15 Cheapest Website Builders to Make a Website in 2022

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Cheapest Website Builders to Make a Website

Website Builders are those magical tools that reduce the long tedious web development processes that usually last for a few weeks to months, to just a couple of minutes and few clicks. 

Yes, that’s right. 

A website builder can help you set up your online store, or a website, accept payments, market your store, sell across channels and even manage inventory and shipping in a matter of minutes.

It is basically like complete packages that can take a company’s online presence to a whole new level. 

Often businesses neglect the importance of having a website because website creation can be difficult. In this day and age, any business that does not have an online presence is soon to perish. 

This is where website builders come in and eliminate all the hassles involved. 

Moreover, these website builders aren’t that expensive so we have created a list of the cheapest website builders out there to help you understand the many options available to them and make the right choice. 

Let’s dive into the guide. 

Cheapest Website Builders for Regular Websites

1. WordPress (Just $3.95 per Month with Bluehost)

Best cheap all-in-one solution for all your website building needs. 

WordPress is the best cheap all in one solution for all your website building needs

WordPress lets you create the most professional and custom websites that you are looking for and is the best solution for content-based websites. 

It offers the best content management system and the only thing you would require externally is to host your WordPress website on another server or go for WordPress hosting which might be quite expensive. 

WordPress has hundreds of paid and free themes to choose from which you can then customize to fit the image you have in your mind. You do not need to have any kind of coding knowledge to build your website on WordPress. 

You can also convert your website into an online store using WordPress if you wish to sell items through your website. WordPress lets you add as many images, videos, Yelp reviews, testimonials, and maps to your page. 

There are dozens of plugins that you can choose from to take care of different functions on your page like SEO, forms, back-up for your site, creating subscriptions, capture leads, accept payments, and much more. 

Along with plugins, with WordPress, you can also choose from the integrations that it offers like email marketing, SEO tools, Google Analytics, and other marketing and business tools. 

With WordPress, you also get to choose any custom domain that you wish as long as it is available. 

WordPress is a free content management system but you will be required to pay for the hosting services. The best hosting services that work very  well for WordPress websites include: 

  • Bluehost WordPress makes it easy to scale your business when it starts growing and you start getting heavier traffic to your page (plans start at $3.95 to $6.95 per month).
  • Using WP Engine as your hosting service for your WordPress website can help improve your site’s performance even further and provide a highly secure environment with enhanced security (pricing starts at $25 a month).
  • Rocket.net also offers high security for your WordPress website by providing a global and local website firewall as well as real-time malware scanning and patching (starter plan is priced at $30 a month).
  • Kinsta on the other hand offers fully-managed WordPress websites, lets you migrate your existing website freely, offers daily backups, and also integrates with the Google Cloud Platform (starting at $30 per month).

2. Wix

Best cheap website builder with a drag-and-drop editor, ideal for small websites. 

Wix is the best cheap website building option for small businesses looking to create functional websites

Wix can be a great cheap website building option for small businesses looking to create functional websites as it might not have all the advanced features that large businesses may look for.

This website builder is known for its free drag-and-drop editor that lets business owners create their websites easily without any coding. You can design your website the way you want or even build your blog using this tool.

If you would like to add features that let people buy off your website, convert into a complete eCommerce store or make appointments and bookings, Wix lets you do all that. 

The SEO tools help your page be found on the internet when people make a relevant search. 

You can also optimize your websites for the mobile experience even though all websites built on Wix are mobile responsive. 

Another unique feature that Wix has is that, if you do not want to go through the process of creating a website on your own, you can simply answer some questions and Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence will create a site for you in minutes. 

You can then edit it the way you want your storefront to look. 

If you are starting a business from scratch, with Wix you can also create a personalized logo that will match your brand image. 

You can also get your own professional domain on Wix. 

Once your website is set, Wix also offers tools to drive traffic to your website and market your business. Choose from the many marketing tools they offer for email marketing, Facebook Ads, social media, and others. 

You can use detailed analytics to understand the source of your traffic, user behavior, revenue from different sources, and other important information. 

Some other unique features include financial tools and integrations, CRM tools, lead capture tools, and also a mobile app that lets you keep track of your website and make changes to it on the go. 


Wix Pricing Plan

Wix has four different pricing plans for those looking to build a website. The VIP plan includes all the features that Wix offers while the most basic plan includes only the basic features offered by Wix.

3. Squarespace

Cheapest website builder with the most intuitive and beautiful templates.

Squarespace is the cheapest website builder with the most intuitive and beautiful templates

Squarespace is an ideal choice for bloggers because of the extensive blogging features that it offers and also the beautiful templates that it is known for. 

Squarespace was initially built with content creators in mind and started offering eCommerce website building features quite later which is why the eCommerce features fall behind. 

If you are an artist or a creator who would simply like to create an online portfolio, with Squarespace you can create a stunning portfolio that suits your brand.

You can use the pre-designed templates on Squarespace or customize your page the way you want it to look. 

If you are building an eCommerce store, Squarespace also lets you sell products on your page. You can sell products, services as well as include scheduling features on your website. 

Once your website is set up, you can use the many integrations that Squarespace offers to market your site. These integrations include email marketing tools and it also lets you integrate with your social media channels so that people can reach you easily. 

Include a contact form on your page and grow your email list and also get in touch with the people who visit your page.

Squarespace offers some advanced SEO features like default SEO page titles and descriptions, managing your image on social media, sitemaps, SSL security, automatic markup, and built-in mobile optimization which makes your site visible to the search engines. 

Using Squarespace’s website analytics, you can also get deep insights into the user behavior on your page and where they come from. Drive traffic to your page by identifying the most active channels and capitalize on them.


Squarespace Pricing Plan

The cheapest plan that Squarespace offers is $12 under which includes almost all the important features business owners will require to create functional websites. 

For all the advanced features that eCommerce websites require, you might have to choose the Commerce plan which is priced at $40.

4. 10web

Best cheap website builder for creating WordPress websites. 

10web is the best cheap website builder for creating WordPress websites

10Web lets business owners build and host their WordPress websites on their platform. Its powerful automation helps in speeding up the website building process. 

You can design and build your websites using their drag-and-drop editor or you can simply utilize their AI technology which creates the most professional and functional websites in a few seconds.

Using this technology, you can experiment with different elements on the website to see what works and looks the best. 10Web also lets you migrate your existing website from Wix or Squarespace with the click of a button

You can then duplicate a copy of your website on WordPress. 10Web also offers many pre-built templates for you to choose from. 

If you have multiple websites or find it difficult to manage a single website, 10Web’s unique feature lets you manage all your websites from one central dashboard. All your website content gets backed up every day.

10Web also continuously runs security scans across your website so all your data is safe from breaches.

With 10Web it also becomes very easy to install plugins and themes on your WordPress website. The white-labeling feature allows agencies and freelancers to build and manage their clients’ websites under their brand name. 

There is a feature called the 90+ page speed optimization where the page loading speed of your website goes up to above 90 by simply installing a plugin. 

10Web’s security features are also a notch above the others. Some of the features that it offers are vulnerability scanning, original file restores, file changes scanning, and most importantly, unlimited scans


10web Pricing Plan

Based on the type of business that you are, you can choose between the four plans, one of which is a custom plan. With each plan, you get automated WordPress hosting and are allowed to host a minimum of one site.

However, there may be a restriction on the number of permitted visitors each month with every plan.

5. Gator

Best cheap website builder good for small businesses to create professional websites.

Gator is the best cheap website builder good for small businesses to create professional websites

Gator is a very easy-to-use, user-friendly website builder by Hostgator that also provides an excellent web hosting service. 

While some of the features offered by Gator are pretty basic, you can easily create professional-looking websites with very little or no technical expertise. 

Gator has some basic templates that users can choose from to create their websites quickly or even use their intuitive drag-and-drop editor to make a custom website according to their choice. 

A unique feature is the AI-backed website builder which asks users 5 questions and comes up with a unique website itself. 

It also offers a logo maker for businesses to create beautiful logos that match the brand’s voice and image. It also has a gallery of images that users can match to their purpose and use on their websites. 

Once your website is ready, you can use Gator’s integrated email marketing tool that lets you promote your page, grow your contact list, manage your email marketing campaigns, and much more. 

Sell your products on your page or convert them into an eCommerce store, schedule appointments through your website using Gator’s website builder. 

Every website created on Gator is also optimized for mobiles and looks good on every device. It also has some inbuilt SEO features that help improve your website’s visibility on search engines. 

Using Gator’s analytics tools, you can also get raw information about visitor behavior and experience on your page so that you can make changes to your website or marketing plan accordingly.

One of the best features of this cheap website builder is that every user gets a free domain, free hosting, and also an SSL certificate which makes it a great choice. 


Gator Pricing Plan

Gator’s plans start at $3.84 which is one of the cheapest that is offered in this category. Almost all the features offered by Gator are included in the plan. There are two other plans too, depending on whether you have a store or a website. 

Another great feature is that for every plan there is a 45-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

6. Carrd

Best cheap website builder for fully responsive, one-page websites. 

Carrd is the best cheap website builder for fully responsive, one page websites

Carrd might offer limited functionalities but it is one of the simplest website building tools that business owners can use to create one-page websites. 

You can create your portfolio, a landing page for your email marketing campaigns, a business website, or a personal one, Carrd lets you build all types of single page websites

There are many templates that you can choose from or even customize your website the way you want. Carrd’s interface is very clean and easy-to-use. You can add as many elements as you wish or edit the existing ones the way you want. 

It also lets you upload videos, gifs, images or choose from their gallery. You can also add favicons to your websites using Carrd. 

Carrd offers many integrations that help perform many different actions through your page. Once your website is created, you can also shift it to a custom domain that you may already have. Carrd does this through integration with Encrypt.

It also has integrations with Mailchimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit, and others that let you add forms to your page and integrate them with your email marketing campaigns.

If you would like to add a widget to collect payments or collect other information. Carrd’s integrations with PayPal, Typeform, Gumroad, and others let you embed codes and add widgets to your site.

You can also use the white-labeling feature which could be useful for website designers as they can remove the branding by Carrd on their websites and present it to their clients. 

You can also add a Google Analytics tracking ID to your page and track the traffic to your page and also monitor user behavior. 


Carrd Pricing Plan

Carrd has three different plans that you can choose from. There is also a free plan that lets you create 3 websites from an account. Carrd is one of the cheapest website builders at $9 per year. It also offers a 7-day free trial before you purchase a subscription.

7. GoDaddy

Best cheap website builder for the fastest loading websites. 

GoDaddy is the best cheap website builder for the fastest loading websites

GoDaddy’s website builder is relatively new as it was launched in 2019 and lacks some features but makes up for it with speed and its extensive marketing features. 

You can set up your website in a few minutes with GoDaddy. It offers 20+ themes for you to choose from where you can edit every element of your page. You can add images, change colors, add videos and set up your website the way you want it.

You can add calls to action, promotional banners, drop-down menus for all the pages on your website, and much more.

With GoDaddy, you do not have to worry about hosting either as GoDaddy takes care of the hosting. It also ensures your data is backed up and stored so that you can restore it from any point at any time. 

GoDaddy also has its own mobile app and lets you design and edit your pages on the go. Once your website is all set, you can manage your social media, email marketing, online sales, and everything related from one common dashboard. 

You can also use Over by GoDaddy to create content for your social media and email marketing campaigns that will also match the look and feel of your website. 

GoDaddy’s website builder also includes SEO features that help you optimize your websites for the search engines. It includes email marketing tools that help you grow your email list and stay in touch with them.

You can sync all your social media accounts with your website on GoDaddy and also list your business on Google My Business with all the integrations offered. 

One of the unique features that GoDaddy offers to its users is tracking and reporting. You can not only track user behavior on your website but also track orders, your search ranking, Facebook insights, online comments, email campaigns, and more. 

You can also convert your website into an online store and sell online as well as accept payments, manage shipping, inventory, product reviews, and others, all from one place. 


GoDaddy Pricing Plan

GoDaddy offers three different pricing plans which are very affordable. However, the basic plan might be too basic and might not offer any of the advanced features that businesses look for. 

Our recommendation is to choose the Standard plan that includes all the basic and a few necessary advanced features but pretty much covers everything that a functional business would need.

8. Weebly

Best cheap website builder that is extremely easy to use. 

Weebly is the best cheap website builder that is extremely easy to use

Weebly is one of the easiest to use, robust, and user-friendly website builders available in the market. You can create websites as well as online stores on Weebly. 

You can choose from the many themes that Weebly has where each of the themes is fully customizable and can be launched immediately. 

You can use the drag-and-drop feature, custom fonts, animation effects, video backgrounds, and do so much more on your websites. 

You can also create photo galleries and custom backgrounds for your website to make your portfolio, or your business website, or an eCommerce store. 

Every website built on Weebly is optimized to look good and perform well on all devices. 

Weebly has a mobile app using which not only can you make changes to your website on-the-go, but you can also track visitor behavior and site performance from the app. 

With Weebly, you also do not have to worry about hosting, SSL security, and domain management as Weebly includes all of them. You can buy a domain directly through Weebly, use a custom domain, get an SSL certificate and also utilize Weebly’s free hosting service. 

There is an integrated email marketing tool using which you can also build newsletters, email campaigns, automate abandoned cart emails, and others. 

You can also use the SEO tools, social media marketing tools, and AdWords credit which lets you drive more traffic to your websites.

If you would like to add a blog to your website, Weebly’s extensive blogging features let you create professional-looking content and beautifully designed blogs that compliment your business. 

Weebly’s analytics offer you information about your website that lets you track the performance of your websites and also lets you track user behavior. 


Weebly Pricing Plan

Weebly’s cheap website builder is available for three prices where one free plan is also available. The free plan and Connect plan offer only the basic features while the Business plan is the most desirable plan with all the features priced at $25 per month only. 

9. Strikingly

Best cheap website builder for beginners looking for a quick solution. 

Strikingly is the best cheap website builder for beginners looking for a quick solution

Strikingly is known for letting users create fully functional websites in a few hours. There are dozens of templates for you to choose from and each of them is fully customizable. All you have to do is click on the element you want to edit and design it the way you want.

You will not require any coding or design knowledge to build functional websites on Strikingly. 

If you already own a domain name, Strikingly will let you use the existing domain name and create a new site with it or you can create your custom domain once you upgrade to their paid plans. 

Whether you want to create a simple website for your business, start a blog, or have an eCommerce store, Strikingly lets you create exactly that. Its extensive blogging and eCommerce website building features make your job very easy.

You can add contact forms, feedback forms, a chatbox, newsletter subscription widgets, and everything else needed to make your website more customer-centered. 

A unique feature is that it even lets you directly show your social media posts and feed on your website with its social feeds integrations. 

You can see who has been visiting your site, the sources they come from, how they interact with your pages and other user-related information through the detailed analytics that Strikingly has.

Strikingly also includes an SSL certificate for each website built using their tool for free. The  SEO tools help make your site more visible on the search engines and make it visitor-friendly. 

Customize your website and every page just the way you want, use your brand colors, add image and video galleries, create modern designs and launch your website and go live within a day.


Strikingly Pricing Plan

Strikingly’s cheap website building plans start at $8 a month and there is also a free plan that you can opt for. You can build unlimited free sites but with limited functionality. However, even the paid, full-feature plan comes at a very cheap price of $49 a month.

You can even save more with Strikingly if you choose their 2-5 year plans.

10. Jimdo

Best cheap website builder for entrepreneurs just launching their business. 

Jimdo is the best cheap website builder for entrepreneurs just launching their business

Jimdo started off as a small website builder in 2007 and now it has powered over 20 million websites globally. Its wide set of features makes it a good choice as the cheapest website builder for businesses. 

Without any coding experience, you can create websites that look good and professional. Jimdo has many templates according to industries that you can choose from. You can customize the template the way you wish. 

Once you add your logo to your website, Jimdo automatically syncs with the logo colors so that your brand image looks uniform. 

It includes some SEO tools that take care of optimizing your sites and tell you exactly what needs to be changed to improve your ranking on search engines. 

Jimdo also offers analytics features that help you track traffic to your website. 

You can integrate your site with your social media accounts and sync your images, operational hours, announcements, etc. from your social media accounts. 

Jimdo lets you create your website from scratch beginning with choosing a new domain name or even lets you use an existing domain name if you already have one. 

There is a gallery of images from which you can choose images that suit your business or you can upload your videos and images to your website. 

Every site is optimized for all devices and looks good on every device. 

Building a website on Jimdo is an easy 4 step process. You will be required to create a user account on Jimdo, answer a few questions, choose a design and make edits to it and your website will be ready. 


Jimdo Pricing Plan

Jimdo has a free plan with basic features while the paid plans start at $9 per month. This is a very cheap and competitive price amongst the cheapest website builders available in the market. With each paid plan, the domain for your website is also included.

11. Duda

Best cheap website builder for freelancers and agencies.

Duda is the best cheap website builder for freelancers and agencies

Duda is an ideal choice for freelancers looking for a solution that lets them create multiple websites easily and manage them with ease. It lets users create and manage websites at scale. 

Every page created on Duda looks great on mobile devices and the loading time is also very quick. 

Duda offers a drag-and-drop editor that lets you quickly edit templates or build websites from scratch. You can edit every element of the templates, customize the way your website looks on different designs, and customize navigation as well. 

You can either code your websites, access the HTML and CSS files, or even build your websites with no coding at all. 

Using Duda’s mobile app, you can edit your websites on the go. You can add pictures directly from your phone, edit elements, track visitors and even access a mobile and tablet-friendly dashboard. 

Users can make their website very interactive using Duda’s widget features by adding popups, contact forms, click to call and click to email buttons, business hours, adding reservation widgets, and much more. 

It offers many integrations with different platforms that let users take reservations, show multi-location maps, choose icons, allow comments, build restaurant menus, add blog posts, add Zoom conferencing services, and others. 

You can make use of the many integrations with third-party applications that help bring many important business functions like marketing, business and site management, analytics, social media, collaboration, and others to one central location. 

The extensive widget building features let you build and customize widgets to match the look of the rest of your website. 

You can also create fully-functional eCommerce stores on Duda that are fully-responsive, have designs that match the design of your website, let you add product pages, set delivery zones, add payment options, and more. 

A unique feature of Duda is that it allows team collaboration where team members can review the progress on the website being built, leave comments and suggestions, make changes, track comments and build websites together yet remotely.

Not only does Duda allow users to remove the Duda branding on the websites created using their solution, but it also lets users add their own branding and logo to the websites. 

This makes it an ideal choice for freelancers and the wide range of features provide it a distinct advantage.


Duda Pricing Plan

Duda’s plans are slightly costlier than other cheap website building services, but it is a cheap option when compared to the features it offers. Every website built on Duda is hosted on AWS servers which gives an assurance of the site’s performance.

12. Zoho Sites

Best all-in-one cheap website builder which requires no technical knowledge.

Zoho Sites is the best all in one cheap website builder which requires no technical knowledge

Zoho Sites is known for its easy-to-use, user-friendly interface that lets users with no technical knowledge build professional websites. 

There are many customizable templates to choose from which offer completely customizable elements. You can use the drag-and-drop editor to build your sites or customize each element to match your brand image. 

You can add or delete sections, add visuals, choose colors and backgrounds, and do much more using the visual editor. 

Zoho Sites backs up all the changes that you make to your page and all the website versions you create so that you can go back anytime and restore the changes at any point.

You can use an existing domain name while building your sites on Zoho Sites or create a custom domain name and start building your website from scratch.

Zoho Sites also lets you access the HTML and CSS code of your website and make changes to your template if you have coding expertise, even though it would not be needed to build a functional website on Zoho Sites. 

Zoho Sites allows several members to collaborate and build websites together through its Contributor feature. This feature allows owners to create permissions, grant access, and invite team members to work on the website. 

You can also create a member’s portal that lets only members access certain pages on your website. You can also set access restrictions so that your pages are visible only to those whom you want. 

When you build your websites on Zoho Sites, you can also add a blog to your website and add and design posts just the way you easily design websites. 

You can also insert forms to capture information from your visitors and enable comment boxes on your blogs so that your visitors can interact with you directly through your page. 

Zoho Sites also has several integrations which help business owners optimize their page’s performance. 

It also offers SEO tools and sitemap features to improve your page’s visibility on the search engines. You can even check the traffic and user behavior on your website using the detailed traffic analytics that Zoho Sites features include.


Zoho Pricing Plan

Zoho Sites offers a basic plan and a pro plan. Both these plans are very affordable. Small businesses looking for a simple solution with all basic features can opt for the basic plan, while enterprises with more developed needs can sign up for the Pro plan.

13. Yola

A best cheap website builder that lets you include many widgets on your website. 

Yola is a best cheap website builder that lets you include many widgets on your website

Yola is a pretty basic website builder when compared to competitors in the same price range but it lets you create simple yet functional websites using their features and tools. You can also build some great eCommerce stores using Yola. 

You can choose to design your website using Yola’s drag-and-drop editor or you can choose from the many templates that they offer. Sections and elements in the templates are customizable. 

If you choose the advanced plan, Yola also lets you access the HTML and CSS files of your page so that you can edit templates directly. 

Customize your website the way you want it by adding pictures, videos, choosing colors, styles, designs, and others. 

Every website built on Yola is SEO-friendly and contributes to your ranking on the search engines. You can also make your website multilingual as Yola supports multiple languages. 

When you use Yola to build your websites, you also do not have to worry about the hosting as Yola offers free reliable cloud hosting to all its users and promises 99% uptime. 

Once the basics of your website are ready, you can also add contact forms to your website to collect contact information from your visitors and add them to your email list. 

Make your websites more engaging by embedding YouTube videos and animations to your page. You can also make your business more easily discoverable by integrating with maps and adding a map to your website. 

You can connect your website to social media sites and boost your marketing efforts. You can also utilize the integration with Constant Contact to set up email marketing campaigns through your page.

Yola also includes statistics about the visitors on your page which lets you understand user behavior on your page better and lets you make improvements accordingly. 


Yola Pricing Plan

Yola offers 4 different pricing plans where one of which is free. Yola might not be as cheap as its competitors but is definitely one of the cheapest website builders to make functional websites and online stores. 

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their paid packages.

Best Cheap Ecommerce Website Builders

1. Wix eCommerce

Best cheap eCommerce website builder for small to medium-sized businesses. 

Wix eCommerce is the best cheap eCommerce website builder for small to medium sized businesses

Wix eCommerce is an ideal store builder for small to medium-sized businesses that let users build, sell, manage as well as promote their online stores. 

If you are an entrepreneur just launching your online business, Wix eCommerce’s easy-to-follow steps are going to make the process really easy and quick. You can immediately log in to your account and start building your website from the templates. 

You could also choose to design it from scratch using their drag-and-drop editor. For those who choose to use the templates, every element and section of the templates are customizable helping you build pages as per your vision. 

One great feature that Wix eCommerce offers is that it lets you add unlimited products to your store. You can set up payment methods by connecting with the Wix Payments option or choose from a wide range of payment options and gateways.

Once your store is set up, you can connect it to multiple sales channels and social media marketplaces and sell directly from your website. Managing all these channels also becomes easy as you can do it from Wix’s central dashboard. 

As you receive orders, fulfilling them and keeping track becomes easy as Wix also takes care of dropshipping for its users. You can track all your orders, inventory, fulfillment, and shipping services all from one dashboard. 

Wix eCommerce also lets you market your store on different social media channels by letting you create advertisements while it helps you track the ad performance. 

It includes some in-built marketing tools like email marketing, email automation, social media post creation, promotional videos, and much more which can help you boost the sales on your page. 

You can also utilize the SEO tools to improve performance on search engines and utilize the business insights that tell you about your store’s performance, user behavior, source of traffic, sales channel effectiveness, and others. 

If this is your first time creating an online store, you can also utilize the many resources that Wix offers which will help you get started and running. 


Wix eCommerce Pricing Plan

Wix is a very cheap website builder if you compare it with Wix competitors as it includes all the services that a business would need. 

Since you can also create simple websites using Wix, it offers separate plans for businesses and websites. The basic plan for basic business needs starts at $17 a month and can go up to $35 per month where all features offered are included.

2. Squarespace Commerce

Best cheap website builder for business owners looking for beautiful storefronts.

Squarespace Commerce is the best cheap website builder for business owners looking for beautiful storefronts

Squarespace Commerce is famous as a cheap website builder that has the most beautiful, professional, and sleek templates. You can customize the templates to create exactly the store that you desire. 

Squarespace is great for creating normal websites as well as eCommerce stores since it was created with content creators in mind and then moved to eCommerce thereby widening their scope. 

Squarespace Commerce lets you create rich customer experiences by letting you add unlimited products to your store, add rich product descriptions, support them with images and videos, create categories, and display products in catalogs.

You can sync your inventory with your online store and get alerted when the stocks on your SKUs run low. If you would like to schedule the launch of a product, Squarespace also lets you schedule them for a future date and time. 

It also lets you sync together in-store sales and online sales to keep accurate track of inventory. 

If you offer services on your page, you can even utilize the scheduling feature offered by Squarespace to book slots and schedule appointments. 

You can also sell digital products on your online stores like online courses, music albums, ebooks, and others through Squarespace.

Integrate with your social media channels and sell online on different marketplaces or even make announcements directly on your social media accounts about offers and promotions. 

Not only can you accept payments using several methods and gateways, but Squarespace also includes an automatic tax calculator that does all the calculations for you.

Its mobile app lets you add and sell products on the go, scan shipping labels, and also keep in touch with your customers using the app. 

With Squarespace, you can easily set up your business’ email, get a custom domain for your store and utilize the email marketing tools to boost sales, send promotions and stay in touch with your customers. 

Squarespace offers in-depth reporting too, which gives you a detailed picture of user behavior, acquisition, engagement, and commerce. You can also access the marketing analytics that helps you get an overview of the performance of your marketing campaigns. 


Squarespace Commerce Pricing Plan

Squarespace plans are very cheap starting at $12. It offers different plans considering different types of user requirements. 

If your online store contributes to a major chunk of your overall sales, the Basic Commerce plan could be a good choice as it offers most of the necessary features and also does not charge any transaction fees.

3. Big Cartel

Best budget-friendly website builder for creators and businesses selling handmade products. 

Big Cartel is the best budget friendly website builder for creators and businesses selling handmade products

Big Cartel is a simple website builder that lets users create small and simple websites and is ideal for small-scale businesses selling unique products. Some examples of products that you can sell on Big Cartel include merchandise, shirts, art, jewelry, or accessories amongst others.

It has a very user-friendly onboarding process where users are guided throughout with prompts and reminders. Setting up your online store on Big Cartel is very easy as you can simply choose a free template and start editing it right away.

However, to use the offerings to the best, some coding knowledge is recommended. You can customize your store further if you code your website from scratch.

Depending on the plan you choose, Big Cartel only lets you add a set number of products which is good only for small businesses. With each plan, you get to use a custom domain for your page. 

One of the drawbacks is that you can add only up to 5 images per product which might be a shortcoming if you want to display more. 

There is a mobile app that lets you make changes to your website on-the-go and integrates with only three payment processors namely PayPal, Stripe, and Square which might restrict the way you accept payments. 

A new feature that it has recently launched is an automatic tax calculator that calculates sales taxes for every product automatically. 

Big Cartel allows you to sell on different social media channels and promote your products through them. You can even run promotions and offer discounts through your website. However, Big Cartel does not have a member’s only area.

You can also sync and track your inventory across channels. Big Cartel’s inventory tracking features help you keep track of your inventory. You can also create small product categories and group them together. 

Once your orders have been dispatched, it also lets you track them by offering a shipping tracking feature helping you fulfill orders on time. 

You can not only integrate your online store with your offline channels but you can also integrate with Google Analytics and get analytical data about your site’s performance and utilize real-time stats offered by Big Cartel to understand your user engagement better.


Big Cartel Pricing Plan

While the basic free plan lets you sell only five products, the other paid plans let you sell up to 500 products. The paid plans start at $9.99 per month and offer some common features with all the plans.

4. Ecwid

Best cheap online store builder for businesses that already have an existing website. 

Ecwid is the best cheap online store builder for businesses that already have an existing website

Ecwid is a great cheap online website builder if you are building an online website or online store from scratch but it is an even powerful tool if you already have an existing website.

You can easily convert your existing website into an online store and let Ecwid’s technology match your existing brand image and give it the same look and feel like your existing website.

If you have a blog and would like to sell something like an ebook or anything else, all you have to do is add a buy button to your page which Ecwid lets you do, and convert it into a store. 

You can use the customizable templates or design your online store the way you want. It lets you integrate with your social media channels like Instagram and Facebook and lets your users make purchases directly on those channels. 

Ecwid also makes it possible to sell your products across different marketplaces using the integrations with social media channels and marketplaces and manage all the channels from a unified dashboard. 

Not only this but it also lets you sync your online and offline stores and syncs all your channels with your inventory so that you have an accurate count of how many units of each SKU you hold and require to fulfill orders. 

Some of the unique features that Ecwid offers include the integration with Google like it lets you sell your products on the Google Shopping marketplace, create automated advertising campaigns using Google Ads, and also recommends a list of free destinations to list your products for free. 

You can also convert your online store into a mobile app and let your customers make direct purchases through the application. 

Along with Google and Facebook advertising, Ecwid also lets you market your products by advertising on Pinterest, has email marketing integrations with Mailchimp, lets you chat with your users through Facebook Messenger, and more. 

Unlike most other website builders, Ecwid also makes it possible for store owners to reach their audience on Snapchat and sell to customers present there. 

Managing your online store also becomes extremely easy with Ecwid as it lets you manage inventory, manage and fulfill orders, manage payments and also manage shipping all from one common dashboard. 


Ecwid Pricing Plan

Ecwid pricing plans include a free plan and the cheapest plan starts at $15. You can also choose the custom plan if you are looking for a white-labeling website building solution.

5. Volusion

Best cheap online store builder that offers a great mobile app.

Volusion is the best cheap online store builder that offers a great mobile app

Volusion is a great cheap online store builder if your business is just starting and you want to build fully-functional emails without any coding needed. 

You can get started with a custom domain that is specific to your store and start building it using a readily available theme or start building it from scratch. While it lets you design and builds your store without any coding, you can also choose to code your store if you desire.

You can also edit the navigation styles and set a custom one that you want your users to follow. 

With Volusion, you can also create logos and favicons that match your brand image and help promote your page. 

It is easy to add products to your catalog through Volusion and it also lets you create sub-categories, adds images and product descriptions. If you have many products in your catalog, you can add a search tab that lets you search products within the catalog.

You can also highlight particular products on your homepage, highlight announcements and promotions, offer discounts all together using the slideshow feature.

It also offers some SEO tools that let you optimize your page to be discoverable on the search engines. 

Inventory management, order fulfillment, and shipping become easy with Volusion as you can track inventory across channels through one dashboard, dropshipping integrations, and set shipping types and rates.

If you sell across the globe, Volusion also automatically applies the applicable currency and does the tax calculation for you

It also becomes very easy and hassle-free to manage returns and exchanges with Volusion’s simple yet intuitive return management system.


Volusion Pricing Plan

Volusion offers four different pricing plans where the basic plan starts at $29. They also offer a custom plan depending on Gross Merchandise Value or GMV. Each plan is priced according to different GMVs permitted.

6. Shopify

Best all-in-one online website builder with great marketing integrations.

Shopify is the best all in one online website builder with great marketing integrations

Shopify is an all-in-one online store builder that offers all the important tools and features that small to large businesses would require. It includes all the tools required to start, sell, market as well as manage an eCommerce store. 

Some very successful online stores have been built on Shopify. Not only can you create a new online store on Shopify from scratch but it also lets users shift their existing online stores to the Shopify platform and improve the performance. 

With Shopify, you can sell your products directly through your online as well as brick-and-mortar stores, on online marketplaces, and through your social media channels. 

Along with your store, Shopify also includes blogging features that make it easy to maintain a blog on your website. If you already have a blog and would like to sell on an existing page, Shopify also allows you to easily add a buy button and convert it into an eCommerce store. 

You can utilize the SEO tools offered to improve your page’s ranking. 

You can also make use of the different marketing tools like email marketing, Google Smart Shopping, Facebook Ads, and manage all your efforts from one dashboard. You can also analyze your marketing analytics through the same. 

Once you start selling your products on your page and different channels, Shopify makes the order management and fulfillment process very easy. You can manage customer histories, fulfill multiple orders at once and keep track of orders.

Managing inventory becomes easy as Shopify integrates your inventory across different channels and updates inventory accordingly. Through one common dashboard, you can get information about all your orders, stock, deliveries, and marketing efforts. 

Shopify’s integrations with payment gateways and processors also make it hassle-free to accept different modes of payments. 


Shopify Pricing Plan

Shopify’s plans start at $29 and go up to $299. To help users make the right choice, Shopify also offers a 14-day free trial without any payment information required. You can choose the right Shopify plan that suits your business needs.

7. BigCommerce

Best eCommerce website builder that offers high scalability and extensive built-in tools. 

BigCommerce is the best eCommerce website builder that offers high scalability and extensive built in tools

BigCommerce is an ideal choice for businesses that are scaling rapidly and are looking for a website builder that can support a large number of orders and business generated. 

You can either choose to build your website by editing the customizable templates available or build your website from scratch using the drag and drop editor. Every theme on BigCommerce is mobile responsive, so it does not require further optimization for devices. 

As you make changes to the website, BigCommerce’s Stencil CLI tool allows you to see how your changes look in real-time before you update the changes. You can also make changes in real-time using this tool without any downtime for maintenance

With BigCommerce, as large businesses have customers paying through different modes, it also offers payments through wallets and most other payment gateways and processors. 

You can not only customize your URLs but also use the SEO tools offered to optimize the performance of your online store. 

Once you add products to your page and add product images and descriptions, BigCommerce’s tools offer custom recommendations to customers and also let you add faceted search to enable refined searching of products. 

It also has some great Commerce tools and also lets you integrate with your WordPress site by simply using a plugin.

BigCommerce’s multi-channel feature also makes it possible to sell across multiple channels like marketplaces and social media channels, integrate with your offline sales, and also switch between storefronts with just a few clicks. 

If yours is a B2B business, BigCommerce also allows you to set custom pricing for different customer groups, offer bulk pricing, B2B payments, punch out solutions, and more to efficiently manage business with B2B customers. 

As a scaling business, some other important features that BigCommerce’s feature set includes are multi-currency payments, cross-border fulfillment, multiple language support, and Global CDN. 


BigCommerce Pricing Plan

BigCommerce’s pricing falls in the same range as that of its competitors where the plans start from $29.95 and go up to $299. BigCommerce also offers a custom plan for enterprises that have larger needs than those offered in the plans.

How to Choose a Website Builder?

Choosing the best website builder can be tricky especially since there are so many great service providers out there. However, evaluating website builders along certain parameters will help you decide if the choice is right for you.

The points mentioned in this guide will help you narrow down the list of best website builders and make the right choice. 

1. Let’s you build a website without any coding

The best website builders help business owners build fully functional websites even if they have no coding knowledge or developers on their team.

The website building tool that you choose should offer both options, i.e., to code your website and build it from scratch or use the drag-and-drop editor and use customizable templates. 

At any time, you can go to the HTML editor or access the CSS file and code your website the way you want. This allows you to customize every single element on your website. 

2. Offers a wide range of payments processors and gateways

If you are building an online store or plan to sell anything to your customers on your website, choose a website builder that supports multiple payment gateways and processors. 

The best eCommerce store builders will offer integrations with all major payment processors and also accept different payment methods like credit or debit cards, Amazon Pay, wallets, and other options.

3. Supports multiple currencies and languages

As businesses scale, they start going global and expand their online presence to international markets. This calls for multiple currencies and a storefront in multiple languages. 

Choose a website builder that automatically applies the local currencies and offers different national languages so that it becomes easy to scale later. 

Also, choose one that lets you set regional tax slabs and automatically calculates sales taxes when purchases are made.

4. Includes multi-channel selling

The eCommerce store builder that you choose should let you integrate with all your social media channels and let you sell directly through your Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Also look for one that offers integrations with online marketplaces like Amazon, Google Shopping, and others. If you also have a brick-and-mortar store, the website builder must allow you to sync your online and offline sales. 

5. Integrates inventory across sales channels

Inventory management is a very important feature that you must look for when you are evaluating the best website builders. Choose a feature that integrates your inventory across channels and updates the stock at hand. 

The best website builder will also send you alerts when the quantity of any particular SKU goes down and will also reflect on your online store so that it creates a sense of urgency amongst your customers. 

6. Offers detailed business analytics

You will need to understand how your store has been performing, the total traffic to your page, the various sources of traffic, user behavior on your page, bounce rates, abandoned carts, and much more. 

Choose a website builder that offers all this information through their business analytics and detailed reporting. This will help you identify areas where your website needs to be improved and how customer experience can be enhanced. 

7. Include marketing tools and integrations

Choose a website builder that offers marketing tools that help you boost your sales and drives traffic to your stores. 

The website building tool that you choose must offer SEO tools for improved ranking, email marketing tools for promotions and customer relationships, integrated advertising through Facebook and Google Ads, and other digital marketing tools. 

It should also offer marketing analytics to give you a clear picture of the ROI that you get on your investments in marketing efforts. 

8. Offers shipping support

One very important aspect of eCommerce stores is order fulfillment and shipping. Choose a service that offers integrations with shipping services and dropshipping so that the load of order fulfillment can be taken off your shoulders.

The service you choose must have many integrations with leading shipping companies so that you can get the best competitive shipping rates in the market.

Cheapest Website Builders FAQ

Can I use a website builder for free?

Yes, you cap. There are cheap website builders that offer free plans to allow users to build their websites for free. Big Cartel, Yola, Ecwid, and Weebly are some of the best website builders that offer a free plan. 

However, these plans may offer limited features and might require you to upgrade to a paid plan if you require advanced features like business analytics, multiple storefronts, dropshipping, and others. 

You can also use Shopify as it offers a free trial for 14 days without asking for any payment information. There are also some other completely free website builders available in the market.

What is the best website builder for beginners?

Most of the best website builders are very easy to use and very user-friendly. However, there are many beginner-friendly website builders that get your website up and running in a few minutes. 

Strikingly is one such example that lets beginners create their websites easily.

Zoho Sites is ideal for those with little to zero technical knowledge. 

Weebly is also very user-friendly as it is very easy-to-use. 

What is the cheapest website builder?

We have created a list of the cheapest website builders available in the market which offer the most competitive prices while offering a wide range of valuable features. 

However, if we were to narrow down on the ultimate cheapest website builder, our choices would be Carrd and Jimdo which have plans starting at $9 per month.

What is the easiest website builder?

All website builders in our list are extremely easy-to-use and offer many resources that help users build their websites easily. 

However, Weebly tops our list of the easiest website builders in the market.

How much does a website builder cost?

A website builder might cost you anywhere between $9 to $299 based on the website builder that you choose. There are also website builders that offer free plans with limited features. 

The general rule that applies is that the more advanced the features that are offered, the more expensive the plan will be. However, building a website is much cheaper than building an eCommerce store.

Cheap Website Builder Comparison: Which One Should I Pick?

The choice of your website builder widely depends on whether you want to build a normal website or an online store. 

If you are a small to medium-sized business, just starting off with your online store, and would like to sync together with your online and offline sales, the ideal choices are Wix, Gator by Hostgator, and Jimdo

For beginners looking for a beginner-friendly, easy-to-use option your choices would be Weebly, Strikingly, and Zoho Sites

Squarespace is a great choice for both websites and online stores if you want to create sites with a great aesthetic appeal. 

You can also choose WordPress or 10Web if you would like to utilize the powerful website builder which offers all-in-one solutions. 

For businesses wanting to create a single-page website, Carrd can help you create the most responsive one-page sites that are fully functional. 

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, agencies, creators, on the other hand, would benefit from Big Cartel, Duda, and Yola

You can also look at examples of some of the best websites that have been built to get an idea of how you could create beautiful professional websites for your brand. 

Now that you are fully equipped with all the knowledge you need to purchase the best cheap online website builder, read some reviews of the best website builders in the market and go ahead and pick the one that suits your needs the best.

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