11 Best Free Website Builders of 2022 (Pros & Cons)

Updated Feb 26, 2021.
Best Free Website Builders

Today, a professional website is a necessity in the modern digital ecosystem. Thanks to website builders, anyone can launch a website in a few clicks without coding or technical skills required. 

Creating and editing a website is more efficient and easier online with a website builder using a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor. For total control over any aspect of your website, including web hosting and design, choose free website builders that allow self-hosting.

With so many free website builders available, choosing the right one can be a challenge. So, before choosing any of the different types of website builders, understand how they work. 

The best free and paid website builders are easy to use and offer a lot of features, including mobile compatibility, lots of themes, and customer support. Read on to find the best free website builders you can use to create any website for your business, blog, or online portfolio.

Best Free Website Builders to Create a Website

1. Wix

Best overall website builder

Wix is the best overall website builder.

Wix is one of the most prominent website builders, and it is easy to see why. The website builder provides a free plan that allows you to make a website without paying a dime. Besides, you can access the premium package for 14 days free of charge. 

With Wix, you get access to arguably the most impressive website builder available today. The editor allows you to use the artificial design intelligence that offers a basic interface to keep things very easy and user-friendly. 

It is a great tool for beginners since you can launch a website without breaking a sweat, thanks to the attractive templates available. If you like to be hands-on tweaking your website’s design, you can rely on the full Wix editor. 

The Wix editor offers powerful functionality making it easy to design your website to your heart’s content. With the help of visual page previews on this website builder, it is a lot easier to choose whatever you want to go to a specific part of the website. 

The polished Wix editor makes creating a website feel like you are using a native app instead of a traditional website builder. Besides, it has excellent compatibility with various media and customer support, even on its free plan


Wix provides an unlimited free plan. However, the free plan includes ads that you can only remove when you choose a premium plan. Besides, it provides 4 other plans, i.e., Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and VIP

Wix Pricing Plan

The Connect Domain plan starts from $4.5/month and offers the following:

  • Custom domain
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • 1GB bandwidth
  • 500MB storage 
  • 24/7 customer care 

With the Combo plan, it will cost you $8.5/month. It will provide you access to the following features: 

  • Custom domain
  • Free domain for a year
  • Remove Wix ads
  • Free SSL
  • 2GB bandwidth 
  • 3GB storage 
  • 30 minutes of video hours 
  • 24/7 customer care 

The Unlimited plan will cost you $12.5/month. With this plan, Wix offers you: 

  • All the features in the Combo plan 
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • 10GB storage 
  • 1 hour of video hours 
  • Site booster app 
  • Visitor analytics 

With the VIP plan, Wix will charge you $24.5/month and provide you the all the features in the Unlimited plan plus: 

  • 35GB of storage 
  • 5 video hours 
  • Professional logo
  • Social media logo files 
  • Priority customer care


  • Very user-friendly drag-and-drop interface 
  • Limitless customization 
  • Powerful features
  • Includes web hosting 


  • Few e-commerce options
  • Changing a template requires site redesign

2. Squarespace

Best free website builder for business sites 

Squarespace is the best free website builder for business sites.

Squarespace is among the best business website builders with sleek and cool designs. It provides you a similar drag-and-drop editor. Although the website builder technically doesn’t offer a free plan, it provides you 14 days of a free trial of its premium plans. 

The plans let you create gorgeous websites through a drag-and-drop dashboard with plenty of eCommerce tools. Squarespace lets you have the full experience with the free trial as you decide if the platform is right for you. 

Squarespace is a comprehensive website builder that allows you to build a website, customize it, and integrate analytic tools. The simple user interface makes it easy to use Squarespace features. It builds mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly websites. 

If your website focuses on visual media, fashion, dining, or entertainment industries, Squarespace provides perfect pre-designed themes for video or imagery sites. Most templates are simplistic and optimized for mobile devices. 

Although simplicity may not be ideal for a software business that provides multiple services, it is great for consumer businesses that sell products in one industry


Squarespace comes in four pricing plans, i.e., Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce. The pricing range varies from $12/month to $40/month billed annually or $16/month to $46/month billed monthly

Squarespace Pricing Plan

The Personal plan starts from $12/month (billed annually) or $16/month (billed monthly). In this plan, you get these features: 

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth 
  • SSL security
  • 2 contributors
  • Mobile-optimized site
  • Free custom domain 
  • 24/7 support

Squarespace’s Business plan will cost you $18/month (billed annually) or $26/month (billed monthly). Features in this plan include: 

  • Unlimited contributors
  • Ecommerce 
  • Advanced website metrics 
  • Announcement bar
  • Premium integrations and blocks
  • Promotional pop-ups
  • $100 Google Ads credit
  • Complete customization 
  • Professional email from Google

The Basic Commerce plan starts from $26/month (billed annually) or $30/month (billed monthly). It provides all the features in the Business plan plus: 

  • No transaction fees 
  • Sell unlimited products 
  • Label printing
  • Powerful commerce metrics
  • Customer accounts 
  • Inventory, tax, order, and coupons
  • Checkout on your website 
  • Mobile-optimized checkout
  • Integrated accounting 
  • List products on Instagram 

For the Advanced Commerce plan, Squarespace will charge you $40/month (billed annually) or $46/month (billed monthly). In this plan, you get everything in the Basic Commerce plan plus:

  • Advanced shipping
  • Abandoned cart auto-recovery
  • Orders API
  • Gift cards
  • Flexible discounts
  • Subscriptions 


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop website builder
  • Impeccable social media integration 
  • Includes eCommerce plan 
  • Mobile optimization 


  • It doesn’t integrate third-party apps
  • Includes limited payment gateways

3. 10web

Best affordable website builder for website designers and bloggers who want a WordPress site in minutes

10web is the best for website designers and bloggers who want a WordPress site in minutes.

10Web is altering the way you build and host websites. It only takes a few hours to create a pixel-perfect website using its beautiful templates and its simple drag-and-drop builder. Although it does provide a free plan, you get to try its premium packages for 14 days

The AI builder you get with 10Web is part of all the free trials that let users acclimatize to the website builder. It provides smooth sailing for both amateurs and experienced individuals. For tech-savvy individuals, 10Web allows them to experiment with new designs and layouts.  

The platform allows you to tailor your site appearance to your brand. The website builder is based on Elementor, which gives you access to extra 30 premium widgets. The widgets let you sort everything from tagline and logo to post comments and content. 

Also, the front-end editor lets you edit the header and footer of your website. The unique 10Web premium plugins allow you to customize your website to do what you need. For the smooth running of your site, you can schedule automatic plugin updates

Its Image Optimizer allows you to optimize your images in just one click or as you upload them. Using WordPress to launch a website is no longer a reserve for those who have the know-how to self-host a website. 

10Web is an all-in-one website builder that takes care of everything you need to build your website on WordPress in one dashboard. 


10Web offers 4 pricing plans to its users. These are Personal, Premium, Agency, and Custom

10web Pricing Plan

The Personal plan starts from $10/month (billed annually) or $14/month (billed monthly). The features you get in this plan include: 

  • Automated WordPress hosting with 1 hosted site, 25k monthly visitors, and 5GB SSD storage
  • Automated 1 click migration 
  • Real-time backup (20GB)
  • Automated website builder
  • Automated 90+ page speed optimization 
  • 50+ premium plugins
  • Analytics
  • SEO plugin 
  • Security scanner
  • 24/7 customer care 

With the Premium plan, 10Web will charge $24/month (billed annually) or $35/month (billed monthly). The plan provides you all the features in the Personal plan plus: 

  • 3 hosted sites 
  • 100K monthly visitors 
  • 15GB SSD storage 
  • 75GB real-time back storage 

The Agency plan will cost you $60/month (billed annually) or $85/month (billed monthly). In this plan, you get all the features in the Premium plan plus:

  • 10 hosted sites 
  • 400k monthly visitors
  • 50GB SSD storage
  • Additional hosted sites 
  • Tools for agencies 
  • 250GB real-time backup storage 

For the Custom plan, get in touch with support for a quote. It is ideal for hosting more than 10 sites. 


  • User-friendly dashboard 
  • Optimized for mobile and desktop 
  • Provides a drag-and-drop editor
  • Helps recreate a website in minutes 


  • Only supports the creation of websites on WordPress 
  • Lacks email hosting 

  With annual billing, 10Web lets you save 30%.

4. Weebly

Best free website builder for businesses and startups 

Weebly is the best free website builder for businesses and startups

Weebly is one of the best free website builders that let you start with a free plan. With this web builder, you get lovely and customizable templates. The free plan, like in most other plans has its own limitations. For instance, you can’t sell things online or accept credit card payments

The free plan contains both Weebly ads and subdomains. Besides these limitations, Weebly gives you access to important tools for creating a website, including its drag-and-drop editor

Weebly is an excellent choice for brick-and-mortar shops that require a simple online presence

As one of the popular website builders in the world, Weebly powers over 25 million websites. It is an awesome website builder for individuals and businesses, both startup and established. The platform provides unique features to developers, including free themes. 

It is among the easiest website builders since all its elements are grouped into commerce, structure, media, and more. Add to that SEO tools and semi-professional free domain, and Weebly will stand out among the best free website builders. 

Thanks to PayPal integration, digital gift cards, and automatic tax calculator, Weebly is a good choice for eCommerce businesses. What’s more, the in-house editor is equipped with Google Analytics


Weebly provides 4 pricing plans for websites, i.e., Free, Connect, Pro, and Business. 

Weebly Pricing Plan

The Free plan costs $0.00 and is for basic use. The features in this plan include: 

  • Free SSL security 
  • 500MB storage 
  • Domain with Weebly branding 
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and contact forms 
  • Community forum 
  • Chat & email support 

The Connect plan starts from $5.00/month (billed annually). With this plan, you get all the features in the Free plan plus: 

  • Connect a custom domain 

The Pro plan will cost you $12/month (billed annually) and provides you the following features on top of the Connect Plan: 

  • Free domain 
  • Google Ads ($100 credit)
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Free SSL security 
  • Connect custom domain 
  • Remove Weebly ads
  • Site search 
  • Shopping cart
  • Accept payments 
  • Advanced site stats
  • Phone support

The Business plan starts from $25/month (billed annually). In this plan, you get all the features in the Pro plan plus: 

  • Item badges
  • Item Options 
  • Inventory management 
  • Automatic tax calculator 
  • Coupon codes 
  • Square gift cards 
  • Item reviews 
  • Shipping calculator 
  • Integrated shipping labels 
  • Good shipping discounts 
  • Pop-up notifications 
  • Advanced eCommerce statistics 


  • Easy to use 
  • Good eCommerce tools 
  • Provides professional templates 
  • Integrates third-party services 


  • Few customer service options
  • Expensive e-commerce plans

5. Carrd

Best low cost website builder for one-page websites 

Carrd is the best website builder for one page websites.

Carrd is a streamlined website builder that focuses on creating a landing page for a business or yourself, taking as little energy and time as possible. This website builder is ideal for any business that wants to create a simple one-page website with a contact form and social links. 

The templates on this website builder are suitable for designers, freelancers, and photographers. Carrd offers a responsive design platform that gives you a way of launching a single-page website for promoting your business without breaking the bank. 

If your website aims to direct visitors to your social media accounts, then launching a Carrd landing page will do the trick. The platform categorizes the available templates by form, portfolio, landing, and profile. It is the most basic and cheapest option available. 

Also, if you are starting out on your online journey, Carrd is a good platform for launching a simple website and showcasing your professional portfolio and profile. You won’t get something fancy or too complicated. 


Carrd has 3 pricing plans that include Pro Lite, Pro Standard, and Pro Plus. You get 7 days of free trial to test the features of the Pro Plus plan. After that, you will have to choose one of its plans and subscribe to continue using Carrd.

Carrd Pricing Plan

The Pro Lite plan attracts a $9 fee per year and provides the following features:

  • 3 sites 
  • No branding 
  • Slideshows 
  • Share images 
  • Site icons 
  • Video uploads
  • No element limit 
  • Pro templates 
  • High-quality images 
  • .carrd.co urls or punycode urls 

With the Pro Standard plan, it will cost you $19/year. The plan includes all the features in the Lite plan plus: 

  • 10 sites 
  • Embeds
  • Meta tags
  • Google Analytics 
  • Simple forms 
  • Custom domain URLs 

The Pro Plus plan will cost $49/year and provides all the features in the Pro Standard plan plus: 

  • 25 sites 
  • Download your sites 
  • Advanced settings 
  • Redirects 
  • Password protection
  • Custom templates 
  • Advanced forms
  • Update frequency 


  • Quite intuitive and easy to use website builder 
  • Allows you to create new custom templates 
  • Cheapest website builder available 
  • Well-built editor


  • Limited one-page websites
  • Templates are limited in terms of elements and design

6. Webflow

Best for agencies and designers who build websites for clients 

Webflow is the best for agencies and designers who build websites for clients.

Although most website builders are great for people without coding skills, Webflow is great for skilled agencies and designers who build websites for clients. The platform gives total control over HTML and CSS. To fully benefit from Webflow, you will need to know CSS or HTML. 

Some of its features like social media components, videos, maps, and drag-and-drop widgets do not require coding skills. After building a website on the platform, you can transfer it to a content management system. It provides room for customization without coding skills

Besides the need to have coding skills, free users are limited to 2 pages, and visitors are capped at 500. The drawbacks aside, Webflow is an attractive and responsive website builder. It provides thousands of templates suitable for e-commerce and dynamic content

Although it is a complex website builder with lots of customization options, Webflow tries to make it easy for users. Coding skills are not necessary. With the visual editor, you can see your designs immediately. The platform provides a lot of helpful material like articles and videos. 


Webflow provides two different pricing plans depending on your needs. You get Site plans suitable for users who want to create one website and link it to a custom domain. The Account plans are meant for designers who need to build various websites.  

Webflow Pricing Plan

The Site plans consist of 4 plans, i.e., Basic, CMS, Business, and Enterprise. All the Site plans include password protection, advanced SEO controls, super-fast page loads, immediate scaling, SSL & security built-in, and backups & versioning. 

The Basic plan starts from $12/month (billed annually) or $15/month (billed monthly). In this plan, you get: 

  • Custom domain
  • 100 pages 
  • 25k monthly visits 
  • 500 form submissions 
  • 50GB CDN bandwidth
  • 99.99% uptime 

The CMS plan attracts $16/month (billed annually) or $20/month (billed monthly). In this plan, you get all the features in the Basic plan plus: 

  • 100k monthly visits 
  • 2k collection items 
  • 1k form submissions 
  • 200GB CDN bandwidth 
  • 60 RPM
  • 3 content editors 
  • Site search 

The Business plan will cost you $36/month (billed annually) or $45/month (billed monthly). With this plan, you get all the features in the CMS plan plus: 

  • 1 million monthly visits 
  • 10,000 collection items 
  • Unlimited form submissions 
  • Form file upload 
  • Global CDN 
  • 400GB CDN bandwidth 
  • 120 RPM
  • 10 content editors 
  • Site search 

To get the pricing of the Enterprise plan,  contact Webflow support. It provides everything in the Business plan plus custom monthly visits, RPM, and content editors. 

The individual Account plans include Starter, Lite, and Pro

Webflow Account plans

The Starter plan is free forever and lets you create 2 site projects, but you can’t export your code. 

The Lite plan starts from $16/month (billed annually) or $24/month (billed monthly). With this plan, you can build up to 10 websites and export your code. 

The Pro plan starts from $35/month (billed annually) or $42/month (billed monthly). This is the best plan for designers since it allows you to create unlimited websites and access more features. 


  • Allows customization of website and coding 
  • Ideal for creating websites for clients 
  • Provides lots of helpful material 
  • Guaranteed 99.99% uptime 


  • Confusing pricing 
  • Not beginner-friendly

7. Jimdo

Best for building websites for small online stores

Jimdo is best for building websites for small online stores.

If you want to run a small online store in the future, then Jimdo is a decent free website builder. The website builder keeps things simple to make designing and launching a website fast. It is a good backdrop for a Facebook store since it allows you to sell 5 products for free

Jimdo provides you two ways of creating your website. You can either use the editor if you are good at coding or the beautiful interface to design and launch your website without coding

The website builder uses ADI making it easier to build a website even though you have less control. 

Besides, the website builder allows you to build a website in more than 9 languages. It is compatible with tablets and smartphones. So, Jimdo allows you to build mobile-optimized sites. The free version gives you unlimited pages, 500MB space, SSL encryption. 

Also, Jimdo lets you integrate social media accounts. The main drawback of using the free plan in this website builder is that search engines do not index your website. So, keep this in mind. 


Jimdo pricing ranges from $0/month to $39/month. This website builder provides 4 plans i.e., Play, Start, Grow, and Unlimited

Jimdo Pricing Plan

The Play plan is free and provides a good way of familiarizing yourself with The website builder. The plan gives you: 

  • 2GB bandwidth 
  • Free domain with Jimdo subdomain 
  • HTTPS security 
  • 500Mb storage 
  • 5 pages
  • Mobile-optimized 
  • Image library 
  • Contact form 

Jimdo’s Start plan will cost you $9/month. And provides all the features in the Play plan plus: 

  • 10GB bandwidth 
  • Free domain 
  • 5GB storage 
  • Connect your domain 
  • Connect email address 
  • 1 forwarding email addresses 
  • Customer support in 1-2 business days 
  • 10 website pages 
  • Ad-free 
  • Advanced SEO
  • Fast indexing on Google 
  • Statistics 

The Grow plan starts from $15/month and provides you with all the features in the Start plan plus: 

  • 20GB bandwidth 
  • 15GB storage 
  • 5 forwarding email addresses
  • Customer support in 4 hours 
  • 50 website pages 

For the Unlimited plan, Jimdo charges $39/month. In this plan, you get everything in the Grow plan plus: 

  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Unlimited storage 
  • 20 forwarding email addresses
  • Customer support in less than 1 hour 
  • Unlimited website pages 
  • Professional design analysis 


  • Cheap 
  • Provides unlimited storage 
  • Good customer care 
  • Free websites not indexed on search engines 


  • Editing a website feels clunky
  • Templates are poorly designed

8. Strikingly

Best single-page website builder for marketers

Strikingly is the best single page website builder for marketers.

Strikingly is relatively a new kid in the block compared to more established website builders. It was launched in 2012; however, it has gained popularity over the years. Its focus is on building single-page websites without coding skills. 

Strikingly is a fascinating website builder for websites that showcase portfolios, events, and product landing pages. These websites show all the details on a beautiful single page. Strikingly besides marketing your products and service, it allows you to add an online store

The website builder provides modern-looking designs that are perfect for tablets and smartphones. Its entry plan is free and allows you to build a basic website. However, if you need a website with more than one page, you need to choose another plan. 


Strikingly offers three pricing plans, i.e., Free, Pro, and Limited. The plans include a 14-day trial period. 

Strikingly Pricing Plan

The Free plan allows you to: 

  • Create unlimited free sites 
  • 5GB bandwidth per month 
  • Simple store with 1 product per website 
  • 500MB storage
  • 24/7 support
  • Invite collaborators

The Pro plan starts from $20/month (billed monthly) or $16/month (billed yearly) and lets you have: 

  • 3 Pro sites
  • Connect a custom domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Site membership
  • 3GB storage per website
  • Password-protect your website 

The Limited plan starts from $12/month (billed monthly) or $8/month (billed annually). In this plan, you get 

  • Custom domain 
  • Unlimited free websites
  • 50GB monthly bandwidth
  • Simple store with 5 products per site
  • 1GB storage per site
  • 24/7 support


  • Easy to use 
  • Creates sleek-looking one-page website 
  • Supports multiple languages 
  • Supports eCommerce 


  • Limited free version 
  • Expensive for a single website

9. Webnode

Best free website builder for launching a multilingual website 

Webnode is the best free website builder for launching a multilingual website.

Webnode is among the big players in the industry, with over 40 million registered users. It supports over 20 languages making it easier to create multilingual websites. Very few website builders make it easy to create multilingual websites. 

The website builder has everything associated with a good website builder. With close to 100 templates, Webnode provides you with an impressive collection of design options. Most of the templates are sleek and give your website a modern look. 

The website builder doesn’t include too many eccentric or fancy templates. However, the striking designs ensure the only thing you need is to add original content and arrange several elements to create a stylistic website

Webnode focuses on speed and simplicity, which also extends to their templates. With simplicity, you miss out on creative freedom. It allows you to quickly and easily launch a functioning website

Although Webnode provides a free version to launch your website free of charge, it is very limited, giving you only 100MB of storage. 


Webnode offers four premium pricing packages, i.e., Limited, Mini, Standard, and Profi

Webnode Pricing Plan

The Limited plan starts from $3.90/month. Apart from the free version, the Limited plan provides the most basic website package. You don’t get a domain with this plan, but it includes:

  • 100MB storage 
  • 1GB bandwidth 
  • Form builder 
  • Website statistics 

The Mini plan will cost you $7.50/month. In this plan, you get all the features in the Limited plan plus:

  • Free domain 
  • 500MB storage 
  • 3GB bandwidth 
  • 1 email account 

The Standard plan starts from $12.90/month. The features you get include all the features in the Mini plan plus: 

  • 2GB storage 
  • 10GB bandwidth
  • Google AdSense 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Online store 
  • 20 email accounts 
  • 100 membership registration 
  • 2 languages 
  • 5 backups 

The Profi plan will charge you $22.90/month. In this plan, you get the features in the Standard plan plus: 

  • 5GB storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • 100 email accounts 
  • Unlimited membership registration
  • Unlimited languages 
  • Unlimited backup and recovery 


  • Supports launch of multilingual websites 
  • Nice templates 
  • easy-to-use editor
  • Solid support 


  • Limited elements 
  • Lacks blog features

10. Mozello

Best for creating simple multilingual sites

Mozello is the best for creating simple multilingual sites.

Mozello is a website builder that allows you to launch a website in a few minutes. The website builder helps those who do not have extensive coding skills. However, it offers developers their own tools, but the focus is largely on beginners

It provides developers many customization opportunities through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows developers to design custom sites and integrate different apps to develop a robust website

One of the best features of Mozello is that it supports multiple languages, something very few website builders provide. Some other neat features you get in this website builder include full blogging functionality, SEO, and a robust eCommerce function. 

Besides Mozello’s claim of simplicity, doing simple things such as moving and adding elements as desired requires a steep learning curve. Overall, the website builder is well-priced, and upgrading unlocks many impressive features for launching a robust business site. 

Mozello is a good website builder if you want an easy website builder at a pocket-friendly price. You can use its free plan to test its functionality and upgrade if the website builder meets your needs. The templates come in various color schemes, styles, layouts. 

Mozello templates provide eye-catching and modern designs


Mozello lets you launch a basic site for free. Apart from the Free plan, Mozello provides users with Premium and Premium Plus packages. 

Mozello Pricing Plan

The Free plan provides the following features: 

  • A website with Mozello subdomain 
  • Mobile support 
  • 500Mb storage 
  • Online store for 5 items 
  • Shows Mozello link 

The Premium plan starts from $7/month and provides you with these features: 

  • Your own domain name 
  • Mobile support
  • 59GB storage 
  • Marketing features 
  • Millions of possible designs 
  • 15 items for online store 
  • No reference to Mozello

The Premium Plus plan will cost you $14/month. In this plan, you get all the features in the Premium plan plus: 

  • Unlimited storage 
  • Unlimited online store products 
  • Supports all payment gateways


  • Supports eCommerce in the free pan 
  • Good templates 
  • Excellent contact form
  • Supports multiple languages 


  • Limited customer support 
  • Customization is limited

11. Google Sites

Best for creating minimalist websites 

Google Sites is the best for creating minimalist websites.

Google Sites provides you a free platform to create and launch a website. However, the website builder is not exactly what most people expect from a website builder. If you are searching for a traditional website builder, then Google Sites is not for you. 

The new Google Sites editor is better than the previous version and capable of supporting many up-to-date technologies. All in all, its features are severely limited. With Google Sites, you won’t be able to create a blog or an eCommerce website

Google Sites website builder is good for specific websites that store, share and interact with different content. Using the website builder to launch a website is extremely easy. So, regardless of whether you use it for a personal project or business, it is easy to learn. 

The templates are not templates per se –  at least not in the manner most website builders provide them. Google Sites rather offers various themes for your website. These templates do not give much room for creativity. So, you won’t be creating unique sites. 

However, if you only need a fast way of putting together a few basic pages and sharing them with colleagues, family, or friends, Google Sites will do the job. If you already have a Google account, no further registration is necessary. You can use the platform with a few clicks

The website builder has a minimalist environment for creating and launching free websites. 


The biggest benefit of using Google Sites is that it is completely free. With the free platform, you can create different website pages and share them for business or growing your projects. It is perfect for creating a simple website fast.  

The fact it is free makes Google Sites accessible to many people who just want simple websites. Even though you may be looking for a conventional website builder, you can use the free tool in one way or another. 


  • 100% free 
  • Easy to use 
  • Good customization options 
  • Integrates many Google services 


  • Lacks unique templates 
  • Not a conventional website builder

Free Website Builder FAQ

Are free website builders any good?

Yes. Depending on what you need, free website builders give you an easy way of creating a professional-looking website at no cost.

These platforms provide all the features you need to get started. However, upgrading to a premium plan will always provide you better tools

How do I create a free website step-by-step?

Apart from these website builders providing free plans, one other thing they have in common is they are easy to use. The learning curve and process of using may differ slightly from one to another, but the steps for creating a website remain more or less the same. 

Step 1: Sign up with the website builder. It will require details such as email address, username, and password.

Step 2: Select a template or answer a few questions to get started. Most website builders will allow you to choose a template to start creating a website. However, some have design assistants that will create a mock-up for you based on the answers you provide. 

Step 3: Add content to your website. In this phase, replace all the placeholder text and images with your own. 

Step 4: Customize your site design. You can tweak your design by testing new colors and layouts or even changing templates. Most website builders let you change templates even after publishing your site; however, some like Wix don’t. 

Step 5: Publish your website. Publishing your site makes it live and visible to the world. 

The process can take as little as 10 minutes to several hours, depending on the design and content adding phases.

What about domain names in free websites?

You will not be getting an appropriate domain name because these come at a fee. Most website designers even don’t let you connect a domain name you own in their free plans. Instead, they give you a free subdomain that contains their URL, which is not very professional.

Are there any downsides of free website builders?

Each free website builder places some limits on the free plan. Some free website builders limit the number of pages you can include on a free website. Almost always, these free site builders place branding and adverts on your free website. 

Free plans on website builders are great for testing different site builders since they have limited storage and customer support. Once you find what works for your website, you can unlock more features by upgrading to build a professional website.

Are free website builders good for SEO?

Although most free website builders provide SEO tools, the free websites tend to be not very SEO-friendly since you don’t have a custom domain name.

Most free websites cannot let you connect a custom domain. This makes it hard for search engines like Google to index free sites. 

However, the domain name will be a small hindrance if your site provides excellent content.

Which free website builder is best for ecommerce?

For users based in the US, Weebly is the best free website builder for ecommerce. It allows you to sell unlimited products on the free plan. If you have only one product, then Strikingly offers the best free eCommerce plan.

Free Website Builder Comparison: Which One Should I Choose?

Finding the best website builder for your website needs can be a challenge. With free website builders, you need to decide the priority features and the ones you can forego. Website builders are built differently. Some are more suitable for specific websites than others. 

For instance, Weebly, Squarespace, Wix, Strikingly, and Jimdo are remarkable free website builders if you need a business, e-commerce, or startup website. Others like 10web and Webflow are ideal for designers and agencies that create websites for clients. 

If you want a multilingual website with eCommerce capabilities, you can choose either Mozello or Webnode. For a simple personal or business website, you can use Google Sites. With Carrd, you can launch a one-page website.