The 12 Best To-Do List Apps for Mac in 2024

Updated Aug 5, 2023.

Choosing the right to-do list app can do wonders for your productivity. In this guide, we’ll explore and review the 12 best to-do list apps for Mac in 2023. 

We’ll also tell you what our top 5 picks are so that you can more easily make the right choice.

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A complete suite/to-do list app for managing projects, teams, and everything in between for free, forever
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The simplest way to organize your work and life effortlessly and never lose track of an important task again
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A web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work
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A powerful to-do list app and project management software for larger enterprises and ditributed teams
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An excellent to-do list app designed exclusively for visually-oriented Mac users and iOS fans

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How do you choose the best to-do list app for Mac, especially with all the options available these days?

Why would you even want a to-do list app these days?

The humble to-do list has proven to be a particularly useful, time-tested tool for managing the dizzying barrage of daily tasks in our lives, managing time effectively, and staying on top of deadlines.

And in this age of rapid digitization, you can be sure to find many productivity apps that offer to-do list functionality for Mac users and users of other platforms alike.

To help you choose from the plethora of options on offer, we'll be reviewing the 12 best to-do list apps for Mac in 2023. Let's jump in!

Best To-Do List Apps for Mac

Here are our picks for the 12 best to-do list apps for Mac this year:

1. ClickUp

Best To Do List App for Mac Users.

  • Great customer support
  • Multi-user support
  • Supports file-sharing
  • The user interface could use some improvement
  • Too many customization options give it a steep learning curve
  • Inability to transfer tasks from Gmail to ClickUp
Clickup icon
Editor’s Take

We love ClickUp because it is possibly the best to do list app for Mac on the market today.  The developers are constantly improving the software with the feedback gleaned from users, which is a wonderful plus. For us, this software is ideal for solo users and teams alike looking for project management and work collaboration in one sophisticated package.

Best for
An overall solution for Mac users
Free – $29/member/month
Annual discount
Save 45%
Free Plan

Packed with several great features like Teamwork Space, reminders, calendars, and docs that aid task and project management, ClickUp’s user-friendly interface and multi-user platform make it one of the best to-do list apps on the market.

Key Features

Task Management

ClickUp helps with all the work associated with managing tasks. It assists you in setting task reminders and helps team members assign tasks. You also do not have to worry about to-do lists, recurring checklists, repeating tasks, status templates, and setting priorities and due dates. You can easily manage all this conveniently from your Mac screen.

Complete Customization

You can use the customization option to personalize your workspace to suit your taste. ClickUp has seven workspace options; it gives you customization options like custom statuses, Google Calendar, custom fields, shortcuts, file attachments, full-screen mode, tags, dark mode, customized notifications, and spreadsheets.

High-end Security

Two-factor authentication is also available to protect your team and provide more robust security. This feature is available even on the free forever plan, and you can enable 2FA via apps like Google authenticator.

Team Collaboration

ClickUp makes team collaboration easy by providing guest mode, status notification, public sharing, and user groups. It also allows for correction, editing, and proofreading for all team members.


ClickUp free forever plan is best for personal use. It offers four paid plans:

  • The Unlimited Plan is priced at $5 per month per member and is best for small teams.
  • The Business Plan is ideal for you if your team is medium-sized. It costs $9 per member per month.
  • The Business Plus Plan stands at $19 per member per month; it is best for multiple teams.
  • Finally, the Enterprise Plan is customized to suit your business needs, and it is ideal for large organizations with multiple teams.

2. Todoist

Outstanding To-do List App for Task Management for Mac Users.

  • Todoist works offline
  • Simple user interface
  • Multi-platform support
  • Supports collaboration among groups
  • Allows file sharing among users
  • The free plan does not offer many basic features
Todoist icon
Editor’s Take

For us, when it comes to to-do list apps that work on all your devices, track productivity, and let you easily organize and analyze every aspect of your life, it doesn’t get better than Todoist. This excellent productivity app works on all major devices and platforms and boasts unparalleled ease of use. And that’s saying a lot, coming from us.

Best for
Managing simple tasks
Free – $6/user/month
Annual discount
Save 25%
Free Plan

Todoist allows you to streamline your personal and group productivity to work more efficiently, no matter where you are or what device you use.

Key Features

Track Progress

Todoist gives you an avenue to analyze your productivity and improvement based on your tasks and accomplishments. It helps organize your work and tasks to make tracking your progress easy, and monitoring the progress of your task will help improve your productivity.

Tasks Overview

The task overview feature makes it possible to have a clear picture of your day and to-do lists. It makes it easy to add, move and schedule your daily tasks; the drag-and-drop interface makes managing tasks a walk in the park. You can also make a task a habit by using the recurring due date option under task overview.


Todoist provides a graph feature designed to track your daily or monthly productivity, making it easy and fun to monitor your improvement over time. This feature is available in both the free and paid packages.


Teamwork and collaboration are easy because Todoist allows you to effortlessly share files with your team members. It helps you easily share tasks with team members, making collaboration a breeze.

Tasks Backup

Any task or project you do on Todoist is safe due to its backup function. Your task and project progress saves while you are working, and this function comes in handy when you forget to save your data or mistakenly delete or cancel your work.


Todoist has three service plans:

  • The Free Plan: With this plan, you can work on a project with five people, and a maximum of 80 projects is allowed.
  • The Pro Plan: This plan starts at $3 per month. You can organize close to 300 projects and work with 25 people per project.
  • The Business Plan: $5 per month is suitable for 500 projects and collaboration with 50 people per project. You also get a team inbox, admin and member roles, centralized billing, priority support, and all the features on the Pro plan.

3. Asana

Great Business Management and To-Do List Application for Mac Users.

  • Flexible interface
  • Multiple options for customization
  • Offers 100+ third-party integrations
  • Not ideal for graphics-related work
  • Relatively expensive packages compared to other to-do list software
  • No offline mode
  • Multi-user mode is not available
Asana icon
Editor’s Take

Loved by productivity enthusiasts the world over, Asana is an excellent collaboration tool that helps individuals and teams track tasks and work of all kinds. While it does take a while to get a hang of, we love that it more than makes up for this with its vast feature set and flexibility. 

Best for
Smaller Teams
Free – $30.49/member/month
Annual discount
Save 18%
Free Plan 

Asana is a business management tool for project management and teamwork.

In more specific terms, it records who is responsible for what task and all the details related to it, including all the necessary steps, recurring tasks, and due dates.

Key Features

Many Premium Features on the Free Plan

Asana has one of the best free plans because of the variety of features available on this package. This free plan gives you access to unlimited storage for your projects (with a limit of 100 MB per file), access to messaging and activity logs, and many other great features. Though it has a 15-user limit, this plan will suit you if your project management needs are basic.

Unlimited Integrations

This software integrates with more than 100 well-known third-party apps like Zoom, G Suite, Dropbox, Slack, Zapier, Zendesk, and Salesforce. Unlimited integration helps improve the app's effectiveness and gives you access to more functions and features.

Multiple Project Views

The multiple project view makes Asana one of the best to-do-list software suitable for business management. You and your team members can view projects and manage tasks in different ways that suit your team members' preferences, and this is possible with the various tools that Asana provides. The platform features several different project and task views like Calendar view, Kanban view, and to-do lists.

Team Collaboration

With features like multiple project views, flexibility, file sharing, and robust app integration, Asana is sure to boost team collaboration and cohesion.


Read more Asana pricing

Asana's basic free plan has a limit of 15 users. It has two payment packages:

  • Premium Plan ($10.99 per user/month, billed annually): This plan requires a minimum of 15 users.
  • Business Plan ($24.99 per user/month, billed annually): If your organization requires advanced tools for business management, this plan is the best for you.

Get Asana for free and manage your projects like a pro.

4. Wrike

Flexible To-Do List, Work, and Project Management Software for Mac Users

  • Easy to operate
  • Expert consulting service
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Complicated user interface
  • Difficulty in tracking specific task data
Wrike icon
Editor’s Take

Wrike ranks equally highly in our books as both a project management software and collaboration software. It’s on the expensive side of to-do list software and has quite a bit of a learning curve, but that all makes sense given its powerful features.

Best for
Overall work management 
Free – $24.80/user/month
Annual discount
Free Plan

Wrike is highly recommended for teamwork because of its collaboration and project management features.

With its unique features, you will be able to create, organize and manage multiple tasks—including recurring tasks—while collaborating with your team members simultaneously.

Key Features

Time Tracking

Time tracking helps record time while you work on your task, which is very important for organizations. This feature will help your organization with billing and invoicing clients and keeping accurate time records. However, the time tracking function is only available on the Professional package.


Analytics provides you with detailed information about your team’s performance, completed tasks, and your team’s overall progress through charts.

Progress Tracking Tool

Keeping track of a task is crucial in project management. You need to know the development rate of your organization, and the progress tracking tool feature is necessary for this. Tracking your progress makes it easy to see the amount of work left and the time you will need to complete the task.

Personal Workspace Customization

On Wrike, each team member has the option of individual workspace customization to suit their personal preferences. As a team member, you can tweak the general Wrike workspace design to your taste. This helps to increase your productivity since you can customize the app to be as simple as you want it to be.


Read more Wrike pricing

Wrike offers seven plans. Some of these plans have additional unique options.

  • Free plan with limitations
  • Professional Plan ($9.80 per user per month) can accommodate 5 to 200 users
  • Business Plan: This package costs $24.80 per user per month. It has more features than professional plans, with a user limit of 200.
  • Enterprise Plan: (custom pricing), minimum of 5 users.
  • Pinnacle Plan: is specially made for more complex work management tasks with a custom price payment. Five users are the minimum size this plan can accommodate.
  • Wrike for Marketing Teams: It is made especially for marketing teams and includes more than 400 third-party integrations out of the box. Pricing is custom.
  • Wrike for Professional Services Teams: This plan is best for professional service teams with custom pricing.

5. OmniFocus

Best To-Do List App for Personal Task Management on Mac.

  • Automatically syncs data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Accessible offline
  • No collaboration features
  • Relatively expensive compared to other to-do list apps
OmniFocus icon
Editor’s Take

Powerful, albeit pricey, OmniFocus is an excellent to-do app for Mac and iOS that we believe is perfectly suited for people who follow the Getting Things Done productivity method.  That is, as long as you work alone. 

Best for
people that follow the GTD productivity method 
$9.99/month or a one-time fee of $99.99 
Annual discount
Free Trial

OmniFocus is designed especially for iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and Mac computers.

Its unique Mail Drop feature makes staying organized and productive easy, and also makes losing data almost impossible.

Key Features

Task Management Tools

This tool helps you manage your project with features that make it possible for managers and team members to track and monitor a project’s progress. It offers project planning, to-do lists, task assignment, and due-date reminders.

Task Disintegration

OmniFocus breaks down complex projects into more manageable chunks. It provides two options to approach your project, either in an orderly manner or in your preferred arrangement.

Automatic Syncing

One great feature of this software is its ability to sync your data across all your connected devices. You do not have to worry about losing your data because it saves all your information on all your connected devices.

Offline Access

OmniFocus saves your information and progress on all your connected Apple devices, giving you access to your project when you are offline. Any edit made to the data is saved locally and automatically updates when the device regains internet access.

Mail Drop

With OmniFocus, losing your data is next to impossible because of the Mail Drop feature used by the software. OmniFocus creates a unique email for every user to store and send tasks.


OmniFocus- Pricing Plan

For OmniFocus, you have a few options for the payment package. One option is the Traditional License which is to buy the app outright for a one-time fee of $99.99. The second plan is to purchase a subscription at $9.99 per month. There is no free version of OmniFocus; however, a two-week free trial is available.

6. GoodTask

Best To-Do List Software that Doubles as a Reminder and Calendar App for Mac Users.

GoodTask- Get it done for REAL with Powerful Task Manager

GoodTask displays your Apple Reminders and Calendars on a clean interface.

You can sync all your relevant data on your Apple devices to your GoodTask account as it provides seamless integration with your iCloud and Google accounts.

Key Features

Syncs with Apple Reminders & Calendar

GoodTask makes it easy to keep to deadlines with its double reminder and calendar feature. It syncs information from your GoodTask with the details in your apple calendar and reminder. Suppose you forgot to add an event to your calendar or set a reminder for a task, GoodTask automatically adds it to your Mac reminder and calendar if it is already in your GoodTask.

Simple User Interface

GoodTask has a very straightforward and understandable interface. You can easily set and check tasks and it is easy to operate.

Smart List Function

Managing projects might sometimes be challenging because they keep repeating; however, GoodTask helps filter projects and create a smart list with its Smart List function. Smart lists show when your tasks are due and manage your current tasks by breaking them down into sub-sections.

Drag-and-Drop Interface

The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to manage your work and projects in GoodTask. You can easily manage your workspace and make changes to previously existing tasks. This will ensure that managing projects and specific tasks is less cumbersome.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great for team communication and collaboration


  • Slow support
  • Does not Two-factor authentication
  • The software can be glitchy at times


GoodTask does not have a free or subscription plan; however, it has a free trial and is available for a one-time payment of $39.99. The app can be downloaded from the Mac app store.

Get GoodTask to streamline your work now

7. nTask

Best Mac To-Do List App for Team Management.

nTask- A Powerful Project Management Solution Made For Growing Teams

With nTask, teams have access to timesheets, tools for tracking progress, and free storage space.

Irrespective of the number of team members, they can all create their individual workspace and hold virtual meetings.

It also makes project tracking easier.

Key Features

Project Management

nTask helps you to create your project strategy, track your task progress using tools like due dates, progress tracker, and set and check work capacity. It makes for easy and speedy task completion.

Task Management

nTask boasts smart task planning, task progress tracking, and task assigning features. Plus, it also helps create and manage to-do lists and recurring tasks, as well as paint a full picture of your tasks.

Timesheets and time tracking

This to-do list software helps to manage timesheets. It sets a stipulated time for a task and manages it. This tool works manually and automatically, meaning it automatically sets, monitors, and tracks the time for a particular task and the time spent on the task. You can also set the timesheet manually to monitor and track time spent on a task.

Risk management

nTask provides the Risk Module function, which gives detailed risk information for a project or task outlined on a risk register. This risk module includes a risk register and a risk matrix. You get information on projected risk for a project, which shows in a graph form.

Kanban Boards

nTask features kanban boards for project management, although it is only available on a paid plan.


  • Prompt notifications, alerts, and reminders
  • Easy to navigate
  • Two-factor authentication to protect privacy


  • Does not support file sharing
  • No option for file and photo attachment
  • Poor customer support
  • Limited third-party app integrations


nTask offers a basic free plan with limited features and two payment packages:

  • Premium Plan $3.99 per user/month: This plan feature option is basic, and suitable for small and medium enterprises.
  • Business Plan $11.99 per user/month: Best for a large business with premium features and a storage of 10 GB.

8. TaskPaper

Easy-to-use Text To-do List software for Mac Users.

TaskPaper- Plain text to-do lists for Mac

Much like its name suggests, TaskPaper is a deceptively simple paper-like to-do app that helps you write out your to-dos in a list, strike out complete tasks, and add tasks and tags when needed.

Key Features

Plain Text App

TaskPaper comes in a simple text format that helps you manage tasks clearly and concisely. It also features several shortcuts that prove useful in cases where you need to format the app.


This Mac app automatically creates a new task whenever you end a line with a colon. You can also create a simple task list when you press ‘dash’ and hit ‘Space.' Once you've completed a task, you use a @done tag to cross it off.

Easy Structure

TaskPaper covers four entities which are projects, tasks, tags, and notes. You can use Tags to easily organize all entries into work, priorities, and as many categories as you may need. You can also collapse and expand your Lists to get a better overview of projects. If you need to create more sub-tasks, all you need to do is press the tab key.

Advanced Search

If you need to find a specific task, you can find it by using Tags or a Search Bar, and that's just scratching the surface of your search options. There is also an advanced search language with unique attributes and expressions for complex queries. With this feature, TaskPaper can also function as a project manager.


You can customize TaskPaper to your liking. To update fonts, colors, and the basic appearance of this to-do app, you can use a stylesheet editor. Since the background is so flexible, you can include many fan themes available online or create your own.

Dates and Reminders

As an Apple user, you'll never lose grip of any task on your schedule since TaskPaper provides integration with Apple reminders. All you need to do is attach a date to your tasks and export it to your reminder app.


  • Fast and simple to use
  • Syncs across multiple Apple devices
  • Includes built-in search


  • The interface can be glitchy when selecting items


TaskPaper- Pricing Plan

TaskPaper offers a 7-day free trial. Once the trial is over, you will have to purchase TaskPaper for $24.99.

9. TickTick

Best To-do List App for Kanban View.

TickTick- Stay Organized Stay Creative

Tick Tick provides seamless synchronization for Apple users with all their other Apple devices.

This to-do list helps you organize your personal tasks, work-related projects, and so much more by managing your time and schedule while making sure you get constant reminders even before the due date.

Key Features

Collaboration Feature

Tick Tick lets you share your list and assign goals to ensure seamless collaboration with friends, family, and team members.

Quick Add

When you create new or recurring tasks, or add notes via voice input or typing, the date entered will automatically set the due date and a task reminder with the Smart Date Parsing.

Built-in Pomo Timer

Pomo Timer is Tick Tick’s take on the classic Pomodoro timer and helps users log their distractions and stay focused while at work. You can customize all the Pomo Timer settings to suit your needs.

Sleek Calendar Integration

Tick Tick’s calendar integration helps you add all your calendar events to Tick Tick.

Task Nesting

This newer task management feature helps split an enormous task into smaller units. Each subtask has the functionality that regular tasks have. This means that you can set due dates, tags, and priorities, or assign them to others.

Kanban View

One of the key features that Tick Tick provides is its Kanban method of project management which splits tasks into to-dos and progress columns. The Kanban view makes it easy to edit multiple task lists in different columns.


Tick Tick lets you create notes so that you can record your thoughts and ideas without having to switch to other apps. It can also be helpful for task management in cases where you want to add some contextual information regarding your tasks list.


  • Google Calendar integration
  • Comes with collaborative features
  • Superb mobile apps
  • Excellent built-in calendar view


  • Limited features on the free plan
  • No clarity on how customer data is handled
  • Slow response to customer emails


TickTick- Pricing Plan

Tick Tick provides a free plan for users although not all the features are included in this plan. You can upgrade to Tick Tick Premium where you pay either $27.99 annually or around $2.4 monthly.

Manage your to-dos with Tick Tick

10. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do- To Do gives you focus, from work to play

Microsoft To Do is a web-based task management app that helps you manage your daily tasks.

As expected, it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft apps.

Key Features

Task Prioritization and Scheduling

This feature lets you create projects, new tasks, and subtasks that are ideal for tracking the intricacies of your to-do lists.

Collaboration features

Microsoft To Do comes with a collaborative function that helps you invite others to your projects, making it perfect for collaborating on worklists with your team members.

Integration with Other Microsoft Apps

You can choose to pair Microsoft To Do with Microsoft Planner to create a collaborative workspace that helps you see the Macro plan of your projects and add more details and steps you might have missed amongst more extensive project plans. It also boasts Outlook Tasks integration.

Prioritize Daily Tasks

Another key feature is the prioritization feature that helps you review all your tasks at the start of each day and move them to your My Day list.

Security Feature

One of the most significant advantages of Microsoft To Do is that it has the same level of security and compliance as other Microsoft apps.


  • Syncs with Outlook tasks
  • Offers the basic to-do list features
  • Simple user interface
  • Completely free


  • Can’t include details in subtasks
  • Does not have advanced search or custom view


Microsoft To Do does not offer a free version nor are there any entry fees as this to-do list app is completely free and can be used on different platforms and devices.

Get started with Microsoft To Do

11. Evernote

Top-tier To-do List App With the Best Note-Taking Feature.

Evernote- Tame your work, organize your life

Evernote is one of the best to-do list apps available for Apple users today because you can use it to tackle multiple projects of any size and in almost any area.

Key Features

Calendar Integration

Evernote integrates fully with Google Calendar and you can link your notes to events to make them more useful and easy to find. You can add notes to events instantly and get quick access to them later from the calendar widget on the Home screen. You can also set up a logically structured note, complete with details of events and sections for action items and notes. Furthermore, there is the option to search for event details—like location, date, and attendees—accessing the information you need is easier than ever. Evernote can also remind you to open or create a note before or immediately after an event.

Web Clipper

With this feature, you can clip web pages, articles, or PDFs and save them in Evernote. As a Mac user, you can decide to take a screenshot of a full page or just the parts that will be useful. When you take a screenshot of a web page and add highlights, text, and other annotations, the Web Clipper ensures that these screenshots are clear on Evernote. You can also tag the things you save so all your research, ideas, photos, and more are easy to use with keywords when you add titles and save content to the notebook in a way that makes sense.

Task Management features

Evernote's task management features give you an overview of everything you need to focus on tackling the task at hand. With your tasks intertwined with your notes, there will be no need to interrupt your workflow by switching between your notes and a to-do app. You will also be able to get things done on time by setting due dates, reminders, and flags. Evernote also helps you assign tasks from your to-do lists to other people and track their progress easily.

Note history

This feature allows you to see older note versions. The notes in your account will automatically be backed up on Evernote periodically, and Note History becomes useful when you need to view or restore these older revisions of some of your notes.

Offline Notes

If you install Evernote on your computer, it will store all your synced notes in a local database. Since your notes exist in local files on your computer, you can always access them, even without an internet connection. Any changes you make while offline sync automatically the next time your computer connects to the internet. This feature is also available for the mobile version.


  • Easy note-taking and syncing
  • Offline access to your notes
  • Powerful search function


  • Premium plan is more expensive than some of its competitors
  • Free version is too restrictive


Evernote offers a free version that can sync up to two devices. There are three paid models besides the free version which are:

  • The Personal Plan is priced at $7.99 per month.
  • The Professional Plan costs $9.99 per month and is best for tackling projects.
  • The Teams Plan is priced at $14.99 per user per month and is great for collaboration and knowledge sharing in one place.

12. Remember the Milk

Excellent To-Do List App for Shared Tasks.

Remember the Milk- The smart to-do app for busy people

Remember The Milk helps Apple users organize their tasks, provides constant task reminders and lets users share task lists and assign tasks to others to ensure that they get things done faster.

Key Features

Attach files to your tasks

With Remember the Milk, you can attach documents, spreadsheets, files, and photos to the relevant tasks from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Smart Add

With this feature adding new tasks to your to-do list is fast. You can add tasks faster than ever when using Smart Add for your desktop. All you have to do is use a quick keyboard shortcut to pull up Smart Add wherever you are and start adding.


If you want to indicate that some lists or Smart Lists are more important than others, you can use the Favorites feature. You can use it to filter out tags, locations, and even contacts that you use pretty often. You can pick your favorite lists tags, locations, smart lists, and more and have all of them delivered in one room. You will have the time spent searching through the navigation for your super important contacts.


With this feature, you are able to break your tasks into smaller, more manageable pieces. You can cut your task into as many subtasks as you need, and even those subtasks can have their own subtasks. A good thing about managing subtasks in Remember The Milk is that a subtask can do just about everything a task can do. Subtasks can have due dates, tags, priorities, and many other features.

Collaboration features

Sharing tasks is relatively easy with Remember The Milk. You just have to click the “Share” button on any list and add the names or email addresses of the people you want to share with. You get the option to choose if someone will just be able to view a task or can also edit them. If you want another person to be in charge of the to-do list, you have to change the owner. You can also remove contacts from the share at any point if you want to stop sharing the list.

Task Reminders and Notifications

Remember The Milk provides built-in notifications. A bell on the top right of your screen shows when someone shares a list with you, gives you a task or subtask, adds your contact, or decides to join Remember The Milk after you invite them. You can quickly respond to these actions right from the notification. You also get notified by email or desktop notification to ensure you're constantly updated. You can set the reminders to a specific time and be location-based reminders. Each task now has the option for individual reminders. You can get reminded by email, IM, SMS, Twitter, mobile, or desktop notification.


  • Clean interface
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Animations are motivating
  • Integrates with Google Tasks


  • Different functions can get a little confusing
  • Mobile app is very slow


Remember the Milk- Pricing Plan

Remember The Milk has a free version that covers almost all your basic to-do list needs but if you are not satisfied with this then you can upgrade to the pro version where you'll be paying $39.99 annually.

Effectively manage your task with Remember The Milk

Key Features of To-Do List Apps for Mac Users

There is a wide range of Mac to-do list apps you can use today, all of which serve different types of users.

Your list app preference might depend on personal taste; however, certain features are essential when scouting for the best Mac to-do list app.

Here are some features the very best Mac to-do list apps need to possess:

1. Reorder Tasks

This is a really simple feature that most to-do apps should have.

One of the perks of a to-do list app is that your entries are not restricted by ink on paper.

Your to-do app should let you easily reorganize the order of the to-dos on your task list without any issues.

Unfortunately, quite a few to-do list apps do not offer this feature.

2. Prioritization

This is another fundamental feature in your to-do app, irrespective of the kind of user it caters to.

While several list apps claim to allow prioritization, this feature is often poorly implemented.

Any list app you choose must be able to separate important tasks from the lesser ones by default.

3. Quick Entry/Capture

It should not be a hassle for a to-do app to capture a random task, and task entry should be done quickly so you can focus on other things.

There should be no reason for you to go through several steps just to add tasks, tags, or make adjustments to your to-do list.

Be sure to double-check the entry process's simplicity before committing to a list app.

4. Simple UI

After the quick capture, simplicity is an essential factor in the general oversight of the to-do app.

To be honest, a to-do app with a simple and clean interface is one of the best types of list apps you can go for.

If you already have a lot of important tasks to deal with, a complex to-do list app is not the one for you.

Be wary of list apps that provide too many useless features and customizations, as they will most likely clutter things up.

Most of those extra bells and whistles don't even get used in most cases.

5. Pictures on Tasks

We can classify this feature as one of the advanced features that to-do apps developers should include in all of their list apps.

Still, it is deemed unimportant by many of these corporations.

Photos are a great way to add tasks to your to-do list and include additional notes to ongoing tasks.

There are only a handful of to-do apps for Mac that have this feature.

6. Sync

One benefit you should be on the lookout for as a Mac user is the ability of a list app to sync across all your Apple devices.

It is one of the main benefits of an electronic to-do list and you should not overlook the synchronization feature when choosing a Mac app as your task manager.

7. Today List

Although it is possible to stay on top of your to-do list, there is no way you can do it all at once.

The best way to go about completing tasks is to only concentrate on your top tasks for each day; hence the Today List feature is vital.

This feature allows you to see a subset of Hit List for the day based on their importance.

8. Future Tasks

The main reason behind signing up for an electronic to-do list is so that it remembers the things you forget.

Your tasks manager should be able to send tasks to a future date so that such tasks can be out-of-mind until the due date.

While some of the larger apps have this, it would be best to spread this feature across list apps that are easier and more intuitive for users.

9. Voice Capture

Voice capturing is just one of the many advanced features that makers of list apps are not prioritizing.

It is one of the quickest ways to interact with our devices and make adjustments to your to-do list on the go.

Despite its usefulness, it is still not considered one of the key features that should be included in a to-do list app for Mac, and many apps depend on workarounds or third-party systems.

10. On Every Platform

Your to-do list must be wherever you are, regardless of device or platform.

The ideal to-do app needs to be available on most platforms, and it has to support mobile and desktop apps.

A web app is good too or could be a stepping-stone to desktop apps. It is a massive task for smaller developers to cover all these platforms, limiting your choice.

The to-do app needs to be available everywhere its user works.

11. OS Wear Support

As a user of Apple products, it will not only be best if you opt for a to-do app that can easily be synced to your apple watch.

With this feature, you do not always have access to your system; instead, you can easily use your apple watch to browse and check off tasks, snooze reminders, and create and update tasks by voice.

11. Reminders

What is a task manager or a to-do list app without a feature that supports task reminders?

They are usually time-based but can be modified in some apps to be location-based reminders.

There are still some other features that you should be on the lookout for when choosing a to-do list app but the ones listed above are the most important.

These features help with functions like enabling and disabling features, collaboration features, priority levels, subtasks, creating and adding notes, status tracking, and the list goes on and on.

The important thing is for you to try these to-do list apps out before paying, either through a free version or a free trial, which will give you an idea of what you will be getting.

Choosing the Right To-Do List Apps for Mac

At this juncture, all that’s left for you to do is choose a to-do list app that suits your needs based on the to-do apps listed above. You should also take into consideration the key features that any good to-do list app should have.

Here are some of our recommendations:

Best Overall


A complete suite/to-do list app for managing projects, teams, and everything in between for free, forever
Best for Simple Task Management


The simplest way to organize your work and life effortlessly and never lose track of an important task again
Best for Small Teams


A web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work.
Best for Large Teams


A powerful to-do list app for larger enterprise teams
Best for Solo Workers


An excellent to-do list app designed exclusively for Mac users

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