Best CRM Tools for Private Equity Firms = More Qualified Clients

Updated Jul 19, 2023.

Discover the best CRM for nurturing long-lasting relationships with limited partners and clients for your private equity management firm.

Pipedrive icon


Top CRM with deal management solutions for managing your private equity relationships
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Monday CRM

Flexible CRM platform for comprehensively managing your sales process and operations
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Fully integrated CRM platform that offers high-quality data centralization and visualization options
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Affordable CRM option for helping your teams collaborate, analyze, and manage tasks effectively
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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Flexible platform for generating leads and converting them into full-fledged customers for PE funds

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Properly managing data and nurturing leads in a well-organized manner is one of the problems private equity and alternative investment firms face. CRM helps solve data problems by logically organizing them.

With many solutions available in the investment management industry, CRM software tools can transform investment firms for more productivity and profits.

Here are some of the best CRM tools for private equity management and limited partners.

Let’s get started.

Best CRM Tools for Private Equity Firms

Here are our top picks for the best CRM for private equity software firms to try this year.

1. Pipedrive

Best Overall Private Equity CRM

  • Hitch-free onboarding process
  • User-friendly and easy to configure
  • Data security and privacy
  • 14-day free trial
  • Excellent customer support
  • Limited third-party integrations
  • No free version
Pipedrive icon
Editor’s Take

I recommend Pipedrive because it is an easy-to-use platform with a visual and simplified user interface. Pipedrive’s Leadbooster (a customizable lead Generation chatbot) makes it easy to capture new leads.

Best For
Salespeople and Investment Managers
$12.50/month – $99/month
Annual Discount

Pipedrive is your number one choice for a CRM to manage your private equity relationships.

Main Features

Lead and Deal Management

Pipedrive extensively simplifies your deal and lead management operations using intuitive solutions. You are equipped with custom AI chatbots and web forms to generate highly actionable leads.

Communication Management

Alongside platforms for engaging with your investors and prospects, your communications are even more effective through tracking options.

Inbound Marketing

Pipedrive offers a private equity CRM system with an inbound marketing solution. You enjoy easy integration and investor reports.

Try Pipedrive’s 14-day free trial to get started.

2. Monday CRM

Best for Sales

  • 14-day free trial and free version
  • Real-time data sync
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Customizable boards
  • Limited activity logs
  • Needs more effective tutorials for new users
Monday icon
Monday CRM
Editor’s Take

I love Monday CRM because it helps manage your entire customer life cycle in one place. Many love it for investor and account relationship management and for managing business risks.

Best For
Managing Sales Operations
$0/month – $16/month
Annual Discount

Monday CRM is trusted by over 127,000 public and private companies worldwide.

Main Features


This CRM tool remains highly customizable to fit your specific needs. You can add as many columns as possible to your visualized dashboards.

Centralized Email Communications

With Monday CRM, all your email communications and interactions are centralized on one platform. Customizable email templates are available to you.

Sales Automations

Monday CRM helps you automate routine activities within your sales process to make your pipeline management easier.

Try Monday CRM’s 14-day free trial to get started.

3. Altvia

Best for Deals Management

  • Provides up-to-date performance metrics for investors
  • Phone and chat support
  • Tracking of deal pipeline
  • Easy customizable to suit different PE firms
  • No free trial
Altvia icon
Editor’s Take

Altvia understands the investment world and private equity and offers excellent customer support. I love Altvia's client management and fundraising tools.

Best For
Scaling Your Firm’s Growth
Annual Discount
Get A Demo

Altvia is a customer relationship management tool that supports over 40,000 investors worldwide, such as RCP Advisors.

Main Features

Fast Data Visualizations

To aid your data entry and CRM processes, Altvia equips you with data-driven dashboards.

Fundraising and Investor Relation Tracking

With Altvia, you seamlessly manage your capital raising process through complete visibility into prospects and investors. You can raise and deploy capital and carry out worldwide capital raising efforts from your dashboard.

Portfolio Management

Altvia presents complete and detailed information on all investments. You ensure compliance for your auditors and investors and track all performance-related metrics.

Request a quote to determine the cost of Altvia’s CRM.

4. nTask

Best Budgeting Option

  • Easy to set up and customize
  • High privacy and data security
  • 14-day free trial
  • Poor customer service
nTask icon
Editor’s Take

I love nTask's affordable pricing plans, data management, and time tracking features. nTask helps schedule meetings with prospects and provides timely reminders.

Best For
Small Businesses
$0/month – $8/month
Annual Discount

nTask is a noteworthy CRM enjoying patronization from over 250,000 users across 155 countries.

Main Features

Comprehensive Reporting

nTask provides comprehensive reports covering every investment you make. With its reporting tools, you easily track your investments' status.

Meeting Management

The tool’s meeting management module allows you to schedule meetings and appointments with your investors and prospects easily.

Resource Management

nTask helps you easily manage your investors’ resources and assets to meet project goals.

Try nTask’s 14-day trial to get started.

5. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Best for Lead Generation and the Ideal Choice for Microsoft Customers

  • Fast data and budget management
  • Uses the highest security standards and is fully compliant with GDPR
  • An endless range of integration capabilities
  • Easily customizable based on user needs
  • 30-day free trial
  • Requires training
  • Low data storage limits
Microsoft icon
Microsoft Dynamics 365
Editor’s Take

I love Microsoft Dynamics 365 because it connects data, processes, and teams with its trailblazing business intelligence applications, which help you proactively meet your customer demands.

Best For
Closing More Direct Deals
Starting from $1,000/tenant per month
Annual Discount

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a flexible and customizable solution offering comprehensive solutions for multiple business niches.

Main Features

Lead Generation and Management

This CRM tool helps with your lead management workflows by allowing you to run multi-channel marketing operations through emails, websites, and virtual events.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you make more appropriate decisions through in-depth data reporting and analysis.

Change Management

Powered by AI, Microsoft Dynamic 365 lets you automatically optimize your engagements with customers for better experiences.

Try Microsoft Dynamics 365’s 30-day free trial to get started.

6. Dynamo

Leading Private Equity Software for Managing Multiple Classes of Assets

Dynamo- Unleash Your Insights

Dynamo is a trustworthy CRM software dedicated to asset owners and other asset managers, trusted by over 1,000 clients worldwide and with an AUM of over $5 trillion,

Main Features

Deal Management

With Dynamo, your deal sourcing and management operations are seamless through automation and options for effective remote collaborations.

Research Management

To aid investment decision-making, Dynamo simplifies your research operations into different classes of assets.

Multi-Class Portfolio Management

With Dynamo, managing a portfolio of multiple asset classes is easier through integrations with third-party data providers like PitchBook.

Investment Management

Keep track of and manage investor relations and activities. Dynamo provides your investors with self-service options through an investor portal.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Comprehensive training for new users
  • Easy to automate repetitive tasks


  • No free trial

Request a quote to determine Dynamo’s CRM price.

7. Clienteer

Best CRM Focusing on Automated Report and Performance Tracking Workflows

Clienteer- Empower Investor Relations, Streamline Fund Marketing

Clienteer is a CRM tool dedicated to asset managers that focuses on client and prospect relationships.

Main Features

Intuitive Dashboard

Clienteer equips you with an intuitive dashboard, ensuring you have access to all data you need for your sales forecasting.

Quality Lead Generation Options

To improve your chances at lead generation, Clienteer helps you implement personalized marketing campaigns, events, and roadshows.

Lead Scoring

This CRM helps you identify your most feasible prospects for conversions by tracking email interactions and document downloads.


  • Good performance analysis
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Easy customization of reports and dashboards


  • No free trial

Clienteer’s pricing is determined according to a quote from the Imagineer Technology Group.

8. Attio

Best CRM tool with Intuitive Collaboration Options

Attio-Unify your front office with a custom private equity CRM solution

Attio is a CRM tool trusted by companies like Coca-Cola, Supercell, and Sky, that helps you improve the operations of your customer-facing departments.

Main Features

Pre-Built Templates

Attio provides many pre-formatted templates for your private equity workflows.

Contact Enrichment

With Attio, you also eliminate manual data entry as the tool does this for you. Attio automatically fills in new information on your contacts by constantly monitoring its sources on the internet.

Custom Data Tracking

Your data tracking and reporting workflows may be customized to how you want them. Attio helps you manage ever-changing compliance regulations in the real estate sector, investing market, and alternate investments category.


  • Easy importation of data from other software
  • An extensive list of predesigned private equity CRM templates
  • Real-time collaboration


  • No free trial
  • Lack of enough customer support options

Request a quote to determine the pricing for Attio’s services.

9. Salesforce Sales Cloud

Best Private Equity CRM with Highly Scalable Pricing Plans and Solution

Salesforce Sales Cloud- Sell more on one platform

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a scalable CRM trusted by over 150,000 users worldwide.

Main Features

Dedicated Cloud CRM Solutions

Salesforce offers you cloud solutions for different areas of your business and client relationship.

Contact Management

With Salesforce, you do not just have a platform to store your investors’ and prospects’ contacts but also track their activities.

Highly Customizable

Determine the features you need for your account, contact, lead, opportunity, and forecasting management operations, among others. The highly customizable nature helps it serve as scalable CRM partners for different clients.


  • Easy to customize and scale based on your needs
  • 30-day free trial
  • Comprehensive and free tutorials and courses


  • A bit of a learning curve
  • High price

Try Salesforce Sales Cloud’s 30-day free trial to get started. 

10. 4Degrees

Best Private Equity CRM with Comprehensive Integrations

4Degrees- The Private Equity CRM To Drive Proprietary Deal Flow

4Degrees’ private equity CRM is dedicated to helping you take care of your client's due diligence, deal life cycle, investment documentation, and workflows to satisfy investors and prospects.

Main Features

Relationship Management

4Degrees allows you to maintain close relationships with your investors, venture capital firms, brokers, and bankers.

Pipeline Visualization

With your deal flow pipeline visualized, you easily track the due diligence progress and all activities within it.


To centralize your business management activities, this CRM integrates with third-party data providers like Microsoft Outlook, MailChimp, PitchBook, and marketing automation platforms.


  • Good email, system, and workflow integration
  • Native reporting
  • Responsive customer support


  • There is room for improvement in the interface.

The cost of 4Degrees’ services is available to you after you request a demo.

11. DealCloud

Best CRM Software for Institutional Asset Management Companies

DealCloud- Private equity CRM

DealCloud is an asset management solution dedicated to financial service firms needing to meet or comply with fiduciary and regulatory standards.

Main Features

Relationship Tiering

A lead scoring feature, DealCloud helps you rank your leads or prospects by how much value they offer you.

Centralized Communications

DealCloud also ensures that all communications and interactions with contacts are available to every relevant individual on a single platform.


  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy implementation


  • A poor user interface, especially for mobile view
  • No free trial

Cost is available to you once you schedule a demo.

12. Backstop Solutions

Top Private Equity Software with Dedicated Fundraising and Hedge Funds Solutions

Backstop Solutions- Private Equity & Venture Capital Software

Backstop Solutions offers another CRM tool dedicated to your private equities' deal, fundraising, hedge funds, and investor-relations management operations.

Main Features

Contact Synchronization

Thanks to quality integrations with Microsoft Outlook, Backstop Solutions lets you synchronize every contact and email you come across with your CRM workflows.


Backstop Solutions allows managers, including hedge funds, to track all activities and contacts involved in the capital-raising process.

Integrated Investor Portal

This CRM program provides an investor portal integrated with its CRM solution.


  • Robust portfolio management
  • Allows flexibility for client-defined uses
  • Comprehensive training (in person, webinar, and documentation)


  • No free trial
  • Poor communication procedures

Request a quote to determine prices.

13. Zoho CRM

Leading Private Equity Software for Intuitive Client Servicing Options

Zoho CRM - Superfast Work, Steadfast Growth

Zoho CRM offers a CRM for financial service institutions trusted by firms like the New York Tribeca Group, Sigue, and IIFL.

Main Features

Complete Client Visibility

You can access all the information you need to manage clients in one central database, including details in your client’s financial and policy documents.

Financial Account Management

Thanks to dedicated solutions for managing your clients’ financial accounts, transactions, and interactions, you know what to do to always keep them satisfied.

Integrated Customer Service Options

Zoho CRM provides integrated tools like Zoho Desk and Zendesk.


  • It offers a better understanding of the sales pipeline
  • Customer mapping and automation
  • Customized reports
  • GDPR compliance
  • 15-day free trial


  • Poor onboarding experienced by some users

Try Zoho CRM’s 15-day free trial to get started.

Key Features of CRM Software for PE Firms

With many CRM tools available, picking one proves to be difficult. For private equity firms, this seems to be more apparent.

Private equity differs from traditional investment platforms as they do not appear for public trading on stock exchanges.

Many external solutions do not have enough options to help you manage your investment cycle for a more respected portfolio. There is a lack of focus on alternative investment category needs such as limited partnership funds and hedge funds.

Your CRM depends on your business, contact, and investment size. Nonetheless, to simplify the decision-making process, here are a few crucial features to look out for in a CRM for your PE needs.

  • Communication: The CRM solution you choose should address your internal and external communication needs. Pick a CRM tool that offers intuitive ways to communicate with your clients and employees.
  • Reports and Analytics: Investment services professionals and portfolio managers require reports and detailed analytics for wealth management and business development. Private equity CRM systems provide you with tools that let you track your performance.
  • Integrations: Managing private equity investments and dealing with worried investors is tough enough for you. For more simplified workflows, you want to use a CRM that offers you integrations with tools and platforms you already use.
  • Effective Lead Generation Options: Properly managing prospects gives you a chance to increase the value of your Asset Under Management (AUM). A lead scoring feature makes the whole process easier and more valuable.
  • Comprehensive Dashboards: A private equity (PE) CRM tool provides complete pipeline visibility. You want to look for a CRM tool that centralizes all information about your clients on one dashboard.

Other important features to look out for include fundraising options for fund managers, customization options to fit your specific needs, and automated contact enrichment.

Choosing The Right CRM Tool for Private Equity Investments

A CRM tool with flexible hosting options is a classic investment strategy that leads to huge rewards for any business.

With many CRM systems for your investment business available, choosing the right CRM for your private equity firm depends on several factors.

  • If you are looking for the best CRM for institutional investors to deliver business intelligence, choose Pipedrive.
  • If Pipedrive is too pricey for your budget, consider a more affordable option like nTask.
  • Monday CRM is the best bet if you are looking for a flexible CRM to help you manage your sales process and operations.
  • If you are searching for a scalable CRM platform that boasts excellent customer service in the investment industry, the answer is Altvia.
  • If you are an existing Microsoft customer searching for a customizable solution for managing leads and deals across your organization, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solid pick.

You can also try out the best CRM software for financial advisors and CRM tools for consultants to optimize your sales funnel, generate leads, get in-depth insights into your clients, and grow your business.

Best Overall


Top CRM with deal management solutions for managing your private equity relationships
Best for Sales

Monday CRM

Flexible CRM platform for comprehensively managing your sales process and operations
Best for Deals Management


Fully integrated CRM platform that offers high-quality data centralization and visualization
Best Budgeting Option


Affordable CRM option for helping your teams collaborate, analyze, and manage tasks
Best for Lead Generation

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Flexible platform for generating leads and converting them into full-fledged customers

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