22 Inspirational Examples of Interior Design Websites

Updated Dec 5, 2022.
Inspirational Examples of Interior Design Websites

A great interior design website attracts visitors to your business and gets you lots of clients. Interior designing has a lot to do with creativity and your potential clients are eager to see that when they visit your website.

As an interior designer, you want to put your skills and business out there for the world to see. You need an online portfolio to attract more clients and get more recommendations. Your professional online portfolio is what people look out for when they check you on the internet.

Unfortunately, social media is not professional enough and it is restricted. Most social media networks are not accessible in some regions of the world.

The purpose of your website is to allow thousands of people to interact with your services and see what your company does. But what happens when your website does the opposite?

The way your website looks says much about you, your business, and your work ethic. So in this article, I have listed examples of amazing interior design websites you can learn one or two lessons from.

These websites are made with the best website builders available so you can easily create yours after reading this article.

Shall we begin? Let's go.

1. Hart Howerton (Made with WordPress)

The Perfect Example of an Easy To Navigate Interior Design Website

Hart Howerton is the Perfect Example of an Easy To Navigate Interior Design Website

The name may sound like it is just a person but it is not. Hart Howerton is not an individual but a strong team of architects and creative interior designers in New York and San Francisco that love bringing their creativity to transform a dull-looking place to being a place of wonder and comfort. The team is headed by James Tinson.

Hart Howerton's interior design website is very easy to navigate through. It shows you where to head next. The website is also easy to look at. The images and text are balanced well. For a new visitor, he wouldn't have any problem getting to any information he wants because there are arrows that help lead him to any information page.

What to Learn From Hart Howerton's Interior Design Website

The website is very easy for a visitor to navigate through. As an interior designer, your website is your business website.

The easier it is for visitors to navigate through your website, without any confusion or difficulty, the more they are likely to stay on your website and engage with your content.

When it is easy for a visitor to move from one webpage to another, he is encouraged to stay on your website and keep exploring each webpage. But if it is difficult, he is more than likely to lose interest immediately.

Your visitors would get to know more about your services and view your past works. Studies have shown that people get easily irritated when they have difficulty figuring how to move through web pages.

Great navigation works very well with SEO. When people stay longer on your website, search engines recognize it and boost your website to higher ranks. But to achieve this, it means you must have good navigational links, just like Hart Howerton's website. Each link easily directs the visitor to a webpage.

Another way to achieve this is to create a good navigational structure on your homepage. The structure would help your visitor locate what information they want to find and the right place to click to find it.

With this structure, you can direct your visitors where to click next. Most web visitors are usually clueless when they click on your website. It is up to you to guide them.

So you can say that your navigation structure is like a tour guide and your links are a means of getting to places for your visitors to explore.

Without these things, your website would look very disorganized and confusing. Your website would get an increased bounce rate and lower ranking on the search engine results.

2. Fluent Design Group (Made with Weebly)

Beautiful Interior Design Website With A Wonderful Bold Display Of Its Portfolio

Fluent Design is the Beautiful Interior Design Website With A Wonderful Bold Display Of Its Portfolio

Fluent Design group is an architectural company that designs both residential and commercial building interiors to give it a superb look. The company was founded by Engr Michael Braithwaite and is best known for its amazing customer service.

What to Learn From Fluent Design's Website

Fluent Design uses its website for what it truly is – an online portfolio. It displays an array of its best works for visitors to see. But didn't stop there, a little background story was made for each project displayed.

The stories show the process and thought put into the projects.

This is a smart move by Fluent Design Group because not only do the stories generate interest, the portfolio builds trust.

The purpose of your business website is for visitors and potential clients to experience your work and prove you are the perfect choice to work with. The best way to do this is to display your best works.

Although there is no specific number of samples to display, be careful not to flood your website with so many images that the visitor feels overwhelmed.

Select your best works for display. Not all of your works must be displayed on your website. Choose only the best options because your visitors would judge you based on what they see. So show them your best.

Another thing to learn from Fluent Design is to add a little description of your work on each project. A description or a little background story is a very start.

You don't just dump your portfolio on them without giving them a quick run-through about each work. There is a high possibility that you would get a nod. Your portfolio needs to “wow” your visitors.

Adding a mini description or a story attracts their attention more and guides their imagination.

3. Debbie Dahl Interiors (Made with GoDaddy)

Great Interior Decorator Website With A Personal Touch

Debbie Dahl Interiors is the Great Interior Decorator Website With A Personal Touch

Debbie Dahl is an award-winning interior and set designer. She is a skilled professional with over 35 years of experience in designing both residential and commercial spaces.

Debbie Dahl's website is not just beautiful but also feels personal for visitors. The interior design website opens up to a warm welcome and a personal introduction.

A warm introduction makes the visitors feel welcome. But Debbie didn't just put out her name and her story, she also let the visitors know that they are free to contact her at any time. She includes a personal mobile number, too.

Including a personal touch to your website helps your website's viewers and your potential client relate to you more. By doing this, you are building authenticity.

Authenticity is a very important guiding principle to building an awesome interior design website. Instead of going “ghost-mode”, let your potential clients and fans get to know you. Include a fun or professional photo of yourself with a nice background story about your experience.

Make yours about page personal and moderate in length. Don't bore them with a long history of your career background or your biography. Be mindful of the length of information you give.

Adding a personal touch to your website helps you relate with your target audience in your voice, which is also similar to theirs. It also adds personality to your brand. Also, including a face helps people get more emotionally connected to your business because they can now imagine who they are dealing with.

Even big businesses put faces behind the brand. If they do it, why don't you? Clients want to be sure they are relating with a real human. You can:

  • Share your email address so clients can contact you personally if they want to
  • Share your work phone number in case they want to call and schedule a personal meeting
  • Include your social media handles (if you have any) on your about page. You should not get it confused for your business social media page.
  • Use personal pronouns like “I”, “We”, “you”, “your”, and so on.

Note: If you are not comfortable with putting yourself out there, then you can use either your partner or a faithful employee to be your business's face.

Debbie Dahl's website made a very smart move. No wonder it is an awesome interior design website.

4. Robert Sepulveda Jr (Made with Wix)

Beautiful Interior Design Website With A Simple Design

Robert Sepulveda Jr is the Beautiful Interior Design Website With A Simple Design

Robert Sepulveda Jr (RSJ) is a very popular award-winning luxury interior designer and luxury specialist. RSJ specializes in designing both luxurious residential and commercial spaces. He founded RSJ Design, his interior design business.

RSJ is popular for its precision in details, timeless elegance, exquisite taste when it comes to designing luxury spaces.

What to Learn From RSJ's Interior Design Website

The interior designer's website is very beautiful with a touch of elegance. RSJ was a little subtle in the use of colors but still, the monochrome colors gave the website's design an edge.

A great website design says a lot about your business's personality and image. Your business website is your introduction to the world. You are telling the world about your creative interior design business and showing how good you are.

But your website's visitors won't get to see all these if you have a sleazy, boring, or disorganized website. They would leave because they are not impressed with what they see.

A great website design attracts more visitors but a bad one sends them away more quickly than the speed of lightning.

Another reason to get a great design for your website is to up your SEO game. The better and more attractive your website design is, the longer people will stay on your website. Web search engines notice people stay longer

For RSJ, his website design is simple. It goes straight to the point. Not only is a complex design difficult to build, but it is also expensive. The majority of the best website builders offer simple yet creative interior design templates.

People are moved by what they see so concentrate on making a great first impression with a simple yet beautiful website design.

5. Love Decor (Made with Squarespace)

A Creative Interior Design Website With A Smart Use Of Whitespace For Balance

Love Decor is a Creative Interior Design Website With A Smart Use Of Whitespace For Balance

Love Decor is an interior design production team that continually explores new creative skills (production process and methods) to make sure your ideas are turned into a reality. The design works show the passion and energy put into each one.

What to Learn From Love Decor's Website

Love Decor's website is everything from beautiful, sleek, and interesting to view. But what makes it to this list is its incredible use of whitespace.

Using whitespace in your website helps your visitors maintain their visual balance when scrolling through your website. It makes your design website look organized instead of having a cluster of images, videos, and text content.

But these are just the obvious benefits of whitespace. Whitespace, also known as negative space, has its own power when it comes to stunning website designs.

Whitespace gives your website a clean, simple, and minimalist look, just like it did for Love Decor's. You should want your potential clients to be able to digest every content on your website. This is what whitespace helps them do.

Imagine walking into a store and you are forced to see different things at the same time. It is frustrating, right? Exactly!

It takes the human brain a while to see and digest fantastic information, especially when there is an emotional connection to it. When your visitors see your past interior design projects and are marveled by each one, they want to be able to process it.

After looking at one, they move on to the next and start all over. This continues till they finally decide your work is what they want. But bombarding them with lots of content at once without a chance to rest, does quite the opposite. They get overwhelmed and irritated, eventually leaving.

Make your page easy to navigate and understand, and allow your content to flow easily by creatively incorporating the power of whitespace.

Note: Unless you are going for the minimalist look, try not to use too much that it makes your website look empty.

6. Carmens Architectural Group (Made with WordPress)

An Interior Design Website That Smartly Uses Testimonials To Drive Credibility

Carmens Architectural Group is an Interior Design Website That Smartly Uses Testimonials To Drive Credibility

Carmens Architectural Group (CAG) is a strong architectural company that specializes in designing residential homes. The group comprises highly skilled professional architects and designers.

The company's website is also very professional and incredible. Not only did it introduce the company's staff to online visitors but it also included amazing testimonials.

What to Learn From CAG's Interior Design Website

Testimonials build credibility and authenticity. It is one of the winning cards in marketing to show testimonials about your works and services. This is called the “Testimonial Strategy”.

The testimonial strategy is a very powerful marketing strategy for your website because it answers a popular question among potential clients – How good are you?

As an interior designer, people are interested in your creative skills. But, believe it or not, they want to know what people are saying about your services before hitting that “contact” button.

They want to be sure you are authentic and your service is worth their money. The best way to convince them is to include testimonials from your past clients.

To make it more authentic, you can include their social media handle or their first name (with a photo of them), and before and after photos of the work you did for them. But you can only do this after you have sorted out their permission.

You are removing any doubt or risk that might hinder your potential client from contacting you. Letting them trust you shows you are original and stay true to your word.

The objective of your website is to show the quality of your work to thousands of people at the same time, so giving the first impression to them is very important.

By using testimonials, you also increase your chances of getting referrals, clicks, and so on. People are more likely to choose you for their interior design plan when they see referrals and testimonials from real-life people.

Use as many testimonials as you like because you never know who might be scrolling through your website.

7. Wilson Architects (Made with Squarespace)

A Creative Interior Design Website With Great Video Content

Wilson Architects is a Creative Interior Design Website With Great Video Content

Wilson Architects is a popular multi-award-winning interior design group in Australia. The company has worked on lots of interior design projects, as well as architectural projects too.

What to Learn From Wilson Architects Interior Design Website

It is very professional and shares with the public its thought leadership, latest works, awards, and projects. Although the website uses lots of texts, it still finds a way to maintain the interest of the visitors by including short videos that showcase its works.

Videos are good visual language. They attract people to stay longer on your website because they are engaging. Videos capture more attention than pictures do because they show more credibility and emotions.

Hook your audience with high-quality, engaging video content on your website!

Let me just say this, videos convert more than pictures because they bring both your work and your website, entirely, to life. Even without saying a word, your videos can still tell a story. Storytelling is another way of building emotions.

With longer engaging video content, your audience is moved to keep watching. As they keep watching, search engines notice this pattern as it increases your SEO ranking.

Note: Your interior design is about you showing your artistic prowess. With that in mind, you can create visually appealing quick background videos where you walk your audience through the process of working on a project.

You are building engagement and credibility by answering the question “how”. Humans are curious, which also means that your potential clients are curious. They want to know how you come up with your creative works, what inspires you, and the steps you take to ensure the best works are produced to your client's satisfaction.

Showing them these things gets them fascinated and willing to work with you because they want that same experience they felt watching a project come alive.

Here is a tip: Showing clients delighted reactions is an emotional plus. Plan out your video content well. Think of ways you can communicate with your audience with videos.

8. Lauren Keeler Kanungo (Made with Weebly)

An Interior Design Websites With A Downloadable Resume For Professionalism

Lauren Kanungo is an Interior Design Websites With A Downloadable Resume For Professionalism

Lauren Keeler is a professional commercial designer and a hospitality designer. She is also a talented freelance designer, although having worked for multiple firms.

What to Learn From Lauren Keeler's Interior Design Website

The website feels very personal and worth scrolling through. Lauren connects intimately with her audience by sharing her goals and passions as an interior designer.

This gives the audience an insight into what to expect when working with her. And Lauren also included her resume for potential clients to see her credentials.

A very smart move on Lauren's part. Your website's visitors are different people with different purposes. Some visit your website for inspiration, while a majority of them are potential clients looking for credibility before hiring you.

Including a resume fastens the decision process of hiring you. You should always include your resume on your website, especially if you are a freelancer. You are not just showing potential clients samples of your work, you are also showing your qualifications that match the creative work they see.

After going through your website, and your resume, they are left impressed with what they see. Now they can click the “contact” button to discuss with you.

The idea is that you have to be smart and proactive if you want to get lots of interior designing gigs.

Most of these potential clients do not really have that much time to really go through every content on your website. There is a possibility that other creative talents are competing for his attention too. Your resume will save them the stress of trying to decide if you are a good fit or not.

With a nice and brief introduction, Lauren lets her audience see and connect with her professionalism, skills, goals, and passions as an interior designer. Then she supports this with a straightforward resume.

Lauren invites her audience to get to know her before indirectly showing that she is available and ready for work. Any impressed potential client will click “Connect” immediately.

9. Destination Eichler (Made with Squarespace)

A Top Interior Design Website With A Very Cool Blogging Section For Increased Engagement

Destination Eichler is a Top Interior Design Website With A Very Cool Blogging Section For Increased Engagement

Destination Eichler's design website is perfect and straight to the point. For any interior design lover, there is an urge to keep scrolling and checking out each content.

The interior design website is very clear and organized. Every piece of information is arranged and the visitor can easily see and access each project.

What to Learn From Destination Eichler's Interior Design Website

The website also has a blog. There are several reasons to own a blog, especially as a business owner in a competitive niche.

Blogging is one of the best ways to put your skills and business out there. Many top brands are turning to blog as a way of connecting with their customers and generating more revenue.

With a blog, you can generate some passive income for your business.

Another top reason to start a blog is to help your website rank high through SEO marketing.

By using the right SEO strategies, your website can rank high on search engines as more people read your blog and find solutions to their interior design needs.

In blogging, there are different topics to cover and you are building content. No wonder brands use blogs to establish themselves as authorities in their niches.

You might say you are not a writer so blogging is not for you.

The truth is that you do not have to be an expert writer or professional blogger to own a cool blog. Everybody writes and I'm sure you do, too.

You can write about your experience as an interior designer, or you can write about the process of working on a special project, your challenges, and your strengths as a professional.

If you are just starting in your profession, you can share your goals and expectations.

There are a lot of benefits that come with including a blog on your website. It establishes you as an authority in your niche (even though you may not be), helps your potential client get to know you (your point of view) better, generates more interest, and attracts top brands to collaborate with you.

It is a winning card.

10. Julie Nolta Design (Made with Wix)

A Creative Interior Design Website That Focuses On The Audience

Julie Nolta is a Creative Interior Design Website That Focuses On The Audience

Julie Nolta is a passionate interior designer in Oregon. With lots of expertise in interior designing, she has won awards and is ready to work on creative projects.

Julie Nolta's website is very colorful and free. This is because she uses nice vibrant colors that brighten up the web pages.

What to Learn From Julie Nolta's Interior Design Website

The website was made to be all about the clients and less about the owner. This is what is important for every website. The essence of your website is to attract people to your website and convert potential clients to actual clients.

Your online visitors don't actually care about you. They care about what you have to offer them. They want to be sure you are concerned about giving them the premium service.

Your goal is to convince potential clients that the services you offer are for their best interest and satisfaction.

You don't have to bore your audience with all your achievements and qualifications (you can include those but it doesn't have to be the only content on your website). Instead, list the benefits they will get from choosing you.

Your website should speak directly to your target audience. Creatively address what your clients want and provide solutions.

You can also include your phone number or contact address in case your audience would want to book an appointment.

Note: Be careful not to sound too salesy or pushy. That is enough to send them away.

11. Intec Design (Made with WordPress)

A Smart Interior Design Website With A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Intec Design is a Smart Interior Design Website With A Powerful Content Marketing Strategy

Intec Design is a professional interior design group in Ireland. The company is known for being an expert in bar design, hotel design, restaurant design, and pub design.

What to Learn From Intec Design's Interior Design Website

Intec's design website uses amazing content to publicize the company's services. This is the power of content marketing.

Have you ever heard of the saying that goes like this “Beautiful design attracts but great content is what keeps the customer”? This is so true because, in the world of marketing, highly engaging content is king.

From fantastic image portfolios to engaging videos, testimonials, blogs, and so on. Intec Design's website is loaded with content that would fascinate any interior decor lover. It also shows the step-by-step process of designing an interior bar.

There is so much competition for clients' attention and time. Make sure that your landing pages have killer content that grabs attention immediately.

Content creates value! And your website has only a few seconds to capture your visitors' interest.

Your website should be all about creating killer content. The more engaging your content is, the more visitors stay glued to your website. So your content MUST address their interest.

A great content marketing strategy increases the volume of traffic on your website. The better and richer the content, the more people visit your creative website for more content.

Note: What boosts good content is a great design. Make sure your website has a professional and clear design. The website should be easy to navigate so that the content can be easily accessible.

12. Studio Adjective (Made with Wix)

Creative Interior Design Website With An Online Store To Increase Sales And Traffic

Studio Adjective is the Creative Interior Design Website With An Online Store To Increase Sales And Traffic

Studio Adjective is an award-winning, multidisciplinary design agency. It was founded by Emily Ho and Wilson Lee and is based in Hong Kong.

The agency has a simple yet well-detailed website that has very beautiful aesthetic designs. The content is engaging. Right from the homepage, visitors are welcomed with sleek photos of the agency's designs, displayed in a slideshow.

What to Learn From Studio Adjective's Interior Design Website

The website is very sleek and well-detailed. It shows deep background information for each project, giving the interested visitors an intimate insight into the background story, purpose, and goals of a project.

But, that is not all, Studio Adjective turned a section of their website into their e-commerce store. Having an online store is just another good way to make more sales and increase traffic to your website.

Millions of people surf the internet daily, looking for products and services. You can sell items that pertain to your niche. For example, as an interior designer, you could sell furniture, homewares, and so on.

Giving people the option of purchasing items on your website not only sets you as an authority figure that provides solutions, but also helps your potential clients reduce the stress of getting those important items.

An online shop also serves as good content on your website. Your potential clients are excited to see what you have available in your store.

Your visitors have the opportunity to choose any add-ons that would give them the best experience.

It clearly means you are going out of your way to provide what would make their interior design experience complete by highlighting the finest features.

13. Mutuus Studio (Made with Wix)

A Visually Appealing Interior Design Websites With A Great Storytelling Strategy To Drive Emotions And Curiosity

Mutuus  is a Visually Appealing Interior Design Websites With A Great Storytelling Strategy

Mutuus Studio consists of a team of professionals in architecture and interior design. These professionals specialize in both commercial and residential spaces, as well as in hospitality.

What to Learn From Mutuus Studio's Interior Design Website

The website showcases a portfolio of their best works for the website's visitors to see and marvel at each creative work.

However, each project isn't just displayed bare like that. It is accompanied by a short background story of the client and the project.

The website uses good storytelling skills to create an emotional connection to each project. Storytelling is an interesting marketing strategy because it involves emotions and humans are emotional beings.

As an interior designer, you are a creator. Each of your created projects has its own story (process and purpose).

Storytelling answers the “what” and the “why” questions. These are important questions that drive clients' curiosity. In fact, storytelling is an integral part of content marketing.

When you tell a story about your project and include high-quality images and videos too, it guides your audience's imagination to feel the process of each project. The brand's message becomes clearer and more relatable as you show them clients' reactions.

Here is how to incorporate good storytelling skills into your interior design website:

  • Content storytelling, just like Mutuus Studio did
  • Visual storytelling
  • Design storytelling
  • Video storytelling

Telling a story on your website helps your audience relax and trust you more. Just don't exaggerate the details or focus on fluffy unnecessary stuff.

Also, you should not sound too salesy. You are trying to get your site's visitors to know you, the kind of services you render, and your clients' reactions after each completed project.

Give some insight about your past clients. Let your storytelling be natural!

Believe it or not, your audience can tell when you try to force a story. Your story must be simple, straightforward, clear, and straight to the point.

A compelling narrative, accompanied by high-quality visuals, takes your website a long way, builds confidence, and generates interest. Your website's visitors will stay longer because what they see is good content.

14. Design W Care (Made with Wix)

An Interior Design Website That Reflects The Brand's Values With A Suitable Color Scheme

Design W Care is an Interior Design Website That Reflects The Brand’s Values With A Suitable Color Scheme

Design With Care is an interior design company founded by Laura Baross, who is a visual artist, interior designer, and content designer. The company is based in New York and specializes in designing interiors for sustainability.

The agency brand is eco-friendly and high on environmentalism. It represents this boldly in the color scheme on the website. The website uses neutral and earthly tones to depict the brand's environmental values.

What to Learn From Design With Care's Interior Design Website

Everything on the website gives an earthly, environmental feel, including the vintage items sold on the online store, reflecting what the brand stands for.

Your choice of colors has an impact on how your website's visitors see your website, how they interpret your message, and so on. This is called the Psychology of Colors.

Interior design is more than just decorations. It is a creative art that combines personality and preferences. Colors are one of the most important and powerful tools in creating an excellent website design. Certain colors spark different emotions and get different reactions.

Your choice of colors for your brand is a way of sending a message to your potential clients. It is as important as effective copywriting in interior design websites.

Having a monochrome-colored website is not advisable, especially as an interior designer. You aim to attract your audience and capture their attention immediately when they access your website. It takes careful planning to achieve this.

However, you can get away with a monochrome color if, and only IF, you know how to create a killer design with it. Or if you want to go for a minimalist look.

Some colors give out certain emotions or reactions. For example:

  • Blue and green – relaxed
  • White – classy, ethereal, rich
  • Green and earthy brown – environmental
  • Vibrant colors (red, orange) – passionate and energetic
  • Pink and purple – feminine
  • and so on

The color scheme of each page should complement each other. It is totally unacceptable to use different colors that show different (contrasting) emotions on your website.

You do not want your website looking contorted and disorganized, do you?

Identify the type of interior design concept you want your brand to be known for. Do you want to be known for feminine concepts with a little bit of class? Or do you want to be popular for designing relaxed concepts?

Whatever you want to be known for, feel free to experiment with the colors. You are an artist, let your creativity speak!

15. Wolfe Interior Design (Made with WordPress)

An Interior Design Website Example That Uses Clear Call-to-action Strategies

Wolfe Interior Design is an Interior Design Website Example That Uses Clear Call to action Strategies

Wolfe Interior Design is a well-known interior design studio in Toronto. The studio specializes in designing beautiful and healthy spaces. It offers an array of interior design services. From Luxury residences to Hospitality, Restaurants, Offices, and so on.

What to Learn From Wolfe's Interior Design Website

Wolfe's website has everything that makes an interior design perfect, but what sets them as an example is their strong use of the call-to-action strategy. The website encourages visitors to perform certain actions, like booking a consultation, learning more about the studio, view projects, and so on.

The interior design website literally guides visitors on what to do or which action to take. This helps first-time visitors navigate their way through the website and find out more impressive information.

Most interior design websites make the mistake of using little to no call-to-action strategy. All they do is display content and fine website design without encouraging the visitors to perform any action. This just leaves the visitors numb because there is no clear action in what to do.

Do you know that most internet users do not actually know what to do when they visit a website for the first time?

In most cases, your online visitors are occupied with lots of information that they actually forget to perform some important actions that would increase their stay on your website.

When creating a call-to-action, you have to be clear about what results you want to achieve. Do you want them to contact you, sign up for your email newsletter, shop, book a private consultation, learn about your services, or head over to your social media page, see more of your works? Whatever you want them to do, have a clear vision of it.

Also, ensure that the links are working. No one wants to click on a link and it leads them to nowhere. It is both frustrating and irritating.

You can also include discount codes and tell them to partake in them.

The more effective your call to action is, the higher your potential clients go up the sales funnel.

Effective ways to create a killer call to action include:

  • Keep it simple
  • Put them where people can easily see them. Make then bold
  • Use action words/verbs
  • Make it clear and straight-forward
  • Make sure they are convincing. Don't just slap them on your visitors' faces and tell them to follow you. Let them see the need to take that action
  • Don't make it too salesy or forceful

The good thing about the call to action strategy is that it works very well.
You can include as many calls to action as you want but make sure they give clear instructions and are separated.

16. Victoria Bell Design (Made with WordPress)

An Interior Design Website With Clear And Catchy Headlines That Drive Interest

Victoria Bell Design is an Interior Design Website With Clear And Catchy Headlines That Drive Interest

Victoria Bell Design is an interior design service owned by passionate interior designer, Victoria Bell. Each design is made to perfection in every detail.

The website uses one of WordPress's best interior design themes to create an amazing interior design portfolio.

Victoria Bell's website is bold. The beautiful aesthetics comes from the bold display of images. The bolder and brighter the images, the more beautiful the website looks.

The website opens up to a clear headline message. The headline is the first thing that visitors see once they click on your website.

What to Learn From Victoria Bell's Interior Design Website

Victoria Bell's headline speaks directly to the ideal target audience. They already have an idea of what to expect and what the interior designer offers.

Every page on the website has a different headline that speaks to the visitors. This shows pure creativity.

Your headline is what your visitors see first. It is what sets the mood of the website, so it must be engaging and understandable at first glance. The headline must make your online visitors eager to scroll down and see what you have.

Note: Your headline is not your header. Do not get it confused! Your header is shown at the top of every page on the website but a headline is boldly displayed on the homepage (and subsequent pages) for all to see.

Just like Victoria Bell's headline, yours should not be about you but your ideal target audience. You can list a clear benefit or welcome them to your website.

Here is how to write an engaging headline for your interior design website:

  • Know who you are speaking to. You can't write an effective message without having your audience's ideal preference in mind.
  • Write in the right tone. The concept of your brand affects the tone of your brand. They must be in sync with each other
  • Keep it clear and simple. It should be between 6-12 lines
  • Use relevant adjectives for more effectiveness

You can use an emotional hook in your headline, just like how Victoria Bell did with her website. You can also use SEO keywords to optimize your website – you can research for the best keywords that suit your target audience – or ask a question that would make them keep scrolling. But make sure your question is in line with your niche.

But for me, the best headline to use is a benefit-oriented statement.

Not only does this drive excitement and interest, but your visitors are compelled to find out how to partake of this benefit.

For this, you can write about your Design's unique selling point.

For example, in Victoria Bell's headline, the visitors are told that they would get high-end designs with their unique styles woven. This headline lets them know that every project is fine to their satisfaction.

17. Ohio Design (Made with Weebly)

An Amazing Interior Design Example With A Great Website Structure

Ohio Design is an Amazing Interior Design Example With A Great Website Structure

Ohio Design is an interior design company that builds and designs modern furniture and interiors. The company is based in San Francisco, California. It uses high-quality materials and professional methods in its designs.

What to Learn From Ohio's Interior Design Website

The website gives a good presentation of its content. It clearly presents what the company does, what they stand for, their clients, and their last works/projects.

Presentation is very important. The way you structure and present your information affects the way your online visitors will see you. From Ohio's website, you can tell they are professionals and that is exactly what they are doing.

Building a website is one thing but organizing and structuring the content in your website is another.

A good website structure increases your clicks and improves your SEO level. Make sure the various pages on your website are connected. This promotes a positive user experience.

On Ohio Design's website, you can access various web pages from a single web page.

If your website is beautiful, has relevant and informational content, and is easy to navigate through, you will attract more users to stay longer than they thought.

When Google or any other search engine notices this pattern, they increase your ranking level.

Here are some tips on how to get a good website structure:

  • Map out your plan before you start
  • Create a good website symmetry
  • Use internal links
  • Use the right JavaScript framework

If these tips are too complicated or they are not your area of expertise, hire a professional web designer.
Fortunately, the best website builders offer a variety of amazing interior design templates you can easily choose from, edit to your taste, and launch. Most of these templates are free and very easy to use.

18. Interiors by Sabrina (Made with GoDaddy)

An Interior Design Website With Active Social Media Marketing

Interiors by Sabrina is an Interior Design Website With Active Social Media Marketing

Interiors by Sabrina is an interior design company owned by Sabrina Yost, an enthusiastic and professional interior designer. The company specializes in designing residential and commercial interior spaces and is based in New York.

With a subtle theme, the interior design website showcases lots of their previous interior decorations to the delight of viewers.

What to Learn From Interiors by Sabrina's Website

The website invites the audience to continue their experience on Instagram. Not so much information or web pages, only the very important ones.

As an interior designer, you do not want your online visitor's experience to end the moment as soon as they leave your website. You want them to continue and engage with your brand (and probably get it personally). The best way to do this is through social media.

Social media engagement is very important when it comes to business. Grow your business with good social media marketing.

According to Oberlo, there are over 3.7 billion social media users in the world. This statistics means that there is much engagement on social media because more people use social media daily. With that much audience available, you take your business on.

Linking to social media creates an easy connection with your viewers and potential clients. They get exposed to more of your videos, your cat by captions, ongoing projects, and so on.

While your interior decorating website might look professional, your social media page gives a more personal outlook to your business. Add social media links to increase your brand reach and awareness.

Note: Let there be consistency between what you lost on your social media and what you post on your website. This means that your online visitors should have a similar experience between both online platforms.

Don't forget to also include your website links on your social media bio. It is possible online users will access your social media page first before clicking on your website link.

With social media links, you are getting visitors in multiple ways and increasing your reach.

19. Blue Spruce Interiors (Made with GoDaddy)

The Perfect Minimalist Interior Design Website

Blue Spruce Interiors is the Perfect Minimalist Interior Design Website

Blue Spruce is owned by the multi-talented Loralie Hayes. The interior design company specializes in services like furniture layout, design project management, furniture layout, overall design direction, and so on.

Blue Spruce's website is a perfect example of a minimalist interior design website. The website is very clear and beautiful with visually appealing aesthetics.

What to Learn From Blue Spruce's Interior Design Website

For minimalists, this website is perfect. The content of the website is reduced to the critical information online visitors want to know about. The information presented is the one most relevant to the company.

Likewise, you can also use this same design. Going for the minimalist list helps keep your content in check and ensures you don't go overboard and end up creating too much irrelevant content.

Your objective is to create a website that reflects your personality. It also reflects the personality of your audience. So it doesn't have to showcase too much information at once. Too much information can display a conflict of personalities.

The tricky thing about a minimalist web design is that you have to be careful about each content you upload. Although minimal, you still want your website to give the best first impression about your business.

One great fact about a minimalist web design is that it is faster to load and access. If your website's loading time is slow, your click rates will decrease drastically. People have a very short attention span and more things are vying for their attention at once.

A lot of information or heavy videos and images take a longer loading time.

The idea is to get rid of all the extra baggage of information and leave only the necessary ones. If there is any other information you would like your visitors to see and explore, create it on another page or your social media and link to it.

With a minimalist website for your business, visitors can easily access your website from any device.

Going for a minimalist design doesn't just make website maintenance easier but it also does so much more, like:

  • Promotes user experience because visitors can focus on each content displayed.
  • No annoying pop-up ads
  • No distractions
  • Fast loading time
  • Better conversion rate than traditional websites
  • Easy navigation
  • Balance. Whitespace helps balance the content structure and design of your interior design website.

Your business should be about your ideal target audience, so give information that would increase their user experience.

20. Celene Interiors(Made with WordPress)

One Of The Best Interior Decorating Websites That Utilized The Power Of Email Marketing

Celene Interiors is One Of The Best Interior Decorating Websites That Utilized The Power Of Email Marketing

Celene Interiors is an interior design service company based in Auckland. The company specializes in designing new buildings and renovating the interiors of old ones.

Celene Interiors' website is a very perfect example to learn from. It contains all the important features of a stunning and creative interior design website.

What to Learn From Celene Interiors' Website

From openly stating its mission to giving viewers high-quality photos of their works from different angles, and giving a thorough description of the services the company offers, you can say that the website is well-detailed.

Another key thing about the website is that it incorporates the power of email marketing.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies in the world of marketing. Recent statistics have shown that there are 4 billion daily email users. This means that

Many businesses, including interior designing, use the email marketing strategy to reach more potential clients and build relationships with already existing ones through newsletters.

With email marketing, you can communicate directly to your clients, give them updates about your latest service or discount, get client feedback, and so on. Online visitors who are still interested in what you have to offer will sign up for your newsletters.

Whoever signs up for your newsletters gets added to your email contact list. With the right email marketing tools, like MailChimp, Keap, Constant Contact, and so on, you will be able to keep track of each email content you send out to your clients and potential clients and customize your emails to fit each client's needs.

Your website will get more referrals from clients you have a long-term relationship with.

Encouraging your online visitors to sign up for your newsletters is very important. But you have to let them know how often they will receive your emails. Believe it or not, most emails are never opened because they come every single day. That can be very annoying, especially when they are too salesy.

You can send in newsletters weekly or once in two weeks. Clients will be glad to open your email and see what you have in store.

Note: You have to be very strategic about your email marketing technique.

21. Sean Anderson Interiors (Made with Squarespace)

A Great Interior Design Website With A Very Good Press Page

Sean Anderson Interiors is a Great Interior Design Website With A Very Good Press Page

Sean Anderson is a Tennessee-based interior design company, founded by Sean Anderson who is an enigmatic designer. The company offers bespoke interior designs throughout North America.

Sean Anderson's interior design website is stunning with just the right amount of everything. It has an amazing portfolio of his past projects and

What to Learn From Sean Anderson's Interior Design Website

The website includes an interesting press/news section. A press page is a very important section you must include in your interior design website. It shows your online visitors that your works have been recognized and featured on different platforms, either online or offline.

These platforms can include:

  • Publications/magazine articles that feature samples of your designs and past projects
  • Brands you have partnered with or in affiliate with
  • Media interviews
  • Social media mentions, and so on

For someone who needs an interior designer and stumbles on your website, will feel more convinced to hire your services when he has seen what you can do and seen that your works have been featured on different platforms.

Having a press release page sets you as an expert to be trusted. You are clearing any doubt a potential customer might have concerning your skills and services. Including direct links to these press, publications show more authenticity.

Getting featured in a popular online platform shows you are trusted by a wide audience and your services are genuine.

These features serve as social proof for your business. People are concerned with what other people are saying about your services. They want to be certain they are getting value for the money they paid when they hired you.

A good press page is great PR for your interior design website and gives you an edge over your competitors.

22. Welly Lai (Made with Squarespace)

An Interior Design Example That Uses Great Copywriting In Its Web Pages

Wally Lai is an Interior Design Example That Uses Great Copywriting In Its Web Pages

Welly Lai Studios is a New York-based design company that specializes in interior, furniture, and architectural designs. The studio's designs have been featured in New York Times, Timeout New York, and Design Bureau and Home Concepts, for their unique concepts and innovative designs.

What to Learn From Welly Lai's Interior Design Website

The studio's website encompasses all its wonderful abilities. But aside from all its wonderful pictures, Welly Lai's website uses great copywriting skills in its different web pages.

Although not salesy, the short copywriting texts can persuade anyone about the benefits of working with the studio. The short copies highlighted the quality of the work samples displayed.

Without copywriting texts, your interior design website will only look like an art portfolio without any form of persuasion. This is because your website is your business website, your online visitors' first impression (and first interaction) with your brand. It is from what they see and experience, they use to judge if your company is worth their money or not.

Incorporating great copy texts on your design website is like the final icing on the cake. It is what sets the contracting process in motion.

But it is more than just stringing words together, telling whoever cares to read about how great your business is. Your visitors don't care. They are more concerned about what they stand to gain when they work with you. You have to be creative in your copy.

Good copywriting portrays your brand image to the right target audience. Here are few tips to up your copywriting game:

  • Write clearly. Use clear words, don't be ambiguous.
  • Don't try to sound “smart”. Your copy should be easy for a 5-year old to understand.
  • Write to speak directly to your ideal audience

Note: If you cannot write a good copy, you can always hire a professional content writer (with just the right skills you are looking for) to help craft out creative copies for the website.

The above-listed websites are some of the best interior decorating websites out there. These websites showed that they gave careful thought to what they wanted, which would make them stand out among other competitors.

They used powerful website builders to create something beautiful for online visitors to see. Adding some creativity to interior design website templates shows how skilled you are.

Although they are not the only interior design websites with these features, they made sure theirs was obvious and very effective. Some other stunning websites to consider studying include:

FAQs About Interior Design Websites

What Should an Interior Design Website Include?

Your interior design website is more like your online space. It is your first impression of thousands of internet users who access your website from different walks of life.

Aside from being creative, there are some basic features your interior design website must include. These features also include the basic information to guide your online visitors.

About page

Online visitors want to know more about your company, the faces behind the company( you as an owner),  your background in designing, your passion, and your goals in the design niche.

You could let your online visitors know about your first project or what led to the creation of your design company. This is the section that uses your storytelling strategy to create a more emotional connection.

Don't forget to include a picture of yourself so potential clients can see you and get to know you more. When they see a face behind the company, they feel closer and at ease. 


This is one of the most important features to include in your website. A business website without a means of contacting the company is just like telling someone about your business without giving them a business card. You are leaving them to crack their brand on how to reach you.

Always include a means of contact. It could be by adding your email address, phone number, social media handle, offline address (in case you prefer mails), and so on. For more effectiveness, include more than one means.

Visual Content 

You are in the creative industry. Every work you do is a form of art. You can't simply just tell your online visitors how good you are without showing them. People are moved by what they see and feel. If it is appealing enough, they want to learn more.

High-quality images and other visual content are must-haves for every page on your design website. Use the right color scheme to highlight the quality and concept of the images.

Creative Design and Layout 

You could go for a minimalist look or include lots of information on your website. But whatever you do, make sure it doesn't affect your website. Too much information on your website can delay its loading time and little information can leave your website looking empty.

Get the best that works for you. You can discuss with your web designer to help you know the right choice of design that would suit your design concept.

Call to Action

Encourage your visitors to take certain actions. They could sign in for your newsletter, contact you, book an appointment, view your portfolio, and so on. A website without a call to action seems dull. Visitors would come in, see what you have to offer, and leave. They won't do anything interesting because they don't know what to do.

Your call-to-action guides them on what to do next. You can include a call-to-action on every page on your website.

Why Do Interior Designers Need a Website?

An online presence is very important for your business. Any business that cannot be found online either doesn't exist or is a fraud (even fraudulent businesses are online). The first thing people do when they hear about your business is to check you online and see what you are about.

An interior design website is like your company's online space. It is a great way of advertising yourself because you are putting yourself out there and giving people access to know about your business at once. Aside from being an online space for your company, your website serves as a medium to:

– Showcase your portfolio of past works. This is what your visitors want to see.
– Give you a professional outlook
– Showcase your authenticity and credibility to lots of people
– Increase your reach through SEO 
– Build your brand – through press releases, testimonials, top client features, and so on
– Emotionally connect with your ideal audience – through storytelling
– Get an edge over your competitors and increase your clientele list

Your online visitors are there for different reasons – some are potential clients, some are researchers looking for inspiration, some are partners looking for who to collaborate with, and so on.

How Do I Make My Interior Design Website Stand Out?

When it comes to design websites, first impressions matter a whole lot. Never neglect the power of the first impression effect. 

To stand out among the thousands of interior design websites out there, you need to be deliberate in your creativity. Research a lot and know what your ideal audience likes. Also, find the style that best suits your designs. Other things to do include: 

– Using images with eye-catching designs
– Let your website be easy to navigate
– Use bright and vibrant colors. No dull colors are allowed (except you know how to use them in a way they are very attractive

How Do I Market Myself as an Interior Designer?

The interior design niche is now saturated, with lots of people getting into it daily. It is easy to get lost amid thousands of high-quality brands. Sadly, just telling people about how good you are will not cut it. You have to plan the best marketing strategies to take.

Some of the best ways to market yourself effectively include:

– Building a portfolio and showcasing it for the world to see
– Collaborating with other designers for an event or a project
– Utilize the power of social media
– Ask for testimonials from your past clients. Post them on your website and social media pages
– Ask your clients for referrals. Word of mouth marketing is still one of the best ways of building credibility.

What is the Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Decorator?

Most people link both Interior designing and decorating together, and use both terms interchangeably. But they are different because they have different functions.

Interior design involves working closely with architects to design an interior space by studying people's living and structural needs. It involves an understanding of interior architecture and satisfying the structural demands of the clients. The job is more professional and interior designers require a license to practice.

On the other hand, interior decorators are responsible for decorating interior spaces, giving them a unique aesthetic design that satisfies the client. They don't really require a license to operate. Interior designers can decorate but interior decorators cannot design. 

Try not to mix them up in your job resume. Be specific and clear about what you do.

What Should I Know Before Building My Interior Design Website?

Deciding to build your business website is one of the best choices to make for your interior design website. It means you are ready to take your business to the next level by increasing your reach. 

However, it might be daunting or stressful to have no clue about what you are doing. As a newbie, there are several things to know about starting your website.

1. The goal of your website – What exactly do you want it to do
2. Know your target audience – Who your Interior Design Website is for. You cannot target everyone at the same time. Be very specific about your ideal niche audience. 
3. Research on website designs and layouts – How you want your website to look like
4. Set a deadline for yourself – When you want your website to be ready. Setting a date gets you on your toes in ensuring that your website is ready

These are the basic knowledge to know before creating your business website. Having the basic knowledge will help you in your website-building journey and not leave you clueless.

Start Building Your Best Interior Design Website

Interior designing is a highly sought-after service. Every day, thousands of clients are looking for interior designers to carry on a project. Going online gives you a higher chance of getting noticed by these clients.

But getting noticed is not just enough, they have to see your potential and know you are worth their money. Optimize your website for SEO and use the best lessons to learn from the websites mentioned in this article.

Do not forget to research and keep your website updated on your latest trends concerning your niche. Your web pages must be easy to navigate through.

As you are just starting, use already made interior design templates offered by the best website builders. It is your chance to be creative and own your craft.

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