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Updated Jan 14, 2023. - A platform built for a new way of working is a cloud-based Work OS solution that allows users to create work management software and applications.

Besides being a CRM software, ad campaign management solution, and bug-tracking tool, is a project management platform that allows teams to start, organize, and complete projects and workflows.

If you have researched, you probably know that offers a free plan and has a high average rating on big review platforms like G2 and Capterra.

But, how good is the free version, and how scalable is the software?

I have answered these and other technical questions in this article and explained what you could expect from this tool.

Keep reading to find out if is your ideal work management tool.

What is

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For:
Mid-to-Large Sales Teams
$0 – $48 Per Month
Annual Discount:
Save Up To 18%
Free Version is a project management tool with an attractive interface, in-depth tutorials & training material for beginners, and many tools for complex projects that help teams organize, prioritize, automate tasks, and remove project roadblocks. is a project management software that helps smaller teams and large businesses with moderate or higher budgets manage projects, capture leads, facilitate remote collaboration, optimize creative & construction projects, or delegate HR & IT procedures.

While the Free & Basic plan doesn't provide all the features, the ease of use and colorful visual style in the higher-priced plans are unmatched and are perfect for sales, marketing, and publishing teams in need of versatile project visualization, powerful built-in tracking, robust integrations, loads of customizable templates, logical automations builder, and an advanced reporting system.

Pros and Cons of Pros:

  • Colorful & simplistic UI: equips you with a modern and attractive interface through which you can build project boards quickly without requiring professional training. If stuck, there is a comprehensive knowledge base & hundreds of video tutorials. All team members can manage projects and track all current and new tasks and progress, so everyone can jump in when a team member is unavailable.
  • Clean timeline & charting tools in middle plans: From the Standard plan and higher, the task management tool delivers simple timeline views & charting mechanics and allows you to choose between different timelines, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, bar & pie graphs, calendar views, forms, maps, and workloads. Switch between big-picture and daily tasks easily, zoom in and out, and activate the completely custom views for project statuses at a glance.
  • Robust integrations: Prevent the repetitive, time-consuming administrative tasks with dozens of integrations by connecting your account with Slack, Zoom, Shopify, Microsoft Team, Jira, Dropbox, Todoist, Toggl, BitBucket, Google Calendar, and more. You won't need to copy and transfer data between platforms and spend this time you can use for collaborative work, creating boards, or working on future projects.
  • Customizable & theme-specific templates: The team collaboration software's abundance of customizable templates eliminates the need for you to set up project management systems. The tool provides free templates for team collaboration, campaign planning, project portfolio tracking, event planning, product roadmaps, customer onboarding, contact management, help desk tickets, PMO project planning, and more.
  • Hands-on automations: Unlike other platforms, takes the automations functionality to another level by making them completely customizable and easy for all your team members to use. Move tasks between phases automatically, assign them to different team members, and notify them through email or Slack. These management tools ensure processes play out as planned without required manual input.
  • Mobile app in the base plan: The software provides iOS & Android apps for project managers and their teams, and the app is available in all pricing plans. You can manage your dashboard, drag and drop items, edit columns, mark notifications as read, and view boards in the calendar, Kanban, timeline, and battery modes. Cons:

  • Feature limitations in lower plans: There are a lot of work management tools on, but many basic features are only available in the higher-priced plans. You won't find timeline & Gantt views, calendar views, or automations and integrations in the lower tier or the free forever plan. You can only access private boards & documents, chart views, formula columns, and dependencies when you subscribe to the most expensive Pro plan or the enterprise accounts.
  • Underdeveloped task dependencies: You can only set up task dependencies with dates, which limits this feature compared to other project management software. Not only is this feature less accessible to a small business on a tighter budget by being available in the Pro plan, but the functionality is constrained in real-world scenarios.
  • Convoluted pricing structure: The 14-day free trial doesn't make for enough time for you to comfortably explore the full scope of the software and its advanced features for various projects. To pick the best plan for you, you will need to spend a lot of time tracking how many integration actions you use per month. Also, the fee scale is unnecessarily complicated, and the prices can seem inflated compared to other tools. As usual, you only get a major discount if you adhere to being billed annually, an obligation not everyone wants.
  • Unresponsive customer support: Although the task management software provides phone support, there have been complaints about the support team being slow to answer, and sometimes unattentive and lacking expert assistance.

Best Use Cases - A platform built for a new way of working has created one of the best project management software that allows you to streamline your sales pipeline, run marketing campaigns, and allows you to manage partner & customer relationships, as well as engineering projects, video production, venture capital portfolios, and more.

The software helps the freelancers organize their projects and capitalize on leads, providing point-of-contact, estimated budget, and other tools that help them follow up on the initial outreach and check on the ongoing clients. Small businesses and larger teams get everything they need to optimize priorities and meet deadlines.

With all the flexibility & the tools that provides for you to manage your whole customer lifecycles, it is no wonder the tool ranks highly among the best enterprise CRM solutions.


The tool provides adaptable and diverse templates excellent for email campaigns and equips you with the tools that let you communicate value and earn attention from the customers.

Build strategic relationships with prospects through automated emails that include segmentation, personalization, and drip campaigns.

Sales & CRM helps you track users' activity and create accurate segments, generate new leads through tested formulas, personalize your messages for the specific interests of an audience, and automatically publish content on social media.

You can even automatically import MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) into a CRM system, bringing leads from Facebook, Hubspot, PipeDrive, Copper, Salesforce, and more. Add leads in batches and shorten the sales cycle to sell more with less effort.

Agile Software Development

The beginner-friendly software provides the tools to efficiently track, report, and mark critical bugs that need to be resolved, helps you optimize sprint planning with exact items and milestones, and launch products successfully and on time with each phase planned out.


With its ready-made templates, construction project tracking, and subcontractor management tools, enables you to manage multiple projects simultaneously, get instant insight into different stages and deadlines, manage project financials, and avoid surprise costs.

Maintain effortless communication between your team and the stakeholders, coordinate calendars, and align with third parties collaborating with your team. for Construction

Other Use Cases

Remote work: Create shifts that accommodate different time zones, share your ideas and communicate clearly with your remote team, schedule meetings through Zoom and sync with a calendar, and allow your team to make suggestions, discuss work, and have their opinions expressed.

Human resources: Track day-to-day performance, engage the top talent creatively, streamline the recruitment & onboarding processes, motivate employees, get the leave requests approved quickly, and manage performance reviews.

From IT, creative work, or church management to engineering, provides a clean platform, removes the strain of focusing on tedious tasks, and allows you to focus on your team. Pricing and Plans Pricing and Plans 

If billed annually, you will get rates that are 18% cheaper than the monthly version.

There are four paid subscription packages and one free plan.

Free Plan's free plan, also known as the Individual plan, is a freemium solution and a good starting point for freelancers and independent professionals looking for the basic features.

The plan is free forever and includes access to up to 5 seats and three boards, unlimited documents, over 200 templates, and over 20 column types. You can grant access to up to 5 members and access the iOS & Android mobile apps.

Unlike the paid plans, the free plan is $0 per month forever.

Basic Plan

Along with everything from the free plan, you will get access to unlimited free viewers & unlimited items, 5GB of file storage, and access to a dashboard based on one board. You can establish better connections with the customers through prioritized customer support and stakeholders by allowing free viewers.

The price is $8 per seat per month.

Also, the Basic and the Standard package are $2 months cheaper per seat per month when billed annually, while the Pro plan is $4 cheaper.

Standard Plan

For just $10 per seat per month, the standard plan delivers everything from the basic plan, plus timeline views & Gantt charts, calendar views, guest access, automations, integrations, and a dashboard that pairs up to 5 of your project boards.

For just $2 per month more than the basic plan, small businesses can utilize the complex charting & calendar options.

Pro Plan

Along with everything from the three lower subscription tiers, the pro plan delivers private boards & documents, time tracking, formula columns, chart views, dependency columns, and increased file storage of 100GB.

The automations and integrations bump up massively to 25,000 actions per month in the pro plan, and you get to create a dashboard of up to 10 boards for $16 per seat per month.

Enterprise Plan

If the project management tools, storage space, or integrated apps aren't enough for your team, you can request a custom estimate for the enterprise pricing plan.

In this custom pricing plan, you will get a dashboard that allows up to 50 project boards, access to the premium customer support, 250K actions for integrations and automations per month, advanced security, IP restrictions, audit logs, HIPPA compliance program, single sign-on, unlimited guests, and VIP support from an account manager.

You can try today for free; no credit card is required.

Key Features of

Check out the most valuable features on explained below:

Data Display & Dashboards allows you to display important data through appealing visual graphics, with even the lower-priced plans allowing you to choose from different board views like Gantt chart views, calendars, bar & pie graphs, tables, timelines, workloads, forms, and Kanban boards.

Conversation Panel

The software provides an efficient messaging & collaboration system that allows you to discuss and collaborate on tasks with your team through a conversation panel attached to any row.

You can write comments or share updates, and a social media-like functionality supports liking someone's comments, replying, and inserting GIFs, emojis, and @-mentions.

In the info boxes tab, you can add notes, files, and Q&As, while the activity log provides access to a history of actions for a specific task or row.

Project Automations

Save time and automate recurring tasks through a series of when/if/then statements that activate once a customer or a colleague does a specific action. You can create custom automations for recurring items, move items due to a condition, create subitems, assign due dates, and more.

The project management software guides you through the customization of the automation page, and there is even a list of ready-made automations for you to use.

Integrations provides hundreds of third-party apps through paid plans with Zapier or natively, and these integrations allow you to transfer data from one platform to another automatically.

Suppose you want to connect your inbox with your workflows. In that case, the project management software provides integrations for communication channels like Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Slack, Hubspot, Linkedin, Mailchimp, Dropbox, Google Drive, Twillio, and more.

If you want to nurture leads better and provide exceptional customer support, has got you covered with integrations for Clearbit, JotForm, SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Zendesk, and more. Additionally, you can connect with and move data through hundreds of communication, marketing, E-commerce, software development, finance, CRM, and other third-party apps. - integrations

Customer Support's extensive knowledge base consists of detailed video guides & tutorials and an expansive library of FAQs through which you can find all information on getting started, mobile apps, your first project, guest users, dashboards, importing, marketing, software development, and everything else.

You can contact their 24/7 email support team through a contact form on the website for more interactive guidance. You can even access the software's YouTube channel to demonstrate how to use the work management tools that suit your needs.

Whether through feature requests, community forums, themed walkthroughs, knowledge base or by joining one of their live webinars, you will experience is providing direct assistance or instructional guidelines with great care and in detail. - Customer Support

File management

The project management tool provides a file storage space of 5GB to 1,000GB depending on the plan you select. The transparent status updates & smart notifications ensure you shorten the feedback loop and collaborate on files directly.

Along with the expensive storage, allows you to eliminate messy files and organize all file iterations in a coherent timeline. You can review briefs, upload new assets without leaving your editing apps, and connect with Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat DC, and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Organize your assets and upload files in any format from Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or your computer and view your files as detailed cards, visualized grids, or in a full project view. Set permissions for stakeholders and clients and choose who gets to view and edit files.


The Work OS platform allows you to co-edit and share comments in real-time without disrupting the rest of the team and embed boards, dashboards, and videos into workdocs.

All the embedded documents will be automatically synced. You can organize your team with a checklist of weekly tasks in one shared workdoc, keep records of your meeting highlights, tag team members, and stay on top of timelines & to-do-ists for all members, and more.

The project & time tracking tool enables you to

  • Integrate boards into workdocs
  • Allow hundreds of people to collaborate on one workdoc
  • Tag team members
  • Edit with other members simultaneously
  • Receive comments & assign tasks
  • Create visual task lists
  • Embed dashboards, images, videos, and more
  • Centralize all project updates & status reports
  • Autosave everything

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Features as a CRM Tool & CRM Learning Center is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed to provide a seamless experience for your customers through the entire sales pipeline, lay out all the customer interactions, track sales, and prioritize your tasks with its wide range of CRM features.

The CRM learning center consists of a series of video guides with instructions on email synchronization, template customization, user invitations, automation checkout, and template configuration.

The Work OS will help you delegate the operational, analytical, and collaborative sides of customer relationship management, allowing you to automate the sales & marketing processes, gather customer insights and data, and share customer data across all departments, like marketing & customer support.

You can easily edit the CRM software for your needs, as allows you to edit deal stages, add unlimited columns, and manage multiple pipelines simultaneously.

Communication & Sales Pipelines

Communication is effortless with complete email integration, an activity log that stores all exchanged emails, and personalized email templates that save time.

The project management platform helps you close more deals faster by automating repetitive tasks through automatically-assigned leads, lead opening notifications, and more.

The CRM solution helps you build and manage your sales pipeline more efficiently by helping you define the pipeline stages & customer journey for the whole team.

The tool helps you understand where the deals stand currently, the expected revenue, how your team performs, and what they can do better. provides an instant overview of all the information necessary to close deals like contact details, deal progress, next steps, and more.

You can move prospects to new stages and set up follow-up email triggers, which will help you answer customer requests and keep them happy.

When you combine a powerful CRM tool like Monday with successful CRM implementation and best CRM practices for higher ROI, you will be able to maintain better communication with stakeholders, facilitate faster communication and resource sharing between departments, and boost customer retention.


You can build custom dashboards without needing outside consultants to track the performance and motivate your team.

The tool equips you with the features that enable you to:

  • Collect leads from all sources
  • Qualify & automatically score all leads in one place
  • Drag and drop deals between stages
  • Track all contact interactions
  • Keep records of contact & account information
  • Log activities
  • Manage-post sale activities and collection tracking
  • Fast-track your sales hiring process
  • Equip the sales team with resources to close more deals

Real-Life Customer Reviews of review #1

Terence Smith

Solutions Architect

Littlefish (UK) Ltd (Information Technology & Services, 201-500 employees)

“I would gladly recommend using I enjoy it as it has a very intuitive, easy-to-learn interface. It also has a very customisable set of dashboards, lists, etc. The ability to create process flows to support our team's use-case is great: we've been able to standardise and enforce some weekly task tracking and our internal customers' submitting requests to our team for resource, scheduling, and commercial aspects. In terms of daily use, it's one of my default browser tabs as we use it constantly as a task tracker, opportunity tracker, commercial progress meter, and team availability tracker. The mobile app is almost as functional and works well on devices. The only negative is that it can be quite slow on larger dashboards and doesn't remember your chosen column sizing (at least not in my experience). I have a powerful, GPU-enabled desktop, but does show some video lag when working within the browser interface.” review #2

Jordan Gottlieb

Director of Software Engineering

Yakima Chief Hops (Farming, 201-500 employees)

“Agile sprint tracking support is lacking, but improving with every release. That said, if is a good fit for how you plan, track and evaluate your standard work, or you don't have your work standardized yet, it would be hard to find something better. Highly recommended for administrative, product, project, and team management, especially for small to mid-size teams that don't want the massive overhead of something like Jira, or yet another tabular-data-centric solution like Smartsheet (which several other departments at our company use, and find very useful). I love the automated proactive monitoring options and having the ability to secure or share tracked initiatives at a very granular or global level. If filled the gaps that make Agile sprints challenging to track, further aligned their roadmap with community feedback, made mirrored columns usable, and improved reporting at scale, I'd give it a 9.” review #3

Sharon Reaves

Web Designer

Reaves Projects (Design, 1-10 employees)

“I am a Freelance Web Designer and needed a tool to help organize my projects and leads. I initially dismissed as I know it's typically used for teams and collaboration but as a team of one I would highly recommend it. At a glance, I can see pending and current projects, their contact information, my last point of contact and estimated budgets. I hadn't realized how much new business I was losing by not following up with initial outreach. It's also a great reminder to check in with ongoing clients and has generated new work/revenue.”


Is a good software? has been consistently ranked highly among thebest simple CRM software & project management software by experts and general consumers. 

With its versatility and flexibility, will accommodate the needs of a freelancer, a small business, and an enterprise organization equally as successful. 

The affordable tool has an impressive feature set that includes robust time tracking and project organization, hundreds of third-party integrations, dozens of free templates for campaign planning, PMO project planning, customer onboarding, contact management, and more.

Is difficult to use?

The software's spreadsheet-like interface is super-clean and visually digestible so everyone can navigate the features immediately. 

So, isn't difficult to use at all. 

If you have experience with project management software, can remind you of Airtable or Asana. 

The modern & attractive interface, combined with the ease & accessibility in which the team members can pass the tasks between themselves, makes this one of the most user-friendly project management tools.

What is great about

The greatest asset of is its versatility. 

The tool allows you to manage unlimited projects punctually and precisely while also serving as an excellent CRM software, ad campaign management tool, video production management, and even a bug tracking solution. allows you to set goals within a project, map out a process to achieve these goals on time, and track the progress of each team member, all from one place.

Getting Started with for Project Management or CRM

While their Basic plan falls somewhere in the middle compared to similar tools, will provide ease of use like no other tool on the market.

As a newbie, you will have no problem with their highly-specialized and super-clean interface and a library of tutorials for understanding all parts of the system.

Features that would be IT-heavy and understandable to tech-savvy users have been simplified, which is ideal for marketing, sales, or other teams that want to organize their projects without thinking about technicalities.

What's admirable is that has one of the most favorable reviews among the online community with an average rating of 4.7/5 stars with over 5K people voting on G2 and 4.6/5 stars with over 2.5K people voting on Capterra.

If you are looking for a modern UI, great accessibility & collaboration tools, and complete visibility & anticipation over the project development process, is the perfect tool for you.

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