Sage CRM Pricing – Which Plan is Right For You in 2024?

Updated Dec 5, 2022.

Sage CRM has gained and consolidated its position as one of the best CRM software tools and systems. The platform offers highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use tools for developing, managing and cultivating relationships with customers.

If you are looking for a pricing guide for Sage CRM, keep reading. In this post, we are going to discuss the platform’s pricing strategy and features. Here you will also learn about some good alternatives to Sage, and find answers to some frequently asked questions about the platform.

Sage CRM Pricing

Sage CRM platform request a calback

Unlike most other CRM platforms, Sage does not reveal its price tag publicly. However, multiple reliable sources confirm that the starting price is $39 per user per month.

To get an exact quote, you have to get in touch with Sage’s representatives. The process is, however, simple. You just have to enter your name, mobile phone number, country, zip code and business name. One of the representatives will call you and let you know your options.

The idea of getting in touch with Sage’s sales team can be a turn-off for some. However, it’s actually a good thing, because you will get a price point that precisely suits your operations.

Another advantage is that you do not have to choose a plan that comes with features you don’t need. You have the opportunity to use the features that you actually need, and that means you can use the tool more effectively.

Sage CRM Modules

Sage CRM has three different modules or product offerings that come with different sets of features. You have to choose a module depending on the operations of your business. Here are the options:

1. Sage CRM for Service

If the main focus of your business is on offering services, Sage can provide you exact the features you need to improve your retention rates and drive growth. Here are the notable features:

  • Sophisticated support knowledge base
  • Publish reviewed and approved solutions
  • Provide incident-support
  • Tackle problems from start to finish
  • Manage service levels agreements
  • Assign support cases to users and teams
  • Speed search
  • Ticket management
  • Customer support web portal
  • Advanced issue tracking
  • Automated workflows
  • Powerful support dashboards
  • Contact and account management

The Service module can be immensely useful for businesses that primarily focus on offering customer support.

Customers find the service portal very convenient. They can easily get answers to their queries, place orders, post service issues, and view order histories. This section contains all relevant information.

Sage CRM for Service
Source: Azamba

To make things easy for your customers, Sage allows you to create self-service portals. To receive the service they need, your customers just have to log in and fill out some fields.

With the team management feature, you can easily manage customer service cages, and monitor case volume, history and other metrics.

The reporting feature provides standard and custom reports. Important metrics such as case resolution times and call volume are displayed in visual charts.

2. Sage CRM for Sales

For businesses with a focus on sales, Sage CRM offers everything needed to accelerate performance. This module comes with a host of immensely useful features:

  • Powerful salesforce automation
  • Recording activities with clients
  • Contact and account management
  • Diary management and follow-up scheduling
  • Sales revenue forecasting
  • Opportunity management
  • Sales leads management
  • Interactive sales dashboards
  • Territory management
  • Creating quotes and orders
  • Managing sales teams

With the right tools to manage your team, you will find it easier to increase productivity and revenue. You always have insights into your sales deals, and therefore can make decisions based on real-time information.

For sellers, generating forecasts is essential in some situations. It can help you improve future sales performance. The powerful sales dashboards can be used to generate accurate forecasts.

Sage CRM for Sales
Source: Newgennow

Sage’s mobile app helps you access customer data on the go and prepare sales meetings based on the data. Both Android and iPhone users can use the app.

Sage CRM has predefined templates that can be used to generate sales proposals automatically. The tool allows you to create quotes and orders instantly.

3. Sage CRM for Marketing

The Marketing module is designed to help marketers get the best of the dealings with their prospects and customers. Here are the features at a glance:

  • Marketing campaign management
  • Social media integration
  • Integration with Mailchimp
  • Powerful dashboards and reports
  • Lead scoring
  • Target specific groups
  • View campaign response rates
  • Surveys
  • Outbound marketing activities
  • Advanced lead capture
  • Website activity tracking
  • Marketing workflow tool

Sage CRM enables you to plan marketing campaigns exactly the way that suits your operations, and track the results. You can run and manage a campaign across multiple channels, track opportunities and use reports in a productive way.

Sage CRM can be integrated with email marketing tools such as Mailchimp. The tool makes email marketing easy, allowing users to send discounts and special offers to their customers.

Sage CRM Integrated with email marketing tools
Source: Newgennow

Sage offers plenty of predefined templates. And as you close more and more deals, Sage gathers more data and enables you to refine your sales campaigns. This sophistication makes Sage one of the best cloud based CRM software for marketing.

To gain insights into the intentions of your customers, you can conduct surveys as part of your strategy. In order to stay in touch with their customers, users can also automate some campaigns to run in the background year-round. That can help save a lot of time.

Sage Alternatives for CRM

1. CRM

Best Sage CRM Alternative for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses CRM is the Best Sage CRM Alternative for Small and Medium Sized Businesses is known as one of the best project management tools, but the platform also offers plenty of customer relationship management features. The platform is popular for its ease of use, and a straightforward pricing strategy.

There are five plans, including a free plan and a custom plan. The three predefined plans namely Basic, Standard and Pro cost respectively $8, $10 and $16 per user per month when billed annually, and $10, $12 and $20 per user per month when billed monthly. That means,’s starting price is significantly lower than that of Sage.

For technically inept users, can be more convenient than Sage. If you are getting started with your business and your team is still learning the basics, you should probably choose over Sage.

The tool is highly customizable, and suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. has a reputation for offering great customer support.

2. Keap

Best Sage CRM Alternative for Businesses That Need Powerful Automation Features

Keap is the Best Sage CRM Alternative for Businesses That Need Powerful Automation Features

Formerly known as Infusionsoft, Keap is popular for its sophisticated features that help business owners develop and nurture relationships with their customers. This CRM is designed for businesses that seek long-term growth.

There are three Keap plans namely Lite, Pro and Max that start respectively at $70, $169, and $199 per user per month. Yes, the starting price is significantly higher than that of Sage, but Keap offers value for the price.

Keap is a great option for users who prefer visual representations of data. This CRM is almost infinitely customizable. You can use it exactly the way you want. No matter how simple or complex your operations are, you can’t go wrong with Keap.

3. Freshsales

Best Sage CRM Alternative for Small Businesses

Freshsales is the Best Sage CRM Alternative for Small Businesses

Freshsales is a simple and lightweight CRM that helps businesses manage their relationship with existing and new customers. This cloud-based tool has some immensely useful features such as sales lead tracking, one-click phone, event tracking, sales management, and more.

Freshsales has four plans including a free one. Growth, Pro and Enterprise are the platform’s paid plans that cost respectively $15, $39 and $69 per user per month when billed annually. And if you pay monthly, the plans cost respectively $18, $47 and $83 per user per month .

The tool has an intuitive interface, which is more visually appealing than that of Keap.

This CRM is not a very good option for a large enterprise. But for a small business, it’s one of the best out there. Even a midsized business will find the tool sufficient.

4. Pipedrive

Best Sage CRM Alternative to Small Firms and Agencies

Pipedrive is the Best Sage CRM Alternative to Small Firms and Agencies

Pipedrive is now one of the best sales CRM software, used by more than 50,000 paying customers. The platform has gained popularity for its ease of use, powerful automation features, and focus on activities.

There are four Pipedrive plans starting respectively at $12.50, $24.90, $49.90 and $99 per user per month. You can get a 14-day free trial, but there is no free plan. It is obvious that the platform’s popularity, to some extent, is indebted to its affordability.

This CRM has been designed with sales-related activities in mind. So, a sales team will find it more convenient than Sage. Pipedrive can be integrated with a host of other tools. While users have to pay additional fees for these integrations, it has an advantage. You pay only for the features you choose for your business.

The platform offers very good customer support, and in this regard it has an edge over Sage CRM. For a business with a focus on sales, Pipedrive can be a very good option.

Sage CRM Pricing FAQ

How much does Sage CRM cost?

Sage CRM does not have specific pricing plans. To get a quote, you have to contact a Sage CRM representative. It is an easy process that requires just providing your name, phone number and business name. 

The price mainly depends on two factors: the number of users, and whether the CRM is integrated with an accounting tool. The starting price is $39 per user per month.

Is Sage CRM worth it?

For a small or midsize business, Sage CRM is immensely useful for managing both inbound and outbound leads. Whether your business focuses on sales, marketing or providing services, Sage CRM can make things easier for your team. The tool is very easy to use, the customer support is pretty good, and pricing is reasonable.

Is there a free version of Sage CRM?

There is no free version of Sage CRM. However, the platform offers free trials.

How long is the free trial for Sage CRM?

30 days. It takes only a few minutes to get started. You just have to fill out a simple form.

Next Step: Get Started with Sage CRM

Sage does not have specific plans, and that can be a good thing for users. You are not forced to choose a plan that comes with many unnecessary features. Rather, you just get in touch with the team and tell them why you actually need a customer relationship management tool.

Sage CRM is growing in popularity because it relieves users of the burden of having to learn about different plans and choosing one of them. Sage directly addresses your pain points, and the platform deserves praise for this approach. There is every possibility that more and more platforms will lean toward this approach in the foreseeable future.

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