17 Best Free Gantt Chart Software of 2024 (Honest Reviews)

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

The best free Gantt chart software provides the ideal way to stay organized and plan projects, whether you’re alone or with a team. Here are our top five free Gantt chart software tools:

Clickup icon


An easy-to-use Gantt chart software with free features. It comes with task management features to simplify your work processes.
TeamGantt icon


Major brands use this Gantt chart maker. It features resource management functions for small teams and startups.
Monday icon


This is an all-in-one project management tool with an easy-to-use Gantt chart. You can easily customize your chart based on your project.
Wrike icon


An ideal Gantt chart for improving teamwork in a dynamic office setting. It features multiple interactive templates
Smartsheet icon


An online Gantt chart software designed for project managers. It offers team, resource management, and task management tools.

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There are a lot of free Gantt chart software tools out there for those who don't want to spend a lot on costly software. Many modern Gantt chart tools come with a free version or don't require you to pay, giving you all you need to manage a small team or take care of low-budget projects.

You can access a free-forever Gantt chart or opt for the free plan of a paid Gantt chart generator. Keep in mind that these free software still provide full-service features that would improve your productivity and help you stay on top of projects.

We have compiled a list of the best free Gantt chart software in this guide.

Best Free Gantt Chart Software of 2023

Here is the best free Gantt chart software of 2023:

1. ClickUp

Best Free Gantt Chart Software Overall

  • Guest, private, and protected chart permission options
  • Focus on security through multiple security features
  • Unlimited tasks and members on a free plan
  • Custom exports
  • Customer-centric features
  • Suitable for teams and solo users
  • Cost-effective for teams and organizations
  • Poor time tracking tool
  • Lack of customized reports
  • Mobile app
  • Initial learning curve
Clickup icon
Editor’s Take

ClickUp is our first choice for anyone looking for free Gantt chart software. This impressive platform is well-known for its extensive range of free features and seamless functionality. This Gantt chart tool helps you to easily manage business projects, goals, and processes.

$0 – $29 per member per month
Discount for Annual Plan
Free Plan

ClickUp is a free Gant chart tool with simple-to-use and efficient features. You can easily customize your Gantt chart and use multiple views. The platform is feature-rich, with all the features arranged without giving you a cluttered interface.

In addition to this, there are tools for resource and budget management. ClickUp has impressive Gantt chart functionality, but more features are unlocked when you pay.

Key Features

Automated Gantt Chart

ClickUp offers a highly customizable and automated Gantt chart view with other views, including calendars, lists, and boards. You can assign tasks to team members, and project scheduling is a breeze. The charts are flexible.

Progress Percentage and Milestones

Although a Gantt chart allows you to visualize project progress, ClickUp calculates how far you've gone in percentage form. This is based on your completed tasks. Furthermore, you can create milestones in your project.

Seamless Critical Path Calculations

ClickUp's Gantt chart comes with a critical path. This shows you the tasks you need to complete to finish your project and makes it easy to reschedule and prioritize without falling behind on schedule.

2. TeamGantt

Best Free Gantt Chart Software for Small Teams

  • Exports in PDF format
  • Intuitive interface
  • Efficient project performance and progress tracking
  • Easy conversion of tasks to groups and milestones
  • Not enough third-party integrations
  • High cost for large teams
  • Sharing function is not ideal
TeamGantt icon
Editor’s Take

TeamGantt is an ideal Gantt chart tool for small teams and startup companies, and it can be easily used for free. It provides a centralized location where all your tasks, projects, and documents can be stored and feature a sharp and easy-to-use interface.

For Small Teams
$0 – $29.95 per month for one user
Discount for Annual Plan

TeamGantt is next on our list, offering a 30-day free trial and a free plan. Even in the free plan, the software still offers a sizeable number of features.

The free Gantt chart tool is used by major brands like Netflix, Nike, and Amazon and is customized using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Asides from the chart, you can set up to-do lists, calendars, capacity planning, and manage resources with TeamGantt.

Key Features

Timeline Tracking

TeamGantt has a unique feature in its Gantt chart that allows you to view the planned timeline and the actual timeline if you're falling behind schedule. The Gantt chart is easy to make and can be zoomed in or out to view your project plan and timeline fully.

Team Management Tools

You can efficiently work within your small team or startup with team availability and resource management tools. Stay on budget, ensure no one is overloaded with work, and more.

Dedicated Mobile App

TeamGantt allows you to monitor your projects and team while moving with their mobile app. The Gantt chart is well-designed to be readable and easy to understand on a small screen.

3. Monday.com

Best Free Gantt Chart Software for Customization

  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Private boards and documents as well as guest access option
  • A dashboard that combines up to 50 boards
  • Free plan and 14-day free trial
  • Limited reporting tools
  • Limited activity log
  • Lack of robust integration options
  • Lacks powerful task dependencies
Monday icon
Editor’s Take

No software does it better than Monday.com when it comes to customizing your Gantt chart and managing projects. This free Gantt chart maker is ideal for simple and complex projects, with multiple data views and customization tools. It is easy to set up and automate your daily project tasks, keeping you and your team in the loop.

For Customization
$0 – $20 per seat per month
Discount for Annual Plan

Monday.com is well-known as one of the best Gantt chart tools, and it offers a free plan that lasts forever. There is a 14-day free trial on all the paid plans.

The software is a multi-functional platform with a powerful Gantt chart that you can customize to every little detail.

Plus, it has an extensive range of project management tools, including time tracking, task management, and automation.

Key Features

Import From Excel

Asides from being easy to customize, Monday.com allows you to import plain spreadsheets from Excel into the Gantt chart. After turning excel files into smart boards, you can view them as Gantt charts without any hassle.

Multiple Views for Efficiency

You can view your Gantt charts in Kanban, Timeline, Workload, and other views with the simple push of the button. So, you and your project team can keep track of the progress efficiently.

Integrate with Different Tools

Monday.com has a wide range of integrations to save time juggling between different applications. These include Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, Google Calendar, Excel, LinkedIn, and more. It comes with a downloadable Gantt chart app.

4. Wrike

Best Free Gantt Chart Software for Team Collaboration

  • A free plan with a comprehensive list of features
  • Integrations with file-sharing and cloud storage services such as Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox
  • Branded and customizable workspaces and workflows
  • Detailed analytics and insights to calculate deliverables
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Overwhelming for new users
  • Difficult onboarding
  • Lack of UI customization
Wrike icon
Editor’s Take

Small and large teams who want to work together seamlessly can benefit from Wrike, as the free Gantt chart tool has a wide range of tools for top productivity. These include reporting tools, real-time insights, and time tracking, ensuring all team members are on the same page.

For Team Collaboration
$0 – $24.80 per user per month
Discount for Annual Plan

Wrike is the best way for teams to stay connected while working on a project. The Gantt chart software offers a 14-day free trial and a free plan and is highly flexible to support scalability.

Companies like Google, Walmart, and Dell use Wrike, as it combines its Gantt chart and team collaboration tools with a wide range of project management features.

Key Features

Control Multiple Projects in One Place

You can manage and monitor different projects on the free Gantt chart maker, using their features like critical path analysis, baselining, and snapshots. It allows users to import MS Project and Excel files into the Gantt chart.

Team Collaboration Tools

The highlight of this free Gantt tool is its collaboration features and automated reporting system. Team members can receive real-time updates using the approval system, time tracking, and shareable Kanban boards.

400+ Integrations

Besides having different Gantt chart diagrams at your service, Wrike comes with over 400 integrations for project management and teamwork. They allow you to copy data from these apps into the Gantt chart. Wrike has integrations for CMS, CRM, emails, software/IT, business intelligence, file storage, messaging, export/import, business intelligence, and more.

5. Smartsheet

Best Online Gantt Chart Software for Team Management

  • Integrations with multiple cloud tools and calendars
  • Extended import and export options
  • Easy and quick chart creation through templates
  • Automated alerts and custom notifications
  • 30-day free trial
  • No free version
  • No mobile app
  • Lack of reports on user activity
Smartsheet icon
Editor’s Take

Smartsheet is the ideal online Gantt chart maker for team leaders and project managers who want to stay on top of their teams. Ideal for remote and physical teams, Smartsheet provides a powerful Gantt chart with a project roadmap for easy management.

For Team Management
$9 – $32
Discount for Annual Plan

Smartsheet is a free Gantt chart tool that seamlessly works with your existing system and reduces the onboarding process. It is well-known for its essential task management tools and offers a wide range of Gantt chart templates to assist you in making your project roadmap.

Although it doesn't have a free plan, it offers a 30-day free trial.

Key Features

Team Administration Tools

Smartsheet offers different features for project managers to track team availability, task completion, and project progress. Using the Hierarchy feature, they can create sub-tasks and assign team members to them. They can edit the due date, task duration and details, and color-code tasks, which the team members see as real-time updates.

Easy Onboarding for Gantt Chart

Although the Gantt chart is easy to create, Smartsheet provides instruction videos and templates, cutting the onboarding time drastically. It can be shared with clients and stakeholders outside the Gantt chart app.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

With Smartsheet, you can save time on your repetitive tasks through automation. The intuitive visual editor allows you to combine different actions and conditional paths once; for example, you can set up B to happen whenever you do A. Alerts, requests, and updates are automated.

6. GanttPRO

Best for Intuitive UX and UI

GanttPRO- Online project management solution based on Gannt charts

GanttPRO is the ideal free Gantt chart creator for anyone looking for usability and an intuitive user experience. It does not have a free plan but offers a 14-day free trial, making it ideal for short-term projects.

After the trial, you can either purchase a paid plan or cancel your account. The Gantt chart software is visually attractive and allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

Key Features

Multiple Workspaces

GanttPRO allows you to create multiple workspaces, whether for a personal or team project. You can assign workspaces to your team members and ensure that only they have access to it or set up a shared workspace for everyone to stay in the loop. The Gantt chart can be shared with those outside the app.

Resource Planning Tools

With this free online Gantt chart tool, you can properly manage and plan your resources. The tool allows you to assign resources to particular tasks on the chart's timeline. You can instantly calculate the entire project costs based on the cost per hour and working hours and relocate resources to stick to the budget.

Critical Path and Auto Scheduling

The Critical Path feature makes it easy to prioritize your project tasks and sets up the shortest road to completing your project. The chart automatically adjusts with the auto-scheduling function on GanttPRO whenever you change the date, timeline, or dependencies. You don't have to adjust every little feature after making one change.


  • Extensive data import and chart export options
  • Intuitive portfolio Gantt charts
  • Access permissions for guests
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ability to map task dependencies
  • Document sharing and storage


  • The mobile version needs improvement
  • No freemium version

7. Zoho Projects

Best for Gantt Chart Automation

Zoho Projects- Visualize your progress with Grant chart

Zoho Projects is a free Gantt chart online tool that focuses on keeping you on track when managing a project. The Gantt chart functionality is highly responsive and automated, making it easy for you to create and make changes to your timeline and dependencies.

Zoho Projects offers time tracking features, workflow automation, and more. You can use the free plan, which allows for two projects and three users or take advantage of the 10-day free trial.

Key Features

Task Schedule Tracking

You can easily schedule tasks and track progress using the Zoho Projects Gantt chart. The automated chart keeps your critical task dependencies updated, so you and your team members are always in the loop. It has a unique feature that alerts you whenever you stray from the timeline in your chart.

Little to No Learning Curve

Anyone can start using the free Gantt chart on Zoho Projects, as it offers an intuitive user interface. Onboarding takes a concise time, and the charts are very colorful, making them more appealing and easy to understand. The software offers different color themes and dark or light modes based on your needs.

Multiple Integrations

Zoho Projects comes from a family of other project management tools, including Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk, Zoho Mail, Zoho Recruit, and more. All these apps are available as integrations and third-party integrations like Google Calendar, Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Box, Dropbox, Slack, Chrome, Zapier, and more.


  • Color coding
  • Multiple template options
  • Drag and drop editing function
  • Ease of use
  • Fair pricing plans
  • Responsive customer support
  • Task and project tracking is efficient


  • Poor dashboard functionality
  • High learning curve

8. OpenProject

Best for Mac and Linux Users

OpenProject-Open source project management software

OpenProject is one of the most highly efficient free Gantt chart software options for only Linux and Mac devices. The software comes with a Community plan offered for free with no limit on the users or projects.

There is a 14-day free trial. OpenProject allows you to set up project timelines on your Gantt chart, make them visible to team members, and share them with stakeholders.

Key Features

Open Source Software

OpenProject is an open-source Gantt chart tool, so you're required to download and install it to your system. You can operate the software on Linux, Mac, or Docker machines. The Community software comes with regular updates and new releases, all available for free. It is easy to use and reduces the onboarding time.

Highly Responsive Gantt Chart

The free Gantt chart on OpenProject is easy to configure and customize. Once you activate the chart, you can easily set task dependencies, set milestones and project goals, and manage tasks at once. Asides from setting dependencies, you can place predecessor and follower tasks on the chart. All of this is possible with the drag-and-drop interface.

Multiple Views and Zen Mode

The Zen Mode provides a bird's eye view of your Gantt chart by going into a full screen. It shows you an overview of your project timeline and progress. You can create project overarching timelines and subprojects, offering different views to your Gantt chart.

9. Online Gantt

Best Software for Instant Use

Online Gantt- No Signup and No Download Required

Online Gantt is a free-to-use Gantt chart tool and one of the best on our list. What sets this apart from others on our list is that it is entirely instant, with no download or signup required.

It is free forever, so you need to know how to open the online website and get started with your Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is easy to use, with a simplified website design and monotone colors.

Key Features

Easy to Use Gantt Chart

You can quickly start using Online Gantt by opening the website. The free Gantt chart might not have features to customize the design, but the template is already set up for you. All you need to do is name your project and set your task dependency. You can search for tasks, save them and create new ones.

Export Your Gantt Chart

Online Gantt allows you to export your Gantt chart to Excel. You can download it as an image or PDF file, making it easy to show the chart to team members and stakeholders outside of the website.

Multiple Views

Online Gantt allows you to view your project timeline in the form of the chart view and the edit resource list. You can manage the resources needed to complete your project with the resource list. It allows you to zoom in and out of your chart, providing a very close view or a bird's eye view of the chart.

10. Canva

Best for Non-Designers

Canva- Free Online Gantt Chart Maker

Canva is another impressive online Gantt chart software, standing out from others with its visually aesthetic design. Canva is an excellent online designer, but the Gantt chart is set up with the non-designer in mind, easy to use with the drag-and-drop interface.

You only need to sign up on Canva and choose one of their templates to get started. The Gantt charts are colorful and easy to customize.

Key Features

Professionally Designed Gantt Charts

Even if you're not a designer, Canva offers you an impressive selection of over 20 templates that have been professionally designed to meet your project needs. You can easily find a Gantt chart template that matches what you're looking for and input your project and tasks.

Publish, Share, Download, and Embed

The free Canva Gantt chart diagram can be published or downloaded and shared with others outside the app. The chart is in very high resolution and presentable to your stakeholders and team members. You can embed the chart into your presentation and reports, and any other document to show to clients.

Versatile and Aesthetic Design

Canva offers you a well-designed, versatile Gantt chart design. You can change the color of your entire chart, different elements, and texts. It provides you with varying designs of arrows, which you can use to show interdependent tasks. The chart can be shared with others, and they can edit it on their computer or smartphone and send it back.


  • Additional templates for slideshows, presentations, infographics, graphs, and emails, among others
  • Integrations with multiple external social media and content creation platforms
  • Free trial and free plans
  • No learning curve required


  • Limited templates
  • Limited export settings
  • Limited functionality of the free plan

11. ProjectLibre Cloud

Best Open Source Gantt Chart

ProjectLibre Cloud- Projectlibre Cloud

ProjectLibre Cloud is a recently released free Gantt chart software that advertises itself as an alternative to Microsoft Project. It is an open-source project management software, and the Gantt chart offers a lot of room for customization.

ProjectLibre Cloud comes with a free desktop version, although keep in mind that the software is still in beta. You can sign up as an early user to get started with the free Gantt chart generator.

Key Features

Open Source Platform

ProjectLibre Cloud is an open-source platform, which makes it compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS devices. This is much better than MS Project since it does not support macOS devices, so you can open your MS Project files with ProjectLibre Cloud. The platform is available in multiple languages and is easy to download.

Wide Range of Customizable Tools

You can extensively customize your Gantt chart on ProjectLibre Cloud, which would fit the unique needs of your business and project. Although there are many customizable tools, keep in mind that this makes the learning curve very high. It might take a while to get the hang of this software.

Extra Features

This free online Gantt chart creator comes with a multi-project feature that allows you to manage different tasks and projects in one place. It comes with extra tools like resource pools, histograms, RBS and WBS charts, network diagrams, and project management.

12. Toggl Plan

Best Tool for Attractive Design

Toggl Plan- Free Online Gantt Chart

If you want a free Gantt chart creator with stunning visuals and top-notch project planning tools, Toggl Plan is ideal for you. The software comes with a 14-day free trial with no credit card required, suitable for those who need a free Gantt chart generator for the short term.

After the free trial, you can decide to pay for one of the two plans. Toggl Plan is designed similarly to MS Project and allows for collaboration within and outside the software.

Key Features

Flexible Gantt Chart Tool

Toggl Plan offers a highly flexible Gantt chart that anyone can easily set up and adjust with the drag and drop interface. You can modify one part whenever there's a change, and the rest of the chart will automatically be updated. It has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, allowing you and your team to use it on the go.

Team Timelines

With Toggl Plan, project managers can view their team members' schedules and assign tasks based on availability. It makes it easy to distribute and balance the workload and prevent overworking. The tool provides notifications whenever someone changes the Gantt chart.

Collaborate Easily

Asides from collaborating within your team, Toggl Plan comes with a public access link that allows you to keep clients in the loop. You can send the link of your Gantt chart to other stakeholders outside of the app without signing up.


  • Time tracking
  • Great overview and clear timeline
  • Simple user interface
  • Extensive range of features for the free plan


  • A bit of a learning curve
  • Costly premium plans

13. Gantter

Best for Remote Collaboration

Gantter- The ulimate project management tool

Gantter is an impressive, online Gantt chart software that makes it easy for those who work from home or are a part of remote teams to stay organized and productive.

The software is seamlessly integrated with Google and available in over 20 languages, which global teams find helpful.

Gantter offers an AI-powered Gantt chart that instantly suggests your project's risks, resources, and tasks. You can start using Gantter with the 30-day free trial, but you might have to pay for a paid plan after that.

Key Features

Google Integration

Gantter's design is inspired by Google, making it easy for any Google user to get the hang of it. It is integrated with different Google apps like Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Docs and Sheets, and Google Comments. This Google-inspired design allows real-time multi-user editing, keeping your schedule updated.

Tracking and Analytics

With this free Gantt chart maker, you can track the project status and progress, the resources being used for the project, and the workload of all your team members. Gantter has features for analyzing risk and features built-in analytics. You can quickly draw up reports with the tool.

Import and Save on Cloud

Gantter is cloud-based software, making it easy for you to save and access your Gantt chart. You can share the Gantt chart with other stakeholders and keep them in the loop of your project. Plus, if you have your file in MS Project, you can import it to Gantter and save it there.

14. Agantty

Best for Project Management

Agantty- Unlimited Project Management

Agantty is a free-forever Gantt chart generator, giving you access to a wide range of premium features. Unlike other Gantt tools on our list, there is no paid plan, although the company releases paid extensions sometimes to improve your use.

Agantty thrives on its simple Gantt chart, with no learning curve. The Gantt chart offers a clear overview of your projects and tasks, preventing you from missing a deadline or milestone.

Key Features

Gantt Chart Simplicity

Using the drag-and-drop interface, you can easily set up your Gantt chart on Agantty. By moving them, you can organize tasks, projects, and team members. It allows a project manager to filter their tasks and that of their team members so that they are properly structured and easy to sort out. The software comes with a top-notch mobile app.

Rights Management

Agantty offers team managers complete control over the Gantt charts. So, they can control which team members see what and who is allowed to make corrections. They can assign global and project-based rights and assign tasks to those in the team. It allows for seamless collaboration between team members.

Reminders and Lists

Users can easily set reminders for themselves or send them to other team members via email, ensuring that everyone in the team is on the same page. You can export tasks for particular coworkers and timeframes as PDFs to send outside the app.


  • Free to use and open source
  • Peculiar chart export options
  • Portfolio Gantt chart
  • High security for your data
  • Unlimited teams and guests
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • High security


  • No comment/chat feature on tasks
  • Bit of a learning curve

15. Tom's Planner

Best for Personal Productivity

Tom’s Planner- Gantt Charts made easy, quick and effortless

Freelancers and small teams can turn to Tom's Planner, another reliable online Gantt chart tool. Tom's Planner is super easy to use, eliminating the learning curve that comes with Gantt charts usually.

It offers a free plan, but it only supports one project with 200 activities or tasks. But to get access to unlimited projects, you need to pay for the tool.

Key Features

Thousands of Templates

Tom's Planner offers over 500,000 Gantt chart templates, so you can easily find one that matches the type of project you're working on. The Gantt charts are created with a drag-and-drop interface. Regardless of the template you choose, the charts allow you to track progress with icons, percentages, traffic lights, colored blocks, and more.

Easily Find Tasks

Gantt charts can get large, especially when working on a big project. But, you can easily find tasks on Tom's Planner by using the search filter, which includes filters like team, resource, and activity. Collaboration with other team members is possible with Tom's Planner, and everyone can watch the project status as it changes.

Import and Share Charts

If you were creating Gantt charts or project schedules on MS Project, Excel, Basecamp, or Trello, you can import them to Tom's Planner and continue working on them there. You can share your chart with others, including anyone outside the app, making it easy to keep others in the loop.


  • No learning curve
  • High-quality templates
  • Easy to use and customizable


  • The software design is a bit outdated
  • No function to limit the calendar size

16. Instagantt

Best for Tracking Projects

InstaGantt- Online Gantt Chart Software for Project Management

Instagantt is a free Gantt chart software plugin built for Asana, the popular project planning platform. But, you can use the software outside of Asana, as it is a standalone tool. Instagantt comes with a seven-day free trial with no credit card required.

After this, you can cancel the plan or pay for their individual or team subscriptions. This online Gantt chart maker is best for setting task relationships and tracking projects. It has essential features like critical path and baseline.

Key Features

Workload Management

Instagantt comes with a workload management tool that shows how many resources or tasks a user has on hand. This feature prevents overworking and helps with team management. The software offers the resources you have left in the project timeline and allows you to assign workload with the drag-and-drop interface.

Extensive Tracking

The free Gantt chart tool allows you to track progress for every project task and subtask. You can track the changes to the schedule and team member availability in real-time. The Gantt chart maker allows you to track risks and ensures you're on schedule.

Multiple Views and Dashboard

Instagantt comes with two other views if you don't want to use the Gantt chart view. These are the board and Kanban views. There is a very detailed dashboard that shows the evolution curve of your project and compares it to the ideal curve. It is updated automatically.


  • Uncommon undo actions in case of mistakes
  • Exports in PDF, PNG, or CSV formats
  • Instant snapshots
  • Baselining for expense management


  • Difficult to integrate with Asana
  • Lack of support for moving multiple tasks at once

17. RationalPlan

Best for Quick Onboarding

RationalPlan- Manage your Projects the Easy Way

Finally, on our list is RationalPlan, which is the best free Gantt chart software option for speedy onboarding.

The free project management software is designed for teams and project managers and makes it easy to track work progress, manage budgets and allocate resources.

You can use the RationalPlan Cloud plan for free, although it limits you to two projects, two users, and 100 tasks. All the paid plans come with a free trial.

Key Features

Project Management Tools

RationalPlan comes with a wide range of project management and collaboration tools. It allows you to track workload and resource availability, manage projects, set milestones and recurrent tasks, and portfolio management.

Finance Management Features

The software allows you to estimate project costs and budgets, to prevent wasting and properly use resources. You can measure finances through standard and overtime rates and project performance.

Multiple Gantt Chart Features

You can set up a structure of projects and sub-projects with inter-project dependencies using RationalPlan. You can set milestones, connect tasks to resources, upload documents, and set access rights. RationalPlan allows users to create reports and deliver them to stakeholders and clients.


What Is a Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a tool that shows the visual timeline and progress of a particular project. It looks like a bar chart and allows you to plan projects, assign tasks, and review progress. Rather than making your Gantt charts yourself, you can use software online and set it up with a few clicks.

Where Can I Create Gantt Charts for Free?

You can create Gantt charts for free by using free Gantt chart tools. We have recommended the top free Gantt chart makers in the review, and you can check out our top choices like ClickUp, TeamGantt, Monday.com, Wrike, and Smartsheet.

How Do I Create a Gantt Chart Online?

First, sign up on a free Gantt chart software, although some instant platforms don't require signing up. Some software requires downloading on your system. After creating your account, you can name your project and start setting task dependencies.

Is There a Free Gantt Chart Template in Excel?

Excel does not have a fixed Gantt chart template. But, you can create one by creating a stacked bar chart and customizing it to show the start and due date of your project. You can then input the tasks and dependencies in the bar chart. Although you can use it for free, using a dedicated online Gantt chart creator is easier.

Does Microsoft Office Have a Gantt Chart?

Microsoft Office 365 does not have a Gantt chart, but you can get a Gantt chart maker under Microsoft Projects. It features a critical path function and other workflow management features. The software is loaded with project management features.

Try These Free Gantt Chart Software Tools and Apps

Individuals, small teams, and startups who cannot afford a Gantt chart tool can resort to the free software instead. Whether the software is always free, comes with a free plan, or offers a free trial, there are different ways to use a Gantt chart without breaking the bank.

While you can try these free Gantt chart software tools, the paid Gantt chart makers usually come with more features and fewer limits. For even better project management, you can purchase project management tools online instead.

But just because it's free doesn't mean it's low-quality. That's why we compiled only the best and trusted free Gantt chart software tools, so start improving your productivity today.

With that said, here are our top five free Gantt chart software:

Best Overall


An easy-to-use Gantt chart software with free features. It comes with task management features to simplify your work processes.
Best for Small Teams


Major brands use a famous Gantt chart. It features resource management functions for small teams and startups.
Best for Customization


This is an all-in-one project management tool with an easy-to-use Gantt chart. You can easily customize your chart based on your project.
Best for Team Collaboration


An ideal Gantt chart for improving teamwork in a dynamic office setting. It features multiple interactive templates.
Best for Team Management


An online Gantt chart software designed for project managers. It offers team and task management tools.

You might find these links useful if you need more resources before choosing a Gantt chart maker.

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Anastasia worked in management consulting and tech startups, so she has lots of experience in helping professionals choosing the right business software.