Teachable Review 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Updated Feb 22, 2023.
Teachable Review

If you have heard that selling courses is one of the best ways to make money online, and you believe your knowledge is worth selling, you have come to the right place.

Teachable is an exceptional online course creation platform that comes with many crucial and advanced course-selling features.

Here, you will find everything about its marketing features, course tools, and customer support, along with real-life reviews revealing what you can expect from Teachable.

Keep on reading to find out everything about Teachable and how it can help you grow your online lecture business.

What is Teachable, and How Can It Benefit You?

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Beginner course creators
$0 – $249 per month
Annual Discount
Save up to 25%
Free plan

Teachable is the ideal online course platform that caters to the average online course creator. It ensures an easy learning experience for the students and provides simple tools that help promote and sell your first online course. Teachable is the simplest platform to sell courses as a beginner with the most comprehensive knowledge base & guidelines.

Teachable enables course creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners to sell their online courses and coaching products.

The course creation platform features:

  • Unlimited students, rich design templates & customization options
  • Effective social media & email marketing tools
  • Real-time insights into your students' behavior
  • An all-inclusive library of in-depth articles and guidelines
  • Google Analytics Integration

You can launch personalized content with the course material, answering as many questions as the students have.

Its clean user interface enables anyone to create and sell beautiful courses without any coding knowledge. The online learning tool allows you to customize your CSS code to make your course material look how you want it.

Do you want to make some money?

Teachable provides a comprehensive affiliate management system equally suitable for newbies and advanced users.

Do People Make Money on Teachable? How Much Can I Earn?

Yes, many course creators make great passive income selling on Teachable.

How much?

Short answer: The most successful online course creators make between $1K and $10K per month.

You can find inspiring and life-changing examples of income streams generated through Teachable.

Money Tamer, for example, was founded by Steffa Mantilla as a budget consultation business. The records show that the course brings in around $7K per month.

Do People Make Money on Teachable

The YouTuber and entrepreneur UK Curly Girl has made a video showing that she made over $2K in the first year of teaching her online course without investing a lot into marketing.

UK Curly Girl Transactions
Image Source : Youtube

A Teachable study found that slightly more than 69% of creators from around 17K different courses earned more than $1,000 per month.

Quick Overview of Teachable Pricing Plans and Key Features

Key Feature:Free ($0)Basic ($29)Pro ($99)Business ($249)
Transaction fees$1 + 10%5%0%0%
Unlimited studentsYesYesYesYes
Custom domainNoYesYesYes
Email marketingNoYesYesYes
Affiliate marketingNoNoYesYes
Referral marketingYesYesYesYes
Direct integrationsNoYesYesYes
Admin users125Custom

Pros and Cons of Teachable Course Platform


  • Flawless Checkout Experience
  • Unlimited Students and Hosting in All Plans
  • One-Page Checkout Options for Faster Conversions
  • Award-Winning Support
  • Robust Free Version
  • Free Training Videos
  • Foolproof Fraud Protection
  • Wide Range of Marketing Capabilities


  • No Phone Support
  • Limited Multi-Lingual Support
  • High Commissions in the Basic Plan
  • Limited Global Payout Options
  • Limited Site Customization Options
  • No Priority Customer Support in the Pro Plan
  • No Support for SCORM and xAPI/TinCan

Real-Life Reviews From Teachable Users

Teachable review #1

Latasha P. – E-Learning, 1-10 employees; Used weekly for 2+ years

“Overall, my experience has been great! Their customer service team is super helpful when you need them, and the platform is very familiar to a lot of other bloggers and online business owners.”

Teachable review #2

Hanah S. – Writing and Editing, self-employed; Used for less than 6 months

“Overall, I love creating content with this site. If you have questions, they can help you and help you figure it out. The emails they send with helpful tips and information is great. This site is wonderful for anyone who wants to teach other people information that is valuable.”

Teachable review #3

Renata Z. – Alternative Medicine, Self-employed; Used the software for less than 6 months

“As a user, I wanted an interface that would be easy to navigate and refer back to when I needed to see the content. I liked using the Teachable platform because it was easy to understand and simple to use daily.”

Teachable review #4

Marilyn “M.E.” P. – CEO, Religious Institutions, 1-10 employees; Used the software for 2+ years

“Overall Teachable solved a revenue issue for us! We needed a place for people to go and purchase our products and downloadable services without having to start from scratch – which is quite costly – and Teachable allowed us to do that. It helps us generate necessary revenue with ease.”

Teachable review #5

Mike C. – Business Owner, E-Learning, Self-employed; Used the software for 2+ years

“Teachable allows me to run a great online school – and to do so with much of the functionality in one package. I do opt to substitute my own website and email automation (WordPress and Active Campaign), but I use their eCommerce payment platform and feel very confident. I have often wondered about switching but never have found an alternative that does not offer better than an alternative set of compromises.”

Teachable review #6

Jessica A. – Educator, Education Management, 1-10 employees, Used the software for 6-12 months

“I have enjoyed my time with Teachable thus far, and I think it's one of the best platforms out there. I'm enjoying the user-friendly process.”

Registering and Navigating the Admin Page on Teachable

First, you will have to go through a simple registration process.

Tell us a little more about yourself

After filling in some details about yourself, you will arrive at the main admin page.

Here, you can:

  • Edit your school's name
  • Create a custom URL
  • Set up your brand
  • Set up payments
  • Create a course
  • Set up your landing page
Admin Page looks

This is how the Admin page looks.

The Admin page lets you access all the features instantly, and you can design your course pages without prior experience. To customize your school’s look, press the ‘Set up your brand’ option. Here, you can control your theme look with font styles and color palettes, upload a logo and favicon, create your navigation, and even add code snippets.

Creating the Course Page on Teachable

Teachable makes setting up your online course as straightforward as possible.

First, you need to click on the “Courses” option in the admin sidebar and click the “New Course” button in the top right corner.

Creating the Course Page on Teachable

Alternatively, you can click on the plus sign next to the “PRODUCTS” on the admin sidebar and select the product you want to create in a new window.

You will need to go through 4 steps:

  1. Add information
  2. Add curriculum
  3. Add a price
  4. Publish the course

If you want to publish a course, you need to click on the “Publish Course” button. A pop-up window will display, asking you to confirm whether you want to publish the course and reminding you of any unpublished lectures within the course.

Clicking on “More” next to the “Publish Course” button, you will find preview, duplication, and deletion functionalities.

Information Page

You can preview the course's sales page, and the curriculum as a student sees it. Additionally, you can duplicate a course with all the lecture content & pages, media, author assignments, and compliance settings.

The Branding section allows you to set up a custom course image and embed the school's promo video. You can also set a custom background and thumbnail logo for iOS apps and add a promotional video.

Teachable Features: Make the most out of the platform

The all-in-one online course platform allows you to:

  • Create and sell online
  • Share assignments and manage one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Handle assessments & certifications, course billing & invoicing

Student Management


This robust online course platform lets you capture your students' contact data, manage them, and track their activity and content interactions in the student dashboard.

Through the MyTeachable account's capability, you can invite an existing audience from another Teachable school and sign these students up for your courses.

Let the new students sign up for your online courses and coaching in a single click. Your students will have a smoother experience, and you will sell more.

With the ability to separate the students into groups and create different levels, you will be able to offer more individual experiences.

Student Profiles

The software lets you manage student profiles and create custom fields to learn more about them and track their activities and course progress.

You can view everything from the number of students enrolled in a class to insights like the number of passed tests, completed lectures, and locations.


Teachable is one of the best online learning platforms that provides the tools to communicate with your students.

The apps like Calendly help you manage your scheduling, intake, and booking tasks.

The software's communication engine allows you to provide student feedback. Discuss with your students everything from their ideas and feelings about their work to suggestions for staying on track for specific course goals.

You can reach out through the tool's integrated email mechanism, provide updates and guidance, request feedback, and welcome your students.

Blending into the marketing category, Teachable offers a range of communication features that enable you to broadcast emails & messages to multiple students simultaneously.

By activating lecture comments, you can even elicit valuable discussions and allow your students to share ideas on each lecture.

Notifications ensure you get alerted each time a student reads a comment, joins a course, enrolls in your school, cancels an enrollment, or posts a comment that needs moderation.

Teachable's email marketing tools help you sell courses at a higher volume.

The platform allows you to engage your existing customers and create more opportunities for selling online courses through email incentives.

You can incentivize your targets with:

  1. Course launch and abandoned cart emails
  2. Receipt & transaction emails
  3. Order confirmation emails

Reporting to Analyze Your Success

Teachable delivers detailed insights into your students' lecture & course completion rates, enrollments, quiz scores, and course progress.

The course reporting tools are accessible from the Pro Plan or higher, allowing you to track individual course progress on the leaderboard.

You can filter and access reports within specific courses and segment your reports by specific student groups.

Lecture Completion Reports

Track the average completion rates of your courses, measuring the number of completed lectures within each course through student and percentage breakdown charts.

The student breakdown charts provide insights into the average completion rates of all students, full-price-only students, discount or coupon-paying students, or students who didn't pay.

You can track how many students are at each course phase through a percentage breakdown by measuring the progress with a percentage threshold.

Video Reports

Through video reports, you will keep track of valuable statistics like individual video performance and the most-watched segments of the lecture videos.

You can access real-time information on average engagement and watch percentages for:

  • Average play rate
  • Total number of video loads
  • Total number of visitors
  • Total number of video plays
  • Total number of hours watched for all videos

After accessing the retention report, you will see the stats on how long the students watched your videos.

Here, you can see the total number of views with the average length of your students' watch time.

Video Heatmaps

Video heatmaps allow you to identify which parts of the videos have been watched, rewatched, rewatched multiple times, or skipped.

Video Heatmaps
Source: Claritylab

The tool will use colors to differentiate between different sections.

It will mark the skipped parts as white, the once-watched parts as green, the twice-watched parts as yellow, and the three-plus-watched parts as orange and red.

The tool creates a separate heatmap for each video-watching session, and there is an option for multiple heatmaps for one video.

Quiz Score Reports

Access records of student performance on graded quizzes and display a popup containing the student's quiz answers, with their answers marked in green.

All quiz reports will display the average score achieved by all students, the lowest and highest scores achieved, and the total number of students who completed the quiz.


The leaderboard reports enable you to display a list of students within a course ranked by their progress and success levels.

You can track the student's rank, the student's name, the percentage of the student's course completion, or the approximate time the student spent in a course.

You can even check if the student has received a certificate for the course and view their unique certificate ID number.

Integrations to Increase Productivity

The main approach to integrations in Teachable is through Zapier or Webhooks.

However, you can directly integrate with email marketing tools like Mailchimp and ConvertKit and the unified analytics service Segment in all the paid plans.

Through Zapier, you can market your products on autopilot by integrating with Drip, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, and other marketing automation software.

Connect with over 1,000 other apps, so you can automate everything from adding new prospects to a list to sending messages.

Teachable allows you to improve your students' experiences through Zoom integration, which is one of the best free conference call services.

You can also connect to Google Sheets and Disqus, expand your market outreach through SalesForce and ClickFunnels, and track your courses with Google Analytics and Sumo.

If you want to automate your email campaigns, you can integrate with the best email marketing software.

Connect with some of the best presentation software, like Canva or Visme, to grab the student's attention during online lectures.

While it can be challenging for many course creators, you can utilize Webhooks in the admin panel to send relevant information from Teachable to other third-party apps.

Engagement: Quizzes and Certificates


The Teachable learning management system provides a variety of tools that can help you engage your students.

You can evoke excitement by announcing the date & time of the next lesson through the drip course content.

Invite specific students into private courses and test your students' knowledge by creating quizzes or allowing students to share interests and ideas within your community.

With quizzes, you can measure the students' learning progress through a grading system.

Also, you can reward your students through certificates to keep them engaged.


With Teachable quizzes, you can keep your students eager to learn and motivated to keep finishing lessons.

The basic quizzes will enable you to evaluate the learning progress of individual students through multiple-choice questions.

Aside from them, the course platform offers true/false and fill-in-the-blank quiz types.

Apart from adding images to quizzes, you can determine:

  1. Minimum required quiz score for the student to pass
  2. Maximum number of repeat attempts
  3. Number of attempts allowed per question

A student must achieve a passing grade within the allowed number of retakes to move on to the next lecture before resetting the quiz.

If a student fails a quiz, you will receive an email notification.

Likewise, if you reset a quiz, the student receives a notification about their quiz score and the reset quiz.

Course Completion Certificates

If you are on the Pro Plan or higher, the online school platform allows you to reward your students for completing a course with certificates.

Course certificates have repeatedly been proven to elevate course completion rates, student engagement, and overall student satisfaction with the knowledge acquired within a course.

Along with other positive influences, course completion certificates will provide the students with verifiable training confirmation for career opportunities.

The certificate helps your students demonstrate they have the required skills for a specific role.

You can base your certificates on three different templates or customize your templates with HTML or Liquid coding language.

The tool lets you insert your school logo, adjust your student's name and grade, customize the colors, and add signatures.

Website Building

Templates & Customization

The Teachable platform provides a wide choice of configuration and branding tools that allow you to create courses according to your needs.

New course creators can launch their brands and create courses without an overwhelming learning curve.

There are tons of templates and themes to build the sales, landing, checkout, and lesson pages.

Through a clean and modern user interface, Teachable will allow you to:

  • Customize the most appealing templates
  • Embed logos
  • Add background images
  • Change the colors & fonts

Power Editor & Custom CSS

The more advanced users can insert custom CSS through code snippets.

In contrast, beginners will have no problem adding discounts to the sales pages or uploading curriculum videos, quizzes, text, images, and PDF documents.

The drag-and-drop editor will allow you to move things around without confusion, and the power editor lets you customize your course home and landing pages.

Course Creation and Structuring

The Set-Up

After filling in the course details, you can launch your lesson, sales, and checkout pages.

Additionally, you can edit your homepages and themes, add a custom domain, and more.

You can easily bulk-upload spreadsheets, videos, PDFs, and other files, and the software brings an added advantage with cloud storage, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

The software enables you to provide a brief description, upload an introduction video, or link one from YouTube or Vimeo.

The Set Up
Source: Support-teachable


You can select the video, audio, or text lesson type when launching the course while inserting media files and code snippets into specific lectures.

Create your course from scratch, or you can import CSV files and convert complete lectures into Teachable courses.

Along with the video, audio, quizzes, PDFs, and other files, Teachable offers the option to embed live video streams and webinars.

Reputable webinar statistics prove that platforms like Teachable increase sales and student engagement more than other tools.

Course Player

This user-friendly online school platform delivers a fully integrated online course player through which you can create courses with different multimedia elements.

The students can download the attachment you add.

You can select between the video, module, and list display options.

At the same time, the system adapts to any device type (tablet, phone, desktop, etc.) and screen size.

It optimizes all audio and video files to automatically ensure the best viewing experience for the students, making Teachable mobile-friendly.

You can even select different themes and configure the background along with the font size & colors, matching each lesson with your brand identity.

Marketing Features

Teachable is filled with robust features for marketing and selling courses and creating smart passive income.

1. Coupons

These features allow you to offer discounts through coupons, sell courses in bundles, customize your sales and checkout pages, and set up authors and affiliates.

Teachable lets you set up discount coupons for every course, enabling your students to activate the coupons by entering a coupon code or using a custom link.

2. Upsells & Bundles

You can offer one-click upsells to students who are already enrolled in one of your courses by utilizing your sales and thank you pages.

On top of that, you can bundle multiple courses together to offer them at a discounted price to your students.

3. Sales Pages

Teachable will help you create an enticing sales page through which you will create and sell online more than ever.

The interface will let you customize the hero header, include a coupon banner to promote any discounts, or even add an engrossing course description.

Additionally, you can:

  • Add a bio for the course instructor/author
  • Display the course curriculum
  • Highlight different courses within a bundle
  • Add a course page closing letter
  • Embed an enroll button
  • Add custom or pre-made blocks for text, images, videos, forms, testimonials, and courses

4. Checkout & Thank You Pages

An efficient tool will only help you create and sell courses, because it allows you to close sales fast.

Teachable will send a prospect to a checkout page when he/she clicks on the enroll button and offer them the form to fill in the payment information.

Insert testimonials for up to two customers, value proposition bullets highlighting the major positive outcomes of your course, and the 30-day guarantee images.

Thank you pages are an excellent tool to build rapport and boost customer engagement.

Thank your new customer with a link to your content, and embed a personalized thank you video or a bundle/discount upsell.

5. Affiliate Marketing Tools

Teachable affiliate marketing tools help you sell online courses without relying on specialized marketing campaigns. It lets you spread the word about your program through paid affiliates.

Teachable delivers all the tools you need to track the work and communicate with the authors.

You can manage and pay different affiliate commission rates from a single dashboard.

Automate the author revenue share, affiliate commission payout, and 1099 tax forms, and activate the BackOffice functionality for additional 2% transaction fees, and much more.

Save time by allowing the affiliates to track their own online course sales and enabling the BackOffice team to manage all your affiliate payouts for the extra 2% commission.

Payment Options

The software provides three main transaction options for your students: Teachable payments, custom payment gateways, and the Teachable legacy monthly payments.

Teachable payments is an option available in several countries. If it is unavailable for your country, you can set up Teachable monthly payments.

When activating Teachable payments, you will get a walkthrough for a Stripe set-up, after which you can accept credit card payments through Stripe or even choose PayPal.

With Teachable payments, you can apply for BackOffice services like the automatic author and affiliate payouts, affiliate tax form collection, student PayPal option, and more.

The user-friendly tool will automatically handle all the US sales taxes and EU/UK VAT taxes, notify you of potential frauds, and prevent chargebacks and fraudulent student purchases.

Lastly, you can set up a custom payment gateway and connect it to your Stripe account or PayPal Business account to get paid faster with lower processing fees.

Customer Support

While the level and depth of the support you receive vary depending on the chosen plan, Teachable offers email support in all its tiers.

The software's team of experts is ready to provide guidance on any technical issues.

The extensive knowledge base provides detailed instructions on creating your first school, setting up your products, customizing your site, accounting & billing, and everything else.

Teachable's expert team is exceptionally responsive and provides actionable solutions for your issues, usually within a day, sending you an email link to a tutorial answering your query.

There is no phone support, and the live chat functionality is available from the Pro Plan and onwards, while the priority support is reserved only for the Advanced tier.

Additionally, there is a Facebook group where you can offer and receive help from other Teachable users.

Pros and cons of the Teachable Platform

Pros of Using Teachable

1. Flawless Checkout Experience

The software's expert team monitors the software to maintain optimum checkout performance, resolving any technical issues immediately if they arise.

Teachable allows you to accept payments in over 120 different currencies.

The students can submit payments through debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and other payment methods.

You can persuade your students with discounted coupon prices.

List multiple pricing options on your sales pages, hide the prices for specific products or send them only to specific students, and add course guarantees and testimonials.

Along with foolproof fraud protection functionality, Teachable helps you manage chargebacks, EU VAT and taxes, and author & affiliate payouts.

All these options allow you to build trust and ensure you launch the most engrossing checkout pages.

2. Award-Winning Support

Teachable provides award-winning learning materials for course creators, including an expertly-trained 24/7 email customer support team that responds to any query within 24 hours.

On the Professional Plan and higher, Teachable will assist you with their live chat support team from Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. US Eastern Time.

The knowledge base and FAQ section are Teachable troubleshooting repositories, which contain a collection of articles that help you find solutions for different issues.

On any of Teachable’s paid plans, you will have access to Teachable U.

Here, you will find a library of webinars, videos, and online lessons that support all stages of the course creation process.

3. Robust Free Version

Teachable provides a free plan perfect for launching your business and attracting students, equipping you with unlimited products, courses, and students.

Unlike Teachable, Thinkific limits you to up to three courses in its free plan, while Kajabi doesn't even offer a free version of the software.

All this makes Teachable extremely affordable, offering a preview of its best features and the best-in-class learning experience it gives your students.

If you are considering a platform with more advanced marketing features like funnel-building and email automation tools, you can always check out Kajabi's pricing plans and see how they compare to Teachable.

In the same way, if you are looking to sacrifice Teachable’s affordability and simplicity for more advanced site-building tools, you can always check out a Thinkific review and compare Thinkific's pricing plans.

If you look at the Thinkific vs. Teachable comparison, you will get a better idea of how each platform helps you connect with your students and sell the courses to the most profit-generating, long-term customers.

You can even publish one course at a time and upload up to 10 videos across your course lectures in the free plan.

Cons of Using Teachable

1. No Phone Support

While Teachable offers top-quality email & live chat support, there is no phone support, which can be an issue for some users.

Adding phone support would help you enhance communication with their support team and allow you to handle more complex issues that are harder to resolve through messaging.

2. Limited Multi-Lingual Support

While you can add subtitles to your lecture videos, Teachable is currently only available in English.

3. Commissions and Global Payouts

Some payout options, like PayPal, are not available for currencies other than USD and are not ideal for students outside of the USA.

International card fees are also higher for students outside of the USA.

The platform also charges a hefty 5% commission for each transaction in the Basic Plan.

You will have to purchase the Pro Plan at $99/month to avoid high transaction fees.

A detailed overview of Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable offers one free plan and three paid plans.

The Teachable platform allows you to save up to 25% if signing up for an annual subscription, lowering the Basic Plan subscription from $39 to $29.

The online school platform provides access to various Teachable features depending on the tier.

Every plan allows you to launch your own online school with personal branding and full content ownership.

Teachable - Pricing Plan

Teachable has no cap for the number of students that can enroll in your courses.

The free plan has a $1 + 10% transaction fee outside the external payment gateway fees.

Teachable only charges a 5% transaction fee in the Basic tier.

Free Plan

The Free Plan allows you to try the online platform features and test your courses, but there are some limits.

You can use unlimited hosting and essential reporting tools and sell online courses through referral marketing.

Also, you can deploy quizzes and surveys.

Some other notable features of the Free Plan include instant payouts, product bundles, product support, and integrations with some third-party tools.

Due to its limited marketing capabilities, I would not recommend the Free Plan to the course creator offering long-term coaching services or selling online courses in high volume.

The Free Plan is perfect for course creators who want to launch a course on a limited budget and make a couple of sales.

To keep increasing sales, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

Basic Plan

The first paid tier on Teachable is the Basic plan.

At $29 per month, you will launch unlimited courses with unlimited video and create your custom course pages.

Teachable enables your students to buy your online learning material through a checkout page.

The tool provides advanced reports that give insights into how the students engage with your content.

The Basic Plan unlocks some highly-valuable course features like integrated email marketing and coupons.

The plan enables you to connect a custom domain to your account, giving you two admin-level users.

It includes many community and third-party integrations.

The Basic Plan includes a 5% commission for each transaction.

This learning management system delivers automated sign-ups that allow you to delegate online course registrations and follow-ups automatically.

The newest Teachable feature is the launch accelerator, which will provide you with the guidelines and tools to launch and sell your online course in 30 days.

The launch accelerator will serve you with:

  • Four weeks of detailed live sessions
  • Weekly emails & updates
  • Worksheets, templates, and scripts for promotion
  • Demos for the sales page & payment set-up
  • Successful real-life examples

Pro Plan

The professional plan is the most popular tier.

For $99 per month, you can sell online courses while using advanced theme customization and analytics and adding more owners and authors.

There are zero transaction fees in the professional plan, and you can access your payouts instantly.

Activate the optional refund policy and add up to five admins for your Teachable courses.

Integrate with advanced third-party tools like Zapier or marketing automation tools like Mailchimp and Drip.

Utilize the public API or the affiliate marketing functionality to bring new prospects to your lectures.

The professional plan is the first tier in which the course creation platform lets you remove the Teachable branding.

You can even reward your students with course completion certificates for finishing courses.

Along with an affiliate marketing program, the professional plan provides multiple tools for selling your online classes through membership deals.

The professional plan enables you to increase your Teachable sales through content-related merchandise.

The software lets you set up special discounts & coupons for your training courses to urge enrollment or even sell specific course sessions.

Business Plan

At $249, the Business Plan is Teachable's most expensive plan.

It allows you to invite multiple students into an online course or a membership site and provides additional security for selling courses that require certificates.

You can add up to 20 admin-level users and create and sell coaching services with the help of two one-hour onboarding sessions.

Just like in the professional plan, there are zero transaction fees for selling online courses.

However, the Business Plan delivers some advanced features for online course creation, like developer customization, custom user roles, and group coaching calls.

The Business Plan is ideal for larger businesses that need multiple administrators to run their online schools with multiple teachers.

While the professional and business plans bring more versatile Teachable integrations, the lower plans help new course creators sell courses and make smart passive income.

If you want to gain more insight into Teachable's pricing plans, I urge you to check the Teachable pricing plans.

After checking them, you'll be better equipped to compare the tiers and decide which is most appropriate.

Teachable FAQ

Is Teachable good?

Teachable is one of the best platforms for turning your teachings into a profitable business, thanks to its versatility and adaptability.

It delivers industry-leading coupons, certificates, and course compliance capabilities while offering the most generous free plan you can find.

How many people use Teachable?

It is estimated that Teachable has over 18 million students from over 125 countries and around 100K course creators that generate over $1 billion in sales.

Who owns Teachable?

In 2020, Teachable was acquired by Hotmart, a digital product distributor in Europe and Latin America and a pioneer in the so-called Creator Economy concept. Teachable did not change its name and values. It still aims to provide content creators and learners with the best possible experience.

Create Your Online Course on Teachable

Teachable is perfect for creators looking to start a profitable business without getting caught up in technicalities.

The platform delivers an unparalleled free version while offering multiple simplistic and affordable subscription deals.

If you want to teach through PDFs, quizzes, videos, or even one-on-one coaching sessions, Teachable has got you covered.

Teachable is the perfect tool for you if you want a course creation platform that will help you increase sales conversions, offer discount coupons to your students, and reward them with certificates.

With unlimited hosting, coaching services, and students in the free plan, it is almost impossible to find better value for your money on any other platform.

If you are serious about turning your knowledge into a thriving course, I encourage you to try Teachable today.

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