Salesforce Competitors: 19 Best CRM Alternatives to Salesforce

Updated Aug 7, 2023.

To measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and improve your customer experience, you might be looking for companies like Salesforce. We’ve reviewed the 19 best CRM competitors to Salesforce with our top 5 choices.

Monday icon

Monday CRM

Simple to use and easy to set up CRM software built for a new way of working. Much better than Salesforce.
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The first all-in-one sales platform designed by and for salespeople to scale up your business and revenue.
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Freshsales lets you power your sales and marketing capabilities and onboard unlimited users to your team.
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HubSpot Sales

Get complete visibility into your sales activity and sales funnel in real-time with this easy-to-use CRM software.
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Zoho CRM

Great features to increase your leads, accelerate your sales, and measure your sales performance.

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You might look for the best CRM alternatives to Salesforce as its pricing plans are not ideal for small businesses. Your members need easy-to-navigate software on today's teams with good customer support. The alternatives mentioned in our review are a unique substitute that sets them apart from others.

Why Consider Alternatives to Salesforce?

  • Even though Salesforce is an incredibly powerful CRM tool, there are a few reasons why you might look for an alternative to Salesforce.
  • Offers expensive monthly and annual plans.
  • Complex and time-consuming configuration and setup of the software.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • To get the most out of the software, you need to pay extra for add-ons.
  • Lacks an interactive interface, making simple tasks unnecessarily complex.
  • Unresponsive customer support.
  • Limited deployment options.
  • Customization can quickly get off track.

Best Salesforce Alternatives for CRM Software

Here are the top Salesforce competitors you should try out for your business.

1. Monday CRM

Best Salesforce Alternative for a Visual Sales Pipeline

  • Save time by automating all the redundant tasks.
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service team.
  • Shallow learning curve.
  • Lacks consolidated notifications.
  • Limited features of mobile apps.
  • Expensive monthly plans for larger teams. logo
Monday CRM
Editor’s Take lets you handle all your customers and their information seamlessly in one place. What I love the most about this software is its visual sales pipeline. This flexible software lets you add as many columns as you like to the pipeline. You can also manage multiple sales pipelines at once.

Best For
Visual Sales Pipeline
$0/mo – $22/mo
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Monday CRM is a simple to set up and easy-to-use CRM software, helping you handle all your work with a single dashboard.

Best Features

Sales Forecasting

With Monday CRM, you can keep track of your pipelines and targets with custom dashboards. The dashboard instantly reports your deal progress. By setting the deal value and leveraging reports, you can track your sales forecast by month or sales representative.

Lead Capturing

Integrate this sales CRM software with your existing tools and capture sales leads quickly. You can also add a customizable web form to your website or add them manually to the dashboard when you reach out to customers.

No-Code Automations

This alternative to Salesforce lets you save time by building no-code automations. You can either use the existing ones or create your own marketing automation to do all the repetitive manual work. No-code automation makes Monday CRM one of the top Salesforce competitors.

Activity Tracking

Track your team’s performance easily with this sales CRM software. You can access all of their activities, including calls and meetings. This unified dashboard helps you understand their capacity and plan the workload.

Email Tracking

You can fully sync your Gmail and Outlook with and send or receive emails through the dashboard. You can get notified automatically with the email tracking whenever a lead opens your email. This lets you follow up with your lead at the right time. has five plans – Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise version. gives you access to a free plan, where you can add up to two members, create unlimited boards, and access more than 200 templates.

2. Pipedrive

Leading Alternative to Salesforce for Sales Teams

  • Ensure that your leads do not go stale.
  • Interactive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Reduce your lead follow-up time with custom marketing automation.
  • Lacks responsive multi-language customer support.
  • Lacks intuitive sorting features.
  • Lacks personalized mobile notifications.
Pipedrive icon
Editor’s Take

Pipedrive is the first CRM software built by and for salespeople to grow their business and revenue. I would highly recommend this tool for sales teams as it helps you break down your big goals into small actionable steps. The platform lets teams prioritize their deals, track performance, and predict the business’s revenue.

Best For
Sales Teams
$15/mo – $119/mo
Annual Discount
Save 17%

Pipedrive follows a pipeline-driven sales approach where you can sell more and generate better leads with less manual work.

Best Features

Manage Contacts

Pipedrive offers you pipelines and deals where you can visualize your sales processes. With the contact management feature, you can gain valuable insights into your contacts with a single click. The platform also lets you automatically interact with your web visitors all day with the lead chatbot.

Leads inbox

This leading Salesforce CRM alternative is an easy-to-use sales CRM software where you can create intuitive business processes. The lead inbox lets you pool all your leads in a single dashboard. This keeps your pipeline uncluttered and focused on all your deals.


With Pipedrive, you can share your availability with your clients and customers. This automatic scheduler lets your customers pick a time that works best for both of you. You can convert more leads into customers with this smart scheduler. This is what makes Pipedrive one of the best Salesforce CRM competitors in the market.


Keep everyone on your sales team on the right track by customizing your pipeline and tailoring your business processes according to your needs. You can create your dashboards with a customized collection of reports. You can then share these reports internally or externally.

Personalized Reports

Track your team’s performance and the progress of your project better with the help of personalized reports. You can set up different reporting parameters for your sales team, product, or industry.

Pipedrive has four plans – Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise.

With Pipedrive, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can capture leads, send group emails, and build triggered automations.

3. Freshsales

Top Salesforce CRM Alternative for Growing Businesses

  • Offers multiple sales pipelines.
  • Interactivity and easy-to-use interface.
  • Affordable monthly and annual plans.
  • Limited visual composer functions for lead history board.
  • Lacks online document storage.
  • Limited reporting functions.
Freshworks icon
Editor’s Take

Freshsales help you accelerate your revenue with the help of context-driven sales. I would highly recommend this tool for growing businesses. You can quickly accelerate your revenue by closing deals faster with your customers and streamlining your sales processes.

Best For
Growing Businesses
$0/mo – $69/mo
Annual Discount
Save 20%

Freshsales lets you personalize engagement, shorten your sales cycle, and grow your business seamlessly.

Best Features

Automated Workflows

Boost your team’s efficiency and improve sales productivity by automating repetitive tasks. You can cut the manual labor out of your sales processes with conditional triggers. You can qualify leads automatically by understanding the customer journey and setting triggers accordingly.

Sales Activities

Personalize your account and mold your CRM to fit your needs with this alternative to Salesforce. You can create and track unique sales activities, keep a tab on interactions, and plan your engagement with customers.  You can identify those that increase conversions and optimize your processes by tracking sales activities.


Freshsales lets you connect with your customers across multiple channels. You can use email, phone, Whatsapp, chat, Apple business chat, or even Zoom. This is what makes Freshsales one of the leading Salesforce competitors.

Highlight Cards

Align your sales team to deliver tailored customer experiences and get a unified view of customer information. You can use highlight cards to mark modules, activities, last contacted information, or sales sequences for any actionable insights.

Lead Generation Bot

Enhance your productivity and make better decisions with the power of artificial intelligence. You can add welcome messages and send quick replies to your visitors with custom generation bots. This helps you generate leads and minimize chat drop-off rates.

Freshsales has four plans – Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise.

Freshsales offers a free plan to its customers, where you can manage your contacts, capture the lifecycle of your contacts, and access the mobile application.

4. HubSpot Sales

Best Alternative to Salesforce for Pipeline Management

  • Send relevant advertising by segmenting your contact directory.
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer service team.
  • Advanced searching and sorting features.
  • Lacks customizable deal cards.
  • Limited mobile CRM functionality.
  • Medium learning curve.
Hubspot icon
HubSpot Sales
Editor’s Take

With Hubspot Sales, you can make sure to get noticed by your visitors and never miss a possibility to connect with your prospects. What I love the most about this software is its pipeline management. You can quickly automate all the administrative tasks and get complete visibility into the health of your business with a visual pipeline.

Best For
Pipeline Management
$0/mo – $1200/mo
Annual Discount
Save 10%
Free Plan

HubSpot Sales offers a powerful sales platform, bringing all your tools and data together on an easy-to-use platform.

Best Features

Document Tracking

HubSpot’s document tracking helps you close more deals. You get alerted as soon as your lead engages with your content. This lets you follow up in an appropriate and timely way. You can also build a library of helpful sales content, share documents from Gmail or Outlook, and analyze which content closes more deals.

Conversation Intelligence

Bring the voice of your customers directly into your CRM, and make coaching easier for your entire team. The customer's conversations are the best source of actionable insights for both your sales representatives and leaders. The conversation AI automatically takes notes and provides deeper insights into your team's calls.


The natively built CRM-powered payment transforms your customer's buying experience. Accelerate your revenue growth by digitizing your payments and empowering your teams with secure, recurring payment links. This makes Hubspot Sales comparable to one of the best Salesforce competitors for CRM software.

Sales Management

Automate your administrative tasks and manage your pipeline with this software. With better sales enablement and faster onboarding, you can take more time to close deals.

Automated Data Capture

HubSpot’s CRM automatically logs calls and emails sent from the system to your dashboard. The software then logs it in a timeline-like view on your contact's record page.

HubSpot Sales has four plans – Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

With HubSpot, you get access to a free plan, where you can manage your contact list, send quotes, and access the reporting dashboard.

5. Zoho CRM

Leading Salesforce CRM Alternative for Workflow Automation

  • Easily interpret your customers' data with customizable reports.
  • Interactive and easy-to-use interface.
  • Knowledgeable, responsive, and free support.
  • Lacks dynamic formula fields.
  • Lacks subforms within email templates.
  • Minimal file storage options.
Zoho icon
Zoho CRM
Editor’s Take

Zoho CRM lets you convert more leads, engage with your customers, and grow revenue. I would recommend this tool for companies looking at automating their workflows. These automations make your business hours more productive by finishing all the recurring tasks for your team.

Best For
Workflow Automation
$14/mo – $52/mo
Annual Discount
Save 34%
15-day trial

Zoho CRM lets you connect with your customers wherever they are and scale up your small business.

Best Features

Deal Management

This deal management software helps you close more deals by prioritizing, tracking, and monitoring them. It lets you track at what stage your deals are currently at, allowing you every opportunity to seize the optimal moment.

Analytical Components

The embedded analytics help you make smarter business decisions. You can create customizable dashboards and analytical widgets for sales, including charts, funnels, target meters, and KPIs. These components make Zoho CRM one of the best Salesforce CRM competitors.

Finance Suite

This CRM lets you grow your money within your CRM platform. You can generate auto-populated invoices, view order contents, and any outstanding balances. With the customizable dashboards, you can compare all your periodic expenses.

Territory Management

The simple territory management software offers easy customer segmentation. Vivid and interactive reports and graphs let you analyze your sales activities across multiple territories. You can also view revenue-generating teams classified based on their region or product.

Lead Nurturing

You can boost your sales quickly by nurturing all your leads in the pipeline. This CRM tool lets you implement automatic workflows across the cycle to nurture your leads. This shortens your sales cycle and helps you build meaningful relationships with your customers.

Zoho CRM has four plans – Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate.

With Zoho CRM, you get access to a free 15-day trial, where you can create workflows, manage multiple pipelines, and create customized dashboards.

6. Insightly

Top Salesforce Competitor for Marketing Automation

Insightly - Build lasting customer relationships with Insightly

Insightly aligns your teams, builds lasting customer relationships, delivers world-class experiences, and drives growth in your small business.

Best Features

Relationship Linking

The flexible record linking functionality offered by Insightly helps you map and better understand complex customer relationships. You can easily link customers and their information to the existing contact in your database. This lets you build a clear view of your organization’s structure.

Lead Routing

Track the most relevant lead information with the help of a rich activity timeline of your marketing campaign source. These leads can be automatically routed to the right person in real-time. Lead routing allows the sales reps to follow up on them while they are still hot.

Dataset Management

You can capture and store CRM data with custom objects and easily manage your dataset. The platform lets you set permissions and visibility for your records. You can also schedule and run reports from anywhere.

Deploy Custom Business Apps

Insightly lets you build complete custom applications for your business with validation rules, marketing automation, dashboards, and reports. This is what makes Insightly one of the leading companies like Salesforce CRM.

Actionable Insights

Customize dashboards quickly with intelligence built right into the system. Small business owners can create beautiful data visualizations to discover insights and track progress towards the goal. With the drag-and-drop tool, they can produce and share dashboards across their team.


  • Interactive and clean interface.
  • Save time by uploading your current contact list into the database.
  • Organize your customers and convert more leads.


  • Lacks proper technical support.
  • Limited email functionality.
  • Expensive monthly and annual plans.

Insightly has three plans – Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

With Insightly, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can build customer relationships, collaborate across the company, and deliver projects quickly.

7. Close

Best Salesforce Alternative for Customer Relationship Management with Predictive Dialer

Close - All in one CRM for growing sales teams

Close is an all-in-one CRM platform built for growing teams, allowing them to turn more leads into revenue.

Best Features

Email Automation

Use email automation or customized sequences to stay on the top of the mind of your prospects. You can bulk enroll your contacts or companies to guarantee a follow-up on your hottest leads. The email automation lets you add calling steps to increase your chances of making a sale.

Powerful Personalization

Close CRM gives you access to powerful personalization to improve your customer engagement. You can use template tags to personalize your content and speak to your leads with their name. This CRM software also lets you customize the send time, so you can schedule your emails to arrive at the perfect time.

Actionable Insights

The customizable CRM reporting lets you close more deals with actionable insights. You can make accurate sales forecasting projections, track leading indicators, and get a holistic view of your KPIs. This lets you analyze your crucial sales metrics within seconds.

Smart Views

The intuitive, user-friendly contact filtering helps you prioritize your leads, improve reach rate, and increase revenue. With the smart view filters, you can segment your database and keep the foundation of your sales processes error-free. These smart views make Close one of the best Salesforce CRM competitors.

Predictive Dialer

Close’s built-in predictive dialer is a call automation software that allows teams to dial multiple numbers. This is aimed at improving your reach rate and call analytics. As soon as a real human answers the phone, it immediately routes the available sales rep to that call.


  • Simplify the communication and sales process with bulk email.
  • Convert more leads with automated follow-ups.
  • Easy-to-use and interactive interface.


  • Lacks inbox customization options.
  • Limited customer service alternatives.
  • Lacks a free version.

Close CRM has four plans – Starter, Basic, Professional, and Business.

With Close CRM, you get access to a free 14-day plan, where you can build smart views, manage tasks, and store leads.

8. ActiveCampaign

Leading Alternative to Salesforce with Flexible Automations

ActiveCampaign - Drive growth with customer experience automation

ActiveCampaign keeps track of your leads and stops tasks from piling up on your desks.

Best Features

Predictive Lead Scoring

A lead score is a simple number that goes up or down based on your customer's interaction with your small business. This notifies your team when the leads are heating up. You can automatically trigger email notifications and assign tasks based on lead score changes.

Win Probability

Focus your resources on prospects and lower the cost of acquiring new customers with a high win probability. You can also get data-backed predictions on your pipeline, so you're not surprised at the end of the month. Win probability is what makes ActiveCampaign one of the leading Salesforce CRM competitors.

Sales Pipeline

Make sure nothing slips through the cracks by keeping your pipeline up-to-date on your open deals. You should build a pipeline to match your customer's buyer journey. A clean sales pipeline helps you predict your revenue, track your leads, and simplify your sales.


With customer attribution, you can easily find your top-performing marketing channels and analyze what works best for your business. You can track your customer's path from start to finish and then use this data to discover multiple trends that lead to customer conversion.

Flexible Automations

Make your marketing automation more flexible and easier to control with split action. You can test your entire sales automation workflow against the other and analyze which stages lead to more generation and conversion of leads. You can split-test wait times, message content, number of emails, and sales team follow-ups.


  • Keep your team members on the same page by viewing your contact history.
  • Build and send email campaigns easily.
  • Knowledgeable and responsive customer support.


  • Clunky and slow design and sales tools.
  • Limited customer support options during the weekends.
  • Lacks user-friendly CRM integrations.

ActiveCampaign has four plans – Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise.

With ActiveCampaign, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can send unlimited emails, segment your data or contact list, and create subscription forms.

9. Keap

Top Salesforce Competitor for Customer Relationship Management with Automated Lead Capture

Keap - Absolutely everything an entrepreneur needs to win

Keap lets you capture leads, organize them more efficiently, and automatically move them through your sales funnel.

Best Features

Marketing Automation

Keap offers a sales and marketing automation tool where you spend less time following up on leads manually and more time connecting with your customers. Highly personalized and automated follow-up lets you convert more leads and close more deals.

Automated Lead Capture

With automated lead capture, you can automatically collect and organize all your leads. You can do this through custom lead forms, social media capabilities, or landing pages. The automated lead capture ensures that you never miss out on a new lead.

Email Marketing

Keap offers the best email marketing tools integrated into your CRM, specially designed for entrepreneurs. You can boost your brand image with modern, beautiful, and easy-to-implement templates. By automating your emails, you can ensure timely follow-up and save time.

Lead Segmentation

By segmenting your leads automatically, you make sure that they receive emails and product suggestions as per their choices. When a lead is registered in the system, it is automatically tagged and segmented based on your chosen criteria. You can use this criterion to send a personalized welcome or confirmation email.

Marketing Analytics

Keap gives you access to a CRM reporting and analytics feature. You get access to multiple conversions by sales stage and marketing and campaign performance. Marketing analytics make Keap one of the leading CRM platforms like Salesforce.


  • Never miss a deadline with personalized task reminders and alerts.
  • Quickly follow up on leads with marketing automation.
  • Easy access and storage of all your client records.


  • Limited key features for email builder.
  • Lacks advanced campaign reporting features.
  • Lacks social media integration.

Keap has three plans – Lite, Pro, and Max.

With Keap, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can create landing pages, generate invoices, and automate your lead capture and follow-ups.

10. Zendesk Sell

Best Salesforce CRM Alternative for Smart Lists

Zendesk Sell - Champions of customer service

Zendesk Sell is an integrated sales CRM solution that empowers your team to be more productive and better understand your customers.

Best Features

Sales Engagement Tools

These engagement tools let your team automate outreach and instantly build lead lists. You can compile targeted lead lists and automate your outreach. By discovering new leads and compiling a targeted list, you can improve your conversion rates.

Revenue Growth

Exceed your revenue targets by using multiple productivity tools offered by Zendesk Sell. This alternative to Salesforce lets you segment and filter your leads or deals in real-time. You can automatically engage your leads and streamline your outreach by setting up email and task sequences.

Accurate Forecasting

Improve your sales strategy by predicting deal volume and forecast revenue growth. This also helps you plan your project and manage tasks better. Accurate forecasting makes Zendesk Sell comparable to one of the leading CRM companies like Salesforce.

Activity Reporting

Zendesk Sell gives you access to out-of-the-box reports. This is helpful while examining key metrics like email outcomes, appointments held, and calls made. By analyzing your team's activity, you can devise plans to improve their productivity.

Sales Triggers

Eliminate most admin work and automate your workflow by building trigger-based actions. These sales triggers ensure that all of your customers are engaged and get your full attention.


  • Store all your emails at a centralized location, irrespective of their source.
  • User-friendly and interacting interface.
  • Affordable monthly and annual plans.


  • Unresponsive customer support team.
  • Lacks marketing integration options.
  • Does not integrate with all calendars.

Zendesk Sell has three plans – Team, Growth, and Professional.

Zendesk Sell offers a free 14-day trial, where you can customize your marketing pipeline, integrate with calendars, and access a pre-built sales dashboard.

11. Nimble

Leading Alternative to Salesforce with Live Contact Profiles

Nimble - The CRM for more than just salespeople

Nimble is a relationship-focused CRM software that is easy to use and integrate with your Outlook or Gmail inbox.

Best Features

Relationship Management

This alternative to Salesforce is an intelligent CRM software that unifies all your contact data. You can automatically combine your contacts, communications, inboxes, and social media connections. This unified relationship manager lets you seamlessly integrate with over 160 applications.

Data Segmentation

Segment your contact data easily to stay organized and send personalized emails or product suggestions to your customers. By segmenting your data, you can take group actions, like sending emails to a list of contacts. You can also find the hottest leads to follow up on.

Email Tracking

Engage with your leads and customers more effectively by tracking their email actions. Nimble lets you send templated, trackable emails to your customers. You’ll be notified as soon as they open or click your emails. This helps you identify follow-up opportunities and access analytics to understand your prospects better.

Management of Pipeline

Use Nimble’s management to plan your team’s next move. By visually representing your pipeline, you can stay on top of every sales funnel stage. This makes Nimble comparable to one of the best CRM companies like Salesforce.

Activity Tracking

Stay on top of your team’s tasks and events using a unified activity tracking dashboard. Be prepared for everything by integrating and unifying your team’s calendars. This gives you a complete view of all the upcoming events and meetings.


  • Easy-to-use and interactive interface.
  • Convert more leads with advanced email marketing features.
  • Plan your project quickly with a visual dashboard.


  • Limited storage options.
  • Expensive monthly plans.
  • Limited mobile access features.

Nimble has a single, paid business plan, where you are charged per user per month.

Nimble has a free 14-day trial, where you can access a unified message inbox, sync contact records, and send group messages.

12. SugarCRM

Best Alternative to Salesforce with Artificial Intelligence

SugarCRM - The World’s Most Loved CRM Platform

SugarCRM lets you capture the attention of your most promising prospects, build lasting relationships, and close more deals.

Best Features

Marketing Automation

With this sales automation tool, you can attract more visitors to your website and gain visibility into how they interact with each other. You can create conversation-focused emails and landing pages to capture the hot leads. The multi-step nurturing campaigns help you cultivate and qualify your leads.

Accelerate Revenue

You can quickly create dynamic, highly-targeted campaigns using AI lead-interest analysis. These drive more high-quality leads into your pipeline. You can drive more engagement by sending personalized email communications at scale.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to uncover unique insights into your business. You can use predictions that enable your businesses to make better decisions and let you focus on the highest priority sales activities. Use precise predictions to make better decisions and maximize your opportunities.

Personalized Dashboard

SugarCRM provides comprehensive capabilities in a centralized on-premise solution. To analyze project progress, you can add new functional modules or custom fields to your dashboard. This makes SugarCRM comparable to one of the leading CRM companies like Salesforce.

Revenue Analytics

Use this alternative to Salesforce and gain unprecedented insights into your revenue performance. The software tracks extensive metrics and historical performance to alert you about any issues or opportunities.


  • Gain better insights with customizable fields and screen layouts.
  • Advance exporting features.
  • Shallow learning curve.


  • Lacks an interactive user interface.
  • Lacks an appointment scheduling system.
  • Limitations on logging into multiple devices.

SugarCRM has four plans – Sell, Serve, Enterprise, and Market.

With SugarCRM, you get access to a free 7-day trial, where you can manage your contacts, send quotes, and collaborate with your team.

13. Copper CRM

Top Alternative to Salesforce with Google Workspace Integration

Copper - Win clients for life with Copper CRM

Copper CRM lets you focus on what matters and helps you build enduring business relationships with your clients.

Best Features

Lead Management

Easily capture, qualify, prioritize, nurture, convert and manage leads into customers by tracking all the stages of the lead management process. This helps prevent sales from dropping quality leads. With this alternative to Salesforce, you can track the customer’s journey – from lead to close. Copper CRM also lets you view the impact of your marketing activities on the pipeline.

Sales Forecasting

This CRM offers built-in sales forecast reports where they display the potential revenue. These forecast reports help you keep a tab on your pipeline and plan. With these simple and intuitive forecasts, you can drill into each deal and view different deal stages.

Contact Management

This CRM enables integration with your Google Workspace. Contact management allows your leads, prospects, and customers to get automatically synced between all your tools. It hooks up with your Google Calendar, Gmail, and docs. This is what makes Copper CRM comparable to companies like Salesforce.

Email Tracking

Use this software to automatically sync emails and contacts in your Gmail to companies in Copper. You can efficiently monitor activity, stay engaged with hot prospects, and turn more leads into customers. With bulk email, you can merge tags and send personalized messages to multiple recipients at once.

Lead Scoring

This CRM lets you analyze what your prospects are looking at on your website. You can collect their contact information through web forms. Based on their past activities, you can score all the leads and analyze the most likely ones to convert.


  • Track your business growth with actionable insights.
  • Advanced mobile CRM features.
  • Interactive user interface.


  • Unresponsive customer service team.
  • Lacks interactive reports.
  • Limited lead and contact importing options.

Copper CRM has three plans – Basic, Professional, and Business.

Copper CRM offers a free 14-day trial to its users, where you can sync your Google workspace, manage multiple pipelines, and create custom reports.

14. Odoo

Leading Salesforce Competitor for Accurate Forecasting

Odoo - Amazing employees deserve amazing software

Odoo is a customer-centric CRM that tracks leads, closes more opportunities, and offers accurate forecasts.

Best Features

Lead Nurturing

Odoo lets you create campaigns where you can automatically send your emails tailored as per the lead segments. You can use the implicit and explicit criteria to score your leads. Based on these lead scores, you can assign your sales reps accordingly.

Customized Stages

Get a clear overview of your opportunity pipeline with Odoo CRM. You can set up specific stages in your pipeline for different teams. You can customize your pipelines by adding descriptions to your stages. By managing your pipeline, you can create sub-stages and better organize your processes.

Personalized Alerts

Odoo gives you access to customized reminders and alerts for your team members. You can get alerts based on relevant activities and follow all the key opportunities with just a click.

Lead Analysis

This alternative to Salesforce lets you keep track of your KPIs over time. It can help you detect trends and follow up with your customers accordingly. You can evaluate the return on investment of your marketing campaigns and get statistics about your sources of leads.

Customer Preferences

You can use your CRM software to set customer preferences quickly. This includes language, delivery methods, and financial data. You can also set up multiple addresses and contacts for a single company. This is what makes Odoo one of the leading Salesforce CRM competitors.


  • Easily track your organization’s hierarchy and employee information.
  • Offers intuitive enterprise resource planning.
  • Offers good community support.


  • Medium learning curve.
  • Unresponsive customer service team.
  • Limited integration options with an external business intelligence platform.

Odoo has a single paid plan, where you are charged per user per month.

Odoo gives you access to a free 15-day trial, where you can import leads, log calls, and get access to pre-built email templates.

15. Creatio

Best Salesforce CRM Alternative for Automating Industry Workflows

Creatio - ONE Platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom

Creatio provides a centralized platform where you can automate your industry workflows with a maximum degree of freedom.

Best Features

Customer Segmentation

Creatio lets you create target segments in a few seconds. You can use no-code tools to build segmented audiences based on different socio-demographic and behavioral data. By dividing up your contacts, you can provide targeted communication with your clients.

Lead Management

Increase your conversion rates and boost lead generation with multiple management tools. This alternative to Salesforce can help you manage your end-to-end lead cycle. With the unified Creatio platform, you can align your sales and marketing teams by utilizing seamless lead-to-revenue processes.

Behavior Tracking

Learn everything about your client’s preferences and needs by tracing their journey on your website or landing pages. This helps you send personalized campaigns. Behavior tracking is what makes Creatio comparable to CRM companies like Salesforce.

Industry Workflows

You can manage all your sales processes and industry workflows with sales process automation. The tools can efficiently organize the entire cycle, regardless of its complexity.

Document Flow Automation

Creatio lets you efficiently manage and track documents in your system. You can link these documents to customers and orders. The platform offers pre-built templates, which save your team time and improve productivity. You can also save the history of approvals for each document.


  • Customize the platform with no-code technology.
  • Manage your dashboard efficiently with data visualization.
  • Automate your B2B and B2C cycle processes.


  • Lacks an interactive user interface.
  • Limited mobile access features.
  • Lacks training materials on different CRM features offered by the software.

Creatio has three plans – Team, Commerce, and Enterprise.

Creatio offers a free 14-day trial, where you can manage your leads, forecast sales, and prepare invoices for your customers.

16. Pega CRM

Top Alternative to Salesforce for Enterprises

Pega CRM - Build for whatever comes next — right now

Pega CRM is a real-time engagement CRM software with a unified platform.

Best Features

Low-Code Development

Pega lets large enterprises build applications quickly by offering them a low-code development application. It offers an intuitive and inclusive approach and offers continuous collaboration. You can accelerate application development by defining all the core app elements quickly.

Case Management

Pega CRM offers your customers flawless experiences and outcomes. It streamlines all your operations, reduces costs, and improves business agility. You can use this alternative to Salesforce for managing cases seamlessly across channels.

Robotic Process Automation

This RPA feature offered by the CRM software scales your platform beyond tasks. You can implement quick automation and deliver faster outcomes. The auto-balancing offered by RPA lets you maximize your digital workforce and ensures that your investment is delivered as promised.

Workforce Intelligence

Kickstart your sales automation by using workforce intelligence. With the help of data visualization and process analysis tools, you can uncover how the work gets done and pinpoint the areas for improvement. Discover your digital distractions and ensure that bottlenecks are not added to your processes.

Agile Workbench

Pega’s Agile workbench offers continuous collaboration among your teams in real-time. You can close the translation gap between business and IT by offering them a visual platform for continuous feedback and collaboration. This is what makes Pega CRM comparable to companies like Salesforce.


  • Build large applications quickly with the low-code development tool.
  • Offers an excellent automated sales hub.
  • Offers a customizable user interface.


  • Lacks advanced sorting and filtering options.
  • Steep learning curve.
  • Lacks training materials like documents and tutorials.

Pega CRM has three plans – Low-Code Factory, Standard, and Enterprise.

With Pega CRM, you get access to a free 30-day trial, where you can create advanced automations, analyze real-time reports, and use collaboration tools.

17. NetSuite CRM

Best Salesforce Competitor for Customer Service Management

NetSuite CRM - NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

NetSuite CRM lets you generate a single view of your prospects, customers, partners, and vendors, giving your team real-time data.

Best Features

Sales Force Automation

This sales force automation feature powers your sales organization with unified processes. They get access to every aspect of the customer relationship. The central customer database improves your employee collaboration and efficiency. You can also eliminate multiple sources of customer data to reduce redundancy.

Opportunity Management

Win more deals and convert your leads into customers by linking sales processes with the customer buying. This alternative to Salesforce lets you manage opportunities across key contacts, status, and revenue. NetSuite CRM offers your sales managers a complete view of all the leads and opportunities in the pipeline.

Customer Service Management

NetSuite provides you with complete information for improved customer satisfaction and lowers your costs. The unified view offered by the platform empowers the employees to support their customers better. CSM is what makes NetSuite CRM comparable to one of the leading CRM companies like Salesforce.

Sales Forecasting

Get visibility into your potential revenue at each sales cycle phase with this CRM tool. You can view your recurring revenue, partner commissions, and sales performance in real-time.


Continuously monitor your team’s performance with built-in reporting tools and real-time analytics. Teams can access personalized goals, measure sales trends, client satisfaction, acquisition, engagement, and conversion metrics for individual campaigns.


  • Easily manage your partners and vendors.
  • Offers customizable reports.
  • Convert more leads with personalized web forms.


  • Limited role access control options.
  • Lacks an intuitive interface.
  • Unresponsive customer support team.

NetSuite CRM offers customizable paid plans as per your small business needs.

NetSuite offers a free 14-day trial, where you can generate leads, manage your customer services, and access actionable reports.

18. Agile CRM

Affordable Salesforce Alternative with Auto Dialer

Agile CRM - Sell & Market Like the Fortune 500

Agile CRM is an all-in-one solution where you can automate your sales, marketing, and services.

Best Features

Deal Tracking

This next-generation sales hub tools and makes every opportunity a success. You can create multiple deal tracks with triggered automated follow-ups, real-time metrics, custom milestones, and predict your future revenue. You can create, modify and customize your deals easily

Contact Timelines

Get access to a complete history of your contact activity with visual contact timelines. This includes content viewed, emails exchanged, and other social updates. The visual timelines let you maintain a constant insight into the entire activity history of your contacts.


Use tags to segment your customer list and offer them personalized recommendations. This alternative to Salesforce tags your customers based on their demographic or behavioral attributes. You can allocate multiple tags to a single contact.

Appointment Scheduling

Seamlessly integrate a third-party application to your software and schedule appointments in real-time with You can also connect your emails and sync your calendar. This helps you easily create and manage your appointments.

Auto Dialer

Automate, streamline, and manage your telephone outreach and improve your reach rate with the autodialer. You can place calls quickly directly from your dashboard. Auto Dialer makes Agile CRM comparable to one of the best CRM companies like Salesforce.


  • Track your growth report with efficient email marketing.
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications.
  • Shallow learning curve.


  • Lacks an intuitive user interface.
  • Unresponsive customer support team.
  • Slow and clunky automation features.

Agile CRM has four plans – Free, Starter, Regular, and Enterprise.

Agile CRM’s free plan gives you access to custom data fields and appointment scheduling and lets you customize your deal milestones.

19. SAP

Best Alternative to Salesforce with Budget Planning

SAP - Transformation Express Enters the Metaverse

SAP offers a cloud-based CRM software where you can grab market opportunities, drive engagement, and scale up your small business quickly.

Best Features

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Accurately target your audience's interest and leverage multiple trigger-based campaigns across different channels. You get access to real-time metrics, which gives you an insight into your campaign's performance, allowing you to make adjustments and improve your return on investment.

Budget Planning

This alternative to Salesforce lets you view graphical budget totals for different regions and analyze the historical data. You get access to summarized campaign views that allow detailed planning for marketing spending.

Centralized Inventory View

Track all your new orders and their related details with a comprehensive view of the inventory. You also access information like pickup location, delivery mode, and status. This is what makes SAP comparable to leading CRM companies like Salesforce.

Single Customer View

SAP lets you create personalized experiences for your customers by leveraging data from multiple channels. A centralized dashboard displays all the information from different sources, including CRM and social media. You can also customize your customer's experience by analyzing their journey insights.

Actionable Sales Insights

Use campaign performance analysis to cut costs and focus your efforts on the most profitable campaigns. This software's customizable and actionable reports show KPIs for different channels, including Facebook and emails.


  • Easily monitor your progress by generating personalized reports.
  • Excellent tool for tracking relationships.
  • Easily automate and integrate customer activities.


  • Lacks an efficient workflow
  • Expensive monthly plans.
  • Steep learning curve.

SAP offers customizable paid plans to its customers based on their needs.

With SAP, you get access to a free demo, where you can experience this platform, create multi-channel campaigns, and generate actionable sales insights.

Salesforce Competitors FAQ

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is one of the world’s best customer relationship management platforms, bringing companies and customers together. You can use the platform to win more customers by analyzing their needs and concerns.

What is a cheaper alternative to Salesforce?

While Salesforce is one of the leading CRM solutions, it might be expensive for small businesses. There are other tools in the market that are a cheaper alternative to this tool.

Monday CRM
Zoho CRM
Zendesk Sales

Is SAP better than Salesforce?

While the competition between SAP and Salesforce is fierce, Salesforce performs a little bit better with its individual features. When you are looking for batch email marketing, business intelligence, planned enhancements, and email utilities, Salesforce stands at an advantage. However, when you are looking for case management, customized reports, or sales process support, SAP is a better option.

Is HubSpot better than Salesforce?

While Salesforce has an advantage when it comes to advanced features and customizations, HubSpot fares better in ease of use. HubSpot CRM is more suitable for the SMB market. On the other hand, Salesforce is advantageous for large enterprises.

Is Zoho CRM better than Salesforce?

Zoho CRM is much easier to implement and use when compared with Salesforce. Salesforce is highly advanced software with a powerful yet complex framework. Zoho CRM is a better option if you are looking for a CRM for a small business and do not have the time or budget to implement and manage a complex CRM.

What is the best Salesforce alternative for startups?

Salesforce is far more complex and expensive to be used by startups. Hence, it would be best to look for CRM solutions for startups that offer advanced features but are easy to use.

Monday CRM
Hubspot Sales
Zoho CRM

What are the best Salesforce alternatives for non-profits?

Salesforce’s non-profit cloud CRM tool is one of the best in the market. However, it is expensive and not as easy to use or implement for non-profits.

Neon CRM
Agile One Donor CRM

Are there any cheap Salesforce alternatives?

While Salesforce offers you advanced CRM features, it is too expensive for startups and small businesses. If you are one of them, you should look for cheaper Salesforce alternatives.

Monday CRM
Hubspot Sales
Agile CRM

What are the best free alternatives to Salesforce CRM?

If you have a small business or are looking for easy-to-use software, you should look for some free alternatives to Salesforce CRM.

Monday CRM
Hubspot Sales
Agile CRM

What are the disadvantages of Salesforce?

While Salesforce is one of the best CRM software in the market, a few drawbacks accompany this tool.

Implementation and onboarding take up a lot of time.
Expensive monthly plans.
– Lacks an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
Pulling out specific reports is complicated.
– Lacks native mind maps.
Steep learning curve.
– Lacks proper training materials, including documents and tutorials.
Unresponsive customer service team.

Choosing From The Top Salesforce Alternatives

The best Salesforce alternative would depend upon your customer management goals, the skillset of your employees, and the needs of your CRM industry.

  • If you’re looking for an alternative to Salesforce with visual pipelines or dashboards, you can try Monday CRM or Hubspot Sales.
  • If you’re looking for CRM software for your sales teams, Pipedrive or Close might be a better option.
  • If you’re looking for an online CRM tool for generating leads, you should try out Freshsales or ActiveCampaign.
  • If you’re looking for a Salesforce alternative with automated workflows, Zoho CRM or Insightly might be a good option.

When looking for the best CRM alternatives to Salesforce, you can compare a few free CRM software offered for small businesses.

Best for Sales Pipeline

Monday CRM

Simple to use and easy to set up CRM software built for a new way of working.
Best for Sales Teams


The first all-in-one sales platform designed by and for salespeople to scale up your business and revenue.
Best for Growing Businesses


Freshsales lets you power your sales and marketing capabilities and onboard unlimited users to your team.
Best for Pipeline Management

HubSpot Sales

Get complete visibility into your sales activity in real-time with easy-to-use CRM software.
Best for Workflow Automation

Zoho CRM

Transform your business with features to increase your leads, accelerate your sales, and measure your sales performance.

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