11 Best Client Management Software for Teams in 2022

Updated Nov 9, 2022.

Are you searching for the best client management software but don’t have enough time? This review has you covered.

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Monday.com CRM

Monday.com’s customizable interface provides the flexibility needed to create pipelines that fit your processes.
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If you’re hoping to concentrate on activities that will move you towards your goals, then Pipedrive should be your choice.
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Keap is robust when it comes to marketing automation, and this makes it great for effective lead generation and nurturing.
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FreshWorks CRM

With high competition and technology around, using AI inside FreshWorks CRM gives you an edge.
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HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is designed for marketers who want to engage prospects using optimized email templates.

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75% of big and small businesses want to close more sales, while 69% want to turn more contacts into new customers.

Since Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are the only way to achieve these goals, demand for client management tools has increased significantly.

With more client management systems being developed, it becomes difficult to identify which one will suit you best.

What to Look for in Great Client Management Software?

To choose the right client management software, you should evaluate them based on functionality.

Although most of these systems do the same thing, some features differentiate one platform from another.

When shopping for a tool for managing client interactions, here are the main features you should consider. This is especially important if you're running a small business.

Ease of Use

Sales tools that are easy to use will enable you to get started quickly and enjoy the convenience of using mobile apps when engaging with clients.

Your client management software should make it easy to import contacts, call, text clients, and extend functionality through integration with third-party tools.


Always go for a customizable client relationship management software system.

You should at least be able to customize sales processes, edit web forms and landing pages and create custom fields.

Workflow Automation

The client relationship management software you buy should enable you to manage the automation of repetitive tasks.

Make sure you can automate tasks such as assigning leads to sales reps, creating contacts, lead segmenting, and launching campaigns.

Business Communications

The client management software you choose should support multiple communication channels.

Check whether you can conduct email tracking, make and log calls, send text messages, and take notes. You can also consider more features such as voicemail and the ability to manage social media from the system.


Your client relationship management software should be able to measure, analyze and report on all sales-related activities.

Choose a sales CRM software that can measure your performance, track metrics and give you custom reports that help you understand the state of your business.

Best Client Management Software Tools

Researching the best client management software tools for a small business or enterprise team takes a lot of effort.

To help you out, we’ve put together this list of paid and free client management software tools so that you can easily choose the right one for your sales team.

Here is the list of popular client management software apps we’ll review:

1. Monday.com CRM

Top Client Management Software System for Custom Workflows

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For:
Customized workflows
$0 – $16 per user per month
Annual Discount:

Monday.com’s client management software has always stood out for me because of its customization options. This is something that anyone who wants the system to work for them will appreciate. Since the purpose of a client management tool is to help build relationships that drive sales, Monday’s lead scoring system starts your nurturing process at the first contact.

Monday.com's CRM is one of the best client management systems. It enables your sales team to customize lead capture and scoring, manage customer data and pull custom reports that help monitor your performance.

This CRM software manages communication with clients and gives you tools to support other aspects of your company, including HR, project management, and business operations.

Key Features

  • Communication: engage clients and past customers through integrated email. Sync Gmail and Outlook with the CRM and analyze all email communication. Take notes, set meeting scheduling, log calls, and use personalized email templates for increased efficiency.
  • Reports: gain full visibility into deal progress, revenue targets, and sales team performance. You can build custom dashboards to monitor sales activities, deal timelines, and budgets. You can also filter reports by sales rep, deal value, month, and more.
  • Lead management: manage more leads and qualify them using custom scoring rules and engage them through messaging that’s based on where they are on their customer journey. Easily import any contact record, merge duplicate client data and send personalized emails from the CRM.
  • Customization: customize Monday.com and build workflows that fit your unique processes without any coding experience. You can also create pipelines with sales cycles adapted to specific products and services and easily move deals across stages.
  • Workflow automation: manage the automation of repetitive work like updating deal statuses, sending email reminders, and set up lead routing. Take sales automation further by using integrations that sync data and save time for closing more deals.


  • User friendly interface
  • Highly customizable
  • Includes modules that support other business operations


  • Limited native integration with third-party apps
  • No branding of forms in the basic plan

2. Pipedrive

Top Client Management System for Tracking Sales Activities

Editor’s Take
8.6 out of 10
Best For:
Tracking sales activities
$9.90 – $59.90 per user per month
Annual Discount:

The first thing I noticed about Pipedrive is its emphasis on the how and not just the what. Unlike other platforms, instead of focusing on the ultimate goal—the sale, this tool keeps your focus on what you need to do to achieve that goal. You can also define goals based on sales activities and track the relevant metrics.

Pipedrive is a client relationship management software that helps you know which deals to focus on. You can set up goals to guide your sales activities, manage new leads using the Leads Inbox and automate tasks and workflows.

You can also integrate Facebook Messenger with Pipedrive, assign conversations to your sales reps, and link chats to your contacts.

Key Features

  • AI powered sales assistant: Pipedrive stands out among other client management systems for helping users identify which features and integrations they need to boost sales. Get your client information enriched using social media details and learn which deals to prioritize and what risks to look out for.
  • Workflow automation: automatically create a deal once new clients are added and notify sales reps through email. You can also automate your workflow, define rules to trigger events, move deals across stages, and handle recurring tasks.
  • Goals: set up deal or activity-based goals and add details such as periods, assignees and pipelines. Using goals to shape your focus, you can manage deal tracking by monitoring value or count-based metrics.
  • Sales pipeline management: create and customize your pipelines and use color codes to differentiate between deals. You can categorize activities to show what’s overdue and automatically assign qualified leads to your sales reps.
  • Lead management: add new leads into your pipeline or temporarily store them in your Leads Inbox. You can import leads, organize them using labels, add them to email lists, and get notified when leads start getting cold.


  • Free sales pipeline course
  • CRM training videos and tutorials
  • Bot and live chat features


  • No free plan
  • Limited mobile app

3. Keap

Excellent Client Management System for Automated Campaigns

Editor’s Take
8.1 out of 10
Best For:
Automating marketing campaigns
$129 – $199 per user team
Annual Discount:

What I find to be Keap’s biggest strength is its virtual business line. Since it’s attached to your smartphone and comes with premium features such as voicemail and auto-replies, managing business communication becomes easy. There’s also the text marketing feature that enables you to include opt-in messages in the text to ensure compliance.

Keap gives you a clear view of all your client information and enables you to quickly schedule appointments, create tasks, and launch automated sequences.

Combining the Keap virtual phone number and the mobile app helps you engage more clients using one-on-one text messages and even automate personalized text replies.

Key Features

  • Lead management: capture leads using Keap’s landing pages, custom web forms added to your website, and consultation appointments. You can automate lead scoring, use custom tags to categorize leads, segment them using different criteria, and nurture them using personalized emails.
  • Keap business line: separate personal and business communications by adding a business line to your phone. Choose a local or international number, set up auto-replies, customize voicemail, and use the mobile app to launch sequences.
  • Marketing: improve engagement and conversion rates by combining email and text marketing. You can add shortened links and custom opt-in messages, use text and email templates, conduct A/B testing, and launch sequences based on the actions taken by your clients.
  • Analytics and reports: analyze every data point and get insight into your client relationships. You can report on campaign performance, filter reports by period, analyze trends, and easily identify what needs improvement.
  • Pipeline management: create custom pipelines that make it easy to move leads automatically through your sales funnel. Create tasks for your sales reps, send follow up emails and monitor performance to learn how to optimize your sales process.


  • Free migration into Keap
  • Powerful mobile app
  • 24/7 phone support


  • Expensive
  • Rigid pricing plans

4. FreshWorks CRM

Best Client Management System for Productivity

Editor’s Take
7.8 out of 10
Best For:
Improving team productivity
$0 – $69 per user per month
Annual Discount:

I love the FreshWorks CRM AI tool called Freddy. Freddy can handle everything from scheduling appointments to providing in-depth analytics based on your sales CRM data. This tool also gives you instant access to your data through the mobile app, from where you can send bulk SMSs. You can also track your interactions with customers across different channels.

FreshWorks CRM lets small businesses build multiple custom pipelines and forecast periodic revenues. Using AI, you can deliver relevant messages as you nurture leads through email campaigns or WhatsApp, transfer phone calls between sales reps, and engage clients through the Apple Watch.

You can also receive real-time notifications and track your KPIs through the FreshWorks CRM mobile app.

Key Features

  • Pipeline management: get full pipeline visibility and create multiple sales pipelines customized according to your sales process. You can define sales management goals, set revenue forecasts, create sales documents such as quotes and MSAs, and manage your pipelines collaboratively across sales teams.
  • Freddy AI: let Freddy analyze your data and set up the sales activities that will help you close deals faster. Freddy can qualify leads, predict deals’ success rate, detect when a contact is out of the office, set up tasks and appointments, and generate custom reports on sales forecasting.
  • Workflow automation: improve efficiency and close more deals by automating interactions with clients along your customer journey. You can automatically assign leads to your sales reps, run campaigns using personalized communications, re-route calls when not in the office, and set up integrations that trigger workflows.
  • Lead management: manage leads by syncing your email with the client relationship management software tool to run nurturing campaigns more efficiently. You can integrate FreshWorks CRM with WhatsApp, engage potential customers using chat and use the call feature to make, log, record, and transfer calls.
  • Mobile sales: use the mobile CRM app to take notes, add voice recordings, access CRM data when offline, and send bulk SMSs. You can also send emails, bookmark favorite websites, and schedule and join Zoom meetings from the FreshWorks CRM mobile app.


  • Smart sequences
  • AI-powered analytics
  • Full-featured mobile app


  • Unintuitive user interface
  • No automated workflows in the free plan

5. HubSpot CRM

Best Client Relationship Management Software System for Optimized Campaigns

Editor’s Take
7.5 out of 10
Best For:
Highly-optimized nurturing campaigns
$23 – $120 per user per month
Annual Discount:
Free tool

From a sales and marketing perspective, it’s impossible not to love HubSpot CRM. Besides the generous free plan, I love its beautiful landing pages and the customizable lead scoring. With the timeline feature showing which sales activities a team has engaged in, it’s easy to monitor team performance and interactions with customers.

HubSpot CRM is perfect for both big and small businesses. It searches its database of 20M+ established businesses to enrich your contact records so that you can send relevant campaign messages.

You can create custom lead scoring rules, set up a bot to chat with web visitors, log all sales activities, and create benchmarks to track performance and improvements.

Key Features

  • Contact management: HubSpot CRM adds details to your contacts from its record of 20M+ businesses. From making calls and taking notes to scheduling meetings and assigning tasks, this contact management software helps you improve sales performance by doing all your sales work on the same screen.
  • Lead management: get all your sales activities logged and displayed in a detailed timeline inside HubSpot CRM. Understand your customer journey through different touchpoints, use web forms on your website to capture leads, automatically score them, and segment them for nurturing.
  • Marketing: HubSpot is one of the best marketing attribution tools around. It not only helps you capture leads, run ads and chat with online visitors, but also analyze performance and make data-driven decisions to improve conversions.
  • Sales pipeline: create your HubSpot CRM pipeline using the drag and drop editor and customize deals. You can track deals through the mobile app and use the sales dashboard to gain insight into team performance and contribution toward growth.
  • Ticketing: as part of its business solutions, HubSpot offers a system for managing customer tickets from a shared inbox with features for adding notes and tags. Assign tickets to customer service teams, automatically escalate issues, set ticket priority, create reporting dashboards, and analyze customer experience metrics.


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited users
  • Lots of third-party integrations


  • Expensive pricing plans
  • Limited customer support on the free plan

6. Zoho CRM

Best Client Relationship Management Software for Omnichannel Communication

Zoho CRM - Superfast Work, Steadfast Growth

Zoho CRM is one of the most affordable yet powerful client management solutions with flexible customization options and reporting capabilities.

You can deploy smart forms on your website or landing page to capture leads, email personalized quotes from within the sales CRM tool, analyze your data, and speak to Zia to request for reports.

Key Features

  • Zia: engage this conversational Artificial Intelligence bot via chat or call and get the answer displayed or read out to you. This AI powered sales assistant can take notes, automate sales tasks, monitor the competition, and recommend upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Lead management: add contacts to Zoho CRM by scanning business cards or capture leads using smart forms and landing pages. Engage leads using web chat, set up scoring rules, monitor tweets from the CRM, and automatically assign leads to sales reps.
  • Omnichannel: connect with leads and customers on different channels. From within Zoho CRM, you can send emails, track performance, make and log calls, make presentations, chat live, and set up self-service portals.
  • Analytics: Zoho CRM allows you to add powerful analytics widgets to custom dashboards, create multi-dimensional reports with filtering options, visualize data using charts, and analyze time-based metrics. The reports are clear and help you understand what you can optimize to support business growth.
  • Deal management: using Zoho CRM, you can create pipelines for different products or services, send personalized quotes, set up workflow alerts, identify bottlenecks, and monitor deals to improve your processes.


  • Very customizable
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Fast onboarding


  • Limited free plan
  • Unintuitive user interface

7. Insightly

Best Sales Cloud CRM Software for Understanding Client Relationships

Insightly - The CRM your teams will love

Insightly focuses on client relationships and uses them to nurture leads through the sales funnel.

You can integrate Insightly with 500+ connections, build custom connections, A/B test campaigns, predict sales outcomes, and pull reports that give you all the information you need to monitor business growth.

Key Features

  • Customer relationships: use multiple data points to understand relationships and build trust with prospects and customers. Link the records of your prospects to those of your existing customers to identify connections. You can then leverage those networks to close more sales.
  • Analytics: analyze data, track sales figures and optimize your sales processes. Create custom dashboards, share them with team members, and generate reports enabling you to understand how different sales activities impact business growth.
  • AppConnect: build custom integrations to connect Insightly with the apps you use. The drag and drop editor helps you create sophisticated integrations and workflows that can be easily scaled and automated.
  • Ticketing: improve customer experience by closing tickets faster and analyzing ticketing data. Review the full ticket history, check integrated knowledge articles and track performance metrics in real-time.
  • Email marketing: build customer journeys that can handle complex lead nurturing. You can segment leads, A/B test campaigns, analyze open rates, CTRs and other metrics, and optimize your processes for increased conversions.


  • Free plan
  • Powerful sales automation engine
  • Built-in project management


  • Limited support options
  • Some integrations are complicated

8. Zendesk Sell

Best Sales CRM Software for SMBs With a Focus on Tracking Customer Interactions

Zendesk Sell - Sell smarter, not harder

Zendesk Sell provides you with a huge contact database of 350M+ client records to help you craft relevant messages for your campaigns.

You can set up a bot to chat with web visitors when you’re offline, get transcripts for your calls, customize dashboards, and use call center software for customer support to help you handle queries from your customers.

Major Features

  • Pipeline management: estimate the future revenue of your company and monitor deal progression. Identify and fix bottlenecks, analyze sales activity records, track performance metrics, and utilize customizable dashboards to improve pipeline visibility.
  • Lead management: Zendesk Sell is one of the best cloud based CRM platforms in the market today for qualifying leads faster and automating your outreach activities. With access to 44M+ businesses and 350M+ prospect records, you can update every contact record with relevant details and send personalized emails.
  • Messaging: manage sales conversations with customers across multiple channels and instantly know where potential clients are in their journey. Understand customer queries, answer questions using a bot, set up a live chat, and send group messages via mobile.
  • Dialer: engage prospects and customers through calls to resolve issues and close deals faster. Integrate a call button in your app or website, set up call center solutions, and extend the dialer with tools for transcription and quality assurance checks.
  • Analytics and reports: monitor your client management process and track sales performance. Analyze historical data to identify trends, filter detailed reports, customize dashboards and charts, manage customer lifecycle, and instantly share reports or send them later.


  • Detailed contact enrichment
  • Six months of free use for qualifying startups
  • Smart data filters


  • No free version
  • User interface needs improvement

9. Capsule CRM

Best CRM Software for Sales Teams Prioritizing Ease of Use

Capsule CRM - The smart, simple online CRM

Capsule CRM lets you import contact records from G Suite, Outlook, and CSV files. You can also create tasks and automated workflows.

This tool comes with fully customizable tags for managing deals and contacts, milestones for tracking deals, and a Projects feature for managing the work that comes after the deal.

Key Features

  • Pipeline management: create multiple pipelines and manage them on one page. You can use tags to categorize deals, instantly see the value of deals, create milestones to easily track deal progress, and forecast deal value.
  • Sales reporting: generate reports that give you all the information you need to monitor closed deals and sales team performance. Check which sales activities improve revenue growth, filter data by sales rep or period, and identify trends to help you fix performance issues.
  • Contact management: import customer data from Outlook, G Suite, and CSV files and manage all interactions from a single location. You can also search inside emails and notes and categorize contacts using custom tags.
  • Calendar and Tasks: create tasks for Google calendar events and phone calls to ensure no opportunity is lost. You can link tasks to contacts, automate email marketing tasks to create custom workflows, and use the calendar view to see upcoming tasks.
  • Projects: quickly move forward after closing deals and use the Projects feature to manage the work that will deliver products and services to your customers. Manage projects using Kanban boards, improve team collaboration, group related tasks into Tracks for increased efficiency, and manage team workload effectively.


  • Easy to use
  • Feature-packed mobile app
  • Custom training available


  • Integration with third-party apps needs improvement
  • Limited free plan

10. Dynamics 365

Best Cloud Based CRM System for Businesses Using Microsoft Products

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Agility without limits

Dynamics 365 uses data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to provide insight into client sentiment.

You can engage clients on different channels, optimize ecommerce operations such as order management, processing invoices, get sales teams to collaborate with employees in other departments, and use AI-powered personalization to improve conversions.

Major Features

  • Relationship sales: build client relationships by leveraging Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Learn more about your potential customers, identify decision makers and influencers, monitor relationship health and risks, track behavioral metrics, and improve customer lifecycle.
  • Insights: get a 360-degree view of your clients and use AI-driven insights to shorten sales cycles, improve personalization, automate workflows, reduce customer churn, and optimize customer journeys.
  • Customer voice: receive and analyze omnichannel feedback to understand customer sentiment. You can identify and fix bottlenecks, measure customer satisfaction, share feedback with team members, and automate follow up actions.
  • Customer experience: use AI to predict customer intent and deepen your connection with clients. Segment your leads and run targeted ads to close more deals, improve sales, conduct prospect tracking, manage customer support queries, and turn leads into loyal clients.
  • Business Central: enjoy cross-departmental collaboration, manage sales forecasting and use customizable dashboards to track performance metrics. You can also manage your entire supply chain on the cloud based system and utilize machine learning to scale business growth.


  • Comes with mixed reality capability
  • AI-driven insights
  • Integrates well with other Microsoft products and services


  • Can be slow at times
  • Limited native integration with third-party apps

11. Salesforce

Best Sales Cloud CRM System for Businesses That Want to Scale Easily

Salesforce - Growing your sales has never been this easy

Salesforce is one of the powerful client management solutions that enables you to manage contacts collaboratively, manage shared files using permissions and use AI to generate revenue forecasts.

The AI assistant called Einstein will help you automate your follow up marketing campaigns and save you time that you can use to optimize your growth strategy.

Key Features

  • Contact management: enrich your client records using social data and review their deals and communication history to understand their needs. You can collaborate on managing contact records and access all customer data on mobile.
  • Reports: analyze real-time sales data and historical interactions with your customers to monitor business performance. You can customize reports, use filters, modify data charts, and build custom sales forecasting reports.
  • Pipeline management: monitor deals in real-time, create quotes and use email templates to send them from within the sales cloud CRM. You can also customize the pipeline to fit your sales processes and use AI to create flexible forecasts.
  • Marketing automation: get more out of your campaigns by letting Einstein handle your marketing and sales automation. Collaborate with your team on creating custom dashboards, analyzing marketing data, exporting reports, and optimizing spend based on ROI.
  • Files sync: work on files as a team and manage access through permissions. You can use filters to search for files, get notifications on new versions of the files you follow, and use tags to categorize files in a library.


  • Full-featured mobile app
  • Powerful email marketing
  • AI-powered analytics


  • User interface isn’t intuitive
  • Complex reporting feature


What Is Client Management Software?

Client management software is an application that enables both big and small businesses to nurture their relationship with prospects and customers.

These systems allow you to create pipelines, monitor deals, run email marketing campaigns, track sales targets, share data across teams, and see how to improve your sales cycle.

Why Use Client Management Software?

Client management software has important features, including analytics, that help you make better business decisions.

These tools will increase the efficiency of your sales teams, gather social data to help you understand your customers better, and enable you to improve your customer life cycle.

The ultimate goal of using CRM tools is to establish customer loyalty and build your company by maintaining profitability.

How Much Does the Best Client Management Software Cost?

The best client management software for most people is Monday.com and its most expensive plan costs $16 per user per month.

This is by far the most affordable customer relationship management system you can buy.

You can also check out Pipedrive which starts at $9.90 per user per month.

What Is the Best Free Client Management Tool?

The best free client management software tool is HubSpot CRM. This tool has features such as customizable lead scoring, optimized email templates, bot and live chat, and campaign management.

Monday.com also offers a great option and includes features for project and task management.

What Is the Difference Between Client Management Software and Contact Management Software?

Contact management software is limited to handling client information and includes features that enable small businesses to manage basic customer communications.

On the other hand, client management apps go beyond contact management features to include lead capturing and nurturing, personalized customer journeys, and other advanced features such as analytics and complex sales funnel builders.

Some of the best CRM software add more value by providing powerful mobile apps that can create and launch follow up email marketing automation sequences and work as a team management solution.

Although a small business will be fine with contact management software, as it grows and increases in market share, it will need to upgrade to a client management platform.

Which Client Management Software Should I Try?

The client management software you decide to buy will depend on your business needs and budget.

If you only have basic business needs, you should try the free client management software provided by HubSpot CRM. This client relationship management software is perfect for a small business and will help you cut costs.

If your company has a unique sales process that demands customizing your sales pipeline, check out Monday.com.

You can also consider FreshWorks CRM because its AI tool can help you improve your productivity significantly.

Feel free to try out any of the customer relationship management software tools we’ve reviewed in this article, starting with these top sales CRM apps.

Best Client Relationship Management Software for Customizing Pipelines


Best Sales CRM Tool for Tracking Sales Activities


Top Client Management Platform for Automated Campaigns


Best Client Relationship Management Software for Productivity

FreshWorks CRM

Best Client Relationship Management Software for Marketing and Sales Teams

HubSpot CRM

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