10 Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools of 2024 (Free & Online)

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Best XML Sitemap Generator Tools

An XML sitemap is an essential tool that helps Google and other search engine users discover your site’s new pages. This type of sitemap alerts search engines to pages that exist on your site but are yet to be indexed.

To get this done, you need an XML sitemap generator tool. The tool builds and submits sitemaps to search engines for possible indexing.

However, while this tool does its job superbly, it is not a guarantee that those pages will automatically get indexed. And if they are not indexed, they wouldn’t appear on Google’s search results.

If you are looking for tools for generating a great sitemap, you are going to see the 10 best XML sitemap generator tools of 2022 (free and online) in this article.

You will find each one’s best selling point and key strengths to help you make a choice. This way, you will get the XML sitemap generator tool that suits your needs.

Shall we?

1. XML-Sitemaps

Best XML Sitemap Generator Tool for Getting Sitemaps Fast

XML-Sitemaps is the Best XML Sitemap Generator Tool for Getting Sitemaps Fast

XML-Sitemaps is a great sitemap generator tool, arguably one of the best you will find available. It is pretty easy to use; just about anyone looking for a sitemap can navigate it.

The tool allows you to paste the URL of your website into the provided form, tap START and you are ready to go.

The sitemaps are generated immediately, no waiting period is needed. You also have the choice of either receiving the sitemaps file through email or downloading them as soon as they are ready.

Best of all, you don’t have to register before you can use the free account. And with the free account, you can juggle different websites and submit sitemaps straight from the servers. You don’t even need to upload the sitemaps every time you want to update them.

However, you are restricted to creating sitemaps for just 500 pages on a website if you are going for the free account. While this is great, it is sort of restrictive. So, if you have a large website, this provision does not cover nearly all the pages that need sitemaps.

Additionally, you cannot use this tool to create a sitemap for 3rd parties. You can only use it for your own websites.


XML-Sitemaps Pro Plan
XML-Sitemaps PHP Scripts Plan

There are three plans that come from the stables of XML-Sitemaps: free online generator, PRO sitemaps, and PHP scripts. If your website is large and you want to create sitemaps for many pages, you will have to go for the Pro sitemaps or the PHP scripts plan.

However, the price is quite affordable and you get many features as well as sitemaps for over one million pages.

2. SureOak

Free Google XML Sitemap Generator Tool for Generating Webpage Previews

SureOak is a Free Google XML Sitemap Generator Tool for Generating Webpage Previews

SureOak is quite easy to use. It is a free online sitemap generator that uses the copy and paste format. Paste or type the URL of your website into the form provided and click ‘Generate my sitemap now!’

This tool crawls the site’s pages and appends the pages’ URLs on the file as it builds the sitemap. When the sitemap file is ready, you can preview it before uploading it to the search console for Google to gain access to easily. You also have the option of downloading it to your device.

One great feature that SureOak has is that it chooses which tags to use when it is generating your sitemap. You see, these tags can make or mar how Google sees your sites. Therefore, using the right tags can increase your pages’ chances of getting indexed and ranked.

3. Octopus

Best XML Sitemap Generator Tool for Generating Advanced Visual Sitemaps

Octopus is the Best XML Sitemap Generator Tool for Generating Advanced Visual Sitemaps

Octopus is probably one of the most advanced sitemap generators on the market. What this tool does is generate visual sitemaps for your pages. A visual sitemap is a diagram that shows the hierarchical structure of your website. This type of sitemap helps visitors to see and understand the structure of your site.

It also shows the mechanism with which to navigate the site as well as the relationships that exist between each page.

The tool is easy to use, as it is a drag-and-drop type of navigation. It is unique because it dives deeper into the content blocks of each page, blocks that simplify the structure of your site and make it user-friendly.

Another unique feature is the use of low-fidelity wireframes during visual site mapping. The tool gives a diagram that shows the future content and elements of a web page. This happens before you develop that page.

With this, you can make a presentation to clients so they see how content will appear on the page. They can see what the website would look like before anything even lands on it.

Additionally, you can organize the content blocks of each page with color. Each color represents one block or section. And you can choose to export the generated sitemap to PDF, PNG, TXT, and XML.


Octopus Pricing Plan

You can build sitemaps and get app prototypes with the free account on Octopus. However, if you are looking for more, you have the option of the Pro, Team, and Agency accounts. In other words, there is something for everyone, no matter the number.

For the Pro account, you pay $7 per month but it is a yearly subscription. You can handle up to eight projects with this plan.

For the Team account, you subscribe with $28 per month but the subscription is yearly. You get up to thirty-two projects and can incorporate teams made up of five people or more. This is the most popular plan.

And for the Agency account, the subscription is $86 per month billed yearly. However, it is suitable for mobile apps and prototype websites. Plus, you get complete control over project management.

4. XML Sitemap Generator

Best XML Sitemap Generator for Quick Indexing

XML Sitemap Generator is the Best XML Sitemap Generator for Quick Indexing

With the XML Sitemap Generator, you get a free online XML sitemap generator as well as a WordPress XML sitemap plugin. You also get the chance to download an unlimited XML sitemap generator to your Windows device. And this download is free.

Easily and quickly let Google and other major search engines know of new website pages using the sitemap generator. And if there is any change in the pages, the tool alerts the search engines to it.

This ensures quick and timely indexing for the URLs of the pages. For brand new websites, quick and correct indexing means a higher chance of discoverability and ranking.

In addition, you can save the settings of the sitemaps you generate with this tool. It will become easier to recreate sitemaps in the future.


XML Sitemap Generator is absolutely free. Whether you are going for the online generator, WordPress plugin, or downloading the sitemap generator to your Windows device, you pay nothing. And there are no plans or accounts for different categories of users.

5. MySitemapGenerator

Best XML Sitemap Design Tool for Easy Website Structure

MySitemapGenerator is the Best XML Sitemap Design Tool for Easy Website Structure

MySitemapGenerator is easy to navigate and use. Simply type in the URL of the web page you want to create the sitemap for, and click Go to Creation.

All major search engines easily and quickly find your website’s content. The tool also makes it easy for search engines to understand the structure of your website.

You have the option of generating either an XML sitemap or an HTML sitemap. Apart from these, the tool can create multilingual and image sitemaps for your website.


MySitemapGenerator Pricing Plan

MySitemapGenerator offers three plans: Public Free, Static Pro, and Dynamic. You can crawl nothing more than 500 URLs with the free plan so it suits small websites.

For the Static Pro plan, you pay $2.50 to get a one-time pin to gain access. But with it, you can crawl a million URLs or data-import nothing less than three million URLs.

You can also enable Google sitemap extensions so that you can indicate pages with many languages and embedded images.

With the Dynamic plan, you choose what you want at the cost of $4 per month. There is no limit to the number of URLs you can import or crawl and the plan works for sites of all sizes.

6. Slickplan

Best Visual XML Sitemap Builder for Easy-to-Navigate Hierarchical Sitemaps

Slickplan is the Best Visual XML Sitemap Builder for Easy to Navigate Hierarchical Sitemaps

Slickplan offers a simple user interface for creating visual sitemaps. But you have to register first before you can use the free tool.

However, the registration is free and the interface is the drag-and-drop type. If you already have a website, you can import its Google XML file or URL.

Once you are in, the tool allows you to create your own structure for your web pages, as visual sitemaps tend to do.

You can also add attributes to the pages, style the sitemaps, manage large ones, share, and export the maps.

The beauty of this tool is that you get hierarchical sitemaps that are easy to navigate. Plus, you get to test different structures for your future web pages.


Slickplan Pricing Plan

Slickplan offers a 30-day free trial period so you can decide which of the plans suits your needs. However, at the expiration of the trial period, you have to choose a plan or opt-out completely.

The basic plan goes for $8.99 per month, allows one user and three projects. You get 1GB of storage space. The Pro plan is $26.99 per month, allows three users and up to ten projects. Plus, you get 25GB of storage space.

The Team plan, which is the most popular, allows ten users and unlimited projects at $53.99 per month. Lastly, the Agency plan, going for $89.99 per month, allows an unlimited number of users and projects.

7. WriteMaps

Best XML Sitemap Generator for Planning Web Page Direction

WriteMaps is the Best XML Sitemap Generator for Planning Web Page Direction

WriteMaps gives you the opportunity to add, rename and reorder your web pages. It also allows you to redo and undo as well as change page color. All these are apart from the basic task of building or creating a sitemap.

In addition to the above, you can gather content by planning the direction of the pages, adding sections by creating page groups separate from the sitemap, and sharing and downloading.


WriteMaps Pricing Plan

WriteMaps has a free account that gives you three sitemaps, fifty sitemap pages, and a sitemap builder. It has a Professional plan that offers a sitemap builder, ten sitemaps, and other perks at $14.99 per month. You also get a 15-day trial period.

Finally, the Premium plan goes for $29.99 per month and offers an unlimited number of sitemaps, a sitemap builder, and other perks. The free trial period is 15 days.

8. GlooMaps

Best XML Sitemap Generator for Multiple Export Options

GlooMaps is the Best XML Sitemap Generator for Multiple Export Options

Generating a visual sitemap with GlooMaps is as easy as sketching. Once you click the Start creating field, it takes you to a page where you can drag and drop. You can also double-click the box in order to enter text.

There are different available options to export the created sitemap – XML, PNG, and PDF. If you don’t export or download it immediately, the sitemap remains available for the next 14 days unless you revisit it. Doing this gives it extra 14 days of life.


The tool is free. You don’t need to create a user account or register. Once you generate the sitemap, save it and get the URL through which you can gain access to the sitemap. With the URL, you can share the sitemap with other people.

9. SEOSpider

Best XML Sitemap Generator with Step-by-Step Guide

SEOSpider is the Best XML Sitemap Generator with Step by Step Guide

SEOSpider provides content on how to use the tool. The tutorial is a step-by-step guide on generating XML sitemaps.

However, before you begin you have to download the SEOSpider app, which you can get free in lite format. And with this form, you get up to 500 URLs.

But if you are looking for a larger number of URLs, you need to buy a yearly license. The license lifts the limit on the number of URLs you can crawl and allows you to configure.


SEOSpider Pricing Plan

SEOSpider is free. But if you wish to crawl more than 500 URLs, you go for the paid version. It goes for £149 per year. However, you get many more perks with the license.

10. Inspyder

Best XML Sitemap Generator for Simple and Complex Sites

Inspyder is the Best XML Sitemap Generator for Simple and Complex Sites

Inspyder’s Sitemap Creator is an easy-to-use sitemap generating tool. It does not handle only simple sites; it goes a step further to build sitemaps for even complex sites.

Once you download the sitemap creator on your personal computer, it runs. There are little or no errors and these sitemaps are completely compatible with Google.

What’s more, there are no site or page limits. In other words, you can create as many Google-compatible sitemaps as you want, with as many pages as you need.

One great feature this tool has is that it generates the sitemaps according to the schedule you set, and automatically, too. You even get a ping to alert you. That means you don’t have to manually re-upload the URL for the sitemap you need.


Inspyder Pricing Plan

You make a one-time payment of $39.95 to get access to all the features. There are no monthly or yearly payments for renewal. And there are hierarchical plans. So, start with the download trial.

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