17 Best GoDaddy Alternatives and Top Competitors in 2021

Discover the best GoDaddy alternatives and top competitors to launch your website, blog, or online store. We cover hosting services and website builders.

godaddy alternatives

GoDaddy is the most common name in the web hosting industry. The company’s popularity is evident in the over 20 million customers it serves all around the world. The billions of dollars involved in its running and over 7000-strong workforce also testify to its global size.

Web hosting services are an integral part of our internet-based lives. Our website experience is much determined by the hosting service employed.

GoDaddy has been the top provider of this valued service. While it is the most popular, it isn’t the best web host around. Other web hosting providers offer a broader range of services for lower prices.

This article compiles a detailed list of the 17 best alternatives to GoDaddy that provide customers with better web hosting options.

Let’s get started.

Why GoDaddy Alternatives?

GoDaddy has established a worldwide status for itself as a web hosting platform. However, the emergence of new, competent web hosts has given website owners more freedom and satisfaction in managing their websites.

Other web hosts have done well in gaining higher grounds in the following areas of web hosting:

1. Cheaper Service Fees

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly web hosting service to power your website, there are better options than GoDaddy. Other web hosts charge lower prices while providing competent and quite often better web hosting services.

GoDaddy charges more than many website hosting providers. For instance, while GoDaddy charges $2.99 – $12.99 per month for its shared web hosting service, HostGator only offers $2.75 – $5.95 per month on the same service.

2. Faster Website Hosting

page load speed comparison of GoDaddy and other web hosting services

Slow website load times have been one major characteristic of GoDaddy’s web hosting services.

Having a slow website is bad for business and can make your site lose traffic. Customers have, one time or the other, complained about the slow website hosting services GoDaddy provides.

3. WordPress Integration

Most popular WordPress hosting providers

WordPress is a vital web hosting tool that every interested internet user needs to take note of. Users that are new to website creation and management are likely to relate with WordPress as it is the foundation for a large part of the internet.

It is the most popular Content Management Software (CMS) used by different web hosts to provide website owners with more options. Therefore, proper integration of WordPress is essential.

While GoDaddy offers good WordPress integration, other web hosts like Bluehost and DreamHost provide a seamless fusion. WordPress has explicitly recommended these two.

4. Customer Support Services

Other web hosts invest more time and effort in wholly satisfying their clients. Getting solutions to those rare, frustrating problems has been made more seamless than GoDaddy’s support system.

Web hosts like Bluehost provide comprehensive self-service guides on their pages as well as ticket-based support methods. GoDaddy doesn’t do badly in this respect, but other web hosts have more responsive customer support systems.

Best GoDaddy Alternatives for Hosting Your Website

1. Bluehost

Best GoDaddy Alternative For Website Management 

Bluehost Best GoDaddy Alternative For Website Management

Bluehost is every user’s best shot in enjoying a wholesome web hosting service with a broad range of web management options

In its web hosting services, clients can manage unlimited websites while also enjoying unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited SSD storage, optimized CPU resources, and double spam protection.

Domain management is also made efficient, with Bluehost offering up to unlimited domains and domain protection and privacy. 

Customer support has also been taken care of with its essential, comprehensive self-service guide and 24/7 uptime and availability. Its pricing schemes are also pocket-friendly, especially for new users.


Bluehost pricing

Bluehost offers a series of payment plans depending on the preference of a client. The pricing scheme cuts across different service provisions. These services include shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

The shared hosting plan is ideal for customers who are just launching a website or blog and do not have much content or traffic. 

The VPS hosting plan is ideal for growing sites that need more website functionalities, such as higher bandwidth and storage space.

The dedicated hosting plan is suitable for sites that attract high-level traffic. With this plan, users do not need to worry about slow speed and performance. 


  • WordPress Integration
  • Office 365 Mailbox free for the first 30 days on its lowest plan.
  • Custom Themes
  • Website Backup services.
  • Good choice for any class of website owners. Both startups and experienced users.
  • Responsive customer service
  • Website migration services
  • Comprehensive and competitive range of payment options
  • Fast and reliable performance

Why Choose Bluehost Over GoDaddy?

  1. Better Customer Service

Bluehost vs. GoDaddy is one of the biggest debates in the industry. One setback in using GoDaddy is its customer satisfaction rating when compared to other web hosting platforms. Bluehost’s customer service operations are a notch above GoDaddy’s.

The ticketing system in its customer support is what makes all the difference. Websites hosted by it have a faster load time than those of GoDaddy.

  1. Free Services

Bluehost also provides some services for free, for which GoDaddy attaches a charge. These include professional email registration, SSL certifications, and domain name registration. Users enjoy the free domain name for a year.

2. HostGator

Cheaper GoDaddy Alternative

Hostgator Cheaper GoDaddy Alternative

HostGator is a web hosting platform that offers a wide range of features. It provides its customers with adequate support in managing their websites.

Massive storage space allocations, Bandwidth freedom, email management, e-commerce integration, and a collection of security tools are provided to suit customers’ needs.

HostGator also offers a Content Management System (CMS) that gives users ample freedom to manage website resources.

Creating a website is made easier with its native web builder called Gator. This separate web building platform gives enough space for HostGator to provide extensive web building features.

Clients are given a chance to experiment with paid advertising by integrating Google Adwords and Bing Ads credit with its shared hosting services.

Customer service also gets attention. Users who find it hard to use or run into trouble can quickly use the comprehensive tutorial videos and articles provided by HostGator’s team.


Pricing of HostGator

Payment plans cover every feature in Hostgator’s Shared Hosting service. Prices offered by HostGator differ depending on the number of websites each customer wishes to manage.

On all its hosting services, HostGator charges on three different levels. From the lowest to highest, they are Hatchling, Baby, and Business.

The hatchling plan is ideal for individuals who are just launching their websites and do not have any experience. The baby plan is suitable for individuals who want to grow their site and enjoy unlimited domains.

The business plan is ideal for businesses who want more website functions than the other individual plans.


  • One year free domain registration
  • Properly integrated WordPress services.
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Free SSL certification
  • Comprehensive self-service tutorials
  • Integrated web builder
  • Upgraded  SSL encryption services
  • Unlimited bandwidth and disk space
  • Free website and domain transfer
  • SEO tools

Why Choose HostGator Over GoDaddy?

  1. Cloud Hosting Services

With its specialization, HostGator presents a broader range of web hosting services at cheaper rates. Its cloud hosting platform is one missing among the services offered by GoDaddy. GoDaddy does not provide cloud hosting services; HostGator does.

  1. Cheap Pricing

The Shared hosting prices offered by HostGator make GoDaddy look incredibly overpriced. With $5.95/mo charged on its highest shared hosting plan, compared to the $12.99/mo charged by GoDaddy, web owners are not confused on which is pocket friendly.

Cheap rates are accompanied by outright free services, a lot of which GoDaddy charges high for.

3. WP Engine

Best Alternative to GoDaddy Pro’s Managed WordPress Service

WP Engine - Best Alternative to GoDaddy Pro's Managed WordPress Service

WP Engine offers top-class WordPress integration and gives users a lot of freedom in managing their website resources. 

Collaborations with a host of famous brands is a testimony of how trusted its managed WordPress services are. Brands like Pandora, AMD, and Yelp are among its long list of trusty clients.

WP Engine also monitors users as sites to detect and take care of any risk that may pose a threat. It allows users to enjoy a mostly seamless experience in their web management activities.

The platform’s managed WordPress hosting is comparable to GoDaddy Pro’s WordPress services. GoDaddy’s regular shared hosting services don’t even come close to competing with WP Engine.

Website load time is a massive strength; users are satisfied with the high speed. However, the excellent, highly-rated WordPress integration and comprehensive tools and features make prices on the high side.


WP Engine - pricing

Pricing cuts across three different tiers. According to the scale and stage of the website intended to be run by the clients, payment plans are tagged Startup, Growth, and Business

The startup plan is ideal for setting up a small website or blog. The growth plan is suitable for users who want to grow their site or business.

The scale plan is suitable for users who want higher capacity and site limits. It is the plan that helps you scale your website experience.

You can contact WP Engine for a unique custom price for your website.


  • An impressive array of website management tools
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Automatic updates 
  • Great deals of up to 2 months free on each plan 
  • Managed upgrades boosting customer comfort
  • Reliably fast WordPress hosting services
  • Top-notch site analysis
  • Automatic backup of data
  • Genesis Framework integration
  • High-quality website themes through StudioPress

Why Choose WP Engine over GoDaddy?

  1. Faster Websites  

WP Engine offers quicker website load times than GoDaddy. While GoDaddy pro averages at about 2.9 seconds, WP Engine’s load times stand at about 2.4 seconds. GoDaddy’s regular shared hosting service does even worse, with load times taking up to 3 seconds.

  1. Easier Website Management

WP Engine offers users a packed but comprehensive dashboard. GoDaddy pro’s dashboard may look easy on the eye, but WP Engine provides easier access to its wide range of tools and web management services. The platform also gives users great freedom in managing their website development activities.

  1. Free Services

WP Engine offers free SSL certificates on which GoDaddy places a price. It also provides extra features at no additional cost. Features like Genesis Framework and StudioPress child themes are available for free.

4. 10Web

Best Alternative to GoDaddy in Providing Automated Web Hosting Services

10Web - Best Alternative to GoDaddy in Providing Automated Web Hosting Services

10Web is a web hosting platform that offers to simplify web management activities through a mostly automated system. It works with Google Cloud to provide competent WordPress services to clients without sacrificing any of its intuitive features.

10Web boasts of an automated array of web hosting and web building tools and services that will keep clients as comfortable as they want to be.

Along with its self-acclaimed fast load time,10Web also integrates WooCommerce to allow customers to build online stores with ease.

It allows clients to install & automatically update WP core services, plugins, and themes from the most automated dashboard.

Customers can migrate their websites easily with its fully automated website migration plug-ins. Users can copy live websites and test them after installing these plug-ins.


10web - pricing_

The Pricing structure is built around four levels— Personal, Premium, Agency, and Custom.

The Custom plan is based on a negotiated quota pricing scheme between 10Web and its clients. It also offers a 14-day free trial for new customers.

10Web offers all its services on these four plan selections. Every service from web building to web hosting is made available on each plan.

The personal plan is ideal for small businesses or blogs. The premium plan is suitable for growing your online presence and business.

The agency plan is suitable for scaling up your business to the next level. You can request a custom price for your specific needs on its site.


  • Integrates with Google Cloud
  • Fast online store builder
  • Automated real-time website backups
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Integrated AI-assisted web builder
  • 40+ pre-formatted and customizable templates
  • 40+ high-quality widgets
  • Good value for money with Quality large scale website management services.
  • Payment plans offering wholesome services 
  • 14 day free trial with no credit card information needed

Why Choose 10Web Over GoDaddy?

  1. More Services

10Web offers all its website management services with all pricing plans, making it way easier for new small and medium scale businesses to get started.

GoDaddy offers these services on separate plans, and getting all these services and features together isn’t easy for users new to web creation and management.

5. Hostpapa

Satisfactory GoDaddy Alternative With Extensive Security Features

HostPapa - Satisfactory GoDaddy Alternative With Extensive Security Features

Hostpapa is a Canadian platform that offers web building, web hosting, and domain management services. It offers over 400 tools to support customers in all their website creation and management activities.

Hostpapa is heavily concerned with the security of its clients’ websites. A long list of safety tools makes up its website security architecture. Purchasing additional plugins to strengthen the firewall further is also available to users.

Hostpapa provides one-on-one training to new customers or customers that are not entirely familiar with the whole service structure.

It also provides free domain name, free website migration, and SSD storage. Customers can enjoy unmetered bandwidths and free domain registration, free SSL encryption, and a free web builder on all plans.

Clients can also manage unlimited email accounts on specific plans and enjoy free website transfers.


HostPapa - pricing

Subscription plans are divided into Starter, Business, and Business pro.  Each plan comes with different extended perks that depend on the number and scale of websites intended to be managed by clients.

The starter plan is perfect for building a basic blog or website. The business plan is suitable for small business owners who want to increase their conversion. 

The business pro plan is ideal for businesses who want fast performance, security, and excellent site speed.


  • Powerful security architecture
  • Over 400+ tools and plugins
  • Unlimited website hosting on its business plans 
  • Unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth
  • Free domain registration
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 2x more CPU resources
  • Automatic back-up

Why Choose HostPapa over GoDaddy?

  1. Great Security Architecture

The prices on Hostpapa’s plans may be on the high side, but it makes up for this in its excellent delivery in securing clients’ websites. It is essential given GoDaddy’s history of security issues.

  1. Important Free Services

Hostpapa provides SSL certificates and website migrations for free across all plans. GoDaddy charges extra to provide these services to its clients. It also offers a 30-day refund guarantee on every plan compared to GoDaddy’s selection of plans.

6. Webflow

Best GoDaddy Alternative For Web Building.

Webflow - Best GoDaddy Alternative For Web Building.

Webflow is a terrific platform that allows users to create websites with as much freedom as they desire. It hosts a lot of features that intend to make website creation unrestricted and comprehensive.

Webflow gives designers the power to build professional, personalized websites with high-quality images and animation with no code.

Webflow’s web building services are one of the best around. It also offers fast and efficient web hosting services to interested users.

Several big company names are among its partners and clients in delivering unique website creation and hosting services. Dell, Rakuten, Petal, Upwork, just to mention a few are part of a list of well-satisfied customers.

Metadata controls, automatic XML sitemaps, easy 301 redirects, among others, are among its integrated SEO tools to provide customers with as much freedom and comfort as they want.

Users also get the chance to blend in without going through a lot quickly. Its collection of tutorial materials termed ‘University,’ comprises in-depth videos, courses, and articles for customers to enjoy self-service options.

Webflow is more than just a web building platform. It also provides Blog and Showcases sections for users particularly fascinated by different web building practices and unique websites built by other users.


Webflow - pricing

Webflow divides its pricing scheme into two: site plans and account plans. The site plans include basic, CMS, business, and enterprise. 

The basic plan is best for creating a simple site that does not need a Content Management System (CMS). The CMS plan is ideal for creating blogs and other heavily content-dependent sites.

The business plan is suitable for building sites that require high traffic management services. It is ideal for businesses who direct lots of traffic through ads and other promotions to their site.

The enterprise price is a custom package; you have to contact Webflow to get a quote.

Webflow pricing - Account plans - Individual

The account plans fall into two categories: individual and team plans. The individual plan includes the starter, lite, and pro plans. They are suitable for small to medium-scale web-building activities. 

The team and large team plans are targeted towards professional, creative teams.


  • Web building services of the highest quality
  • Free web building plan.
  • High-grade e-commerce services
  • Content Management Services (CMS) giving great control to users over their web management services.
  • Wide range of SEO tools
  • Self-service options for new and unfamiliar users
  • Interesting and inclusive blogs for entertainment

Why Choose Webflow Over GoDaddy?

  1. Web Building Services

Webflow provides web building services that are highly rated and trusted. This prestige placed on its web building service assures customers that they get good value for money. GoDaddy isn’t known for web building activities.

  1. Content Management System (CMS)

Webflow Content Management System (CMS) offers customers more freedom in personalizing their website building and hosting activities than GoDaddy’s own.

7. Hostinger

Cheapest Alternative To GoDaddy’s Web Hosting And Domain Management Services

Hostinger - Cheapest Alternative To GoDaddy's Web Hosting And Domain Management Services

Hostinger makes fast web hosting and domain management services available for micro to large scale businesses. It also provides WordPress hosting and web building services to interested users.

Powerful tools for advanced users and website developers are provided by Hostinger, giving enough room for the web building wizards to showcase their mastery.

Hostinger boasts of a long list of cheap hosting services. These include eCommerce hosting, Minecraft server hosting, VPS hosting, CMS hosting, and others. 

These services are provided at much lower rates than any other web host, with many free features. Customers are provided features based on the pricing scheme they choose to take on.


Hostinger Shared Web Hosting Plans

Hostinger provides web management services in three different categories. Services are charged on shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and Web building.

The shared hosting plans are Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting, and Business Shared hosting.

Hostinger also guarantees a 30-day refund if a client isn’t satisfied with its services.


  • Cheap web hosting services
  • Daily Backups 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSH access
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free SSL certificates on all plans
  • Fast web hosting services
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Simple user interface

Why Choose Hostinger Over GoDaddy?

  1. Pocket-Friendly Rates

Hostinger offers cheaper minimum and maximum rates when compared to GoDaddy. Some free features like SSL certificates are provided on all plans.

  1. More Features

Hostinger also offers a broader range of essential features on its high valued Business Shared hosting plan compared to GoDaddy’s Top plan. 

Features like DNS management options, free SSH access, and Subdomains are just a few features that Hostinger takes extra steps to provide.

8. Kinsta

Best GoDaddy Competitor Providing Excellent Website Load Time Performance. 

Kinsta - Best GoDaddy Competitor Providing Excellent Website Load Time Performance.

Kinsta is one of the emerging web hosting services taking center stage in recent years. Its significant assets being the incredible website performance associated with it and quality WordPress hosting service.

Kinsta works with Google’s Premium-tier network and Google Cloud Platform to provide its customers with highly-rated services exclusive to WordPress hosting.  

Nginx and PHP 8.0 are among its collection of tools that encapsulate its ‘speed obsessive architecture.’ DDoS protection, incredible uptime, and hardware firewalls form part of the security measures used by Kinsta to keep clients’ websites safe and secure.

Kinsta also puts focus on its customer support system. It engages in uptime checks once every two minutes keeping its web hosting services as hitch-free as possible.


Kinsta - plans
Kinsta - plans2
Kinsta - plans3

Kisha has the most comprehensive plans of GoDaddy’s alternatives. With the lowest being the starter plan and the highest, the enterprise plan has ten payment plans.

If you need more services beyond the ten plans’ scope, or you have a special need, you can contact its sales team on its website for custom pricing. 


  • Excellent WordPress hosting
  • Free SSL certificates and CDN on all hosting plans 
  • Regular uptime checks
  • Google cloud integration for fast website use and management
  • Free website migrations
  • High performance and fast load time
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • Greatly Unified dashboard 
  • Powerful WordPress management and website analytic tools
  • Safety and Security 
  • Specialty in working with high demanding websites
  • Developer-friendly tools

Why Choose Kinsta Over GoDaddy?

  1. Load Time Speed

Kinsta provides a faster website performance experience to its users when compared to GoDaddy.

On a test run across 11 different demographic regions worldwide, Kinsta recorded an average load time of 1.33 seconds while GoDaddy recorded an average of 2.35 seconds. 

  1. Customer Support

Kinsta’s Customer support system is more responsive and available than that of GoDaddy. Its regular uptime checks make sure that issues are proactively dealt with. 

It also provides comprehensive articles and tutorials for users to get easy self-service options. Web hosting is made as seamless as it gets.

Prices may be on the high side, but Kinsta makes up for it with its high-class WordPress hosting service that beats GoDaddy in every operational area.

9. DreamHost

Best GoDaddy Alternative For Medium To Large Scale Businesses.

DreamHost - Best GoDaddy Alternative For Medium To Large Scale Businesses.

DreamHost is another popular web hosting platform that offers both website and domain management services. It is one of the oldest and popular web hosting platforms, being in business for 25 years and hosting over 1.5 million websites.

It also provides e-commerce solutions with its support for WooCommerce and Café Commerce. DreamHost is also one of the web hosting services recommended explicitly by WordPress.

DreamHost offers a wholesome combination of services to provide users with everything they need in website development and management.

It provides WP website building services, WordPress hosting, shared hosting services, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting services

DreamHost also integrates managed WordPress hosting with its website management services. The platform’s valued features cut across all payment plans making it suitable for every business type.


Dreamhost - pricing

DreamHost’s web hosting plans are divided into three categories. Shared suitable for starters, DreamPress is made to fit perfectly with WordPress and VPS for users interested in using private servers.


  • E-commerce solutions with shopping carts integration
  • 97-day money-back guarantee
  • One-click installation of WordPress
  • Extensive website building and management services
  • Cloud hosting 
  • Free WHOIS privacy
  • Inclusive services on all payment plans
  • A suitable structure for small to medium scale businesses
  • Customizable control panel
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage spaces
  • Free Secured Server Hosting service

Why Choose DreamHost Over GoDaddy?

  1. Advanced Features

DreamHost’s indiscriminate provision of advanced features on all plans makes it convenient for small and medium-scale businesses. GoDaddy provides its features based on the value of plans purchased.

Best GoDaddy Alternatives for Launching Your Online Store

1. Shopify

Best GoDaddy Alternative with For Building Online Stores

Shopify Best GoDaddy Alternative with For Building Online Stores

Shopify is one of the best website builders to create your online store. It is a good recommendation for brands that operate both offline and online. Presently, Shopify has over a million users.

The platform aims to assist people in building their online stores with so many unique features. You can sell your products directly from these sites, and you can also redirect customers to your physical stores. You don’t necessarily need any tech know-how before you can create your store.

The platform is user-friendly, no coding is required. While trying to build your store, there is a guide for the most critical areas.


Shopify - pricing

Shopify allows a free 14-day trial before you can subscribe to their various plans. There are three Shopify plans, the basic, Shopify, and the advanced Shopify. 

The basic plan is ideal for small businesses and website owners who are just launching their online stores. 

The Shopify plan is suitable for businesses at the growth stage and needs access to more features. The advanced plan is ideal for large companies that want to scale their stores.

If you need to run a multi-product brand with a lot of marketing strategies, Shopify is a sure bet. 


  • Excellent round-the-clock customer support
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Customizable sites 

Why choose Shopify over GoDaddy?

  1. More Control over Inventory

Both are great e-commerce platforms. Nevertheless, if you need a platform to create a store with lots of inventory control, Shopify is your best bet. GoDaddy is for people who want a quick and simple creation. You can use GoDaddy if all you have in mind is to create a temporary store.

  1. Available Features

Shopify offers more features than GoDaddy. As an online store owner, you will want to attract customers to your platform using special features. Shopify provides many features GoDaddy does not, such as in-build cart recovery and shipping options.

  1. Shipping

With Shopify, you can ship a large number of products within and outside a country. It has a partnership with shipping brands like DHL, USPS, Canada Post, etc. The shipping process is more straightforward with Shopify. With GoDaddy, they don’t have as many shipping options as Shopify. 

  1. Payment Options

Concerning the payment methods, Shopify has a broader range of payment platforms, unlike GoDaddy. With more payment options, you tend to satisfy a larger audience. 

Shopify uses PayPal, cryptocurrency, Amazon Pay, etc. GoDaddy supports only payments from PayPal, Stripe, and Square. It can’t support digital wallet payments like Cryptocurrency.

2. Wix

GoDaddy Alternative with Friendly Options for Tech Amateurs 

Wix Simple Landing Page Builder

Wix is a platform that has been an excellent choice for millions of users worldwide. The platform has impressive features to create different designs for users with different niches. 

Wix is comfortable to use on mobiles and PCs. As a brand owner, if you have a specific online store design, you can use Wix for a quick creation before you forget the idea. Wix has a drag-and-drop feature that enables people to create small websites.

The website builder software has templates for people without an idea before the action. There are free and paid domain names available. Wix has some cool filters and animations to make your online store catchy to your target audience.


Wix Premium Plans - Website Plans

Wix is free software that runs for as long as you desire. But if you want access to professional features, you need to subscribe to the paid plans. For example, if you’re going to create your domain name, you need to pay. 

There are four Wix premium plans: the Connect Domain, the Combo, the Unlimited, and VIP. The Connect Domain and Basic plans are ideal for personal use, while the Unlimited and VIP plans are suitable for businesses.


  • Excellent templates/layouts to use as a starter
  • Flexible use, either on mobiles or computers
  • Attractive animations
  • Backup service for your contents 

Why choose Wix over GoDaddy?

  1. Free Plan

Considering the scope of e-commerce, Wix offers better features than GoDaddy. Wix primarily deals with website building, GoDaddy is a web host that also builds sites. Wix provides a free plan for users; the free plan lasts for as long as you want to use it.

  1. Easy Creation

People usually believe that GoDaddy is the best platform to get a quicker site, but Wix is easier to use when you want to create. You can use the drag-and-drop tool to pick up things and customize your page. You can resize and move them to wherever you want on the page. 

  1. Flexibility

Wix makes web page creation easier and flexible with hundreds of lovely templates. These templates are categorized for you to pick the best for your business. Wix operates on artificial intelligence called ADI. It looks confusing, but it is not; its function is to create the site based on the answers you provide to some specific questions.

3. Squarespace

Great Ecommerce Website Builder with Versatile Functionality

Squarespace - Best GoDaddy Alternative with Versatile Functionality

Squarespace is a feature-endowed platform. It is known for its multi-functionality. The software provides quality photo and video editing abilities. There are elastic layouts to flex during creation. The palette contains all shades of colors, ranging from primary to tertiary.

Squarespace also has stylish fonts to decorate your page. It is okay for professional use. If you have a flair for design, Squarespace is a good option. Customers can leave reviews to enhance traffic and referrals. Social credibility is key to a business’s success.

The website builder tool has a wide selection of beautiful templates available to users. All choices are customizable to the customer’s taste. 

Squarespace does not contain unnecessary navigations that complexify the site. Another advantage is that Squarespace can be operated on mobiles seamlessly.


Squarespace - pricing

There are four plans available on Squarespace. We have the Personal plan, Business plan, Ecommerce Basic plan, and Ecommerce Advanced plan. 

The cheapest range for the monthly plan is $16, while the most expensive is $40. For the annual plan, the pricing is a little lesser than the monthly plan’s corresponding price.

The personal plan is best for individuals who are new to creating a website with a website builder. The business plan is suitable for small businesses.

The basic commerce plan is ideal for growing an online store, while the advanced commerce plan is suitable for scaling an online store.  


  • Allows sales of digital products
  • Provision of online proof of payment (receipts)
  • Podcasting Support
  • Modifiable URLs
  • Use of page locks

Why choose Squarespace over GoDaddy?

  1. Designs

Talking about designs, GoDaddy might just give you a quick webpage that looks too plain. Everyone wants their website to look enticing to visitors, so they are concerned about their page’s layout. 

GoDaddy takes charge of the creation for you –you just have little control here. Squarespace gives you the freedom to customize your page to your taste.

  1. External add-ons

The features available on GoDaddy are only in-built. When designing your webpage, you can’t add extras from outside the platform. It is unlike Squarespace; you can add apps from extensions to your site. This feature is an advantage of adding extras to your site without having to subscribe to a bigger plan.

  1. Media link-ups

GoDaddy, as a platform, assists you in fixing direct links to social media accounts. This way, your social media accounts are linked to your site, and then people can reach you for business talks.

Squarespace goes a step further in adding a share button to your site; users can share a snippet of your content on the media. It is a form of media validation.

4. Zyro

Best GoDaddy Alternative for Small-Scale Online Shops

Zyro - Best GoDaddy Alternative for Small-Scale Online Shops

Zyro is a platform for building different e-commerce websites; it has special tools peculiar to the site. Zyro offers a convenient creation of a webpage. 

The user interface is lovely; you can create a slick website from scratch using Zyro. There are additional features on Zyro to make creation easier. You have free access to the templates provided on the site. The templates have professional designs that you don’t even need to add any extras.

Zyro has a drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to design your website. This editor is confirmed to be one of the best for the easy creation of websites. 

You can also add images, slides, and videos to the page using this editor. It contains the social buttons to link your page with media accounts. 


Zyro - pricing

Zyro has a free plan, although you just have 500MB storage to use. Using the free plan, you can’t link your URL, and you will have to endure persistent ads on your site. But if you desire a fully functional and ads-free page, you need to subscribe to their paid plans.

Its premium plans include basic, unleashed, eCommerce, and eCommerce plus. The basic plan is suitable for personal brands, while the unleashed is perfect for businesses. 

If you want to start selling online, its eCommerce plan has convenient features to boost your online store. The eCommerce Plus plan is ideal for growing your online store.


  • 24/7 service and security support
  • Compatibility on mobiles
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) tools
  • Good SEO

Why choose Zyro over GoDaddy?

  1. Drag-and-Drop Editor

The drag-and-drop editor is one advantage of Zyro over GoDaddy. This feature is one of the most sought-after websites. People find it easier to create a webpage using this tool.

  1. AI Concepts

Zyro has AI-powered features for enhancing the seamless design of a webpage. The current generation is using AI concepts in our everyday life due to their comfort. No one will want to go the hard way at the expense of our time and energy.

  1. Features for Free Plan

GoDaddy and Zyro have a free plan on their platforms. Zyro has more available features on their free plan than GoDaddy. Zyro’s free plan has AI features. You have high-quality images at your disposal despite having a free plan.  

5. Shift4Shop

GoDaddy Alternative for Ecommerce Websites

Shift4Shop - GoDaddy Alternative for Ecommerce Websites

Shift4Shop is an online platform that helps users customize their web pages with intuitive design tools. It was formerly known as 3Dcart

Users have access to lots of powerful features to enhance product sales and efficient marketing. It has good SEO tools to boost your brand in search rankings in a short time.

Shift4Shop is an affordable and easy to use platform. The company doesn’t have a wide range of templates, but the available ones are great for starting your business. It became Shift4Shop late last year after being bought by Shift4Payments. 

You can choose the theme you desire for your business, pick your favorite payment option, and even add products to your store. There are no complicated steps to confuse you when creating your website. 

There are free and premium themes available on Shift4Shop. The templates are perfect if your brand has a wide range of products to showcase in the store.


Shift4Shop - pricing

Shift4Shop has a free plan for small-scale businesses. If you are on the free plan, you have to use Shift4Payments to carry out your payment procedures.

The basic store plan is the lowest one, and it is ideal for businesses that are new to running an online store.

The plus store is for growing businesses, while the pro store plan is for companies who want to enjoy advanced functionalities to scale up their online store.


  • Wide range of websites types
  • Hundreds of themes
  • Core theme editor
  • Topflight customer support

Why choose Shift4Shop over GoDaddy?

  1. Flexible Theme Selection

GoDaddy offers few themes for users to create a website. You have to start from scratch if you decide to switch templates. But for Shift4Shop, there are more than 100 themes for you to pick. Customers love the flexibility in decision making.

  1. Integrations

Integrations help you improve the functionality of your online store. It also helps to improve the customer’s experience. 

Shift4shop has a REST API for seamless service. GoDaddy does not have any API support. Your business might look incomprehensive on it.

  1. Payment Options

GoDaddy only supports a few payment options –PayPal, Stripe, and Square. The lack of options gives the customer little freedom to explore payment options. 

Shift4shop offers a custom method for payment; customers experience a stress-free transaction. These transactions do not incur extra charges. 

6. Selz

Best GoDaddy Alternative with Multi-Functionality for Small-Scale Businesses

Selz Best GoDaddy Alternative with Multi-Functionality for Small-Scale Businesses

Selz is a popular eCommerce platform used to create websites. It is known for helping small and growing businesses to enter into the limelight. The software provides tools for easy creation within a short time.

The website builder offers services that enable customers to sell their products on the internet, through the website, social media platforms, etc. You can sell physical products, digital products and also offer services. They have flexible plans for you to work according to your budget.

Selz provides tools for efficient advertisements on Instagram, Google, Facebook, etc. Using the paid plans, you can sell an unlimited number of products. Powerful integrations are available for paid plans also. If you need a commerce platform urgently with a simple layout, you can try Selz.


Selz Pricing

Selz operates their payment plans on a monthly and annual basis. It has four plans for customers with different features available. Selz offers a 14-day free trial, with no credit card required.

The basic plan is the cheapest of its plan and ideal for individuals and businesses on a low budget and without much website needs and traffic.

The standard plan is ideal for businesses who want to grow their online stores. The advanced plan is suitable for companies that want more advanced features to scale up their online stores.


  • Multi-channel sales
  • Digital selling
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Discounts/ Promos

Why choose Selz over GoDaddy?

  1. Mobile Access

The height of comfort in the tech world is when you can access PCs apps and functions on your mobiles. Selz has a mobile access feature –an advantage over GoDaddy.

  1. Multi-functionality

On Selz, you can market on different channels, manage other stores, manage promotions, etc. These are features that you enjoy using Selz; they are not available in GoDaddy.

  1. Slick User Interface

The user interface for GoDaddy is rigid, and there are limited options for low plans. Selz makes it easy for brand owners to test new products. The functionality rating of Selz is higher than that of GoDaddy.

7. Magento

Best GoDaddy Alternative for Businesses Venturing into International Ecommerce

Magento Commerce - Best GoDaddy Alternative for Businesses Venturing into International Ecommerce

Magento is another top-notch eCommerce platform used to sell online products. It is suitable to use, either for small, upcoming, or big brands. The software is one of the most popular in the eCommerce world.

There are two versions of the platform: the Magento open source and Magento commerce. The former is the free version of the platform, while the latter is the paid version. The difference between them is that Magento commerce has more features than Magento’s open source. 

You can still run lots of functions on the free version. The free version is okay to use if you can’t finance the costs of using Magento commerce. 

For Magento commerce, once your business has gained ground, you can use it. There are functional add-ons for using the platform. But whichever platform you use, you are sure to reach your desired goals. 


Magento Commerce - Pricing

The two types of Magento platforms have different pricing plans: Magento’s open-source free and Magneto commerce pro. There is no pricing information on its website; you have to contact sales to get a quote.


  • Advanced marketing tools
  • Visual merchandising
  • Business to business functionality
  • Wide payment options
  • Multi-store management

Why choose Magento over GoDaddy?

  1. Payment Systems

For the payment methods, Magento has a better rating than GoDaddy. Magento has many payment systems to ensure flexibility on the customer’s side. Customers always prefer flexible plans. 

  1. Advanced Features

Magento has advanced features available in its pro plan. GoDaddy is a platform suitable for beginners to use; some professional requirements might not be available on the platform. Magento has advanced catalog management (ACM), Varnish-based CDN, DDoS protection and WAF, Magento Commerce Application, and more.

  1. Resourceful Free Plan

Most online platforms give their customers free trials for a specific number of days. After the trial has been exhausted, you have to subscribe to paid plans to continue enjoying the service.

However, for Magento, there is still an open-source platform that you can use to run your business. The features are not as much as the ones for paid plans, but you can comfortably create a good-looking website from that plan.

8. BigCommerce

GoDaddy Alternative with the Best Tools for Creating Online Stores for Businesses.

BigCommerce - GoDaddy Alternative with the Best Tools for Creating Online Stores for Businesses.

BigCommerce is one of the best eCommerce platforms in operation. The eCommerce website builder has more tools for designs than most other eCommerce platforms. Its features help fast-rising businesses to go higher than they can imagine.

The platform has an advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature. It allows multi-channel selling also. You can link up with a series of media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, etc. 

BigCommerce has partnered with famous clients like Kodak, Toyota, etc. Small-scale businesses are also joining the big leagues with the help of BigCommerce.

The platform makes it easy for you to monitor your products’ shipments, increase profits, and even your customers’ welfare with ease. 

BigCommerce helps its users drive more online traffic, convert more sales, and simplify eCommerce management. Users also enjoy 24/7 customer support.


BigCommerce - pricing

Of course, you need to spend to make more, but have you considered enjoying top-notch features with just a little amount of money? BigCommerce has a 15-day free trial to get you started.

BigCommere has three plans: the standard, the plus, and the pro. The standard pan is suitable for online businesses that do not have much to sell or receive high traffic. It is ideal for new companies venturing into the eCommerce world.

The plus plan is ideal for online businesses that want to experience growth and increase their conversion. The plan gives access to essential marketing tools that help convert your site traffic.

The pro plan is best for scaling up your business for even better conversions. You can also get custom pricing for your unique needs from BigCommerce. 


  • Flexible payments options
  • Seamless shipping routes
  • Strong security
  • Multi-channel sales
  • Beautiful templates designs

Why choose BigCommerce over GoDaddy?

  1. Access to Windows Mobiles

BigCommerce and GoDaddy are not available on iOS and Android mobiles. But as a windows phone user, you can still access the platform. GoDaddy is not available on windows phone. 

  1. Visual Tutorials

As a student trying to grasp a concept, we all know a visual representation is more likely to be understood than an audio recording. BigCommerce provides video tutorials for users to clearly understand how to create websites using its tools, unlike GoDaddy. GoDaddy does not employ the use of video teachings.

  1. Integrations

BigCommerce allows CRM integration, Amazon integration, Mailchimp, etc.; it also has content management and chat features. With this, you can engage in conversations with customers and reach agreements on some plans.

GoDaddy Alternatives FAQ

What is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is an enormous online platform that provides everything an individual needs to sustain a professional online presence. With its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, it serves over 20 million customers worldwide

GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and website hosting platform that uses a rich array of tools to provide its customers with internet-related services. 

The company helps clients in domain creation and registration, domain value estimation, domain sales, and domain auctions. It also provides customers with website building and hosting services, enabling them to create and maintain a substantial online presence.

The popular web hosting platform provides services that go beyond domain organization and website hosting. Its GoDaddy guides offer professional advice to customers on internet-related issues and ideas. 

GoDaddy also helps to create personalized, professional email addresses for interested customers. The platform offers online stores for businesses to showcase and sell their goods to their target audience.

GoDaddy provides an excessive number of internet-related services to its millions of customers worldwide, focusing on website hosting and domain management.

What are better alternatives to GoDaddy?

Even though GoDaddy serves millions of clients with domain and web hosting services, it doesn’t provide the best deals for customers. Other platforms do better in satisfying customer needs. They include:

Officially recommended by WordPress, Bluehost is probably the number one alternative to GoDaddy
Alongside its competent website hosting services, it offers free professional email and domain name registration. Bluehost also offers free SSL certification and a massive discount for new WPBeginner users.

HostGator is an excellent alternative for internet users looking for website hosting services. It provides cheaper and broader services and is a perfect option for new blogs or websites.
HostGator also offers coupons for discounted prices and puts great effort into maintaining outstanding customer service and relationships.

It is another platform that provides cost-friendly domain management services. DreamHost offers free domain names and SSL certifications and is a good option for new and developing websites. It also presents users with simple website templates for easy navigation and a responsive customer support team.

HostPapa is another alternative that offers extensive web hosting services to customers. It ensures that clients’ websites are secure with an advanced and comprehensive list of security tools.
HostPapa also provides free services like SSL certifications and a web builder, which GoDaddy places charges on. These services are available for free to ensure that all vital web management features reach all customers.

Kinsta is a web hosting platform that is exclusive to WordPress hosting. It is one of the emerging hosting services taking center stage in the web hosting industry.
Kinsta aims at providing hosting services with premium website performance using Google-based tools. Site loading time is faster than that of GoDaddy.

Is GoDaddy really that bad?

Being the largest website hosting service in the world doesn’t mean GoDaddy is the best around. Partners and customers have rued the inconsistent service provided by the company. 

The company has also had its fair share of controversies over the years. It has faced censorship, security issues, fraud, extremism, and animal rights-related issues. GoDaddy might be the largest provider, but its services no longer present customers’ best options. 

Is GoDaddy worth the money?

GoDaddy has been accused of providing slower website hosting, domain management, and customer support services.

The situation is not any better because other website hosting and domain management platforms offer lower prices for the same services. Some even offer free services on some specific features which GoDaddy charges.

Many web hosting and domain management platforms do better than GoDaddy and provide cheaper services to clients.

Next Step: Start Your Website or Online Store with a GoDaddy Alternative

GoDaddy is undoubtedly a decent choice for hosting your website and launching your online store. The platform lacks many advanced features that do not make it the perfect choice for many users.

Luckily, other GoDaddy alternatives fill in this gap and provide excellent web hosting and online store services. 

But how do you know which option is best for you?

Hosting your website or launching your store with any of these GoDaddy alternatives isn’t about selecting the best or worst.

All options discussed have lots of similarities and unique features, which distinguish them from each other.

You have to understand what you need clearly, and the size of your budget, then compare their features to find out which is the best GoDaddy alternative for you.For GoDaddy alternative for web hosting, Bluehost and DreamHost are ideal, while for GoDaddy alternative for launching an online store, Shopify, Zyro, and BigCommerce are worthy picks.

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