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12 Best Mass Email Services for Sending Bulk Email Blasts

Discover the best mass email services for sending marketing emails and automated campaigns at discount prices to your huge email list.

Best Mass Email Services for Sending Bulk Email Blasts(1)

Businesses often look for reliable mass email services that ensure high deliverability so that their emails do not end up in spam folders when they send a large number of emails to their contacts. 

These days, it is important for companies to stay in touch with their contact lists and also grow them at the same time. 

Also, as most of us know, email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing and helps send targeted personalized messages to customers. For all of this, having a reliable mass email service is highly essential.

Choosing the right mass email service for your business is very crucial because you need to abide by certain laws when you send emails to customers. You also need one that offers all different types of emails and not only the promotional kind

To make this easier for our readers, we have put together a list of the 12 best mass email services that can help you take your email marketing efforts a notch above the competition.

Let’s begin.

How to Choose the Best Mass Email Service?

Choosing the right mass email service is especially important. You must be able to achieve the purpose of your campaigns and also ensure that you add value to your customers or the number of unsubscribers will rise sharply. 

Here are some points to consider while purchasing the best mass email service

1. One that offers scalability

When businesses start with email marketing, most commonly their contact lists aren’t that long. The list increases eventually and your mass email service needs to increase with time.

Choose an email service that lets you subscribe to a plan for short contact lists first and then lets you scale as the contacts increase. Ideally, choose a service that lets you pay based on the number of contacts you have or let you pay based on usage. 

2. Lets you build your contact list

Choose a mass email service that lets you integrate with the email subscription widget or pop-up on your page so that all new signups are directly updated to your contact database. This eliminates the need for manual entry.

3. Ensures high deliverability

The success of your email marketing campaign depends on the successful delivery of your emails. Often, some mass email services are marked as spam by default. When this happens none of your emails will reach your target audience. 

Read some reviews to verify deliverability of the service provider that you are considering.

4. Offers in-depth analytics of your emails

Once you send your emails in bulk, it is important to understand how they were received and whether the desired action was taken. 

Choose a mass email service that gives you detailed stats about open rates, bounce rates, unsubscribers, click through rates and also helps you identify the bad emails that you should not be sending emails to. 

5. Includes A/B split testing

Sometimes, the subject lines might not be appealing or the name of the sender makes a difference on how your emails are perceived. It is important to test different versions of your email to know what is working and what isn’t.

Choose a mass email service that offers A/B split testing where you can tweak subject lines, sender names and sending times. 

6. Sends emails according to time zones

Contact lists are often spread across regions. If your email service sends bulk messages to all your contacts at the same time, many of your contacts might end up receiving your emails in the middle of the night. 

Choose a mass email service that offers time sensitive sending and send emails automatically according to different time zones.

7. Lets you send different types of emails

The email service that you choose should let you send all kinds of emails like promotional emails, abandoned cart emails, newsletters, announcements, transactional emails, trigger based emails and other. 

8. Has templates as well as a custom designer

Sometimes you may want to jazz up your emails based on the content or sometimes you might want to send out an email quickly. Choose a service that lets you do both. 

Choose a mass email service that offers email templates and also offers drag and drop editors that let you customize every element of your email. You must also consider if the service will let you code your own emails if the need arises. 

9. Offers 3rd party integrations

Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing and can also act as a selling channel. A service that offers integrations with marketplaces, CRMs, and others, help you bring multiple core activities to one place.

Such services let you add products to your email, lets you collect payments for the purchases made through email and helps identify the monetary value of each contact on your list. 

10. Price

Choose an email service that lets you pay based on the number of contacts that you have or bill you only for the number of emails that you send

This is much more economical than being charged for the number of emails sent. It also lets you send as many emails as you want without the fear of a long bill at the end of the month.

Best Mass Email Services for Sending Bulk Email Blasts

1. Sendinblue

Best all-in-one budget-friendly mass email service with the most advanced features.

Sendinblue is the best all in one budget friendly mass email service with the most advanced features.

Sendinblue is a complete package of digital marketing tools like email marketing, SMS marketing, Facebook ads, CRM, marketing automation, and many others. 

Moreover, it is the most preferred platform because it is cheaper and much more feature-rich compared to other big players in the market.

Using the email marketing feature by Sendinblue, you can design the most professional emails and send them in bulk at very low costs. You can use one of the templates or design your email from scratch. The drag and drop editor lets you move elements as per your wish.

Not only can you add the content that you desire, but you can choose the advanced options and personalize each email with your contacts’ details.

You do not have to manually select contacts that you want to send your emails to, but instead, Sendinblue lets you create and store multiple contacts, segregate them into categories and even filter your contacts based on gender, geography, and other parameters.

You can create variations of your email using the A/B testing and identify which of the email variations works best. 

Sendinblue deploys machine learning technology which helps in identifying the ideal sending time for your messages and sends them to your email list with just one click at the best identified time.

Along with email marketing, you can also use the SMS marketing feature where you can send personalized SMS messages to your updated contact lists and keep them up-to-date with your company promotions. 

You can also chat with your customers directly from your Sendinblue inbox by simply copying a snippet that contains your custom chat box that you can design using Sendinblue. 

You can automate your repetitive marketing communications easily with Sendinblue and save precious time and do it at a very reasonable cost. This email service also offers a CRM feature that enables you to maintain strong customer relationships. 


Sendinblue Pricing Plan

Unlike most other email service providers, Sendinblue charges you for the number of emails you send and not the number of contacts you have.

While the plans are bundled to include most of the features offered, if you just want to subscribe to the email marketing feature, the Lite version is what you should go for. 

If your email contact list is not that big yet, you can also sign up for their free plan which lets you send up to 300 emails per day, which means 9000 emails a month for free! Once your contact list gets bigger, you could move to the Lite plan.

Sendinblue is considered very low in cost as compared to its counterparts.

2. ActiveCampaign

Best newsletter marketing service with high deliverability rates. 

ActiveCampaign is the Best newsletter marketing service with high deliverability rates

ActiveCampaign’s email marketing service is aimed at enhancing the customer experience and thereby strengthening customer relationships. It is a complete package of email marketing tools that one would need.

While ActiveCampaign is also known for its Marketing Automation feature, the email marketing tool is no less. You can send targeted emails, email autoresponders, scheduled emails, triggered emails, broadcast emails, and up your email marketing game. 

You get a drag and drop email designer with ActiveCampaign that lets you create beautiful email campaigns. You can alternatively even use their preset email templates if you wish.

If you have multiple audiences to whom you would like to send emails, the segmentation option lets you segregate your audience accordingly.

It also lets you create dynamic content that is easily editable and can be targeted to specific audiences. You can even personalize every single mail according to your contact information. 

Not only can you test to see which version of your email is working better, but ActiveCampaign also has a detailed reporting it follows which gives you a clear picture of how many times your emails were opened and if the desired action was taken.

The dashboard may seem intimidating for a beginner, but once you observe it there is a depth of data that you can get which you can use to optimize your email marketing campaigns. 

If your email campaigns require payments to be processed or link to social media platforms, ActiveCampaign also lets you integrate with many of these applications

ActiveCampaign’s deliverability rate is the highest compared to its counterparts and offers many other attractive email service features like multi-user editing, revision history, mobile optimization, conditional content, free image hosting, site tracking, and many more. 

The site tracking feature is very unique as it lets you track your user’s behavior once they are on your website. 

Along with email marketing, ActiveCampaign also includes marketing automation, CRM and sales automation, and service and support which is centered around improving customer experience. 


ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan

ActiveCampaign’s pricing is based on the number of contacts that you have. Higher the contacts, the higher the price. While they do offer a 14-day free trial, the different plans have been created with different types of business needs in mind. 

Each plan is a price for their bundles of services and includes other tools for SMS marketing, CRM, marketing automation, and others.

3. Constant Contact

Best feature-rich mass email service with advanced tracking tools and analytics.

Constant Contact is the best feature rich mass email service with advanced tracking tools and analytics.

Constant Contact is one of the most feature-rich mass email services out in the market that goes beyond sending basic emails and email blasts. 

With Constant Contact, you can engage your audience through surveys, send greetings, engage them in social media campaigns, create coupons, and much more. 

One of the features that Constant Contact is known for, is the ease of use. The interface is very easy to navigate and offers many attractive customizable templates that you can use in your emails. 

It also includes a drag-and-drop editor that lets you design your emails just the way you want them to be. 

Constant Contact has tools for eCommerce which help convert potential customers into leads soon. You can automate welcome emails, triggered emails, send custom emails to segmented contact lists, and do more. 

It also allows you to re-send emails to non-openers without making them feel like it is spam. You can check the deliverability rate and open rates from the reports that Constant Contact provides. 

You can integrate with social media channels and manage and create social media campaigns using Constant Contact to increase brand awareness, increase engagement, and direct traffic to websites. 

You can also directly access and reply to comments and messages on your campaigns from the platform. 

You can upload your contacts from different sources like Outlook or Excel and segment them using contact segmentation just how you want. 

The advanced email marketing toolsets it apart from the other mass email services. You can determine if your current email campaigns are working and bring you sales by tracking the open rate, forwards, and shares, up to and action was taken on your emails. 

You can schedule and automate your emails so they get sent at high response times instead of having to send them yourself. 

If your email campaign is related to collecting donations, you can securely do so and even track them.

This email marketing service is especially useful if you are planning an event, have sign-up forms, need to send coupons, conduct surveys. 


Constant Contact Pricing Plan

Constant Contact offers a month of free services and its pricing is based on the number of contacts that you have. If you are a non-profit organization you can also benefit from their discounts that they offer to non-profit organizations.

4. Elastic Email

Best bulk email service with a very easy to use interface.

Elastic Email is the best bulk email service with a very easy to use interface.

Elastic Email is very popular as a great email marketing tool being built on a cost-effective Email API. The number of bulk emails that it offers is what makes it more attractive than most other email marketing tools. 

You can send email blasts using Elastic Email and be sure that they will get delivered due to the high reliability and deliverability. If you connect to their HTTP API or SMTP relay, you can easily send up to millions of emails per month to your contacts. 

You can either code your emails or simply design them using the email designer that Elastic Email offers. 

You can select the contact lists that will receive your email and can schedule them so that your emails get sent even without you being physically present in front of your computer system.

Using the autoresponders, you can set emails that will be automatically sent to your contacts so that they know that you, as a brand, are listening to customers. 

Not only can you manage your email subscription widget on your WordPress site through Elastic Email by a simple plugin, but you can also create web forms that help you grow your audience in an organized manner. 

If you have a diverse set of audiences, Elastic Email lets you segregate them by adding tags specific to each contact and segregate them into lists so that custom, personalized content can be sent to them in just a few clicks. 

You can also create sub-accounts within your Elastic Email account with the Unlimited Pro plan that lets multiple people work on the emails together. 

Automate your emails so that none of your customers feel left out. This can help eliminate a lot of repetitive tasks and save a lot of time. 

Elastic Email ensures that your best emails reach your customers, so it lets you test various versions of your emails. This way you can determine which elements are working for an email and which aren’t. 

The reporting feature further tells you how effective your email marketing campaigns are by telling you the number of times your emails were opened and other important statistics. This data gets represented graphically and helps you optimize your campaigns easily.

If you configure the SMTP service, you can directly send transactional emails from your application. 

Elastic Email offers several 3rd party integrations with platforms like WordPress, Joomla, SImMail, Drupal, easysendy, MailPoet, and others that can help you use Elastic Email the way you want it and deliver better email marketing results. 


Elastic Email Pricing Plan

Elastic Email pricing is based on the number of contacts that you have and not on the number of emails you send. While Unlimited Pro has all the advanced features, some of them like email automation might be missing.

With both the plans your emails are fully encrypted and follow two-factor authentication to your accounts.

5. Moosend

Best email marketing tool that lets companies of all sizes create the most responsive newsletters.

Moosend is the best email marketing platform that caters to the needs of all sizes of businesses.

Moosend is the best email marketing platform that caters to the needs of all sizes of businesses

You can design the most responsive emails using Moosend without having any knowledge about coding. With the drag and drop editor, you can design your emails just the way you want them to be. 

You can break down your contact lists into endless segments by just tweaking some parameters and personalizing your email campaigns by targeting them only at the most relevant groups. You can add every little detail about your subscribers and segment them according to demographics.

Moosend even offers advanced segmentation based on purchase behaviour and lets you send targeted discounts and offers. 

Moosend’s data analytics and reporting are also a step above its competitors where it identifies the regions where most of your active engagements come from. On your dashboard, you can get an overview of the open rates, click rates, bounce rates and unsubscribes.

You can get further detailed reports about each of these parameters and optimize your email campaigns further. 

Since personalization plays a very important role when it comes to email marketing campaigns, Moosend lets you not only personalize your emails with customer names but also deploys AI to get suggestions about customer preferences and then recommend accordingly. 

It helps identify the time that is the best to send emails or take any marketing action so that all your efforts hit right on spot. 

You can create different versions of your email and test it using A/B testing as many times you wish, to see which email version or which email elements are working best.

If you are short on time, but still want your emails to look good, Moosend includes 40 beautifully designed templates that can help you set up your emails within minutes. All you have to do is then segment your contacts and send out your emails. 

Just because Moosend eliminates the need to code your emails, it does not mean that coding is not an option. You can create your mailing lists and set up emails by programming them through Moosend API. 

Moosend also lets you send cart abandonment emails, where emails are sent immediately if the shopping cart is abandoned with items in them. You can also integrate with WooCommerce and other 3rd party applications to bring different functions together. 


Moosend Pricing Plan

Moosend offers three different pricing plans where one of them is for free and the other is a custom plan based on the number of subscribers that you have. 

All of the plans let you create email campaigns. Except for the advanced features like custom reporting, onboarding and migration, deliverability, and strategy optimization, the free plan should be good enough to get some of the best email campaigns running.

6. ConvertKit

Best mass email service for bloggers and content creators.

ConvertKit  Is the best mass email service for bloggers and content creators.

ConvertKit is a mass email service that has been created with bloggers, course creators, authors, and other types of content creators in mind who need to constantly grow their contact list and stay connected to their readers. 

You can create an email subscription widget using ConvertKit and embed the code on your website. This way your contacts directly get updated as the people subscribe to your newsletter or emails. ConvertKit lets you edit your widget to match the look and feel of your page. 

Not only can you track the number of times your email was opened and the desired action was taken, but you can also resend messages to non-openers, by tweaking the subject line and making minor changes to the content of the mail. 

This way you can increase the chances of your email being opened without sending the same mail to everyone on your list again and again. 

ConvertKit lets you send automatic welcome emails and set up bonuses that you can offer to your subscribers. If you would like a guide written by you to be given as a bonus to those who subscribe as a welcome gift, you can upload it onto ConvertKit.

You can even send your products and services to your email subscribers directly to their inbox where they can directly make a purchase. Once a purchase is made you also get to see the monetary value of a particular customer and the total sale made through the dashboard.

ConvertKit follows the policy of simple emails, so while you can design your emails to include lots of graphics and videos, you can create simple content rich emails, add simple CTAs and even code your emails if that is what you prefer. 

You can also automate some of your messages so that they get delivered at specific times. This could be essential if you have to send particular emails to every subscriber through their journey with you. Create autoresponders so that your customers always receive a prompt response from your end. 

ConvertKit offers dozens of integrations with CRM tools, eCommerce applications, lead generators, course creators, analytics trackers and others. 


ConvertKit Pricing Plan

If you are just starting off as a blogger and are in the process of growing your email list, you can start with the free plan and as the number of contacts grow, you can switch to the other paid plans based on your requirement.

7. MailerLite

Best mass email service for small businesses. 

MailerLite is the best mass email service for small businesses.

MailerLite is a new player in the email marketing tools market and offers a quite refreshing feeling compared to many of its competitors. The interface looks trendy, is very simple to use, and is available in 8 different languages making it suitable for a global audience. 

The tool is ideal for small businesses and entrepreneurs or freelancers, especially beginners as it does not offer complex reporting tools and other advanced features that big firms may be looking for. 

While you cannot access the email templates that MailerLite offers with its free plans, you can use the drag and drop editor to create fully-functional and beautiful emails. It also offers a content creator and a very friendly HTML editor that lets you code your emails. 

The HTML editor lets you preview your emails while coding, offers autosave, and also offers a custom email CSS inline. 

With MailerLite you can supercharge your eCommerce selling by integrating with platforms like Shopify and selling directly through mails. You can personalize the shopping experience further by setting custom emails for specific purchases.

MailerLite lets you create your website and is very beginner-friendly and allows you to embed website sign-up forms and design pop-ups that urge people to sign-up for your emails. Once you have a contact base, you can filter and segment your subscribers the way you wish.

You can personalize every single email that you send with MailerLite using their advanced targeting features. You can also automate standard emails that your customers receive during their journey. 

Not only does MailerLite allow you to resend emails to non-openers, but it also allows you to send emails according to time zones so that your subscribers do not receive emails at odd times and miss them. 

Create different versions using their A/B split testing and see which one is most effective.

While MailerLite might not have a lot of advanced analytics, it does tell you how your emails have been performing through their campaign reports. It also gives you insights into how your users interact with your emails through click mapping

You can also narrow it down to the geographic location where most of your email activity comes from. 


MailerLite Pricing Plan

MailerLite is known for its generous free plan. While just starting off the free plan is what most prefer. It offers the basic mass email features but might exclude some like auto send, newsletter templates, and others. 

You can upgrade to a paid plan as your contact list starts growing.

8. SendGrid

Best mass email service for sending transactional emails. 

SendGrid is the best mass email service for sending transactional emails.

While SendGrid is known for being a good email service for sending transactional emails like password recoveries, id verifications, or notifications from websites, it is also a great mass email service for marketing campaigns.

SendGrid operates on cloud-based infrastructure and ensures high deliverability and reliability

You can edit your email templates using the HTML editor and conditional formatting. SendGrid’s email API helps you automatically identify typos in your emails before you send them out and reduces bounce rates. 

You can automate your recurring emails using SendGrid which keeps you from duplicating them. SendGrid’s email API lets you integrate email with your website and your applications. 

SendGrid makes it easy to work on email campaigns with teams. You can grant permissions so that your team can contribute to email marketing campaigns. 

When new contacts subscribe to your email newsletter list, SendGrid directly adds those contacts to your marketing lists and also sends automated welcome emails to develop better customer relationships. 

You can see how your emails look in your receiver’s inboxes using the preview feature which keeps you from making unwanted errors. SendGrid lets you segment your contacts and send targeted emails so that they feel personalized and are relevant to receivers. 

You can get a complete report about the performance of your emails from the advanced analytics that SendGrid offers. 

Get data-based information like open rates, unsubscribes, locations where there is the highest activity, and others so that you can optimize your email campaigns for the highest effectiveness. 

Since SendGrip includes all the crucial mass email services that one might look for, it is suitable for most kinds of businesses. You can send error-free, timely messages with the least errors, the lowest bounce rates, and high reliability and scale easily as your subscribers grow. 


SendGrid Pricing Plan

SendGrid offers email API plans and marketing campaign plans. You can choose whichever suits your needs the best. The free plan may be limited to one user but offers most of the functionalities that SendGrid has to offer, making it a great choice for beginners.

9. Drip

Best mass email service for eCommerce companies.

Drip is the best mass email service for eCommerce companies.

Drip stands out from the crowd because of the automation features it offers. This can be especially useful for marketers who have to perform repetitive tasks for every customer who subscribes to their email list.

Compared to many other players, Drip’s automation is very easy to use and understand. 

With Drip you can ensure that there are genuinely interested contacts only on your contact list by using their double opt-in feature. After your subscribers click on the subscribe link on your website, they will be asked to reconfirm through the mail.

This ensures high open rates as the emails only go to genuinely interested contacts. 

The templates offered by Drip are limited but it offers a drag and drops editor that helps you create effective emails. It also offers conditional formatting, i.e. programs your emails for different actions that your user might take on the emails. 

Drip helps you create effectively optimized emails by offering A/B split testing using which you can test different subject lines, different times at which emails are sent and the names of whom the email is coming from.

By integrating with platforms like Shopify, Facebook, you can sell directly through emails or add new subscribers to your custom lists on Facebook and bring your workflows to one place. 

If you have a large audience with different segments, Drip lets you add tags to your contacts and segment them. 

While Drip might have fewer features than some other mass email services in the market, it offers some unique automation features which set it apart. 

You can send conditional emails where the content of the email can be different based on the tag associated with a contact. That is, a promotional email may be sent to a subscriber tagged reader while a feedback email may be sent to one who is tagged as a customer. 

Apart from providing information on some important metrics like open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribers, and others, it also tells you about growth in tags, subscriber count, return on investment, conversions, and others. 

Drip not only helps you keep a track of your leads but also assigns them scores based on their engagement which is an indication of how likely a lead is going to get converted. 


Drip Pricing Plan

Drip offers only two plans, one of which is free and the other is paid. When you have the first 1-500 contacts in your list, the price of the services stays at $19 after which the price of the plan increases depending upon the number of contacts in your list.

10. GetResponse

Best email marketing platform for small to mid-sized businesses.

GetResponse is the best email marketing platform for small to mid sized businesses.

GetResponse is known to be an all-in-one marketing solution that comes at a very affordable price. However, its email marketing features are said to be the most powerful in the package. 

It offers many 3rd party integrations which help small businesses bring all their important functions together. 

Right from newsletters containing updates and announcements, to email blasts, GetResponse offers all the mass email services that one might look for in an email marketing software.

You can create professional yet beautiful emails using GetRespond’s drag and drop editor and enhance them with gifs and free stock images. Before sending out emails, GetResponder lets you see how your emails look by offering a preview. 

If you are short on time, you can also use their templates and customize them to quickly build and send emails that match your brand image. 

Not only can you segment your contacts and send conditional and targeted emails, you can also send emails at your receiver’s preferred time using the perfect timing tool. It lets you grow your email list quickly by offering single opt-ins. 

You can also add tags to each of your customers and get scores on their engagement to identify your most valuable contacts. 

Before you send out emails, GetResponder verifies consent for sending to each of them and also lets you conduct surveys that help you understand the preferences of your contacts. This keeps you from landing into spam folders and ensures higher deliverability.

By integrating with shopping platforms you can add products directly to your mail, set autoresponders whenever the shopping cart is abandoned with products in them, and also suggest related products. 

You can also drive traffic to your landing pages through emails by integrating with multiple channels. 

GetRepsonder’s analytics lets you test different subject lines for emails using A/B testing. It gives insights into how your readers engage with your emails and other statistics that help determine your email performance through easily comprehensible reports. 


GetResponse Pricing Plan

If your focus is just on email marketing services that GetResponder offers, the basic plan should meet your requirements. For those looking for a complete package of all other services that GetResponder offers, the other packages are better.

11. Mailgun

Best mass email service for inbound email forwarding and transactional emails.

Mailgun is the best mass email service for inbound email forwarding and transactional emails.

If you have technical knowledge about SMTP and email APIs, Mailgun could make it very simple for you to send bulk emails and will let you scale very easily. The tool may, however, not be very desirable for marketers. 

A unique feature that Mailgun offers is that its real-time email validation API lets you filter out the bad emails that you should not be sending emails to. 

Once you integrate with their email API and SMTP, you can send emails directly from your website or application. 

Mailgun offers default templates that you can use to create your emails, or you can use the drag and drop editor to create emails with custom elements, or you can simply even code your emails. You can also collaborate on your email creation with your team members. 

Using the inbound email routing, you can parse incoming emails so that you can easily understand them and use them further to structure them.

If you are looking for a mass email service that lets you send a bulk of emails together or email blasts, Mailgun might just be what you are looking for.

You can send millions of messages per hour due to Mailgun’s high deliverability rates which help deliver emails within a minute of it being sent to Mailgun. 

You can be assured that your emails will be sent according to time zones at preferred times without errors. Mailgun offers email strategy experts who help customers identify why their emails have been performing a certain way and help them optimize their campaigns. 

While Mailgun is preferred for transactional emails, you can still use it for email marketing, using their Mailjet email marketing solution. It offers many integrations, lets you work with your teams on campaigns, offers drip campaigns, bulk emails, and high deliverability. 

Another reason why businesses prefer Mailgun is that it does not shoot in the dark or provide non-actionable information. While you can see how your emails have been doing, you will also be able to understand why they have been performing that way.

It helps you spot errors in your email, determine where they are landing in your recipient’s mailboxes, gain insights on what can be tweaked to improve performance and deliverability. 


Mailgun Pricing Plan

Mailgun offers a free plan called the Flex plan that allows you to send 5000 free emails each month for three months only after which you need to start paying. This plan is considered pretty generous due to the number and the number of features it offers.

12. Amazon SES

Best straightforward email service with useful features for developers.

Amazon SES is the best straightforward email service with useful features for developers.

Amazon SES has been made with developers in mind as it lets them send emails directly from web applications. The setup might be slightly difficult but once configured, it can be very easy to operate. 

There is a feature called the reputation dashboard which gives you information about how your emails have been performing. Amazon SES offers flexible IP deployment options that help in managing sender reputation management. 

There is also a deliverability dashboard that gives you a picture of your delivery rates and tells you how you can optimize your emails to improve delivery.

Not only do you get a clear picture about open rates, and click-through rates, Amazon SES also gives you insights about email deliveries, bounce rates, and others. 

With Amazon SES you can send transactional emails, marketing emails, or send email blasts to all your employees or contacts, whatever be your purpose. 

You can set trigger-based emails that are sent when a certain action is performed or you can even integrate directly with online marketplaces and sell your products directly through email. 

While you can send email blasts using Amazon SES, a unique feature is that you can even receive emails and restrict which emails you receive based on IP address, email address, the domain of sender, and others. 

Another unique feature is the mailbox simulator which helps you understand how your emails are sent in different situations. It acts as an email tester that lets you identify glitches before your inboxes land in your customer’s inbox. 

If you are looking for a mass email service that will take care of all your legal and security concerns, Amazon SES is the best choice as it supports all industry standard authentication mechanisms and deploys high levels of security.


Amazon SES does not offer subscriptions or pricing plans

Instead it follows a pay-as-you-go policy where users only pay for the volume of emails sent and received where you pay $0.10 for every 1000 emails sent and $0 for the first 1000 mails received and $0.10 for emails received after that.

There is also a free of charge usage available if your application is hosted on Amazon EC2.

Mass Email Senders FAQ

What is a bulk email service?

A bulk email service is an email service providing company that allows its users to send the same message to thousands of people at the same time. Since every business nowadays has an email list, bulk email services let you stay connected to everyone on your list.

Instead of manually sending emails to each contact, you can set your message and rely on the bulk email service to deliver it at the set time. Using a bulk email service ensures that you can design beautiful yet professional emails and customize them the way you want.

Bulk email services ensure high deliverability because they have been built to successfully deliver emails and also provide a report about how your emails have been performing. 

You can get a clear insight about how many times your emails were opened, how many times they landed in spam folders and why, and also see the number of times contacts unsubscribed. 

Bulk email services let you send email blasts, triggered emails, transactional emails, marketing emails or simple informational emails. 

Some bulk email services offer integrations with SMTP and email APIs that then let you send emails from your web applications.

Is sending mass email illegal?

Sending mass emails is not legal but businesses should be aware of the laws governing email marketing before they decide to do so. 

Each country has a different set of laws for email marketing, for example, CAN-SPAM Act in the US, CASL laws in Canada and Privacy and electronic communications regulations in the UK. 

The purpose of these laws is that spammers don’t get hold of people’s email addresses and bombard them with unsolicited emails. 

Ensure you have permission to email the people on your list. Do not mislead people through your subject line and always. Another point to consider is to always include the option that allows receivers to unsubscribe from the emails.

Mass Email Services Comparison: Which One Should I Choose?

The mass email service that you choose will determine if your money was well spent on emails or did you just send emails to spam folders. 

Let us give you a quick overview of the best mass email services based on different requirements. 

If you are looking for all-in-one mass email service providers the best options would be Sendinblue and Constant Contact

For bloggers, ConvertKit is ideal while for developers, the choice is Amazon SES

If you are looking for a mass email service with high deliverability ActiveCampaign, Mailgun and SendGrid are good choices. 

Moosend let’s you create the most responsive emails while Elastic Email is ideal for beginners. 

Carefully evaluate the objective of your email campaigns and identify the one that fits your requirements the best. 

Before making the final purchase, do not forget to read multiple reviews and also see how the experience with customer support has been since you may need it too. 

Now that you are aware of how to choose the best mass email services for sending bulk email blasts, what are you waiting for?

Written by
Martin Luenendonk