11 Best Client Management Software for Teams in 2022

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

Every organization has two primary goals: serve its clients and generate revenue. But even with these vivid business objectives, it's all too easy for businesses to lose focus on customers and steer their operations towards generating profit, especially when lacking a suitable and solidified client management system.

That said, investing in the right client management software is a wise decision.

The management system, also known as customer relationship management software (CRMs) or contact management systems, can help you streamline workflows, maximize staff efficiency, track customer data, nurture client leads, and provide top-notch customer service.

If that's what you're looking for, then keep reading as we review the best client management software for teams in the market.

Best Client Management Software

1. Monday.com CRM

Simplest and Most Flexible Client Management Software

Monday.com CRM is the Simplest and Most Flexible Client Management Software

Monday.com CRM is a system that helps to manage all kinds of clients. The software features an intuitive sales management tool that helps to track workflow, team productivity, and sales performance. With its three templates: sales CRM, partner management, and sales assets, you can organize sales, lead management, and client relationships.

Client Management Tools

  • Client Board: Allow clients to visualize and organize the project's tasks through a roadmap. Let customers provide feedback in real-time and evaluate any project strategies or sales pipeline.
  • Multiple Views: Ease the visual on your work with multiple Project Views such as Gantt charts, charts, calendars, maps, files, and board views.
  • Collaboration Tools: Streamline communication with clients using In-context notifications, live chats, file sharing, and message boards.
  • Task and Sub-task Management: Turn comments into actionable tasks with a single click. Move clients from one pipeline to another for faster workflows. Attach notes to tasks to keep clients in the loop every time.
  • Smart Columns and Automation: Customize layouts, templates, and databases to organize your client's information for easy access.
  • Automated Workflows: Skip recurring tasks and set up reminders and alerts on tasks to keep up to speed with the projects.
  • Contact Management: Manage and organize your contacts, current or incoming, by type of clients, priority, availability, or any other detail.
  • Intuitive Dashboards: Oversee workflow efficiency and sales pipeline from one platform for greater visibility and optimization.
  • CRM Integrations: Synchronize your data with other tools in one hub.


Monday.com CRM Pricing Plan

Monday.com has five pricing plans: Individual, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The individual plan is free forever but only suitable for two users, leaving the remaining four plans payable per user per month and only caters to a minimum of five users.

Try out Monday.com today and let your clients enjoy its user-friendly interface.

2. Pipedrive

Ideal Client Management Software for Salespeople 

Pipedrive is an Ideal Client Management Software for Salespeople

Pipedrive is the number one CRM software designed to meet your sales goals. The software has built-in tools that optimize your efforts to boost sales and manage leads by creating comprehensive sales management plans. What's more, with its AI-powered sales assistant, the software also helps to steer pipeline and salesforce management.

Client Management Tools 

  • Workflow Automation: Reduce administrative work and do less data handling with automated prompts for repetitive tasks.
  • Sales Tracking: Stay abreast of your pipeline deals. Get real-time tracking of your sales pipeline, leads, and deals to help you with sales conversions.
  • Customizable Dashboards: View every stage of your sales pipeline to keep everyone in the know. Understand your sales and marketing needs and priorities. Plan your next course of action and customize each level to match your unique marketing and sales processes.
  • Email Integration: Track your email conversions and leads to know their exact status and focus on follow-ups. Synchronize your emails to your inbox for easy access.
  • Communication Tracking: Track your calls, messages, and emails from history. Use features such as activity calendars, contact maps, meeting schedulers, and customizable signatures to monitor communications between teams and clients.
  • Activity and Goal Feature: Track pipeline activities and monitor project targets for teams and individuals. Use their deal rotting feature to identify missed opportunities.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Understand key performance indicators on your business. Track performing vs. struggling team members and enhance sales and marketing efforts on every stage. Forecast and focus on performing deals to save valuable time.
  • Contact Management: Grow your contact database to include contacts from organizations and more.
  • Mobile Apps: Access your CRM information on the go and receive notifications on projects in real-time through iOS and Android apps.
  • Integrations: Work with supporting sales-boosting apps and email service providers such as yahoo, outlook, and Gmail. 


Pipedrive Pricing Plan

Pipedrive has four paid plans: Essential, Advanced, Professional, and enterprise. The cost is as low as $12.50 to as high as $99.00 for the Enterprise package. All plans are payable per user, per month, paid monthly, or annually with a discount of 17%.

Try any of the four paid plans for free for up to 14 days.

3. Keap

Best CRM Platform for Lead Generation 

Keap is the Best CRM Platform for Lead Generation

Keap CRM (Formerly Infusionsoft) is an intuitive software that focuses on generating leads and converting clients using sales and marketing automation features. With an easy-to-use platform, the tool offers a range of functionalities that spearhead sale conversions while managing and ensuring clients’ best interests.

Client Management Tools 

  • Automated Lead Capture: Collect, store and manage contacts through custom lead forms and landing pages. Automatically update and provide reminders on contact information to increase sales. Tag and segment contacts based on project activity and data.
  • Mobile and Desktop Apps: Access contacts, data records, and company information from one location.
  • Inventory Management: Manage e-commerce shops and stores, track store activities, and create payment vouchers, invoices, and quotes in one platform.
  • Email and SMS Marketing: Users can select from pre-structured emails and automate sending messages to new leads.
  • Communication Tools: Utilize the business line and phone messages to communicate directly with clients. Save time on email generation using pre-made email templates.
  • Reporting Dashboards: Run analysis on sales performance and record parameters on emails, return on investments, and campaign performance.
  • CRM Tracking: Keep a record of all client information, transactions, and communication in one place. Maintain history of all payments, conversations, files, and attachments for future reference.
  • Automation: Automate workflows, create personalized communication, and build leads and campaigns for your clients.
  • Native Integrations: Connect and share contacts and project information using thousands of apps such as Quickbooks, Shopify, outlook, and many more.


Keap Pricing Plan

Keap has three pricing plans: Lite, Pro, and Max. Lite costs $40 per month and is suitable for new business. Pro costs $85 per month and is excellent for growing teams, leaving Max at $100 per month best for established businesses with multiple teams.

Try Keap today for free by joining their 14-day free trial and enjoy one on one coaching, 24/7 expert support, and a community of industry experts.

4. FreshWorks CRM

Customer Engagement Platform for Sales and Marketing 

FreshWorks CRM is a Customer Engagement Platform for Sales and Marketing

Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) is a fully-fledged salesforce automation tool that allows you to track, capture, and manage sales leads in one location. What's more, the software's AI-powered assistant named Freddy gives you the insights you can use alongside multiple functionalities to focus on the right clients.

Client Management Tools 

  • Dashboards: Gain a 360° view of your customer's information along with their social media profiles and touchpoints like appointments and interactions.
  • Website and In-app Tracking: Track, capture, and analyze your customer's activities, so you don't miss a thing when making decisions.
  • Activity Timeline: Keep track of your day-to-day activities, appointments, and meetings with the automated scheduler.
  • Behavior-based Segmentation: Group your clients better with segments created with AI.
  • Email Management: Enrich email communication with 2-way email synchronization, email tracking, and marketing.
  • Lead Scoring: Understand your customer's interests and prioritize them based on data insights.
  • Auto Profile Enrichment: Add leads and sales information to existing contacts.
  • In-depth Reports: Conduct analysis and generate reports on revenue and sales.
  • Collaboration Tools: Use the built-in phone and email to communicate directly with your clients. Record call logs, track opened emails, and analyze clicked links from one platform.
  • Intelligent Workflows: Track end to end activities, stay on top of your tasks, and automate data entry.
  • Integrations: Collaborate your Freshworks CRM with Google G-Suite to get the work down faster.


Fresh Works CRM Pricing

Freshworks has four pricing packages: Free, Growth at $15, Pro at $39, and Enterprise at $69. All paid plans are payable per user per month, either monthly or annually.

Sign up today and gain access to the fully-loaded CRM for 21 days.

5. HubSpot CRM

Most Comprehensive Free Client Management Software 

HubSpot CRM is the Most Comprehensive Free Client Management Software

HubSpot CRM is 100% free client management software designed for business owners, operations managers, salespeople, sales leaders, marketers, and customer service teams. The software has an intuitive and simplified interface with features such as appointment scheduling, email tracking, and real-time notifications to help build and maintain relationships with your clients.

Client Management Tools 

  • Contact Database and Management: Allow access to up to 1,000,000 users with no limit or expiration date. Automatically add company and contact records in a single click. Complete your sales tasks in one go without switching from page to page.
  • Training Libraries: Learn more about using the CRM, set up, and run the software using the training resources, guides, and tips.
  • Reporting dashboard: Gain complete visibility of your sales pipeline from onset to outcome in real-time. Generate detailed sales, productivity, and performance reports from the activity timeline.
  • Dedicated Hubs: Create, organize, and customize your client's needs in different hubs such as sales, marketing, operations, and customer management for better management.
  • Customer Service Tools: Utilize ticketing and conversation inbox to stay in touch with your clients at all times.
  • Ad Management: Create networks from your contact database to the HubSpot platform and identify which ads generate clients.
  • Company Insights: Get insights into prospective companies, so you spend less time researching and more time selling.
  • Deal Tracking: Track, manage, and report the sales deals your teams are working on.
  • Email Tracking: Track emails sent to contacts and get real-time updates and notifications once clients open or click the emails.
  • Meeting Scheduling: Send and review links with your contacts to allow them to book meetings with you whenever you're free.
  • Shared Inbox: Set up an inbox for all your emails and live chats with the team.
  • App Marketplace Integration: Explore the marketplace and connect HubSpot to other tools you'd love to work with.


HubSpot Pricing Plan

Besides their free plan, you can get enterprise plans starting with Starter at $23 per month, then Professional at $360 per month, and Enterprise at $1200 a month. 

Buy any of their plans, commit annually and save 10% when you pay upfront.

6. Zoho CRM

Top-Rated CRM Tool for Multichannel Communication 

Zoho CRM is the Top Rated CRM Tool for Multichannel Communication

Zoho CRM is a powerful business management platform that helps organizations manage their sales, marketing, and operations in one place. The software offers versatile, purposeful, and vertical solutions to customer communication, management, and conversions.

Client Management Tools 

  • Lead and Deal Management: Capture, manage, and analyze leads into prospects. Convert leads and make more deals at an optimal time.
  • Canvas: Customize your Zoho CRM design into what you want.
  • Sales Process Builder: Work in your sales processes and ensure all your sales reps follow up on the key stages.
  • Analytics: Get insights into various metrics such as sales trends, team performance, and marketing campaigns.
  • Salesforce Automation: Spend more time focused on clients leaving redundant tasks such as routine sales and marketing functions to the software. Optimize workflows to save valuable time and eliminate human errors.
  • Customization: Manage your contacts and accounts in workable modules, layouts, and fields.
  • AI Insights: Predict sales outcomes, detect anomalies, and identify email sentiments.
  • Performance Management: Enhance the productivity of your sales teams with gasification tools, forecasting, and territory management. Predict and prioritize leads and deals likely to convert.
  • Sales Enablement: Generate price quotes and sales scripts. Discuss, view, and add information with vendors and partners through the portal.
  • Predictive Intelligence: Predict future sales and automate tasks with the AI assistant called Zia.
  • Marketing Attribution Tools: Generate new leads, compare ads, and execute targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Team Collaboration Tools: Hold meetings and discussions with the internal chat featured with notes and forums. Connect with your clients via email, telephone, and social media outlets.
  • Mobile CRM App: Work on the go with the iOS and Android apps. Schedule tasks, connect with clients and update information while offline.
  • Zoho Integrations: Integrate your Zoho account with several business applications such as Whatsapp, Mailchimp, G-Suite, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Dropbox, Facebook, Quickbooks, Slack, and SalesIQ.


Zoho CRM Pricing Plan

Zoho CRM doesn't have a free plan. Instead, they offer four paid plans: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. The Standard plan goes for $14 per user per month, Professional costs $23 per user per month, Enterprise costs $40 per user per month, and Ultimate costs $52 per user per month. All plans are payable monthly or annually, but you get to save 34% when you pay yearly.

Start their 15-day free trial today and build great customer relationships.

7. Insightly

Powerful Sales CRM Tool for Marketing Automation 

Insightly is a Powerful Sales CRM Tool for Marketing Automation

Insightly is a unified CRM platform that aims to align sales, marketing, operations, and customer service in one location. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, the tool offers multiple functionalities that help organizations smoothen workflows and create better customer relationships.

Client Management Tools 

  • Lead Routing: Track relevant sales lead information and direct these leads to the right sales representatives in real-time.
  • Workflow Automation: Create and execute multi-step business processes such as generating tasks and sending emails in a single click.
  • Email Marketing and Management: Create, send, save and track emails in real-time within the software with ease. Send out bulk emails to all your contacts quickly.
  • Customization Options: Manage your business operations and processes with flexibility.
  • Relationship Linking: Link your contacts information to other records to create an informal network of your clients. Map out existing links between customers to better understand their needs.
  • Design Dashboards: Customize your views and workflows to reflect your business's needs and user preferences.
  • Business Intelligence: Formulate action plans on leads based on discovery insights and charts displayed in the dashboards.
  • Milestone and Task Tracking: Stay ahead of your client's expectations and ensure to work on them before their deadlines.
  • Automatic Social Profile Enrichment: Add and edit information about your clients, present or future and enrich their data with additional information on their social media profiles.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Work with other business applications such as Office 365, Slack, and G-Suite.


Insightly Pricing Plan

Insightly has three pricing packages: Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. Plus is offered at $29 per user per month, Professional costs $49 per user per month, and Enterprise costs $99 per user per month. All plans are billed annually.

Try any of their plans for free via their free trial or request a demo.

8. Zendesk Sell

Best Client Management Software for Collaboration 

Zendesk Sell is the Best Client Management Software for Collaboration

Zendesk Sell is a full-service CRM tool with a primary focus on communication. They aim to maximize collaboration across departments to help boost customer relationships, engagement and reach.

Client Management Tools 

  • Customizable Sales Pipeline: Assign teams to pipeline deals to keep them abreast of any changes.
  • Smart Lists: Discover, categorize, and filter sales and marketing leads.
  • Email Tracking Tools: Monitor client engagements by tracking email clicks and opens. Use email intelligence to get real-time notifications and create email templates for future use.
  • Helpdesk Tracking Tool: Gain a 360°view of your customers through the customer database system.
  • Contact Management: Add and store contacts in your database for further referencing: track activity histories, account discussions, social data, and client communications within the software.
  • Self-Service Portal: Allow your customers the autonomy to handle their issues themselves before hassling agents.
  • Auto Dialer with Text Capability: Let your sales representatives make calls to clients with ease. Record calls and store them into the system. Maintain out-of-box analytics into call counts and durations.
  • Prospect Discovery and Verification: Use the sales prospecting functionality to identify and target robust and verified sales leads.
  • Mobile and Cloud Applications: Keep the team in the loop and connected to the client database.
  • Sales Dashboards and Reporting: View client activities in the dashboard and track their changes. Customize reports and receive updates on leads and follow-ups.
  • Native Integrations: Integrate the software with other tools and applications for your convenience.


Zendesk Pricing Plan

Zendesk Sell has four pricing plans for growth: Foundational Support from $19, Suite Team at $49, Suite Growth at $79, and Suite Professional at $99. All four plans are payable per agent per month, billed annually.

Join over 160,000 businesses that trust Zendesk today.

9. Capsule CRM

Most Customizable Client Management Software for Sales Pipeline

Capsule CRM is the Most Customizable Client Management Software for Sales Pipeline

Capsule CRM is a web-based CRM tool that prioritizes sales and customer interactions. The software provides three primary services: contact management, sales pipeline management, and business organization.

Client Management Tools 

  • Customization: Design the interface to showcase brand colors, enhance work organization, and segment clients based on business needs. Tailor the system to define work processes with configurable milestones.
  • Ticket Management: Resolve client and customer issues and inquiries fast.
  • Contact Management: Import contacts across different platforms such as CSV files, Excel, Google, and email into the system. Add notes, tasks, and files against contacts for better planning and execution. Categorize your contacts into innovative groups for marketing and sales efforts.
  • Mobile App: Access all your client's data in one place. Make real-time changes within the system.
  • Reporting: Generate reports on the estimated value of leads. Forecast future changes, successes, and failures. Track sales trends, conversions rates, deals, sales value, and customer lifetime value.
  • Pipeline Dashboard: View your sales pipeline, conversion rates, milestones, and potential value at one glance.
  • Opportunity Filtering: Sort and filter through your opportunities based on their status and milestones.
  • Task Management: Create tasks for calls, submissions, and appointments via the calendar. Use tasks automation to set up and redo a series of tasks. Add reminders to repetitive tasks to save time.
  • Integrations: Integrate the software with a range of other business applications such as google drive for document sharing, Quickbooks for accounting, and Slack for communication.


Capsule CRM Pricing Plan

Capsule CRM has four pricing plans: free that's only viable for two users and 250 contacts, Professional at $18, Teams at $36, and Enterprise at $54. The three paid plans are payable per user per month.

Get started with the free plan today, or start the 30-day trial for any paid plans.

10. Dynamics 365

ERP and CRM Solution for Enterprise Teams 

Dynamics 365 is an ERP and CRM Solution for Enterprise Teams

In 2016, Microsoft added a new business Intelligence app to its Microsoft 365 ecosystem: Dynamics 365. This is a cloud-based business application that functions as a CRM and ERP tool to help organizations manage their clients at an enterprise level. The tool uses artificial intelligence and productivity applications to help teams work better together to acquire and retain clients.

Client Management Tools 

  • Reporting and Statistics: Use the report wizard to generate paginated reports. Create custom or complex reports either from scratch or pre-made templates.
  • Activity Dashboard: Visualize the activity timeline for your users and customize it to your liking.
  • Inventory Management: Streamline all the moving parts in your organization with effective tracking. Monitor inventory in real-time and generate reports to enhance customer insights.
  • Document Management: Add extra information, files, notes, and attachments to existing customers' records.
  • Workflow Management: Create different tasks and pathways for your work process. Automate complex business processes to save time on workflow methodologies.
  • Mobile Access: Access your customer records anywhere with access to mobile and cloud applications.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Work with the complete Microsoft office ecosystem, including Microsoft teams, excel, PowerPoint, and One drive for storage. Use additional external apps such as Office point, Slack, and Outlook to integrate your work.


Dynamics 365 Pricing Plan

Dynamics 365 has two plans for the customer data platform: Customer Insight at either $1,000 or $1,500 per tenant per month and a Customer Voice plan at $200 per tenant per month.

Get started with Dynamics 365 today.

11. Salesforce

Best CRM Tool for Growing Businesses 

Salesforce is the Best CRM Tool for Growing Businesses

Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud-based CRM solutions available in the market, and for a good reason. The platform offers scalability, flexibility, comprehensiveness, and customization to help align the software with your specific business needs. What's more, the platform is dedicated to offering extensive features that support customer service and interaction.

Client Management Tools 

  • Contact Management: Collect, store, and interact with contacts in your customer accounts. Edit, enrich, and retrieve data into the system—track contact interactions.
  • Opportunity and Pipeline Management: Manage all your sales deals and leads in one location. Create sales deals based on customers' insights and information.
  • Email Integration: Connect your account with additional email applications such as outlook to record and track emails.
  • Sales Forecasting: Visualize real-time progress on all your sales representatives.
  • Commission Management: Utilize the Commissionly feature to pay and motivate your salesforce to achieve business goals.
  • Call Center Management: Enhance customer service with self-service portals and a dedicated call center streamlining communication between teams and clients.
  • Process Automation: Increase productivity with AI and automated workflows and approvals.


Salesforce Pricing Plan

Salesforce has four subscription plans: Essentials at $25, Professional at $75, Enterprise at $150, and Unlimited at $300. All plans are payable per user per month and billed annually.

Engage with every customer today with Salesforce CRM software.

Key Features of Good Client Management Software

Your client management software should offer more than storage of customer data. Here are eight key features you should look for before you buy into any management software.

1. Contact Management

Your clients are your business's lifeblood. This means it's vital to keep your customers' information organized and well within reach.

A contact management database within the software allows you to digitize your address book for easy access to your contacts. What's more, this feature allows you to segment your contacts to customize your marketing efforts and sales strategies, track your customer's interests and interactions, and gain insight into their behaviors.

2. Intuitive Dashboards 

As your team serves your clients, they will often piggyback to the same page: the dashboard. To enhance their speed and productivity during customer service, you want a CRM platform that's intuitive, easy to use, and customizable. This way, the dashboard doesn’t appear cluttered, complex, or overwhelming to use.

Ensure the dashboard incorporates everything you may need to serve clients, such as reports, calendars, communication shortcuts, and many more.

3. Pipeline and Lead Management

A key function of excellent CRM software is boosting the sales pipeline and encouraging lead generation. That means your preferred software should include pipeline and lead management: a feature that allows you to streamline all sales processes, automate sales strategies, and track leads and prospects.

With this feature, you could also gain additional tools such as lead scoring, sales forecasting, and lead routing to identify, verify, and track leads.

4. Communication and Collaboration Systems 

If you want your teams to work coherently towards building a better relationship with your clients, you want to ensure you have collaboration tools within the software. These tools can be in three types: communication, coordination, and conferencing.

Understandably, the software may not support all three collaboration types, but at least it should have communication systems in place as that's theist paramount of the three. Such communication tools could include telephone calls, emails, text messages, or direct messages via social media outlets.

Additional collaboration tools could include:

Watch out for any of these features in the software.

5. Reporting and Analytics

CRMs don't focus solely on customer service but also sales, marketing, and other business operations. That said, it's crucial to have software with reporting and analytical tools so you can collect, compare, and analyze key performance metrics.

Software with this feature can easily generate valuable reports that offer you a broad understanding of your operations. What's more, it can also highlight risks, strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

6. Activity Tracking

The needs of your customers/clients are ever-changing, and you should be able to adapt to these changes. With activity tracking, the software allows you to monitor your client's activities, so you can know the what, when, and how before they occur. Call it insight, prospects, or predictions, activity tracking keeps you ready for future roadblocks and helps you prevent any disasters.

7. Integrations and Automations 

What system would it be without automation and integrations?

A robust CRM software should create and manage complex processes with multiple steps in one easy go. The system should remove all forms of manual entry from bulk messaging to reporting, meeting scheduling to social media marketing, and initiate automated workflows that cut down on redundancies and human errors.

8. Mobile and Cloud CRM Applications

Last but not least, it's wise to invest in a CRM solution that allows you to work, communicate, and serve your customers while on the go. Web and mobile applications offer you easy access to the software wherever you are, whatever the time. What's more, it gives your team work flexibility, effectiveness, and a boost in productivity.


What is Client Management Software?

Client management software is an application that allows businesses to create, visualize, and manage relationships with their customers and clients all in one platform. These systems allow sales, marketing, and customer support teams to create customer databases that cover all crucial aspects of their customers and clients.

This client management software can function as fully-fledged CRM tools and contact management systems at a basic level. Meaning, the system will help you store contact information about your clients such as phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, social media handles, and purchasing histories while identifying, targeting, and prioritizing sales and marketing leads.

Why Use Client Management Software?

Whether you're a small, medium, or enterprise-size organization, you should primarily use client management software to build and maintain relationships with your clients.
Other reasons you should use the software include: 
– To streamline inbound and outbound marketing strategies.
– To generate real-time reports and analytics for business decisions.
– To create marketing campaigns and sales pipelines.
– To increase work productivity through CRM automation.
– To enhance collaboration across multiple teams and departments such as sales, marketing, IT, and customer service.

How Much Does the Best Client Management Software Cost?

It depends on your definition of best since each software has its unique selling point ranging from collaboration to marketing, sales, and lead generation which makes it difficult to pinpoint exact costs.

That said, you can find free CRM tools that outweigh the benefits of paid plans. Meaning at no cost, you get a comprehensive list of features that support your client management needs.

On the other hand, there are different pricing tiers available in the market. You can get an inexpensive CRM tool that's cost-friendly and goes from as low as $12 per user per month, such as Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and Freshworks CRM. Alternatively, there is also expensive software such as Keap, whose cheapest plan is set at over $50 per agent per month.

Depending on your business needs, size of business, and the number of users, you can get software for just about any budget, so compare pricing before making your final decision.

What is the Best Free Client Management Tool?

From the review above, only four have free plans: Monday.com, Freshworks, Capsule CRM, and Hubspot. From these three, HubSpot CRM takes the lead as the best free client management software as it offers more comprehensive features compared to the other two options.

Which Client Management System Should I Try?

Every one of these CRM solutions will help you create, store, and manage your customer base. But if you want software that also helps with marketing, sales pipeline, and lead generation, then opt for Monday.com, Pipedrive, Freshworks, Keap, Insightly, and Capsule CRM.

Zendesk Sell and Zoho are great for CRM collaboration and communication; Salesforce and Hubspot offer comprehensive CRM solutions, leaving Dynamics 365 as the go-to solution for CRM and ERP for large organizations.

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