-trial plan, request a custom plan or get a 33% discount if you choose the annual subscription.

11. Celoxis

Best Project Management Software with Gantt Chart for Scheduling and Tracking Your Projects

Celoxis is the Best Project Management Software with Gantt Chart (1)

Call it a one-in-all project management software and you won't be wrong; Celoxis packs many features including Gantt chart to allow you to stay in control of your projects and portfolios.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): Use the start and finish dates to create the Work Breakdown Structure such as tasks, subtasks and milestones.
  • Task Management: Drag and drop tasks to reorder them in hierarchy, assign users on tasks, expand-collapse the task list. 
  • Dependencies: Drag and drop dependencies between tasks, get quick updates of task progress.
  • Gantt Printing: Print the Gantt, view the schedule with different Zoom levels and explore the auto save and manual save options.


Celoxis Pricing Plan

There are two pricing plans on Celoxis depending on the deployment mode that you choose. 

For example, subscribing for the cloud-based solution charges $22.50 per user per month, billed yearly

On the other hand, you would have to make a one-time payment of $450 if you want to use the Celoxis solution on-premises. 

Note that the Gantt chart features are included in any Celoxis plan that you choose and you can also take a 30-day free trial.

Your Best Gantt Chart Software Go-To for Project Lifecycle Management

Mavenlink is Your Best Gantt Chart Software Go To for Project Lifecycle Management

Designed for professional services organizations, Mavenlink offers an intuitive project management solution which gives you access to two Gantt charts, the Global Gantt Chart and Local Gantt Chart.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Project Portfolio: Assess your overall project portfolio at once or drill down to the task level, generate real-time insight with the Gantt chart and easily check tasks or deliverables' status.
  • Process Automation and Dependencies: Replace manual processes and workarounds, create reusable templates and workflows, break down silos to deepen insights, easily establish dependencies between tasks in a project.
  • Project Pulse: Get real-time status insight with Project Pulse to know where things stand, take advantage of Mavenlink insights to access and act on real data.
  • Baselines and Integrations:  Create baselines to reveal how your project scope shifts over time, integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools and connect to useful apps to boost productivity and efficiency.


Mavenlink offers three pricing plans which are Enterprise, Premier and Professional. 

You would have to get in touch directly with Mavenlink to know about the pricing of the available plans. 

Although, you can try out any Mavenlink plan freely for 10 days and you don't have to pay additional for users with different permission levels.

13. Bitrix24

Suitable Simplified Gantt Chart Tool for Small Businesses

Bitrix24 is a Suitable Simplified Gantt Chart Tool for Small Businesses

Bitrix24 provides a collaborative project management platform where you can manage your tasks and projects effectively.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Visual Project Planning: Project planner, project Gantt chart, project Kanban board, custom project stages, project calendar.
  • Online Project Workspace: Discussions and comments, project chat, project drive, project access rights, project notifications, approval workflows.
  • Project Resource Management: Workload planning, time spent tracking, project reports, CRM resource booking
  • Advanced Project Management: Project archiving, public and private projects, robotic process automation, extranet access for external users, granular project access rights.


Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

There are pricing plans for both cloud and on-premises depending on which deployment solution you want to choose. 

The available plans for the cloud solution are Free, Basic, Standard and Professional. 

You save 20% if you go on a one-year subscription. 

Business and Enterprise are the available on-premise plans. 

The Business plan cost $2,990 for 50 users while the enterprise version charges $24,990 for 1,000 users. A free 15-day trail plan is also available.

14. Clarizen

Best Project and Portfolio Software for Interactive Gantt Chart

Clarizen is the Best Project and Portfolio Software for Interactive Gantt Chart

Clarizen provides two products, Clarizen one and Clarizen go which gives you access to the necessary tools for project, portfolio and task management.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Project Archive: Easily share discussions, emails, files and links across internal and external shareholders to build a rich project archive.
  • Collaboration: The centralized digital proofing and approval process enables everyone to be in sync.
  • Workspaces: Get full visibility into project health and make better decisions with the data-driven resource and financial management workspaces.
  • Multiple Workstyles: Integration with other task management systems like Clarizen Go and Jira supports multiple workstyles.


You have access to two plans on Clarizen and they are the Enterprise and Unlimited editions. 

Even though the Enterprise plan is the higher plan, it doesn't offer too many different features from the Unlimited plan. 

You would have to request pricing for any of the two plans or request a demo. 
A 30-day free trial plan is also available.

15. Workzone

Top-Rated Project Management Software for Building Projects from Gantt Chart Online

Workzone is the Top Rated Project Management Software for Building Projects from Gantt Chart Online

Build and edit projects straight from the interactive Gantt chart and visualize your project schedules graphically across a timeline, all with Workzone.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Task Dependencies: Easily link dependent tasks to allow the automatic calculation of tasks' start dates.
  • Project Dashboard: Gain real-time view projects' status across departments, clients or campaigns and keep everyone on the same page.
  • Project Request Forms: Allow others to request projects online by creating custom forms.
  • Workload Reports: Workzone provides over 20 reports among which is the workload reports which lets you spot over or under allocated resources, and thereby balance the workload to the available resources.


Workzone Pricing Plan

Workzone is best suited for small businesses comprising teams of 5 to 500+ and you also get unlimited training and support irrespective of the plan you choose. 

Available plans are Team, Professional and Enterprise. 

If you manage five or more users, the Team plan should be enough to serve your needs with features like unlimited project and task management, project templates and Gantt chart. 

You can always go for any of the other two plans if you want additional features. 

Workzone does not offer free trials.

16. Agantty

A Completely Free Gantt Chart Tool

Agantty is a Completely Free Gantt Chart Tool

Agantty is a free project management software which you can use to organize and track an unlimited amount of projects, tasks and teams.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Gantt Chart: Get a clear overview of all your projects and tasks, avoid missing deadlines and milestones.
  • Projects: Create as many projects as you want, select a project timeframe, a color and whichever team you want to assign the project to, then place in the Gantt chart and edit easily.
  • Tasks and Task Overview: Create tasks in a team which you can assign with drag-and-drop in the Gantt chart, organize tasks in groups, filter team's tasks and sort easily.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Create an unlimited number of teams, invite as many members as you want, work in teams and assign tasks to members, friends and colleagues easily.


Agantty is free to use, so you don't have to pay any cent. 

All you need to do is to register for free or download the .exe file directly for windows. 

Although, there are paid extensions like time tracking and presets which you can buy if you want.

17. InstaGantt

Best Online Gantt Chart Software for Dashboard and Time Management

InstaGantt is the Best Online Gantt Chart Software for Dashboard and Time Management

Would you like to get access to a simple but powerful and institutive Gantt chart online? If yes, welcome to Instagantt.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Baselines: Build as many baselines as you want, load them on top of your chart at any time, track schedule changes and delays smoothly.
  • Workload Management: See how many tasks a user or resource is expected to do simultaneously on all the project lifetime, conveniently change dates and balance workload between assignees.
  • Dashboard and Reporting: Track the level of your project progress over time with real and expected progress curve, explore the automatic reports and dashboards to evaluate your projects' health.
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Share public links with external stakeholders, send PDF exports, spreadsheet exports or image exports, quickly invite your team to share your projects with you and collaborate with everyone on the same platform.


InstaGantt Pricing Plan

Instagantt has two plans for a monthly or yearly subscription, known as Single Subscription and Team Subscription

The Single Subscription costs $7/month with access to features such as unlimited projects, portfolios and public snapshots. 

On the other hand, the Team Subscription costs $5/user/month with extra features like license management and workload management for teams. 

There is a 7-day free trial plan.

18. Zoho Projects

An Affordable Online Gantt Chart Software

Zoho Projects is an Affordable Online Gantt Chart Software

Zoho Projects is a comprehensive project management software which provides access to important features such as Gantt charts, task workflows and automated notifications.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Dependencies: Create up to four dependencies types for related tasks, edit, delete or adjust the time lag between dependent tasks when necessary.
  • Baselines: Compare project progress over different periods by setting up baselines in the online Gantt chart creator.
  • End Variance: Simply identify delayed tasks which request attention with the end variance.
  • Templates: Convert an existing project into a template or create a Gantt chart template all for use while creating a new project.


Zoho Projects Pricing Plan

Apart from the free plan which allows up to 3 users, Zoho Projects offers two other paid plans which are Premium and Enterprise

Both paid plans allow unlimited projects and provide many project templates including other features like subtasks and remainders, project resource utilization, custom views and status. 

You can also try out any of the plans freely for 10 days.

19. Microsoft Project

A Simple Go-To Gantt Chart Software If You Cherish Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Projects is a Simple Go To Gantt Chart Software that Cherish Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft Project is a popular project management software with Gantt chart view for managing small and large projects.

Gantt Chart Tools

  • Views: Track tasks for specific project sprints with grid or board views, start projects fast with simple connected views.
  • Scheduling: Easily assign tasks to team members, add scheduling when you want and track task due dates and timelines.
  • Collaboration: Conveniently manage all aspects of a team project such as file sharing, add new members to projects and enable all team members to edit tasks simultaneously.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft 365 tools to enjoy increased value from your Microsoft Project subscription.


Microsoft Projects Pricing Plan

Microsoft Project offers both cloud-based and on-premises solutions. 

For the cloud-based solutions, you have Project Plan 1 at $10 per user per month, Project Plan 3 at $30 per user per month and Project Plan 5 at $55 per user per month. 

Available plans for the on-premises solutions are Project Standard 2019, Project Professional 2019 and Project Server.

Phone and chat sales support are also available if you want to know more.

Use Microsoft Project freely and see if it's best for you.

Key Features to Look For in Gantt Chart Software

The first thing to note is that Gantt chart features might be different from one vendor to another

But still, there are some necessary features that need to come with anything called a Gantt chart. 

These features are sometimes referred to as elements or components of the Gantt chart

Let's check them out one after the other. 

1. Gantt Bar

Picture Gantt Bar as the graphical representation of a task which depicts the exact task type whether a critical one or a milestone.  

They are attributes shaped horizontally on the right side of a Gantt chart and they show the task duration, scheduled and exact start dates, task completion percentage, and the task progress. 

Gantt Chart Anatomy
Source: Wikipedia

They can also specify the time frame needed for the completion of each task, especially after the sub-tasks have been itemized. 

Therefore, the sub-task can be carried out within the speculated schedule leading to timely completion of projects.

2. Milestones

These are represented as yellow diamonds at the end of the taskbar on a Gantt chart and they show major events and decisions, especially ones associated with projects' completion and success. 

Just as milestones specify a significant point in development, project managers use milestones to indicate that a particular task sequence or work has been completed

They can be task completion date, project checkpoint or valuable goal date and you can select them as special symbols in which they are indicated. 

Creating a Gantt chart with Milestones using a Stacked Bar Chart
Source: Dave Paradi

Completing a milestone is an eventful moment and it shows that the project is making progress and advancing forward.

3. Dates and Timelines

How do you know the exact period in which a task will commence? 

Through the dates, of course.

Dates are an important element of a Gantt chart, indicated along the top and they help you to know the start and end period of the overall project

Gantt Charts Dates and Timelines Example
Source: ExamplesOf.com

You can also know when each task will begin easily. Timelines, on the other hand, proceed in a horizontal motion along the top of the Gantt chart and they indicate the days, weeks, months and even years.

4. Task Dependencies

Another key component of Gantt chart, task dependencies are dull light gray lines that link tasks together, especially the tasks that need to follow a particular sequence or order. 

PowerPoint Gantt Chart with Dependencies Template
Source: Smartsheet

With task dependencies, you can automatically calculate the start dates of tasks and easily understand the relation between tasks

Also, task dependencies make it easier for you to adjust schedules when deadlines or work changes.

5. Task List

Task list involves the vertical listing of tasks on the left side of a Gantt chart to display the project work. 

They might be sectioned into groups, subgroups or subtasks and they therefore help you to keep track of all the projects' subtasks. 

Project Task List
Source: WPS Template

With a task list, you can easily view all your tasks and subtasks which eventually help you to manage your projects smoothly.

6. Resources and Task ID

What does resources mean in relation to project management

Well, resources refers to the means by which tasks, work and projects are well accomplished

It could be the people, useful tools and skills which help to ensure the projects are completed successfully. 

Representation of resources on a Gantt chart allows you to know the individual or team assigned to a task.

Gantt Charts Resources and Task ID
Source: Thetablebar.blogspot

You would be able to know who is responsible for what, leading to efficient project management. 

In the same vein, task ID on a Gantt lets you identify tasks fast and conveniently

It is possible you are handling a whole lot of tasks and a way to recognize them easily is by assigning specific IDs to each task.

7. Collaboration and File Sharing

Whether it's task management software or work management software, collaboration features cannot be neglected

The same thing applies for a Gantt chart. 

You should be able to store all project information in the same place and record task progress
Ability to import files, print or export Gantt charts is also another key component of a Gantt chart.

Gantt Chart Software FAQ

What is Gantt chart software?

A Gantt chart software is software that lets you create shareable and collaborative Gantt charts, task dependencies, add milestones and identify critical paths of project plans. 

Most people confuse Gantt chart software with project management software. 

However, the difference is that Gantt chart software is included in most project management software as a tool. 

You might still find some Gantt chart software that comes as a standalone software such as GanttPRO and Instagantt.

Nonetheless, they mostly offer the same or similar features.
Although project management software gives you access to some other additional features for easy and effective project management.

What is a Gantt chart?

Gantt chart got its name from Henry Gantt, an American mechanical engineer and management consultant who created the Gantt chart in the 1910s. 

Today, a Gantt chart has become a very popular and powerful project management tool which is used for planning and scheduling projects and to simplify complex projects

It is a special type of bar chart which represents the dependency relationships between tasks, together with the present schedule status. 

With a Gantt chart, you can schedule your project tasks, track your project progress, understand task duration and resource use.

What are the Advantages of a Gantt chart?

Gantt chart provides lots of benefits for quality project management.

– Gives you a comprehensive visual overview of your projects and timelines
– Easily track tasks, multiple projects and your entire workflow
– Allows you to simplify complex and tedious projects into simpler subtasks
– Allows you to set and meet project deadlines and milestones
– Easily assign tasks to individuals and teams and monitor them effectively
– Boost your business productivity level and increase team collaboration
– Help you to manage time and resource effectively
– Understand relationship and overlapping between tasks in a project
– Make remote working easier and more successful

What are the Disadvantages of Using Gantt Charts?

While it's true that Gantt charts have many advantages, they also come with a few disadvantages.

– Requires lots of time and efforts to set up
– You have to keep the Gantt chart updated regularly
– Maintaining the Gantt chart and scaling during larger projects does not come easy
– You can not work with physical Gantt charts since it's impossible to make any changes to them
– They don't prioritize important tasks, nor do the bars indicate the effort put into the task.

How Much Does Good Gantt Chart Software Cost?

A good Gantt chart software which provides access to basic features has an average cost of $9 to $20 per user per month.

Although you might find some exceptions depending on the plans and vendor that you choose
If you want to enjoy more advanced features, then you've to shed some dollars by choosing higher plans. 

The size of your team or the number of users you want to access the Gantt chart software will also affect the costs. 

For example, higher plans which offer full capacities for large-size teams might charge more.
You also have free Gantt chart software while some only offer a free trial.

Here are Gantt chart software that provides a free plan: Monday.com, ClickUp, Wrike (Gantt chart is only available on paid plans), Teamwork, Paymo, TeamGantt, Bitrix24, Agantty, Zoho Projects.

Which Gantt Chart Software Should I Try?

Well, the possible answer to this one-million dollar question is that you should try out any software that provides the features you need within the price you can afford

You also have to consider other factors like your team size, preferred deployment mode, integrations and customer support. 

You can know how these software fare with all these factors by taking their trial plans. 

Doing so would give you ample time to try out the features and see what they have to offer

The major use cases of the Gantt chart software have been provided below.

Overall, consider trying out the free plan or the basic plan of any Gantt chart software that provides what you need. 

And continue to stay in charge of your business project management.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk