Best Hosting for HTML Websites in 2024

Updated Jun 9, 2023.

Are you at sea on the right HTML hosting to choose for your newly-built web pages, or are you searching for a better alternative for your existing HTML site? 

This review will take you through different hosts, including their pricing, and pros and cons, so you can make the best choice that’s useful now and in the long run.

Bluehost icon


Choose Bluehost, the best overall hosting, if you plan to build a large HTML website and want it to be online and visible as much as possible.
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Select Hostinger, our first runner-up, if good security and management feature top your list of features that you want in a hosting service.
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Go for Hostgator if you want to maximize Google tools or explore advanced features while enjoying the 45-day money-back guarantee.
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iPage is great, especially if you manage an ecommerce site, but consider thinking twice before signing up as its best pricing is in the long term.
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A2 Hosting

A2 only needs you to sign up once if you are more concerned about the speed of your website or, better still, if you want the fastest solution.

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You might have built your website from scratch.

Probably you’ve even customized it to your preference and savory taste.

Chances are that you have prepared amazing content that will keep visitors hooked on that one site for as long as you want.

You might have done your all, but should I tell you the greatest factor that affects your success rate?

Okay, here is it; The website hosting that you use.

What ultimately determines the speed of your website and your visitors’ experience at large is your web host.

The next question that might be boiling in your mind is the right host to choose.

But don't worry; just continue reading as we examine different hosts and other questions you might have.

Best Shared Hosting for HTML Websites

1. Bluehost

Best Overall

  • Bluehost is one of the fastest
  • Unmetered bandwidth and generous storage
  • Solid uptime performance
  • Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free 24/7 support
  • High renewal rates
  • Lots of limitations on the lower  shared hosting plans
Bluehost icon
Editor’s Take

Bluehost is such an outstanding solution that it is hard to even look at other providers without picking Bluehost outrightly. Beginners will find it simple to use and cost-effectively priced, while large website owners will hardly experience any downtime or speed lags.

Best For
Large websites
$2.95 – $13.95 per month
Annual Discount
Up to 70% off

While Bluehost is popularly and officially known as the best-managed WordPress hosting, it also provides a first-rated solution with fast speed, efficiency, enormous resources, and some free services.

Key Capabilities

Domain Manager and resource protection

Do you want to manage, update, transfer, or purchase your domain in a single place? If yes, the Bluehost domain manager comes in handy to let you do all of these effectively. That’s not all; you can also rest assured of resource protection which means that your website’s performance is protected and unaffected by other sites on the shared server.

Bluehost Dashboard

Manage your entire internet page from your Bluehost dashboard; you can track your visitor analytics, user comments, and all other activities on your database.

Google My Business

One benefit of using Bluehost is that it allows you to list your business online without excluding its location and hours of operation. As such, you can quickly connect with customers in your area.

Storage Specifications

Bluehost uses SSD web storage which offers many benefits over the traditional and more commonly used HHD in terms of durability and reliability, energy efficiency, and fast loading speed. The SSD storage space that you get is entirely dependent on the plan that you choose. The minimum is 10GB of SSD web storage space on the lowest plan, while the maximum is 100GB of SSD storage on the highest plan.


Bluehost safeguards your personal information, e-commerce transactions, and other sensitive data with encrypted connections. In other words, free SSL certificates and other available security services like malware detection and automated security updates are all available.


2. Hostinger

Affordable Solution That Truly Keeps You in Control

  • The plans are relatively affordable compared to other web hosts.
  • Ease of use through a simple-to-use interface
  • Hostinger offers multilingual support for the hpanel
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee is available on all plans
  • A free domain is not available on the Single Shared hosting plan
  • There are some refund exceptions to the 30-day money-back guarantee
Hostinger icon
Editor’s Take

Hostinger is the best host platform if you want to enjoy access to premium services without paying as much as you would on other solutions. None of its plans cost up to $5, and there are hardly any restrictions on them.

Best For
$1.99 – $3.99 per month
Annual Discount

Founded in 2004 and based in Lithuania, Hostinger is a top choice that packs good management and adequate security services in a single, affordable platform.

Key Capabilities

Management and Control

Hostinger provides a custom control panel that lets you modify files and make changes effortlessly. Remote MySQL, available on all plans, allows remote hosts to access and manage the MySQL database associated with your domain. Also, you can manage MySQL databases efficiently by using PHPMyAdmin, a powerful PHP tool. That is not all; robust database storage and management system known as InnoDB is also available. If you work with multiple people, there's a tool known as Access Manager for managing your account's privileges. File manager lets you manage all the files on your account and pages.

Storage Specifications

When it comes to bandwidth, the amount of data that can go through your Hostinger account, you get unlimited size on all plans except the first one. For the SSD storage, you get 10GB on the lowest and 200GB on the highest plans. Generally, the size, resources, and space available on the basic plan are very limited.


Apart from a free SSL certificate with all packages, Hostinger offers other security services like automated website backups and auto-updates, in-house developed WAF, complete DSS protection, and a CloudLinux and LVE containerized environment.

Other Available Tools

With Hostinger, you can experiment with multiple PHP versions, optimize your databases in a variety of ways and take advantage of tools like MySQL manager, PHP version control, SSH, WP-CLI, and Git integration.


3. Hostgator

Transferring Your Content to This Web Hosting Platform is Free

  • Free site transfers and unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certification
  • Integrating your apps is easy through one-click installs
  • Availability of a whooping 45-day money-back guarantee
  • You will need to pay extra if you want to enjoy most of the best services
  • Recently, there has been frequent downtime
HostGator icon
Editor’s Take

If you consider Hostgator’s unmetered bandwidth, SEO tools and custom domains, automated backups, and a 45-day money-back guarantee, you might want to stop at this point and pick it as your choice. However, the fact that you would have to pay for most of these tools enables you to consider other alternatives.

Best For
Unmetered bandwidth
$2.75 – $5.25 per month
Up to 65% off

Hostgator provides top-notch services, unmetered bandwidth, and a free domain for a token fee.

If you like, you can also pay for some of the add-ons, as they are extremely useful.

Key Capabilities

Automated Backups

Hostgator automatically backs up all your files daily, and you can restore them with a simple click. All thanks to CodeGuard, which lets you get daily and automatic backups, protection against viruses and broken code, and three restores per month for a starting fee of $2.75.

SEO Tools

Instead of merely giving you access to ordinary search engine optimization, Hostgator offers professional SEO services, including on-page optimization, keyword research, content creation, search ranking boost, and progress monitoring.

Google Workspace

If you have a team and you want to increase team collaboration, just add the Workspace to your plan. With this, you can access and use all your favorite apps, enjoy 30GB to unlimited cloud storage, and take advantage of an email that matches your domain.

Storage Specifications

Hostgator's disk space and bandwidth are unmetered. Use every bandwidth and disk space you want; Hostgator does not charge you based on the disk space or bandwidth you typically use. However, note that you can’t exceed 25% or more of the system resources for longer than 90 seconds.


A no-charge SSL certificate comes with all plans, and if you want additional SSL elements such as higher encryptions and protection, you can select from any of the SSL plans.  Hostinger also partners with SiteLock and therefore lets you enjoy services like automatic malware removal, daily malware scan, weekly scan report, and brand reputation protection. Although, this is not free.

Advanced Tools

If you are a techie or an advanced user, so to speak, Hostgator provides multiple advanced services such as unlimited MySQL Databases, HostGator Portal Control Panel, Access to Raw Log Files, Full CGI Access, and Subversion Repository [SVN].


Read more Hostgator review

4. iPage

The Right Hosting for Ecommerce Sites

  • Access a free website builder and a free email
  • Availability of unlimited MySQL databases and free SSL certificate
  • Enjoy gratis ads credit and long-term discounts
  • Availability of a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • High renewal rate, especially if you are not signing up for the long term
  • iPage charges an exorbitant fee for a single migration
iPage icon
Editor’s Take

Choose iPage if you want a solution that stays with you right from the scratch-building of your website to its final publishing. This is made possible through the free website builder that it generously provides.

Best For
Unlimited bandwidth
$1.99 – $9.99 per month
Annual Discount

iPage, founded in the far back 90s, allows you to build as many databases as you need while enjoying access to unlimited services such as unlimited disk space, unlimited domain names, and unlimited email addresses.

Key Capabilities

Designing and Building Tools

If you are just building your website from scratch and are at a loss on the right website builder you should use, the iPage site builder comes in handy for building awesome and mobile-optimized websites. Take advantage of the WordPress 1-click installer and build on one of the most popular platforms as you explore customizable layouts to design your website as much as you want. You also have access to easy-to-use setup wizards and a variety of the most popular content management systems.

Email Management

With Hostgator, there is no limit to the number of @yourdomain email addresses you can set up. Access an intuitive email interface called Webmail, where you can log in and manage your email. Manage your email effectively by creating unlimited email forwarders and streamlining your business with unlimited autoresponders. Worry less about your inbox as iPage provides industry-standard virus scanning to keep your inbox safe. You can also manage your email accounts with third-party apps such as Outlook.

Selling Online

You can easily sell your goods or services via online stores, accept payments by integrating your Paypal account, and use multiple carts for your online store. Build various websites by installing many popular scripts fast and easily, integrating with leading email marketing platforms.

Storage Specifications

There is no cap on the disk space that you can use, as iPage gives you access to all the storage you need to build and grow your website. Likewise, there are no hard limits on data transfer for your website and the number of domains you can host under one account.


Access all your account management tools in a central location as you enjoy top-notch security features like an enhanced security suite, 24/7 network monitoring, traffic reporting, high-performance servers, and redundant power systems.


5. A2 Hosting

Arguably the Website Hosting With the Fastest Speed

  • Enjoy a very fast speed
  • Access to some uncommon tools like built-in server-side caching
  • Enjoy unlimited data transfer and unlimited databases
  • Enjoy a no-charge site migration and top-notch website security
  • Lack of no-charge domain name, unlike most of their competitors
  • There are so many limitations to the first plan
A2 Hosting Icon
A2 Hosting
Editor’s Take

Generally, A2 Hosting stands tall among its peers regarding its fast speed. But if you can spare a few dollars for the A2 Turbo, what you have is a blazingly fast speed.

Best For
Intuitive control panel
$2.99 – $12.99 per month
Annual Discount
Up to 36% off

A2 Hosting offers remarkably flexible pricing options, but that’s not even the biggest deal; its intuitive tools in an easily-accessible control panel impress far more.

Key Capabilities

Control Panel

You have access to an intuitive control panel where you get the tools you need to manage your sites, databases, and email effectively. This control panel is included in your account.

cPanel File Manager

To start with, the cPanel is a web-based file manager that allows you to browse directories, copy, rename, and move files. Additionally, you can also upload and download files while editing your files in a variety of ways. As you set up files and folders, view and edit your files directly on the web server, back up your email accounts through the cPanel’s file manager, and configure file permissions easily.

Server Rewind and Backups

Make backup copies of your website’s files and configurations and keep them in a safe location. It could be complete or partial backups, which you can download and restore to your website anytime. Let's say you accidentally delete a file on your website. You don’t have to panic as you can just hover over the Server Rewind feature in cPanel to restore the previous file version, provided you have backups enabled on your website.

Web Disk and Git Version Control Tool

The Web Disk allows you to manage the files of your website and store them on your local computer. Configure Web Disks accounts and access Web Disks on multiple operating systems.

Storage Specifications

The only plan where you don’t have access to unlimited storage is the first, the most basic plan. And the best part is the RAID-10 SSD storage leading to increased speed, performance, and security. For the physical memory, the minimum you get is 1GB, and the maximum is 4GB.


6. SiteGround

Most Suitable for Ecommerce Sites

SiteGround- 18 years Ultrafast WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is home to a little less than 3,000,000 custom domains, and it is not a pushover regarding speed, security, and access to innovative technologies.

Key Capabilities

Site Management

To let you manage your website comfortably and efficiently, SiteGround provides all important tools and services for your sites, domains, and accounts. They include login and profile management, setup site wizard, billing settings, and access to support. Auto-install solutions are also available if you want to install multiple applications in a single click. Set up databases, emails, and park domains, manage DNS zones, and upload files using intuitive site tools to the server.

Site Building Tools

If you don’t know how to start building your site, SiteGround offers no-charge WordPress and Weebly site builders on all plans

Domain Management

With SiteGround, you can manage your site from a single place. Access hostname registration with your hosting account, including registrations with more than 50 extensions. Transfer your DNS to SiteGround using the migration service.

Ultrafast Sites

SiteGround is built on top of Google Cloud infrastructure with different custom speed optimizations and new technologies such as SSD-persistent storage, gratis CDN option for all sites, multiple software solutions at the server level, Supercacher, and Ultrafast PHP.

Free Email Service

Set up professional email addresses with your website DNS without paying extra fees, and you can design as many email accounts as you need. Change your passwords, set autoresponders and forwarders, and read your email from the webmail app. With email accounts, you can send and receive messages in email accounts created at your DNS.


Select your favorite shopping cart software, which is automatically on your account, and access your functional store in minutes. Additionally, SiteGround issues and installs a free Let’s Encrypt SSL for your online shop, securing clients’ transactions and boosting your website credibility. You also get to enjoy a daily backup service without charge.


  • You get to enjoy new and advanced technologies on SiteGround
  • Boost your page loading times with no-charge Cloudflare CDN
  • Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee and round-the-clock support
  • Long-term discounts are available


  • Limited resources on the shared hosting plan
  • The price is a little on the high side


Best Web Hosting for Static HTML Websites

1. Netlify

Best Pick for Simple Workflows, Team Collaboration, and Integration

Netlify- Bring it all together

Netlify is an affordable solution for building and deploying web applications while maximizing the use of web framework, especially if you have a handy team that you manage.

Key Capabilities

  • Bandwidth: On the starter plan, you initially have access to 100GB/ per month, although that’s how far it gets because you have to pay $55 per 100GB afterward. For the Pro plan, you have initial access to 1T/ month and 1.5TB/ month for the Business plan.
  • Site-Building: If you want to build your sites faster, welcome to Netlify. Assuming you use a static site generator to generate your static site, you can easily and instantly roll back your production environment to a previous site version, add powerful capabilities to every build, set up your plugins, or install from a catalog of community plugins.
  • Deployment and Hosting: Netlity assures fast, low latency Jamstack sites and web apps through globally distributed CDN. That’s not all; the moment you upload a build for your website or web app, Netlify pushes the changes in the build to its global CDN and makes it go live immediately. You can also authenticate and connect to third-party APIs through GraphQL.
  • Collaboration: Deploy a live preview of your page and allow reviewers to drop visual feedback while you sync feedback to the pull requests and productivity tools. Collaborate on specific sites by setting up teams of Netlify users and secure access to your Netlify account using one-time passwords from your favorite authentication apps. Likewise, with the help of logs, you can observe and troubleshoot serverless functions through the help of logs.


  • Netlify supports an unlimited number of websites, even on the free plan.
  • Easily deploy serverless functions directly within Netlifty
  • Custom domains with no-charge SSL
  • GitHub integration and gratis subdomain name


  • There is a steep learning curve
  • Most of Netlify’s resources have a limit in which you would have to pay more once exceeded


Netlify offers a no-charge plan and three paid plans.

Netlify- Pricing Plan

The starting plan costs $19 per member/ month, and the Enterprise plan offers custom pricing, the highest-paid plan.

2. Vercel

No-Charge Solution for Static Websites Only That You Need Developers

Vercel- Develop Preview Ship

Developers would feel at home using the Vercel for static files and serverless functions to host websites and web services that boast automatic scaling and instant development.

Key Capabilities

  • Templates and Integrations: Vercel provides many pre-built solutions in the form of templates from which you can select your choice and kickstart your app development process fast, just like many static site generators. You can better relate to this if you have prior experience with any web framework. Take advantage of integrations for your favorite tools to extend and automate your workflow and choose from databases, logging, DevTools, messaging, and code repository.
  • Previews: Thanks to top-notch integrations for Bitbucket, GitLab, and GitHub pages, CI/CD is enabled with zero configuration, allowing even you to automate your workflows and streamline collaboration easily. Run automated tests for performance and reliability, collaborate fast, and share your work while testing changes straight from the browser. Share an updated live preview site with your coworkers instead of sharing screenshots or complex staging pipelines, allowing you to collate feedback early in the development cycle.
  • Edge Functions: One of the main gain points of Vercel is that it allows you to define your application’s global infrastructure directly from your code. It also facilitates better performance on any network due to the less code shipped to the browser. You can develop, preview, and ship to the edge with any framework—pre-deploy various versions of your web pages and route users to the correct version at runtime. Conveniently run A/B tests on your server and prevent unwanted traffic spikes and attacks using integrations with bot detection.


  • Enjoy a no-charge plan and automatic SSL
  • Deploying static websites or applications comes easy on Vercel
  • Access to real-time analytics and actual visitor data
  • Access to seamless integration with GitHub/Gitlab


  • There is no solid documentation on handling things, including important and related topics
  • Its best use case is for deploying web apps and not websites


Vercel offers a gratis plan and two paid plans.

Vercel- Pricing Plan

The first paid plan, Pro, costs $20 per user/ month, while the second plan, tagged “Enterprise,” offers custom pricing.

3. Surge

Gratis Pick for Unlimited Publishing and Custom Domains

Surge- Static web publishing for Front-End Developers

Publish your static files in minutes without leaving the command line using Surge, a static web publishing for front-end developers that boasts over 10 million deployments, 126.88 TB of published data, and more than 1.5 million projects.

Key Capabilities

  • Folder Publishing: With Surge, you can publish any HTML code straight from the command line. Publish the directory on your machine with a single command: surge. The next thing is to run Surge within the static web pages you want to publish online.
  • Custom 404 Page: Do you want to control your content? Better still, would you like to improve your visitor’s experience? If yes, Surge allows you to do all of these. When you add a 404.html into your project, Surge automatically serves it.
  • Collaborators: Let’s say you have a team, and you want your team members to be able to publish to your domain. Just add them as collaborators on Surge.
  • Clean URLs & SEO-Friendly Rules: Everything you publish on the Surge CDN automatically gets clean URLs that are friendly for both SEO and visitors. Your static website works automatically and freely when you publish them on Surge.


  • Enjoy free custom domain support
  • The whole publishing process is simple and fast
  • Access to basic SSL on the free plan
  • Enjoy more control over your site by creating your own custom 404 page


  • There are no free redirects
  • The paid plan is relatively expensive


Surge has a free and paid premium plan which costs $30 per month.

Surge- Pricing Plan

4. Forge

Fast and Affordable Solution for Static Websites

Forge-Static Web Hosting Made Simple

Forge is one of the fastest solutions that lets you host your static website for a few dollars while giving you access to optimized and advanced htaccess features such as rewrites and redirects with Forge Server.

Key Capabilities

  • Control Panel and Version-Based History: Forge’s control panel is optimized for speed, which means it is very fast and easily accessible. Forge’s version-based history is such that your deployment to your Forge page is kept in the timeline and ready for access anytime.
  • Collaboration: If you want to collaborate with others, this is how to do it; effortlessly invite anyone you like to a Forge page, and then they can upload and manage builds.
  • Fast CDN and TurboJS: While your pages and assets are hosted on super-fast networks worldwide, Forge optimizes your pages to eliminate page loads and make everything fast. A streamlined interface made available by Forge allows you to create new versions quickly and easily.
  • GitHub and Dropbox: Activate your static website and simply drag and drop to the Forge window. You can also sync with Dropbox or sync with a folder in a GitHub repository and then deploy the changes or a new version whenever you want.


  • Speed optimization for most of its features
  • Access to live page previews
  • Ability to view file changes between versions
  • Enjoy 24/7 support on all plans


  • There is no free plan
  • Extensive bandwidth is only available on the higher-paid plans


Forge offers four paid plans.

Forge- Pricing Plan

The lowest plan costs $4 per month, while the highest plan costs $100 per month.

5. Firebase

Free Solution With Generous Storage

Firebase- Make your app the best it can be

Do you want a solution that you can use to host your static web pages with a fast setup that begins from your local directories?

If yes, go for Firebase. It also allows you to build and host microservices.

Key Capabilities

  • Hosting: Whether you have CSS, Express.js microservices, APIs, or most especially HTML file, there's support for all types of content. Also, when you upload a file, say an HTML file, it caches the file on SSDs at CDN edges worldwide and serves as gzip or Brotli. Firebase delivers your content to your users irrespective of their specific location, as the best compression method is automatically chosen for your content in the form of a Zip file. Set up custom headers, serve localized content, and easily rewrite URLs for client-side routing.
  • Previews: Firebase allows you to view and test your changes on a locally hosted URL and interact with an emulated backend. This is possible thanks to the Firebase Local.
  • Emulator Suite. You can use temporary preview URLs to share your changes with teammates. A GitHub integration is provided for easy iterations of your previewed content.
  • New Versions Deployment: You can deploy new versions quickly with a single command. Get your app up and running in seconds with little effort using the Firebase CLI, and add deployment targets into your build process by taking advantage of the command line tools. One-click rollbacks are available anytime you decide to undo the deployment.


  • Access zero-configuration SSL built into Firebase
  • Every Firebase project has subdomains by default
  • You can connect your DNS to a Firebase-hosted site
  • You can link your page to a Firebase Web APP and also create multiple sites


  • Not-too-good data storage
  • It’s impossible to query or list stored files or users


Here is how Firebase does its pricing.

First, you have the Spark plan, which does not charge a dime then there is the Blaze plan which charges on a pay-as-you-go basis.

How Do I Choose the Best Hosting for HTML Websites?

Choosing the best web hosting should not be daunting once you consider the right factors.

Get answers to these three ‘whats,’ and you are on your way to selecting the best host for your static or dynamic website.

1. What are your website’s needs?

For people choosing a hosting provider for the first time, speed and security are two things they usually prioritize above all other factors.

But, this is far as it goes. The reason is that you would hardly find any web host that does not promise fast speed and top-notch security.

And in most cases, the promises are true. So, it is better to consider other services you need in real-time.

For example, you might consider the amount of disk space and bandwidth needed.

However, note that most typical websites do not use much space except if you plan to store multimedia or image files on yours, especially if you manage an art portfolio.

2. What’s your budget?

Let’s say you are a beginner just starting to build and host sites for the first time and are not ready to spend large amounts of dollars yet.

Or, for whatever reason, you don’t have a large budget.

Then, you might need to tone down your choices to the host that falls within your budget range.

Fortunately, the good thing is that the best web hosts have flexible plans that fit into different budget sizes.

Moreover, you also need to get familiar with the pricing structure of any host that you might want to consider.

Here is why; many host providers offer introductory prices different (lower than) from the renewal prices.

Therefore, ensure you do a careful bit of watching out.

3. What’s their uptime guarantee and customer support reliability?

You don’t want your professional website to go offline every nightfall.

You want your web pages to be live as much as possible.

What to do is choose a hosting provider with an established track record of high uptime performance.

The best uptime guarantee is a value close to 100% (say 99.999%).

You might also want to consider how the hosting provider handles a typical downtime in the case of occurrence.

Enters customer support. Should downtime occur, are the customer support representatives handy and ready to provide you with all the necessary information?

It could be through any of these channels.

Key Customer Service Channels
Source: REVE Chat

Besides the cases of downtime, reliable customer support also guides you through any bottlenecks you might experience with using a particular web hosting.

Should I Use Free Web Hosting for My HTML Website?

No. Do not use free web hosting for your HTML site.

Okay, that’s the clearcut answer for the experienced website owner who wants to make money with their website.

You can continue reading this answer if you are a newbie or a beginner on a limited budget.

The thing is that no-charge web hosting comes with both advantages and disadvantages or pros and cons if you like.

Advantages of No-Charge Hosting

One well-known advantage is that you don’t have to pay anything.

All you need to do is make simple deployments and enjoy.

Another advantage is that it’s user-friendly and can be the best bet for newbies who are still learning all about web hosting.

Other advantages are gratis cPanel and SSL certificate.

Additionally, you can take as much time as you like because you are, after all, not paying monthly or yearly.

Disadvantages of No-Charge Hosting

The disadvantages are more numerous and costly than its advantages.

The most obvious disadvantage is advertisement.

Free host providers can afford no-charge hosting because they advertise on the pages, thereby making money.

Other disadvantages are limited bandwidth, limited pages, shared branding, common outages, susceptibility to data loss and website hack, and unreliable downtime.

The biggest disadvantage is that your host provider might withdraw its no-charge service anytime without giving you serious or prior notice.

How Much Does it Cost to Host an HTML Website?

If you go for a gratis host, it does not cost anything.

However, suppose you choose any of the paid host plans offered by the various hosting companies.

In that case, the cost to host a website depends on the type of solution you choose, together with your vendor’s peculiarities.

There are eight types of host services, each with its costs.

The cheapest type, which usually costs a few bucks per month, is shared hosting.

With this type, you’ve got to share your web server with other websites.

Many sites share the resources of a single server, and your website would be one of them.

The next type that costs a little more than shared hosting is VPS hosting.

Another type that is more expensive than VPS hosting is cloud hosting.

Then comes dedicated hosting, which is virtually the most expensive for HTML sites.

WordPress vs. HTML: How Should You Build Your Site?

WordPress ( here) is a content management system that lets you upload files, publish content, and host media without knowing how to code.

At the same time, HTML, known as Hypertext Markup Language, is a coding language you can use to create a website from scratch.

Let’s check out the differences between them.

  • Coding Requirement: You can build your site and create a web presence with WordPress without knowing or touching a single line of code, making it a great choice if you are a first-timer website builder. WordPress is famous among most for its 5-minute installation. Using HTML, on the other hand, is a different case, as you need pro coding skills such as Javascript to build an engaging and attractive website.
  • Ease of Use: WordPress is a simple-to-use system for building a website without mincing words. Straight from your user-friendly admin panel, you can create or update content or pages, customize your site’s appearance and functionality, and improve and manage SEO. Although, there's a steep learning curve if you want to explore advanced features using Javascript, Java, and other programming languages. Unlike WordPress, HTML extension is not for beginners as it requires proficiency in coding skills.
  • Customization and Control: When it comes to customization, WordPress is the winner as it’s highly customizable. You can customize your website's looks by choosing from any of the pre-made themes. Easily upgrade your site with plugins, as the platform has many plugins in the official plugin directory. For the solution with more website control, HTML takes the lead. After all, you can build your HTML pages from scratch, format the layout of the web pages with CSS files, and make them more interactive with Javascript.
  • Costs and Maintenance: If you are not proficient in Javascript and other coding skills and thus need to hire a developer to help you build your website with HTML, it is way more costly than WordPress. While WordPress might require periodic maintenance, backups, and updates, HTML requires very little maintenance, especially with static content.

Who Offers the Best Web Server for Hosting HTML Files?

The short answer is Bluehost.

The long answer is that it boils down to your budget, desired services, and chosen hosting company.

Sometimes, the purpose of your website also comes into play.

For example, the best web hosts for an ecommerce website might not be the best hosting for an artist’s website.

However, if you have come this far, I believe you already have one or two hosting companies that catch your mind.

And if you don’t, there is no cause for alarm because you have just read all the important information you need to make the best choice.

With that said, here are five hosting providers that make our best five-list.

Best Overall


Choose Bluehost, the best overall hosting, if you plan to build a large HTML website and want it to be online and visible as much as possible.
Best for Management


Select Hostinger, our first runner-up, if good security and management feature top your list of features that you want in a hosting service.
Best for SEO


Go for Hostgator if you want to maximize Google tools or explore advanced features while enjoying the 45-day money-back guarantee.
Best for Ecommerce


iPage is great, especially if you manage an ecommerce site, but consider thinking twice before signing up as its best pricing is in the long term.
Best for Speed

A2 Hosting

A2 only needs you to sign up once if you are more concerned about the speed of your website or, better still, if you want the fastest solution.

The ball is now in your court.

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