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13 Best Bluehost Alternatives to Host Your Website or Online Store

Check out the best Bluehost alternatives for creating your website, blog, or online shop. These alternatives to Bluehost are cheaper and more powerful.

bluehost alternatives

Choosing a reliable hosting service provider is one of the most important parts of launching a website. For many reasons, Bluehost has emerged as a popular hosting service provider. 

However, Bluehost has its limitations. And that is why many people look for alternatives. This post centers on some providers that are regarded as strong competitors of Bluehost.

Why Bluehost Alternatives?

While Bluehost is an amazing hosting service provider, it has a few drawbacks. In spite of the overall good user experience, people look for alternatives because some of these alternatives offer faster website loading speeds and easier ways to manage content. Let’s take a look at the advantages of Bluehost alternatives.

1. Cheaper Renewal Price

Bluehost keeps raising its renewal price, which is a bit disconcerting for some users. But it is important to note here that most, if not all, hosting service providers have this issue in various degrees. 

You can say that it is more or less the norm for hosting companies. Get ready to pay a higher rate when you have to renew. 

With that said, there are free web hosting services that charge neither subscription fee nor renewal fee. But they have their limitations. Free services are notorious for their slow loading speed, annoying advertisements, and vulnerability to hackers. Most people actually do not look for free hosting services; they look for cheap ones. 

2. Faster Website Loading Speeds

Finding a fast web hosting service is important, because it is directly related to the growth of your site. This factor also determines how active your visitors are. Unfortunately, Bluehost is not the fastest hosting provider out there. Some of its competitors offer faster website loading speeds.

Every web hosting service has its pros and cons, but website loading speed is something you simply cannot compromise. Visitors hate websites that take ages to load. 

3. Cheaper Account Upgrades and Add-On Features

The cost is an issue for some users. In terms of price, Bluehost can be a good pick, but the account upgrades and add-on features are pretty expensive. It becomes an issue for people who are on a budget.

You have to pay quite a higher monthly fee when you have to do security upgrades and account upgrades. Most website owners do not need more than the stock hosting features. The monthly cost tends to go up when there are upsells. 

4. Better Multi-Site Management Capabilities

Bluehost does not put any arbitrary limits to your account, but as your site keeps consuming the server storage, resources and memory, your account will need an upgrade. 

If you are just getting started, you probably will not have to deal with this issue. But as you keep uploading content, you will notice the limitations.

However, you will be just fine if your site is not consuming a large proportion of the resources. 

Some Bluehost alternatives are simply better in terms of managing content. If you want to manage many websites from one place, there are better services than Bluehost.

Best Bluehost Alternatives to Host Your Website

1. WP Engine

Best Alternative to Bluehost’s Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is the best alternative to Bluehost’s managed wordPress hosting

WP Engine offers managed WordPress hosting. It has the advantages of automatic updates, backups, and premium WordPress themes. WP Engine is not the first or only company to offer managed WordPress hosting.

However, WP Engine has already emerged as the biggest provider of managed WordPress hosting, with customers in 140 countries.

It not only offers great hosting environments but also takes care of the ongoing tasks and keeps your WordPress website stable and secure.

Since July 2018, StudioPress has been a part of WP Engine, which means WP Engine is now by definition a developer of premium WordPress themes and the Genesis Framework.

So, if you choose WP Engine, you will have access to 35 premium WordPress themes and the Genesis Framework. Whether you have an online portfolio, café site, blog, eCommerce store or agency website, you will find a suitable theme.

Another great thing about WP Engine is that the WordPress software is automatically updated. So, you will always use the latest version. To make sure that the WordPress software is stable, WP Engine tests it beforehand.

WP Engine also makes sure that your website is properly backed up. You can relax, knowing that the WordPress core files, plugins, themes and database are safe. Even if something goes wrong, you can easily restore the site to a previous point.

WP Engine is designed for ambitious businesses. If you have ambition for your business and think of attaining real prosperity, feel free to rely on this WordPress hosting service. 


WP Engine pricing plan

WP Engine has three predefined pricing plans that start at $25 per month. It also has a custom option intended for sites that receive lots of visitors a month.

Regardless of the pricing plan you choose, you have access to a free SSE certificate and the WordPress theme. For an extra $20 per month, you can install more WordPress sites. For this, you do not have to change your plan.

Whether you are on the Startup plan or the Scale plan, you website will have the same performance level. However, traffic levels and website configuration also determine your site’s performance.


  • Free SSL certificates
  • Vagrant Environment Integration
  • Access to easy backups during the development process
  • Automated site migration
  • Free transferable installs
  • Built-in One-Click CDN
  • SSL protection
  • Top-notch site analysis
  • Fast geolocation and customization
  • Enterprise level security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • An amazing affiliate program

Why Choose WP Engine over Bluehost?

#1 Faster Site Speed

WP Engine is faster partly because it optimizes its servers specifically for WordPress. That is not the case with Bluehost. Bluehost is a bit slower also because of its CPU throttling scheme.

That means, your website loads a bit slower when it uses too many resources. People who have used both Bluehost and WP Engine prefer the latter in terms of site speed. 

#2 Better Server Quality

WP Engine delivers a faster server response. It offers a slightly longer uptime. No matter how many widgets and plugins your website has, its performance will not drop.  WP Engine seems to have figured out the unique characteristics of WordPress, and therefore works smoothly with it.

#3 Customer Support

Many prominent companies including Maxcon, Constant Contact, GeekWire and SoundCloud have confirmed that WP Engine provides great customer support. In terms of customer support, WP Engine seems to be a clear winner.

Bluehost offers customer support via email, video tutorials, a user forum, a ticket support system, and online chat. However, some users have reported that Bluehost provides slow or poor customer support.

2. Squarespace

Best Bluehost Alternative for Creating Visually Appealing Professional Websites 

Squarespace is the Best Bluehost Alternative for Creating Visually Appealing Professional Websites

Squarespace is suitable for artists, photographers and other creatives who take the design aspect of websites seriously. Regardless of your technical ability, Squarespace allows you to showcase your work. In terms of visual designs, Squarespace beats some other leading website builders

It offers a 14-day free trial, and most people who use the free trial keep using the service. 

If you consider the ease of use, Squarespace may not be the best pick.You may take some time to get comfortable with its section-based drag-and-drop feature. The minimal interface may seem too clean. 

However, thanks to this minimal interface, it takes no effort to find the features you are looking for. The menus are uncluttered. Once you have got to grips with the menus, editing is super easy. 

No coding knowledge is required  to use Squarespace. The platform uses the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. Anyone can use it. 

The process of creating a website with Squarespace is pretty straightforward. Building distinct pages is easy, because the menus are intuitive. 

If you read some reviews online, you will notice that most customers are highly satisfied with Squarespace. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it is not steep

If the design aspect of your website is important to you, give Squarespace a try. Its clever AI website builder is highly efficient. 


Squarespace Pricing Plan

Squarespace has four pricing plans. The plans are pretty affordable: ranging from $12 to $40 per month. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will enjoy unlimited bandwidth and storage, SSL security and, of course, a free custom domain. 


  • Responsive design templates
  • Easy DIY interface
  • All-in-one package
  • Great customer service
  • Access to the Squarespace Circle community
  • Over 100 sophisticated themes
  • Blogging features
  • Audio collections
  • Galleries and display effects
  • G suite integration
  • Analytics

Why Choose Squarespace over Bluehost?

#1 Plenty of features

Squarespace’s plans come with lots of features. The powerful e-commerce features make it very easy to manage your online store. With the built-in SEO tools, you can attract new customers. The website analytics can be used to track your progress

Apart from these features, there are some other features intended for specific groups. Bluehost also has great features, but there is a little bit of learning curve involved. With Squarespace, you do not need strong technical skills to make a website. 

#2 Monthly Payment Plans

Squarespace has both monthly and yearly payment plans. On the other hand, Bluehost has no monthly plan. If you want to avoid a long-term commitment for some reason, Squarespace is the right option for you. 

#3 Great Templates

When it comes to templates, Squarespace offers many options to choose from. And the templates can be sorted by different types such as restaurant, business, store and photography. 

Better yet, Squarespace keeps adding more templates. So, in this regard, Squarespace clearly has an edge over Bluehost. 

#4 All in One

In a sense, Squarespace is a full package. The platform provides built-in analytics and other features to strengthen your blogging capabilities. The features are more than enough for running an e-commerce website.

They give you a free domain and take care of the hosting. You literally do not need anything else. So, choosing Squarespace over Bluehost can be a pretty good idea.

3. HostGator

Best Bluehost Alternative for WordPress Websites

HostGator is the best Bluehost Alternative for WordPress Websites

One of the oldest and biggest web hosting companies, HostGator is a notable alternative to Bluehost. HostGator’s shared hosting plans are known for providing unlimited bandwidth and storage, and a free domain and SSL certificate.

Some extra services such as security and backups require additional fees. 

In the past, HostGator’s performance was an issue for its users. But now it is known for its amazing performance. The company also provides fast and friendly customer service

HostGator guarantees that its uptime is 99.9%. The HostGator User Dashboard can be used to monitor your site’s uptime. If this guarantee is not met, HostGator will give you one month of free hosting. 

In terms of migration policy, HostGator is a good pick. Once you have opened your shared hosting account, HostGator will transfer your website to the new domain within 30 days, for free. Take a look at this Bluehost vs Hostgator article to learn about the differences between the two hosting services.

A complete cPanel including all email accounts, domains and settings will also be transferred. 

HostGator has secure data centers in Texas, Houston and Utah. The company does not allow you to choose a particular data center for housing your server. 

The company is very careful about customer satisfaction, and offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. It should be noted here that a 30-day guarantee is the norm for most companies. 


HostGator Pricing Plan

HostGator has three pricing plans: Basic, Better and Best. The Basic plan costs just $2.75 per month for the first term. After that, when you have to renew your plan, you will be charged 6.95 per month. 


  • Stable uptime
  • Decent load time
  • Good support
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Site security features
  • Free site migration
  • User-friendly
  • Search engine advertising credits

Why Choose HostGator over Bluehost?

#1 Easier to Use

HostGator is more beginner-friendly. With a very easy setup process, HostGator provides a simple but powerful user experience. Bluehost also has an easy-to-understand cPanel, but complete beginners may find the setup process a bit hard. 

#2 Faster Page Load Speeds

HostGator has a load time of 2.5 seconds while Bluehost’s load time is 3.9 seconds. The result is more or less the same when the speed test is conducted from different locations around the globe.

HostGator provides a faster and smoother experience for visitors. The performance of HostGator seems to be more consistent than Bluehost.

#3 Better Uptime

Bluehost claims that it has an average uptime of 99.97%. For HostGator, it is 99.98%. The difference is slight, but it is important to note here that Bluehost does not always pass the test. In terms of consistency, HostGator definitely has an edge.

4. Wix

Best Bluehost Alternative for Creating Small Websites

Wix is the best Bluehost Alternative for Creating Small Websites

If you are looking for an affordable and hassle-free way to create your website, consider using Wix. Over 100 million people from 190 countries use this cloud-based development service

Wix was launched back in 2006. Since then, it has emerged as a leading website builder. It has the characteristics of both an AI platform and a classic template-based builder. 

No coding skill is needed to use it. With this tool, you can create your own website even if you have never created one. Wix’s template editor is packed with lots of features. 

Yes, there are other drag-and-drop website builders, but Wix seems to be the best one. More than 500 industry-specific templates are available. Regardless of the type of industry, this website builder can be a good choice.

It is used to build websites for cafes and restaurants, small businesses, musicians, hotels and hospitality, graphic designers and photographers. Wix templates, apps and tools are available for all types of niches. To run your business, you will need other tools such as payroll software

If you are a small business owner, Wix is probably the best choice for you. Just try Wix and you will realize how easy it is to create a beautiful site. 


  • Advanced design templates
  • Massive template collections
  • Intuitive and useful interface
  • Site security
  • An all-in-one solution
  • Fast page load speeds
  • Lots of extra features
  • Great customer support


Wix Pricing Plan

The pricing plans of Wix can be a bit confusing, party because there are lots of options. The plans start at $14 per month. Wix VIP is available for $39 per month. 

Why Choose Wix Over Bluehost?

#1 More features and flexibility

A great thing about Wix features is that most of them are already integrated. You do not have to activate or set them up manually. The pack includes everything you need. The major Wix features include Wix App Market, Wix Ascend, SEO Optimization, and Wix Mobile.

On the other hand, Bluehost requires you to activate the plugins manually, which can be a bit time-consuming

#2 Design

For any website type, Wix offers more than 550 templates. Wix ADI ensures that your website is 100% mobile-responsive. The mobile version can be edited while keeping the original layout as it is. Although Bluehost has lots of templates, not all of them are mobile responsive. 

#3 Ease of UseFor beginners, Wix is a better choice. Thanks to the simple editing process and AI technologies, Wix is very easy to use. Bluehost also provides great features, but beginners may find some of them a bit complicated.

5. 10Web

Best Bluehost Alternative for Small Businesses

10Web is the Best Bluehost Alternative for Small Businesses

10Web is another platform that makes it super easy to build and host WordPress sites. It was founded by Arto Minasyan. Google’s cloud offerings are compatible with most of 10Web’s services.  

If you are less than satisfied with the speed of your website, consider giving 10 web a try. This platform is known for its ease of use, great performance and easy migration. 

10Web is a pretty good choice for people who need managed hosting. It comes with features that make it easy to work with WordPress sites. The WordPress core analytics are automatically updated. 

10Web is also known for offering free backups. Automatic backups can be scheduled on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

By default, an AWS hosted cloud is used to store your backups, but you also have the freedom to choose Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Azure. You can view the logs of your backups at any time. 

The Speed Test feature allows you to know whether your website is performing well. If the performance is less than satisfactory, the feature helps you identify the issue. Additional plugins are available, and these plugins help you make your website faster and more efficient. 

10Web promises smooth functionality of your website. It offers more than 60 extensions and plugins. The Form Maker plugin has already been downloaded by over 2 million users. 10Web can make online business a lot easier for a small business owner with an entrepreneurial mindset

The quality of your website largely depends on its speed. Poor speed is also directly linked to poor conversion rates. Users do not like to wait while the page loads. 10Web’s Performance Service makes your website super fast. This service includes image Optimization service, Caching, and CDN. 


  • Easy to use website builder
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Powerful plugins
  • Stunning template designs
  • Security
  • Backup solutions
  • SEO
  • Solid technical support


10Web Pricing Plan

10Web offers three predetermined pricing plans and a custom plan. The plans start at $10 per month. The company offers a 14-day free trial and 30-day money back guarantee. 

Why Choose 10Web over Bluehost?

#1 Better Infrastructure

10Web relies on cloud computing for its hosting services. Cloud computing enhances the hosting service in multiple ways. The speed of your website, to a great extent, depends on it. Through load balancing, it offers great scalability. Bluehost used to offer cloud hosting, but now it doesn’t.

#2 Automated Migration

All plans of 10Web offer automated 1-click migration. No manual effort is needed for this process. And you do not have to pay an additional fee for this feature. 

Bluehost offers free WordPress site migration, but the offer is not for all WordPress sites. They review your site and determine whether it qualifies for a free migration. The viability depends on different criteria such as website size, WordPress version, use of WordPress multisite, and database site. 

#3 Better Security

10Web offers extremely diverse security services including DDoS protection, built-in login limitation, file change scans, constant updates and 24/7 customer support. All the plans include a free SSL certificate. Bluehost also takes the security aspect seriously, but the services are not as good as those of 10Web.

6. DreamHost

Best Bluehost Alternative for Personal Sites

DreamHost is the Best Bluehost Alternative for Personal Sites

Founded in 1996, DreamHost has more than 400,000 customers worldwide. It is especially popular among designers, developers and digital marketers. Experienced website builders often recommend DreamHost, and there are good reasons for this recommendation.

Even WordPress endorses DreamHost. The company boasts of its small price tag, pretty good offers, backups, unlimited bandwidth and storage, SSL certificates and 24 hour support.

You can renew a.com domain name for only $15. DreamHost offers shared hosting. For a one-site plan, it costs only $3.95 per month. For the unlimited tier, the cost is $9.95 per month.

If you are just getting started, you will be okay with this hosting. However, if your site receives over $200,000 visitors per month, an upgraded plan will be needed. You can easily configure its Virtual Private Server to your needs.

The backend is modern. The cPanel looks a bit complicated. So, inexperienced users may take some time to get used to it.

A great thing about DreamHost is that there is no upsell. While most other competitors try to sell add-ons, DreamHost is an exception here.

The company gives you a 97-day money back guarantee. This is incredible because as a rule of thumb, companies usually offer 30 day money back guarantees.

If you are thinking of starting a blog, DreamHost is probably the best option for you. Serious site developers and avid bloggers find DreamHost shared hosting very convenient.


  • Sufficient loading speed
  • High uptime rates
  • Money back guarantee
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low renewal prices
  • Lots of features


DreamHost Pricing Plan

DreamHost has 5 plans for five types of hosting services. The plans start at $3.95 per month.

Why Choose DreamHost over Bluehost?

#1 More Secure

DreamHost takes security very seriously. To provide the best security features, Dreamhost has partnered with StopTheHacker. For peak efficiency, virus scans are run every day. Dreamhost data centers are staffed by technicians 24/7. 

Bluehost carries out virus and malware scans every day but stores backups for only 30 days. The company does not accept responsibility for lost or failed backups. 

#2 Better Customer Support

Both of these companies provide great customer support. However, a survey conducted among 830 WordPress users has revealed that the users of DreamHost receive better customer support. For WordPress support, DreamHost has a score of 3.9 while Bluehost’s score is 3.4

#3 Cheaper Plans

DreamHost and Bluehost offer hosting services at relatively cheap prices. Prices depend on which plan you are using. If you are looking for the cheapest deal, DreamHost has the answer. Its starting price is just $3.95 per month.

The Shared Unlimited plan is also very cheap. For promotional prices, Bluehost is almost as good as DreamHost. But Bluehost’s renewal prices are significantly higher.

7. Webflow

Best Bluehost Alternative for Experienced Developers

Webflow is the best Bluehost Alternative for Experienced Developers.

Webflow is another reliable platform for building websites. While most other companies target non-technical users, Webflow targets designers. The main strength of the platform is that it can convert complex designs into fully functional websites. And no coding knowledge is required to use the tool. 

Webflow is known for offering better site security, more creative freedom and greater ease of use. For users who have used WordPress for a long time, Webflow is a fascinating website builder. 

This website building tool is clearly different from an average website builder. First of all, it eliminates the need for website designers. If you have some technical knowledge and you are thinking of launching your own website, you will find Webflow very handy. 

Webflow is a website builder that comes with a CMS that allows you to build responsive websites while having complete control over designs. The Visual editor makes it very easy to make sitewide changes. And for this you do not have to install any plugins. 

When it comes to the ease of use, Webflow may not be as convenient as Bluehost. But using Webflow is a lot easier than using WordPress. The features are a lot more intuitive than those of WordPress. Webflow also offers lots of video tutorials, courses and articles. Users find these resources very useful.


  • Smooth conversion of designs into websites
  • Finalizes projects faster
  • Custom client-facing CMS
  • Builds landing pages more easily
  • Better fidelity
  • More accurate interactions
  • More creative freedom
  • No client-facing plugin
  • Faster development


Webflow Pricing Plan

Webflow has two types of plans: site plans and account plans. Starting price is just $12 per month. The company offers a free trial. 

Why Choose Webflow over Bluehost?

 #1 Webflow CMS

Launching a website in Webflow might be a bit time-consuming, but in the end it is worth the effort. Webflow has a “code-first” philosophy, and is intended for designers who want to build truly professional websites. 

Webflow CMS allows you to define the style and structure of your dynamic content. And for this, you do not have to mess with plugins. The CMS is far from perfect, but it is definitely better than That of Bluehost. 

#2 Deployment and Hosting

Amazon Web Services is the provider of Webflow hosting. It is facilitated by CDN. Webflow users are happy partly because pages load very fast. You get some peace of mind because you do not have to worry about updating PHP or maintaining the server.

If you compare this aspect with that of Bluehost, you will notice that Webflow has a slight edge. 

#3  Interactions 2.0Webflow offers this incredibly cool feature. It enables designers to Create JavaScript animations and custom CSS transitions based on user interactions or page state. Developers who have used both Bluehost and Webflow find Interactions 2.0 a fascinating feature.

8. Kinsta

Best Bluehost Alternative for Sites with a Focus on Security

Kinsta is the best Bluehost Alternative for Sites with a Focus on Security.

If you are looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting service provider, consider using Kinsta. In general, managed hosting services are a bit more expensive, but Kinsta manages to keep a relatively low price tag

Kinsta offers integrated content delivery, daily backups and many other features and services. Website staging allows users to make significant changes to WordPress sites. 

To make sure that all websites load quickly, Kinsta uses PHP 7, Nginx, MariaDB, and LXD containers. For many businesses such as online legal services, security is of utmost importance. Kinsta takes security very seriously. 

Thanks to the SSL support, users can easily monitor the uptime of their websites. Kinsta also offers hardware firewalls, malware scanning, and DDoS attack detection. 

Kinsta is probably the only company that offers a hack guarantee. In case your website gets hacked, Kinsta promises to fix it. The company takes customer support very seriously. It offers 24/7 customer support, and boasts a 100 percent solve rate. 

When you enter a new conversation, you can easily create a new support ticket. The people at the help desk typically reply in just a few minutes. 

Users do not have to pay a fee for website migrations. Before a website goes live, the company sets it in a test area to see if everything is working well. 


  • Fast page speed
  • 100% uptime reliability
  • 24/ 7 security
  • Free site migrations
  • In-house Caching plugin
  • Expert support
  • One-click staging area
  • Daily backups
  • Lots of data center options


Kinsta Pricing Plan

Kinsta offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The most common features are available with all plans. 

Why Choose Kinsta over Bluehost?

#1 Better Server

If you conduct a load impact test, you will notice that Kinsta is 3 times faster than Bluehost. With that said, Bluehost’s speed is also good, considering the fact that Bluehost is significantly cheaper than Kinsta. 

#2 Premium DNS

For the protection of your site against DDoS attacks, make sure you use a premium DNS service. Kinsta’s DNS service is a lot faster. This speed is one of the reasons why some users choose Kinsta over Bluehost.

#3 Better Security

Kinsta has advanced hardware firewalls and very strong software-based restrictions. These systems provide constant protection for your WordPress site. Kinsta identifies and removes infected themes and plugins. In terms of security, Kinsta definitely has an edge over Bluehost.

9. GreenGeeks

Best Bluehost Alternative for Environmentally Conscious Merchants

GreenGeeks is the best Bluehost Alternative for Environmentally Conscious Merchants

Founded in 2006, GreenGeeks is a company with a focus on environmentally friendly web hosting services. Since its inception, the company has served over 40,000 customers. So far, over 500,000 websites have used GreenGeeks. It has emerged as an industry-leading green hosting company. 

There is a reason why environmentally friendly web hosting matters. The world is getting warmer, and the web hosting industry has its share of the responsibility for this phenomenon. Every year, an average hosting server produces close to 1500 pounds of CO2. 

Supporting renewable energy is an effective way to reduce this pollution. GreenGeeks is a partner of the United States EPA Green Power. The company purchases wind energy credits. 

As a hosting solution, GreenGeeks is pretty good, especially for those who are just starting out. A high performance plan is recommended for those with higher traffic volumes. 

Even if you choose the most basic Light plan, you will enjoy all the major features such as unlimited bandwidth and storage, a free registration for a year, a free website migration, free SSL, unlimited subdomains, and cPanel site management. 

When it comes to WordPress hosting, GreenGeeks is a baseline product. It does not offer WordPress-optimized site staging, server caching or other advanced features. However, if you are getting started with your online business or trying to build your personal brand, GreenGeeks can be a pretty good choice. 

The company provides a 30 day money back guarantee

GreenGeeks provides customer support via live chat, tickets and email. People at the help desk are satisfactorily responsive. The site has a knowledge base where you can find answers to your questions. 


  • Solid uptime performance
  • Fast page loading
  • Good customer support
  • Free migration
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Nightly backups
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free CDN
  • Multiple server locations


GreenGeeks Pricing Plan

GreenGeeks has 5 types of  plans for all types of eCommerce sites. Shared hosting plans start at only $2.95 per month. 

Why choose GreenGeeks over Bluehost?

#1 More Features

Bluehost excels in some features such as discount and WordPress hosting. However, GreenGeeks offers many useful features that Bluehost doesn’t. GreenGeeks hosts unlimited websites and provides free site transfers, and an unlimited number of email accounts. A Free website builder is available with every web hosting plan. 

#2 Better Support and Documentation

In terms of customer support, GreenGeeks beats Bluehost. GreenGeeks’ documentation is extensive, and it helps you with every aspect setting up your eCommerce website. Most people who have used both platforms say Bluehost’s customer support could improve.

Best Bluehost Alternatives to Host Your Online Store

10. Shopify

Best Bluehost Alternative for Users Who Are Interested in Dropshipping

Shopify is the best Bluehost Alternative for Users Who Are Interested in Dropshipping

Shopify is by far the best platform to create and host online stores without coding. No hosting services or software installations are required for launching your online store with Shopify. 

To help you set up your online store, Shopify offers a variety of tools. On this platform, you can showcase your products and receive payments online

There are both paid and free themes that can be used to make your store look great and stand out. Shopify app store has lots of apps that can add more functionality to your store. 

The platform has an enterprise plan and some sales channels that provide growth opportunities. Merchants who sell in high volumes find these features very useful. 

Shopify even offers a blog feature that allows users to write articles and blog posts about their products. When you are running an online store, wiring blog posts can be a very useful way to connect with your customers. 

And if you need help with setup, design and marketing of your store, Shopify can help you with that too. The platform has a very helpful community. There are plenty of eCommerce platforms, but Shopify is the fastest-growing platform. 

It offers 24/7 customer support. No matter what Shopify plan you have, you will get answers to your questions. 


  • Easy setup
  • App integrations
  • Visually appealing online store
  • Excellent loading speed
  • Security and reliability
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Powerful marketing tools
  • Easy payment
  • Outstanding customer support


Shopify Pricing Plan

Shopify has three predetermined pricing plans and a custom plan. The Basic Shopify plan starts at $29 per month. 

Why Choose Shopify over Bluehost?

#1 Higher Uptime

Shopify promises a 99.98% server uptime. The level of uptime is rarely inconsistent. Customers can easily check the status of the platform’s infrastructure at any time. Bluehost also boasts of a high level of uptime, but it reportedly has more downtime than other major eCommerce platforms. 

#2 Shopify Apps

Shopify offers apps that add functionality to your store. There are both free and paid apps. If you use the Bluehost platform, you cannot use such apps.

11. Zyro

Best Bluehost Alternative for Users Who Need Only the Basic Online Store Features

Zyro is the best Bluehost Alternative for Users Who Need Only the Basic Online Store Features.

Zyro is a website builder from Hostinger, and it targets non-technical users. This is an AI-powered minimalist site builder that makes the process of website building easy and fun. The platform is a great choice for people who need only the basic features of an online store. 

Zyro is known for offering solid features, cheap pricing, and a generous free plan. Zyro is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Malay, Portuguese, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian and Spanish

Zyro offers dozens of mobile-friendly, good-looking, free templates covering industries like hospitality, design, fashion and more. However, the templates are not very customizable. 

You can pretty easily drag and drop things, but the page elements, size and spacing are kept consistent. The platform has basic integrations with Facebook Messenger, Google Ads and Hotjar analytics. You have access to these features even if you choose the Basic plan. 

Zyro has some other great features like Slogan Generator, Name Generator, and Logo Maker. All of these tools are very effective and easy to use. 

The company offers customer support via live chat and email, and the people at the help desk respond pretty quickly. The company is serious about customer satisfaction. 


  • Good site performance
  • A free SSL certificate
  • Automatic Cloudflare
  • Extreme simplicity
  • Helpful page building grids
  • Lots of free images
  • Quick update rollouts
  • Logo and slogan makers


Zyro Pricing Plan

Zyro has four pricing plans and the Basic plan starts at only $1.89 per month. 

Why Choose Zyro over Bluehost?

#1 AI Tools

The AI features help Zyro stand apart from not only Bluehost but also many other leading website builders. These features are aimed to help non-technical users build their online presence. Heatmap and AI Writer are two very useful AI tools. 

#2 Cheaper Plans

To integrate Google Analytics, you can buy the Unleashed plan for only $3.49 per month. The company offers inexpensive eCommerce plans that start at 14.99 per month. 

#3 Logo & Slogan Maker

New site owners find this integrated feature very useful. Even people with no experience in logo designing and use the feature. Bluehost does not offer a feature like this.

12. Shift4Shop

Best Bluehost Alternative for Small Online Stores

Shift4Shop is the best Bluehost Alternative for Small Online Stores

Shift4Shop is a robust and complete platform that helps people set up online stores. With its numerous features, you can pretty easily launch your online store. 

Initially, the company was known as 3DCart. In November 2020, it was acquired by Shift4. The goal of the company is to help merchants grow their businesses. Whether you want to sell physical products, software or online courses, Shift4Shop can be a good choice. 

Shift4Shop is designed for many different types of business models. Whether your products are physical or digital, Shift4Shop is a pretty good choice. The platform has various fulfillment methods that make it very easy to manage your store checkouts. 

It is good for both beginners and large enterprises. There are over 100 fully responsive themes from both third-party providers and the platform itself. You can decorate your store for less than $200. 

The designs are with distinctive characteristics that are suitable for a wide range of industries such as art, health and beauty, electronics and so on. Before you choose a theme, Shift4Shop allows you to preview and modify it. 

And if you want to choose another theme, you can do so without distorting the content of your store. 

Shift4Shop also has an app store with more than 200 apps. You can integrate these apps very easily. They add more functionality to your store. 


  • Ease of use
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Powerful built-in features
  • API access
  • Great security


Shift4Shop Pricing Plan

There are three regular plans starting at $29 per month. There is also a free plan. Merchants using this plan can use no other payment solution but Shift4 Payments. 

Why Choose Shift4Shop over Bluehost? 

#1 Free Plan

One of the best things about Shift4Shop is that it offers a free plan. It is free but comes with advanced features. If you choose this plan, you will have to use Shift4 Payments, Shift4Shop’s own payment method. Bluehost also has its own payment method, but the company does not offer any free plan. 

#2 Lots of Free Themes

Shift4Shop has both premium and free themes. However, there are more free themes than paid ones. The premium themes are a bit more visually appealing, but the free ones are also beautiful.

13. BigCommerce

Best Bluehost Alternative for Large-Scale Online Stores

BigCommerce is the Best Bluehost Alternative for Large-Scale Online Stores

BigCommerce is an eCommerce solution that allows its customers to set up fully functional online stores. This is one of the most well-known platforms for building online stores. 

The platform is also known for offering gift cards, professional reporting, and unlimited file storage and bandwidth. And it is significantly cheaper than Bluehost. 

In terms of scalability, BigCommerce beats most of its competitors.  The top plans of BigCommerce can support big companies like Toyota, Ben & Jerry’s, and Kodak

If you have a store that is selling through other platforms, BigCommerce is probably the best choice for you. Feel free to choose BigCommerce if you have already established your presence on other platforms. 

But if you are still struggling with your business plan or playing with the idea of starting a small online store, consider using Shift4Shop or Shopify  instead. 

If your store has outgrown its current platform, consider using BigCommerce. The platform offers many tools that make the migration process smooth. 

With that said, BigCommerce is not a good option for small-scale selling; the platform is for relatively large-scale businesses. You will not need so many features for your small store. 


  • Great support
  • Sell on numerous websites
  • Mobile friendly
  • Product syndication
  • Supports major payment gateways
  • Customer loyalty
  • Shipping providers
  • Cost efficiency


BigCommerce Pricing Plan

BigCommerce has four pricing plans starting at $29.95 per month. If you pay annually, you can save up to 10%. 

Why Choose BigCommerce over Bluehost?

#1 Unlimited API Calls

BigCommerce offers Application Programming Interface, which is used to transfer data from your store to other apps. And if you are on the Enterprise plan, you can share data as many times as you want. For this feature, businesses with a high volume of traffic prefer BigCommerce to Bluehost.

 #2 Ease of Doing BusinessBoth BigCommerce and Bluehost provide ample opportunities to grow your business. But in terms of conducting business activities, BigCommerce has an edge over Bluehost. Running your online store is less complicated when you use this platform.

Next Step: Launch Your Ecommerce Business or Website

Launching an eCommerce business might seem hard, but things get easier if you choose your platform wisely. Making an informed decision is the key. Before you choose a particular platform, make sure it meets your requirements. 

For regular websites, our top 3 recommendations are Squarespace, Wix and DreamHost

For online stores, we recommend Shopify, Shift4Shop and BigCommerce

Bluehost is a decent platform, but it has its downsides. We hope now you know what better features Bluehost alternatives offer. Only you can say which eCommerce solution is a good pick for you, because you know the unique requirements of your business.

Written by
Martin Luenendonk
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