7 Best CRM Software for Financial Advisors in 2024

Updated Jul 20, 2023.

Once only used for contact management, finance CRM systems are now helping advisors generate deep business insights on their prospects and clients, create tailored communications, and increase lead conversions.

As with any technology solution, choosing the right one for your firm is paramount for optimizing ROI.

In today's roundup – we examined seven of the best CRM software for financial advisors based on cost, features, integrations, and more. So without wasting your time, let's dive in.

Best CRM Software for Financial Advisors

1. Salesforce

Best CRM Solution for Financial Advisors Overall

Salesforce is the Best CRM Solution for Financial Advisors Overall

Although Salesforce may be the best CRM software for multiple industries, its Financial Services Cloud is an advisor-specific product.

With it, you can enjoy a wide array of state-of-the-art components and integrations that help build stronger relationships with your clients.

Salesforce has been exerting its dominance in the CRM space since 1999, so you know it's the real deal.

Main Features

Sales Pipeline

With the sales pipeline, you can track your contacts in the sales cycle. The feature also separates fixed commission opportunities and AUM and calculates the chance of a close – making it easy to forecast your cash flow and sales.

Outbound Phone Automation

Easily connect your VOIP system to enable customized call scripts with high converting messages, call accounts, or prospects with just a few clicks, and also create time-stamped notes.


Quickly and easily make and send invoices to any contact or prospect already within your database. Making this step effortless helps accelerate cash flow and your business processes.


Salesforce offers four plans:

  • The Essentials plan at $25 user/month, billed annually
  • The Professional plan at $75 user/month, billed annually
  • The Enterprise plan at $150 user/month, billed annually
  • The Unlimited plan at $300 user/month, billed annually

2. Pipedrive

Visual Based CRM for Financial Services

Pipedrive is a Visual Based CRM for Financial Services

Pipedrive is a visual-based finance CRM with a low barrier to entry.

It has an intuitive interface with Kanban-style pipelines, visual reports, and a security dashboard on which advisors can monitor all data activity to head off potential security threats.

For an extra layer of accessibility, Pipedrive offers 24/7 live chat and email support, making it the best option for advisors who are new to CRMs.

Main Features

Workflow Automation

Use ready-made templates or create your workflows to generate tasks automatically for quarterly or annual client meetings and service items. This feature helps to maintain consistency and to ensure client maintenance items do not slip through the cracks.


Documenting client history is vital, and to do that, you can use Notes. This feature can track who you talked to, why you talked to them, and when the conversation took place. Notes give you an efficient way to capture all important events taking place in your firm.

Business Intelligence Reports

Gain insights with business intelligence reports. Because Pipedrive is powered by artificial intelligence, it can deliver crucial analytics to you without the need for manual intervention. As a result, the tool offers actionable reports that can pull data from integrated systems. You can use business intelligence reports to prepare for client meetings, track business development progress, and monitor your main centers of influence for referrals.


Read more Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive offers four plans:

  • The Essential plan at $12.50 user/month, billed annually
  • The Advanced plan at $24.90 user/month, billed annually
  • The Professional plan at $49.90 user/month, billed annually
  • The Enterprise plan at $99 user/month, billed annually

3. Redtail Technology

Best Finance CRM for Small Firms

Redtail Technology is the Best Finance CRM for Small Firms

Redtail Technology is a robust and easy-to-use CRM tool made specifically for financial advisors. Its short learning curve gives it an edge over its competitors.

Since 2003, Redtail has consistently provided the best user experience and still does today.

This tool includes two features that clients find very attractive: Redtail University and seminar management.

The first offers online training on the platform, and the second enables advisors to add seminar marketing to their CRM to manage pre and post-seminar activities.

Main Features

Financial Plan Summary

Auto-generate an editable and customizable word document from a pre-built template based on each of your plan recommendations. The document helps your clients understand the numerical plan by simplifying the language. It contains the reasoning for the recommendation, your client's financial situation, and the value of each in dollars.

Reverse Mortgage

Based on the variables you put in about the clients’ primary residence, you can test the economic value of a reverse mortgage. Redtail can automatically calculate and display the amount needed to fund the project or surplus dollars.


Seminars are one of the best ways to prospect online, which is why Redtail offers this feature. You can use this tool as a tracking tool for email and call campaigns to move a group of contacts through the same process. Seminars help you to offer your clients a top-notch customer experience while learning.


Redtail Technology Pricing Plan

Read more Redtail pricing

Redtail Technology offers one plan:

$99/month per database for 15 users

If you have more than 15 users, you’ll need to sign up for the same Redtail CRM subscription, which allows for an additional 15 users.

Depending on how many users you have, you divide that number by 15, eg. if you have 100 users, divide them by 15 and get 6.67 and round it off to 7.

That means you have to pay for the same plan 7 times, which is $693 in total.

4. Zoho CRM

All-in-One CRM for Wealth Management

Zoho CRM is an All in One CRM for Wealth Management

ZohoCRM made it into our list of the top finance CRM solutions because of its affordability, accessibility, and a suite of powerful features – more so its omnichannel marketing tools.

Advisors can create personalized email campaigns for specific leads and clients, as well interact with LinkedIn and Facebook leads right within the CRM.

If 150,000 businesses can trust ZohoCRM, you can too.

Main Features

Contact Management

Capture and organize your information for every client, associate, prospect, and vendor. Log emails and detailed notes. Set up referrals, follow-up calls, and appointments and attach documents. This feature has everything you need to keep your clientele happy.


ZohoCRM's Calendar helps you stay on top of everyone's schedule in the office. View customization and Color-coding allow you to customize your Calendar around the way you work.

Territory Management

This feature allows you to assign accounts to territories, individuals, or groups then re-align accounts, tasks, pending appointments, status, and calendar events to your team members or groups in seconds.


Zoho CRM offers four plans:

  • The Standard plan at $18 user/month
  • The Professional plan at $30 user/month
  • The Enterprise plan at $45 user/month
  • The Ultimate plan at $55 user/month

5. Wealthbox

Best CRM for Independent Advisors

Wealthbox is the Best CRM for Independent Advisors

Wealthbox can serve as an all-in-one portal for small firms and independent advisors thanks to the plethora of industry-specific app integrations.

This solution captures the second-largest market share among CRM systems for financial advisors because of its quick startup, simple design, and the power of a high-end CRM with a hassle-free operation.

Main Features

Market Dynamics

Market Dynamics replace static returns that most advisors use when they construct their financial plans. Apply historical market returns to your asset accounts, similar insurance products or indexed annuities. Choose to include or exclude dividends and choose the years you would like to simulate.

Guaranteed Income Benefit

Test accounts to see the loss or gain of exercising guaranteed income benefit. You can choose partial or full values of an account, determine the start and end year, bonus, GIB return, exclusion ratio, and payment amount per year.

Money-Flow Report

This is an auto-generated report that directs team members to prepare paperwork based on your plan and recommendations. You can use custom inflation rates for expenses categories and download a fact-finder with one click. You can generate an in-depth financial plan at a fraction of the cost of the competition.


Wealthbox Pricing Plan

Wealthbox offers four plans:

  • The Basic plan at $35 user/month, billed annually
  • The Pro plan at $49 user/month, billed annually
  • The Premier plan at $65 user/month, billed annually
  • Contact Wealthbox to get an Enterprise plan

6. Envestnet Tamarac

Top CRM with AI-Powered Financial Recommendations

Envestnet Tamarac is the Top CRM with AI-Powered Financial Recommendations

Envestnet Tamarac is a financial services behemoth that offers the best solutions in portfolio management, data analytics, reporting, and a financial management CRM.

This tool is designed to work with Microsoft Outlook, and its interface is mirrored after familiar Microsoft Office apps – your team will have an easy time adapting to it.

If you’re looking to provide the best end-user experience for your clients, Envestnet Tamarac will never disappoint.

Main Features

Operations Library

The Tamarac Operations Library contains document management for operational and marketing documents, as well as call scripts, and email templates. The feature includes a built-in editor to create templates for prospect and client marketing and enables you to collaborate with your team on projects and marketing material.

Meaningful Integrations

Take advantage of the operational efficiencies and time savings that integration provides. Envestnet Tamarac integrates functionality and information from Tamarac Trading, Tamarac Reporting, and a long list of third-party integrations.

Roth IRA Conversion

Test accounts using full or partial values for the benefit of performing a Roth conversion. Unlike other apps, you can specify how many years the client will spread the tax cost, the year of execution of conversions, and whether to pay taxes from assets or the qualified account.


Envestnet Tamarac’s pricing is provided through a custom quote on the site.

7. UGRU Financial

Best Financial Advisor CRM for Rapidly Growing Firms

UGRU Financial is the Best Financial Advisor CRM for Rapidly Growing Firms

UGRU Financials boasts of the most impressive and advanced suite of financial planning tools that deal with different facets of wealth management.

Whether you’re tracking liquid assets like forecasting Roth IRA conversions, planning retirement income, or charitable bequests, UGRU CRM has got you covered.

Main Features

Full-Featured Accounting

This UGRU Financials feature uses a QuickBooks-like interface to provide Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Billing, Unlimited accounts, Cash or Accrual Accounting, Income/Expense Dashboard, and General Ledger. Additionally, you can run Market Analysis, P&L, Snapshot and Balance Sheet, or Sales Pipeline reports you can convert to PDF format or spreadsheets.

Decision Center Calculators

Analyze how planning strategies will impact a plan by using the Decision Center Calculators. These calculators include social security analysis, optimal income distribution, mortgage acceleration, fixed asset relocation, and guaranteed income benefit. After analyzing the value of the strategy, you can implement it with a few clicks.

Destination Trax™

This is a hybrid investment strategy that couples a fixed index annuity with an aggressive market account. You can use the calculator to test how the strategy has a positive economic impact on your asset of choice and define what the value is. Destination Trax™ has proven to reduce volatility and fees, and also out-perform major indices in various economic cycles.


UGRU Financial Pricing Plan

UGRU Financials offers four plans:

  • The CRM Plus plan at $59 user/month
  • The Performance plan at $139 user/month
  • The Professional plan at $179 user/month
  • The Advisor Pro plan at $324 user/month

Key Features of CRM Systems for Financial Advisors

1. Reporting

Reports are a treasure trove of patterns and numbers that enable you to make critical decisions in your organization.

That is one of those features that a CRM for financial advisors must-have. Data is vital for any business, especially financial ones.

The reporting feature allows you to keep track of how good your sales team is at converting new contacts into paying clients.

It goes on to show you the progress of these clients on the sales pipeline and helps your teamwork with maximum efficiency, as they could see the results of any of their actions.

2. Document Management

Document management is the second crucial feature a finance CRM must-have.

This feature helps keep your files and documents organized.

It ensures your attachments don’t get buried in staggered threads.

Document management doesn’t only organize documents and spreadsheets, it can organize and store any kind of file. These can be audio or video transcriptions.

To make your files easier to retrieve, you can add tags, labels, or notes. Collaborate and share your documents with your team members while adding permissions to each.

3. Workflows

Workflows are a key feature in any financial CRM as they help automate various business processes.

This feature can free up your time from redundant tasks to focus more on financial strategies and researching investment opportunities.

Workflow automation leverages the power of AI by using machine learning and other algorithmic step-by-step instructions.

It can help streamline your onboarding process, notify the right people when issues are updated or created, and also send out email reminders and follow-ups.

This feature can also help in the sales process by fulfilling buy and sell orders.

By setting up workflows, you create a trail of accountability for each task while also ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.

4. Financial Dashboard

You can never turn your back on what's going on in your business as a financial advisor.

The best financial CRM solutions help keep track of every interaction you've had with contacts across multiple communication channels like email, phone calls, social media, text, and meetings.

A financial dashboard displays analytics from real-time data that you can use to your advantage.

You can measure this data against desired targets, and can also use it to adjust client strategy.

A financial dashboard can even display transaction records, which makes it easier to track investment progress.

Choosing the Right Finance CRM

The bottom line is – choosing the right finance CRM depends on the needs of your firm:

  • If you’re looking for the best CRM for financial advisors, the obvious answer is Salesforce, as it has custom features specific to personal wealth management, mortgage lending, and insurance. Because it has been around for some time, users have access to a massive data bank for extra customer insights.
  • If Salesforce is too pricey for you, then you should consider a much more affordable option like Redtail Technology. It has a fail-safe security technology securing the data of your clients, it has a short learning curve, and best of all – it integrates with most financial platforms out there.
  • Another great CRM software for financial services is Zoho CRM, which focuses more on independent advisors, startups, and small businesses. If you fall into any of these categories – definitely check it out. Zoho CRM has every tool a financial advisor might need, it's fully customizable, and its unified view of clients separates it from the rest.

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