35 Examples of Excellent Real Estate Websites

Updated Dec 6, 2022.
Examples of Excellent Real Estate Websites

Are you looking for the perfect real estate website that isn’t invasive to further your property purchase? What better way than to inspire you by visiting your competitors! Using website builders to create your website is one of the easiest and cost-effective methods available.

Real estate websites should be dynamic, clear and easy to keep people engaged and able to find information about the services offered. As a service provider, necessary information, including:

  • contact details,
  • locations,
  • listings
  • reviews

should be provided in the finest websites.

Remember that excellent quality images that enhance the exterior and interior designs of the houses on the web are typically the point of sale. With all those factors in mind, we made a list of the top 35 examples of real estate websites to help you create your own website.

Let’s get started!

1. Michael Calcagno & Nancy Hamilton (Made with Squarespace)

Best realtor website for modern and appealing one-page design

 Calcagno Hamilton is the Best Realtor Website for Modern and Appealing One Page Design

The Calcagno-Hamilton Real Estate Partners have been reigning over the Montecito and Santa Barbara area for over 20 years as well as forming part of the global real estate ranking. They have won over clients across the country and overseas due to their easy-going yet professional attitude.

The make-up of their website acts as proof of their availability through the displayed contact details on the front page. You can click to view current property listings with the added advantage of choosing your price range.

It is easy to manoeuvre and you can take a look into the neighbourhood, meet the team and read and support local businesses through their blog; all readily available as options on their menu with vibrant pictures. The website could use a pop-up email subscription option as you scroll down to keep customers updated about new properties.

2. Smith and Associates (Made with WordPress)

Intuitive home buying website with concise navigation designs

Smith and Associates is an Intuitive home buying website with concise navigation designs

The Smith and Associates have won several awards and mentions in the Tampa Bay area, showcasing its smooth catering for its clients. From relocations to buying and selling, this real estate website allows you to find your dream house in your desired location by simply entering an address.

You can access the different options and services with one click and explore its signature listings with just a few scrolls down from its main page itself. The links to developments, rent, buy and sales make it easy for prospects to look for homes.

You can even benefit from online video tours and insurance among others from its menu bar. Though the website provides users with adequate information, it could further use some testimonials on its front page for a more personal touch.

3. Ryan Serhant (Made with GoDaddy)

Top real estate website with parallax scrolling and high quality photos

Ryan Serhant is the Top real estate website with parallax scrolling and high quality photos

Serhant is a globally famous real estate brand that caters to and keeps track of its following across continents through its innovative visualisation tool. As you click on the website, you are welcomed with a short video from its founder, Ryan Serhant, a real estate agent turned broker.

The homepage features an explicit menu bar to refine your search and a link to the Serhant signature properties. You can opt for your area of liking in New York to find more listings as well as new developments.

You are being provided with a simple, interactive website with professional pictures and the respective contact details of its agents and a boomerang! The menu bar follows you for easy accessibility to options as you scroll. However, this can be distracting at times. A few testimonials on the main page could also complete the website in terms of customer relations.

4. Guy Yarkoni (Made With WordPress)

Home selling website with fluid design layout and inviting text

Guy Yarkoni is a Home selling website with fluid design layout and inviting text

A real estate sales representative for Remax, Guy Yarkoni has over a decade of experience in the field and is known for being a passionate agent. Based in Toronto, he maintains a relationship with his clients to serve them in the long run by addressing queries and finding solutions.

As his website confirms, he can easily be contacted and followed on his social media accounts. The basic layout of the homepage focuses on the segments of the website, where at one click, you can further research what you are searching.

These include available properties—luxurious or not—and news relating to the property market in the area among others. Yet, the lack of enlarged property pictures upfront tends to drive users away as they get lost through overly descriptive narrations.

5. Jennifer Ferland (Made with Squarespace)

Best realtor website with static page layout and tour videos

Jennifer Ferland is the Best realtor website with static page layout and tour videos

Jennifer Ferland's's webpage dives into her testimonial and her attempt to merge together her medical background with real estate for over 10 years now. Based in San Francisco, she lays strong emphasis on customer relations and establishes the platform for long term correspondence.

The homepage of this website is equipped with your traditional menu bar along with the agents’ contact details. It is taken a step further with accessible tour videos, bringing the user along for a more personal approach. The considerate tutorial for the user definitely makes it worthy to click around.

However, instead of mere pictures on the homepage, Ferland could have attached the listings to give clients a better idea of the assets available. Testimonials could also enhance the humane strategy.

6. Joshua M. Baris (Made with SmartSites)

Best home buying website with bold and fixed design layout

Joshua M. Baris is the Best home buying website with bold and fixed design layout

Joshua M. Baris has been in the realty business for over two decades now, even making it to the Forbes 500 list recently. His constant evolution through marketing techniques and technology has led him to be a renowned agent in the New Jersey state.

A photo of the real estate officer and his latest listings are available on this website. The property search just below some of the featured listings allows users to easily explore them and select the features that they need in a house.

In addition, the dropped pins on the map reveal the specific position of available nearby properties. It helps the customer to make an informed decision. Yet, the darker appearance of the webpage may come off as disengaging and its ‘listings' font is distracting which does not keep users interested.

7. Adam Homes (Made with BuilderDesigns)

All-inclusive real estate site with simple static designs

Adam Homes is an All inclusive real estate site with simple static designs

Adam Homes has expanded and successfully eased the process of home buying across the Southeastern United States. They strive for client satisfaction and the provision of quality service.

The webpage is undoubtedly well structured with a search box to enter the location of your desired home environment with the different states attached underneath if you are still searching.

It provides you with enough grounds to opt for this service through an overview of its story and mission. The webpage cleverly allows you to drop a like on your property of liking, creating a ‘Favourites' folder after you sign up.

The endorsement also provides a nice touch. On a critical note, the homepage could include a newsletter subscription section to encourage customers to remain up to date with the ever changing list of houses available on the market.

8. True Homes (Made with Ucraft)

Best interactive house rental website with high-quality pictures

True Homes is the Best interactive house rental website with high quality pictures

Several emphasize property services are offered by the True Homes company. They specialize in renovating the houses that really require modern touches and then sell them in Florida state.

Their website presents its title bar with its numerous selections as well as the contact details, readily reached with one click. As you move downwards, you encounter the displayed high-quality pictures of their job purposes that strictly follow their aim and objective of quality service and satisfaction.

The front page highlights the elements offered if one is selling their home. You can always sign in at the end of your scrolling to have your queries answered. Yet, the page might benefit from more information under a bigger header to encourage visitors. Similarly, on its main page, professional photographs could have been used for a less grainy look.

9. Jason O'Beirne (Made with WordPress)

Top realtor website with ideal fluid design layout and insightful blog posts

Jason O'Beirne is the Top realtor website with ideal fluid design layout

An asset in the realty industry in Chicago, Jason O'Beirne's service is deemed excellent, reliable and unique. His decades of experience in the arena has enabled him to strategically use his acquired knowledge to the benefit of his company.

The website of Jason O'Beirne is well arranged and offers automatic links to his contact information. The website flaunts vivid pictures along with a statement from the founder. The listings attached are animated for optimal user experience and their exact location is map-pinned.

Not only are the various services described but an insight on its blog depicts its valuable service. However, the main page could use larger headings as well as a few commendations to optimize its layout.

10. Barry Estates (Made with WordPress)

Visually illustrative house hunting site with fixed design pages

Barry Estates is a Visually illustrative house hunting site with fixed design pages

The Jason Barry team is a winner in real estate in San Diego, consecutively being ranked 1st in the area for over ten years. Their professional attitude has given way to more prospects in the business field. Indeed, their expertise in luxury real estates is shown through their website.

The website opens on a picturesque video of San Diego in the background which immediately grabs attention. The availability of videos in one click brings you to house tours and market updates. You can choose your community of interest, take a look at the properties, meet the team and even become a VIP member.

On the other hand, the front page description could be enlarged for effortless deciphering from its background. Also the contact details could be displayed on the website.

11. Debra Smalley (Made with WordPress)

Top real estate site with simple single page designs

Debra Smalley is the Top real estate site with simple single page designs

Debra Smalley is an agent recognized not only in the realty world but also in Hollywood. She has paved her way in building a successful enterprise due to her exceptional skills and hard work. Part of the Core Real Estate Group, she assists buyers from across the world to find their perfect homes in Los Angeles.

Her web page consists of an introductory property slideshow along with a conventional title bar that includes the different neighbourhoods to choose from as well as a media section where you can find interviews of property-related employers. You can always sign up for realty updates using your email.

Conversely, the Debra Smalley webpage could benefit from a few available listings on its homepage. Side by side, the use of high-quality images could greatly improve its first look.

12. Keri White (Made with Squarespace)

Perfect home buying site with smooth scroll animation

Keri White is the Perfect home buying site with smooth scroll animation

A desire turned passion and hence, a well-known realty agency in the California area. The Keri White Agency is known for being flexible and resourceful through its continuous research and analysis of the market. The website is a suitable example.

You are provided with a ‘What is the new normal' button that leads you to a transformed way of doing business following the global situation. As you scroll further, a narrative about the founder, a few reviews, a welcoming video from Keri White and her photos give you an idea of what to expect and a nice personal touch.

The accolades are well presented, so are the featured listings to keep you engaged. The website keeps you preoccupied with its interesting content until you fall upon the Instagram account for inspiration and further out, the contact details. However, the webpage could lay emphasis on the menu bar by increasing the font size.

13. Brandi Pratt (Made with WordPress)

Amazing realtor site with static design layout and saved listings feature

Brandi Pratt is an Amazing realtor site with static design layout and saved listings feature

Brandi Pratt drives her real estate business in the Coachella Valley with a success-determined mindset. Her time in the field has allowed her to constantly adapt to technological progression and devise new methods of keeping her clients interested.

The Brandi Pratt company's website greets you with a video of sweeping scenery and external house pictures. Just below, a “quick search” is available, in which visitors may readily locate properties that might interest them.

The website menu is well-organized and easy to explore with an adequate number of listings to browse through along with great pictures. After you sign in, you may even like and save your searches for future reconsideration. Yet, the website could certainly benefit from a bold header and a newsletter subscription to push visitors to learn more and keep updated.

14. Matt Epstein (Made with Squarespace)

Top home rentals website with enticing hashtags and single page layout

Matt Epstein is the Top home rentals website with enticing hashtags and single page layout

Matt Epstein is a California-based investment and sales agent. His easygoing tone and attempts to discover a fit for all his customers irrespective of pricing have definitely worked out for him in view of his rankings and recognitions.

His web page consists of a simple design helping one to find desired listings through an initial button, displayed pictures and a detailed blog. You can also access properties at the comfort of a scroll or swipe with its newly developed Homes for Sale application available for free download on your phone.

Also, you can explore the associated communities on the app. However, the home page is quite lengthy and packed with many elements which can be very distracting and potentially drive clients away. Instead, buttons could have been added.

15. Anthony West (Made with Squarespace)

Top real estate website for simple homepage videos and fluid page design

Anthony West is the Top real estate website for simple homepage videos and fluid page design

Based in Kansas and Missouri, Anthony West is a skilful expert with sound knowledge of the market as depicted in his numerous mentions.

The webpage of Anthony West is simply an opening video of a house tour, social contact details and an enter button that links you to its official welcome page. The welcome page is structured properly with an interactive layout and a catching heading ‘Let's get you home.'

Using its ‘quick search,' you can not only log in to the requirements of your dream home but also add your price range and favoured location, making your search customisable. Vivid pictures and an attached Instagram blog are undoubtedly a win.

Solely an enter button on the main page might cause hesitation among users of what lies ahead. The lack of wordings and a call to action could discourage potential clients from browsing through.

16. Nieva, Inc (Made with Ucraft)

Perfect luxury home rentals site with one-page scrolling designs

Nieva, Inc is the Perfect luxury home rentals site with one page scrolling designs

This luxurious realty company puts its reputation in offering a full package of informed choices, negotiation expertise and client follow-up across the United States and the Asia-Pacific. They offer commercial, residential and international property investment.

The website opens up to a professional house shot along with its determining logo. With a gliding scroll, you can discover the company; its services and quality, sales, locations, and featured projects. The displayed accolades and testimonials sure back up its described assistance.

You can click on the provided button to reach the founder and agent, Christine Nieva to browse through a more detailed and user-friendly real estate website. Yet, the front page lacks emphasis on the contact detail and the white writings against a detailed background are not striking.

17. Cindy Bond (Made with WordPress)

Top realtor website for a classic aesthetic and static page layout

Cindy Bond is the Top realtor website for a classic aesthetic and static page layout

Cindy Bond has over 40 years of experience. It is an international realty brand with a solid reputation. Having a unique worldwide network with desirable real estate listings and the main focus on luxury.

With such worldwide coverage, clients are able to find real estate anywhere and the type that meets their lifestyle. Their mission is to help everyone find a place they call their home and serve the most prestigious clients in the world.

The website is filled with pictures of stunning locations, showing their vast network. It is fairly easy to navigate and contains contact information right on the home page. A nice video is also present on the homepage giving an overview of Cindy Bond, the exceptional services provided as well previous luxury homes and some success stories.

To improve the website, the main page should have the latest client testimonials which would strengthen the image of their continuous expertise.

18. Strait Luxury-Tamara Straight (Made with Wix)

Ideal home selling website with responsive page designs

Strait Luxury is an Ideal home selling website with responsive page designs

Tamara’s goal is to provide homes to exceptional clients. Each residence fits the client’s views and personality. To become the best, Tamara partners only with the best. With the professional and personal relationships created as well as her outgoing personality, she’s constantly aware of market trends. As such, she’s able to advise clients and provide the best market strategy to sell or purchase a property.

The main page is very vibrant giving insight into her latest work and what's coming. Testimonials present clearly outline her skills and attract clients. The menu bar allows for simple navigation and the photos included act as a portfolio, showcasing her work.

The language option provided is also very helpful and shows flexibility for international clients. A chat pop-up is also available enabling you to get in contact almost instantly. To further attract customers, a newsletter subscription could be implemented. This will allow consumers to stay up-to-date on Tamara’s latest work and new properties available.

19. Cindy Lin Realty Team (Made with Wix)

Top real estate site for premium audience and static page layout

Cindy Lin Realty is the Top real estate site for premium audience and static page layout

Cindy Lin Realty team provides a variety of real estate services across Silicon Valley. Being an award-winning top producer in the Silicon Valley Bay Area with over 10 years of experience in the real estate business.

She and her team have been able to build such a reputation and solid clientele through high-quality services, amazing negotiating skills and above all honestly, integrity and diligence.

The main page outlines their dedication, a few testimonials and contact information in a concise manner which is of great help to potential clients. Pictures of beautiful property they've previously worked with are also shown.

The menu bar is simple and upon clicking, it provides a smooth and nice transition to the wanted information. Step by step information provided enables the client to know exactly what they are getting without any surprises in the way.

In addition, educational videos that summarize complicated processes such as home buying and selling, mortgage and insurance are available. Through these videos, one can learn about different procedures and how to act in different events.

Clients are, however, unable to view currently available listings. A search bar should be implemented on the website. A newsletter subscription for new listings can be useful to keep clients updated about new opportunities.

20. Debra Dobbs (Made with WordPress)

Best real estate website with one-page scrolling and catchy writing styles

Debra Dobbs is the Best real estate website with one page scrolling and catchy writing styles

The Debra Dobbs group is a Chicago based realtor. It was founded by Debra, having 37 years of experience and being one of Chicago’s top realtors. Her passion is to find the right fit for clients or helping them realize a good return on their home.

Having a keen eye and always sticking to the ideal practices of the real estate industry is what enables clients to have an unforgettable experience. Leadership, collaboration, communication and empathy are behind her and her team of like-minded individuals’ success.

All the pages on her website have different aspects of Chicago showing how dedicated they are to this region. The writing style adopted is warming and pleasing to read. All the pages are easy to navigate with the use of the concise menu bar. The images and colours all complement one another.

Information on the various neighbourhoods and lifestyles to fit your way of life are also present. The Featured listing shows some of the many properties they currently provide and their focus isn’t only on luxury but also on normal homes, hence including all.

The chat pop-up allows interested individuals to contact them anytime. However, including a video on their homepage to summarize what they stand for and their amazing work would further solidify their website.

21. Forest View Realty (Made with GoDaddy)

Best realtor site with one-page-scrolling designs and minimalist listings

Forest View Realty is the Best realtor site with one page scrolling designs and minimalist listings

Forest View Reality is an Arizona based real estate company that focuses on everything involved in real estate, this includes rental services as well. They consist of a 5 member team whose sole objective is to facilitate the real estate process. Their properties are all close to nature, allowing clients to experience the beauty of Arizona at its best.

The website is designed in a minimalistic way. Both the listings and contact information are provided on the home page. Such information is the most searched for and putting it on the home page reduces the client’s searching time. It also decreases the chances for them to move to competitors.

To improve the website, previous successful endeavours, as well as client testimonials, should be included on the home page. The meet the team section should be placed in another part of the website as to not overcrowd the home page.

In addition, the sign up to the listing presentation at the bottom of the page should be presented as a pop-up. This feature is more likely to attract the client’s attention.

22. David Coffey (Made with WordPress)

Top home buying website for a contemporary designs and static pages

David Coffey is the Top home buying website for a contemporary designs and static pages

David Coffey offers real estate services in Toronto, Canada. He is business-minded and constantly looks to innovate the way he provides his services. To him, each situation is different, it needs to be handled in a specific way and has a unique way to approach it.

To further enhance customer experience he has partnered with Bosley Real Estate, one of the oldest real estate companies out there. David shows his unique approach through his website which is able to attract customers with ease.

The homepage directly tells you why you should choose David compared to other real estate companies. His website allows you to explore Toronto and find your ideal place. From the menu, one can see currently available properties as well as get professional advice on buying and selling properties.

Furthermore, a link to his blog is also present where he delves deeper into issues faced by customers and the real estate market. The only issue present is in this menu. Despite it being a small icon once you click on it, it becomes fairly large and difficult to navigate due to the presence of subsections.

23. The Malibu Life (Made with Squarespace)

Perfect home rentals website having a fixed and one-page scrolling design

The Malibu Life is the Perfect home rentals website having a fixed and one page scrolling design

It was originally founded by Madison Hildebrand after many years of experience in the real estate industry. With the knowledge accumulated he opened The Malibu life and has a team of real estate specialists focused on Malibu and its massive market. Due to their hard work and expertise, they’ve managed to climb the real estate ladder and become a leading industry figure.

The website is designed to make the reader get a glimpse of life in Malibu. From the glorious beaches to incredible wooden hills and canyons. The home page also includes a video of Malibu to strengthen the image of Malibu being an ideal place to live in.

The menu bar is designed wonderfully, splitting different sections clearly, making the entire website a breeze to navigate through. Past press and media coverage on Madison Hildebrand and The Malibu Life are present, strengthening their image.

Yet, to improve their website, a mailing list pop up should be included instead of having one at the bottom of pages that could easily be ignored with potential customers.

24. Susan Smith Realty (Made with Squarespace)

Simple home selling site with single page designs and premium photos

Susan Smith Realty is a Simple home selling site with single page designs and premium photos

Susan Smith started out as a law student but once she discovered her love for sales she knew real estate was her calling. Since joining the industry, she consistently stayed in the top 10 agents and has been recognized for some of the largest sales in Beverly Hills and its surrounding areas.

According to Susan and her team, every client deserved unparalleled attention and this attentive nature of theirs is what enabled them to reach their current status. Susan’s website is one of the simplest to navigate and is neatly organized.

Through the pages, you can clearly see all properties available as well as past sales made. Each property has a detailed description and various photos enabling one to get a clear idea of the location and if the property is right for them.

The constant white background enables you to focus on the information provided with no distraction. The only issue is the font size for many parts of the website being far too small. This could cause a loss of interest by viewers.

25. Rachel Bernhardt (Made with Squarespace)

Top realtor site for an elegant design with responsive page layout

Rachel Bernhardt is the Top realtor site for an elegant design with responsive page layout

Rachel Balmforth has been in the industry for 6 years now and has partnered with Cooper Realty to succeed in her dream of becoming one of the best realtors. Her business is mostly focused on her place of birth, Oregon.

Her website is extremely friendly and engaging. The unique side is that it inspires future customers on how to redesign their homes or what to buy to make your home even better. All of these inspirations can be found in the blog section. The website as a whole not only promotes her business but also her lifestyle in general.

However, the website is quite visually plain. Adding a bit of colour would make it more aesthetically pleasing. A search bar allowing one to navigate through current listings would also be an advantageous feature for customers.

26. Nancy Saedi (Made with WordPress)

Ideal home rentals website with one-page scrolling designs

Nancy Saedi is an Ideal home rentals website with one page scrolling designs

Nancy Saedi is an award-winning luxury real estate specialist based in Toronto. Focusing mostly on the areas of Bayview, York Mills & Bridle Path. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to her as such she and her team stay with customers in every step and advise them on issues present and various solutions available having mastered the high end of the Toronto real estate market.

Her website has critical information which any seller or buyer should know about before starting any procedure. The side menu is different from the norm but very engaging allowing one to navigate easily through the various aspects of the website.

From the different neighbourhoods to current listings, testimonials and even a free appraisal section where you can get an approximation of your property’s value. Through the blog, you can learn more about the world of real estate.

Though the website is overall very useful, having a newsletter would certainly enable potential customers to get regular updates instead of having to visit every time.

27. Alvares Estates Ltd (Made with Wix)

Best real estate website for a straightforward, simplistic and slick design.

Alvares Estates Ltd is the Best real estate website for a straightforward, simplistic and slick design

The Alvares Estate Ltd is one of the oldest family-owned real estate agents in Brixton and has remained as one of the best in the area due to its high standards and regular training to ensure best practices are upheld and that the customer is happy with the service provided. Through all of this, it has been able to keep a faithful clientele.

The Alvares website is concise and tells the reader all about who they are and what they do. The large images present throughout their pages show properties they’ve worked with as well as the services they provide.

From the home page one can find contact information, their location with google maps and other social media platforms where they are present. Customer reviews are also present, outlining Alvares’ professionalism and amazing work. The chat pop-up present is very helpful ensuring that interested individuals can contact them almost instantly.

In some sections of the website, the font isn’t big enough and a lot of space is left empty. Using that space will improve the overall quality of the website.

28. Kim Spears Group (Made with Placester)

Top home selling website with fixed design pages and high-quality photos

Kim Spears Group is the Top home selling website with fixed design pages and high quality photos

Kim and her team have a passion for helping as many people as possible. Through real estate, they’ve been able to meet all sorts of individuals. The experience and challenges they had to face and overcome throughout the years are what enabled them to become the experts they are today. They understand that buying or selling a home isn’t a mere transaction but a life-changing experience.

Their care and philosophy are reflected upon their website. Her website is extremely easy to navigate allowing one to search for potential homes, featured listings and even list your own home from a well-organized menu.

The website provides an extensive area of pages for all the different communities she serves. Hence, each client is guaranteed to receive the attention they deserve. The website is further embedded with tools for potential customers such as mortgage calculators, making it multifunctional.

Despite the website being highly detailed it's quite a lot to read. In this case, they could replace the chunky paragraphs with simple videos to prevent the loss of attention of viewers.

29. NoBedrooms (Made with Placester)

Best real estate website for straightforward format and single page designs

NoBedrooms is the Best real estate website for straightforward format and single page designs

Ellie, the founder of NoBedrooms, is a premier small space expert. She specialises in micro-units, under 300 square feet to penthouse studio apartments. Her belief is that small studios have great potential and the small space revolution is a trend that’s here to stay. Her website highlights the enormous potential of studios and junior one-bedrooms in the DC-Metro area.

The website is straightforward, allowing one to search for his dream studio right from the main page with various options. In addition to buying and selling property, the website acts as an ultimate small space resource.

The website is structured in such a manner that one has access to Ellie’s knowledge, research, advice and information, all essential when making a life-changing decision. The only thing missing is a chat section enabling a quicker connection between clients and Ellie’s team with such an amazing interface.

30. Fredrik Eklund (Made with ASP.NET)

Ideal realtor website showcasing attractive listings in a static page design

Fredrik Eklund is an Ideal realtor website showcasing attractive listings in a static page design

The company was founded over a decade ago and since then, it has only grown through its innovative ways. Not only does it innovate but it takes pride in its exceptional customer satisfaction and the many industries records broken since its founding. Its success is showcased by its expansion and having a team consisting of the very best realtors.

When on the home page you first see a high-quality banner with transitioning images showcasing the latest accomplishments. Almost everything wanted can be found on the home page, including a search bar to find specific locations and a featured listing showing the best properties currently available.

Also, numerous testimonials and their great social media presence are included in the home page. If the need for further information arises, the user can navigate through the menu, providing one of the best online experiences. Through the implementation of an email subscription pop-up, customers can be updated on new features.

31. Deborah Camuso (Made with Placester)

Top home rental website highlighting responsive pages and 3D tours

Deborah Camuso is the Top home rental website highlighting responsive pages and 3D tours

Deborah Camuso has managed to distinguish herself as one of the most knowledgeable, respected and trusted realtors in her marketspaces. Her success is derived from attention to detail and providing ultra-personal concierge-like services unique to each case faced. Her fierce negotiation is what has allowed her to overcome many challenges.

Her website has a search bar on the home page, and a list of her social media platforms showcasing her tremendous work. With the menu bar, one can access various communities' unique services provided.

One such service is the 3D tour. This allows customers to get a tour of their place of interest right from the comfort of their homes. Such a tool is of great use, especially during the current global situation as well as if the potential customers cannot visit due to long distances, hence saving them time and optimising the overall experience.

However, the website could be further supported by concise videos. To strengthen the website’s image, photos of previous success stories may also be included on the home page itself.

32. Jamie Tian (Made with Wix)

Best home buying website with a static page layout and in-depth blog

Jamie Tian is the Best home buying website with a static page layout and in depth blog

Jamie’s expertise and customer satisfaction are shown by her nomination as one of the top 1% agents nationwide by Trulia and Zillow based on client testimonials and sales volume featured on Top Agent Magazine. She was also awarded the 30 under 30 title by the National Association of realtors. Jamie’s committed to her clients and will ensure that they reach their goals smoothly through her skilful communication and negotiation.

The high-resolution images provide an enormous aesthetic boost to her website. A key feature of her website is her weekly market update popup, allowing subscribers to get the latest listings and market trends.

The simple menu contains links to her profile, testimonials, properties sold, a detailed guide for buyers and sellers and a blog covering the complexity of the real estate. However, the absence of a search bar enabling access to current listings is a shame and deals a major blow to the website.

33. The Pratt Group (Made with WordPress)

Best realtor website featuring static pages and insightful videos

The Pratt Group is the Best realtor website featuring static pages and insightful videos

The Pratt Group comprises a team of talented real estate professionals experts in the Coachella Valley region. They aim to help others find their desired home in Coachella Valley. Their website acts as a perfect tool for their aim, as it enables users to search on their exclusive search database and use the various features available on the website to find a befitting home.

The sweeping landscape video shots of home exteriors in the background complements the overall view instead of removing the focus on key information. The personalized Quick search feature enables visitors to find compatible listings quickly and effortlessly.

The website menu is also well organized and easy to navigate. However, the addition of testimonials on the main page could demonstrate both customer satisfaction as well as how much Pratt Group values its customers.

34. Jana Heffron (Made with Placester)

Best home rentals site showcasing one-page scrolling and free resources

Jana Heffron is the Best home rentals site showcasing one page scrolling and free resources

Jana has many years of experience in the industry and emphasizes the use of technology for a successful business and better experience. One of the key issues that she identified over the years that lead to issues is communication. As such she has become a communication expert with versatility enabling her to understand all her clients.

Her linguistic expertise is shown on the home page consisting of a customized welcome message and a professional photo of her to show her work and skills. The website’s colour scheme complements the pictures and overall look.

All her pages are filled with information providing the reader with the opportunity to follow her journey. Free resources are also available to all visitors; giving them an informative insight into real estate.

Having so much information may sometimes seem overwhelming to visitors. This is resolved by compressing the journey into a simplified video with various animations to engage the audience.

35. The Nartey Group (Made with WordPress)

Top realtor website highlighting responsive designs and prestigious listings

The Nartey Group is the Top realtor website highlighting responsive designs and prestigious listings

The Nartey Group is a real estate firm that focuses on luxury and “offers distinctive services for discerning clients”. They provide a refined approach to all their transactions while focusing on prestigious properties. By combining cutting edge technology, expertise, marketing and legal services, clients can get a unique and personalized journey while working with Nartey Group.

The website is intuitive and well designed, clearly showcasing its brand focus on luxurious and prestigious properties. Large gorgeous pictures and bold headers enable buyers to see the information they want and request anything needed.

All information can be found on the main page itself further showing that its design is both luxurious and simple at the same time. The only thing missing is a chat section to connect viewers to the realtors.

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From our 35 real estate website examples, we have seen two things in common across the board. These being the aesthetic and customer satisfaction aspects. Having a well-designed home rental site that goes along with the chosen theme is essential to provide a strong and clear image.

Everything present on each website was organized to please customers and different companies optimized their platforms in their unique ways. Some used videos, while others use an email marketing approach to keep their customers up to date.

A few home buying websites included a learning section where one can explore the world of real estate while others provided tools capable of helping in the buying/selling procedure. Overall, all the realtor sites we looked at had several features to stand out from the competition.

Yet, each has an area to improve upon. The original focus of your real estate website to cater for their target audience should always be the focal point. It allows the home selling site to be a source of factual information about the real estate market and a guide during this long process.

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