Keap Pricing – Which Plan is Right For You in 2024?

Updated Feb 14, 2023.

Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap has been around since 2001 and consolidated its position as one of the best CRM software tools. The platform allows its users to segment contacts, send emails, track customer interactions, run sales campaigns, and streamline processes.

This post centers on Keap’s pricing plans. Read on to learn about the plans, and the features available with each plan. We will also briefly discuss three strong alternatives to Keap, and answer some frequently asked questions about the platform.

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Keap Pricing Comparison: Which Plan Should I Pick?

1. Lite

Best Keap Plan for New Businesses

Keap Lite Plan for New Businesses

Starting at $40 per user per month, the Lite plan is intended for new businesses and solopreneurs. For each user after the first, you will be charged an additional $30 per month. Depending on the number of contacts, there are five tiers:

  • Up to 500 contacts: $40 per month
  • 501-1,500 contacts: $55 per month
  • 1,501-5,500 contacts: $105 per month
  • 5,501-10,500 contacts: $140 per month
  • 10,501-25,000 contacts: $190 per month

2. Pro

Best Keap Plan for Growing Businesses

Keap Pro Plan for Growing Businesses

The Pro plan starts at $85, and can go up to $235 per user per month. For each additional user, you will be charged $30 per month. Here is a breakdown of the price based on the number of contacts:

  • Up to 500 contacts: $85 per month
  • 501-1,500 contacts: $100 per month
  • 1,501-5,500 contacts: $150 per month
  • 5,501-10,500 contacts: $185 per month
  • 10,501-25,000 contacts: $235 per month

3. Max

Best Keap Plan for Established Businesses

Keap Max Plan for Established Businesses

Max is the most expensive of the three Keap plans. For 1 user and up to 500 contacts, it costs $100 per month. As you have more contacts, the price goes up. Here is a breakdown of the price:

  • Up to 500 contacts: $100 per month
  • 501-1,500 contacts: $115 per month
  • 1,501-5,500 contacts: $165 per month
  • 5,501-10,500 contacts: $200 per month
  • 10,501-25,000 contacts: $250 per month

Businesses with more than 25,000 contacts have to contact Keap’s customer sales team.

What Features Do The Different Keap Plans Include?

1. Features of the Lite Plan

The Lite plan comes with features suitable for new businesses and solopreneurs. The main focus here is on customer relationship management, email marketing, and basic automation. Here are the features:

Collecting and Organizing Leads:

  • Contact management
  • Contact lists and filters
  • Contact segmentation
  • Forms
  • Tasks
  • B2B management

Converting Leads:

  • Quotes
  • Appointments

Customer Engagement:

  • Mobile app
  • Email marketing
  • Text messages and business line
  • Email sync
  • Newsletters
  • Automated text messaging

Getting Paid:

  • Invoices
  • One-time payments
  • Recurring payments


  • Basic automations (up to 5 actions per month)
  • Internal forms
  • Reminders
  • API (limited)


  • Default user roles

Keap offers a smart way to create and manage contact lists. Users can create lists based on specific criteria such as potential leads, sending email, and follow up. You have access to all your client activity and communications in one place, which is convenient.

Features of the Lite Plan
Source: Keap

As you have more and more clients, understanding each client individually is hard. The list segmentation feature allows you to subdivide your contact lists into smaller lists, making it easier to sort specific types of contacts. The segmentation can be based on industry, demographics, interactions, and more. This flexibility makes Keap one of the best small business CRM software.

Users can trigger tasks based on customer actions and leads. This feature is used to automate marketing and sales processes. Adding a new task is super simple. Just go to More, add a task, name it, and save. The task will show up in the dashboard.

The Lite plan allows you to use public and internal forms to collect important information and capture leads. Creating a form is easy and intuitive–it takes just a couple of minutes. Once you have created a form, you can share it wherever you wish: your Facebook page, website, or Instagram account.

Smart Ways to Convert Leads

When you receive a request for a quote, you do not have to take time to prepare the quote. With Keap’s personalized instant quotes, you can be the first in line, every time. With this feature, you can prepare personalized quotes and send them instantly. Instant quoting increases the chances of turning a lead into a customer.

In order to build trust and grow your business, you have to meet your clients and prospects. Unfortunately, scheduling appointments involves back and forth texts, emails and phone calls. The Appointments feature makes the process a lot easier.

Appointment scheduling feature
Source: Keap

Just sync Keap with your online calendar and when you have to schedule an appointment, send your scheduling link to your client. Keep will inform your clients of your availability, and the clients will choose a time based on your availability. It makes the process of scheduling appointments less time-consuming and more professional.

Smooth and Effortless Communications

Keap has an app that allows the users to use the platform and manage their businesses on the go. However, the app is available only to the U.S., Canadian, Australian and U.K. customers. The app is supported by both Android and iOS devices.

Keap Business Line provides a phone number exclusively for your business communications. With this number you can call your customers and send text messages. Business owners who want to keep their personal communications separated from business communications find this feature very convenient.

However, this feature comes with a limitation. You can use the Keap Business Line feature to call only U.S. or Canadian phone numbers.

Keap is also one of the best email marketing software tools. It comes with plenty of beautiful templates and sophisticated features that improve engagement and open rates. Businesses that need a combination of CRM and email marketing tool find Keap very convenient.

You can send newsletters for various different reasons, such as promotions and business updates. Newsletters boost engagement, which leads to customer loyalty. Keap offers intuitive ways to create and send newsletters.

For a seamless experience, sync Keap with Gmail or Outlook. When linked to these tools, Keap provides an organized, up-to-date and complete picture of your client communications and activities. Your emails will stay organized, allowing you to reply faster.

Keap has an invoicing and payments system that makes it easy for your clients to pay you. Creating an invoice is as simple as hitting the “pay now” button. Based on your business needs, you can set up daily, weekly or monthly payments. The invoices can also be synced with your accounting tools. To get paid faster you can also set up automatic reminders.

In case of recurring payments, users do not have to remember to bill their clients. Based on your payment frequency, you can just set up recurring payments. This feature can be found in the Money Page.

Easy Automations

When it comes to automations, the Lite plan puts a limitation that can be annoying for users who need to automate their operations. It allows only 5 automations per month. If you need more automation, consider upgrading to the Pro plan, which allows unlimited automations.

With that said, the Easy Automations available with the Lite plan can be immensely useful. It allows you to use the “when/then” command to set up complex automations. For many solopreneurs, the Lite plan is enough to streamline their operations.

Easy Automation Feature
Source: Keap

When you have appointments, you can set up automatic reminders to improve appointment attendance. Keap will automatically send emails to your contacts to remind them of the appointments. Each contact will receive two reminders: one 24 hours and the other 1 hour before the appointment. By sending automatic reminders, you can make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

You can set specific roles for users who have access to your Keap account. An user can be an admin, limited admin, manager, or staff.

If you are getting started with your business, most probably you will find the Lite plan enough. You may be able to run things smoothly without having to upgrade to the Pro plan.

2. Features of the Pro Plan

The Pro plan comes with a host of features designed to streamline your organization. They include all the features available with the Lite plan, plus some more. Here are the additional features:

  • Landing pages
  • Sales pipeline
  • A/B email testing
  • Automated text messaging
  • Text message broadcasts
  • Subscription management
  • Checkout forms
  • Advanced automations
  • Pipeline automations
  • Reports
  • Customizable dashboard

For a typical business owner, bringing in new leads can be a challenge. Keap’s Pro plan allows you to create gorgeous landing pages that can actually help you capture leads. There are many visually appealing templates to choose from, so you will easily find a suitable one for your business.

Features of the Pro Plan
Source: Keap

The drag-and-drop builder is designed particularly for technically inept people. The procedure of building a landing page is intuitive, and does not require any technical skill.

This feature will allow you to build, visually appealing, professional landing pages, even if you have never used any other landing page builder. In fact, Keap’s landing page builder should be recognized as one of the best landing page builders. The platform also offers plenty of royalty-free images, so you do not have to look for Creative Commons-approved images.

Keap offers a simple but sophisticated way to track every stage of your interactions with your leads during all the stages of your sales pipeline. The drag-and-drop sales pipeline is designed to help you move leads faster and close more deals.

You can easily learn about the status of every deal easily, in one place. A user with an entrepreneurial mindset will find innovative ways to use this feature.

As your leads move through the funnel, you do not have to waste time with spreadsheets. Managing new leads is easy because you always have a big view of your operations. Create as many customizable pipelines as you need and sync them with Keap’s CRM.

Track your performance and trigger actions based on pipeline stages. The feature is designed to turn your leads into deals with very little manual actions on your part. This sophisticated feature is one of reasons why Keap is regularly referred to as among the best marketing automation software tools.

If your business depends on email communications to engage and deal with your customers, there’s no better way to ensure performance than A/B testing. Keap has radically simplified the process of email testing variations.

You can add up to five variants. Keap will show you which one works best. The process is super simple. Even if you have never used any other A/B testing tool, you will find this feature pretty intuitive.

Best performing email Example
Source: Keap

Text messages have a significantly higher open rate than emails. While about 94% of text messages are opened, that figure is only 21% for emails. That’s why so many leading companies in every industry are now taking SMS marketing seriously. The Pro plan allows users to send text messages via a toll-free 1-800 number. However, this feature is available only to the users based in the USA and Canada.

If you have a subscription plan that involves recurring billing intervals, you will find the subscription management feature very convenient. It offers great flexibility: you can set up your subscription the way you want to bill your subscribers. Users can create multiple subscription plans for each product.

The Pro plan allows users to create and use checkout forms. With a checkout form, you can receive payment without an invoice. The feature allows you to put multiple products on one form. Users with monthly subscription plans can also initiate recurring billing series.

The process of collecting money is safe and easy. Keap has a host of integrated payment processors including PayPal, WePay and Stripe. As your subscribers pay, the money directly goes to your Keap app.

Keap’s advanced automation features open the door of endless possibilities. Now you can rely on AI to capture leads, nurture prospects, and convert sales.

You are no longer limited to 5 actions. Now you can enjoy unlimited automations, which means you can automate your operations to your heart’s content, streamline operations and save time. Users of the Pro plan can automate all the major steps in their pipeline processes. As your leads move through the funnel, the automatic triggers help convert more leads.

All information is presented in a customizable dashboard, which means you can view the information in a format that’s relevant to your business.

You get reports on emails, campaigns, web forms, finance, and more. They include comparative data that can directly help grow your business. However, the analytics feature is not available with the Pro plan. It’s available with the Max plan.

3. Features of the Max Plan

Max is the most expensive of the three Keap plans, and it’s intended for established businesses. But if you take the price into consideration, the features of the Max plan are not really impressive.

Currently, lead scoring and analytics are the only two additional features that characterize this plan. However, Keep is planning to introduce a host of other features such as sales funnels, one-click upsell and cross-sell, promo codes, and shopify integration. These features, when used strategically, can help a business owner attain prosperity.

Keap Alternatives for CRM

1. CRM

Best Keap Alternative for Medium to Large Businesses is the Best Keap Alternative for Medium to Large Businesses is primarily a project management tool, but it also offers a host of other services, including CRM. The platform is known for its intuitive user interface and flexible customization capabilities.

There are five plans including a free one. The three predefined plans namely Basic, Standard and Pro start at $8, $10 and $16 per seat per month respectively. Enterprise, which is’s custom plan, is for organizations that need enterprise-grade features.

While Keap is for businesses with a relatively small sales force, is for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you are a solopreneur or running a mega enterprise, you will find the platform convenient.’s CRM is more than just a CRM. It is a visual management solution that can be integrated with email, Zoom, Slack and a host of other communication tools for ultimate collaboration. The platform is a fully optimized work OS. has an edge over Keap in terms of project management, budgeting, real-time updates, and many other features.

If your business involves more complex operations and requires more automations and integrations, consider choosing over Keap.

2. Pipedrive

Best Keap Alternative for Small Firms and Agencies

Pipedrive is the Best Keap Alternative for Small Firms and Agencies

Founded in 2010, Pipedrive has been around for over a decade now, and reached more than 50,000 paying customers. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the best sales CRM software known for its ease of use, focus on activities, and powerful automation features.

Affordability is another notable aspect of the platform. There are four Pipedrive plans that start respectively at $12.50, $24.90, $49.90 and $99 per user per month respectively. Pipedrive has no free plan, but offers a 14-day free trial.

Pipedrive is basically a sales CRM, and therefore a sales team will find Pipedrive more useful than Keap. You can integrate Pipedrive with many other tools, and integrations incur additional costs. But that has a clear advantage: you are not charged for additional features you do not deliberately choose.

Pipedrive also has an edge over Keap in terms of customer support. 93% of the users say they are highly satisfied with the support they received from the help desk.

If your business primarily focuses on sales, and you want to avoid paying for features you don’t need, you can’t go wrong with Pipedrive.

3. Freshsales

Best Keap Alternative for Ambitious Sales Teams

Freshsales is the Best Keap Alternative for Ambitious Sales Teams

Freshsales is a sales-focused CRM offering everything you need to attract quality leads and drive deals. Its sophisticated automation features streamline processes and allows sales teams to focus on sales rather than management.

There are four Freshsales plans including a free one. The three predefined plans namely Growth, Pro and Enterprise start respectively at $15, $39 and $69 per user per month.

The tool is designed to make things easier for agents. It comes with intelligent capabilities to categorize and prioritize your deals.

Freshsales beats Keap with features like marketing automation, sales force automation, CRM project management, reporting and analytics, security, and customization. It is among the best real estate CRM software, in part because it allows realtors to set appointments and create custom sales activities, tasks and reminders.

Freshsales is known for offering top notch customer support via email, live chat and phone. If you think your sales team will often need to get in touch with the people at the help desk, Freshsales should be your choice.

While Keap is a great option for businesses with 1-25 employees, Freshsales is more suitable for larger teams. With that said, Freshsales may not be a good option for a very large enterprise.

Keap Pricing FAQ

How much does Keap cost?

Keap has three plans namely Lite, Pro and Max starting at $40, $85 and $100 per user per month respectively. The Platform charges $30 for every additional user. The principal model is hierarchical, based on the number of contacts. The cost goes up as you have more contacts. Keap is not a cheap CRM. There are even free CRM software for small businesses.

Is Keap worth it?

Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap has helped over 125,000 small businesses and solopreneurs streamline sales and manage customer experiences over the past couple of decades. With highly sophisticated features and automation capabilities, Keap is one of the best CRM software tools out there.

Is there a free version of Keap?

Keap does not have a free version. All of its three plans are premium plans. However, users can enjoy a free trial of the Pro plan. No credit card is required for the free trial.

How long is the free trial for Keap?

14 days. The free trial is available only for the Pro plan. This two-week trial will give you a pretty good idea of what Keap can do for your business. 

Next Step: Choose the Right Keap Plan for You

Keap’s pricing strategy is pretty straightforward, and therefore choosing the right plan is easy. You can figure out which of the three plans is suitable for your business just by looking at the features.

And if you are hesitant to choose a plan, get the free trial and see how it works. The free trial comes with no strings attached; it doesn’t require any credit card. So, you can just start using Keap without feeling obliged to keep using the platform. Go ahead and try it!

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