46 Landing Page Examples That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

Landing pages are more than just a regular page on your website. If they were not that important, businesses and organizations would not spend so much money trying to design the best landing page.

The primary goal of every profit-making business is to make a profit. A landing page helps them do that by taking the potential customers into the next stage on their journey to becoming paying customers. This standalone web page is where the sales conversion begins.

But let's assume you don't have enough to pay for a killer landing page, does that mean you will never have one? No, not at all. Fortunately, there are amazing landing page builders that are created specifically to help you out.

Okay, now you have the landing page builder, you probably have no idea where or how to start. No need to get scared or disappointed. This article covers over 87 beautiful examples of real landing pages you can learn from. You will learn the unique features that make these examples stand out and implement them.

Ready to see them? Let's go.

1. Lyft

A Landing Page Example With A Unique Action Strategy

Lyft is a Landing Page Example With A Unique Action Strategy

Lyft hires drivers and riders around various locations in the world.

The target audiences are freelance drivers and riders. The headline is surely designed to capture their attention at once. Lyft emphasizes the monetary value associated with driving.

The landing page allows newcomers to sign in and choose any city they want to operate in. But it doesn't end there, drivers can also calculate how much they can take each week. The best thing is that you don't have to create an account before you calculate your possible earnings. Visitors can easily do so.

This is a very great marketing strategy for a landing page because when visitors see how much they can earn in a week, they will be delighted to sign up.

The “Apply now” is a great conversion strategy for visitors who want to apply immediately. And the “Calculate ” CTA is a great strategy for those visitors who need more information or more reasons to move forward in the customer journey.

Lyft was deliberate about what it wanted to achieve and the company went for it. Likewise, you should give your customers more reasons to take the action on your landing page. Make it as attractive as possible.

2. Codecademy

Best Example Of A Membership Sign-up Landing Page

Codecademy is the Best Example of a Membership Sign up Landing Page

The Codecademy landing page is simple and clear. Visitors are required to sign up to join their community of coding gurus. The great thing about the landing page is that it offers multiple ways to sign up.

Visitors can either sign in with their email or password or they could go the easier route – through Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn. The multiple sign-in options make it easier for online visitors to sign in.

But for the sake of visitors who need more information about the company before signing in, there is an informational video below. The video shares the real-life success story of the company, including its vision.

There were also other forms of convincing social proof, like testimonials, to clear any doubts about Codecademy's potential.

It is a smart move to offer multiple sign-in options on your website. Not everyone has a Google account or a LinkedIn account. Creating multiple options widens your chances of getting more leads.

3. Goby

The Perfect Example Of A Landing Page With A Clear Marketing Copy

Goby is the Perfect Example of a Landing Page With a Clear Marketing Copy

Goby, being an electric toothbrush company that cares a lot about oral health, has a very attractive landing page. The top of the landing page reads an interesting headline “Modern Luxury Meets Everyday Brushing”. What does luxury have to do with brushing? That's the intriguing question the headline incites.

Fortunately, Goby answers its landing page. It doesn't leave the question hanging. The general message and design on the page highlight the benefits of using Goby's toothbrush.

With a clear copy and interesting imagery, the landing page shows the audience why getting one of the electric toothbrushes is a smart choice. A copy aims to convert sales. It is a very important marketing strategy for every business.

Let your copy carry a general message. Although your copy should be very convincing and attractive, it shouldn't be distracting. Focus on a single message that would speak directly to your target audience.

4. Taster's Club

A Beautiful Example Of A Landing Page Example With A Clear Offer

Taster's Club is a Beautiful Example Of A Landing Page Example With A Clear Offer

The landing page for Taster's Club is well-designed to guide any online visitor to choose which action to take. The whiskey club's landing page makes it easy for the visitors to join or learn more about each club's membership.

There is an incredible offer for all new members of the club. The offer, which is strategically placed in the header, gives a one-month 5% discount to all new members.

With a great landing page and an incredible offer, you can generate as many leads as possible. An offer is what appeals to your online visitor's emotions to move up the sales funnel.

The most important thing about your offer is that it should benefit your customers. Let them see what they stand to gain if they move ahead with your business. The benefit should be boldly and clearly stated.

5. Slack

A Landing Page Example That Focuses Only On Relevant Information

Slack is a Landing Page Example That Focuses Only On Relevant Information

Slack's landing page uses an interactive and eye-popping headline, inviting the audience to discover something new. The landing page is simple and focuses on one goal – to create a working channel.

Slack has always had one of the best landing pages. The page doesn't just urge the visitors to create a channel but also provides very helpful information about channels. The information provided is for those visitors who don't know what a channel is or those who want to know more about channels and how they can benefit.

Slack provides as much information as possible both in text and video forms.

Your landing page is that page that is specifically designed for marketing. Unfortunately, your potential customers will not buy what they know nothing, or very little, about. Include as much relevant information as possible to help your visitors take the next step.

You can also include an FAQ section where you answer obvious questions of doubt your visitors might have. It shows you are thinking ahead.

6. Paychex

Best Example Of A Landing Page With Directional Cues

Paychex is the Best Example of a Landing Page With Directional Cues

Paychex uses explicit directional cues. Directional cues are visual aids — arrows, eyes, or gestures of a model/object – used to direct visitors to where to look. It is more than just writing “look here”, or “sign up”.

In this case, the blue arrow directs visitors to look at the sign-up form so they can register. In your post-click landing page, support your CTA and headline with directional cues to drive your audience's attention to your conversion goal.

Also, by using “Act before it's too late”, Paychex incorporates a sense of urgency. By doing this, the company uses FOMO marketing (Fear Of Missing Out). When the visitors see it, they feel compelled to act quickly.

Likewise, encourage your audience to take action quickly by using the FOMO strategy. It increases your conversion rate.

7. SEMrush

A Smart Landing Page That Speaks Directly To The Target Audience

SEMrush is a Smart Landing Page That Speaks Directly To The Target Audience

Every business in the online content marketing space must have come across SEMrush, at least five times in their career. This is because the company offers one of the best online marketing services for digital marketers.

On its landing page, the company narrows its message down to helping visitors know how to use the platform to learn more information about their competitors.

SEMrush knows its target audience and speaks directly to them on the landing page. It addresses their pain points. Every business owner would love to see how their competitors are doing.

The CTA used doesn't just draw attention to the desire, it also makes it very easy to get results. You can easily type in any domain name and get insights into the business. How simple!

Being the king of digital marketing services, SEMrush knows how to drive attention. Make your CTA as attractive as possible. Let your visitors see the benefits they will get when they take the action you want them to take.

If you are offering an online service, you can offer a free trial. If you are selling products, you can offer free consultation concerning them.

The power of effective CTA is understanding who your target audience is and what their pain points are. When you do, it would be easy to speak directly to them in the language they understand best.

8. Squarespace

A Landing Page Example With Attractive Visual Content

Squarespace is a Landing Page Example With Attractive Visual Content

Squarespace is one of the best website builders in the world with lots of amazing templates. It can also help users to build portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce stores.

The landing page is very sleek in design and layout. It uses fewer texts and more compelling images. The use of bold images makes it look visually appealing to the audience. Visual content has a higher conversion rate than non-visual content.

People, including your target audience, are moved by what they see. Not everyone likes reading. In fact, if your content is only in text form, you will have a very low conversion rate because almost nobody is reading what you wrote. Images are easier to digest at a go instead of a sea of uninteresting texts.

9. Milanote

A Landing Page Example That Builds Credibility With Relevant Testimonials

Milanote is a Landing Page Example That Builds Credibility With Relevant Testimonials

Milanote's attractive landing page also doubles as its homepage. The design is very clear as it uses a clean white background which allows the CTA to stand out.

While scrolling, visitors can easily see several product examples. Then there is a display of important past clients Milanote has worked with. This is to show credibility and have the audience thinking “If big companies can trust Milanote, then why can't I?”

Credibility proves a lot. Even without talking, showing that people trust you says enough on its own. Include testimonials, reviews, features, and past clients. There is an added advantage if you have worked with influential brands or have been featured in influential magazines.

10. ExpressVPN

Best Example Of A Landing Page That Uses Effective Headline and Subheadline

ExpressVPN is the Best Example of a  Landing Page That Uses Effective Headline and Subheadline

The landing page for ExpressVPN has a bold and interesting headline. Imagine being frustrated with the poor functionality of VPN then you see such a headline. It immediately grabs your attention.

It doesn't end there. You see a subheadline that equally makes a bold claim. Now you are hooked and want to know more about this VPN. This is what a powerful headline does.

The headline on your landing page should grab the visitors' attention as soon as possible. Your visitors can “land” on your landing page from different places – emails, links in bio, guest posts. It is possible that some of them just wanted to check you out (with no interest in mind).

Therefore, your headline should convince them to stay. A simple and clear headline does the trick. It should go straight to the point so your audience will have an idea of what your business/organization is about.

11. Blue Apron

A Simple And Clear Landing Page Example With A Consistent Message

Blue Apron is a Simple and Clear Landing Page Example With a Consistent Message

Blue Apron doesn't just make your life easier when it comes to planning and prepping meals, they also ensure you have a great experience when you visit their landing page.

The landing page has one simple goal – to create an account with them before you can choose a plan. The content on the page shares how choosing a meal plan with Blue Apron works.

The steps listed out are very simple and easy to understand. The landing page targets first-time users. There is a beautiful logo design and a clear CTA. Blue Apron keeps its message consistent throughout the page.

Aside from using a killer headline, if you want to maintain your audience's attention, let your message be clear. Use a friendly-text style that is easy to skim through.

12. Sendinblue

A Smart Landing Page That Highlights The Company's Benefits

Sendinblue is a Smart Landing Page That Highlights The Company's Benefits

Being one of the best email marketing platforms in the world, Sendinblue knows how to please its customers. The headline on the landing page is unusually controversial. Sendinblue pitches itself against its major competitor – MailChimp. This is something that most businesses can never do.

Writing a bold headline is one thing but writing a bold and daring headline is another thing. Not every business is bold enough to pitch itself against its biggest competition. But this daring move is what makes the landing page look attractive and interesting to explore.

The landing page delivers what the headline promised. It compares Sendinblue's tools and services to that of MailChimp. The testimonials on the page also compare both email marketing services. Sendinblue uses its competitors to its advantage.

By comparing your products/services to that of your competitor, you are highlighting the excellent features that make yours superior. It is a smart way to show your online visitors reasons to choose you over your competitors.

However, make sure you are honest in your comparison. You don't have to defame your competitors to prove you are the best.

13. Airbnb

A Landing Page That Uses Video Content Marketing

Airbnb is a Landing Page That Uses Video Content Marketing

Airbnb is the most popular (if not the best) lodging service in the world. It was created for tourists who had no place to stay in hotels. Ever since it began in 2008, the company has evolved tourists' experiences when it comes to accommodation.

The landing page contains a video background that shows different scenarios of people traveling and mingling together. Airbnb's landing page is targeted at business personnel who need accommodation and working spaces when traveling.

The video shows the target audience multiple ways they can enjoy Airbnb services while on a trip. Using a video to show various services is a smart move from the company. Videos stick longer than images or texts. They have a way of letting the audience feel the experience from the screen.

Invest in high-quality videos when it comes to your landing page. It is one of the most important content forms that can give a high conversion rate. Use as many creative visuals on your landing page (and the entire website) as possible.

14. Gengo

The Best Example Of The Inverted Pyramid Landing Page

Gengo is the Best Example Of The Inverted Pyramid Landing Page

Gengo offers professional translation services to various businesses and organizations. The landing page shows the power of “less is more” in its design and organization. It looks very neat which doesn't distract the visitors from the promise the headline makes.

Although Gengo doesn't provide all the features of its services, it provides only the benefits which is the main thing the customers care about.

Gengo uses the Inverted Pyramid style by starting right with the benefits. In Inverted Pyramid, the most important information comes first to occupy the parts of the page that are easily seen.

In this case, your landing page should introduce your online visitors to the benefits of choosing your brand. It only takes a few seconds for them to conclude your website.

Using the inverted pyramid ensures that your audience sees the best offers and is introduced to the best side of your business. It is your pitch to your online audience. Give it your best shot!

The inverted pyramid also ensures that you take away the unnecessary information, declutter your page, and maintain a clean minimalist design.

15. Wondrium

An Example Of A Landing Page Design That Promotes Brand Harmony

Wondrium is an Example of a Landing Page Design That Promotes Brand Harmony

Wondrium is an exceptional online education site that provides knowledge for various courses. The landing page has a very beautiful design. It uses different colors for different sections on the page. The colors flow with the brand which creates harmony.

Wondrium keeps a consistent landing page design that aligns with the brand. Consistency makes it easier for your audience to recognize you. Another way to promote easy recognition and brand harmony is to include a logo or slogan.

For your brand to be easily recognized, you have to be consistent. Customers trust a brand they are familiar with (even if they have never patronized the brand before) more than an unfamiliar one. Your logo and slogan should be consistent with the design.

16. Border Buddy

A Smart Landing Page Example That Includes Growth Statistics

Border Buddy is a Smart Landing Page Example That Includes Growth Statistics

Border Buddy makes importing and exporting your goods very easy. With the service, you don't have to go through the long and overwhelming process of passing through custom officers.

The landing page shows incredible statistics of how far the company has gone. The page is so simple that it is easy for a visitor to access information at once.

However, the statistics provided are the most important feature on the website you should learn. Numbers have a way of convincing people. It shows your credibility and potential.

People are more likely to increase their trust in you when they see how far you have gone as a brand. While you don't have to provide your company's financial account, you can provide a growth account. It also helps keep track of your progress.

17. Uber for Business

A Landing Page Example That Uses Clear And Concise Information

Uber is a Landing Page Example That Uses Clear And Concise Information

Uber for Business is designed to help various businesses schedule pickups and deliveries for their clients or customers. The landing page opens up to a clear CTA that gives an enticing offer.

The landing page is targeted at newcomers because the CTA tells them to “Get started for free”. The free offer is very enticing, especially for those visitors who would want to try out the services before paying for anything.

Adding to the tempting offer, the company also included relevant information to help the visitors make their decision. But the information is provided in clear and concise texts. The texts are kept short so the audience won't feel overwhelmed with too many words.

Like Uber, your landing page should contain well-spaced information that is short and easy to read. You can also use high-quality visuals to help highlight the message you are trying to pass across.

18. Hootsuite

A Beautiful Landing Page Example With An Eye-popping Offer

Hootsuite is a Beautiful Landing Page Example With an Eye popping Offer

With Hootsuite, you can manage all your social media marketing content in one place. The service is targeted at businesses that want to build a strong social media presence. The landing page contains illustrated screenshots that show a visual representation of exactly what the company offers.

The information is broken down into segments and includes a screenshot for a better explanation. However, the top part of the landing page is the most interesting. From the bold headline that makes a clear and concise value statement to the attractive CTA that offers a free 30-day trial and the eye-popping offer placed at the header.

Aside from the free 30-day trial offer, Hootsuite goes further to give a free 90 days offer of using its services. You can tell that the company invested in the top section of the landing page. It contains all the juicy information.

The top section of your landing page is the first part your online visitors will see. It is more like the first impression it makes. If your top section is vague or ambiguous, not many people will be patient enough to scroll down. Like Hootsuite, hit the nail on the head at the top of your landing page.

Let your visitors know what you are about and what the killer offer is, immediately. The subsequent information can come later – if they want to find out more about your offer.

19. Red Lobster

Best Restaurant Landing Page Example That Builds Connection Through Storytelling

Red Lobster is the Best Restaurant Landing Page Example That Builds Connection Through Storytelling

The thing about a landing page is that anybody from anywhere can stumble upon your landing page through a shared link. Aside from making your page look as attractive as possible, you have to create a connection with your online visitors.

Creative storytelling is the best way to build a strong connection that would compel your audience to take action. Sharing your brand story helps tell your brand values and what you stand for. It shows your visitors your vision and lets them connect to your business.

Red Lobster broke its story into portions so the audience can easily skim through it. While you should share your story, make sure to only share the part that is relevant to them. Don't go to the irrelevant part. No one cares.

After reading the story on Red Lobster's landing page, visitors would be interested in clicking on the simple CTA just below the red logo.

20. GiftRocket

An Easily Scannable Landing Page

GiftRocket is an Easily Scannable Landing Page

The goal of GiftRocket's landing page is to encourage visitors to send a gift to their loved ones. The company uses scannable content on its landing page.

Yes, your content should be creative but simplicity beats creativity when it comes to getting more conversion. Simple content is easier to understand than creative (but complicated) content.

Find the best way to relay your message to your audience in the simplest way possible. Even though GiftRocket uses only a single image, the landing page is still easy to understand due to the use of simple sentences.

21. Social Sprout

Best Example Of A Mobile-friendly Landing Page

Social Sprout is the Best Example of a Mobile friendly Landing Page

As a great social media marketing tool, Social Sprout is big on its landing page. The pricing landing page is mobile-friendly. It is easy to access the page and take action via mobile.

When designing your landing page, always consider mobile users. Mobile internet users makeup 92.6% of internet users in the world. Now consider those statistics. If your landing page is very poor on mobile devices, you have indirectly canceled out over half of your potential customers from ever finding you.

Test your landing page and ensure it looks attractive on mobile devices and can be easily accessed.

22. Beta Takaki

A Simple Portfolio Landing Page

Beta Takaki is a Simple Portfolio Landing Page

As a UI designer, Beta Takaki takes simplicity very seriously. The landing page design is very minimal. Beta places the headline below the fold. The subheadline is a personal introduction to what she does in UI designing.

Most websites would contain more information about previous work experiences and qualifications, but Beta showed that this information can also be distracting.

The landing page only contains a large photo, a headline, subheadline, and CTAs. Online visitors would find it easy to navigate through without any difficulty.

23. Constant Contact

Best Landing Page Example With A Targeted and Persuasive Copy

Constant Contact is the Best Landing Page Example With A Targeted and Persuasive Copy

On this landing page, Constant Contact focuses on helping real estate companies in email marketing. With its clean landing page, Constant Contact is a free PDF download of essential tips and success stories in real estate marketing.

The beautiful thing about the website is that the persuasive copy is narrowed down to a specific target audience. This makes it easy to understand (for those in the target niche) and straight to the point.

In simple and clear terms, the copy shows the benefits of getting the free guide. There is no need to sound ambiguous.

Even if you have multiple niches, try to tailor down your message to a specific audience. By doing so, you will be able to easily write an effective copy that speaks directly to your audience. Trying to talk to everyone at the same time will only have you using ambiguous words without a clear direction.

24. OptinMonster

Brilliant Example Of A Sales Landing Page

OptinMonster is the Brilliant Example of a Sales Landing Page

There are two categories of landing pages:

  • Reference: aims to provide attractive and relevant information to your customers
  • Transactional: aims towards making immediate sales.

To maximize the conversion rate, most landing pages use both categories. OptinMonster's landing page is one of them.

The landing page gives convincing information about the features and benefits of using OptinMonster. It also encourages visitors to “Get OptinMonster Now”. The transactional category uses a great headline and a “benefit-explained” subheading.

As new visitors see the information and the sales message, they are encouraged to try out the service. Don't be afraid to go all out on your landing page. Identify the goal(s) you want to achieve through the page and construct content to match the goals.

If you want to create awareness about your business or a specific new product/service and want your audience to check you out, you can use the Reference category. If you want to sell a product/service, you can use the Transaction category.

But if you want to achieve both results, you can try both categories. There is no rule that says you are restricted to one.

25. My Most Favorite Food

Best Pay-per-click (PPC) Landing Page Example

My Most Favorite Food is the Best Pay per click (PPC) Landing Page Example

What better example of a PPC landing page than Google Ads? Clicking on ‘My Most Favorite Food's Ad leads you straight to its beautiful landing page.

A PPC landing page can be used as a powerful conversion campaign in the sales funnel. Every section of a PPC landing page is set on conversion. Unlike the homepage, the page is laser-focused on a particular goal. It shows specific details about a specific offer. However, a homepage can double as a landing page – just like My Most Favorite Food did.

This is where you list the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your product/service. For a great landing page, let the message on the online Ad match the message on your landing page. One ad equals one landing page.

Your online ads are what will get you noticed but your landing page is what will get you the customers. Put your best efforts into the page design and content.

26. Frank Haasch Law Group

Best Example Of A Perfect Lawyer Landing Page

Frank Haasch Law Group  is the Best Example of a Perfect Lawyer Landing Page

As a very corporate career, a typical lawyer landing page should look as professional as possible. The primary goal of the landing page could be to contact the firm. The page should include specific practice areas, some information about the firm, and a means of contact.

Frank Haasch's landing page includes the above and video background for visual engagement. Videos are important features to be included in a law landing page. It is easier to digest video content compared to a large cluster of texts.

The law group's landing page uses intentional strategies to attract visitors. It places the call-to-action on the header so visitors can easily see it.

Then there is the strategic placement of “Recent Victories” which aims to show the firm's relevant successes. It is clear that if the group claims to be the best Personal Injury Law Firm in the game, they have to back up their claim with tangible facts.

Be prepared to back up your claim with facts. It makes your page more attractive. You claim to give great experiences with your products, prove it. Your potential customers want proof. You can use client testimonials to build this proof. Or you can show the number of cases handled or won.

27. Charity: Water

Best Non-profit Landing Page Example With Emotional Marketing

Charity Water is the Best Non profit Landing Page Example With Emotional Marketing

Charity: Water works to make clean water available to communities in need of it. Even non-profit organizations' landing pages are supposed to look great. Just because an organization is non-profit doesn't mean it doesn't deserve conversion.

Charity: Water uses a strong headline to generate empathy in the audience. Since Christmas is the season of giving and showing, you would want to show the most selfless love possible – giving to people who can't give back. It gives a sense of purpose.

The organization taps into that human desire to feel useful with its headline. But the highlight is in the emotional subheadline. It explains what “clean water” truly means to the families with less clean water.

The images equally complement the scenario being painted. By looking at the top of the landing page, you might start feeling a strong need to make a difference for these families.

Non-profits, especially charities, rely much on emotional marketing. It's not easy to get willing donors without convincing them why they should contribute to your cause. Every content you create must incite emotions in the audience.
Using videos, emotional headlines, captivating images, and any other strong emotional content is highly recommended. Because you are not earning from these charities, you rely heavily on donations to stay afloat. If your landing page is not convincing, it means fewer visitors and contributors. This means that in a matter of time, your charity organization would be closed down.

28. Pencils of Promise

Smart Landing Page That Uses Statistics For Conversion

Pencils of Promise is the Smart Landing Page That Uses Statistics For Conversion

Ever heard of the saying “Knowledge is power”? Pencil of Promise is concerned with empowering children by teaching them to read and write.

The landing page uses statistics to support the CTA. Below the fold, some statistics track down the success of the organization and the results of where the donations went to.

The landing page is specific with numbers. It gives the audience a clear mental image of the progress of each donation. Using vague words like “thousands of children” doesn't show as much honesty and credibility as specific numbers would.

Numbers are very important, especially as you want to sound more convincing. They give the audience a clear mental image of what to work with. Use numbers on your landing page.

Track and write down the number of sales you have made, the number of online visitors you have had, or the number of weekly consultations you hold. As little as this may seem, this information can give you as much conversion as you need.

29. Tushy

A Well-detailed Landing Page

Tushy is a Well detailed Landing Page

Tushy's copywriting wins big time. It is the highlight of the 3.0 landing page. Tushy's landing page does everything right. From the goofy yet attention-grabbing headline (what is so interesting about cleaning my bum?) to the fun and casual tone of the copy texts.

The landing page is targeted at first-time visitors. It gives very helpful information that a new visitor won't find it difficult to understand what Tushy does.

By providing a clear list of the product's features and a simple explanation of how to use Tushy, the visitors won't have a hard time getting used to it.

Since not everyone is familiar with such a product, a very short video on how to install Tushy in your toilet is very helpful. The company designed the landing page with the target audience in mind. Everything on the page is simplified for easy understanding – including the installation process.

Like Tushy, use images (and short videos)to support your texts. Texts may be quite difficult to understand but visuals help break down the message. Visuals also contribute to the mood/tone of your landing page. Always choose the right visuals that reflect your brand voice.

30. Unbounce

A Smart Landing Page That Uses Color Contrast

Unbounce is a Smart Landing Page That Uses Color Contrast

Unbounce's homepage can serve as its landing page as it contains the qualities of a great landing page. It's expected because Unbounce is one of the best landing page builders in the world.

The best thing about the page is that the headline states a benefit. By seeing the headline, visitors immediately know that they can boost their marketing results with Unbounce.

There is also a high contrast between the black background and the example page on the right side. When it comes to graphic design, the contrast increases conversion.

Contrast is simply the arrangement of opposite elements. Graphic designers use contrast to highlight important information. The information stands out from the others. Contrast grabs the audience's attention.

Contrast can come in various forms – color, size, shape, text, and texture. Feel free to use contrast on your landing page. You can also use it to draw attention to your CTA.

31. SumoMe

Best Example Of A Landing Page With A Powerful Subheadline

SumoMe is the Best Example of a Landing Page With A Powerful Subheadline

In a typical landing page, it is common for the subheadline to support the headline. But on SumoMe's landing page, the subheadline speaks louder than the headline.

Anyone can look at the bold headline and scroll past but they would have to stop once they see the subheadline. It uses the two very attractive words “FREE Forever”. Thinking that you don't have to pay a dime to use such an amazing tool is worth spending your time on.

SumoMe is careful not to include any other information except for the one on the fold. This means that the highlight is on the “FREE Forever” message. But the only issue with the subheadline is that the text size is so small, it can be easily swallowed up by the bolder headline.

As you make your headline bold, also let your subheadline be slightly bold, especially when it makes a powerful statement passing an interesting message. Your landing page design should highlight your captivating statement.

32. Social Triggers

A Smart Landing Page That Sells Personality

Social Triggers is a Smart Landing Page That Sells Personality

Derek Halpern is a widely known online marketing guru with a great sense of humor and a fun personality. Social Triggers is his personal blog where he shares his ideas with the world and gathers subscribers for his email list.

Social Triggers' landing page (and whole website) is heavy in personality. This is what makes it stand out. Derek attracts many leads by fusing his casual and fun personality with professional topics. This makes it more fun and enjoyable for people who want to learn about online marketing – their target audience.

It's like he is having a fun conversation with them. Wonder why Derek got so famous in the online marketing world? It's because people are more attracted to personalities than they are to companies.

They want to have a connection with a real-life person who understands them and can relate to them. Unfortunately, most businesses don't offer that. It feels like you are talking to a machine bot. This puts a strain on the connection.

The key to effectively marketing personality is understanding your target audience. What language do they flow in? Who do they admire? People follow people and not lifeless companies. Put some life on your landing page (and your company, too).

33. Arizona State University (ASU)

A School Landing Page With A Non-hyperlinked Logo

Arizona State University (ASU) is a School Landing Page With a Non hyperlinked Logo

The design on ASU's landing page goes big on seeking attention. The big bright yellow form puts it in the visitors' faces that they should fill up the form.

Unlike most logos, ASU doesn't hyperlink its logo. Hyperlinking your logo can harm your conversion rate because it takes your visitors out of your landing page whenever they click/tap on your logo.

Taking your visitors to a different page can distract them from taking action and increasing conversion. Also, use simple bullet points to list your benefits. Bullet points are easier to digest when your visitors scan through your page.

34. Caresole

Brilliant Example Of A Medical Landing Page

Caresole is the Brilliant Example of a Medical Landing Page

What makes Caresole's landing page stand out is that it focuses on a specific service – arthritis. This makes it able to “drive traffic more efficiently”. So people in need of that medical service can easily find a solution.

Medical landing pages should adopt minimalist content. This is why the landing page should focus on only one service. A tidy medical landing page makes it easy for visitors to find the information they are looking for.

The ideal medical landing page (and other landing pages should follow one direction). It shouldn't confuse the audience. The information should be prompt and precise.

Another lesson to learn from Caresole's landing page is that you should also be clear on your CTA. There are various things you probably want your visiting to do. Whether it is to book an appointment, sign up for a medical newsletter, purchase medical products, or attend a free consultation service.

Overwhelming your audience with CTAs will only get them exhausted and irritated. This will lead to a higher bounce rate and very low conversion. Be clear and precise on what you want them to do.

Finally, Caresole creates a sense of urgency by including a bold headline that states that the huge discount offered will end. This headline is supported by a countdown timer so people know that time is really ticking.

The human psychology used there is the countdown timer. It makes the visitors feel that if they don't act fast, they may lose a deal of a lifetime. The more they watch the time count down, the more they feel the urge to purchase the Arthrigloves immediately.

Since you want your landing page to increase your conversion rate, spice up your content with some sense of urgency. Most humans will not act till they feel that they are about to lose something.

35. iMember 360

Best Tech Landing Page Example With Explainer Videos

iMember 360 is the Best Tech Landing Page Example With Explainer Videos

iMember360's landing page is very interesting to look at. The design, layout, and color scheme of the page make it easy to scroll through.

The best feature about the tech landing page is that it includes an animated explainer video. Tech services can be complicated especially for novices. Showing your audience an explainer video simplifies the entire information to be understood.

Not all landing pages require an explainer video. But if your services/products are not quite easy to understand at first glance, then you should include an explainer video. Once your online visitors understand what to expect from your service/product, they are more likely to click on the CTA button.

Speaking of CTAs, iMember 360 did a great job in letting the CTA button stand out. The landing page uses high color contrast to make the call-to-action more noticeable.

The color variations are very little as too many colors can be very distracting and quite annoying to see. Don't go overboard in your page design. Use subtle colors, they are easier to digest.

36. Google Docs

Best Tech Landing Page With Bold Screenshots

Google Docs is the Best Tech Landing Page With Bold Screenshots

Google Docs uses a bold screenshot to show the audience how a typical Google Docs page looks like. Most landing pages (and websites) use smaller screenshot images that make it difficult for the visitors to see what is going on. More often, the visitor will simply scroll past because he is probably not ready to strain his eyes.

Make your images as bold as possible, especially when they contain valuable information that the audience may need. You shouldn't subject your audience to unnecessary eye strain. They won't give your page a second glance.

Google Docs also uses a lot of whitespaces to create balance. The page doesn't look cluttered and it is easy for visitors to take in information about the features and services.

37. Workable

Best Lead Generation Landing Page Example

Workable is the Best Lead Generation Landing Page Example

Workable has one of the best lead generation landing pages. For a service like Workable, the target audiences are HR managers and job recruiters, which means that they are very busy. The ideal design for such a target audience is minimalist.

Workable designed its landing page to fit the needs of its target audience. By employing the “Less is more” technique, the company saves the time and energy of its target audience.

For a company that works to make things simple for the working professionals, the minimalist design is very expected. Target your landing page design (and copy) to the level of your audience.

The main reason for lead generation landing pages is to collect contact information like names and email addresses. Don't overcrowd your lead generation landing page with unnecessary information. Instead, highlight the benefits of your services so that your visitors will be interested in giving you their contact information.

38. Trello

Best Landing Page Example That Addresses The Audience Pain Points

Trello is the Best Landing Page Example That Addresses The Audience Pain Points

Another great way to speak directly to your target audience and generate leads is by addressing the pain points. If you want your visitors to stop and take a good look at your landing page, then you need to address their biggest pain points where they can easily see them.

For Trello, the service promotes teamwork and helps teams achieve better results. The biggest challenge in teamwork is getting everyone to work together and progress in the work. Trello addresses that in its headline.

Addressing the pain points in your headline will make your audience feel that they have found the answer to their problems. Who wouldn't want to learn more?

The design and elements of the page give it a friendly look. There is a mini-tutorial on how the service works. Trello makes its landing page to be all about its customers. This is a very smart way to attract more leads.

The golden rule about designing a landing page is that it is not about you but your customers. That is the true essence of a convincing copy.

39. GetDoApp

A Landing Page With A Smart Sign-off

GetDoApp is a Landing Page With a Smart Sign off

Enough cannot be said about how to clean GetDoApp's landing page is. The headline speaks confidence. It boldly ensures visitors that it is the right choice.

The page includes visuals and a short explanation of how you can use each feature to your advantage.

The beautiful thing about the page is that it signs off with a challenge. It tells its audience to build better habits. It also sounds like encouragement, right before the CTA to download the app from the Apple store.

Although the top of your landing page should hold important information, the other sections of the page don't have to be irrelevant. The sign-off is where many landing pages fail to make a good impression. They may start great but end poorly.

Like GetDoApp, your sign-off should leave a mark in your visitors minds. You could challenge them to take the initiative and make the right decision. That is a good sign-off. Now it's up to the visitor to make a choice.

40. Beats by Dre

Best Ecommerce Landing Page With A Great Neutral Color Scheme

Beats by Dre is the Best Ecommerce Landing Page With a Great Neutral Color Scheme

The world's best headphones brand, Beats by Dre, has very good marketing strategies. The company pays attention to details to ensure you get the best experience.

The landing page design uses a black and white color scheme to give it a premium look. Most landing pages fail when it comes to the neutral color aspect. In some cases, the page may come out as too dull or too empty.

Using a black and white color scheme can be very tricky. You have to know how to place the colors to avoid making your page look tacky.

Beats by Dre designs its page to make the “Noise-canceling Earbuds” look as great as it feels. The very bold visuals and fonts also contribute to the feeling the page gives. There is also an illustration of the earbud's best features.

Everything on Beats by Dre's landing page is worth learning from – including the bold texts. It is easy for the visitors to read the texts without having to strain their eyes.

41. MORE by Bourn

Best Ecommerce Landing Page That Sells More Than Just Products

MORE by Bourn is the Best Ecommerce Landing Page That Sells More Than Just Products

MORE by Bourn uses its landing page to promote its new Love More Sweater Collection. This Ecommerce landing page attracts attention with the color – red.

The landing page goes beyond marketing its products, it is also marketing an emotion – Love. The customers feel connected by the 14 acts of love shown on the page. The red signifies the practical “Love” emotion the brand is selling.

People are more likely to buy products that they have an emotional connection to. For example, most people prefer Starbucks Coffee not because it is the best coffee in the world but because there is an emotional connection attached to the brand. It is not just selling coffee, it sells an experience.

Likewise, Love More is not just selling sweaters. It is selling emotion and action, which is written on the page.

What are you really selling? There are over 100 businesses that are doing what you do. What makes yours different? It doesn't have to be physical, it could be psychological. You should include that extra feature that makes your business stand out among other businesses within your niche.

Your landing page is similar to your sales pitch. You have very few seconds to make a great impression. You just have to do it right.

42. California Collar Co

Ecommerce Landing Page With Smart Imagery

California Collar Co is an Ecommerce Landing Page With Smart Imagery

As a smart ecommerce landing page that sells dog collars, the company opens up its landing page to an attractive holiday discount. The company is offering a 10% discount sale and includes the discount code too.

It is clear that the target audiences are dog owners and dog lovers, who are looking for a Christmas present for their canine pet. A 10% discount offer is enough to have a look at the page for a longer time. The landing page uses subtle, yet relevant, imagery.

Scrolling down, the page shows you various images of beautiful collar collections. The product photos are clear and colorful, which also adds beautiful aesthetics to the page.

Imagery is a very important content form, especially when it comes to products. They help your visitors imagine what it would feel like using your products. Use imagery to your full advantage – but don't let it clutter your page.

43. Reeds & Barton

A Well-organized Ecommerce Landing Page

Reeds & Barton is the Well organized Ecommerce Landing Page

Reeds & Barton is already in the holiday season on its landing page. The popular luxury silverware company designs its page to exude elegance. The company has been making tableware and giftware since 1824. They are masters in the game and they make that known on their landing page.

The company carefully organizes its products into sections for easy identification. The arrangement contributes to the aesthetics that gives the page an elegant look. In each section, the prices are displayed so visitors can make the choice that fits their budget.

Carefully organizing your landing page makes it look professional and authentic. Aside from colors, the organization adds to the aesthetics of a page. It makes it easy for visitors to navigate through your landing page with very little or no assistance.

A great landing page design communicates a positive message of how your business operates.

44. DigitalMarketer

The Best Example Of A Non-minimalist Landing Page

DigitalMarketer is the Best Example of a Non minimalist Landing Page

Digital Marketer goes all out on its information. With video content and explanation texts, the company invests so much into giving out information that would not just help the target audience but also convince them to become members. This is not surprising as the company's service is digital marketing, so they know just what to do.

If you are not the minimalist type or you want to go all out, you can take Digital Marketers' example. But the idea about this approach is that you MUST deliver very valuable information that would leave your audience begging for more.

When this happens, they wouldn't want to waste any time delaying. This is because you have proven yourself. Capture their attention with interesting headlines and deliver on your promise.

45. FlyWheel

A Landing Page With A Simple Web Pop-up

FlyWheel is a Landing Page With a Simple Web Pop up

Flywheel is cool with pop-ups. The aim of pop-ups is to build your email list. But Flywheel doesn't just demand your email address. Instead, it gives an offer and a benefit you will get in return. Benefits lure customers into giving their contact information.

Pop-ups are a smart way to sell more and generate more leads. They are very great at grabbing attention. Most times, the pop-ups don't require you to buy something or spend your money. It could be just to sign up for a free newsletter.

Most businesses believe that pop-ups can be very annoying so they don't bother about it. On the contrary, pop-ups contribute to the conversion rates when people see them for the first time.

Use images in your pop-ups to make them more engaging and interesting to see. You can also include a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency in the visitor.

46. Seismic

Smart Landing Page With A Simple Description

Seismic is the Smart Landing Page With a Simple Description

Seismic's landing page is very simple and easy to see. The bold headline is supported by a brief description of how the demo can help you. This is particularly for new visitors who do not know what to expect from the demo.

A brief description goes a long way in persuading visitors to take action. It helps them understand what the offer contains and what to expect.

The thing about the description is that it should be kept brief. In 2-3 simple sentences, explain how the visitors can benefit from the offer.

There are also logos from top client companies for social proof and credibility. The page also states that over 2000 companies trust the service. This assures the visitors that they are not making a mistake.

FAQs On Landing Pages

Are there different types of landing pages?

Although landing pages are very important when it comes to digital campaigns, many people don't know that there are various types of landing pages. Among the various ones, there are two prominent ones.

1. Squeeze Page

It is also known as the u0022Lead Generation pageu0022. It is called the Squeeze Page because it ‘squeezes' information from the visitors. The aim of this page is to generate leads by collecting personal contact information from visitors.

The information is harmless because they are just names, phone numbers, and email addresses. In return for this information, the visitors are offered a benefit. It is usually a free trial, weekly newsletter, or downloadable content. This benefit is called Gated content.

Companies use the Squeeze Page to generate a contact list for email marketing or text message marketing. This type of landing page is very suitable for startups and small businesses who want to generate more leads and convert them to paying customers.

2. Click-through Landing Page

This type of landing page is used to convince people to visit a transaction page. Click-through pages usually contain detailed information about the offer. It focuses on the benefits of the product or service offered.

A Click-through page doesn't have links, except the link that will lead the visitor to the page where he can make the purchase. It doesn't necessarily need your contact information.

A typical Click-through page contains:
– Headline
– Call-to-action
– List of benefits
– Visual content
– Testimonials, and
– Company's contact information

Unlike the lead generation/ squeeze pages, Click-through pages don't generate leads. Instead, they are used by e-commerce businesses trying to sell a product.

What should be on a landing page?

A landing page aims to guide the customer to the final part of the sales funnel. Therefore, it should only contain important information that would convince and guide the customer to take the required action on the CTA button.

A landing page must contain:
– A headline
– A subheadline (optional)
– Great visuals – image or video content
– A brief description of the offer
– A compelling CTA
– Wonderful page design and layout
– Testimonials (or other forms of social proof)

Other extra features of a landing page:
– Easy navigation
– Mobile accessibility
– Value-driven

A landing page should also be optimized for SEO so it can be easily noticed when users search for a similar service or product.

What are the best landing page builders?

Just as there are various website builders, there are also landing page builders. They specialize in creating and designing landing pages. But among the various options available, some come highly recommended.

Unbounce: Best landing page builder for building and testing custom landing pages. It is also the first-ever landing page builder.
Instapage: Easiest landing page builder with over 200 templates
Leadpages: Best landing page builder for lead generation. It is also
GetResponse: Easy to use landing page for creating high-converting landing pages
Hubspot: Best landing page builder for digital marketers
Wishpond: Best landing page builder with beautiful pre-designed templates for various businesses
Landingi: Best easy-to-use landing page builder for beginners
Swipe pages: Fastest landing page builder

Are there mistakes to be avoided when creating a landing page?

It is common to make mistakes especially when you are building a landing page for the first time. Most mistakes can cost you more than you imagine. This means that you could have an almost zero conversion rate.

1. Giving too much irrelevant information

Your landing page should be created with a goal in mind. People have little patience for irrelevant information. The conversion starts with your headline and the subsequent information that follows.

If you have said too much, yet nothing at all, then you are probably going to have a very high bounce rate. You have a few seconds to make a good impression. One mistake can be very costly. Ensure you get right to the meaty part of the offer. Don't spend time talking about what no one cares about.

2. Using too many CTAs

The question is u0022how many is TOO many?u0022. A typical landing page should contain only one CTA. Any extra one can be very distracting. You created your landing page with a goal in mind. The action you want your online visitors to take should be clearly stated. No distractions whatsoever.

3. Making the page about you

This is a common mistake many businesses make with their landing page. Talk to your audience not show your audience how great you are. The truth is that they don't really care. What they care about is how they can benefit from your offer, product, or service.

The best way to talk to your audience is to address their pain points. Let them know how your offer can benefit them and solve their problem.

Also, your design, layout, content, every other element on your landing page should speak to the audience. It should be easily accessible and help reduce the stress of your audience.

4. Slow loading time

Your conversion process is supposed to be as fast and painless as possible. Unfortunately, if you pay attention to your content but neglect the technical aspect, you will subject your audience to unnecessary pain. The longer it takes for your page to load, the higher your bounce rate.

Get rid of heavy visuals. You can minimize them for a faster loading time. Minimalism is still highly recommended by designers. It is perfect because it only focuses on the very important information and uses fewer designs and elements.

Always test your landing page to ensure that there are no faults.

What is the difference between a landing page and a homepage?

The major differences between a landing page and a homepage are the design and the direction.


The homepage focuses on introducing the website to the visitors. It can contain as much information as possible. Hence, the homepage works to generate organic traffic.

But the landing page focuses on a special offer, convincing the visitors to the final part of the sales funnel. The information on the page is only about the offer, product, or service. Unlike the homepage, the landing page generates paid traffic through Google Ads and online campaigns.


While homepages contain as many links as possible, landing pages only contain one link (which could also be one CTA). There is only one focus on a landing page.

Also, the landing pages are usually standalone pages. They are separate from the main business website. But the homepage is the introductory page of a business website. It doesn't stand alone.


The CTAs for homepages are designed to help you navigate your way through the entire website. There is usually more than one CTAs on the homepage.

There is only one (in some rare cases, two) CTA on the landing page. The CTA is goal-driven and creates a sense of urgency for the visitors to act now. The best CTA practice for landing pages is to use specific CTAs that drive action immediately. For example: use u0022Click to Get 10% offu0022 or u0022Get a free consultation nowu0022.

Start Designing Your Landing Page

Conversion is key when it comes to landing pages. Designing a landing page for a campaign is a very important form of digital marketing. By following the above-listed examples, you will be able to create your killer landing page that converts.

Always ensure to have a specific goal in mind when creating your landing page. Also, talk to your audience. The primary goal is to persuade them to take action and increase your conversion rate.

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