Top 7 Inexpensive Kajabi Alternatives to Sell Your Course

Updated Jun 21, 2023.

As a knowledge creator, you need a learning management system (LMS) like Kajabi. Although the platform offers excellent features for creators and instructors, it can seem expensive for growing creators. Here we have presented the seven inexpensive Kajabi alternatives you can use to sell your online courses. Our top five choices are:

Thinkific icon


With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Thinkific makes it easy to turn your passion into a profitable business.
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Learnworlds allows you to create professional-looking websites and personalized learning experiences for your students.
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From course creation to student management to analytics, FreshLearn lets you make a difference in your online teaching.
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Teachable is an online course platform with an integrated payment gateway and affiliate program that lets you earn more money without much effort.
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Podia is an all-in-one platform that lets you easily create, market, and sell online courses, memberships, and other digital products.

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While Kajabi is a reliable course builder with many customized features, it can seem expensive for beginners. You can reach a larger audience and make your online courses more accessible using cheap Kajabi alternatives.

Since there are several course creation platforms on the market, it can be difficult for you to choose the best one. We have summarized the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and show who they're best suited for.

These online course platforms offer a range of customization options that allow you to create your own website with a personalized learning experience for your students.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one learning management platform (LMS) that enables entrepreneurs, educators, and small business owners to create, market, and sell online courses, coaching programs, and digital products.

It's designed to make it easy for users to create professional-looking websites, landing web pages, and membership areas without the need for programming or technical skills.

The online course platform also offers tools for email marketing, webinars, and analytics that make it easy for you to promote and grow your business.

One of the essential features of Kajabi is the ability to integrate with other popular tools, such as payment gateways, email marketing services, and webinar platforms.

Pros of Kajabi

  • Simplified page-building mechanism
  • Flexible email marketing system
  • Create and sell multiple courses and customize the access levels
  • Includes tons of instructional video lessons, making it easier to understand the platform

Cons of Kajabi

  • Does not offer 24/7 chat support on the basic plan
  • Offers only two payment gateways, including Paypal and Stripe
  • No free plan

Best Kajabi Alternatives to Sell Your Online Course

Here are the best Kajabi alternatives that you can use to sell your online course.

1. Thinkific

Best Overall Kajabi Alternative

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
$0/mo – $199/mo
Annual Discount
Save 25%
Free plan

Thinkific is an easy-to-use learning management system for creating and selling courses. The interface is very user-friendly and makes it easy to customize online courses. It also has all the features you need, such as quizzes, a membership site, and landing pages for your course. This makes it the perfect course builder for entrepreneurs or small business owners who want to educate people with their online courses.

Thinkific is the ultimate platform to create, market, and sell courses with a user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and customizable options. The platform has everything you need, from course creation to student management and analytics.

Best Features

  • Customizable Course Landing Page: Thinkific lets you create professional-looking landing pages for your online courses with custom branding, images, and call-to-action buttons. These web pages are mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Advanced Marketing Tools: Integrated tools for marketing help course creators promote their courses and reach a wider audience. These include creating a landing page, using coupons and discounts, affiliate marketing, and integrating with email marketing services. Thinkific also offers analytics and reporting features that allow course creators to track the performance of their marketing efforts. They can also choose from multiple marketing automation integrations on the Thinkific store.
  • Customizable Checkout: You can customize the checkout process for your learners to increase sales and make the process more user-friendly. This includes adding custom branding, changing the checkout page layout and design, and configuring various options such as taxes and shipping.
  • Enhanced Drip Content: Thinkific's advanced drip content feature allows course creators to deliver online course content to learners on a schedule rather than all at once. This keeps learners motivated and engaged over time. You can create a plan for sharing course content, including specific dates and times for each piece.
  • Built-in Analytics: With the built-in analytics feature in this course creation platform, you can track various metrics about your online courses and students. These include enrollments, completion rates, revenue, and student engagement. In addition, with analytics, you can track the performance of different courses and measure the effectiveness of different marketing campaigns.


  • Create unlimited courses with paid plans
  • Has the ability to host webinars and live-streaming classes
  • Offers various payment gateways for easy transactions


  • Limited options for creating interactive elements within courses
  • Cannot create custom completion certificates with the free and basic plan
  • Assignment feature isn't available on basic plans


Thinkific- Pricing Plan

Thinkific has four pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Start
  • Grow

The lowest-paid plan starts from $49 a month.

Thinkific also offers users a free plan, where you can create and sell a single course and add unlimited students.

2. LearnWorlds

Leading Kajabi Alternative for Gamifying Courses

Editor’s Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For
Gamifying Courses
$29/mo – $299/mo
Annual Discount
Save up to 20%

LearnWorlds is a feature-rich platform that offers flexibility and allows you to create online courses and membership sites. It provides a variety of gamification features that you can use to enhance your student's learning experience and increase their engagement. These include badges, a leaderboard, rewards, and other game-based activities. These features can motivate your students to continue learning and make their experience fun and interactive.

LearnWorlds has an intuitive user interface and a wide range of customization options for branding and course design. In addition, the online course builder has advanced features and a comprehensive suite of e-commerce and marketing tools to help you quickly sell courses with efficient sales funnels.

Best Features

  • Interactive Elements: LearnWorlds offers a variety of interactive features that you can add to courses, like quizzes, surveys, and assessments. This can increase engagement and make the learning experience more interactive. They can also help you assess students' understanding of the material and provide feedback on their progress.
  • Memberships and Subscriptions: This online course platform offers the ability to create membership sites and subscriptions. It lets you generate recurring revenue by selling access to a library of courses or exclusive content. You can set up access controls to restrict access to specific courses or content for certain membership levels or subscriptions. Set up drip course content and track participant progress and engagement.
  • Gamification: This learning management system offers several gamification features to enhance your students' learning experience. These include badges, leaderboards, rewards, and game-based activities. In addition, you can create interactive video courses for your students, including quizzes, surveys, and assessments.
  • Live Streaming and Webinars: This course creation service allows you to host live streaming classes and webinars as part of your online course. Live streaming can be a great way to provide students with a more interactive and immersive learning experience. If you enable the chat and Q&A features, your learners can interact with you and each other in real time. You can also schedule and record these classes.
  • Customized Reports: LearnWorlds offers a variety of tools for creating custom reports that allow you to track your student's progress and engagement. These include revenue and engagement reports. You can export them in various formats and set up automatic reports to receive regular updates. This can be a great help in making data-based decisions and monitoring the performance of your courses and students.


  • Interactive video features, including pop-ups and switches
  • More than 50 ready-made online course layout templates
  • Built-in social media network and mail marketing automation features


  • No 24/7 customer support for the basic package
  • Steep learning curve for advanced marketing analytics
  • Glitches in the website builder


LearnWorlds- Pricing Plan

LearnWorlds has four pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Starter
  • Pro Trainer
  • Learning Center
  • High Volume and Corporate

The basic paid plan starts at $29 per month.

LearnWorlds also offers a free 30-day trial for all paid plans. With this trial, you can create unlimited courses, run group sessions, and add an SSL certificate to your website.

3. FreshLearn

Affordable Kajabi Alternative for Learner Analytics

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For
Learner Analytics
$0/mo – $69/mo
Annual Discount
Save up to 30%

FreshLearn is a popular course builder where you can sell multiple courses through your website without technical knowledge. With the powerful analytics feature, you can understand the data and gain insights into how your students interact with the course materials. Analyzing this data will help you identify areas where your learners are struggling, so you can revise your course.

FreshLearn is a no-code platform that helps increase student engagement and ensure everyone gets the most out of your courses.

Best Features

  • No-Code Website Builder: It provides a set of customizable templates and design elements that allow you to create a professional-looking and visually appealing course website without requiring extensive technical knowledge.
  • Incentivized Learning: This feature is vital for online course platforms because it can help increase learner engagement and motivation. If you offer rewards or incentives for completing specific tasks or reaching certain milestones, students are more likely to engage with the course material and put effort into learning. You can offer incentives through completion certificates, random points, or exclusive gifts.
  • Customized Checkout Experience: Checkout can help streamline the buying process and make it more convenient for your customers, leading to higher conversion rates and greater customer satisfaction. Customizable checkout fields allow customers to provide their name, address, and contact information. You can also give your customers the option to enter a discount code to receive a special offer.
  • Custom Email Templates: Custom email templates are essential for online course platforms because they allow efficient communication with students and instructors. You can customize them to match the branding and design of your platform. This creates a more professional and consistent look during communicating with your learners. In addition, you can create email templates for course overviews and registration confirmations.
  • Testimonial Builder: It allows educators to collect testimonials from learners and display them on the course website. Testimonials from former course participants can be an effective tool for attracting new students and increasing the credibility of the course.


  • Conduct live sessions with your students using the live workshop feature
  • Multiple payment options for your needs, including Stripe and Razorpay
  • Send customized email templates that represent your brand


  • Limited third-party integration
  • Poor customer support
  • Cannot add coupon codes to the free plan


FreshLearn- Pricing Plan

FreshLearn has three different pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • No Brainer

The basic paid plans start at $39 per month.

With FreshLearn, you get access to a 14-day free trial, where you can create custom certificates, add vouchers, and run live courses.

4. Teachable

Top Kajabi Alternative for Promoting Courses

Editor’s Take
7.7 out of 10
Best For
Promoting Courses
$0/mo – $159/mo
Annual Discount
Save up to 33%
Free plan

Teachable offers several features and tools for creating and managing a course, including a website builder, course creation tools, and a student management system. You can use these tools to promote your online courses. These include customizable landing pages, affiliate marketing, SEO optimization, and social media integrations. Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to promote courses and reach a wider audience.

Teachable allows you to share your knowledge with customizable landing pages, advanced course creation tools, and seamless payment integration.

Best Features

  • Student Management: You can manage your students, track their progress, and communicate with them through this learning management system. The dashboard provides an overview of all students, including their enrollment status and course completion. You can also track your student's progress in the course, including the lessons they've completed and the quizzes they've taken.
  • Email Marketing Integration: You can integrate popular mail marketing services like MailChimp and ConvertKit. This will enable you to sync your email lists with the course platform and use email marketing features to create, send, and manage emails. In addition, you can set up automatic email list signups.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Teachable includes all the essential features, including an affiliate marketing option that allows you to create a referral program for your courses. Invite others to promote your online course to receive a commission for each sale made through the referral link. This marketing feature can significantly increase course sales and grow your audience by leveraging the networks of others interested in your content.
  • Customizable Certificate: You can create and give course completion certificates to your students. It's a great way to provide learners tangible proof of completing their course while promoting your brand. You can design the certificate with your logos, colors, and text. These certificates can also include the student's name, the course title, and the completion date.
  • Import and Export Content: A course creator can easily import and export their content. It can be useful if they want to transfer their course content from one platform to another. The course creator can also use the export feature to back up their course content. With the import feature, they can import student data, course content, and quizzes into the course builder.


  • Make your online course available in the iOS app
  • Recurring subscriptions are available for ongoing courses
  • Easily connect a custom domain to your plan


  • Charges 10% plus an additional $1 as a transaction fee for the free plan
  • Lets you create unlimited courses only with the Pro and Business plan
  • Designing sales pages is a tedious job


Teachable- Pricing Plan

Teachable has four pricing plans that you can choose from:

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Pro
  • Business

The paid plan starts at $59 per month.

Teachable offers a free plan to its customers, where you can create a single course, add unlimited students, and get access to email support.

5. Podia

Best Kajabi Alternative for Email Marketing Services

Editor’s Take
7.1 out of 10
Best For
Email Marketing Services
$0/mo – $199/mo
Annual Discount
Save 17%
Free plan

Podia is a user-friendly platform with drag-and-drop functionality that makes it easy to upload and organize your content. With email marketing features, you can create and send automated emails to your students and subscribers, such as welcome emails, course reminders, and promotional emails. The platform allows for the creation and management of email lists, audience segmentation, and campaign performance tracking.

Podia is a user-friendly, all-in-one platform that helps you monetize your content and grow your business.

Best Features

  • Customizable Storefront: Podia offers a storefront to promote and sell courses, digital downloads, and memberships. Design the storefront to match your brand, including layout, color scheme, and logo. In addition, you can add pages and sections, such as an “About Us” page, FAQs, and testimonials. The storefront also includes a built-in shopping cart and checkout system, so customers can easily buy your products.
  • Built-In Affiliate Program: With the built-in affiliate program, you can reward individuals or organizations for promoting your products. You can create unique referral links for each affiliate, track clicks, sales, and commissions in real time, and pay affiliates automatically via PayPal. Podia also lets you set individual commission rates for better affiliate management. You can customize the signup form for your affiliates, create banners and links, and view detailed reports on your affiliates' performance.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways: Podia supports various gateways so that you can accept customers' payments differently. Supported payment gateways include Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and iDeal. It also allows you to reach a broader customer base and increase sales.
  • No Transaction Fees: This online course creation service does not charge any transaction fees on sales on their paid plans. Users can keep more of their earnings, as they do not have to pay a percentage of each sale to the platform. Zero transaction fees make Podia one of the leading alternatives to Kajabi.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: The course builder is designed to be responsive, meaning it automatically adjusts to the size of the device screen. Your storefront and landing pages look great on desktop and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Your members will have a seamless experience browsing and buying your products.


  • Get your payments processed within 2 days
  • Add unlimited courses and content with the paid plans
  • Migrate your courses to Podia for free


  • Chat support is only available for the paid plans
  • Cannot create course completion certificates with the basic plans
  • Does not have a cloud import feature


Podia- Pricing Plan

Podia has four pricing plans for you to choose from:

  • Free
  • Mover
  • Shaker
  • Earthquaker

Podia's paid plans have a monthly fee of $39.

With Podia, you can access a free plan, create a full website, add unlimited topics and members and sell your course without any transaction fees.

6. LearnDash

Leading Kajabi Alternative for WordPress

LearnDash- The most powerful learning management system for WordPress

LearnDash is a powerful and flexible WordPress plugin that lets you create lessons and quizzes. Its advanced features let you create course completion certificates and track student progress.

Best Features

  • Advanced Quizzes: This course creation service offers a variety of options and settings to create powerful and engaging quizzes for your online courses. The advanced quiz features allow you to randomly select questions and answers, set time limits, and create detailed feedback and reports on quiz performance. You can also create surveys, assignments, and graded quizzes to check learner understanding.
  • Drip-Feed Content: LearnDash lets you drip-feed content into your online course so that students can't access specific lessons or quizzes until they've completed the previous lessons. This keeps learners engaged and ensures they aren't swamped with too much information at once. In addition, you can set different drip feed schedules for different courses or groups of students, giving you a lot of flexibility in how you release your content.
  • Progression Management: This management feature allows course creators to set prerequisites for lessons, tests, and other course materials and track students' course progress. Progress management ensures students have a solid foundation before moving on to more advanced content and keeps them on track.
  • Adaptive Learning: With Adaptive Learning, you can create personalized learning paths for every student based on their progress and performance. Ensure students get the most out of their learning experiences by providing materials tailored to their specific needs and abilities. This allows students to focus on the areas where they need to improve and move on to more advanced material when they're ready.
  • Group Management: Create student groups, assign them specific courses or lessons, and track each group's progress with this learning management system. This feature helps organize students and allows you to manage and track the progress of a large number of students. You can restrict access to specific content based on users' membership level or course progress.


  • Instant access to learner metrics and insights
  • In-built video progression support
  • Excellent customer support


  • Only available for WordPress websites
  • Course structures are limited
  • Medium learning curve


LearnDash- Pricing Plan

LearnDash has both a plugin and a full-site option. While the plugin plan starts at $199 per year, the full-site option is available for $299 per year.

With LearnDash, you can access a 15-day money-back guarantee where you can choose from 15 different premium templates. If unsatisfied, you can get a full refund within the first fifteen days.

7. Mighty Networks

Top Kajabi Alternative for Multi-Level Communities

Mighty Networks- Your Blog will grow faster on Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is a platform that allows individuals and businesses to create online communities where members can interact, share information, and participate in discussions.

Best Features

  • Built-In Monetization: It lets you monetize your online communities by selling online courses, digital products, subscriptions, and memberships. This feature provides you with various ways to generate revenue from your communities. You also get detailed revenue reports, including sales, membership, and payment information.
  • Multi-level Online Community: The platform allows you to create and manage whole social networks. You can create sub-communities within your main community for more targeted discussions and interactions. Each sub-community can have its own rules, moderators, and content. You can create topic-specific groups or region-based groups.
  • Event Management: This feature allows you to create and manage events within your community, such as webinars, meetings, and online course launches. You can set dates, descriptions, details, and other information about the event. Mighty Networks also allows you to stream and record the event.
  • Intelligent Content Management: You can easily organize and manage your community's content. This feature includes tools for creating, editing, publishing, and categorizing content. Some special features include the ability to schedule posts, create custom post types, and set up content templates.
  • Customizable access: The access feature lets you control who can see and interact with your community's content. You can create different membership levels, such as free or paid, and assign additional permissions to each level. In addition, you can create custom roles, such as moderators or sponsors, and assign different permissions to them. However, this feature is only available on the Business and Pro plans.


  • Has native apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Slack integration for community administration
  • Notify all your members when you post and decide what they can see


  • Lacks features like quizzes and certificates
  • No built-in support for PayPal
  • Charges transaction fees on all plans


Mighty Networks- Pricing Plan

Mighty Networks has three different plans you can choose from:

  • The Community Plan
  • The Business Plan
  • Mighty Pro

The basic plan starts from $39 per month.

With Mighty Networks, you get access to a 14-day free trial, where you can add unlimited members and connect a custom domain.

Kajabi Competitors FAQ

What is better than Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform that offers a variety of content creation, management, marketing, and sales features to create and sell a successful course. While Kajabi is a popular platform for growing online businesses, it may not be the best choice for everyone. 

Other learning management systems such as LearnWorlds, Thinkific, FreshLearn, and Teachable are good alternatives that offer similar features to Kajabi. Depending on your requirements and preference, you can choose one of the many online course platforms available.

What is cheaper than Kajabi?

While Kajabi offers a variety of features, it is not the cheapest option. Other online course platforms offer similar features at a lower cost. These include:


Which Online Course Platform is Better Than Kajabi?

It's important to research and compare the available options and consider the features you need and the cost before deciding. Choosing an alternative to Kajabi depends on your needs and preferences.

When looking for an inexpensive Kajabi alternative, you can compare Thinkific and Teachable.

Best Overall


With its user-friendly interface and customizable options, Thinkific makes it easy to turn your passion into a profitable business.
Best for Gamifying Courses


Learnworlds allows you to create professional-looking websites and personalized learning experiences for your students.
Best for Learner Analytics


From course creation to student management to analytics, FreshLearn lets you make a difference in your online teaching.
Best for Promoting Courses


Teachable is an online course platform with an integrated payment gateway and affiliate program that lets you earn more money without much effort.
Best for Email Marketing


Podia is an all-in-one platform that lets you easily create, market, and sell online courses and memberships.

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