13 Best Landing Page Builders to Grow Leads and Sales in 2024

Updated May 17, 2024.

Landing page builders are essential if you want to save hours building high-quality landing pages that generate high conversions. In this guide, I’ve ranked and reviewed the 15 best landing page builders (both free and paid) in the market and also shortlisted the five most recommended tools.

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Create optimized landing pages with a drag-and-drop editor and convenient AI features.
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Collaborate to create visually stunning landing pages with a flexible landing page editor.
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Get high-converting landing page templates and a drag-and-drop tool at cheap rates.
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Get free landing pages along with several free and essential marketing tools.
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Easily build beautiful landing pages with an intuitive and complete landing page solution.

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As a digital marketer or entrepreneur, you need to build landing pages that will drive the most conversions, and to do that as quickly and easily as possible, you need landing page builders.

However, choosing the best landing page builder for your business can be a task in itself as there are so many options around.

Not to worry, this article provides a comprehensive review of the very best landing page builders available.

The best landing page builders provide more than standard features like beautifully-designed templates and a drag-and-drop editor.

They also come equipped with robust analytics and lead generation tools, webinar and ecommerce integrations, as well as different plans with features that match the needs and budget of different business sizes: individual marketers, SMBs, and large enterprises.

What is the Best Landing Page Builder?

These are my top picks for the best landing page builders in 2024:

1. Unbounce

Best Landing Page Builder For Conversions

Editor’s Take
9.5 out of 10
Best For:
$90 – $225 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 10%

With its AI-powered smart builder, Unbounce is the ultimate tool for building high-converting landing pages. Although it’s a pricey solution, the AI features provide unparalleled conversion assistance, plus there’s a robust and intuitive drag-and-drop feature. If you want a cheat code for building high-converting pages, then Unbounce is your go-to tool.

Hailed as one of the very first dedicated landing page builder software, Unbounce is the best choice for creating high-converting landing pages thanks to its powerful and intelligent landing page optimization tools.

Best Features

AI-Assisted Conversions

Unbounce’s AI tool does most of the work by recommending high-converting templates and copy. The templates can be customized with the help of the AI tool, keeping them conversion-optimized.

AI-Assisted Copy

AI not only recommends high-converting copy but can also transform existing copy into something new with dynamic text replacement. An expander feature helps you auto-complete sentences and paragraphs. You can view and add keywords that match search intent to your copy.

Mobile Optimization

The builder grid ensures your designs are optimized for any mobile device. You can create and edit mobile versions of your landing pages.

Robust Analytics

With the analytics provided for Unbounce landing pages, users can track conversions as well as the behavioral data and demographics of visitors. You can also identify conversion patterns so you can know which sites or elements to optimize.

Standard Drag-and-Drop Editor

Those that require a more familiar functionality can use Unbounce’s classic drag-and-drop tool. There are several customizable templates to choose from. You can create pop-ups, sticky bars, lightboxes, completely custom mobile pages, and set action triggers.

A/B Testing

A/B tests can be run to optimize pages and increase conversion rates.

Scripts and Integrations

Unbounce lets users write custom scripts to add more needed features. There are no-code integrations for popular tools as well.


Unbounce - Pricing Plan

Read more about Unbounce pricing

  • While Unbounce provides robust, user-friendly features, it’s far from cheap with the lowest plan at $90 per month.
  • Launch only allows 20,000 visitors, while Optimize allows 30,000 visitors and promises 30% more conversions.
  • While Accelerate provides the most robust features of the readily-priced plans, there’s an even bigger, custom plan for businesses that need more functionality.

Unbounce’s features are a bit pricey, but you’re given a 14-day free trial to check and decide if the solution is worth the price.

2. Instapage

Landing Page Builder With Robust Editor And Collaboration Tool

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
Best For:
$299 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 34%

Instapage provides collaboration features similar to Google Docs, so it’s pretty easy to work together with team members or clients on a landing page. There are powerful features too, like a flexible landing page editor and lots of options for analytics and insights. If you value real-time collaboration, then Instapage is your best choice. 

While Instapage makes it possible for newbies to build landing pages, it’s also surprisingly vast in functionality.

Apart from a very flexible editor, there are also robust tools for personalizing and optimizing landing pages.

Best Features

Fully-Customizable Landing Page Editor

The landing page tool is very flexible in functionality. You can either fully edit one of the many use-case templates or build one from scratch by editing multiple elements and adding widgets for more functionality.

On-page Collaboration

This unique feature lets multiple users collaborate on a landing page, make suggestions, and view the ongoing creation of the page together.

Robust Optimization and Analytics

Apart from A/B testing, Instapage also provides analytics, pixel tracking, heatmaps, and real-time reports that give rich insights for optimization.


Instapage helps you track visitor activity and create personalized pages.

Dynamic Copy

You get recommended texts that match the search intent of your page visitors.

Dedicated Form Builder

Apart from building landing page forms to capture leads, users can simplify complex forms, integrate with CRM and multiple tools to collect leads, and set up offers so visitors can retrieve them immediately. You can also integrate with a tool like OptinMonster to create flexible pop-ups.

Google Ads Integrations

Apart from vast integrations with CRM, automation tools, and other major marketing platforms, Instapage also connects with Google Ads and Analytics relatively easily, so you can track analytics.


  • At $299 per month, Instapage’s cheapest plan reflects the platform’s powerful functionality. This plan, however, doesn’t provide personalization tools or custom integrations.
  • To get the most out of the system, users will have to talk to sales for the Custom plan.

While it’s one of the most expensive tools out there, Instapage gives users a 14-day free trial to get acquainted with many of its powerful features.

3. Leadpages

Affordable Landing Page Solution With Robust Conversion Optimization

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Best For:
An Affordable, Powerful Solution
$49 – $99 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 25%

Unlike many robust solutions, Leadpages doesn’t limit or charge more for the number of leads and visitors your pages receive. I love the conversion assistance tool that tells you how to boost your page for conversions. If you want the functionality of an advanced landing page tool at a low price, then Leadpages is a great choice.

At $49 per month for its cheapest plan, Leadpages is one of the more affordable landing page software for users that want a powerful solution to easily build high-converting landing pages.

Best Features

Conversion Optimization

Leadpages has a built-in technology that predicts how likely the page you’re building is going to convert and gives recommendations on how to optimize it.

Unlimited Traffic

The platform places no extra charges or limits on the number of visitors or leads a page collects.

Robust Drag-and-Drop Builder

Apart from the intuitive drag-and-drop editor, users can also apply features like the video player as well as a calendar scheduler and reservation system with integrations like Calendly and OpenTable.

Pre-built High-converting Page Templates

There are over 200 templates to choose from for different use-cases or industries. Users can create multiple pages for opt-ins, sales, checkout, confirmation, and many more. All pre-built templates are mobile-optimized.

A/B Testing

You can do A/B testing to optimize pages.

Robust Integrations

Integrations are available with essential sales and marketing platforms for CRM, analytics, email marketing, webinars, social media, ecommerce, and payment tools.


LeadPages - Pricing Plan

Read more Leadpages pricing

  • While the Standard plan can be used for only one site, Pro can work for three sites.
  • Standard provides everything in Pro apart from unlimited A/B testing and the ability to receive phone calls or online payments.
  • More robust functionalities like advanced integrations are available on a custom plan.

There’s no free plan, but Leadpages lets you sign up for a 14-day free trial.

4. HubSpot

All-in-one Marketing Tool With Free Landing Page Builder

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For:
Free Lead Generation
$50 – $3,200 per month
Annual Discount:
Save 10%

HubSpot is one of the few great free landing page builders around. With free lead generation and nurturing features like email marketing, segmentation, and Google ad analytics, it edges over most free marketing software. The only downside is that your emails and landing pages will have HubSpot branding until you buy a premium plan.

HubSpot is essentially a full-on marketing platform with every tool a marketer or business might need for driving sales, including a landing page builder.

While HubSpot’s builder is free to use, users that desire more useful features and on-brand pages will have to go for a premium plan.

Best Features

Simple Drag-and-Drop Editor

With an intuitive drag-and-drop tool, you can customize any of the available mobile-optimized templates or build a landing page from scratch.

Dashboard Analytics

There’s a central dashboard that provides key analytics on page visitors and page performance.


Users can create and display personalized pages and forms for different visitors. Personalization can be boosted by a CRM integration that lets you use details like a lead’s funnel journey to personalize your content.

Free Marketing Platform

With Hubspot’s free tool, users get more than a landing page, as features like email marketing, live chat, social media, and Google analytics are also included.

Page and Search Engine Optimization

You can run A/B testing on different elements of a page for page optimization. HubSpot lets you test up to five variations. Users also get suggestions to boost SEO.


Read more Hubspot pricing

  • While the free features are a nice catch, you would have to use them with HubSpot’s branding, as the branding is only removed once you’ve paid for a premium plan.
  • The Starter plan provides reporting for your landing pages as well as ad-retargeting, while the Professional is where users truly start to enjoy HubSpot as a complete marketing platform.

There are no available free trials for premium plans, but you can get started with HubSpot’s free tool and scale at your convenience.

5. Landingi

Best Drag-and-drop Builder For Beginners And Growing Businesses

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For:
$35 – $129 per month
Annual Discount:
2 Months Free

I love how easy Landingi is to use. With an interface that looks and operates like Canva and multiple professional templates to choose from, the platform makes it truly easy for beginners to create landing pages quickly. There’s also an AI for conversion optimization, so you don’t have to worry too much about creating high-converting landing pages.

Landingi is a dedicated landing page builder with simple drag-and-drop functionality and a very comprehensive design interface.

While the landing page tool makes it easy for newbies to create good landing pages in a short time, it’s also equipped with several flexible features.

Best Features

User-friendly Drag-and-drop Builder

The similarity to Canva makes the builder quite easy to use and understand. Users can drag and drop elements like widgets and forms to build a page or edit one of the over 300 customizable templates available.

AI-Assisted Optimization

An AI tool provides insight and analysis that help you increase a page’s likelihood of conversion.

Landing Page Funnel Builder

An inbuilt funnel builder lets you plan a visitor’s journey from the moment they visit your page till the final conversion point.

Payment Gateway

Landingi can connect with Paypal and Stripe to receive payments directly from the landing page. You can also manage orders directly on the platform, package and present product offerings, and use ecommerce templates.

Custom-coded Pages

Landingi provides more flexibility by letting coders enhance or tweak page elements uniquely with HTML and JS.

Marketing and Sales Hub Integrations

Integrations are available with popular tools used for CRM, email marketing, analytics, and ecommerce.


Landingi - Best Drag-and-drop Builder For Beginners And Growing Businesses - pricing
  • The Core plan is perfect for new users in terms of affordability and available features, while Create is a better option for small businesses.
  • Businesses that need automations plus robust integrations and AI optimization should go for the Automate plan.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial.

6. ClickFunnels

Landing Page Builder For Sales Funnel Conversions

ClickFunnels - Quickly Create Beautiful Sales Funnels that Convert Your Visitors into Leads and then customers

Rather than being a dedicated landing page builder, ClickFunnels is a robust solution for creating sales funnels.

You get landing page builder software tools needed for generating leads plus sales funnel templates for turning them into customers.

The templates are perfect for use cases like webinars, course memberships, and ecommerce services.

Best Features

Conversion-focused Funnels

Apart from letting you create landing pages to generate and capture leads, ClickFunnels lets you design steps that will take visitors to the last page of the funnel. Expect to be able to increase your email lists, create product offerings, and receive payments.

Simple Drag-and-drop Editor

Landing pages can be built with an intuitive drag-and-drop landing page solution. A central dashboard keeps the otherwise vast platform more user-friendly.

Personalized Marketing

One of ClickFunnel’s essential features is to help users create personalized landing pages or send personalized ads and emails. You can send follow-up or abandoned cart emails and reach out to previous website visitors through different channels, including social media and push notifications.

Marketing Automations

With popular integrations, ClickFunnel automates several actions for Facebook and email marketing.


ClickFunnels - Pricing Plan
  • At $97 per month, ClickFunnels lets you build 20 funnels and create up to 100 pages.
  • You can remove these limitations by going for the Platinum plan, which provides unlimited funnels plus tools for retargeting.

New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial to try out ClickFunnels’ features.

7. Sendinblue

Complete Marketing Platform With A Landing Page Solution

SendInBlue - Provide a more targeted visitor experience by building your own custom landing pages

Sendinblue is another all-in-one marketing solution with a landing page tool.

Users everything they need to direct traffic to their page and turn those visitors into customers.

Expect CRM functionalities and robust email marketing.

Best Features

Drag-and-drop Editing

You can either build a page from scratch or edit an available template using drag-and-drop editing. There are also follow-up and “thank you” page templates to choose from.

Personalized Marketing

With the ability to include CRM, email, and segmentation all in one tool, users can create personalized pages, ads, and emails.

Dedicated Form Builder

With the same drag-and-drop functionality, you can build custom and GDPR-compliant forms and place them on your landing page, websites, and emails.


Integrations are available with multiple lead generation and nurturing platforms such as OptinMonster and Mailchimp.


Sendinblue - Pricing Plan

Read more Sendinblue pricing

  • The Free plan has some basic email marketing features, but it doesn’t provide a landing page builder.
  • To use the landing page builder, you’d have to go for the Premium plan, which also removes Sendinblue’s branding and allows A/B testing.

There are no free trials for the Premium plan or any of the paid plans, but new users can sign up for free and scale to get more functionalities.

8. ConvertKit

Free Landing Page Builder With Powerful Lead Generation And Nurturing

ConvertKit - Free landing pages for your next idea

ConvertKit is built for converting leads and prospects into customers.

Expect email marketing and ecommerce features along with custom forms, a landing page builder, and an advanced personalization tool for email nurturing.

A great feature of this tool is that the landing pages and some basic email marketing features are free.

Best Features

Free Landing Page Templates

You can pick from and customize several mobile responsive templates for different use cases. There are also thousands of free images to choose from, thanks to an Unsplash integration.

Custom Form Builder

Forms can either be created from scratch or customized with an available template. The forms are GDPR compliant and can be connected to automations and several integrations to facilitate lead generation.

Lead Nurturing

After generating leads, ConvertKit provides rich features to nurture them into customers. These include segmentation, an automated email list and sales funnel, Facebook Ad integrations, and a subscriber referral system.

Sales Pages

Sales pages that can sell digital products, receive payments, and allow downloads can be created for several use cases.

ecommerce Integrations

ConvertKit integrates with popular ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Teachable, and Squarespace. You can also expect integrations with automations, CRM, webinar, and analytics platforms.


ConvertKit - Pricing Plan

Read more ConvertKit pricing

  • While the completely Free plan lets you build landing pages and sales pages, ConvertKit’s paid plans are also one of the most affordable out there.
  • The Creator plan provides more functionalities like integrated automations, while Creator Pro gives access to all of ConvertKit’s robust features.
  • Users who pay annually get a discount and two months free. The monthly bill is determined by the number of subscribers you have, with a minimum limit of 300 subscribers.

Those who want to get the most out of ConvertKit’s features can sign up for a free trial.

9. Wishpond

Simple Landing Page Builder With A Complete Lead Generation And Nurturing Solution

Wishpond - Landing pages that maximize your lead generation

Wishpond is a full-on solution designed to help marketers generate and nurture leads down the funnel.

The platform provides several essential features like a landing page tool and form builder, flexible integrations, and email marketing.

Best Features

Intuitive Drag-and-drop Editor

You can choose from available templates or build a page from scratch with a fairly easy-to-use drag-and-drop landing page solution. Wishpond automatically makes pages mobile-friendly to improve conversions.


Apart from A/B testing functionality to test for and optimize page elements, the pages are built to load quickly to reduce bounce rates. There’s also a tool for optimizing the SEO of the landing pages.

Forms and Pop-ups

Users can create custom form fields and different types of pop-ups. Different pop-up styles can be designed and set to trigger exit intent, website entry, scrolling, and clicks.

Real-time Analytics

Wishpond displays real-time data based on conversions and page visitors. You can also track conversions in third-party marketing apps like Facebook and Google by using pixels.

Customer Lifecycle

With Wishpond, you can conduct referral programs, contests, and promotions on social platforms like Instagram to build the brand loyalty of your existing customers and get new customers.

Robust Integrations

The platform integrates with payment tools like Stripe to receive payments and set up sales pages. It also integrates with automations tools like Zapier as well as popular tools like Slack, Gmail, and Mailchimp. There’s API access to build your custom integrations.


Wishpond - Landing pages that maximize your lead generation - pricing
  • While the lesser plans limit the number of leads you can receive, Wishpond’s most expensive plan, the Rapid Growth plan, lets you receive up to a million leads. The monthly rate increases as the number of leads increases.
  • Users can pay monthly or yearly. The monthly rates of annual sums are at least 34% lower than the regular monthly rates.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you can always get started with a 14-day-free trial, although the free trial is not available for monthly subscriptions.

10. GetResponse

Free Drag-and-drop Tool With Website Builder And Conversion Funnel

GetResponse - Free Landing Page Creator

GetResponse is an all-purpose marketing platform that offers several essential marketing tools for free.

Features like the landing page tool, website builder, and even email marketing can be used for free, making it a great option for small businesses that are just starting out.

Best Features

Free Landing Page Builder

GetResponse’s free landing page creator allows you to edit and create multiple landing pages from over 200 mobile-friendly templates. The platform also offers a free domain to publish the page.

Free Custom Form Builder

You can build fully-customizable GDPR-compliant forms with the drag-and-drop feature. The forms can be kept bot-tight with reCAPTCHA and integrated with popular marketing tools for lead generation.


With inbuilt and integrated analytics, users can track clicks and conversions. Integrations are available with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels for measuring analytics on ad and campaign performance.


Apart from A/B tests that allow you to test and run page variations, users also get some SEO functionality and insights.

Conversion Funnel

There are over 30 prebuilt and conversion-optimized funnels that have been designed for several use cases including webinar campaigns, sales funnels, and lead magnets.

All-in-one Solution

The bulk of GetResponse’s inbuilt software tools all serve to either generate leads or nurture them once they’ve entered the funnel through the landing page. Users can make use of a full webinar solution, a robust email marketing tool, a website builder, paid ads tools, ecommerce and payment features, and multiple automations.


GetResponse - Pricing Plan
  • While GetResponse’s Free Forever plan looks attractive, many essential features are only available in a premium plan. For instance, unlimited landing pages and personalization features are only accessible in the Basic plan.
  • The Plus plan, which is promoted as the top choice for growing businesses, has most of the platform’s key features, such as the webinar platform and some ecommerce features.
  • There are more robust plans for bigger companies and enterprises, but those are only available on a custom plan.

While there are no free trials available, you get a 30% discount if you sign up for an annual subscription.

11. Elementor

Powerful Drag-and-drop Builder For Building WordPress Websites And Landing Pages

Elementor - Create Your Own Must-Click Landing Pages

Elementor is a dedicated website builder for building WordPress websites and landing pages.

While the program doesn’t have the lead nurturing features of dedicated lead generation and sales funnel tools, it provides a drag-and-drop tool for building high-converting landing pages.

Apart from being a robust solution for streamlining web development and creation, Elementor has evolved to become a complete ecommerce website builder.

Best Features

Streamlined Platform

As a platform dedicated to improving the workflow of creating web pages, Elementor provides all the tools needed to create and simultaneously manage multiple landing page campaigns. You can save, swap, and reuse pages easily.

Intuitive Drag-and-drop Editor

This very key feature of Elementor lets you create pages, signup forms, and pop-ups from scratch, or customize one of the several optimized and mobile available templates.


Users can equip landing pages and websites with lots of functionalities by picking one of the over 100 available widgets. There are popular widgets from platforms like PRO and WooCommerce to help users create robust pages for eCommerce and advertising.

Ecommerce Builder

Elementor has every tool and widget you might need for building a fully-functional eCommerce page or website right from the product page to the checkout and receipt page. There are also multiple high-converting templates to choose from for different use cases.

Robust Integrations

The landing page builder tool integrates with everything from essential ecommerce and automation tools like Mailchimp, Zapier, and Hubspot to navigation and communication tools like Slack and Google Maps.


Elementor - Create Your Own Must-Click Landing Pages - pricing
  • While Elementor’s freemium plan has a free drag-and-drop tool, it doesn’t provide a dedicated form and page builder.
  • Elementor packages all the essential tools you need for a complete cloud-based website builder solution in a $99 per year plan.
  • There are available plugin plans if you need more functionality with the cheapest plan coming at $49 per year and the most robust plan with kits and functionalities for enterprises going for $999 per year.

While there’s no free trial available on the premium plans, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you sign up for any of Elementor’s plans.

12. Systeme.io

Free All-in-one Marketing Platform With Landing Page Tool

Systeme - The Easiest & Fastest Way to Grow Your Online Business

Selling itself as an all-in-one marketing platform, Systeme.io lets you create pages and manage campaigns for everything from affiliate programs and webinars to online courses and content marketing.

Equipped with sales funnel templates, email marketing features, and a website builder, the program provides the basic lead generation and nurturing tools for ecommerce and selling of digital products.

Many of these tools can be used on a freemium plan albeit at a limited capacity.

Best Features

Intuitive Drag-and-drop Builder

Users can edit any of the mobile-friendly templates with a drag-and-drop tool and widgets on an intuitive interface. You can also create custom landing pages from scratch, publish on free custom domains, and build pop-up forms.

Free Conversion Funnels

There’s a limited amount of sales funnel templates to use on the freemium plan. Funnels can be streamlined by setting triggers for automations.

Lead Nurturing

With an email marketing platform that allows you to send and automate emails, you can start to nurture leads directly on Systeme.io once they’ve filled a signup form.

A/B Tests

Users can do A/B testing to optimize pages.

Ecommerce Solution

With integrations with payment platforms like Stripe and Paypal, you can create sales and checkout pages to receive payment. Systeme.io also has page templates that are designed to drive conversions for online courses and webinars.


Systeme - The Easiest & Fastest Way to Grow Your Online Business - pricing
  • The freemium plan is one of the most attractive things about the platform. Features like sales funnel templates, online course campaigns, and automations can be used for free, but in a limited capacity.
  • More capacity is available on the Startup plan, which allows you to create 10 sales funnels and email campaigns, as opposed to 3 sales funnels and 1 email campaign on the Free plan.
  • The Webinar plan removes the restriction on creating recurring and automated webinars. The Unlimited plan lets you create unlimited landing pages and sales funnels as well as unlimited capacity on all of Systeme.io’s features.

To get started with Systeme.io, you can sign up for the freemium plan. Should you decide to buy a premium plan, there’s a 30% discount if you pay annually.

13. Mailchimp

Full Email Marketing And Automation Platform With A Free Landing Page Builder

Mailchimp - Create must-click landing pages

Mailchimp is one of the most popular platforms used by online businesses for generating leads and nurturing them into customers.

It’s equipped with the essential tools, including a landing page tool, CRM, and automation tools for streamlining campaigns and sales funnels.

Best Features

Free Landing Page Templates

Mailchimp’s free plan lets users create landing pages and forms. There are multiple high-converting and mobile-optimized templates to choose from on the platform.

Robust Analytics

Apart from being able to spot metrics like conversions and clicks for landing pages, Mailchimp provides rich analytics on campaign performance and target audience behavior for every stage of the funnel, from the landing page to emails and the sales page.


Noted as one of the email marketing platforms with the richest personalization features, Mailchimp provides key features like segmentation, contact tags, and behavioral analytics. Users can send personalized campaigns targeted based on audience behavior and demographics.


You can run A/B testing to optimize landing pages and email campaigns. Users also get helpful insights on how to optimize various stages of the funnel.

Vast Integrations

There are over 250 integrations for apps that span across several purposes, including ecommerce builders, automations, analytics, social platforms and even design tools.


Find out more Mailchimp pricing

  • Mailchimp’s freemium plan has basic tools like a website builder, CRM, landing pages, and basic email marketing. However, you would have to use Mailchimp’s domain and branding for your campaigns.
  • To get custom branding and more robust features like A/B testing and behavioral targeting, users would have to go for the Essentials plan.
  • The Standard plan contains most of Mailchimp’s robust features while Premium provides all the advanced features such as advanced segmentation and multivariate testing.

There are no free trials for the paid plans but users can always sign up for the freemium plan and scale at convenience.

What is a Landing Page Builder?

A landing page builder is a tool that helps marketers build conversion-optimized landing pages without the use of code. They usually have a drag-and-drop editor as well as multiple professional landing page templates to choose from.

The benefit of landing page software is that they help even amateurs create high-converting pages fast and easily, thus providing a level of convenience and flexibility you wouldn’t see in popular website builders.

Since mobile responsive landing pages are very important for conversions, standard landing page solutions will provide mobile-friendly templates for you to use.

Key Features of the Best Landing Page Builder

Most landing page builders provide essentials like a drag-and-drop page and form builder, but only the best landing page builder software have lead generation tools and robust analytics plus integrations for ecommerce, webinars, and sales of digital products such as online courses.

While you don’t have to go for a tool that provides every possible feature, there are certain functionalities you can’t compromise on if you want the best landing page builder for your marketing campaign.

These are the key features to look out for if you want a great landing page builder:

1. Intuitive And Flexible Drag-and-drop Editor

The whole essence of a drag-and-drop tool is to simplify the process of building websites and pages, so a great drag-and-drop tool should be easy to use and quick to adapt to for beginners.

Flexible elements like widgets are necessary to add more functionalities and tweak your own landing page design for different use cases.

Many landing page builders will let you use code like CSS to give you full control over the customization of your landing page design and functionality.

2. Conversion Optimized Templates

Beautifully designed and professional landing page templates are a gem for marketers that are not great at designing a good landing page design from scratch.

Most landing page builders have mobile responsive templates that are have been optimized for different use cases and industries.

Popular templates include email opt-ins, webinar landing pages, pages for ecommerce industries, and digital products like online courses, ebooks, and SaaS products.

When it comes to mobile functionality, the best landing page builders will provide features and guidance for creating mobile responsive landing pages.

3. Flexible Form Builder

Forms are essential to landing pages since they retrieve visitors’ information to add them to your email list and turn them into leads.

Every landing page builder tool will have a form builder or widget for creating sign-up forms.

Usually, the more flexible the form builder is, the better, because then you wouldn’t be limited if you want to create unique forms or collect specific information.

A great landing page builder will give you full control with custom fields and let you create step-by-step or quiz forms for collecting multiple info.

Pop-ups have become an important part of lead generation, so the best landing page builders will let you create pop-ups that can be timed or triggered based on exit intent or a particular visitor activity.

4. A/B Testing

At the very least, a good landing page builder should provide an A/B testing option for optimizing a page.

With A/B testing, several elements of a page, like the CTA, copy, and images are tested on two-page variants to see which drives better conversions.

Multivariate testing is another option, but this is an advanced feature that’s only afforded by the best landing page builders.

5. Reporting And Analytics

You need to be able to track conversions, visits, and clicks on a landing page so you can identify what’s working and what’s not.

Some tools will provide heatmap analytics to let you view how exactly visitors interact with your page.

Other robust analytics that may be integrated or inbuilt include pixels for tracking Google and Facebook campaigns, conversion patterns, and behavioral metrics for visitors.

Such rich insights are key for priming your pages for conversions and knowing how to drive leads further down the funnel.

6. Personalization

Landing page software with lead nurturing capabilities have personalization tools for creating targeted landing pages and campaigns.

By integrating with email marketing and CRM platforms, these tools let you segment your target audience and create retargeting campaigns that provide unique user experiences.

7. Integrations

To a large extent, integrations determine just how much you can do with a landing page builder.

Essential integrations a great tool should have include email marketing services, CRM, analytics, and webinar platforms.

These connections are vital for proper lead generation and nurturing of visitors.

Ecommerce platforms, payment apps, and sales funnel software are also important integrations if you own an ecommerce or online business and need to make money online.

Integrating with payment platforms like Stripe or Paypal lets you sell digital products and receive payments directly on a landing page.

To automate many of the processes that have to do with nurturing leads down the funnel, such as email listing, or welcome emails and email sequences, you need integrations with marketing automation software.

8. Intelligent Optimization

Apart from high-converting landing page templates, the best platforms will provide landing page optimization tools.

Some tools recommend copy that matches visitors’ search intent while some will even suggest great copy that is more likely to convert.

SEO is one way to optimize a landing page as it drives in more traffic thereby increasing the chance of conversions.

The best platforms provide options and insights for boosting a landing page’s SEO.

Landing Page Builder FAQ

Who should use landing page software?

Although they’re quite convenient tools, landing page builders are not always a go-to solution. 

For one, if you have a website builder that allows you to build as many pages as you want, why would you need a dedicated landing page builder? 

Well, it turns out there are use cases in which building a complete website might not be the most cost-effective or time-efficient solution. 

Since not everyone is a web designer, there are several people and organizations that need landing page software for different use cases. These include:

Marketers: Landing pages are an integral part of marketing campaigns and marketers often use them for running experimental ads. By building multiple landing pages, you can save a lot of cost and time while running these types of campaigns. 

People who sell digital products: Entrepreneurs looking to sell expensive digital products like an online course for instance, often need a robust sales page to convince visitors that the products are worth the money. A great landing page builder comes in handy for building a page that can be A/B tested and optimized for conversions. 

Growth marketers and startups: For startups and many online businesses, growth moves at a very fast pace. By quickly creating landing pages with minimum viable products, you can test ideas without having to build an actual product or run a full-blown campaign. 

People who use webinars to drive sales: People who use webinars to make money online or sell their products understand that they don’t have to build full websites, so they often just build the one page to generate attendees and collect emails and then a sales page for leads to purchase the product after the webinar. 

What are the benefits of using a landing page builder?

The benefits of using a landing page builder include:

Ease of use: An immediate benefit of landing page builders is that they erase the need for technical knowledge. With simple drag-and-drop functionality, you can customize and create a good landing page design in no time. 

Speed: One of the major purposes of landing pages is to test run campaigns and know what’s working as quickly as possible. Landing page software expedite the process even further by helping you build and test pages very fast.

A/B Testing: A/B testing is essential to landing pages. By testing different elements of a page, you can prime the page for conversions and boost your conversion rates. Most landing page builders have inbuilt A/B testing tools, so they can be crucial in boosting your ad campaigns.

Vast Integrations: Landing page software integrate with many of the applications related to marketing. The benefit of this is that it streamlines your marketing campaigns, letting you connect with and use all the tools you need from one platform. 

Do I need to have a website to have a landing page?

While a landing page can be a part of a website, you don’t need a website to have a landing page.
With a landing page, your visitors are aware of only one key action to take, whether it’s buying a digital product, service, online course, or joining your email list. 

With a great landing page builder, you can build an optimized page that will generate more conversions and get more visitors to complete those goals.   

How to drive traffic to my landing pages?

You can drive traffic to your landing page through several paid or unpaid channels. These include: 

– Boost your landing page with SEO. 

– Run paid ads on Google that direct visitors to your landing page. 

– Send your landing page to your email list with email campaigns.

– Use social media marketing (paid ads or organic) to direct traffic.

– Promote your landing page through online contests and events. 

– Start conversations or answer questions in online communities and forums. 

– Direct traffic from your blog to your landing page.

What are the best landing page builders for small businesses?

HubSpot is a great option for small businesses as it provides all the necessary tools for a successful campaign on one platform. 

– As one of the most affordable solutions with robust landing page optimization tools, Leadpages is one of the best options for a small online business. 

– Another recommended tool for small businesses is Landingi. Landingi is very intuitive and easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface and AI assistant. 

What are the best WordPress landing page builders?

– As a tool designed for building WordPress sites, Elementor is one of the best choices for building a WordPress landing page. 

Leadpages is another great tool to consider. Used as a WordPress plugin, it provides multiple beautifully-designed templates and an inbuilt SEO feature. 

What is the best free landing page builder software?

– Apart from the free landing page builder, Hubspot provides a free marketing platform that includes email marketing and social media and Google analytics integrations.

ConvertKit is a great tool that will let you build unlimited landing pages free of charge.  

What is the cheapest landing page builder software?

– At $19 per month for unlimited landing pages, GetResponse has one of the cheapest premium plans for landing page software. 

Landingi has one most affordable plans for the range of features it offers. At $35 per month, you get access to unlimited landing pages and conversions plus custom domains.

How much does a landing page software cost?

Landing page builders range from being totally free to costing thousands of dollars monthly. 

Depending on your preferred solution, you can either go for dedicated landing page builder software that typically starts from around $45 monthly or choose a complete marketing solution that can cost up to $600 per month. 

Other landing page builders will have subscriptions that vary based on the number of leads or visitors you receive or the number of pages you build.

Are landing pages bad for SEO?

Generally, landing pages affect SEO positively, if they are optimized properly and targeted to the right audience. 

However, not all landing pages should be indexed by search engines. 

Landing pages often have a short lifespan for being useful, and once useless, they may derail your search engine marketing and lead generation efforts instead of improving them.

Landing pages that can expire and become counterproductive when indexed include:

Pay-per-click landing pages: They are only useful for very specific search intent and not helpful for more generic terms.

Sales pages: Unless they’re a deals page that is kept up-to-date, promotional pages expire and become useless for searchers.

Landing pages for email campaigns: Email campaigns are time-sensitive so related landing pages always have a short lifespan.

Choosing From The Top Landing Page Builders

To choose the best landing page builder for your online business, you need to go for tools that provide the most features and benefits at the most reasonable prices:

  • Unbounce is the best landing page builder for conversions with user-friendly features and a superb AI tool that recommends the best conversion optimization practices.
  • Instapage is one of the best landing page builders for users that want a fully-customizable and flexible editor plus robust analytics.
  • Leadpages is a great choice for small businesses that also want robust conversion optimization assistance but at a much more affordable price.
  • HubSpot is the favorite landing page builder for those who want a free solution, offering a free landing page creator and some free marketing tools.
  • Landingi is a very user-friendly tool that is recommended for beginners with little design skills or technical knowledge.

For an in-depth comparison of the best landing page software, you can check my review on ConvertKit vs Mailchimp.

Best Overall


Create optimized landing pages with a drag-and-drop editor and convenient AI features.
Best For Collaboration


Add team members and collaborate to create visually stunning landing pages with a flexible landing page editor.
Best Cheap Option


Get high-converting landing page templates and a robust drag-and-drop tool at cheap rates.
Best Free Tool


Get free landing pages along with several free and essential marketing tools.
Best For Beginners


Easily build beautiful landing pages with an intuitive and complete landing page solution.

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