6 Best Web Hosts For Nigeria Websites (& 3 To Avoid)

Updated Jun 13, 2023.

Do you need a reliable web hosting company to meet the needs of your target audience in Nigeria? We’ve compiled the best hosting solutions for Nigeria websites for you:

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Our best pick for hosting in Nigeria, with a seamless onboarding process for beginners and small businesses.
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Solid host with consistently fast loading and response times and impressive features for excellent hosting.
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An affordable, quality web host for experts and beginners. It offers localized support and a user-friendly hPanel.
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Reliable hosting service that is super quick and user-friendly, thanks to its well-designed cPanel.
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A2 Hosting

Nigerian web hosting service with unlimited resources and free offerings; top features for media-rich websites.

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If you're targeting Nigerian audiences with your website or starting a business in Nigeria, choosing the right web host to run your site is essential.

But, it isn't always easy to get the right web host for Nigeria, especially since there are different unreliable hosts in the country. There are tons of good web hosting options to consider. When choosing the best web hosting companies for your business, you need one with top speed, reliable customer service, and affordable prices.

After reviewing a wide range of web hosts, we compiled the best Nigerian web hosting providers in 2022. We have the top 6 choices on our list and three Nigerian web hosts we don't recommend. Take a closer look to know more.

Top 6 Web Hosting Services in Nigeria

Here are our best web hosting companies in Nigeria::

1. Bluehost

Best Overall

  • Impressive speed in Nigeria.
  • Easy to use with quick onboarding.
  • High-performance servers for larger websites.
  • Fantastic security features are available.
  • Wide range of benefits and freebies.
  • Customer support agents respond quickly.
  • Only one data center.
  • Customer service is not always effective.
Bluehost icon
Editor’s Take

For a web host that has been around for a long time, it's not surprising that Bluehost has impressive support and overall quality for Nigerian sites. We chose this WordPress-recommended host as the first web hosting company in this review, as it offers top security and seamless speed.

Overall Nigerian Web Host
₦4,149.55 – ₦12,041.58 per month
Annual Discount
36-month discount

Coming at the top of our list is Bluehost, a fantastic web host for Nigerian websites. Bluehost is a top choice for anyone who wants to build a website, especially if it's the first time. The hosting company was founded in 2003 and is one of the oldest web hosting solutions.

Despite having only one data center in the US, Bluehost offers top speed worldwide, including in Nigeria. Bluehost is one of the three best web hosting providers that are recommended by WordPress, which means you can expect speed and good security.

Key Features

Free and Unlimited Features

One of the highlights of Bluehost is that it does not only offer freebies but real benefits that help you save money. The web hosting company offers a free domain name and SSL when you go for the shared hosting plan. The web host features unlimited SSD, websites, and domains. Other features include unlimited parked domains, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited bandwidth.

Top Security Features

Keeping your Nigerian website safe is easy with Bluehost. WordPress recommends the hosting company, so security is assured. The web hosting solution features an advanced email filter, daily backup service, and firewalls with different security levels.

Quick Customer Support

It's never ideal to wait forever for customer support, but Bluehost is well-known for offering speed in its service. You can get answers to your requests within a few minutes through live chat, phone, or email support. Bluehost support is offered 24/7, so Nigerian companies don't have to worry about the time difference.

Very Easy to Use

If you're new to using web hosting companies, Bluehost is a great way to start. The reliable web hosting company is convenient, with WordPress pre-installed. You can fully set up your website on Bluehost in a few minutes. The dashboard is convenient and easy to navigate.


Bluehost excels in speed, even with only one data center in the United States. The hosting company offers an average speed of 153 milliseconds globally, which is way faster than the recommended 200 milliseconds by Google.

Even with your audience in Nigeria, you can offer impressive speed in loading and response times. In Nigeria, the best web hosting company provides a speed of 380 milliseconds, which is pretty fast.

Bluehost has an uptime of about 100% and uses high-performance servers that meet the needs of websites with a lot of traffic. But the high-performance servers are only available on the Pro plan.


2. SiteGround

Best for Speed

  • Impressive loading and response time in Nigeria.
  • Unfailing uptime with reliable customer service.
  • Free daily backups on shared and cloud hosting.
  • User-friendly Site Tools.
  • Datacenters in 4 continents.
  • Managed WordPress hosting.
  • Limited resources.
  • High renewal prices.
SiteGround icon
Editor’s Take

If you're looking for a web host in Nigeria with impressive speed, SiteGround is an ideal choice. The best web hosting service company impressed us with its wide range of features, uptime, and consistently fast speeds in Nigeria and globally. Plus, it's recommended by WordPress, which offers good quality.

Web Host for Speed
₦6,226.40 – ₦16.610.65
Annual Discount

When searching for the best web hosting companies globally, SiteGround is always one of the top choices. For speed, we named SiteGround as the best web hosting in Nigeria, as it offers a global speed of 129.8 milliseconds. The hosting service features data centers in six countries and services thousands of domains worldwide.

The web hosting provider offers top-quality websites in Nigeria. They are known for focusing on making their employees happy so their customers can be happy. You will notice this in their reliable customer service and friendly agents on the live chat.

The award-winning web hosting solution has had unfailing uptime for almost a decade, so your Nigerian website will be in good hands.

Key Features

Managed WordPress

SiteGround is one of the highly recommended web hosting services by WordPress, so you can be sure that it offers reliable support, speed, and security. The WordPress web hosting company will provide exclusive WordPress hosting support and one-click staging for professional updates. SiteGround is WP-CLI and Git enabled, and the reliable servers are constantly updated to keep your site's security strong.

User-Friendly Site Tools

When it comes to easy use, SiteGround made its customized dashboard for all its users. Rather than cPanel offered by most web hosting companies, it features Site Tools, an intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform for maintaining your website's hosting. The custom dashboard lets you get tasks done quickly and efficiently with a few clicks.

24/7 Customer Support

SiteGround offers top-notch customer service to Nigerian websites. Since the support is available round-the-clock, the hosting company can adjust based on your time zone. Their team undergoes strict training and is friendly and enthusiastic when relating to you. The support options include live chat, phone support, tickets, and knowledge-based articles.

Free Daily Backup

You don't have to worry about losing data on your website with SiteGround. The web host offers free daily backup for thirty days with the shared plan and seven days with cloud hosting. The backups are done automatically, so you can always revert to previous changes.


SiteGround allows you to load your site four times faster than it's supposed to. The Nigerian hosting company uses impressive hardware to handle your loading times. For one, they use SSDs on all their hosting servers hosted with Google Cloud. The hardware is combined with top-notch software like Cloudflare, SuperCacher, and PHP.

With a global average speed of 130 milliseconds, Nigerian sites can enjoy a fast loading speed in the region. They feature a loading and response time of 645 milliseconds, but it can become even faster with the SSD and CDN.


3. Hostinger

Best Budget Host

  • Topnotch speed in Nigeria with extra features.
  • Customized dashboard for convenient use.
  • Dependable customer support.
  • Free domain and SSL.
  • Unlimited resources are available.
  • Highly affordable plans.
  • No daily backup.
  • No phone support.
Hostinger icon
Editor’s Take

If you need business hosting on a budget in Nigeria, you can go for Hostinger. The company offers web hosting plans as low as ₦826.59 when you leverage the discounts. The all-around web host provides fantastic features for beginners and experts alike. What we liked especially was the hPanel and localized support for Nigerian users.

Budget Hosting Provider
₦4,195.55 – ₦7,057.14
Annual Discount

Hostinger is one of the industry leaders in web hosting services and has secured the number three spot on our list of the best web hosting services for Nigerian websites. The most affordable hosting company is one of the fastest-growing, with ten data centers worldwide.

The Nigerian hosting provider is known for its upgraded hardware and speed-enhancing features. The best part about Hostinger is that the plans are offered, with discounts as high as 80% on the shared hosting plans.

Key Features

Speed Enhancing Features

Hostinger offers top speed when web hosting sites in Nigeria and comes with a cache manager that speeds up loading and response time. The plans include many benefits that improve speed and make it easier to use, like the PHP7 Support that will appeal to developers and NGINX caching that boosts WordPress performance.

Custom hPanel

Hostinger has an easy-to-use interface and does not use the standard cPanel like other hosting services in Nigeria. Instead, the best web hosting provider was tweaked to become an hPanel, with a clean and intuitive interface and well-designed icons.

Free and Unlimited Features

Before starting your Nigerian website, you must buy a domain name. But with Hostinger, you can save money as they offer free domains for all its users. There are different resources, including unlimited websites, unlimited email, and unlimited bandwidth. You get a free SSL certificate on your website.

Reliable Customer Support

Hostinger features highly responsive customer support for all its Nigerian users, regardless of the time zones. The support agents offer quick responses and are always known for being fun and enthusiastic about meeting your needs and answering questions.


Hostinger offers top speed for its Nigerian websites, with a global response and loading time of 136 milliseconds. Their speed improves with helpful features like the PHP7 support, 1-click installer, Git support, WordPress hosting optimization, HTTP/2, NGINX Caching, and LiteSpeed Cache.

In Nigeria, Hostinger features a load time of 305 milliseconds, which means you can expect fantastic speed on your website. The loading time is combined with a 99.99% uptime, which keeps your website running all the time except for a few minutes a year during maintenance.


4. HostPapa

Best for User-Friendliness

  • Quick response time for Nigerian websites with fast features.
  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime.
  • User-friendly design with an intuitive dashboard.
  • Award-winning customer support.
  • Offers good value for your money.
  • Free and unlimited resources are available.
  • No free automatic backup.
  • A limited number of data centers.
Hostpapa icon
Editor’s Take

If you need quick and easy hosting for your Nigerian site, HostPapa is the best web hosting service. We liked this web hosting company because of its convenient control panel, intuitive features, and friendly visual interface for even beginners to get the hang of.

User-Friendly Web Host
₦4,149.55 – ₦9,964.73
Annual Discount
46% – 74%

When it comes to the best web hosting in Nigeria for customer service and a seamless user interface, HostPapa is the top choice. The Canadian-based web hosting company is not only one of the fastest, as they host hundreds of thousands of sites, but are constantly building data centers for better speed.

The web hosting company is one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers for Nigerian sites, and they make it easy for newcomers to get started right from the start. Their data centers cover all the essential locations, and their award-winning PapaSquad customer service will always have your back.

Key Features

Easy Onboarding for Newcomers

When you start building your Nigerian website, the process might be intimidating, but HostPapa makes it super easy. The hosting provider designed their user-friendly interface to allow you to manage the different services and features, from billing and support to domains and addons.

Award-Winning Customer Support

The HostPapa customer service is PapaSquad, and it's not surprising that they've won tons of awards over the years. The support agents are trained to be highly efficient and offer speedy responses within a few minutes. Their live chat is consistent, with reliable support for Nigerian users.

Fast Features are Offered

Your Nigerian business can cut costs and still offer top speed with HostPapa. The hosting provider comes with unlimited SSD, websites, and email accounts. You can enjoy a free domain name for a year and a free SSL certificate. And if you've been using a hosting service before, HostPapa will migrate it for free.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

HostPapa is generous enough to provide hosting services to its Nigerian websites with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The reliable web host uptime is provided because they carry out service maintenance for a few minutes in a year. You don't have to worry about losing revenue due to downtime if you're running an online store.


HostPapa offers top-notch speed for your Nigerian website, making it even better with their Cloudflare and SSD support. The affordable hosting company in Nigeria has a global response time of 130 milliseconds, with its data centers in the US, Amsterdam, and Canada.

The web hosting company ensures that its data centers are fast enough for your Nigerian site and will meet the needs of sites targeting a local or global audience. Due to the speed, HostPapa takes many seconds off your loading speed and is the best web hosting service provider for small and large businesses.


Read more Hostpapa pricing

5. A2 Hosting

Best Unlimited Hosting

  • Wide range of free and unlimited resources.
  • Fast loading with Turbo servers and SSD storage.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Strategic data center locations for better speed.
  • The intuitive user interface on the control panel.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Customer support is relatively slow.
A2 Hosting Icon
A2 Hosting
Editor’s Take

One thing we love about A2 Hosting is the wide range of unlimited features that this international host offers. The web host features data centers worldwide, with various time-saving features and their popular Turbo plans, which are 20x faster than the regular server.

Hosting for Unlimited Resources
₦4,564.92 – ₦10,795.47
Annual Discount
12-month and 36-month discounts

Next on our list of the best web hosting in Nigeria is A2 Hosting, founded in 2011. The web hosting company in Nigeria is well-known for offering unlimited resources that allow you to save money and get a good value on your plans.

Aside from the unlimited web hosting features, A2 Hosting is known for offering 24/7 customer support, making it easy for Nigerian users to access their help. For even better speed, A2 Hosting offers their special Swift and Turbo accounts, giving a global speed of 150 milliseconds.

Key Features

Unlimited Resources

Even after purchasing the web hosting plans, Nigerian businesses must consider additional expenses like adding email addresses or domain name registration. The web host features unlimited websites, transfers, email addresses, databases, subdomains, parked domains, and addon domains. The plans include unlimited Raid 10 Storage.

24/7/365 Support

The customer service agents on A2 Hosting are called Guru and provide round-the-clock support daily. Nigerian users don't have to worry about the time zone, and their hosting support is delivered quickly.

Fast Turbo Servers

One of the highlights of A2 Hosting is its Turbo plan, powered by its Turbo servers. The Turbo servers load your site 20 times faster than the average site since they limit the number of users per server. If you're dealing with large traffic on your Nigerian business website, Turbo servers will do the trick.

Convenient Client Login

Nigerian users can seamlessly use the client login interface on A2 Hosting. The web hosting company seems to have paid much attention to enhancing its user experience, making it convenient and intuitive. The top panel arranges every function, and every feature is easy to find on the interface.


A2 Hosting offers impressive speed for Nigerian websites using the platform. With their US data center and when you use the Turbo plan, the average global speed is 150 milliseconds. The hosting service covers various locations in Nigeria, even in the northern area.

The hosting provider comes with SSD storage, which is 30% faster than the standard hard disk. With this, the loading times become even quicker. A2 Hosting is a reliable web host with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and will compensate its users if the site goes down because of equipment failure or internal network issues.


6. GreenGeeks

Best for Green Hosting

GreenGeeks- Web Hosting that's fast, secure & eco-friendly

Rounding up our web hosting companies list is GreenGeeks, an ideal choice for an eco-conscious Nigerian business. The web host for Nigerian websites is super-fast and offers environmentally friendly hosting. They put back three times the energy they consume into the grid by purchasing wind energy credits.

Although there are different green hosting services, GreenGeeks does it best. The web host uses a carbon-reducing approach to its hosting process and has won multiple environmental awards. As you host with them, they use the proceeds to plant trees. When a Nigerian website hosts with them, they can place different badges on their business website to indicate that they're earth-friendly.

Key Features

Tons of Freebies and Resources

There's the belief that green companies don't offer good quality, but this isn't the same with GreenGeeks. The hosting provider offers different unlimited and free resources on its plans, including unlimited domains and databases, unlimited SSD space, unlimited data transfer, free website migration, and a free domain name registration for the first year.

Support from a Professional Team

Their customer service team does not only offer answers to your question, but full technical support to help you get started and solve problems. Depending on your preferences, the support is offered through live chat, email, and phone. You get a response from a real professional within one or two minutes.

Convenient Interface for all Users

Another feature that Nigerian businesses can benefit from is the GreenGeeks interface, which is ideal for beginners and experts. They use the cPanel, an industry favorite and website builder for those without experience creating a website. Whether you're experienced or a novice, there's something for everyone.

Install 3rd Party Apps

Small business owners in Nigeria might need third-party apps to run their business, and you can download them with Softaculous on GreenGeeks. The hosting provider lets you download apps like Shopify, Prestashop, and Magneto.


GreenGeeks offers top-notch loading and response times in Nigeria and globally. The web hosting company in Nigeria has a response time of 179 milliseconds worldwide, with five data centers to choose from.

It is highly responsive and fast, and even the cheapest plan will get you top speed and freebies. Aside from the reliable speed, the web hosting company offers 99.9% uptime and compensation whenever there is downtime.


  • Eco-friendly hosting company.
  • Very fast with helpful optimizations.
  • Unlimited resources and freebies are available.
  • Easily install helpful third-party apps.
  • Technical and thorough support.
  • Great user interface for any user.


  • Phone support is not offered 24/7.
  • Unlimited features come with some limitations.

3 Nigerian Web Hosting Companies We Do Not Recommend

Although it seems like a good idea to use a local Nigerian web host for your website, since they are located in the country and have easier payment methods, there are a lot of downsides.

After reviewing the web hosting companies in Nigeria, we found that they offer poor performance and speed. Not only this, but their services are way more expensive, which means you spend more for less.

If you need a local web host in Nigeria, QServers is the only local host that we recommend. But, you should avoid these three web hosting companies in Nigeria.

1. Whogohost

Although Whogohost is the most popular web hosting company in Nigeria, it does not offer the performance that your company will benefit from. The average response and loading time is 316 milliseconds, which is way more than the recommended loading time by Google.

Aside from this, they offer a free .ng domain, unlimited MySQL databases and FTP accounts, and reasonable bandwidth and storage. But this is not a good offer for its expensive plans. Whenever you make payments, they offer processing fees on your transactions.

2. Web4Africa

Web4Africa is another well-known hosting service in Nigeria but fell short of our standards. The hosting service has an even poorer loading time of 409 milliseconds and is more expensive than Whogohost.

Although performance is strong in the local area, it's a bad option for Nigerian websites that want to appeal to global audiences. Their servers are located in Nigeria and Ghana.

3. DomainKing

We were unimpressed by what DomainKing has to offer. The Indian web host is pretty popular in Nigeria and supports .ng domains. The hosting service allows bank transfers for convenient payments.

But its speed and performance are poor compared to the top options on our web hosting companies list. The storage and bandwidth are limited and attract extra costs. On the upside, the hosting company offers 99.9% uptime and 24/7 support.

Hosting My Website for Nigerian Audience

If your business is based in Nigeria or targeting a Nigerian and West African audience, you'll need a reliable web hosting company for the location. A web host powers your site, and you need one with excellent uptime and speed so your website is always running.

When considering hosting Nigerian websites, you need to consider whether you will use a well-known international hosting company or a small Nigeria-based hosting provider.

Our extensive review shows that we recommend choosing a large, global hosting company. Despite the different Nigerian local hosts, they offer slow speed and poor performance that won't do your site any good.

If you're not sure what to pick, we recommend Bluehost. Even in Nigeria and Africa, the US-based hosting company offers outstanding performance and top speed and is highly reliable.

What Makes a Good Web Hosting Company for Nigeria?

When considering the best web hosting companies for your Nigerian website, there are a couple of factors to remember. The web host must be fast, reliable, and safe for your customers to keep coming back. Here are some features found in a good Nigeria web host.

Quick Speed

One of the essential features of an excellent Nigerian web host is speed. You have a high bounce rate with poor speed and can lose websites and leads. So, consider hosting providers that offer good speed in Nigeria and globally.

Top-Notch Security

Getting hacked is a nightmare for many online businesses. It can cause you to lose your data and expose your user information. So, it's essential to have good web security. It's a great idea to choose one with free SSL certificates.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime indicates the percentage of the time that your website is running. Although 98% sounds like a high value, your website will be down for about six days a year. But with 99.9%, you can expect a downtime of 40 minutes yearly, which is your best bet.

Reliable Customer Service

One of the most frustrating parts of online services is customer support, especially if they are slow and unreliable. Your web host should have 24/7 customer support and a wide range of channels to contact. Remember that some web hosting companies will charge more for priority support.

Extensive Storage and Bandwidth

There's a reason why website owners usually go for hosting services with unlimited storage and bandwidth. Storage shows how much content you can keep on the server, and bandwidth indicates the amount of data that flows through the server. You need the highest value if you want to accommodate increased traffic.

Regular Backups

It's disappointing when you need to revert changes you might have made on your website, only for there to be no backups. Backups are a practical feature; many top hosts come with automatic and free backups.

Good Value for Your Money

Just because you want top-quality for your web host doesn't mean that you have to break the bank. At the same time, don't go for the cheapest web host without considering the features and resources offered. When selecting the best web host for your Nigerian audience, choose one that offers good value for your money. It's a good idea to look for unlimited resources, free site transfer, free SSL certificate, and domain names.

Should I Use a Local Nigerian Host or International Host?

An international company is advisable for web hosting in Nigeria because they offer better speed and performance than a local host.

  • A Nigerian host caters to African users but is known for being slower outside of Africa, limiting your business' growth.
  • A global host covering Nigeria will give you top speed and performance in Africa and internationally.
  • International hosts usually offer better security and customer support and are globally acclaimed.

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria FAQ

What is the Best WordPress Host in Nigeria?

The best WordPress host in Nigeria is Bluehost. The best web hosting company is recommended by WordPress and offers many unlimited security features. With the web host, you can enjoy the benefit of the quick onboarding and high-performance servers that make large Nigerian sites run smoothly.

Is Bluehost Available in Nigeria?

Yes, it is. Bluehost is available in Nigeria for your web hosting needs. You can use their shared web hosting plans, which start at ₦4,149.55, and even less when you take advantage of the different discounts.

How Much Does It Cost to Host a Website in Nigeria?

This depends on the hosting plan that you use. The most affordable web hosting service in Nigeria is Hostinger, whose plans are as cheap as ₦826.95 monthly when you use the discounts. But it can cost as high as ₦15,000 per month. Shared hosting is the most affordable option. There is also reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

Do I Need Web Hosting with Servers in Nigeria?

Using the best web hosting services with servers in Nigeria is not compulsory. Top international web hosting companies offer very fast loading times in Nigeria, even if their servers are not located in the region, with speed-enhancing features for better performance.

Which Web Host is Best for Nigeria?

You must carefully choose the best web hosting company for your Nigerian website if you want to meet the needs of your users and increase revenue. With good speed and reliable uptime, site visitors will stay till the checkout and be encouraged to revisit your site.

This is why you must carefully assess the different web hosting companies and choose one that will move your business to the next level. You should evaluate the different hosting plans and compare the prices to make the right decision.

We did most of the work for you and compiled the best six options for web hosting in Nigeria. Here are the best five options:

Best Overall Web Host


Our best pick for hosting in Nigeria, with a seamless onboarding process for beginners and small businesses who want to build their website.
Best for Speed


Solid host with consistently fast loading and response times and impressive features for excellent hosting.
Best Budget Host


An affordable, quality web host for experts and beginners. It offers localized support and a user-friendly hPanel.
Best for User-Friendliness


Reliable hosting service that is super quick and user-friendly, thanks to its well-designed cPanel.
Best Unlimited Hosting

A2 Hosting

Nigerian web hosting service with unlimited resources and free offerings. Comes with top features for media-rich websites

It's a good idea to conduct research on your end before choosing a Nigerian web host provider. Check out these resources that will help:

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