Smartsheet Pricing – Which Plan is Right For You in 2024?

Updated Feb 14, 2023.

Smartsheet is a fully fledged project management solution that resembles a spreadsheet program. But unlike a spreadsheet, Smartsheet comes packed with some highly sophisticated project management features, making it one of the best project management tools.

This post centres on Smartsheet pricing. We are going to dive deep into the plans and the features that come with each plan. Here you will also learn about some strong alternatives to Smartsheet, and find answers to some frequently asked questions about the platform.

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Smartsheet Pricing Comparison: Which Plan Should I Pick?

1. Pro

Best Smartsheet Plan for Small Businesses

Smartsheet Pro Plan for Small Businesses

Intended for small businesses, the Pro plan costs $7 per user per month when billed annually. And if you pay monthly, the price is $9 per user per month. This plan offers a convenient way to track, collaborate, manage and execute their operations in real time.

2. Business

Best Smartsheet Plan for Mid Sized Businesses

Smartsheet Business Plan for Mid Sized Businesses

The Business plan, which is intended for mid-sized businesses, comes with relatively advanced functionalities. Billed annually, it costs $25 per user per month. The price goes up to $32 when billed monthly. Business is the most popular of the three Smartsheet plans.

3. Enterprise

Best Smartsheet Plan for Businesses That Need Custom Features

Smartsheet Enterprise Plan for Businesses That Need Custom Features

The Enterprise plan is for companies that need enterprise-grade features. It is not a pre-defined plan, and that means you have to contact the Smartsheet sales team to get a quote. The price depends on the specific features you need for your business.

What Features Do The Different Smartsheet Plans Include?

1. Feature of the Pro Plan

The Pro plan comes with just about everything you need to to manage a small business. Unlike many other project management tools, Smartsheet offers pretty advanced features with its initial plan. And the reason is simple: it's not a free plan. Here are the features at a glance:


  • Unlimited sheets
  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited reports
  • 1 sheet per report
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • 10 widgets per dashboard
  • Grid view
  • Filters
  • Gantt view
  • Card view
  • Calendar view
  • Cell formulas
  • Column types
  • Cross-sheet formulas
  • Column formulas
  • Templates
  • Dependencies
  • Cell history
  • Conditional formatting
  • Lock and unlock rows and columns
  • Cell linking
  • Mobile app (Android & iOS)
  • Private sheets and reports


  • Up to 10 viewers per object
  • Up to 10 collaborators for object
  • Attachments
  • Maximum 30 MB attachment size
  • Up to 20 GB file storage
  • Conversations
  • Assign people
  • Comments


  • Up to 250 automation actions per month
  • Reminders
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Update requests
  • Assign people action
  • Record a date
  • Approval requests
  • Clear cell
  • Move or copy row
  • Send alert to Microsoft Teams
  • Send alert to Slack


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Workspace (Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, etc.)
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Slack
  • Quip

Additional Capabilities:

  • Brandfolder: Digital asset management (available for purchase)
  • 10,000ft: Resource management (available for purchase)

Support & Services:

  • Smartsheet Community
  • Online web support
  • Learning Center

In Smartsheet, all your data lives in a sheet, so it is basically the foundation of your work. You can get the best out of Smartsheet by setting up your sheets appropriately. The familiar-looking grid is the default sheet view, and you can customize it with multiple column types, attachments, hierarchies and elaborative communication.

When it comes to collecting and acting on data, Smartsheet forms are immensely helpful. The forms can be used to collect error-free, conditional data and save it into your sheets. With logos, images, text and background colours, there is plenty of room for customisation.

Marketing Service Request Form
Source: Help.smartsheet

One of the main purposes of using a project management tool is to work with real time data collected from multiple sheets. Smartsheet reports allow you to do just that. The reports are bi-directional, which means whenever you update a piece of information on a report, the same information will be automatically updated in the sheets and vice versa.

Users can create as many dashboards as they want. The main purpose of using a dashboard is to centralise all information and allow users to access the information in a single place. The building blocks of dashboards are widgets that display live data from your reports and sheets. Users can easily configure the widgets and share the dashboards with anyone. The Pro plan allows up to 10 widgets per dashboard.

With the filters option, users can make a piece of information visible or invisible as per needs. This feature can be used to see tasks that are assigned to you, tasks due on a specific date, or the stage of a specific task in a workflow.

Tasks can be displayed in a grid view, Gantt view, calendar view or card view. In fact, Smartsheet is one of the best Gantt chart softwares tools for project management.

In order to ensure consistent data entry, you can use specific column types. Column types include contact list, text, dropdown, date, checkbox, symbols, multi-select dropdown, and auto-number.

The dependencies feature is another useful functionality used for automatic calculation of dates as values for duration. For example, if you alter the start date of a specific project, the action will immediately adjust the end date, given that you enter values for the duration of the project.

Every project manager knows the fact that starting a project from scratch can be time consuming. A template can help you maintain consistency for conditional formatting rules, column names and column types. The project can be more structured, and that can save you time. Smartsheet offers some great project templates.

Formulas and functions can be used to perform lookups or calculations across multiple sheets or within a single sheet. They are also used to automate drop down fields and symbols. With Smartsheet you can build a formula by either manually entering values or using cell references.

Smartsheet formula Example
Source: Smartsheet

Smartsheet has a mobile app for Android and iOS users. You have real-time access to the platform, can capture images and barcodes, and view dashboards on the go.

Project management involves sharing text, images, audios and other types of files. When you share sheets, reports or dashboards, Smartsheet allows you to set permission levels.

People who have access to your dashboards may be viewers or collaborators. While viewers can just view the contents, collaborators can edit them. The Pro plan allows up to 10 viewers or collaborators per object. Your attachment size cannot exceed 30 MB. Up to 20 GB file or attachment storage is allowed.

Sophisticated Automations

When it comes to automations, Smartsheet has an edge over most other project management tools. Smartsheet offers all its automation features with all three plans. That means, even if you are on the Pro plan, you have access to the same automation features that are available with the Business and Enterprise plans.

There is only one difference: The Pro plan allows up to 250 actions per month. Now, let's see what you can do with the automation features.

You can send update requests to collaborators even if they don't have smartsheet accounts. You can decide to show specific columns in your requests, and send them at a specific time or at regular or irregular intervals. To add or change information, your contractors, clients, colleagues and consultants just have to use a simple form. And they can do it from any device.

The automated alerts and reminders are designed to help you share the right information with the right people at the right time. If there are changes to your sheet, alerts are automatically triggered, notifying stakeholders of the changes. You can set up the alerts and reminders based on multiple conditions.

Once you have assigned tasks to team members, Smartsheet automatically traces the workflow. You always have access to the reports of tasks.

In order to maintain its position among the best task management software for teams, Smartsheet has tried to devise as many ways as possible to reduce manual tasks. For example, users do not have to manually send approval requests to their stakeholders. The tool automatically requests approvals and records feedback.

And as a result, operations run smoothly. You can customise approval requests completely and send them individually, or customise them with multiple steps, making them compatible with a complex workflow.

The Record a Date feature can be immensely useful for team members based in different timezones. When a workflow is triggered, you can set the current date into your chosen field. The sheet will show dates according to the owners’ respective time zones.

Record a Date feature
Source: Smartsheet

Users can also send alerts to Microsoft Teams and Slack. This feature requires connecting Smartsheet with these platforms. Smartsheet is compatible with both the desktop and browser versions of these applications.

Integrations and Additional Capabilities

In terms of integrations, users enjoy sufficient flexibility. You can integrate Smartsheet Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Box, Slack, and Quip. These integrations can help you streamline your operations and get more done.

The Pro plan offers two additional capabilities that are available for purchase. These two features are resource management and digital asset management. They incur additional costs.

There are multiple sources of support and services: Smartsheet Community, Online web support, and Learning Center.

The most notable drawback of the problem is security features. If security and control are important for your business, you may consider upgrading to the Business or Enterprise plan.

2. Features of the Business plan

The Business plan is intended for businesses that need fairly good flexibility, automation and security. Here are the features that are unique to this plan:

  • Conditional form logic
  • Unlimited sheets per report
  • Unlimited widgets per dashboard
  • Templates sets
  • Report grouping and summary
  • Baselines
  • Activity log
  • Custom colors & logos
  • Document builder
  • API calls
  • Unlimited viewers per object
  • Unlimited collaborators per object
  • 250 MB maximum attachment size
  • Up to 1 TB file storage
  • Proofing
  • Publish sheets, reports and dashboards
  • Unlimited automations
  • Admin Center
  • User management
  • Group management
  • Integrations with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Brandfolder, Tableau, and PowerBI

Features available for purchase:

  • Dynamic View
  • Control Center
  • Data connectors
  • Data Shuttle
  • Pivot App
  • Calendar App
  • DataMesh

The Business plan withdraws some limitations from its most notable features. Iit allows unlimited sheets per report, and unlimited widgets per dashboard.

Users can take advantage of the template sets that combine reports, dashboards and sheets. The sets include meeting management, project tracking and rollup, request management, expense tracking, and strategic plan. They can help you jump-start your activity and be more effective at work.

Baselines is another feature that gives the Business plan an advantage over the Pro plan. With Baselines you can set the start and finish dates for individual tasks and rows. Once you have enabled Baselines, three new columns namely Baseline Start, Baseline Finish, and Variance will be added to the sheet. You can view the baseline dates as visual Gantt bars.

Features of the Business plan
Source: Smartsheet

Thanks to the report grouping and summary functions, creating informative and actionable reports is easier than ever before. This feature is Smartsheet’s newest enhancement to reporting. The sophisticated report builder is pretty intuitive.

Users can group similar data values and get more organised. The Summary feature uses functions like COUNT, SUM, MAX and MIN to calculate totals on report columns.

Branding is very important for mid sized businesses. By uploading your logo to Smartsheet and using custom colours, you can maintain the brand recognition of your business. The Smartsheet application displays the logo branding and color settings. They are also displayed in the email messages, highlighting your brand.

The effectiveness of collaboration largely depends on understanding and clarity. You need to know what your collaborators are actually doing. You need to know what edits and deletions are taking place in a sheet. The activity log feature allows you to track history of changes. It lets you know who last viewed a dashboard or who did what in a sheet.

Creating customised documents sheet data can be an error-prone and time-consuming task. The Smartsheet document builder removes the manual steps and saves you time. It allows you to generate documents rapidly, without having to leave the Smartsheet platform. Smartsheet’s reputation as one of the best team management software is largely indebted to this flexibility.

More Freedom of Sharing and Storage

With the Business plan you will enjoy a lot more flexibility in terms of sharing documents. This plan does not put any limit to the number of viewers or collaborators per object. The maximum attachment size is 250 MB. Up to 1 TB file storage is allowed.

Getting people to provide proofs and timely feedback can be a pain. Proofing allows your team to manage the process of content creation and approval. Thanks to this feature, anyone can easily edit, review and approve documents, videos, images, and PDFs. To send review requests to vendors, colleagues or clients, you can use existing attachments or upload new files.

Proofing markup tool
Source: Smartsheet

With the Business plan feature you can invite anyone to access your reports, sheets and dashboards. For this, you just have to share a unique URL, which you can easily generate within Smartsheet. People who receive your unique URL can access your documents without having to log in to Smartsheet.

You get the same automation features that are available with the Pro plan, but here is a catch: you can automate to your heart's content. Yes, this plan allows unlimited automation actions.

Greater Security and Control

In terms of security, users get three features: Admin center, user management, and group management.

Admin center is used to manage groups, users and license requests. This feature is for group admins and system admins, to govern and administer their Smartsheet account.

The User management feature allows you to add, manage or remove users from your Smartsheet account. A system admin can add both licensed and unlicensed users to a multi-user account.

Thanks to the Group management feature, admins can easily organize contacts into groups. It allows anyone on the Business or Enterprise plan to quickly share information with the group.

More Integrations, Powerful Additional Capabilities

Users of the Business plan can integrate Smartsheet with some more tools and platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Brandfolder, Tableau, and PowerBI.

There are some additional capabilities that the Business plan users can purchase. They include Dynamic view, Connectors, Control center, Data shuttle, Pivot app, Calendar app, and DataMesh.

Some supports and services are available for purchase, which means they don’t come bundled with the Business plan. They include Professional Support, Standard Support, Smartsheet University, Technical Account Managers, and Professional Services.

3. Features of the Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan has been designed for companies that need enterprise-grade project management features. With this plan, there is no limitation on any feature. And that means you have access to everything Smartsheet has to offer. Apart from the features that are available with the previous two plans, here are the unique features that come with the Enterprise plan:

  • Custom welcome and help screens
  • Unlimited storage
  • Directory integration
  • User merge
  • Custom email domains
  • Enterprise access controls
  • Domain validation
  • Account discovery
  • Approved domain sharing
  • User account provisioning
  • Charge back reports
  • System admin fallback
  • Org-wide data backup
  • Enterprise plan manager
  • E-signature with DocuSign
  • WorkApps: No-code business apps
  • Standard support

Additional features available for purchase:

  • Data Table
  • Bridge: Intelligent workflows
  • Customer managed encryption keys
  • Governance controls
  • Event reporting

If your organization requires securing data, maximizing user onboarding with training and centralizing administration, the Enterprise plan will make you happy.

Airtight Security

When it comes to security and control, the Enterprise plan rocks. The directory integration feature is one of the security features, and it can be a bliss for system administrators.

By aligning your operations with existing software management processes, you can manage users across the enterprise while saving time and resources. With your existing Azure active directory, your IT teams can manage all Smartsheet users in your organization.

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) are two other functionalities that can tighten your organization’s security. Once SSO is activated, your employees will need to use their corporate credentials to sign in to Smartsheet. When SAML is configured, your employees will be able to use the company account button to authenticate with their company.

To combine two users into one and eliminate duplicate entries, you can use the user merge feature. If you have multiple email addresses per employee, you are going to find this feature very useful.

The Enterprise plan gives you control over the way your users work in Smartsheet. With Enterprise access controls, you can set up approved domain sharing lists, choose authentication options, and limit group membership options.

For Smartsheet notification emails, instead of using the default Smartsheet domain you can customize your account so that all users can use your organization’s subdomain. Only a system admin of an Enterprise plan is allowed to configure a custom email domain.

With User auto provisioning, you can automatically add users to your account. The system will automatically detect the users as licensed or non-licensed users. It saves time because you no longer have to invite users manually.

If there is an issue with the authentication service, system admins can still access Smartsheet with their credentials, thanks to the system admin fallback feature.

In a growing organisation, different departments tend to independently roll out Smartsheet. And that can become an issue for administrators, especially when it comes to enforcing governance and security controls. In general, this issue is resolved by merging multiple plans into a single plan.

The Enterprise Plan Manager offers a smarter solution to this problem. With this feature you can ensure that all the Smartsheet plans of your organisation follow your governance, security and compliance requirements.

Features of the Enterprise Plan
Source: Help.smartsheet

Preparing custom documents across multiple disconnected platforms can be extremely time-consuming. The procedure is also susceptible to costly errors.

More Integrations and Other Capabilities

In terms of integrations, there is only one feature that makes the Enterprise plan stand apart, and that is E-signature with DocuSign. But it can save a lot of time and streamline your processes. With Smartsheet’s redesigned document builder, users can quickly create custom documents with their row data. With the DocuSign integration, users can send the documents for signatures.

There are some more additional features that are available for purchase only with the Enterprise plan. You may need some of these features, depending on the size and type of your business. Governance Controls, for example, is used to customize data governance and your organization’s requirements for compliance.

The Enterprise plan, in short, comes with all the bells and whistles needed to manage the operations of a large and complex organization. If the default features are not enough, you can always buy additional features to meet your needs.

Smartsheet Alternatives for Project Management


Best Smartsheet Alternative for Small Teams is the Best Smartsheet Alternative for Small Teams

Founded in 2012, is now one of the best team management tools, particularly for small businesses. The platform is known for its sophisticated features, user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing.

There are five plans including a free and a custom plan. The three predefined plans namely Basic, Standard and Pro start respectively at $8, 10 and $16 per user per month.

While Smartsheet is a great choice for professional services teams, is more suitable for startups and freelancers. has a forever free plan. So, if you need to get started with a project management tool without spending a penny, is definitely a better option. It’s a great tool for IT, HR, construction and creative agencies.

If you are running a small business and have a small budget for a project management tool, you may choose over Smartsheet.

2. ClickUp

Best Smartsheet Alternative for Independent Workers

ClickUp is the Best Smartsheet Alternative for Independent Workers

ClickUp is another great tool for task management, project organization and internal communications. The tool is popular for its cutting-edge features, ease of use, and affordability.

There are five ClickUp plans including a free plan. The predefined plans: Ultimate, Business, and Business Plus start respectively at $5, $9 and $19 per user per month. The fifth plan, Enterprise, is a custom plan intended for organizations with many large teams.

The motivation behind building ClickUp is to bring all your work into one place, and replace many apps with a single app. And ClickUp is largely successful in this endeavor.

The platform is more affordable and has a free plan, but that’s just the beginning. ClickUp offers some really great features that Smartsheet struggles to catch up with.

ClickUp’s strength lies in its features like custom statuses, relational databases, time management, customizable tasks, goals & milestones, and communication tools.

If you are looking for a cheaper but strong alternative to Smartsheet, you can’t go wrong with ClickUp.

3. Teamwork

Best Smartsheet Alternative for the IT Industry

Teamwork is the Best Smartsheet Alternative for the IT Industry

Teamwork is a popular project management tool with a strong focus on simplicity. But beneath its simple and intuitive interface, the platform has many cutting-edge features.

There are four Teamwork plans: Free Forever, Deliver, Grow, and Scale. The first one is a free plan with pretty useful features for individuals and small teams. The Deliver and Grow plans start respectively at $10 and $18 per user per month. The fourth plan, Scale, is a custom plan for large businesses.

While Smartsheet is a good fit for users who are comfortable with spreadsheets, Teamwork is a more robust and feature-rich tool with a bit of a learning curve. With that said, Teamwork has an intuitive and visually pleasing interface, and users quickly get comfortable with the tool.

Teamwork has features designed for risk management, time tracking, better billing, and stronger communication. It is to be noted here that Smartsheet offers no way to add risk management information, which makes migrating issues more complicated.

Teamwork is a better alternative to Smartsheet for IT teams that requires remote collaboration and sophisticated features.

4. Wrike

Best Smartsheet Alternative for Agencies and Marketing Teams

Wrike is the Best Smartsheet Alternative for Agencies and Marketing Teams

Now owned by Citrix, Wrike is a popular tool for work management, team collaboration, and project management. Wrike is not cheap, but offers plenty of value.

There are 5 Wrike plans: Free, Professional, Business, Enterprise, and Pinnacle. The Free plan is pretty generous. Professional and Business are predefined plans starting respectively at $9.80 and $24.80 per user per month. Enterprise and Pinnacle are Wrike’s custom plans intended for large businesses.

Wrike is an all-in-one project management tool that comes with just about everything you need for project management, product development and marketing. The main focus of the features is collaboration. The tool allows users to schedule, discuss and prioritize their tasks.

There are seven different visual dashboard views, making Teamwork one of the best visual project management software. Currently, support is available in 13 languages. If you want to use a free project management tool before you invest in it, Wrike is a better option for you.

Smartsheet Pricing FAQ

How much does Smartsheet cost?

Smartsheet has three plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise. 

The Pro plan costs $7 per user per month when billed annually, and $9 per user per month when billed monthly. 

Billed annually, the Business plan costs $25 per user per month. Billed monthly, the plan costs $32 per user per month. 

Enterprise is Smartsheet’s custom plan intended for large businesses. Its price depends on the features you choose for your business.

Is Smartsheet worth it?

While Smartsheet resembles a spreadsheet, it’s packed with plenty of highly sophisticated project management features. This no-code, cloud-based platform is popular among business owners and managers who are comfortable working with spreadsheets. Currently, Smartsheet has 9 million users, and about 1 million of them are paid users. 

Is there a free version of Smartsheet?

No, Smartsheet has no free version. However, the platform offers a free trial that does not require any credit card. 

How long is the free trial for Smartsheet?

30 days. You can use Smartsheet for a whole month without paying. No credit card required. Just sign up and get started. 

Next Step: Choose the Right Smartsheet Plan for You

Choosing the right Smartsheet plan is easy because there are only three plans to choose from. You can tell which plan is right for you just by looking at the features. Unless you have a large and complex business, get started with the Pro plan and see if you need to upgrade to the Business plan.

Before you invest in this project management tool, feel free to get the free trial. It comes with no strings attached; no credit card required. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. Just sign up and get started.

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