Semrush Pricing – Which Plan is Right For You in 2024?

Updated Dec 5, 2022.

Since its foundation in 2008, Semrush has gained immense popularity as one of the best SEO tools. When used correctly, Semrush can act as a magic wand for market research, content marketing, and paid advertisement.

Semrush is not cheap, and for good reasons. This post is a comprehensive pricing guide for Semrush. We are going to dive deep into the plans, and the features that come with each. Here you will also learn about some strong alternatives to Semrush. We hope to help you make an informed decision.

Semrush Pricing Comparison: Which Plan Should I Pick?

1. Pro

Best Semrush Plan for Entry-Level Marketers and Small In-House Teams

Semrush Pro Plan for Entry Level Marketers and Small In House Teams

The first plan—Pro—costs $99.95 per month when billed annually, and $119.95 per month when billed monthly. If you are just getting started as a marketer or running your operations with a small team, this plan may be right for you.

2. Guru

Best Semrush Plan for Small and Mid-Size Agencies

Semrush Guru Plan for Small and Mid Size Agencies

Intended for growing agencies, the Guru plan costs $191.62 per month when billed annually. If you pay on a monthly basis, the price goes up to $229.95 per month. Marketers who are rapidly growing their operations find this plan pretty convenient.

3. Business

Best Semrush Plan for Large Agencies

Semrush Business Plan for Large Agencies

This is the most expensive of the three Semrush plans, intended for large agencies that need to conduct complex and in-depth marketing research. If you pay annually, the Business plan costs $374.95 per month. For those who pay every month, the plan costs $449.95 per month.

4. Custom

Best Semrush Plan for Marketers with Special Requirements

Semrush Custom Plan for Marketers with Special Requirements

Semrush has a custom plan for users who have large and complex businesses with a focus on abundance. If you find none of the three predefined plans suitable, the custom plan may be right for you. Its price depends on the special requirements of your business. Get to a quote, you have to get in touch with the sales team of Semrush.

What Features Do The Different Semrush Plans Include?

1. Features of the Pro Plan

Designed for marketing newbies, the Pro plan comes with the core features of Semrush. Some of the features are highly sophisticated, though. Here they are at a glance:

Key features:

  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track (daily)
  • Keyword, domain and backlink analytics

Domain and keyword analytics:

  • 10,000 results per report
  • 3,000 reports per day
  • 250 keyword metrics updates per month

Project features:

  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords to track
  • 1 target per project
  • Mobile rankings
  • 100,000 pages to crawl per month
  • 20,000 pages to crawl per project
  • 500 units of SEO ideas
  • 50 social profiles for monitoring
  • 30 pages per OTI campaign
  • 10 owned social profiles
  • Sharing with “read-only” access
  • Sharing with “edit” access


  • 5 schedules PDF reports
  • PDF template sharing

Content marketing platform:

  • ImpactHero (+$200 per campaign per month)

Listing management (local SEO):

  • Basic location (+$20 per month)
  • Premium location (+$40 per month)
  • Additional users (+45 per user per month)
  • Semrush Trends (+200 per user per month)
  • Agency Growth Kit (+100 per month)

The Pro plan comes with every search engine optimization feature entry-level marketers need in order to expand their operations. The key features are available with this plan.

You can create up to 5 projects. All the necessary data regarding the performance of your website is always available, and that makes it super easy to develop a marketing strategy that suits your business model. With its position tracking features, a user can simultaneously track up to 500 keywords for their projects.

Semrush offers detailed and useful analytics for keywords, domains, and backlinks. There are more than 20 tools and reports to use for this purpose.

Semrush is one of the best keyword research tools, and boasts of a database of more than 20 billion keywords. All users of the platform have access to this database.

The platform also provides you with tools for backlink management, on-page SEO analysis, rank tracking, and technical SEO audit.

The Pro plan allows up to 3,000 reports per day. For each analytics report, up to 10,000 results are displayed. These are both raw results and exported versions. For each target keyword, you will get fresh metrics—up to 250 times per month.

Features of the Pro Plan
Source: Semrush

With the Site Audit tool, users of the Pro plan can crawl up to 100,000 pages per month. For every project, you are allowed to crawl 20,000 pages.

With SEO Writing Assistant, SEO Content Template, and On Page SEO Checker, users can run 500 keyword analyses per month. For each organic traffic insights campaign, users can get data for 30 most visited pages. And for your projects, you can track 50 social media profiles simultaneously.

The Pro plan also allows you to schedule and generate PDF reports, and share PDF templates. In short, you have access to a powerful SEO tool for running a small business.

2. Features of the Guru Plan

The Guru plan comes with all the features available with the Pro plan, plus some more. Here are the additional features:

Key features:

  • Historical data
  • Google Data Studio integration
  • Content Marketing Platform

Domain and keyword analytics:

  • 30,000 results per report
  • 5,000 reports per day
  • 1,000 keyword metrics updates per month

Project features:

  • 15 projects
  • 1,500 keywords to track (daily)
  • 10 targets per project
  • 300,000 pages to crawl per month
  • Keyword cannibalization report
  • 800 SEO Ideas Units
  • 100 social profiles for monitoring
  • 40 pages per OTI campaign
  • 30 owned social profiles


  • 20 scheduled PDF reports
  • Google Data Studio Integration

Content marketing platform:

  • Access to the tools
  • Unlimited topics to research
  • 20,000 pages to audit
  • 800 SEO content templates
  • 50 posts to track
  • 5 countries to track
  • 5 plagiarism checks per month
  • 1 calendar
  • Additional users (+$80 per user per month)

The Guru plan is designed to help marketers grow their businesses. You can monitor many competitors and make informed decisions about your SEO strategies. You have access to all reports, track 15 projects and as many keywords as you want.

The most notable feature of this plan is that it provides reports on an unlimited number of websites. With keyword searches, users have the ability to observe their competitors by monitoring all changes in rankings.

Features of the Guru Plan
Source: Semrush

Up to 15 projects can be tracked, and each of these projects can have 1,500 keywords. However, if you are using the free trial, you are allowed to track only one project with 100 keywords. That means, the free trial does not come with everything the Semrush Guru plan has to offer.

Another notable feature is historical data. Users are able to use the historical data of their keywords and projects of previous months.

Semrush offers a content marketing platform only with the Guru and Business plans. The platform has some useful features that enable users to manage their content marketing efforts. When used properly, these features can make your SEO strategy more effective.

For example, with the Topic Research tool, you can generate content ideas for as many topics as you want. And with SEO Writing Assistant, you can generate up to 800 SEO content templates. The Post Tracking tool can be used to track 50 posts per month.

The other features such as List Management, additional users, and Semrush Trends incur additional costs. Unless you are running a large-scale business, you will find the Semrush Guru plan sufficient.

3. Features of the Business Plan

The Business plan is intended for large-scale companies that have to promote many websites. It comes with all the features available with the previous two plans, and some additional features, which are highly sophisticated. Here are the additional features:

Key features:

  • 40 projects
  • 5,000 keywords
  • Share of voice metric

Domain and keyword analytics:

  • 50,000 results per report
  • 10,000 reports per day
  • Product Listing Ads
  • 5,000 keyword metrics updates per month

Project features:

  • Unlimited targets per project
  • 1,000,000 pages to crawl per month
  • 100,000 pages to crawl per project
  • 50 Pages per OTI campaign
  • 2,000 SEO ideas units
  • 50 owned social profiles
  • 300 social profiles for monitoring


  • 50 scheduled PDF reports

Content marketing platform:

  • 2,000 SEO content templates
  • 20,000 pages to audit
  • Unlimited calendars
  • 10 countries to track
  • 10 plagiarism checks per month
  • Additional users (+$100 per user per month)

This plan allows users to track 40 projects. For all your projects, you can track 5,000 keywords simultaneously. This capability makes Semrush one of the best keyword rank tracking software tools.You have access to filtered data export options, detailed reports, and tools for detailed keyword research.

Customized dashboards can provide To create customized dashboards, Semrush API can be integrated with Google Data Studio. Users can also track backlinks, keyword positions, traffic, and refer domains.

The Business plan offers more powerful content marketing features. Semrush’s content marketing platform is powered by artificial intelligence, which makes it super easy to create high-quality links.

Features of the Business Plan
Source: Semrush

With Semrush’s powerful REST APIs, your data can be easily integrated into your database—thanks to the flexible and customizable SEO analytics and reports. You can view and use your data and projects while working with other applications such as Google Sheets and Excel.

The Business plan gives you access to the tools that help you go deeper into your operations and figure out what is working and what is not. The tools give you the perspectives of your audience, and that makes it easier for you to figure out exactly what you need to focus on.

You can learn about your competitors’ digital footprint, and rethink your strategy when needed. And that can save a lot of time.

With Semursh’s domain and keyword analytics, you can conduct advanced domain research and site audits, including traffic estimations, keyword ranking history, and more.

When used properly, Semrush’s Business plan can be an immensely useful SEO tool for large, enterprise-level companies.

4. Features of the Custom Plan

If you choose the custom plan, you have the opportunity to choose features that you actually need for running your business. Contact Semrush’s sales team and let them know your requirements. They will help you choose the right features and give you a quote.

Semrush Alternatives for SEO

1. Ahrefs

Best Semrush Alternatives for Beginner Writers and Bloggers

Ahrefs is the Best Semrush Alternatives for Beginner Writers and Bloggers

Originally known as a backlink analysis tool, Ahrefs has added lots of amazing new features and emerged as a versatile SEO tool. It is now considered a strong alternative to Semrush.

Ahrefs has four plans: Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency that cost respectively $82, $149, $332, and $832 per month when paid annually. If you pay on a monthly basis, the plans cost $99, $179, $399 and $999 per month respectively.

Yes, the starting price of this tool is almost the same as that of Semrush. While the highest tier of Ahrefs is much more expensive, the tool provides value for the price. By doing a little bit of research, a blogger with an entrepreneur mindset can find innovative ways to use Ahrefs.

Ahrefs is easier to use. For keyword research, Ahrefs has two main features namely Keyword Explorer and Organic Keywords. They are very easy to use—there is little to no learning curve.

Even if you have never used a keyword research tool, you are going to find Ahrefs pretty easy, thanks to the intuitive interface.

When it comes to backlink analysis, Ahrefs is as convenient as Semrush. Some users may be more comfortable with Ahrefs, because of its cleaner user interface.

Both Semrush and Ahrefs have solid audit features, and these two tools are almost equally powerful when it comes to finding and fixing technical SEO problems.

Ahrefs, just like Semrush, offers pretty good customer support. Ahrefs offers even a more straightforward way to get in touch with the support team—there is a little chat button at the bottom of the dashboard.

If you are relatively new to SEO, you can’t go wrong with Ahrefs!

2. GrowthBar

Best Semrush Alternative for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

GrowthBar is the Best Semrush Alternative for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

GrowthBar is now one of the most powerful SEO tools for online marketers, with keyword and backlink capabilities as powerful as those of Semrush. However, what sets GrowthBar apart is its GPT-3-enabled AI content creation capabilities.

GrowthBar has three plans namely Standard, Pro and Agency that cost $29, $79 and $199 per month respectively, when paid annually. And when billed monthly, the plans cost respectively $64, $129 and $299 per month.

GrowthBar’s immense popularity is greatly indebted to the platform’s affordability. It’s starting price is less than one-third of the starting price of Semrush. However, it should be noted here that the prices go up if you don’t pay annually.

Writing content is one of the most time-consuming parts of digital marketing, and GrowthBar can help you produce content in a quick and effective way. Its AI-powered content creation feature provides blog ideas and content outlines, and generates text in seconds.

Apart from this, GrowthBar comes with other useful features for keyword research and tracking, keyword suggestions, keyword difficulty scores, backlink research, competitive research, and exporting data to CSV.

How do you know if GrowthBar is a good choice for your business? Well, it is one of the best options for marketers looking for an affordable SEO tool. If you find Semrush too expensive, you may want to choose GrowthBar over Semrush.

GrowthBar can also be a good option for those who are producing content that is fit for being created without human intervention.

3. Advanced Web Ranking

Best Semrush Alternative for Both In-House SEOs and Digital Agencies

Advanced Web Ranking is the Best Semrush Alternative for Both In House SEOs and Digital Agencies

Created by Caphyon Ltd., Advanced Web Ranking is a powerful SEO tool, popular among digital marketers of all sorts. The primary focus of this SEO software suite is on tracking, reporting, and management of website rankings.

Advanced Web Ranking has four plans: Starter, Pro, Agency, and Enterprise. Billed annually, the plans cost $44, $89, $179 and $449 per month respectively. And billed monthly, they cost $49, $99, $199 and $499 per month respectively. You will end up saving 10% if you pay annually.

This SEO tool is a cheaper alternative to Semrush, but offers amazing features for tracking keywords, projects and websites from one place.

The customization features of AWR allow you to check the local and global rankings of keywords. And that enables you to produce content that search engines love. Some of the highest paid bloggers are now using AWR with great satisfaction.

The localization feature gives you valuable insights into location-specific data, which allows you to make the right decisions about your search engine optimization strategies. Yes, you can use Semrush for the same purpose, but AWR has a cleaner and more straightforward user interface, which new marketers find more convenient.

When it comes to generating reports, you can use the metrics that actually matter to you. The platform has SEO report templates, and offers WYSIWYG report editors. Reports can be generated exactly the way you want.

One of the best things about Advanced Web Ranking is that it offers a 30-day full-featured trial. You have one full month to try out the tool for free, and see what it can do for your business.

4. Authority Labs

Best Semrush Alternative for Small to Midsize Businesses

Authority Labs is the Best Semrush Alternative for Small to Midsize Businesses

Founded in 2009, Authority Labs has become a reliable cloud-based SEO platform, used by many agencies, consultants, and digital marketers. It’s an easy-to-use tool for keyword research and rank tracking.

Authority Labs has four plans namely Plus, Pro, Pro Plus and Enterprise that cost respectively $49, $99, $225, and $450 per month. A 14-day free trial is available.

Competitive analysis, global and local tracking, domain grouping, custom reports, mobile rankings tracking, and white-label keyword solutions are the key features of Authority Labs. If you need only the features, you may find Authority Labs more convenient because its starting price is significantly lower.

Authority Labs offers a feature called Now Provided Keywords that displays keywords that most other tools hide. Semrush does not offer a similar feature.

If you want to focus on monitoring your website’s tracking, generating content ideas, identifying content gaps, and comparing pages with competitors, you will find Authority Labs more than enough. It’s a powerful but cheaper alternative to Semrush.

Semrush Pricing FAQ

How much does Semrush cost?

Currently, Semrush has four plans: Pro, Guru, Business, and Enterprise. The first three are predefined plans that cost $99.95, $191.62 and $374.95 per month respectively when billed annually. 

And if you pay on a monthly basis, the plans cost $119.95, $229.95 and $449.95 per month respectively. The fourth plan, Enterprise, is a custom plan. The price depends on the features you choose for your business.

Is Semrush worth it?

While Semrush is not cheap, the tool is definitely worth the price. If used properly, the tool can contribute immensely to the growth of your business. 

Semrush’s key features such as keyword research, competitive research and team building have made digital marketing easier than ever. Semrush is beginner-friendly, so you can start using it even if you have never used any other SEO tool.

Is there a free version of Semrush?

There is no free version of Semrush.

How long is the free trial for Semrush?

30 days. After the free trial ends, your card will be charged. So, if you want to discontinue, you will have to cancel it within 30 days.

Next Step: Choose the Right Semrush Plan for You

Semrush is known for its straightforward pricing strategy. Just by looking at the features, you can figure out which plan is right for you. To help you make an informed decision, the platform offers a free trial, so consider getting the free trial before you invest.

If you are just getting started, chances are that you will find the Pro plan sufficient. From there, expand your operations and then upgrade. Be a little bit strategic and you will make the best use of this amazing SEO tool.

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