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14 Best Free Gantt Chart Software of 2021

Discover the best free Gantt chart software for project management and software developers. Plan, schedule, and manage your projects and workflows effectively.

Best Free Gantt Chart Software

Gantt chart software makes it easy to plan projects quickly and track your progress. Gantt charts help you stick to your project schedules and avoid missing deadlines and going over budget by presenting your upcoming tasks in a visual form. 

In this article, we’ll learn what a Gantt chart is and explore the 14 best free and paid Gantt chart software on the market (there are tons of them). We’ll look at the limitations of each one, as well as their pros and cons. 

Finally, we’ll look at the features that are a must-have for any Gantt chart software and recommend the best options for specific needs. Let’s go!


Best Overall Gantt Chart Software Tool

Try Monday.com


Best for Free Features

Try ClickUp


Best for Collaboration

Try Wrike

ProjectLibre Cloud

Best for Microsoft Project Users

Try ProjectLibre Cloud


Best for Mac & Linux OS

Try OpenProject


Best for Small to Mid Sized Teams

Try Agantty


Best for Robust Export Options

Try GanttProject

Tom’s Planner

Best for Freelancers & Individuals

Try Tom’s Planner


Best for Fast Onboarding

Try RationalPlan

What is a Gantt Chart?

Gantt charts are a powerful way to plan projects and track progress. They were introduced in the 1910s by Henry Gantt, a mechanical engineer & management consultant. They were later instrumental in the construction of the Hoover Dam and most of the U.S. highway system in the 1950s.

A Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that highlights a project’s progress along a timeline. It shows important milestones and how the different tasks required to complete a project are related to or dependent on each other. 

Gantt charts look like horizontal bar charts with a twist.

Gantt Chart looks like
Source: ClickUp

With Gantt charts, you can visualize your project timeline, the tasks required to complete a project, who’s assigned to each task, the start and end times for each task, the order in which tasks should be completed, and how tasks overlap and link together, all at once. It’s no wonder they’re so popular.

Important Gantt Chart Terms You Should Know

Here are a few important Gantt chart terms you should know:

1. Milestones

A milestone is an important date or event in a project. An example of a milestone could be the date by which the first phase of a project must be completed. 

2. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

There’s a popular saying that goes, “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”. This applies to project management too. Projects must be broken down into bite-sized chunks that are more manageable and easier to tackle. 

This is what a WBS does; it breaks down project tasks into smaller pieces according to the type of work involved. This is a crucial part of the project and can make or break your project. 

3. Critical Path

The critical path method refers to the sequence of tasks that must be completed to finish the project by the due date. Miss one critical task and the entire project will be delayed. Critical path analysis will help you determine what tasks to prioritize to deliver a project on time.

Best Free Gantt Chart Software Tools

1. Monday.com

Best Gantt Chart Software with a Free Plan.

Monday.com is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Customization

Monday.com is a cloud-based project management tool that aims to simplify how teams manage their workload and communicate between themselves. 

Its color-coded boards allow you to quickly see which projects are underway, which tasks are done, and where your team members may be stuck. The boards are organized in such a manner as to convey due dates and the relationships between specific tasks and assignments. 

You can filter boards according to status, text, timeline, person, or date. This allows you to quickly identify which team members are overloaded or underworked and even the workload balance more easily.

To eliminate confusion, Monday.com is designed so that all team communication occurs directly on the board. The software comes with over 200 templates and you can customize your workflows by dragging and dropping from any of the 30 types of columns available. 

You can also invite clients to view a board so that they can check the progress of their work any time they wish. There’s advanced search functionality that lets you search through images, projects, updates, and assignments with no date limit. 

Monday.com’s version of Gantt charts is known as Timeline. It is ideal for project and task management, especially those projects that span several days or involve teams that have multiple workloads. 

Finally, adjusting timelines (such as to reflect a new due date if there’s a delay with a project or task) is as easy as dragging timeline bars to extend or bring back due dates. And you can view multiple timelines on a single board. 


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com is free forever if you only need two users or fewer. Beyond that, you must choose one of the four pricing plans ranging from $10/user/month to custom pricing for enterprise users. 


  • Unique organizational approach
  • Shallow learning curve


  • The basic plan does not include many important project management features

2. ClickUp

Best Free Plan for a Gantt Chart Software.

ClickUp is the Best Free Plan for a Gantt Chart Software

One of the highest-rated productivity and online Gantt chart tools on the market, ClickUp is used by teams of all sizes in organizations of all types and sizes. 

It is the ultimate project management tool, helping you plan and schedule tasks with time estimates and giving you a helicopter view of all the activities involved in a project.

ClickUp gives you several different ways to view different tasks, projects, and spaces, including via Gantt charts. You also get a workload View to help you manage your resources and evenly balance the workload across your team. 

With Custom Statuses for your tasks, you can manage your projects exactly how you like. Whatever option you choose, ClickUp has abundant features to help you successfully finalize your project.


ClickUp Pricing Plan

Pricing with ClickUp is remarkably simple; it’s either free or you pay $9/user/month ($5 if you opt for annual billing). 


  • Robust free plan
  • Simple pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Well laid-out design 


  • The abundance of features may be overwhelming for some users who need a simpler product 
  • The abundance of customization options may be overwhelming

3. Wrike

Best Gantt Chart Software for Collaboration.

Wrike is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Collaboration

Wrike is a project management solution that places equal emphasis on collaboration and sharing. It can be used by businesses of all types and sizes, from small businesses to larger companies with on-site or fully remote teams. 

You can manage both individual and team tasks from the same platform and the software gives you an all-around view of your projects with customizable dashboards. You’re not limited to Gantt charts for project tracking; you can also choose to use Kanban boards or Wrike’s prebuilt workflow templates. 

Wrike also has a new Work Intelligence feature that applies machine learning and AI to help teams better manage project risk, get work done more efficiently, and communicate better. 

The new feature can predict project delays or failures, make recommendations, and send them to you. You also get contextual smart replies that you can use to respond to mentions. 

Finally, there’s a document processing functionality that’s equipped with optical character recognition to convert paper files to digital. 


Wrike Pricing Plan

You can use Wrike for free for up to five users. The Professional plan starts at $9.80/user/month, while the Business plan costs $24.80/user/month.


  • Scalable
  • Real-time news feed
  • Abundant third-party integrations


  • Steep learning curve

4. ProjectLibre Cloud

Best Free Gantt Chart Software for Microsoft Project Users.

ProjectLibre Cloud is the Best Free Gantt Chart Software for Microsoft Project Users

ProjectLibre Cloud bills itself as “Microsoft Project in your browser”. It is a free, open-source alternative to MS Project that also offers a downloadable desktop version. It is primarily targeted at governments, non-profits, and small agencies, and it offers two products, namely ProjectLibre Cloud and ProjectLibre Enterprise. 

In addition to Gantt charts, it also features WBS/RBS charts, network diagrams, earned-value costing, resource histograms, and multi-project resource pools, among other features. 

There’s also the ability to create project plans with indented task lists or work breakdown structures. You can create links, set durations for tasks, and assign resources as necessary. 

It is available on Linux, macOS, and Windows, and is compatible with MS Project files. And support is provided via documentation and email chat. 


ProjectLibre is currently free as they are currently in beta testing. There’s a link on their website if you’d like to sign up to be an early adopter.


  • Available in 27 languages
  • Business-like interface with no added fluff
  • Easy to alter the timeline to accommodate changes in the due dates


  • The cloud version is currently in beta 
  • The desktop version is free, but the cloud version is paid
  • No option for a client portal

5. OpenProject

Best Gantt Chart Software for Mac and Linux OS.  

OpenProject is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Mac and Linux OS

Another open-source platform, OpenProject is a project management software that boasts excellent collaboration features and Gantt charts and is specifically designed for Linux and macOS. There’s a free community edition with limited features, but users still get free access to Gantt charts and timeline management features

OpenProject comes with features such as issue tracking, time and cost reporting, document management, and code management. You can collect ideas for your projects and specify the project scope and deliverables with the solution. 

Furthermore, work packages and deliverables can be broken down into tasks and activities with the list view. You can highlight changes to a project schedule and view multiple projects on a single chart. You can also generate custom reports containing information on project performance and resource allocation. 

With the wiki feature, you can summarize the results of your projects and create closure reports. And you can archive projects for later reference or training purposes. On the support side, there’s phone and email support, as well as an online forum.


OpenProject Pricing Plan

Pricing starts at $405/year for 5 users (there are no monthly plans). Each additional user costs $6.75/month. There’s a free trial available. 


  • Excellent organization with sub-project and sub-tasks
  • No limit on how many projects or team members you can have
  • Can be highly customized to the needs of different departments


  • No mobile apps yet
  • Installation requires technical savvy
  • No resource availability percentage

6. Agantty

Best Free Gantt Chart Software for Small of Medium-Sized Teams. 

Agantty is the Best Free Gantt Chart Software for Small of Medium Sized Teams

Gantt charts are at the very core of Agantty, a free and simple project management software that gives you a clear view of every project, task, group, and team member. 

With Agantty, you can find everything you need to better manage your projects and teams in one place. You can create an unlimited number of tasks and projects and perform administrative functions on them from one dashboard. You can also track your to-dos on a clean interface, which means that you can easily find your tasks. 

During onboarding, you get guided walkthroughs. This is useful for those who may be new to project management in general as the software provides step-by-step instructions for the platform’s various features. With these walkthroughs, even the most non-technical user can get up to speed with the solution quickly.

With servers located in Germany, another area in which Agantty stands out is security—your data is protected under GDPR and by 256-bit encryption.  


Agantty is truly free, although the developer does plan to release some extensions for the product at a fair price. 


  • Responsibilities and milestone dates are delineated
  • Filter charts by team member, calendar date, etc
  • Share and distribute charts easily


  • No PDF exports currently
  • Not a great fit for daily/weekly tasks, although perfect for long-term planning
  • Notes don’t autosave

7. GanttProject

Best Gantt Chart Software for Robust Export Options. 

GanttProject is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Robust Export Options

GanttProject is a project management software featuring not just Gantt charts—as the name suggests—but also resource management; calendaring; and support for MS Project file, PDF, HTML, and spreadsheet imports/exports. 

It is a free, open-source, and Java-based project scheduling platform, to be precise. It is designed for OS X, Linux, and Windows. While most people may find the feature set limited and definite, it is good enough for most basic management applications. 

Also, it may not be the best option for beginners to project management software, but it is easy to create a new project. After creation, you can set the project’s priority, duration, create a web link, assign resources, and so on. Although the UI can sometimes be unresponsive, the menus and dialog boxes are simple enough to understand.

Project imports are also easy, as there’s support for files in the MS Project and CSV formats. With Gantt charts, you can monitor and track how your projects are organized, define milestones, and create PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) charts. 

You can also assign each task to a team member, record their role, and track how much time they spend working on the task. You can use separate resource charts to identify who’s busy and who isn’t. 

Generating PDF and HTML reports is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. There’s support for WebDAV, which makes it possible to share projects with coworkers. 

But for all its benefits and features, GanttProject does lack collaboration and hourly rate features, and support is only available through an online forum. 


GanttProject is free forever.


  • Can read and write MS Project files
  • Provides CSV, PDF, HTML, and PNG exports.
  • Offers resource management with conflict checks


  • You can only view one project at a time
  • Zooming and scrolling can be jumpy on large projects
  • Reporting features are not very customizable or editable

8. Tom’s Planner

Best Gantt Chart Software for Freelancers and Individuals. 

Tom’s Planner is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Freelancers and Individuals

Tom’s Planner is a project management software with easy-to-use Gantt chart functionality. With it, users can create project schedules online, share them with team members and collaborate on them. 

It is much simpler than MS Project and other full-blown project management tools and is thus an attractive alternative for people who might find these other tools too cumbersome for their simpler needs but still require a project management solution that’s more robust than spreadsheets. 

The drag-and-drop interface is easy to use; Tom’s Planner allows you to work directly in the Gantt chart instead of having the chart as a view-only part of the interface. This adds to the platform’s ease of use. 

There’s a shallow learning curve and anyone from advanced project managers to individuals planning a trip can very quickly get the hang of it. Being cloud-based, no installation is required, making setup and onboarding a breeze. And to get you started right away, there are several templates ready for customization and use. 

You can also collaborate easily and securely with other users during the planning process. With the free guest account, you can invite others to join in on a project or view plans (you can give view-only access to guests if you like). Another way to share projects is to publish them online. 

There’s the option to export projects as an image; so, you can incorporate your Tom’s Planner project plan into your Word or Excel documents. You can also embed a schedule into your blog, website, or intranet. And you can add links to other websites and online documents to your charts.

Moreover, there’s support for dependencies, which means that succeeding schedules are automatically adjusted whenever certain parameters on previous schedules are changed. You can filter charts by almost any parameter, including activity status, the name of a resource, or date. 

The platform is accessible from any device without requiring any app install, and your data is secured with SSL, malware detection, automated patch management, encrypted passwords, and a host of other security features. 


Tom’s Planner Pricing Plan

Tom’s Planner is free for one project schedule. Beyond that, you’ll need to subscribe to either the Professional plan—which costs $9.95/month—or the Unlimited plan—which costs $19.95/month. There’s a 14-day free trial available. 


  • Building a basic chart is quick and easy
  • There are chart templates for construction, business, web design, and events
  • You can track project status with percentages, icons, traffic lights, or colored time blocks


  • There are no third-party integrations 
  • The platform is only great for small to medium-sized projects
  • It only allows one document editor at a time

9. RationalPlan

Best Gantt Chart Software for Fast Onboarding.

RationalPlan is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Fast Onboarding

RationalPlan places heavy emphasis on ease-of-use, a shallow learning curve, and improved productivity. RationalPlan makes it easy for project managers and their team members to create project plans that help them meet their end goal while effectively managing resources, evaluating workload, monitoring progress, estimating expenditure, and tracking budgets.

RationalPlan gives users about 80% of the functionality of more advanced software like MS Projects at 20% of the price. And to make adoption easy for new users, there’s an embedded guide to explain the different parts of the software and teach them how to use the software. 

The platform works on any platform, Windows, macOS, and all flavors of Linux; there’s even a cloud-based version that runs directly in your browser no matter your operating system. 

And, last but not least, customer support is great as the vendor places a huge premium on customer satisfaction. 


RationalPlan Pricing

RationalPlan is available as both an on-premise and a cloud-based solution. The cloud-based solution gives you two projects and two users for free. Beyond that, pricing starts at $4/month/user and goes up to $19/month/user. 


  • Offers critical path highlighting
  • Can read MS Project files
  • Available as a native app on macOS


  • The free plan only allows two projects and two users
  • No mobile apps are available

Other Gantt Chart Software Options

1. Odoo

Best Full-Scale ERP with Gantt Charts.

Odoo is the Best Full Scale ERP with Gantt Charts

Odoo—formerly called OpenERP—is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning suite that consists of several modules, including CRM, e-commerce, accounting, inventory management, billing, project management, warehouse management, manufacturing, and purchasing. Each module seamlessly and efficiently communicates with the others. 

The platform comprises over 30 of these modules and they are regularly updated with new and improved features. In addition to the modules, there are over 16,000 third-party apps and plugins available on its app store to extend functionality. 

Since the system is modular, you only have to pay for what you need. Asides from being a more cost-effective approach to pricing, this is also a great way to reduce complexity as it means that you won’t be seeing features for which you have no immediate need. 

Odoo is available as a cloud-based offering or as an on-premise installation and can be used by businesses of all types and sizes. It’s open-source, so it’s highly customizable. In other words, you can get developers to make modifications to the system to suit the specific needs of your organization. 

There are tons of third-party integrations with services like payment processors and external shipping providers such as eBay, Amazon, UPS, FedEx, QuickBooks, and so on. 

The software is available in two versions: the free Odoo Community, and the premium Odoo Enterprise, for which there are iOS and Android apps. 


Odoo Pricing Plan

Odoo Community is the free version that includes access to a limited number of features and apps. The Enterprise version starts at $10/user/month (new customers pay $7.50/user for the initial number of users they sign up with). 

Adding the Project app—which is where you’ll find the Gantt chart functionality—adds $10 to your overall price. The cost of apps remains the same no matter how many users you add, so you’ll always pay $10 for the Project app whether you have one user or 1000. 

There’s a 15-day free trial


  • The modular system means you only pay for what you use
  • Highly customizable
  • There’s a free and open-source Community version


  • Steep learning curve
  • Set up might prove difficult for users that are unfamiliar with ERP software

2. Smartsheet

Best Gantt Chart Software for Templates.

Smartsheet is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Templates

Equipped with abundant options for collaboration, Smartsheet uses spreadsheets to streamline your projects and workflows. It’s designed to simplify project planning, tracking, automating, and reporting. The familiar Excel-like interface makes it easy to learn and use. 

Smartsheet also has a resource management platform called 10,000ft. This solution gives you a complete view of the availability of your team members and lets you request specific team members for certain tasks and plan your projects based on team capacity. 

Also, there’s time tracking functionality built into the platform. Smartsheet allows team members to track their time with prefilled timesheets and allows managers to track planned versus actual hours and get budget updates in real-time. 

Collaboration is easy and efficient as Smartsheet keeps all files, notes, and information associated with a specific task or project in one central location. And this information is accessible from all browsers, devices, and operating systems. 

There are automated alerts and reminders to alert team members to upcoming tasks and impending deadlines. You can set up notifications for completed work by team members and changes to sheets so that nothing takes you by surprise. 

One other great thing about Smartsheet is that it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. You can add files, view attachments, and act on notifications from any browser at any place or time. 

And, last but not least, Smartsheet has robust reporting features that leave nothing wanting. You can generate reports that outline tasks with imminent due dates, tasks that are at risk of falling behind schedule, tasks that need to be reassigned, and more. And these reports can be created and sent to your inbox automatically. 


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Smartsheet has three simple pricing plans: Individual (which costs $14/month with annual billing), Business (which costs $25/month with annual billing and requires that you purchase a minimum of three licenses), and Enterprise (which is custom priced).


  • Familiar spreadsheet-like interface
  • Diverse functionality
  • Cloud-based


  • It may run a little slower when loaded with a lot of data

3. Asana

A Robust Project and Task Management Solution With Quick and Easy-to-Use Gantt Chart Functionality.

Asana is a Robust Project and Task Management Solution With Quick and Easy to Use Gantt Chart Functionality

From daily tasks to strategic initiatives, Asana provides a platform for managing and organizing your work collaboratively. It helps teams make better decisions faster at every stage of the project by offering tasks, custom fields, portfolios, and progress views that update in real-time. 

Your work can be organized into shared projects or boards. Teams can create tasks within projects and assign members and due dates to them. The project can be viewed on a timeline that shows how everything connects, on a calendar to see when each task is to be completed, or sorted by any criteria you choose. 

To eliminate confusion and keep all communication within context, discussions occur within tasks, and documents are shared there too so that they stay connected to the relevant task or project. 

Teammates can comment directly on tasks, mention collaborators, share important details about the task, and stay updated on the overall progress of the work. 

Asana also allows you to create templates to standardize common processes and workflows so that no one misses important steps, work doesn’t fall through the cracks, and everything runs smoothly. A side benefit to this is that you can shorten planning times and get to doing actual work much more quickly. 

There’s also the ability to monitor the status of key projects and initiatives with a feature called Portfolios. This feature allows you to organize projects into groups so that anyone can see their status and drill in for more details if they want. They can then report these updates to stakeholders. 

Asana is available for web, iOS, and Android devices, allowing users to stay connected from anywhere. And it is available in the English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Japanese languages. 


Asana Pricing Plan

Asan is free to use if you have fewer than 15 users. For more users, you’ll need to pay for the software, and paid plans range from $10.99/user/month (with annual billing) to $24.99/user/month (with annual billing too). There’s a quote-based Enterprise plan as well. 


  • Intuitive user interface
  • The free basic plan accommodates up to 15 users

4. Backlog

Best Gantt Chart Software for Software Development Teams. 

Backlog is the Best Gantt Chart Software for Software Development Teams

Backlog is specifically designed for development teams that work with design and marketing teams. In addition to project management, it also contains features for issue management, sub-tasking, bug tracking, and burndown charts. 

It integrates seamlessly with Git and SVN, thereby allowing you to manage a project’s source code on the same platform as you manage the project. The platform also features watchlists, file sharing, and comment threads. 

With Backlog, you can visualize your timeline and project workflows on Gantt charts. You can propose changes to a project and compare them to one another. You can also comment on pull requests and track all changes across a project or document. 

In addition to the Git and SVN integrations, there are also integrations with Cacoo, Typetalk, and Jenkins. Backlog is accessible on mobile as it offers both iOS and Android apps. It’s a paid service and support is offered via email, live chat, and an online knowledge base. 


Backlog Pricing Plan

Backlog offers four plans, including a free plan for up to 10 users and one project, although this plan is severely limited. There’s a 30-day free trial for all plans. The other plans range in price from $35/month to $175/month.


  • Easy to set up
  • Competitively priced
  • Great for programming and development projects


  • Though there are some useful integrations for developers, there’s a lot of room for improvement
  • UI can be improved
  • Reporting functionality is lacking

5. Teamgantt

A Gantt Chart Software with the Best Read-Only Functionality for External Sharing. 

TeamGantt is a Gantt Chart Software with the Best Read Only Functionality for External Sharing

TeamGantt is a great Gantt chart software for organizations of all sizes. There are tons of collaborative tools such as time tracking, features for task-level communication, collaborative Gantt charts, and file sharing. 

The Gantt charts allow you to create tasks by dragging and dropping over dates on a calendar. You can see what each of your team members is working on and how many tasks they have to complete each day. 

Users can comment directly within tasks to keep all communication centralized, and documents can also be attached to tasks. You can filter tasks by their due date and assignee, and Gantt charts can be converted to PDFs. It is a paid service and support is offered via phone and email. 


TeamGantt Pricing Plan

TeamGantt offers three plans, including a free plan for up to 3 users and one project, although this plan is quite limited. There’s a 30-day free trial for all plans. The other plans range in price from $24.95/month to $29.95/month.


  • Easy to use and intuitive
  • Gantt charts are excellent and interactive 
  • Tutorials are exceptional
  • Auto-correction of dependencies 


  • No budgeting or invoicing tools included
  • Reporting functionality is average at best 
  • There’s quite a bit of room for improvement with the discussions, notifications, and file upload features

What Features to Look For in Free Gantt Chart Software

No two Gantt chart software are the same. So, here are a few key features to look out for to get the most out of Gantt chart software. 


Milestones mark the end of a task, sequence, or phase of a project. They have no duration and are often depicted by a diamond symbol. 

They are fixed or important dates on your project schedule that you need to remain aware of; so, whichever Gantt chart software you choose must allow you to set milestones and keep them front and center in your mind.


Dependencies occur when certain tasks are linked together. These are often depicted on Gantt charts with lines and arrows that point to the succeeding task. They can be set up as start-to-start, start-to-finish, finish-to-start, and finish-to-finish dependencies.

Summary Tasks

Summary tasks are a good way of grouping activities together, especially as part of a project stage or phase. They are essentially a skinny umbrella task under which individual tasks may fall. 

You can hide your tasks from view under them (or roll up your tasks, as this is called by project managers) so that only the summary is visible. The summary task displays the progress of all the tasks it contains in one bar. 

Collaboration Features

This is a no-brainer. A Gantt chart without collaboration is practically dead. Collaboration features help you advance your team’s work by allowing you to chat or comment on tasks, receive notifications every time a task or document is updated, and so on. 

This way, there’s a single source of truth for all your work and everyone stays up-to-date as far as the project is concerned. 

File Sharing

This is a corollary to collaboration features. As you collaborate, you’ll need file-sharing features so that you can attach files, images, videos, or notes to document your progress and keep all task files and data together. This way, there’ll only ever be one place to look if you need to find a file that’s related to the task at hand.

Planned vs. Actual Progress

Gantt chart software should give you a way to measure and compare your planned progress against your actual progress. This can be represented in a few different ways. The bar is often shaded to indicate the progress of the planned work. You know the task is completed when the bar is completely shaded. For the best tracking experience, it helps to be able to set a baseline. 

Which Gantt Chart Software Should I Choose?

Here are our top recommendations: 

  • Small to medium-sized teams in need of free Gantt chart software will find Agantty invaluable.
  • For the most robust export options on a free offering, check out GanttProject
  • For freelancers and individuals that need a free solution, see Tom’s Planner.
  • Enterprises in need of a full-scale ERP solution might like Odoo
  • What’s Gantt chart software without collaboration? Wrike has the best collaboration features of any Gantt chart software. 
  • And software development teams will love Backlog.
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