Thinkific Review 2023: Details, Pricing, & Features

Updated Dec 2, 2022.
Thinkific Review

You have seen Thinkific mentioned among the best LMS platforms lists, but so are many other tools.

What makes Thinkific special, and is it the right choice for you?

In this Thinkific review, I have provided an objective, in-depth description of the platform for any instructor, entrepreneur, influencer, and content creator interested in selling their online courses.

Read on, and find out how Thinkfic can help you create, market, and sell your knowledge, and at what price?

I will also highlight its strengths and weaknesses and help you decide which plan to choose.

Let's check out Thinkific.

What is Thinkific?

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For
All-in-One Course Creation Platform
$0 – $374 per month
Annual Discount
Save 25%

Thinkific is focused on providing impactful and long-lasting learning experiences, delivering a creation software that enables you to market and sell your learning content without any technical knowledge. This fully-customizable online course platform provides unlimited students in the free plan, a powerful website builder for your sales page, quiz lessons & survey lessons, audio lessons, student discounts, and a comprehensive knowledge base with all the lessons on course creation and selling courses.

Thinkific is focused on providing impactful and long-lasting learning experiences, delivering a creation software that enables you to market and sell your learning content without any technical knowledge.

This fully-customizable online course platform provides unlimited students in the free plan, a powerful website builder for your sales page, quiz lessons & survey lessons, audio lessons, student discounts, and a comprehensive knowledge base with all the lessons on course creation and selling courses.

The learning platform enables you to connect with Zapier and automate your content, play high-quality, glitch-free videos on desktop & mobile devices, track your website's performance with efficient analytics tools, and maximize your student engagements with extensive lesson capabilities.

Thinkific Pricing Plans

The tool's pricing options include three paid plans and a free tier. Thinkific doesn't include transaction fees in any of its plans. While the free subscription is excellent for new & smaller-scale online course creators, you will need to purchase a paid plan to access the premium features and more courses.

No credit card is required to start creating courses with Thinkific, and you get a 30-day money-back guarantee for the paid plans. You upgrade to any paid plans or cancel your subscription at any time.

Thinkific - Pricing Plans

Thinkific offers full secure hosting and e-commerce, and you get full ownership of the student data & course material.

Along with the free subscription, Thinkific provides the Start (former Basic), the Grow (former Pro), and the Expand (former Premier) pricing options.

The Growth Package used to be an add-on to the Grow Plan that you could purchase for an additional $50 per month and access more high-end features without opting for the most expensive plan. The Grow Plan offers everything from the former Pro Plan and the Growth package in a single subscription.

Lastly, Thinkific enables you to sell courses through the Thinkific Expand enterprise solution aimed at larger companies with more complex products.

To determine which plan suits you best, I urge you to read through the whole Thinkific pricing to learn about different plans' different features.

Free Plan

The Thinkific free plan is an extremely generous subscription package that provides unlimited students and more useful features than other online course platforms offer in their basic plan.

At $0 per month, the free plan enables you to create and launch one complete online course, and Thinkific stays the only platform that allows you to enroll unlimited students in the free tier.

You can create up to three courses in the Free Plan.

And, if you are looking for a tool to provide you with unlimited courses and students on all paid plans, integrated email marketing, and payment processing, you can always check out Teachable.

The Thinkific vs. Teachable comparison will help you see how Thinkific squares up against its biggest rival.

Thinkific free plan doesn't provide the more advanced course site tools, so you will need to upgrade to a higher plan to sell courses on a higher level.

As an introduction to online courses & course creation, the free plan will equip you with the necessary tools for selling courses and allow you to test the Thinkific platform.


  • Email & chatbot support
  • 100% content ownership
  • Drag and drop course website builder
  • 12 theme+style combinations
  • Fully-integrated eCommerce
  • App Store
  • Course quizzes & surveys
  • Thinkific Academy Foundation courses

Despite being listed as available on the dashboard after registration, many features require upgrading before you can use them.

The Thinkific Free Plan is ideal for online course creators looking to take the tool for a test drive or anyone new to course creation and wanting to test their skills without spending too much money.

While the free plan enables you to establish your course site fast, it doesn't allow you to host the Thinkific site on your domain; there is no content locking or dripping; PayPal & Stripe are the only payment options; you can't add Zapier or Google Analytics integrations, there are no sales & marketing integrations, and you can't access a live chat.

You will get the opportunity to activate these features in the Basic Plan or higher.

Start Plan

Thinkific's Start Plan (former Basic Plan) allows you to create enticing online courses and cohesive learning content, enabling you to generate unlimited courses and host your entire learning platform through your branded custom domain.

At $74 per month, this is Thinkific's first paid plan and the most cost-effective subscription. Through the Start Plan, Thinkific offers coupon codes & discounts and enables you to enrich your online courses with affiliate marketing.

The Start Plan expands to a more robust course platform by providing live chat & email support, membership & payment plans, and live lessons.


  • Everything in the Free Plan
  • Unlimited courses
  • Live chat support
  • Custom domain
  • Coupons & discounts
  • Assignments
  • Bundles & add-on packages
  • Membership & payment plans
  • Live lessons
  • Affiliate selling
  • Advanced course-building options
  • Advanced website code editing
  • Thinkific Academy Advanced courses

Along with extended payment options and membership subscriptions, the Start Plan expands the course and website-building options with advanced HTML/CSS customization options through which you can edit a targeted aesthetic down to a pixel.

On the other side, the Start Plan doesn't extend the one available community and one administrator you can already access in the free subscription, and there is no phone support.

While you can email students individually, you will still need an email marketing solution that allows you to reach tens of thousands of prospects. Luckily, this plan boosts the Thinkific integrations with marketing tools like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, AWeber, and ConvertKit.

With many other Zapier integrations unlocked, this plan is suitable for individuals & businesses who want to test their online courses before committing to a more expensive plan or for teachers new to creating courses with less experience on other platforms that want a plan with a custom domain and live lessons.

Grow Plan

Thinkific's Grow Plan is the most popular plan on the online course platform, and it heavily improves on the basic plan (Start Plan). The Grow Plan gives access to different premium features and flagship course functionalities.

The course creation software improves the lower Thinkific plans and enables you to activate three communities and two administrators for limitless students at $149 per month when paid annually.

With bulk student emailing and enrollments, you can reach many students simultaneously to share information or quickly add and remove students from all the courses or bundles.

Through the Grow Plan, you won't depend on the course landing page to sell a specific course to one individual at a time, as it allows you to sell your online course to groups and companies and delegate the reports to analysts.


  • Everything in the Start Plan
  • Unlimited courses & students
  • Three communities & 2 administrators
  • Phone and priority email support
  • All Thinkific branding is removed
  • Bulk student emailing
  • Bulk student enrollments
  • Student import from other platforms and databases
  • ActiveCampaign integration
  • Zapier actions
  • Advanced segmentation for communication, reports, and progress tracking
  • Access to API

You can even set up private & hidden courses for specific students and hand out completion certificates, allowing you to offer bundles for specific student groups, hand out complimentary bonus content, and accept students that meet your specific criteria.

Although there is no integrated email marketing, the tool delivers integrations with apps such as InfusionSoft and EngageBay for automated sales & marketing systems and branded email content for the targeted audience.

The Grow Plan is best suited for online course creators looking for a robust site builder and those who want to create their payment schedules, require more control over their Thinkific site and branding, and want a course player solution that offers phone support.

To create heavily-customizable events & surveys through the Brillium Examination integration, you will need to purchase the Growth package as an add-on to the Grow Plan.

Expand Plan

What used to be the Premier Plan, priced at $499 per month with the Plus add-on that the online course creators could purchase to unlock some additional enterprise features, is now the Expand Plan.

You will need to purchase a separate enterprise subscription to unlock the former Premier Plus features.

At $374 per month, Thinkific offers an elite support team with the most in-depth Thinkific course features for teachers, delivering infinite courses & students, rich affiliate marketing tools, and much more.

The Expand subscription elevates your workflows to up to 10 administrators and five communities and ensures priority phone support so you can resolve any issue in your Thinkific course.


  • Everything in the Grow Plan
  • Unlimited users and bandwidth
  • Unlimited courses and students
  • Custom CSS editor
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority assistance & phone support
  • Custom SSL certificates
  • Onboarding training, call and launch checklist review
  • Professional hosting
  • Content review
  • Assistance for using Zapier & Webhooks

With a Thinkific account in the Expand subscription, you will have access to an expert customer support that will review your Thinkific course material to ensure it is suitable for your Thinkific account and the platform.

The qualified experts will assist you in resolving any queries you have when creating an online course, and a top-performing customer success manager will proactively advise you on improving your landing page, Thinkific course material, and everything else.

An expert onboarding team will guide you through setting up your Thinkific account and getting your courses launch-ready, and you will have product experts available for guidance & support via chat, email, or phone 24/7.

When you connect your Thinkific course with Mailchimp, you won't need integrated email marketing, which is the case with all the Thinkific integrations that come to life in the Expand Plan.

Established course creators and experienced businesses who want premium expert support and an advanced repertoire of course-selling features will benefit the most from the Expand Plan.

Plus Plan

The Plus Plan allows high-volume businesses to access unlimited courses, students, admins, partners, and many advanced security features to deliver the highest-quality learning experiences.

The Plus Plan is best suited for large corporations with demanding products and complex customer support requirements, trainers with an established following that want to expand even more, or companies & consultants interested in developing open-learning training programs.


  • Everything in the Expand Plan
  • Unlimited courses, students, admins, and partners
  • Corporate rebranding
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Enterprise API access
  • 3+ separate Thinkific sites
  • Service Level Agreement 99.9%
  • Multiple seats and tiered pricing checkout
  • Email white-labeling
  • Bulk-selling app
  • B2B group management
  • Advanced security features

The Plus Plan lets you load your courses into a separate branded module and allow a larger client to present them through their brand, presenting as though the corporate client is offering the courses.

Transaction Fees

Does Thinkific charge transaction fees?

While the tool doesn't charge any commissions or transaction fees by itself, there are transaction fees that the payment processing companies deploy for each transaction.

Transaction fees in Thinkific differ by country, but these differences are almost insignificant.

For example, many EU countries have a transaction fee of 2,9% + €0,25 per transaction for international cards, while USA residents pay +1% for international cards.

Key Features of Thinkific

1. Course Builder

The software equips you with everything you need to create a user-friendly and appealing Thinkific course while ensuring you keep the audience's attention on the content of the course.

Thinkific offers a range of ready-made templates that cover many usual scenarios you would come across when offering different educational products.

A couple of templates are expertly designed to help you structure your lessons in the most organized way through a preset outline that can be deleted or rearranged if necessary.

Blank Course

As the name suggests, this is the most customizable course template. You can upload your content and lesson modules according to your specific needs without a preset structure or an outline.

The great platform lets you add chapters and lessons or use the bulk importer to transfer course material that you have created elsewhere.


The mini-course template enables you to attract new leads for full flagship courses by luring new customers through low-cost or free courses.

A mini-course can be a smart strategy if you are building a following and you want to excite your target audience about enrolling in a larger course down the road.

Flagship Course

A flagship course template delivers the main product you want to stand behind as the course creator.

You will create a full, longer-term online course through a precise curriculum outline through the flagship course.

Flagship Course Feature
Source: Proofmango

It is not uncommon to market the flagship courses in bundles with other courses, physical products, coaching, or other bonus services.

Flagship courses can contain multiple price points and are commonly purchased by clients who have experience with smaller knowledge products like ebooks, blog posts, and podcasts and want to commit to long-term learning or by clients that believe in your expertise.


This template is designed to help you build a pre-sell landing page. You can evoke interest in a course topic through a pre-sell course and gradually build a waitlist.

After validating your client's interests, you can collect sign-ups or partial revenue before delivering full content or creating the course content.

Pre-selling helps you confirm your online course has an audience interested in enrolling before creating the course, saving you a lot of time and money.

Membership Resource Library

The membership resource library template is designed to help you create and host a library of downloadable files and other resources you can sell through membership websites and bundles.

A membership site can include access to a resource library and use it as a repository for guidelines, tools, and resources the students can visit to accommodate your teachings. This repository can be a part of a bundle offer when students sign up for a membership site.

Membership Resource Library Feature
Source: Theventurer

Thinkfic offers digital downloads that allow you to host downloadable files and collect email addresses in return or sell them as digital products.

Webinar Replay

The webinar replay template allows your registrants to watch or re-watch a webinar that you have presented and review your presentations.

The webinar replay is not an online course. Rather, it allows your attendees to review your pitch and evaluate the offer, presenting your course to anyone who missed the live presentation.

You can offer the webinar replay for free or set a price so the viewers can access the rest of your content after finishing the checkout.


Regardless of the template you choose, you can modify the content in different sections, delete certain sections, add new sections, and more, while Thinkific offers smart coach course-building tips that you can turn off if you wish.

While a slight learning curve at the beginning is inevitable, Thinkific offers enough resources and guidelines to make the beginning manageable.

Most importantly, everything in the creation process makes sense, allowing you to create, name easily, and structure the course while letting you configure and rename anything in all chapters.

2. Lessons

Thinkific offers a wide range of lesson types to accommodate all learning styles and course topics while saving you valuable time with drag-and-drop support.

Video Lessons

Thinkific delivers a video library for uploaded videos through the Wistia hosting service and enables you to present your teachings through interactive videos that you can reuse for later courses.

You will drastically improve learning outcomes with supporting text that you can add below the video, different settings you can customize, and playback permissions.

You are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on students with videos, including technique demonstrations, lessons from outside experts on your subject, animations, real-life examples, and more.

The software supports many formats for importing, and all the videos are protected from the use of anyone who isn't a registered member.

Text Lessons

With the easy drag-and-drop functionality, you can add written text, images, audio, videos, downloadable attachments, and even YouTube videos to a course.

For text-heavy material like presentations filled with technical jargon, courses that will be reviewed and revisited during the course, instructions, or scientific papers, you can utilize the text lessons and edit all the other page elements within the text.

Multimedia Lessons

The multimedia lesson template enables you to combine multiple learning resources and ensure your students stay tuned into the course player while viewing the course material hosted outside Thinkific.

Thinkific offers multiple ways to link content hosted outside of the software within a course, and these include webinar tools like Zoom, appointment booking tools like Calendly & Google Calendar, quizzes and surveys from web-based apps like Quizlet and Typeform, interactive presentation tools like Prezi and H5P, Google Docs, and more.

Publishing Content Feature
Source: Proofmango

While you can find most of these options in different Thinkific plans, you can only access the Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate files in the multimedia lessons with the Grow license or higher.

Multimedia lessons will help you provide students with course material suitable for various learning styles and break up long text lessons into more digestible chunks.

PDF Lessons

Thinkific allows you to upload PDF files, allowing the students to access the files within the course player, even if their device isn't able to open PDFs otherwise.

The PDF lesson template is excellent for documents containing graphics and other design elements and for material that will be reviewed and revisited during the course.

Audio Lessons

You can upload audio files through an audio lesson template and enable your students to learn on the go.

Besides enabling the students to pause, rewind, and replay the audio files, Thinkific offers great templates for podcasts and language courses with pronunciation lessons.

Presentation Lessons

With presentation lessons, you can upload presentations you have already made as PDF files and record audio for different slides.

You can use pre-recorded audio or use the Thinkific voice-over recorder to add your lectures and explanations over different slides.

Webinars and Live Streams

You can start a live session for your Thinkific course using Zoom or share a link to a live session through a multimedia lesson using a different platform.

If you can't embed a live session link in a multimedia lesson, you can post a link directly in a text lesson.

Webinars and live streams provide a great opportunity for you to run coaching sessions, answer your student's questions, and build a relationship with your students.

HTML5 Content

If you have created content on another platform in HTML5 format and want to include it in your Thinkific course, you can utilize the multimedia lesson type.

You can include Articulate Storyline, iSpring, Adobe Captivate, and more types of HTML5 content.

Practice Content

Practice content includes any questionnaires or tests designed by the instructor to test and improve the students' knowledge outside of the course hours.

Practice content includes:

  • Downloadable files – Students can download worksheets, guidelines, instructional videos, course syllabus, and optional content
  • Discussion lessons – Include discussions within course lessons and evoke idea exchange within a collective comment thread
  • Assignments – Use it for homework and certificate courses and allow students to upload assignments that can be reviewed by the course & site admins, and the site owner


Thinkific offers assessments that will help you collect feedback from your students to improve your courses.

Assessments include:

  • Quizzes – Verify your students' knowledge and create quizzes with multi-choice questions to collect feedback for reinforcement of your teaching methods
  • Surveys – Collect feedback about your courses and gain insight into your students' goals with rating, scale, and free text questions
  • Brillium exams – Integrate the professional exam app Brillium to deliver varied question types, retake limitations, timed exams, and other advanced testing tools

3. Interface and Site Builder

Admin & Student Interface

Thinkific's user interface of the admin dashboard has a clean design with all the options laid out neatly and design & color arrangements appealing but not distracting.

The student interface is visually digestible and contains a fully functional student dashboard. The students can view the courses and chapters they are enrolled in and the discussions they've participated in.

Bulk Importer & Drip Scheduling

The bulk importer lets you simultaneously drag and drop different images, videos, audio, and PDF files, with the software supporting over 40 import formats.

Bulk Importer & Drip Scheduling Feature
Source: Kripeshadwani

Drip content lets you schedule your lessons at specific times, avoiding information overload, stimulating student engagement, and helping you strategically facilitate improvement if you are teaching a practice-heavy course.

Video Library

A video library serves as a storage space for all videos uploaded to your courses, allowing you to reuse videos in multiple courses, set thumbnails, upload captions, change video control colors, enable or disable a play bar, and access video analytics for insights into average engagement, play rates, and more.

Site Builder

Thinkific's intuitive website builder will allow you to create an attractive landing page that will tempt visitors to enroll in your courses.

The drag-and-drop site builder will let you create professional-looking pages for different website sections. It will enable you to add extra sections, import outside themes, or select one of their internal themes.

Pages you can configure in Thinkific:

  • Homepage – Insert an image gallery, countdown timer, instructors, testimonials, upsells, CTAs, FAQ section, and more pre-designed elements, and list all your courses
  • Course page – Design a separate homepage for individual courses, display the curriculum and prices and add videos, lead capture, reviews, checklists, banners, instructors, and more
  • Sales page – Lay out the 3-page structure and construct a simple checkout process
  • Sign-in page – Compose the first page of the checkout with a preview of the ordered course and fields where the students can create an account
  • Checkout/payment page – The payment page is the second page in the checkout process, where the students can sign into their accounts and complete payments through PayPal or Stripe
  • Thank you page – On the last page of the checkout process, the students will get to see a thank you message with a receipt of purchase and a link that takes them to their purchased course

Other pages Thinkific offers for you to create within their site builder include the sign-up page, all courses page, student dashboard page, coming soon page, and the student certificate page.

The site builder currently offers three themes with a couple of variations on each theme that you can use in the site builder.

If you get stuck deleting sections, adding custom pages, or whatever, Thinkific offers the best support site through which you can find actionable guidelines for all your queries.

4. Student Information Management

Information Management

Thinkific ensures you can access all the critical student data at any time, capturing and storing all the key contact data (name, email address, etc.) when the students sign up for your site.

You can add new fields to capture specific information about your students and get full access to the user data you collect.

Thinkific allows you to organize your students into groups, which not only helps your structure and clarity, but it allows you to bulk-sell your courses to organizations and increase major revenue.

Groups will help you organize your students by enrollment, job type, time, cohort, organization, or other factors so that you can track the efficiency of your teachings within each group and refine your advertising.


Thinkific offers a couple of different channels for you to communicate with your students and provide them with a toolkit to give you feedback on your teachings.

Using discussions, you can enable the students to help each other or communicate with you and provide feedback for your lessons.

You can set permissions for the course discussions and control what students can contribute to discussions, disapprove contributions you find irrelevant and don't want to be shown in the course, organize discussions by course, and answer to students.

The software provides many convenient notification options for students and admins, some of which can be customized.

You can send the following:

  • Site-wide or course-specific weekly reminder messages
  • Account creation confirmations
  • Course purchase receipts and confirmations
  • Discussion post reply confirmations
  • Course enrollment confirmations
  • Course completion confirmations
  • Course progress reports

Besides editing them, you can attach social media links to these notifications and activate them to receive notifications as the admin when new sign-ups, purchases, subscriptions, and more happen.

5. Reporting

Tracking course progress & completion and survey & quiz insights will help you launch content that will spike student engagement and knowledge retention and help you refine your courses best.

You can track many different variables for each student and each course they enrolled in.

For each student, you can track the following:

  • Student name
  • Student email
  • Course viewed percentage
  • Course completed percentage
  • Course started at (date)
  • Course activated at (date)
  • Course completed at (date)
  • Last sign-in (date)
  • Company

For quiz and survey reports, Thinkific exports the answers of all students that have taken the quiz/survey and sends the .csv file via email to you (along with names, email addresses, and times of taking the quiz for all students).

The software also provides data on how many answers the students got correct in the quizzes in percentages.

6. Language Support

As of now, Thinkific supports 39 different languages.

While you can specify the default language your course site will be displayed in, you can allow the students to select in what language the site will be displayed on their devices.

If you want to display all parts of the course content in a language other than English, you will need to translate the content to that language.

Take a look at all the available languages in Thinkific.

Language Support Feature
Language Support Features

Marketing Features

While you can find many marketing & selling features of Thinkific in the “Market and Sell” section of the admin panel, there are a lot of valuable marketing tools across the whole interface.

When designing your site, you will come across the “All Courses” page, which serves as your course catalog with all courses displayed in categories.

This isn't a “first-hand” marketing tool. Still, it can serve you great benefit for promoting your courses, just like grouping courses into categories with names & images helps your prospects identify a solution for their problem in your course.

Marketing Options


If you purchase any of Thinkific's paid plans, you will get the opportunity to set up coupons and promote different courses and bundles.

With coupons, you can provide discounts for students enrolling in your courses. If teaching in the Start Plan, you can create one coupon and specify the discount percentage, the products for which the coupon is applicable, and the expiry date.

Likewise, you can set a percentage or dollar amount for a coupon (e.g., 30% off or $30 off an item), set the number of times the coupon is valid to use and determine the expiration date of the coupon.

Sales Widgets

With sales widgets, you can create an HTML code and embed it onto your website, sending visitors to a Thinkific course landing page or a checkout page.

You can display the widgets as buttons with text describing the product offer and an optional product image.

Sales widgets are easy to make and allow you to attract your social media followers through a social media page, readers through your blog page, or anyone else through any other channel.


If you want to elevate your marketing reach through referrals from others in return for a commission, the affiliates will help you spread the word about your course on all social networks.

You can turn your students into brand ambassadors and provide them with unique affiliate links, for which they get rewarded for the more new students they can attract.

You can assign any registered student to an affiliate role, and there are no limitations to the number of affiliates you can have for the paid Thinkific plans.

Pricing Options

As for setting prices, there are a couple of options here:

  • Free – Offer free content to your students as a lead magnet or through bonus deals
  • One-time payment – Charge students a one-time fee to access specific content or set up an enrollment limitation with specific content available for a limited time only
  • Subscriptions/memberships – Charge recurring monthly fees for full content access and offer membership deals with special perks for members only
  • Monthly payments – Split all your content with equal monthly charges across several months

Customer Support

Firstly, Thinkific provides a help center through which you can find an answer to any query thanks to its comprehensive knowledge base.

Before contacting chat support, you can check out the FAQs section to find guidelines on how to set up your custom domain, start accepting payments, create membership sites, adapt video and live webinars, and more.

You can even get a step-by-step guide for utilizing the Thinkific features through the Thinkific Fast Track online course and share tips & ideas with other students from Thinkific Studio for Online Course Creators Community.

Thinkific offers live chat support in all the paid plans from Monday to Friday from 6 am to 5 pm.

For questions about any issues, you can contact Thinkific's expert team through email support at

Does Thinkific offer phone support?

Yes, Thinkific is one of the best online learning platforms and the best educational software that offer phone support, which is highly praised in all online Thinkific reviews.

If you are on a Grow Plan or higher, you can book a support call or call their sales team to check if the software is the right choice.


Thinkific provides a lot of email marketing, eCommerce, analytics, student success, automation, and growth tools that you can integrate.

You will be able to access different integrations depending on the paid plan that you have.

eCommerce Tools

While PayPal and Stripe allow you to process credit card purchases, you can also prevent Stripe payment failures through apps like Stunning and manage taxes through tools like Quaderno.

Automation Tools

Depending on your subscribed plan, you can connect your Thinkific account with Keap (former Infusionsoft) and Zapier.

Keap is a popular platform that provides access to various tools that allow you to automate all your sales and marketing processes.

If you want cheaper pricing plans, better reporting capabilities, or more versatile integrations, you can always check out some of the best Infusionsoft alternatives.

Zapier enables you to integrate with other platforms, thousands of the most popular apps for marketing automation (ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, ClickFunnels), the best eCommerce platforms (ThriveCart, WooCommerce), and many more.


You can utilize your Google Analytics tracking and site verification codes in Thinkific, activate pixel codes through Facebook to track referrals from social media sites, access the advanced analytics through Mixpanel, or integrate with platforms like Segment.

There are many more student success tools like Accredible, Disqus, and Brillium, email marketing tools like Mailchimp, AWeber, ConvertKit, and ActiveCampaign, or even a versatile platform like Sumo that allows you to grow more social media followers, expand your email list, and more.

Real-Life Reviews From Thinkific Users

Look at some real-life reviews from Thinkific users.

Thinkific review #1

Jennifer P.

Family history research business

Small-Business(50 or fewer employees)

“Easy to put together the stages of the course, collection of subscribers, easy interface, just learning to use with tools, it is better value for money”

Thinkific review #2

Legobole M.

Ambassador and Champion

Small-Business(50 or fewer employees)

“The Thinkific platform provides all the tools needed in creating a course right mapping out the course outline to actually developing the course and making sales for the course. Marketing via Fiver is also underway.”

Thinkific review #3

Roze F.

Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Small-Business(50 or fewer employees)

“I like how easy it is to create a course. We've created a course for every single webinar we've hosted. It displays it really nicely on the landing page. Very easy to navigate around our e-learning page.”

Thinkific review #4

Bruce C.

Director of Membership Engagement

Small-Business(50 or fewer employees)

“Thinkific is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Building classes to respond in an agile manner to the learning needs in our association has been seamless. Thinkific's support team is also helpful and responsive. Registering participants and managing student needs is also easy, and the automated communication and certification offer stress-free class management options!”

Thinkific review #5

Jessie L.

Entrepreneur and Mentor

Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)

“Last year when I decided to create an online course I was looking for a platforM I could test before committing. Thinkific has a VERY robust free version that caught my attention. I set up my new course here so I could BETA test it before it's official launch. Because this was a new offering I wanted to have as simple as a setup process as possible, and one that was easy for my newbie students to use. THIS is exactly what Thinkific delivered.”

Pros and Cons of Using Thinkific for Online Courses


1. Versatile Learning Options

Thinkific ensures that all your students can maximize the quality and volume of the knowledge they keep from your lessons, equipping you with the tools to adjust to all learning styles.

With Thinkific, you can easily transfer your knowledge to auditory, visual, kinesthetic, and reading/writing learners. The platform provides video and audio lessons, presentations, text lessons, quizzes & surveys, and more.

2. Smooth Videos & Reusable Content

The video playback functionality works perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. It makes Thinkific mobile-friendly and allows your students to access your content on all devices at great speeds with no lags and glitches.

Besides viewing your content at remarkable speeds, students can adjust the volume, video quality, and speed and enable or disable subtitles.

Not only can you reuse social media content for membership sites and old videos for different courses, but the students can always return to courses or specific lessons after the presentations.

3. Excellent Free Solution

Thinkific's free tier allows you to access all the course management, marketing, student engagement, and payment-handling features without worrying about your free trial period expiration date.

Out of all the best learning management systems, Thinkific delivers one of the most robust free tiers, and there are zero transaction fees for the students.


1. No Native Email Marketing Tool

While you can integrate with great third-party email marketing providers, there is no integrated email marketing solution in Thinkific.

Having an LMS tool with integrated email marketing can give you benefits like a more holistic view of each customer relationship, lists & data synced at all times, marketing engagement that you can turn into sales actions easier, improved marketing collaboration, and visibility.

2. No Automated VAT

Thinkific doesn't offer an automatic VAT MOSS tax system and requires you to integrate with a third-party tool to process and automate your VAT payments.

While you can integrate with a dedicated shopping cart like ThriveCart, it is easier to search the governmental databases to adhere automatically to regulatory compliance, prepare and file the taxes more efficiently and easier, and calculate the taxes on the spot from all locations when you have an integrated automatic system.

Thinkific Reviews FAQ

Is Thinkific good?

Thinkific is not just a good but an excellent online learning platform.

It is robust with many useful course creation, website-building, sales & marketing, and student engagement & growth tools, yet it is remarkably easy to use.

This online course tool lets you create and sell your courses with your personal branding, making it a great value for money.

How many people use Thinkific?

Thinkific has registered creators in 190 countries in over 30+ different languages.

Over 100+ million courses have been created on the platform, generating revenue of $650+ million.

Currently, Thinkific supports more than 25,000 course creators.

Who owns Thinkific?

Greg Smith is the current CEO and the founder of Thinkific.

The main investor of Thinkific is Rhino Ventures.

Create Your Online Course on Thinkific

Can I recommend Thinkific to most teachers and course creators?

Absolutely! I highly recommend Thinkific as the go-to online course solution for anyone getting into online teaching or for the more experienced trainers coming in with mapped-out curriculums.

One of its strongest points is how adjustable it is to all learning styles and different levels of experience for teachers.

Equipped with the most robust tools to help you make bulk sales, refine your courses with the finest quiz/testing capabilities, and enhance student engagement, Thinkific is unparalleled regarding the overall website course capabilities it delivers.

I can recommend the free plan for beginners as the best free tier on the market so that they can test the software. Later, there is a 30-day free trial on all paid plans.

Try Thinkific's user-friendly platform on any device today, and experience the best online course system.

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