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15 Best Small Business CRM Software in 2022

Discover the best all-in-one CRM solutions for small business. We’ve checked hundreds of innovative CRM software providers and those came out on top.

Best Small Business CRM Software

Have you considered deploying a CRM software for your small business or have you been intimidated because it looks too complex and is often so expensive that only large enterprises can afford them?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are in fact several CRMs available now in the market that are specially designed for small businesses. 

Not only are these affordable, but they are very easy to use and free up a lot of your time, helping you focus on other tasks. 

It will also help you streamline your communication with your customers and improve the efficiency and productivity of your sales and marketing teams. 

While you might know what a CRM is, let us help you find the best small business CRM available in the market. 

If you’re ready, let’s begin?

Salesforce Essentials

Best Overall Small CRM Software

Try Salesforce


Best for Growing Businesses

Try Odoo

Bigin by Zoho CRM

Best for Small Businesses

Try Bigin

Capsule CRM

Best for Affordable Tools

Try Capsule

Freshworks CRM

Best for Artificial Intelligence

Try Freshworks

Less Annoying CRM

Best for Beginners

Try Less Annoying CRM


Best for Managing & Engaging Contacts

Try Sendinblue


Best for Sales & Marketing Automation

Try Keap

Agile CRM

Best for Businesses of All Sizes

Try Agile CRM


Best for Small B2C Businesses

Try Drip


Best for Improving Sales

Try Vtiger


Best for High Customization

Try Monday.com


Best for Pipeline Management

Try Onpipeline


Best for Intuitive Interface

Try Pipedrive


Best for Client Management

Try HoneyBook

List of Best Small CRM Software

1. Salesforce Essentials

Best small business CRM solution from Salesforce for businesses just getting started. 

Salesforce Essentials is the Best small business CRM solution from Salesforce for businesses just getting started

While Salesforce has several solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, this solution has been built with extremely small businesses in mind. It is a very affordable solution for businesses that are getting started and can support up to ten users only.

Getting started with Salesforce is quite easy and a lot of it is much simpler than the other offerings that Salesforce has. They have a gamified online learning platform called Trailhead through which beginners can get acquainted with the entire concept of CRMs. 

So you do not have to worry if you have never used a CRM software before. The in-app tutorials are also very helpful for beginners to get their system up and running. 

Adding and managing customer information is easy with Salesforce Essentials. You can also capture all contact information from your mails through Einstein Activity Capture. 

It then lets you access all your customer information from different channels in one central location. They also have a mobile app through which you can access and update data even when you are on the go. 

You can also automate some of your repetitive tasks using this platform. 

Using their collaboration tools, you can bring together your entire team and assign responsibility, and route tasks accordingly. It lets you organize all your support channels and customer information on one page. 

Some other features include lead management, assignment and routing, web-to-lead capture, campaign management, and email integration with Gmail or Outlook. You can also send mass emails to your contacts, create email lists and track leads that received your emails. 

They even let you set up a branded self-service page through which customers can help themselves with basic queries or in case they are unable to reach you. 

Through Salesforce’s extensive app marketplace called AppExchange, you can also find dozens of apps built for small businesses that you can integrate with your Salesforce Essential solution. 

You can also generate custom reports and create custom dashboards depending on the metrics important to you. 


Salesforce Essentials Pricing Plan

While Salesforce offers four different solutions for businesses of different sizes, the Salesforce Essential plan that we have been discussing is the most affordable one. The cost of the plan is $25 per user, billed annually.

Even though this has limited functionality, it is a complete sales solution with all the important sales features that very small businesses need.

2. Odoo

Best Open Source CRM software for growing businesses.

Odoo is the Best Open Source CRM software for growing businesses

Previously known as OpenERP, Odoo is a suite of business modules that includes CRM, inventory, finance, human resources, and others that can be integrated to get a streamlined business management system. 

Since it is open-sourced, the developers on your team can access the code and alter it based on the needs of your business. This also makes it good for businesses of all sizes whether you are just getting started or expanding rapidly. 

Odoo is quite well-known for its clean interface where you can access all your data from a customizable dashboard. You can also generate custom reports and flow charts from the dashboard to get meaningful insights into your business. 

Using Odoo, you can create address books that can be circulated among your sales team. It also lets you collaborate as a team and see when your team member sends an email or a quote. This way your entire team stays in the loop. 

With Odoo, managing your leads can be very easy through their lead acquisition tools and by sending automated emails tailored to each lead segment. Using their Live Chat feature, you can also chat with visitors on your page and convert them into leads. 

You can also use the tool to track the source of all your leads when you run multiple ad campaigns. The other tools that you get with Odoo include activities and call management, pipeline management, 360-degree visibility of all opportunities, and more. 

They even have email templates for the most common communications that happen with customers and leads. Not only can you create new leads based on incoming emails, but it also attaches emails with the right opportunities. 

Even though Odoo offers many business tools, each business function is carried out in a separate application. So you can start with a small set of important tools and then keep adding tools as needed. 

Some other features include lead scoring, contact forms, in-pipeline management, automated actions, log calls, multiple contacts per company, mass email imports, deduplication, and others. 


Odoo Pricing Plan

Odoo charges you for the apps that you choose rather than having plans for different businesses. Their CRM tool is priced at $8 per month for each user which is billed annually. Compared to many other services, this price is very affordable.

They also offer a free trial for 15 days and new users even get a new customer discount on their initial purchase.

3. Bigin by Zoho CRM

Best mobile-first CRM software for small businesses getting started with sales.

Bigin is the Best mobile first CRM software for small businesses getting started with sales

Bigin by Zoho CRM is a solution for businesses that are somewhere between using spreadsheets for managing sales records and using complex CRM tools. It has been designed as a mobile-first solution and therefore supports Android as well as iOS. 

Getting started with Bigin is very easy and you can get started within thirty minutes depending on the size of your contact list. They have several video tutorials to help you set up and also have many resources that will help you further when you use the tool.

You can use this tool to engage your prospects in several ways. Their built0in telephony feature lets you contact your prospects from within your CRM. You can also add your business email account to Bigin and manage your emails to your customers. 

Through their integration with Twitter, you can also view your contacts’ tweets right from your CRM. They also offer customizable web forms through which you can easily capture leads from your website.

With Bigin, you can streamline your pipeline management processes and even manage multiple pipelines for different processes. It even lets you customize your CRM data through customizable list views and smart filters. 

Collaborating with your team on calls, tasks, and meetings is also very easy with Bigin. You can simply bring something to your team’s notice with an @mention. 

Instead of performing the same tasks over and over again, Bigin even lets you automate some of the repetitive tasks like importing and exporting data. While there are several dashboard templates, you can create one depending on your needs. 

Like the other best CRM tools, Bigin by Zoho CRM also integrates with dozens of other tools and applications like Mailchimp, Zoho campaigns, Zoho meetings, Zapier, Office 365 among others. 


Bigin offers two plans one of which is free but has very limited functionality. With the other plans, you get all the features that Bigin by Zoho CRM offers and you can choose to be billed monthly or annually. If you choose the annual plan, you will be able to save 20%.

4. Capsule CRM

Best affordable and easy-to-use small business CRM.

Capsule is the Best affordable and easy to use small business CRM

Capsule CRM is a great CRM tool for SMB businesses working on a budget and looking for an easily affordable tool. Their interface is very clean with limited icons and even for a beginner, it is a very easy-to-use tool. 

Even though Capsule CRM is one of the cheapest options available in the market, it offers all the important functions that one will look for in a good CRM. Their integration with GSuite is also another feature that sets them apart. 

You can integrate Capsule CRM with email, calendar, and contacts. They also have a great email tracking option which lets you easily keep track of all your conversations with a particular contact. 

However, they do not support mass emails so you might have to look for email marketing services that do that separately. You can even collaborate with your team on your CRM and grant permissions depending on roles. 

It also lets teams access contact history so that all the communication with a contact can be accessed by members until the case is closed. Managing your sales pipelines with Capsule CRM is also very easy. 

You can either use their own sales pipeline or customize it depending on your needs. While there are four pricing options for businesses of different sizes, if you are looking for a reporting feature in your CRM, the free plan will not cover it. 

Another important feature that businesses look for in a CRM is integrations and Capsule CRM scores well on this front. Even though it does not support Office 365, there are many other integrations like PieSync, ZenDesk, SupportBee, Zoho Flow, and others. 

If you get stuck somewhere while using their tool, there is a dedicated support page with lots of FAQs, and email support that can be reached on weekdays. However, they lack chat support. 


Capsule Pricing Plan

There are four different plans that you can choose from. While the core features are offered in all the plans, the Team and Enterprise plan offers features like team collaboration. The plans mainly differ on the number of contacts and storage per user.

Capsule’s free plan is also what sets it apart from competitors. The free plan supports two users and has the core features and is not severely limited like most free plans. It is ideal for small businesses on a tight budget.

5. Freshworks CRM

Best small business CRM backed by artificial intelligence.

Freshworks CRM is the Best small business CRM backed by artificial intelligence

While the use of artificial intelligence is not new in enterprise CRM, for small businesses, Freshworks CRM is a good AI-backed CRM software. Previously known as Freshsales, Freshworks CRM works well with the other business tools that Freshworks offers

Depending on the needs of your business, you can customize your contacts and their life cycle stages the way you want. You can then create custom sales activities and track interactions, log calls, and more. 

You can even set up your CRM in a way that boosts your team’s productivity. It lets you set lead routing rules so that leads get assigned appropriately. You can even automate key tasks and workflows. 

Freshworks CRM also offers collaboration with Slack so that your team members can discuss deals in a common channel. There is also an internal notifications feature that lets team members send notifications internally. 

You can even connect your business email with Freshworks CRM to manage all your emails from one place. There is also WhatsApp Business integration, Apple Business Chat, SMS integration, and a live chat feature that lets your team respond to conversations in real-time. 

Some marketing features that you get with Freshworks CRM include web forms, conversion rate optimization through A/B testing, heatmaps and others, contact segmentation, email builder, landing pages, and a marketing journey builder. 

Freshworks CRM deploys AI through its lead generation bot, contact scoring, deduplication of leads and contacts, auto-profile enrichment, out-of-office detection, and gathering insights on deals. 

You can also generate a wide range of reports and utilize other features like multiple sales pipeline management, tracking product catalogs, sales goal management, and tracking and sales forecasting. 


Freshworks CRM Pricing Plan

Freshworks CRM offers two broad plans, i.e. Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud under each of which they offer three different plans. The Marketing Cloud plans start at $19. All these plans can be billed monthly or annually.

However, for both types of plans, the Pro plans are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that want to accelerate their growth and expand through automation.

6. Less Annoying CRM

Best hassle-free small business CRM software for improved customer relationships. 

Less Annoying CRM is the Best hassle free small business CRM software for improved customer relationships

Less Annoying CRM is another CRM software that is great for beginners. It is a very simple software with no clutter. They help you set up your system by giving you a demo, helping you with customization options, and by helping you import contacts from another source. 

Their contact management feature will make it really easy to find any contact or contact-related information. You can store all contact-related information in one place and manage them centrally. 

Less Annoying CRM lets you sync with your calendar and manage all tasks and events from your CRM tool. You can even sync it with Google Calendar and even collaborate with team members so that everyone is up to date about all events. 

Lead management also becomes very easy with Less Annoying CRM where it lets you access the status of each lead, contact information, any notes attached, and even assign leads to team members. 

As an admin, you will be able to collaborate with your team members the way you wish. You can decide how many users you want to add, and the level of access each member has. 

While you might not find their mobile app in app stores, since Less Annoying CRM is completely web-based, you can access it from any mobile device that has an internet connection. You can then manage your complete CRM on the go. 

You can either stick to their standard CRM or choose to customize it depending on your business needs. 

Some other features that you get with this simplified CRM are free updates, continuous backup, free phone and email support, one-click export, and daily agenda emails. 


Less Annoying CRM Pricing Plan

At $15, Less Annoying CRM is an affordable CRM for small businesses where you can try it for thirty days for free. If you plan on having more than ten users, you can request a custom quote by writing to them.

7. Sendinblue

Best all-in-one small business CRM for managing and engaging contacts.

Sendinblue is the Best all in one small business CRM for managing and engaging contacts

Along with CRM, Sendinblue offers many other tools for email and SMS marketing, chat, transactional emails, marketing automation, landing pages, and Facebook ads which makes it a complete marketing tool.

All you have to do to get started is import your contacts. You can then access all your customer information from one central location, track notes for each contact from previous calls, assign tasks to team members, and set deadlines for task completion. 

You can even segregate your contacts into lists and automate your follow-up emails using their automation feature. 

Primarily, Sendinblue is an email marketing tool that lets you design and sends emails the way you want. CRM is built-in functionality that small businesses can use along with the other marketing tools.

You can segment your customers, set up and design transactional emails, boost performance through marketing automation, create landing pages for different campaigns. You can even launch Facebook ads and retarget the contacts in your list or reach new audiences.


Sendinblue Pricing Plan

While there are four different plans, there is no dedicated plan for their CRM. Each of their plans includes the Sales CRM feature including the free plan.

Their Premium plan is ideal because it includes all the marketing features but for small businesses, the Lite plan is also a good choice.

8. Keap

Best small business CRM software with sales and marketing automation for higher sales. 

Keap is the Best small business CRM software with sales and marketing automation for higher sales

If you are looking for a tool that combines marketing automation and small business CRM, Keap is the choice. To begin with, you may be using different sources to collect leads so Keap automatically collects all the data from all your channels and brings them together in one place. 

If your contacts are stored elsewhere like in Mailchimp or Constant Contact, you can migrate all your contacts directly to your CRM. You can then segregate your contacts into lists so that you can even automate your follow-ups while still providing contacts a personalized experience. 

Keap also supports integrations with thousands of applications. So, you can connect several business functions to your CRM and manage them centrally. 

They also have a mobile app known as Keap Business which does more than just letting you access your contacts. 

You can make calls through the app using your business number, automate responses to leads, tag new leads on the go to trigger automation, and set up tasks as well as schedule appointments.

Keap’s sales and marketing automation software make sure you do not miss out on a single lead. So every time a lead fills up your form, an automated email is sent out which is then followed by a follow-up email after five days. 

It also automates other processes like sending schedule reminders when clients book appointments. Every time a new lead is captured, the tool also automatically shares the latest offerings and promotions with them.

With their email marketing tool combined with CRM and automation, you can also create and send custom emails, use templates, access analytics, and reporting, and much more. 


Keap Pricing Plan

You can choose from the three plans that Keap offers or request a custom quote through the Max Classic plan which is designed for advanced teams. However, for new businesses and entrepreneurs, the Lite plan serves all the purposes of a CRM.

If your business is in the growth phase, the Pro plan would be the ideal choice.

9. Agile CRM

Best affordable all-in-one CRM software for businesses of all sizes. 

Agile CRM is the Best affordable all in one CRM software for businesses of all sizes

Even though Agile CRM offers many tools and applications for different sales, marketing, and service functions, it has a large number of CRM solutions for different types and sizes of businesses. 

Some of these include Call Center CRM, CRM for small businesses, Real Estate CRM, eCommerce CRM, and SaaS CRM. 

With their integrated marketing automation tool, you can increase the collaboration between sales and marketing. It helps you capture new leads through web forms and landing pages and even engage your leads through built-in web pop-ups. 

You can then display targeted offers and personalized messages based on the pages your leads are viewing. Using this tool, you can track your leads’ behavior and identify the stage they have reached and engage with them when they are more likely to convert. 

It even lets you monitor your brand on social media, generate leads from your social media channels, and participate in conversations happening around your brand. 

Managing your contacts with Agile CRM becomes easy as you can manage all your contacts, communication history, their social media profiles, points of contact, interests, and related tasks and notes from one page. 

There is also a timeline view where all interactions with every contact are tracked and can be seen by every user using the system. Based on the actions your leads take, you can use the lead scoring feature and pass on only qualified leads to your sales team. 

With their call center CRM option, you can integrate your telephony system too with CRM, analyze call logs, use pre-set call scripts, automate voicemails and bring many functions together. 

Setting up your Agile CRM system is very easy and you can even try it for free. All you need is to create an account with Agile CRM where your users will log in to use the CRM and you can then customize it the way you want.


Agile CRM Pricing Plan

While all the plans come with some CRM features, the free and starter plans are a bit limited in functionality. To get the most of this software, small businesses should opt for the regular plan which has most of the functionalities that one looks for in a good CRM software.

10. Drip

Best eCommerce CRM software for small B2C businesses. 

Drip is the Best eCommerce CRM software for small B2C businesses

If you own an online store and are looking for good CRM software for your eCommerce business, Drip might be the answer as it is a CRM software built especially for eCommerce businesses. 

Even though it is popular as an email marketing platform, its CRM software is good too.

You can use Drip to gather all your customer data across different channels and organize all the information related to them. It lets you assign tags to your contacts, add personalized details for every contact, understand how they interact with your brand, and more.

These tags, custom fields, and events help you engage with your contacts on a more personalized level and also help convert them when they are more likely to convert, for example, when they abandon their carts without making a purchase.

Using their behavior-based automation tools, you can engage with customers when it matters the most and you can use different channels to do so. You can even use Drip’s email marketing tools to create beautiful personalized emails so your conversions are at their highest.

Even though you can do so much and engage with your customers at so many different points, managing their data does not have to be difficult. 

You can access all your customer information from the Drip dashboard and see overall revenue, revenue per contact, engagement metrics, and others. 

Drip integrates with the most common eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce and even works with custom stores. So whichever platform your eCommerce store is built on, you will be able to deploy Drip’s ECRM software.


Drip Pricing Plan

Drip offers only one pricing plan which includes all the CRM features, integrations, automation tools, and email marketing tools. If you would like to add the SMS feature you can get it for an additional price.

They also offer a free trial for fourteen days without any credit card information.

11. Vtiger

Best customizable, all-in-one small business CRM solution for improved sales.

Vtiger is the Best customizable, all in one small business CRM solution for improved sales

Vtiger is a cloud-based, well-rounded CRM solution that can help businesses improve their sales conversions through its lead capturing, scoring, and deal and opportunity management features. 

With Vtiger’s lead capturing feature, you can effortlessly capture leads from different channels like social media, websites, emails, phone calls, and even trade shows. You can then assign the leads to the most qualified personnel and keep track of their progress. 

Using the lead scoring feature, you can then score leads based on their activity and quality. Every time a task is completed or there is an update about a lead, you will get notified of the status. 

It even lets you create email and SMS campaigns whose performance can be tracked to facilitate precise targeting and messaging. In this CRM tool itself, you can even schedule meetings with a click and manage them easily. 

Vtiger does much more than just help you capture leads. It helps businesses get deeper insights into your sales pipeline, deals, and opportunities. You can generate custom reports to track the metrics that matter most to you and get them delivered to your inbox. 

They also have several sales automation features using which you will be able to automate repetitive tasks like sending auto-responder emails, follow-ups and reminders, lead assigning and contract renewals. 

Using their mobile app, you can access your complete CRM from your mobile device and manage it on the go. Providing support to customers is also very easy by bringing together multi-channel support to one single platform. 

It lets you collaborate with your team, help them solve problems, automate resolution processes, and creates a self-service problem-solving portal. Vtiger also offers about five hundred integrations that you can use and bring different business functions together.


Vtiger Pricing Plan

Out of the three plans that Vtiger offers, if you are just getting started on your CRM journey, the Pilot plan is ideal. The best part is that it is free of cost but loaded with useful features like contact management, marketing, internal collaboration, project management, and others. 

If you are willing to invest a little for the best CRM features like desk management, help desk, sales and support insights, inventory management, and others, the One Enterprise plan will be ideal.

12. Monday.com

Best easy-to use small business CRM software offering high customization.

Monday.com is the Best easy to use small business CRM software offering high customization

If you are looking for CRM software that you can customize from scratch, Monday.com may be what will help you address that. The one thing that sets it apart from most CRMs is its customizability. 

You can either use the templates that they have or design your CRM from scratch using their drag-and-drop interface. Its interface is also quite appealing, unlike many other CRMs which give you an Excel sheet-like feeling. 

Even though the interface looks good and is quite intuitive, you might initially feel lost because monday.com is a part of a project management tool and is called lead management within the tool. 

Using it, you can get a 360-degree view of your customer life cycle in one place. You will even be able to track progress on deals, measure the progress of your sales reps, manage interactions with customers, access all contact info and others from one place. 

If you would like to access your conversations and deals when you are out-of-office, you will even be able to do so using their mobile app. To add to it, there are many integrations that monday.com offers which can help with different business activities too. 

While you can get a visual representation of your team’s performance from the dashboard, you will even be able to generate custom reports and measure the values you would like. 

They also have automation features that will let you automate some of the repetitive sales tasks so that you can focus on the rest. Moreover, you can even measure the time that each task takes. 

Some other features include marketing activity management, workflow automation, multi-level or advanced permissions, private boards for your team, advanced analytics, and reporting.


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com offers five plans to its customers, out of which one is free. For most small to medium-sized businesses, the Standard plan is ideal and very affordable, because you get most of the CRM features and also get automation and visual tools.

13. Onpipeline

Best affordable CRM software for improved pipeline management. 

Onpipeline is the Best affordable CRM software for improved pipeline management

Even though Onpipeline is a relatively newer CRM solution, it does a good job as a deal-driven CRM

It may not offer as many advanced features for managing customer relationships, but it is a good tool that can help small businesses get started on their CRM journey. 

With Onpipeline, managing your contacts is very easy. All you have to do is add a contact and all relevant details and then assign it to the respective representative. As the contact moves through different stages, the deal also moves through the stages.

Using the automation features, you can automate this process and several others like sending emails and follow-ups. 

Now talking about ease of use, Onpipeline has one of the cleanest, clutter-free user interfaces when compared with many others. It is also quite known for its email integration with Google G Suite and Microsoft Outlook.

There is also an email tracking feature using which you can track the status of the emails that have been sent and also track whether a particular action, like opening the attachment you sent through mail was taken.

They also have a calendar feature where you can schedule calls, meetings, tasks, deadlines and then assign them to team members. You can not only view your team’s calendars and tasks but also collaborate with them. 

Depending on their roles, you can grant your team members specific permissions and access

If you choose the advanced plan, you will be able to utilize the sales goals feature which helps teams track and analyze their goals. You can also make use of the reporting feature to get forecasts, identify trends and improve processes


Onpipeline Pricing Plan

If you are looking for a simple CRM to just manage your contacts, the Pipeline plan is a good choice. For other features like email tracking, automation, web forms, you must choose the Standard plan.

For businesses looking for advanced features like Sales goals, advanced automation, nested sales processes, and others, the advanced plan has all the advanced features.

14. Pipedrive

Best feature-rich small business CRM software with an intuitive interface.

Pipedrive is the Best feature rich small business CRM software with an intuitive interface

As the name suggests, Pipedrive is another great small-business CRM tool that is focused on simplifying the process of pipeline management so that you are able to get higher conversions. You can customize your pipeline the way you want by even naming each step in it.

Not only can you add all contact details and sync them with Google Contacts, but you can also add tags and notes to each of your contacts, create meetings, integrate with Google calendar, and access all your contact details in one place. 

With Pipedrive, you can easily assign tasks to your team members and keep track of all the activities. It notifies you of changes in the status of activities, lets you track the most valuable activities and also the deals that are won or those that are lost. 

They also have mobile apps which make it easy to manage your CRM on the go. You can make changes to your contacts, schedule meetings, track conversions, look for clients nearby and so much more. Thus, even when you are on the road, your CRM goes with you.

Since Pipedrive lets you integrate with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, email, and many other applications, you can view everything related to your contacts in one place and manage each client relationship from a common dashboard.

You will also be able to track the activities of your team members and evaluate the performance of each member. Depending on what you would like to measure, there are many resources that can help you get deep insights into your performance. 

Even though you can customize your pipeline the way you want, track all communication with every contact, you can also automate repetitive tasks and save some time

There is also an additional tool called the LeadBooster that you can buy in addition to the plan that you choose. You can use the tool to generate leads and even engage them while you also find outbound leads.


Pipedrive Pricing Plan

Pipedrive is an affordable pipeline management tool that starts at $12.50. With each plan, you can purchase the LeadBooster tool additionally starting at $32.5. You can also choose to be billed annually or monthly, but the annual plans will help you save a bit more. 

While the Essential plan may be a bit too basic, it is good for businesses who just want a system in place to follow up with customers. But if you are looking for a well-rounded tool that helps you with lead generation, automation, and collaboration, the Professional plan is ideal.

15. HoneyBook

Best small business CRM software for end-to-end client management. 

HoneyBook is the Best small business CRM software for end to end client management

For small businesses looking for comprehensive CRM software which can also perform several other business functions, HoneyBook can be a great easy-to-use solution. It is mainly designed for entrepreneurs and can get a lot of work done. 

The interface is quite easy to use, clean and intuitive. Along with CRM, some additional tools that you get with HoneyBook include project management, invoicing, payment processing, and others. 

Getting started on this platform is very easy. There will be an onboarding specialist to help you through the process. They will help you import your contacts, projects, and even proprietary invoices if you have any. 

You can then set up automated emails that get sent to your contacts at different stages. You will also be able to create reports, do bookkeeping, manage your calendar events, and schedule tasks and appointments using HoneyBook. 

Once your contacts are imported, you can access all of them from one location, add details and notes to them and keep track of all conversations from one place. They also have a mobile app using which you can manage your CRM on the go.

Even though you can do much more than simply manage your contacts through HoneyBooks, there are fewer integrations than other CRM tools. Some of the integrations they support are with QuickBooks, Zapier, Gmail calendar, and email.

Overall, it is a multi-purpose business tool that can help you with end-to-end client management by starting with leads, managing contracts and invoicing, and communicating with customers. 


HoneyBook Pricing Plan

While there are three plans to choose from, each of the plans includes access to all the features. The difference is the number of transactions you can process using each of them. For small businesses, the unlimited monthly plan is ideal, as it is truly unlimited.

They also offer a free trial for seven days, so you can try it out before you make the payment.

What is Small Business CRM Software?

As the name suggests, a small business CRM software helps small businesses manage relationships with their current and prospective customers. It helps businesses identify leads, nurture them and help them get higher conversions. 

But contrary to the popular opinion that CRMs are expensive, complicated, loaded with information and meant only for large enterprises, small business CRMs are targeted at small businesses only. 

They are affordable, easy-to-use, can be used by first-timers and help small businesses by giving them one unified system to work on customer relationship management as a team. 

Instead of maintaining client information in an excel sheet, CRM software organizes all your customer data automatically and lets you add all the information you need to serve the customer in an organized manner. 

It helps small business owners keep track of all their conversions, identify the most valuable leads and trace which team member is in charge of a particular deal, and have a systematic process.

This way it helps small businesses streamline an otherwise chaotic contact management and lead management process.

Core CRM Applications for Small Business

While commonly, CRM software is used to manage contacts for businesses and improve customer relationships, there is a lot more that a CRM software does. There are several applications of CRM software for small businesses.

1. Lead Management

It captures leads from different channels like web forms, social media, emails, websites, and others. You can then determine the quality of the leads through lead scoring and nurturing the leads so that you do not lose any customers. 

It not only helps small businesses capture prospective leads, but helps in converting them into customers through different relationship management techniques. 

2. Contact Management

Another important application of small business CRM systems is contact management which involves organizing customer contact information into easily manageable and searchable lists. 

It lets you add tags and notes to each of your contacts so that you can track the complete conversation associated with a contact so that you know a contact’s history. 

By bringing all the customer data into one place, sales representatives save a lot of time instead of scrolling through spreadsheets to find customer data. 

3. Pipeline Management

Small business CRM software can be used for pipeline management using which it becomes possible to track a lead’s journey across different stages of the sales pipeline until the lead has finally been converted or has been lost. 

If you have multiple products, you can create multiple pipelines for each of them and even assign different stages of the pipelines to different representatives. It helps in tallying revenue to forecasts, monitor sales progress, and more.

4. Workflow Automation

Using workflow automation in CRM, you can automate several time-taking administrative tasks or tasks like sending welcome emails, following up, sending reminders, and others. This feature can be especially useful for small businesses as they operate with limited staff.

You will be notified every time an action is completed and if you need to input any information manually. 

5. Document Management

While you can choose to have the best document management software to keep track of all your important documents, it makes sense to have it all in your CRM so that you do not have to juggle between different tools. 

Small business CRM applications have document management capabilities that let you store, share and organize your documents within one application. 

6. Quote Management

CRM tools can be used to create and send quotes to customers without leaving the app. So you have all your contacts in one place, along with your communication history and you can customize the quotes according to your customer’s specifications.

7. Marketing

Since customers are the center of all sales and marketing activities, CRM software plays an important role in marketing functions. 

They help you identify the demographic information and segment customers precisely with appropriate information rather than through guesswork.

CRM also finds its place in marketing automation and can help businesses with content marketing, marketing resource management, and others. Since small businesses might not have access to expert marketers, such integrated tools can be of great help.

8. Reporting and Analytics

Most CRM tools and applications offer reporting and analytics features that help almost all departments gain insights about the effectiveness of their activities like marketing campaigns, eCommerce, customer service, and others.

Small businesses can use their CRM to evaluate past trends, present data, and forecast future sales and revenue. Most CRM software allows businesses to create custom reports where they can measure only the metrics that matter most to them.

What Features to Look for in CRM Software for Small Businesses?

Choosing the right CRM software is important because it will directly impact your sales performance and also have an effect on the performance of other departments like marketing. To make the right choice, the following are some features you must check for in your CRM.

1. Customization

Since every business has its own different needs, you must choose a CRM software that can be customized according to the needs of your business. You must be able to customize the stages of the pipeline according to your sales processes. 

It should also allow you to customize your dashboard so that the layout is easy to navigate by your entire team. Capsule CRM, monday.com, and Pipedrive let you customize your CRM the way you want. 

2. Customer service

Choose a small business CRM software that lets you provide customer service to your customers easily by providing a three hundred sixty-degree view of every customer. Since it is all about managing relationships, the CRM you choose must help you with it. 

This way you will not have to look for an extra service to help you with customer support, but the CRM you choose will do it instead. 

3. Team collaboration

The best CRM software for small businesses will let teams collaborate on their customer relationship management processes and will also let you share information with other departments. 

With admin-level permissions, you will be able to grant access to users into your CRM software. You can also assign tasks to your team members and track their progress so you know the status of a particular lead and how it is progressing.

4. Lead management

While choosing a small business CRM software, make sure that it has the lead management feature. This feature along with contact management will be responsible for the effectiveness of your sales teams. 

It will help you identify leads, collect leads from different social media channels, score them based on quality, assign them to team members and others so that you do not miss a single lead.

5. Workflow automation

If the service you choose does not offer workflow automation, you will have to do everything on your own. But with workflow automation, a lot of your administrative tasks and tasks that are repetitive in nature can be automated like sending follow-up emails or reminders.

6. Third-party integrations

The best CRM software for small businesses will let you do a lot more than just store and access your contacts from one place. For example, HoneyBook lets you do bookkeeping from your CRM.

Similarly, Vtiger, Drip, and Keap have hundreds of integrations to choose from. Some of these include project management tools, inventory management, and scheduling tools. The most common integrations that you will get with CRM tools are Gmail, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

This way you will be able to perform several business functions without leaving your CRM app and will have better control over processes. 

7. Mobile application

Most small business CRMs these days have mobile applications supported by both iOS and Android. So make sure that the one you choose also has their mobile application so that you can access your CRM software even when you are not in the office. 

An example is Pipedrive’s mobile application, which not only makes it possible to login to your CRM when you are on the go, but you can access customer details even when offline and find customers in the vicinity. 

This feature is very helpful for entrepreneurs who are always on the move and would like to quickly check how their sales team has been doing. A mobile application will also ensure that team members can even work remotely if needed. 

8. Reporting and insights

If your CRM software has a reporting feature, it will help you track the performance of your sales and marketing teams

These days, CRMs have customizable reports where you can measure the criteria important to your business rather than simply following the standard templates.

This way you can track the number of leads captured, leads lost vs leads converted, number of outgoing calls made, and many more such numbers.

9. Ease of use

Generally, CRMs have a reputation of being complicated and cluttered which may make it difficult for everyone in your team to use them easily. Therefore, always prioritize ease-of-use and choose a software that has a clean interface over one that is stuffed with a lot of data.

Preferably look for visual interfaces that are also intuitive and can be handled by those who have never used CRM software before.

Which Small Business CRM Software Should I Choose?

Choosing a small business CRM does not seem as scary now, does it? 

If you are looking for easy-to-use small businessCRM software, there are so many options to choose from. There is monday.com which is also highly customizable, Pipedrive which also has an intuitive interface, and Capsule CRM which is also quite affordable. 

For small businesses looking for CRM software specializing in pipeline management, Onpipeline is a great tool. If yours is an eCommerce business, there is the dedicated ECRM software for B2C businesses called Drip

On the other hand, if you are looking for a small business CRM that lets you make changes to the code so that you can use it to fit your business, there is Odoo

If you are looking for a CRM for small businesses that has been made especially for mobile users, Bigin by Zoho CRM is a great choice. 

Now you know that there are so many CRM options for small businesses, you are equipped enough to choose one. Read our guide carefully, understand what to look for, read a few customer reviews and you are all set to go.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk