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18 Best Landing Page Builders to Grow Leads and Sales in 2022

Discover the 18 best landing page builder apps to help you launch high-converting lead pages and sales pages in minutes.

Best Landing Page Builders to Grow Leads and Sales

Landing Pages are essential for running a successful online marketing campaign. They are the lifeblood of selling online, helping you acquire leads and close sales on the saturated but highly-competitive internet space. 

Creating a landing page can take hours to build, and you need to have technical knowledge of HTML or/and CSS to do it. Boring!

The good news is that you create a landing page that does not have to take so long or require any coding skills. You can create multiple landing pages within minutes with the aid of a landing page builder.

Luckily, there are lots of good landing page builders in the market. Unluckily for us, it is hard to choose one out of the multiple excellent landing page options. 

This article will guide you by the hand and show you 18 of the best landing page builders to grow leads and sales for you in 2021. It will also discuss working tips and strategies for getting more leads with landing pages, what to look for in a landing page, and its benefits.

Let’s get started.

What is the Best Landing Page Builder?

1. Leadpages.

Best Landing Page Builder for Selling Products

Leadpages landing page builder for Selling Products

Leadpages is one of the most popular and intuitive landing page builders in the market. Over 40,000 small businesses use their tools to create landing pages to engage their audience and attract sales.

The platform helps small businesses build high-converting websites and landing pages to connect with their audience, gather leads, and close sales.

The Landing Page platform has over 200+ free templates available for users to use to build their pages. Editing and setting up your page is comfortable with its drag and drop builder tools. All its templates are mobile-responsive.

Editing pages is easy on Leadpages. Click on the area you want to edit, and the background fades out and zoom in on the selected location. You can add widgets such as text, symbols, images, videos, and forms to the page. To boost conversions, it also offers the coupon lead magnet and countdown timer features

With the software, you can conduct A/B testing to test the efficiency of different pages. The package also integrates with other advanced options such as Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce. Facebooks Ads and other digital marketing tools work seamlessly with the landing page builder.

Capturing leads is easy on Leadpages; the cloud-based software uses simple forms to record leads. WordPress integration is also available.

Leadpages has analytics and performance tracking tools to help you optimize every aspect of your campaigns. With the analytics dashboard, you can view real-time statistics showing you how your pages are faring. It also assists with real-time conversion tips to help you convert better.


Leadpages Pricing Plan

Leadpages has three pricing plans: standard, pro, and advanced. It offers a 14-day free trial with credit card linking required.

The standard plan is excellent for small businesses on a budget. It offers LeadPages’ basic features. 

The pro plan is ideal for growing businesses who want to run A/B Testing and have online sales and payment features.

The advanced plan is for businesses who want to scale their business and enjoy access to priority support and advanced integrations.


  • Affordable starting price
  • A/B Testing
  • Real-time analytics
  • Real-time conversion tips

2. Unbounce.

Landing Page Builder with Best Features

Unbounce landing page builder with Best Features

Unbounce is a famous landing page builder designed to help users convert more leads, customers, and sales.

Its drag and drop builder is the perfect tool for creating landing pages with advanced features. Over 100+ landing page templates are available for users to build their page without a developer’s aid.

Users enjoy access to over 850,000+ free professional images from Unsplash. Fonts are a vital part of a good landing page design; over 950 Google typefaces are available to users.

The landing page builder supports A/B testings to help users test their landing pages to find out which converts best. Over 15,000+ brands use Unbounce to build their landing pages.

Unbounce gives you complete creative freedom; you can add custom CSS, HTML, and Javascript to your pages. You can also edit your pages, pop-ups, and sticky bars to make them optimized for both mobile and desktop devices. 

The software offers integration with popular email and CRM (Customer relationship management) providers such as WordPress, MailChimp, AWeber, Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, Marketo, Campaign Monitor, and more.

With the dynamic keyword insertion feature, you can change the keywords associated with your landing page according to what your customers are searching for! It is the best feature to boost your Search Engine Marketing (SMS) campaigns.

Unbounce provides automated SSL encryption that is available on all plans. You can also add custom scripts, pixels and create AMP mobile pages.


Unbounce Pricing Plan

Unbounce has four plans: Launch, Optimize, Accelerate, and Scale. All plans have a free 14-day trial period.

The Launch plan is ideal for small businesses who are new to using landing pages to optimize their sales. The Optimize plan is perfect for companies who want to start optimizing their pages for higher conversions. 

The Accelerate plan and Scale plan are for businesses with rapid growth levels and want to move their growth to a higher level. 


  • High conversions
  • A/B Testing
  • No installations required
  • No coding experience is needed
  • Optimized for mobile devices

3. Instapage.

Best for Creating Multiple Landing Pages

Instapage for multiple landing pages

Instapage is one of the fastest landing page builders in the industry. Speed is one key feature that attracts tens of thousands of brands to use it. The building time takes only a few minutes to complete, making it suitable for creating multiple landing pages.

There are over 100+ landing page examples available in its store. Font custоmіzаtіоn is another area where the cloud-based landing page software excels. It has over 5,000 web fonts аvаіlаblе. 

Instapage is user-friendly and excellent for beginners. Anybody can use the software with little or no design skills or coding experience. It helps create mobile-responsive landing pages. You can integrate your pages into your website.

Test the efficiency of your landing pages with its A/B and multivariate testing functionality. You also enjoy real-time analytics, such as detailed maps to measure and evaluate your pages’ performance. Users get access to the Bigstock image library for free.

The landing page software builder offers integrations with popular services such as WordPress, Marketo, Zapier, GetResponse, Autopilot, HubSpot, MailChimp, AWeber, and Salesforce. There is also codeless integration with Facebook Ads and Google Analytics.  

Dynamic keyword insertion features allow users to change their landing page keywords according to search queries. This feature helps optimize the page for SEO. 

Instapage uses AMP & Thor Render Engine® technology to boost page loading speed, which helps increase conversions. 


Instapage Pricing Plan

Instapage has two pricing plans: the Business and the Conversion Cloud plans. 

The business plan offers access to many of its core features such as robust integrations, analytical suite, Thor Render Engine, A/B testing, multi-step forms, and Ad maps. The plan is ideal for businesses and individuals who want to increase their conversions. It comes with a 14-day free trial.

The conversion cloud plan has a custom pricing scheme determined by the size of your needs. Such a high-powered plan is ideal for businesses who want to optimize their conversion and enjoy advanced features such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and dedicated launch specialists.


  • Fast landing page creation time
  • Real-time analytic reports
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Super-fast loading speed

4. Landingi.

Best Landing Page Builder for Non-Programmers

Landingi best landing page builder for Non Programmers

Landingi is one of the most uncomplicated landing page builders with flexible options to help you turn your campaigns into a roaring success. There is no need for IT or coding skills. Non-programmers can create, publish, and optimize their landing pages by themselves.

Building a high-converting landing page with Landingi is possible thanks to its drag and drop editor. The editor helps edit all areas of the page. You can insert plugins and forms into your page.

Choose from any of its 100+ landing page examples, or you can choose to build from scratch. You can create your page from start to finish within a few minutes. 

There are over 5000+ free images and 600 free icons available on its platform for users to craft the perfect page designs. Fonts are an essential part of your page’s visual appeal. The landing page builder has over 800+ Google fonts available to its subscribers.

Landingi has many built-in integrations to help users automate their marketing campaigns for better results. Some of the services it integrates with include HubSpot, Mailchimp, and Salesforce.

The A/B test feature allows you to conduct mini-tests on the effectiveness of your landing pages. This feature helps you experiment with different marketing approaches to find the best campaign approach. 

Landingi has a landing page import feature that other landing pages do not offer. With this feature, you can clone other landing pages you like for your benefit. 

The software helps you increase your conversion rates with effective funnels and autoresponders. You can automate your campaign to save time with its in-built scheduler. 


Landingi Business Pricing Plan

Landingi has three types of premium plans: business, agency, and enterprise. All plans have a 14-day free trial period and do not require the use of a credit card.

Business pricing includes automate, create, and core plans. They are ideal for businesses who want to increase their conversion rates.

Landingi Agency Pricing Plan

The agency pricing comprises the agency and agency pro plans. They are excellent for big agencies who want to scale up their sales. 

Landingi Pricing for Enterprise

The enterprise price plan is ideal for big enterprises who want to enjoy its advanced features.


  • 100+ pre-designed landing page templates
  • Easy to use
  • 14-day free trial
  • In-built analytical tools

5. SendinBlue.

Best Landing Page Builder with Email Marketing Integrations

SendinBlue best landing page builder with email marketing integrations

SendinBlue is a fully-fledged marketing and lead management platform that helps users grow their businesses with the right marketing and sales tools. 

The drag and drop landing page builder has modern pre-designed templates available for customers to use. Modifying and editing the designs are easy. Building a landing page from the start to the publishing stage is super-quick.

SendinBlue is more than a regular landing page builder. The platform offers quality tools such as email marketing integrations, instant chat, marketing automation, and other features to give you a marketing edge.

Although a relative newcomer in the industry, it has one of the best email marketing features for a landing page. Design sleek and attention-grabbing emails within minutes with the software.

Build professional and eye-catching sign-up forms to grow your email contact list. You can also edit it to add other custom fields such as phone number, Linkedin URL, e.t.c. Add the forms to anywhere you want on your website or landing page.

SendInBlue helps you run and set up effective Facebook Ads and other targeted ads to improve your conversion rates. The landing page builder has a retargeting tool that enables you to retarget visitors who visit your site but do not finish the purchase for one reason or the other.

The platform helps you improve the effectiveness of your pages and boost your conversions with its analytical reports. Some of the reports include open & click-through reports, heat maps, A/B testing, and real-time statistics.


SendinBlue Pricing Plan

SendinBlue has four pricing plans: free, lite, premium, and enterprise. The free plan only gives you access to its email marketing features. It is suitable for individuals or businesses who want to send emails.

The Lite plan offers A/B testing and advanced statistics with its email marketing features. The premium plan provides landing page features and combines the elements of both the free and lite plans on a larger scale.

The enterprise plan is for those who have advanced needs and want custom plans. You have to request a quote to get a price.


  • Facebook Ads integration
  • Retargeting tools
  • Email marketing tools
  • A vast library of stock images
  • Page speed optimization

6. Wishpond.

Best Landing Page Builder with Marketing Automation

Wishpond best landing page builder with marketing automation

Wishpond is a robust platform that provides four marketing tools for its customers: landing pages, popups and forms, contests and promos, and marketing automation. There is no limit to the amount of landing pages, pop-ups, and forms you can create with Wishpond.

Creating and maintaining a simple yet effective landing page is made easy with its drag-and-drop builder. The landing page builder helps you create intuitive and appealing designs. 

Wishpond has pre-designed landing page templates that optimize conversions on mobile and desktop devices. The images and texts are put in the right place to attract visitors to click. You can collect any type of information via its attractive landing page forms.

The software is suitable for both beginners and people with a landing page creation experience. Experts with coding knowledge can customize landing pages through HTML and CSS codes for better flexibility. 

Wishpond integrates with 30+ popular marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Zapier, Salesforce, Shopify, AWeber, ConstantConnect, Slack, ActiveCampaign e.t.c.

The builder offers powerful landing page optimization tools such as A/B Testing, analytics, tracking tools, and testing variations to boost your conversions and increase sales.

There is a whole library of eBooks, webinars, and articles on all marketing topics on the platform available on the platform for users. Customer support is available via live chat if you need expertise or backup while using the platform.


Wishpond Pricing

Wishpond has three pricing plans: starting, everything you need, and rapid growth. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

The starting out plan is ideal for beginners with no landing page creation experience and businesses just starting with landing pages. It has a monthly lead cap of 1,500. 

Everything you need to plan is perfect for helping you scale up your business. It has a monthly lead cap of 2,500.

The rapid growth plan is ideal for businesses that generate 10,000+ leads monthly. This plan comes with free implementation coaching and priority support. Depending on the number of leads you want, the pricing varies.


  • Unlimited features for all plans
  • Live chat support
  • Pre-designed landing page templates
  • Affordable starting price

7. GetResponse.

Best Landing Page Builder with Advanced Marketing Features

GetResponse best landing page builder with Advanced Marketing Features

GetResponse is a powerful cloud-based marketing software that provides email marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, and conversion funnels services.

The platform is an all-in-one marketing suite to help small businesses and individuals create pages and automate their marketing campaigns. Create an unlimited number of landing pages with its built-in editor. 

Grow your audience with its lead generation tools that have you build your email list.  Use its email marketing tools to engage potential customers with emails that convert. The Autoresponders helps automate the sending of your emails. 

GetResponse has a complete webinar software that is easy to set up. You can use the software to host webinars to sell your products or content.

The landing page builder has personalized tools available for all professions and needs. Entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing managers, and large companies all enjoy access to tools tailored to meet their different needs.

With our 100,000+ businesses using GetResponse, it is one of the most popular landing page builders in the industry. There is a vast library of resources available to help you build your followers or visitors list and boost your sales. 

GetResponse has prebuilt conversion funnels for different purposes. They include sales funnel, lead magnet funnel, list-building funnel, and webinar funnel. There are built-in tools to help you run your paid campaigns, such as Facebook Ads, Social Ads Creator, and Facebook Pixel. 

The customer support team is available 24/7 in 8 languages. GetResponse keeps you GDPR compliant by providing customers’ fields to consent when they sign up for your list.


GetResponse Pricing Plan

GetResponse has four main pricing plans: the basic, plus, professional, and max. The basic plan is suitable for businesses just starting and looking to build a contact base.

The plus plan is for businesses who want to generate leads, sell products (physical and online courses), and boost their conversion rates. 

The professional plan is suitable for businesses who want to optimize their results and enjoy access to pro automation and integrations.

The max plan is suitable for large businesses who want personalization and flexible and advanced features. 

All plans apart from the max plan have a free 30-day trial with no credit card required. You have the freedom to cancel your plans at any time.


  • All-in-one marketing software
  • 24/7 customer support
  • GetResponse university
  • 30-day free trial

8. Wix.

Simple Landing Page Builder

Wix Simple Landing Page Builder

Wix is more than a landing page builder, it is one of the most popular website builders available on the market. The platform has a built-in visual editor that gives you the freedom to design your pages the way you want. 

There is no limit to the number of websites or landing pages you can build with Wix. Beginners without coding experience can create their one-site page within minutes. Pick one of its pre-designed landing page templates for your site. You can easily edit all areas of the page with the Wix editor.

Wix creates pages optimized for search engines. You can also edit your page’s mobile view to increasing conversions. There are over 800+ templates that you can customize or use in its ready-made state to build perfect landing pages.

The landing page builder offers an SSL certificate and free web hosting services. Monitor your landing page performance with its analytical tools. You can download its mobile app for easy access to Wix on the go.


Wix Pricing Plan For Website

Wix landing page has a free plan with a limited bandwidth of 500MB. You can create free landing pages with it. However, the page will have a Wix subdomain.

Wix pricing plans fall into two categories: the website plans and the business & eCommerce plans. The website plans include the Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and VIP plans. These plans are ideal for building professional sites.

Wix Business & Ecommerce Pricing Plan

The Business & eCommerce plans include the Business Basic, Business Unlimited, and Business VIP. They are ideal for creating sites that can accept online payments for online businesses.


  • 800+ intuitive pre-designed templates
  • SSL certificate
  • Fast page speed
  • 24/7 customer support

9. ClickFunnels.

Best Landing Page Builder for Creating Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels for Creating Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels is a platform that helps users create a beautiful sales funnel that converts visitors into paying customers. However, it can also create landing pages, squeeze pages, membership websites, and other selling or lead generation page types for its users. 

There are over 155,000+ users on its platform, which have processed an astonishing $9 billion+ in sales. Users can manage their entire sales campaign from one dashboard.

ClickFunnels is not primarily a landing page builder; it consists of the complete marketing funnel tools to help entrepreneurs and businesses sell any product online. 

The platform is a perfect fit for individuals and businesses who want landing pages, email marketing, marketing automation, and payment solutions in one place.

Creating a landing page or sales funnel is comfortable with ClickFunnels. You do need any technical knowledge to create these pages; the drag-and-drop builder simplifies the process. Pick your design and edit it easily with the built-in editor. 

There are lots of onboarding video guides that show you how to create a landing page within minutes. You can add forms, videos, tracking codes to your page.

ClickFunnels has email, PPC (Pay Per Click), and Facebook marketing automation to assist you in diverting traffic to your landing page for capturing leads. 

Running A/B testing is simple with the landing page and sales funnel builder. With the software, you can run affiliate programs for your product and monitor the results. 

Users enjoy access to 24/7 Customer support via live support for all plans. However, the two more expensive plans get priority support.


ClickFunnels Pricing Plan

Clickfunnel offers a 14-day free trial. There are three payment plans available: the starter plan, platinum plan, and the “two comma clubX” plan.

The starter plan is suitable for businesses that are new to the world of sales funnel. With the plan, you can build a limited amount of sales funnels and landing pages.

The platinum plan is ideal for businesses who want to grow their online presence and increase sales. Subscribers can build an unlimited amount of sales funnels and landing pages. Other perks include priority support and hours of additional training videos.

The “two comma clubX” plan is ideal for large businesses who want to scale up their sales. Priority support and access to VIP phone support are available for this plan. 


  • Easy to set up
  • SSL certification
  • Affiliate program management
  • A/B Testing

10. HubSpot.

Powerful Landing Page Builder with Complete Marketing Tools

HubSpot with Complete Marketing Tools

HubSpot is a familiar name in the B2B and SaaS marketing sphere. The software offers a landing page tool, sales page tool, and other marketing services. It is an excellent fit for digital marketers and salespeople.

The marketing software giant has a powerful landing page builder tool that creates responsive and mobile-optimized landing pages for its users. Access its rich library of landing page templates and create beautiful landing pages that do not require any coding. You can also create pages from scratch.

With the drag-and-drop editor, you can customize every aspect of your landing page content. Add forms, images, maps, and other contents to your page.

HubSpot allows you to personalize your landing page content for different visitor categories to increase your conversion rates. You can filter the content on your landing page to reflect contacts based on the visitor's geography, age, and other preferences.

Test up to five variations of your landing pages to find out which converts best. You can also test your landing page’s elements such as headline, image, Call-To-Action (CTA), and forms.

HubSpot provides a detailed analysis of your landing page, including suggesting SEO tips to improve your page’s search engine score.

The all-in-one, inbound marketing software consists of blogging, landing page, email, market automation, lead management, analytics, social media, Ads, salesforce integration, and SEO tools. They help grow your business, irrespective of its size.

HubSpot award-winning customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, email, or phone (available support means vary according to plan).


HubSpot Pricing Plan

HubSpot has a free plan that allows you to create landing pages, forms and to enjoy other essential services. It is suitable for businesses and individuals who want to test the platform. However, the plan has limitations.

There are three premium plans: starter, professional, and enterprise. The starter plan is ideal for businesses who want to attract leads and convert them into paying customers.

The professional plan is for businesses who want to automate their marketing campaign and optimize their conversion rates.

The enterprise plan is perfect for large businesses with a sizable number of teams or admins. 


  • Quick landing page creation
  • A/B Testing
  • Boosts lead tracking and conversions

11. Lander.

Affordable Landing Page Builder

Lander is an affordable landing page builder

Lander is a dedicated landing page builder tool with over 1.5 million+ users and 3,000+ brands. Its affordable pricing price makes it suitable for small businesses on a budget. Despite its low cost, it is fully-loaded with premium features.

The landing page builder makes it easy to customize its landing page template codes. Beginners may not be too intrigued with this feature; advanced users with web experience can customize their pages according to their taste. 

Beginners can use its drag-and-drop builder to customize their landing page with no coding needed quickly. Drag elements from the editor or pre-designed landing page template and drop them wherever you like. There are over 100+ landing page templates available to users.

A/B testing feature also allows you to test different landing page variations to find out which works best for your audience. You can also utilize its dedicated and actionable landing pages to run your Facebook Ads.

Lander has an auto-fill feature that helps you get crucial user information needed for targeting faster. There is no limit to the number of landing pages you can create. Upsell your customers with confirmation and thank you pages.

The landing page builder offers dynamic text replacement (DTR), email integration, CRM, analytics, and others. Lander has 121,356+ customers using its services. 


Lander Pricing Plan

Lander has two pricing plans: the basic and professional plans. Both plans come with a free 14-day trial.

The basic plan is ideal for small businesses that have a traffic target of 5,000 monthly visitors. Beginners with no experience should try out this plan.

The professional plan is suitable for in-house marketers and has a traffic target of 25,000 monthly visitors. Users who want to utilize integrations such as Webhook, Zapier, Marketo, and Salesforce use his plan. 


  • Facebook landing pages
  • Affordable starting plan
  • A/B testing

12. OptimizePress.

Best WordPress Landing Page Creator

OptimizePress is The best WordPress Landing Page Creator

OptimizePress is one of the best plugins for creating landing pages and other funnel pages on your WordPress website. Increase your leads and conversions with the landing page software.

Unlike other landing page plugins on WordPress, OptimizePress is a full marketing suite that allows users to create all sorts of pages. They include Launch Funnels, List Building Funnels, Sales Funnels, and Webinar Funnels.

The landing page builder is suitable for non-tech wizards, there is no coding required. Select a template from over 250+ optimized landing page templates

OptimizePress makes it easier by dividing the templates into different industry niches for better conversions. Templates are available for all needs, such as businesses, eBooks, opt-in pages, webinars, affiliate landing pages, coaching funnels, book launches, seminars and event pages, and more. 

Editing your landing page is made easy with the OptimizeLightning Builder. You get the creative freedom to redesign its pre-built landing pages to suit your preferences. The pages created are mobile-responsive and SEO compliant.

OptimizePress has integrations with popular services such as Zapier, Unsplash, ConverterKit, GetResponse, Drip, Infusionsoft, iContact, and more. You can also take advantage of its tools such as countdown timer, videos, progression bars, and more to generate leads and sales.


OptimizePress Pricing Plan

OptimizePress has three pricing plans: the essential, business, and suite plans. All plans have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The essential plan is suitable for individuals and offers its basic services such as unlimited pages and 27+ premium integrations.

The business plan is ideal for businesses; it allows them to set up the plugin on five personal sites. With this plan, you can use OptimizeUrgency to add the scarcity element to your pages.

The suite plan is for large businesses that want to scale up their conversions. You can set up the plugin for 20 personal sites. Subscribers enjoy access to OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeCheckouts, and OptimizeLeads features.


  • Suitable for WordPress sites
  • Unlimited pages
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Email integration

13. Ucraft.

Best Built-in Landing Page Builder

Ucraft for Built in Landing Page Builder

Ucraft is a simple drag-and-drop website builder that can create the perfect landing pages that convert. There is no need for any technical knowledge; it is user-friendly for both beginners and experts. 

The software comes with rich features such as the logo maker and the drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to customize its templates.

The beautiful 80+ pre-existing landing page templates are mobile-responsive. Whether you run a small business, an entrepreneur, coach, or artist, a pre-designed landing page template is available for you.

Ucraft has two million-plus free vector icons and one million-plus royalty-free images for users to create attractive landing pages.

The landing page builder has integrations with Google Analytics, Intercom, Zendesk Chat, and more. There is no limit to the number of landing pages you can create, even with the free versions. 

Your landing page gets free and secure hosting on Google Cloud with SSL encryption. There are SEO tools on the platform you can utilize to boost the conversions of your page. 

Ucraft has eCommerce tools that allow you to sell digital products or physical ones on the web. Accept payment and set up shipping with its 70+ popular payment and shipping methods.

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat. 


Ucraft Pricing Plan

Ucraft has four plans: the free website, pro website, pro shop, and unlimited plans. The free plan is ideal for creating simple landing pages

The pro website plan offers basic eCommerce functionalities. The pro shop website plan is perfect for growing your business. 

The unlimited plan covers all Ucraft data management, eCommerce, and primary features. It is suitable for businesses who want to scale up their conversions and profits. 


  • SSL encryption
  • Built-in analytics
  • Unlimited landing page creation
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free plan

14. Carrd.

Quick Landing Page Builder

Carrd is a platform for building free, simple, and responsive one page sites

Carrd is a platform for building free, simple, and responsive one-page sites. Creating a landing page for your purpose is super-fast and easy. There is no need to create an account to start; generate the landing page first and sign up later.

Simply visit the Carrd official website and click on the ‘Choose A Starting Point’ button to get started. Select any theme that appeals to you and customize it. There are four types of themes to choose from Identity, Landing, Portfolio, and Multi-Section. To publish your landing page, you need to sign up.

Carrd’s editing tools are easy to use. Click on the block you want to edit, and a sidebar pops up with several options. You can upload images, add links, and alt text to the selected area. 

The one-page site builder helps you create a single page for different purposes, such as a landing page to capture emails, a personal profile page, and e.t.c. Carrd pages are responsive and optimized for mobile devices.


Carrd Pricing Plan

Carrd has two plans: the free and the go pro plans. The pro plan consists of the pro lite, the pro-standard, and pro plus plans.

The free plan is suitable for businesses and individuals new to building landing pages. 

The go pro plan is ideal for businesses and individuals who want to grow and scale up their business. There are a lot of perks of using the go pro plan over the free.

Users can publish their sites to custom domains with a full SSL certificate, add forms, Google Analytics, enjoy high-quality free images, upload large photos and videos, and more. You can try it free for seven days.

The Go Pro plan allows integration with PayPal, Stripe using MailChimp, Revue, ConvertKit, Gumroad, GetResponse, EmailOctopus, and Sendinblue.


  • Smooth Visual Editor
  • Affordable plans
  • SSL certificate
  • 7-day free trial

15. Elementor.

Best WordPress Landing Page Builder

Elementor wordpress landing page builder

Elementor is one of the best WordPress landing page builder plugins. The plugin is highly-regarded in the WordPress community, with over 5,000+ positive reviews. 

Over 5 million plus professionals use Elementor to build their sites, making it WordPress’ most popular website builder.

The website and landing page builder gives you complete freedom over ever the design elements of your page. Choose the layout, colors, forms, and more. There are over 300+ landing page templates available to users.

Choose from 90+ design widgets to customize your landing pages and other sites. Some of the widgets include heading, text editor, google maps, share button, image box, icon box, social icons, HTML, testimonials, etc.  

Integrations are only available on the pro plans. The landing page builder plugin integrates with popular services such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Zapier, ConverterKit, GetResponse, Drip, and Adobe TypeKit.

Elementor is available in 50 languages and works well with WordPress translation plugins to increase your landing page’s reach. The landing page plugin works well with any WordPress plugins and themes.

Users enjoy 24/7 customer support through help centers, FAQs, video tutorials, and the Elementor community.


Elementor Pricing Plan

Elementor has four plans: the free, personal, plus, and expert. The free plan is ideal for businesses and individuals who want to build simple landing pages at no cost. There are limitations on the features usable on the free plan.

The person plan is suitable for building attractive and high-converting landing pages for one website. 

The plus plan is a perfect fit for businesses who want to build landing pages for three websites. 

The professional plan is ideal for large businesses who sell many products or services and need landing page functions on up to a thousand sites.


  • Works with WordPress plugins and themes
  • Mobile-responsive and fast landing pages
  • Affordable pricing
  • Simple interface
  • Free version available

16. Divi.

Best Landing Page Builder with Multipurpose Themes 

Divi landing page builder with multipurpose themes

Divi is a top WordPress theme for building websites, including landing pages from Elegant Themes. Divi is not just a WordPress theme but a website builder plugin that helps you create beautiful designs for your website or landing page.

The popular WordPress theme makes it easy for you to create new pages with its advanced visual builder technology. Newbies and professionals can use it to create spectacular designs quickly. 

There is a whole collection of pre-designed page templates available on Divi for users. You can customize a template or combine different designs with simple clicks. The WordPress plugin has over 701,600 happy customers.

Create powerful forms with its contact form builder. The landing page software has built-in split testing functionalities that allow you to test different pages’ variations or elements.

Divi offers multilingual support for your landing pages in 32 languages. The plugin works with WooCommerce to start selling products online and increase conversions.

The Divi Support Center is available 24/7 via live chat. Once you purchase a plan, you become a part of the Divi community, which offers users support. All premium plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Divi Pricing Plan

Divi has two premium plans: yearly access and lifetime access. Both plans give access to all of Divi’s features. 

The core difference between them is in their duration. The yearly access is renewable yearly, while lifetime access is a one-time payment for life.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee for both plans. 


  • Powerful visual builder
  • One-time payment plan
  • Beautiful pre-designed templates and design elements
  • Import and export features

What is a Landing Page Builder?

A landing page is a standalone page with one Call to Action (CTA) to convert visitors into leads. Landing pages play an essential role in an advertising or sales campaign. 

Sending traffic directly to your website from your paid campaigns is not always practical. You can use a dedicated and simple landing page to convert better.

A landing page is a specially designed webpage where visitors get sent to when they click on paid ads or via organic traffic. They help generate leads for businesses.

Building a simple landing page requires coding experience. Many businesses who want to create landing pages do not have this experience. Such a situation is where the relevance of a landing page builder comes in.

A landing page builder helps users create intuitive and user-friendly landing pages with no coding required. They have vast resources to attract landing page templates you can choose from without design from scratch.

The ultimate purpose of a landing page builder is to create responsive and optimized pages to help its users achieve their goals. They have only a few elements and a clear CTA, all designed to get the visitor to take a single action.

What Features Should You Look for in a Landing Page Builder?

Making sales or getting enough clients is the only important thing in a business. Sadly, this is also one of the most challenging exercises in running a business. The world has gone digital, and the emergence of the internet has opened up more opportunities. 

The difficult task of marketing has been made more comfortable and more efficient through the internet. Business owners can host their services on websites and make them available to everyone in every part of the world. 

However, there has been a need to be more precise and useful in the advert and promotional activities, which has brought about landing pages. Landing pages have become digital marketing strategies, and many online business owners have realized how much they can be amply utilized.

Like all web pages, landing pages need designing. Yet, hiring a professional web page developer has proven to be quite expensive. Luckily, technological advances in our modern age have helped bridge this minor setback without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

Landing page builders have been made famous and do the job of web page developers correctly. They allow regular internet users to create a landing page all by themselves. No technical knowledge is needed, just knowing how to use our beloved mobile phones and personal computers. 

However, landing page builders are not all the same. While some offer few features to be more affordable, others offer more advanced features with increasing costs. There are meeting points, and here is a list of features every user should look for in any landing page building software:

1. User-Friendly Interface

Advanced technology aims at making life easier for humans. The main reason for using an automated landing page builder is to remove the need for a website developer or knowledge. 

It doesn't only save one the expenses but also saves time. Therefore, every user should look for landing page builders that are easy to use without any unique technical ability

A friendly user interface would ensure that users can achieve the type of design they want without much confusion. Any landing page builder that doesn't offer this will not be in contention. 

Look out for the simple drag and drop feature; it makes the whole experience a lot easier.

2. Dynamic Template and Design Options

The template and overall page design are essential features of any webpage. Landing pages are primarily used for advert and promotional purposes, so first impressions count a lot. The first impression is created through visual elements of a page; therefore, page owners must do their best to make this right. 

Users should make sure that any landing page used by them has a wide range of design options. Having a wide range to choose from will make designing a page as satisfying and fulfilling as a user wants it to be. 

Dynamism creates enough space for creativity. It also creates an avenue for distinct template designs for A/B testing and separate proposed landing pages. Template designs and colors offered by these builders should also be contemporary enough to fit into our modern world.

3. Pre-Formatted Templates

Landing page builders are easy solutions for untrained website owners to create pages to suit their interests. Using a landing page builder that offers a selection of ready-made template designs would go a long way to make page creation easier. These formats are following the best practices and designs for specific page types. 

Some landing page builders offer different template designs according to their purpose, whether to create leads or sales. A landing page builder with many pre-formatted templates would be beneficial to new users looking for creative inspiration. 

Users can then add a few extra personal touches like replacing colors and images to make them more distinct and original.

4. A/B testing Integration

It is also known as split testing. A/B testing means running tests on two versions of a webpage to see which of them is more effective in giving the required result. The integration of A/B testing is an essential feature when choosing a landing page builder. 

Landing pages draw actions from visitors and customers about a particular product or service. Ensuring that you attract these visitors could be a tricky job and is mostly down to the page’s design and promotional content. No design or promotional phrase is a sure bet. 

A/B testing allows users to roll out different landing pages and study which of the preferred landing page designs is most effective in achieving this marketing goal

Although there are A/B testing platforms available to web page owners, using a landing page builder with this feature is much more comfortable and straightforward. 

5. Mobile Device Optimization

mobile device users worldwide

A vast number of internet users access the internet through mobile devices. So, it would only make sense that marketing strategies cover this set of internet users. 

Landing page builders optimize their pages to suit mobile devices. It would ensure that any lead or sale that can originate from this source is not left out. 

There is no need to change the whole page design just for mobile devices but only a few structural details. Therefore, users should ensure that any landing page builder selected can easily make the pages flexible to suit mobile devices.  

6. Report Generation 

One significant way to increase leads and sales via a landing page is to study how well it is faring and make due improvements. Not everyone has the time to run A/B tests on their landing pages before officially dishing them out. 

A report generation feature helps page owners make proper progressive improvements on their websites.

7. Customer Service

Programs tend to have hitches in operation here and there. It is almost inevitable for all users. Human representatives or Automatic Response Systems have helped to solve these problems. 

Therefore, users should use landing page builders with excellent and timely customer support systems to not be left frustrated.

Landing pages are innovative marketing instruments. Finding the right page builder would make them more comfortable and less expensive to create and give users a chance to increase their effectiveness.

Benefits of Using a Landing Page Builder

A landing page is a single web page that performs simple actions. These actions can be registration, sign-in, sign-up to a website. Most times, you just need to input your details like your email, phone number, and log-in information to empty fields and then submit them appropriately. 

A Landing page has so many functions apart from the ones earlier explained. People find it challenging to build a landing page on their own. Some employ the services of a web developer; others use software that creates landing pages. The former option indeed requires payments, but the latter might not necessarily need.

Both options have lots of benefits, especially if you are not technologically inclined and you need a landing page for your brand/business. Carefully read through the benefits listed below.

1. Generate Conversions

average landing page conversion rate

Landing page builders help in a high conversion rate. Landing pages redirect visitors to a website. The landing page provides little information about what the website wants to offer. There are links provided to take you to the website. All you might have to do is to sign-up with your details and become a registered customer. 

Softwares that create landing pages help in designing your page to enhance the conversion rate. When people enter a landing page, and they don’t see something exciting, there is every tendency they bounce out. Attractive features and layout increase the conversion rates.

2. Easy to Create

Landing page builders create pages with easy tools. They have so many features like the drag and drop builder, widgets, pre-designed templates, etc. These features are what make the creation easy. 

For builders that require payments, the payment determines the features you can access. Some software helps you design your page and give you days of free trials to enjoy the features. After the trials are expired, you are to renew your payments to have access to these features.

3. Helps to Promote Products

If you intend to use a landing page to promote your online/offline business, landing page builders can help you provide an accurate design to your page. 

To attract lots of customers, you need the right designs to catch the right target audience. For instance, if you want to advertise a clothing line on a landing page, you need to fix your wares’ photos on the site. 

Landing page builders possess some features in the form of slides and exhibitions. These features help in the promotions of brand/product/business. They also cause traffic on the site because people love pictorial advertisements. 

4. Conciseness in Layout 

Landing page builders help you to construct your page; regarding the word count and arrangement. People are always confused about how long their landing page should be. However, there is no manual to that; it depends on the content you are advertising on the page

Softwares provide templates for landing pages, depending on your intentions. Templates fall into divisions based on need or niche. The use of page builders is an advantage to clear your doubt on the length of your landing page.

5. Enhances Credibility

While creating your page, page builders help fix blank boxes that show the number of ‘reads’ ‘shares' or ‘views’ you have on your page. 

The count increases as visitors enter your page to read your content. They are also spaces to leave your reviews on the page. It has a positive effect on the traffic on your page. 

When a random customer enters your page, even if your content does not look appealing, he or she is forced to still go through considering the impressive number of views you have. Also, the number of views can infer a level of credibility and authenticity on your site. 

6. Increases Search Traffic

Search Engine Market Share

A well-designed landing page increases search traffic. The builders make use of keywords and bullets that are in line with SEO best practices. These keywords are what attract target audiences to your page.

For instance, when a customer uses the Google search box to check for a credible clothing brand using a related keyword, your page will pop up if it has that keyword in your content. Fixing the right keywords on your landing page increases your search traffic.

For effective sales and completion of your goal, you might need the services of a landing page builder. The software will build the professional status of your brand from the presentation on your page. They help you to create the best landing pages

Some builders will charge more than others. Check for the ones that can offer the features you need at an average price. You don’t need to pay for full-service only if you optimize the software’s full features.

Tips and Strategies to Attract More Leads and Sales with Landing Pages

Businesses and corporations thrive on the patronage of customers. Business owners know that attracting the right amount of customers is no walk in the park. This need to get more clients and consumers gave birth to the marketing campaigns companies and institutions engage in. 

Marketing departments and strategies should focus the attention of customers on their goods or/and services. The internet has made these marketing and promotional exercises more efficient with their vast reach and possibilities

Companies use websites to host their services and get internet users involved with them. However, there is also a need to make existing and loyal customers aware of particular goods or services. 

The use of landing pages has helped to give marketing and promotional activities a proper framework. Landing pages are single specialized pages used for advert and promotional services. Businesses usually use them to secure the awareness of customers of specific goods and services. 

It may be a general advertisement for the company as a whole or just for a particular service element. As business owners and companies are looking to optimize the use of landing pages, here are a few tips on how to ensure landing pages obtain the required leads or sales a company needs.

1. Clear Motive And Call to Action

The objectives of the advert and promotional placements of companies are very numerous and distinct. As there is no single marketing strategy, there is no single promotional motive for landing pages. Landing page adverts can summon customers to either contact the company for a good or service or make a purchase right there. 

A landing page should make a stand on this particularly clear. It should also make sure that customers know how to get themselves involved with this advert. 

A clear and prominent call to action should reflect on the page. It could be a highlighted phrase or button with specific terms like “Get Started Now,” “Call Now,” or other forms duly relating to the page’s aim. It would make sure that customers clearly understand how to involve themselves with the company’s advertised service.

2. Proximate and Catchy Headline 

The headline on a landing page is one factor that determines the first impressions of customers towards the content of the page. It helps to summarize the whole page and get customers well aware of what to expect. 

It is therefore essential that any landing page’s headline should resonate with the promotional content it contains. The headline should also be interesting enough to make visitors enthusiastic about what the page contains. 

A catchy headline would do well in propelling visitors to read and understand what the offer on the page entails. It would go a long way in ensuring a landing page gets well received by any guest. 

3. Coordinated Ads

Every internet marketing strategist would be well aware of the importance of Google Ads and other advert hosting platforms. They provide proper mini advert placements to create awareness about goods and services on different, targeted websites. 

These mini adverts are usually embedded with links to landing pages. Mini advert placements and landing pages are marketing instruments traditionally used hand in hand to ensure that product and service awareness is well structured. 

Accordingly, to ensure proper advert value, these two instruments have to be well-coordinated with each other. An interest in a mini ad is interest in the whole offer it presents. You don't want potential clients clicking on a Google Ad because of interest in its content and ending up with different content on the landing page. 

Every critical aspect of a Landing page should harmonize with its mini ads to sustain interested visitors’ enthusiasm.

4. Effective Website Design and Template

The look and structure is another essential factor that determines the first impression of guests towards it. The images and videos used on a landing page shouldn't be put off but should catch the different visitors’ pages. 

Template designs should wear a modern look. An old design template may put off potential clients and diminish their interest in the advert content. 

Every landing page needs to have a simple layout. Business owners do not want their customers confused about what the landing page entails and how to go about it. 

The language, grammar, and use of words on the page should also be accurate and appropriate to the adverts’ target audience.

5. Trust Building

The world wide web is full of a lot of fraudulent and misleading businesses. Some Internet users have been victims of deceitful advert contents and thereby have trust issues with any internet ad. 

Instilling and building this trust in visitors will give them enough confidence in your goods or services to take the next step. Beneficial, truthful, and genuine reviews should be infused with a landing page to achieve this goal. Insert these reviews through short videos or a whole dedicated comment section. 

Reviews are not the only tools that can serve as trust builders. Notable awards, videos of the product or service, and external media mentions can be good trust indicators and builders.

Sowing trust in visitors is one thing that substantially increases the value of ads and promotions placed on landing pages.

6. Monitoring and Improvements

Nothing is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Business owners or their marketing strategists should ensure that they examine their landing pages’ effects and potency. They should make sure that the landing page’s different areas get screened and due improvements made. 

It could be in the main heading, design template, colors, or even the page’s grammar. Improvements would always improve the quality of a landing page.   

Landing pages are excellent tools for digital marketing in the world we live in today. Getting the different elements that make up a landing page right is crucial in increasing internet marketing strategies’ efficiency.

Landing Page Builder FAQ

Are landing pages free?

A single web page that pops up in response to clicking a search button is known as a landing page. It can be called ‘static page,’ ‘lead capture page,’ etc. 

Landing pages can be free, and they can also require costs to create. Some websites create landing pages for free, and there are some that you need to pay for. 

The free landing pages will have limited features, unlike the ones that require costs. Wix is a good site that you can find numerous free landing page templates to work with.

Do I need a website for a landing page?

You don’t necessarily need a website for a landing page. Once you have a professional Uniform Resource Locator (URL), a landing page can stand independently. 

A landing page is suitable for a website that loads a single page. This page can just be for a specific purpose. Some software enables you to create landing pages.

How do I get people to my landing page?

There are different ways you can direct people to your landing page. I’ll share a few steps below to make it easy for you.

Pay for content advertisement. Try to pay people to help direct the crowd to your landing page. It is a form of advertisement service that you pay for.

Contact influencers. Reach out to different influencers on different media to help you advertise your page. These influencers get handsome engagements on each of their contents. They will be able to pull crowds to your page. Some of them might offer free service, and some will charge. Reach out to influencers your pay can afford. Influencer marketing works because people trust social credibility.

Learn the power of PR. Public Relations (PR) is a practical skill in promoting your page. Your page needs engaging content that can help pull crowds. Work on your page.

Utilize the availability of social media. There are so many media platforms on the internet you can use. Use this opportunity to promote your page. You can’t tell the media most of your target audience uses. Try platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Engage members of online groups. On media platforms, there are different groups with specific interests. Enter these groups, start conversations about your page and its content. They can patronize what you have to offer and even promote your brand to others.

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

The primary difference you need to know is that websites are more complex than landing pages. Landing pages are simplified and not fully comprehensive. Their purpose is for a sign-up or sign-in, to enter your email, phone number, login details, etc. 

They can serve as a route to pull traffic to a marketing goal. There are no distractions or add-ons on a landing page. It is a single-action page.

Websites consist of interrelated pages, ranging from five and above. It contains all the information a customer needs to know about a brand. It is multifunctional, unlike a landing page.

The purpose is to give you everything you need concerning an organization, company, or online market. It can also contain sign-up pages before accessing the information you need from the site.

Should landing pages be indexed in Google?

Google indexed pages are pages already visited by Google crawlers. Their contents have been scrutinized and stored in the Google Index. 

It is essential to index your landing page for easy access by customers searching for your brand. You will have more traffic by indexing your page on Google. 

If you have not indexed your page on Google, your page will not appear in the top search results. It is necessary to index your page, knowing full well the difficulties in getting your brand recognized.

What makes a good landing page?

There are some excellent tips you need to know about the right landing page. Your page must be concise; customers should not find it hard to immediately get your page’s purpose when it pops up on their phone. 

For instance, bear the customer in mind while creating your landing page. If it is a designer page, coat your page with the necessary features to make it obvious. Structure your page contents well, don’t clutter up your page elements. It shows your level of organization.

Your page must be catchy at the slightest glance. Be specific with what you display on your page; don’t make customers read through lines before getting what you have to offer.

On your page, customize boxes that indicate the number of ‘reads’ and ‘shares’ at the top right corner. It will impress a customer when reading through your page; it shows social proof that builds trust between your brand and your customers.

Are landing pages bad for SEO?

Landing pages are useful for SEO. Linking customers directly to a home page can confuse them. They need to know how to get the information they desire. When you search on Google, it is difficult to answer the keyword you searched directly. 

Websites get created to satisfy numerous needs on pages; we try to fix a specific information source on pages to attract visitors. Using the landing page method, you can set the keywords and necessary information on a page. 

Landing pages can enable us to fix links that direct customers to their specific search. You can attract visitors by customizing your landing pages to provide actual results to search.

How much does a landing page cost?

There are landing pages created for free, and there are ones made with costs. The cost of building a landing page depends on how you want the page to look. More features require more fees. 

You can customize your landing page using landing page builders or pay a developer to build it. The cost of a landing page can be between $20 and $400. 

Some Landing Page builders offer you a trial period to use the page. Once the time expires, you begin to renew at a specific cost. The cost now depends on the features on your page. You can pay the fees monthly or annually. A disadvantage of using web builders is that they promote other services using Ads on your landing page.

How do landing pages make money?

There are ways you can use landing pages to make money.

Network marketing. It is a result of sales made by independent persons. Try using your page to advertise your products and services, either offline or online.

Affiliate marketing. It is another form of marketing. You help people promote their businesses, brands, etc. You have to create a landing page to advertise their offers. You can expand your coast by marketing different brands with different products.

Opening land-based stores. You can create a landing page that will advertise your wares, not only advertising but providing links to your store in the cities. If you have a product to sell, a landing page is the first source of attraction. Advertise your products on the page first, and then direct them to your stores where they can buy your products.

Consultancy. You can start consulting with the few ideas you have. You are an expert in one thing or the other; use that to educate people. Share your knowledge with people online. You can direct people online to pay for access to knowledge.

Freelancing. If you have a skill you can freelance with, you can make money online while using a landing page. Advertise that skill on your landing page, so people can reach out to do business with you. Make the landing page available for people to book down future jobs and referrals.

How do I test the success of a landing page?

Check the page views and shares. The number of views your landing page has is a measure of success.

Review your goals. Try to check on your goals for creating a landing page. Have you achieved that goal? Are you on the way to attain that goal? With these, you can measure your success. If you create a landing page to redirect people to a more detailed site, check the conversion rate if it is impressive. 

Time spent on-page. Check the period visitors use on your page. For instance, if you create an educational landing page, the time visitors spend on your page reflects your information’s value.

Check the customer-contact ratio. You can measure the success of your landing page by checking the visitor/contact ratio. How many visitors contacted you after what they met on your landing page?

The answer to these questions can point you in a direction.

Do landing pages still work?

Yes, landing pages still work and are effective. Landing pages are beneficial to your brands by creating a first impression. They narrow down a customer’s search with their concise and direct layout. It is easier to capture information from a landing page because of little or no distractions.

How long should a landing page be?

A standard landing page should not be too long or short. A short one might not provide the necessary information and leave the visitor perplexed, while a long one might be too generic; and not specific. 

Don’t create landing pages with the mindset of making your contents long or short; work on the conversion rate

The length of your landing page depends on the information you need from a customer, in the case of a sign-up page. The more fields you ask customers to fill up, the longer the page.

Should landing pages have navigation?

Landing pages should not have navigations. Navigation links are what directs a visitor to other pages of a site. The use of navigation links goes against the feature of a landing page. Navigation links distract the attention of a visitor. 

A landing page is a call to action page; links take your mind away from the goal. The action could be to enter your email/login details in a box; you might not carry it out when a link has redirected you to another page.

Next Step: Grow Your Leads and Sales with the Top Landing Page Builder

A landing page is a vital part of a business online marketing campaign or strategy. Creating a landing page from scratch requires technical knowledge to develop. If you do not have the expertise to do it, you can hire a website professional. However, it can be costly for a small business.

A better alternative is to use a landing page builder. They offer cheaper pricing and, often, beneficial services. You do not need any technical knowledge to create landing pages to grow leads and sales for your business.  

There are several good landing page builders in the market. If you need a landing page with a simple interface and hundreds of high-quality templates, Wix and Landingi are ideal choices.

If you want a landing page plugin that can work seamlessly with your WordPress site and other plugins, OptimizePress and Elementor are perfect picks. LeadPages and Unbounce have the best features and are ideal for selling products.

Using a landing page builder for your land page creations will help you grow your leads and conversions quickly. It takes a few minutes to create the perfect landing page for your needs.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk