Top 7 Best Dedicated Server Hosting In India (2022)

Updated Dec 8, 2022.

Learn more about dedicated server hosting solutions for your website or online business and have complete control of all your server resources.
I’ll review 7 hosting providers. Five offer dedicated hosting, one scalable and customizable cloud server, and the last is VPS. Compare and choose the best one.

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Our top choice is an all-in-one dedicated server hosting provider with an improved cPanel for managing everything from one central location.
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Use self-managed dedicated hosting with server locations in the USA and India and advanced features for high website performance.
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SiteGround (Cloud)

Grow your business website to the next level without worrying about heavy traffic with fully managed and auto-scalable cloud hosting plans.
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InMotion Hosting

Enjoy free and unlimited website transfers with an industry-leading platform that offers excellent SSD capacity and free backup storage space.
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You can easily control various aspects of your dedicated hosting service because it has flexible control panels, making it beginner-friendly.

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Are you a business or site owner wishing to use the entire server without sharing it with anyone else? Then, browse our top five picks for the best-dedicated server hosting in India.  You will get unlimited access to how many hosting features you want. 

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Providers in India

Here’s a list of the 7 best dedicated server hosting providers in India for 2022.

1. Bluehost India

Best Overall Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

Editor's Take
9.5 out of 10
Best For
₹8,499 – ₹11,999 per month
Annual Discount

If you want to buy dedicated server hosting with full control, Bluehost is the best solution that provides unrivaled power and impressive features via its improved cPanel with full root access. Enjoy fast provisioning from a team of specialists ready to connect your server to their network within minutes.

Try Bluehost India

Bluehost is the best Indian dedicated server hosting with managed services for business websites that demand optimal performance and control. There are no limits to how many websites one can manage because you can customize your server resources to suit your preferences.

You will have control over everything from OS and Apache to user access, which you can grant or deny.

However, Bluehost stands out among web hosts because it includes powerful and mirrored SSD storage disk space, enabling its servers to handle any workload, from high-traffic websites to mission-critical applications.

Key Features

  • Improved cPanel: For maximum performance, you can manage all the resources, including websites, domains, and emails, from one central location through its easy-to-use cPanel interface.
  • Database Management: Use a custom-designed database manager to better organize, edit, and manage databases directly on the server. You can use phpMyAdmin in cPanel to manage your database using a web browser.
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee and Speed: With this Indian dedicated server, you can enjoy extreme website speeds through integrated open-source technology like OpenStack that guarantees a 99.99% uptime. With servers in top-tier data centers, your website will never go offline.
  • RAID Storage: Use a custom-configured RAID (redundant array of independent disks) to ensure redundancy with your big data, ensuring it's mirrored and well-protected from malicious online attacks and hacking. Additionally, you can activate SiteLock functionality to detect and fix malware and vulnerabilities before they cause problems.
  • One-Click Install: Get started quickly with popular CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento, and Drupal via the integrated 1-click install feature. You can chat or phone the specialized agents if you need expedited support when installing apps or have other queries.


Bluehost India- Pricing Plan

Bluehost offers three dedicated server hosting plans with a 36-month pricing structure. They include Standard Plan at ₹8,499, Enhanced Plan at ₹10,499, and Premium Plan at ₹11,999 per month.


  • Improved cPanel and RAID storage
  • WordPress recommended
  • 24/7 expert dedicated hosting support


  • Free migration only after three months on a premium plan

2. BigRock

Best Dedicated Web Hosting Solution With Advanced Features

Editor's Take
9.0 out of 10
Best For
Advanced Features
₹6,299 – ₹10,199 per month
Annual Discount
Save 30%

With more than ten years of experience in web hosting, BigRock manages over 6 million domains by combining advanced features that boost the growth of online businesses while providing total control. There is a fully managed dedicated hosting option for those with limited time and no technical skills. But, if you're an experienced user, you can choose the self-managed option, which costs less and offers over 30 services while giving you complete server control.

Try BigRock

BigRock is one of India's leading dedicated servers guaranteeing more power and control over website management. You can expect 10x speed with their servers because they have data centers that are in India.

You can use several hosting panels to manage the entire server. The WMH control panel lets you control all server services, settings, and accounts in several languages. In contrast, the cPanel or Plesk control panels let you access key hosting features and configurations that would otherwise require technical expertise.

With its various dedicated server solutions, BigRock enables you to select a Linux, managed, or windows server that can handle massive traffic at blazing speeds for single or multiple websites. What's more, you can easily migrate from a VPS hosting account to a self or fully managed dedicated server by calling their India toll-free email phone.

Key Features

  • Multiple Control Panels: After purchasing the hosting plans, the cPanel, Plesk, and WHM control panels are included, allowing you to easily manage all your hosting features and configurations from one location.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee and Speed: You can select the India server location to enjoy 10x uninterrupted speed for your business or personal site. As a result, SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) that demand high performance will find this dedicated server choice suitable.
  • Website Builder: Use the free WebsiteBuilder with unlimited storage and pages, mobile responsiveness, and the free Unsplash image collection to create your perfect website or personal blog in minutes with no coding skills required.
  • Free Migration: Within one month of purchasing a hosting plan, you can contact the support team to help you migrate from another web hosting platform to BigRock for free.
  • Email Service: Create unlimited email addresses for your multiple businesses and handle everything from a single control panel. You can also set up your site to receive emails on your phone or generate auto email responders, which ensures you always stay connected with potential customers or site visitors.


BigRock- Pricing Plan

BigRock offers four paid plans with an Indian server location. They include Mach 1 at ₹6,299, Mach 2 at ₹7,499, Mach 3 at ₹8,549, and Mach 4 at ₹10,199 per month. However, If you choose the USA server location and SSD storage type, you’ll need to pay for more expensive plans with more powerful features.


  • Multiple control panels
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • No additional costs or delays


  • No SSD storage type for Indian servers

3. SiteGround (Cloud)

Best Web Hosting Platform for High-Performing Websites

Editor's Take
8.7 out of 10
Best For
High Traffic
$100 – $400 per month
Annual Discount

Although SiteGround doesn’t offer dedicated hosting, it has a cloud hosting option that lets you effectively grow your website by adding CPU or RAM resources depending on your usage. Their virtual private plans ensure that your account will be the only one on the entire server. What’s more? You can create a custom server with your own choice of resources.

Try SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the best web hosting providers in India that uses a cloud hosting infrastructure, which is optimized for download and upload speed guaranteeing top performance for your site.

Use their fully-managed service to ensure your growing site receives proper maintenance by delegating all IT responsibilities to the advanced priority support team. This will offer you more time to concentrate on other important business issues.

You can also get professional help by adding more people as collaborators to your SiteGround hosting account. Collaborators can access essential tools to help build or maintain your site. Alternatively, they can contact the support team on your behalf through their own Client area.

Key Features

  • Easy Account Management: With your cloud account, you can host your clients by creating custom hosting packages where you can tailor all the resources assembled on-site. Additionally, you can define client roles for easier account management.
  • Free CDN Service: Unlike other types of hosting, your site can experience ultra-fast loading times offered through a free CDN service on any plan. The service speeds up page delivery by caching its content on multiple servers across the globe and delivering it to the site visitor's closest location.
  • Dynamic Caching: Enjoy an amazing performance by hosting your WordPress and Woo sites on cloud servers with an SG Optimizer plugin with dynamic caching and other optimizations.
  • Dedicated IP: By getting a free dedicated IP that’s not shared with other users on the same hosting account, you can be sure that your site won’t be affected by IP blacklist issues due to other users’ actions.
  • Daily Backups: Give your website the utmost care it needs through automatic daily backups stored in another city or country to prevent data loss due to human error or hacking. Instant backups are available through several requests that require only a few mouse clicks.


SiteGround- Pricing Plan

SiteGround's starting price for the Jump Start Plan is $100 per month. The other paid plans are Business Plan at $200, Business Plus Plan at $300, and Super Power Plan at $400 per month. You can also build your own custom cloud server by adding more CPU, memory, and SSD space. 

A 14-day money-back guarantee is available across all plans.


  • Easy onboarding for new and existing sites
  • Free daily backups
  • Free CDN service with all plans


  • No free site migration

4. InMotion Hosting

Best Dedicated Hosting Platform With Free and Unlimited Transfers

Editor's Take
8.0 out of 10
Best For
Unlimited Transfers
$139.99 – $539.99 per month
Annual Discount
Save up to 17%

Enjoy a seamless experience migrating multiple sites to InMotion Hosting’s dedicated servers via free and unlimited website transfers. You simply need to contact the dedicated hosting support to migrate your site or download the free migration ebook to learn how to do it yourself. Also, your website will always load quickly for visitors worldwide because of its perfect storage capacity and servers in top-tier data centers close to India.

Try InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the best dedicated servers with a fully managed service on cPanel or bare metal option, where only one client can use it. However, the bare metal option is intended for advanced users who want total freedom to the dedicated web hosting platform via direct root access. 

Therefore, InMotion Hosting is ideal for large enterprises because it uses a solid Intel Xeon E3 processor, which is optimized for a heavy workload. You can customize the operating system or add more ram to handle big data or workloads.

Additionally, you can expect a free security suite with every plan that includes a free SSL certificate, automatic backups, DDoS protection, and hack & malware protection.

Key Features

  • Free cPanel License & WHM: Manage your hosting account using a reliable control panel that lets you easily automate your workflows, giving you more time to focus on other facets of your business. 
  • Free Website Transfers: Enjoy unlimited website transfers via the cPanel control panel and use the exclusive launch assist service to get started on the hosting platform as quickly as possible. You’ll also get at least 1Gbps of unmetered bandwidth and website transfer with every dedicated server plan.
  • Multi-Layer Defense: Give your site the protection it needs via a free SSL certificate that protects you and your customer's data from unauthorized access. For the highest level of commercial security, you'll also get DDoS protection, auto-updates, and 24/7 support from Linux experts.
  • Easy One-Click Installs: Use the 1-click installation functionality to speed up the installation of open-source web apps like WordPress. You can also install multiple apps simultaneously to avoid the hassles of doing it manually.
  • Backup Manager: Get a free backup manager with any managed dedicated hosting plan. It's an off-server and automatic service that helps you prevent data loss during critical scenarios, such as malware threats or hacking.


InMotion Hosting- Pricing Plan

InMotion Hosting offers five paid plans: Essential at $139.99, Advanced at $189.99, Elite at $259.99, CC-1000 at $439.99, and CC-2000 at $539.99 per month. You can also customize your dedicated servers by contacting the sales team.


  • Free setup for a quick onboarding process
  • Custom firewall protection
  • High disk space 


  • Expensive dedicated server hosting plans

5. HostGator India

Best Dedicated Server Hosting With Flexible Control Panels

Editor's Take
7.8 out of 10
Best For
₹8,839 – ₹15,729 per month
Annual Discount
Save 15%

HostGator uses a modern approach to guarantee a smooth transition for beginners or anyone just getting started online. They achieve this by providing flexible control panels that let you effortlessly browse your hosting account. Additionally, you can enjoy a quick onboarding process by watching YouTube tutorials, searching for solutions in their Knowledge, and reading the HostGator blog.

Try HostGator India

HostGator is the best-dedicated hosting platform with full server control, allowing you to access the full system resources. This makes it the best in power and performance for any type of website.

Your website can enjoy a 99.99% uptime guarantee because all their dedicated servers are in a US-based, tier 3 data center. So, whether using a Linux or Windows server, HostGator guarantees that your site is always up and running for optimal growth.

Key Features

  • Flexible Control Panels: Whether your site is hosted on a Windows or Linux server, you can use their flexible control panels to navigate the hosting account. You can access your dedicated servers on Linux via the cPanel and WHM. However, for Windows servers, you can use WebMatrix and Plesk.
  • DDoS Protection: Keep your server safe from malware or online attacks via data center-level protection. Therefore, your websites and critical applications can receive regular traffic always with no downtime.
  • Disk Space: You can choose between HDD or SSD storage space depending on your site’s needs. When working with massive data, an HDD is the cheaper option for storage. However, an SDD is the faster option when handling heavy traffic.
  • 24/7 Support: Get top-rated hosting help through various channels like calling, chatting, and tweeting. You’ll also have access to their HostGator blog to learn or browse the knowledge base for quick answers.


HostGator India- Pricing Plan

HostGator’s pricing starts with the Basic Plan at ₹8,839 per month. The other paid plans are Standard at  ₹10,539, Elite at  ₹13,179, and Pro at  ₹15,729 per month.


  • Multiple control panels
  • Free content transfers
  • Powerful US-based data center with unlimited bandwidth


  • Users claim there are hidden fees when restoring backups

6. HostingRaja

Best Dedicated Server Hosting With a Fast Responsive Sales Team

HostingRaja-Best Web Hosting Service Provider With Offers

HostingRaja is a powerful dedicated server hosting in India with cheap and affordable plans for all businesses. You can save more money by purchasing their annual plans and getting the first month free for all your hosting services needs.

You can host as many websites as you want under a single hosting account and get a free domain name, making it the ideal dedicated server hosting for companies dealing with big data or machine learning. Also, you can speak with the sales teams directly via phone whenever you have inquiries about their premium plans.

Key Features

  • Extendable SSDs: For ultimate performance, HostingRaja uses only RAID-10 and extendable Samsung brand SSDs, allowing you to increase your disk space whenever storage needs arise.
  • Free Migration: Using this hosting company, you can easily migrate your website or servers from other hosting providers without incurring additional costs. All you have to do is call the high-priority support team to handle everything so that you concentrate on other business areas.
  • Multiple Programming Languages and OSs: Advanced users can explore or tweak their server resources using multiple programming languages such as Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, and many more. They will also have the opportunity to use different operating systems, including Oracle Linux, CentOS, and Ubuntu.
  • One-Click Install: Use this functionality to quickly connect all the apps and tools you need to grow your business to the next level. You can install popular CMS like WordPress and Drupal with a single mouse click.


HostingRaja- Pricing Plan

HostingRaja offers three paid plans: Basic Server at ₹3,299, Value Server at ₹4,799, and Silver Server at ₹6,799 per month.


  • Extendable SSDs across all plans
  • Free varnish server for content-heavy dynamic websites
  • A fast and responsive sales team


  • Poor uptime when compared to other dedicated servers. 

7. HostPapa (VPS)

Best Web Host Platform With High-Capacity SSD Storage 

HostPapa- Smart web solutions for your small business

HostPapa is one of the best web hosting services in India that offers high-capacity SSD storage, allowing you to grow your business online without incurring additional storage fees. They offer free website, email, and database migration from your current host to HostPapa.

Any hosting plan includes a free website builder and domain registration, allowing you to easily launch a new website using the one-click publishing feature. They also offer network monitoring to ensure your server is always active and running.

Although HostPapa doesn’t offer dedicated hosting, you can still power your site with VPS hosting. Your small business will benefit because you’ll reduce the costs and maintenance you might incur compared to dedicated servers. Additionally, you can host an unlimited number of websites.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Control Panel: You can learn how to operate the simple control panel and dashboard by watching tutorial videos or reading from the comprehensive knowledge base. You'll be able to add all the essential tools needed to your cPanel or WHM control panels.
  • SSD Storage: Improve on-site search performance using the hosting service with SSD (solid state drives), which provides blazing-fast page speed. Your website will always be in good shape, even when dealing with huge data or traffic.
  • Free Migration: With free migration assistance, you can transfer your websites, emails, or databases from another hosting platform to HostPapa.
  • Free Website Builder: Create a free website or ecommerce store using the one-click functionality to get your business online with no design or coding skills. You can also use the drag-and-drop editor to design a flawless website from scratch.
  • 1-Click Installer: Use Softaculous, a 1-click install functionality, to install over 400 apps, including popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. You’ll save time and effort when adding many useful apps to your site.


HostPapa- Pricing Plan

HostPapa offers five paid plans: Mercury at $19.99, Venus at $59.99, Earth at $109.99, Mars at $169.99, and Jupiter at $249.99 per month.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is available across all plans.


  • Unlimited domains and websites
  • Free website migration
  • Highly secured data centers


  • No automatic backups

Key Features of the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Before selecting the best dedicated server hosting, you must ensure it's the right one by checking whether it has the essential features and tools your website needs for optimum performance.

Let’s get you started with the four key features to consider first. 

1. Server Specs

If you plan to host on a dedicated server, you should pay particular attention to CPU, RAM, and storage technology. Try to find a hosting provider that offers new and powerful processors and SSD storage.

2. Ease of Use

You must select a dedicated server hosting with an operating system of your choice to easily manage your hosting account and add all the essential tools you require to keep your server healthy.

Additionally, you’ll need to choose a flexible control panel option that will help you easily manage your server and web applications. Some of the best control panels include cPanel, Plesk, and WHM.

3. Security

The next key feature on your checklist should be optimal security, which will prevent your site from different malware attacks. Secondly, it can protect it against data loss or breach. Many reputed hosting providers provide great backup software today, and you should not worry about your data being compromised. Still, it is worth double-checking.

The lack of security is a serious concern that can disrupt business operations, harm customer relationships, and cause significant revenue loss. 

Fortunately, you can avoid all this by choosing a dedicated web hosting platform with an unparalleled security system and advanced tools like anti-malware programs, firewalls, real-time monitoring, and backups. 

4. Customer Service

The last thing you want when using dedicated hosting is to get stuck because your website might crash, be unable to handle heavy traffic flow, or lose crucial data.

This is usually the case if you're new to dedicated servers because you might not be familiar with server configuration.

However, good customer service ensures that the support team is always available 24/7 to help you whenever there are server issues beyond your control so that you can maintain your site's online presence.

Is Dedicated Server Hosting Right For You?

Before choosing the right dedicated server hosting company, you must evaluate how it meets all your operational requirements. And it all comes down to the key features it possesses and how it works.

So, how does dedicated server hosting work?

Dedicated server hosting means users can access the entire server resources without sharing them with other users. It’s the right option if your company has outgrown shared or VPS hosting providers in India

Additionally, a dedicated server is the best type of hosting if you're looking for a high-performing solution with more RAM, CPU, or storage space to expand your website as much as possible.

However, dedicated server hosting services come in different types. 

Types of Best Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Linux Dedicated Hosting

Linux is the most common type of dedicated server hosting used by website developers because it's a cheap solution. It offers a wide range of useful applications that accelerate business performance.

Additionally, you’ll be able to use a lot of free distributions when using a Linux server than a Windows server. Therefore, it's a cost-effective hosting solution for businesses looking for reliable dedicated hosting services.

2. Windows Dedicated Hosting

As its name suggests, Windows dedicated hosting is a platform that relies on Windows OS. Therefore, it's best to go for this option if your website has a Windows license and most of your mission-critical applications work best on Windows.

You should know that Windows hosting is more expensive than Linux because it involves renting physical servers running Windows OS, a paid operating system. Therefore, you’ll need to purchase the Windows license before using it.

3. Managed Dedicated Hosting

Whether you select Windows or Linux servers, you can manage your server independently or let the hosting support do all the administrative work to focus on other elements of your business.

Therefore, managed dedicated hosting is where your hosting company handles and maintains most of the responsibilities, such as hardware, control panel issues, security patches, backup, and network tasks.

When you choose a fully managed hosting option, you can have peace of mind because your hosting service provider will manage everything from server issues to maintenance needs.

Dedicated Server Hosting: Pros & Cons

As your website expands, you might need to switch to a dedicated server to handle the increased workload without interfering with your company's daily operations. 

Additionally, dedicated servers are better than all other hosting services because they provide more flexibility for customizations and scalability, ensuring high performance.

Let's explore dedicated host services' pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages).

Pros of Dedicated Servers

1. Uptime Guarantee

You can guarantee an uptime of up to 100% with no downtime since you have ultimate control over your resources. For instance, you can increase RAM, CPU, and storage capacity as needed.

2. Quick Customizations

One of the notable benefits of dedicated servers is the ability to customize servers, operating systems, and programs. Therefore, regardless of the type of business or industry, you can create customizations that fit your specific business needs to streamline workloads.

3. Better Security

You don't have to share your server with other users, which lowers vulnerabilities caused by other users' actions. As a result, your website is always secure from malware and online attacks.

4. Server Control

You can avoid server congestion because you’re the only client with access to all the dedicated resources available. So, you don't need to ask your hosting provider for permission to add programs or make customizations.

5. Better Support

Enjoy 24/7 customer support via various channels, including phone calls, live chat, and email, so you won't have to worry about maintenance. Additionally, given the nature of the dedicated hosting, you should expect excellent support.

Cons of Dedicated Servers

1. Higher Costs

Choosing a dedicated platform would cost more time and effort because you have total administrative control over your server. However, dedicated servers are more cost-effective in the long run, particularly for large businesses dealing with massive data or traffic.

2. Requires Tech Experience

With unmanaged dedicated servers, you need technical experience to set up everything from server management to IP routing. As a result, most newbies find this challenging, making them opt for the expensive, fully managed alternative.

3. More Maintenance

The flexibility of the dedicated solution, such as adding RAM, CPU, and storage, necessitates additional maintenance to keep everything operating smoothly. Therefore, they require costly and high maintenance to minimize any administrative burdens.

What are the Fastest and Cheapest Dedicated Servers in India?

There are many options out there, but we have done the research for you. Refresh our list of the best dedicated hosting providers in India.

Here are our top five picks again:

Best Overall


Our top choice is an all-in-one dedicated server hosting provider with an improved cPanel for managing everything from one central location.
Best for Advanced Features


Use self-managed dedicated hosting with server locations in the USA and India and advanced features for high website performance.
Best for High Traffic

SiteGround (Cloud)

Grow your business website to the next level without worrying about heavy traffic with fully managed and auto-scalable cloud hosting plans.
Best for Unlimited Transfers

InMotion Hosting

Enjoy free and unlimited website transfers with an industry-leading platform that offers excellent SSD capacity and free backup storage space.
Best for Beginners


You can easily control various aspects of your dedicated hosting service because it has flexible control panels, making it beginner-friendly.

You can read the following suggested articles to make an informed decision when choosing the best Indian dedicated hosting provider.

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