19 Best Contact Management Software in 2022

Updated Jun 28, 2022.

For fast-growing businesses that handle lots of clients, making sure your clients or customer contact details are always up to date and accessible can make or break your business. 

This is where having an efficient tool to help you collate and keep track of customer contact data comes in handy. Contact management software is software that’s designed to be your business address book with all the extra bells and whistles that help you get more done.
Contact management software helps you not only securely save contact details, but also segment them, sync them with cloud databases, track all communications, and even derive deep business insights.

We’ll take a look at the top software for contact management and their best features so you can make an informed decision.

Best Contact Management Software

There are quite a number of contact management software. Some are stand-alone options while others exist as part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software often includes contact management but with other advanced features. 

So you may find an option that can easily double as a CRM solution for your business. Below we take a look at some of the best contact management software options.

1. Monday.com CRM

Best Contact Management and CRM software for Small Teams. 

Monday.com is the Best Contact Management and CRM software for Small Teams

Monday.com is first a CRM tool but has a powerful built-in contact management feature. So you can choose to use only the contact management feature or both the contact management feature and the CRM feature. 

Its contact management feature allows you to save call records, emails and keep track of meetings with contacts at all times. So you’ll be able to keep track of all your customer communication and sales progress. 

You’ll get beautifully colored graphs that include timelines, files, charts, and a calendar. Everything comes in an easy drag-and-drop menu so you can find everything in a jiffy. 

Plus, you can communicate with contacts across multiple time zones thanks to its world clock feature. This feature displays each contact’s timezone next to their name in the system based on their location details so you don’t have to worry about being too early or too late. 

If you want to record calls or have voice-to-text transcriptions, you’ll have to use a third-party tool since Monday.com doesn’t offer that feature. It’s mobile app can also be a bit glitchy sometimes. 


Although Monday.com has a free plan, its contact list feature is only available on paid plans. 

Monday.com Pricing Plan

Pricing for Monday.com starts frm $8 per month per user on its basic plan which gives you unlimited contacts, deals, customizable fields and a full mobile CRM. Other advanced plans start from $10 per user monthly up to$16 per user paid monthly.

Try Monday for free now.

2. Keap

Ideal Small Business Contact Management Solution for Automation.

Keap is an Ideal Small Business Contact Management Solution for Automation

Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a full featured sales and marketing solution with client contact management baked into the platform. Keap lets you automate client follow-up, creating new contact records and saving updates from one centralized dashboard. 

It lets you instantly personalize any communication with a client database that you’ve already saved on the platform. You can even sync your Gmail or Outlook contacts with Keap so that any email communication is automatically added to your records. 

Keap syncs well with other third-party business apps like Shopify, Quickbooks and HelloSign. Even if your contacts are in another tool, like email marketing software, Keap makes it easy to import all the data easily. 


Keap’s pricing is based on the number of contacts you have and number of shared users you intend to have. The Lite plan gives you up to 500 contacts and 1 user per month at $79/month (currently discounted to $40/month for the first two months). 

Keap Pricing Plan

Other plans like their Pro and Max plan give you a base rate of $119 and $140 per month for 1 user for the first five months. Additional users cost $30 each. 

Try Keap for free with a 14-day free trial now.

3. Pipedrive

Ideal Contact Management for Small Businesses In The Sales and Marketing Niche. 

Pipedrive is an Ideal Contact Management for Small Businesses In The Sales and Marketing Niche

Pipedrive is a sales-first CRM with lead management, sales tracking and contact information syncing built-in. It enables you to track and sync all the contact details of your leads and prospects no matter where they reach you. 

You’ll be able to track your lead’s progress through your sales funnel and will scour the internet to find more in-depth data about your leads which can be useful especially for advertising. Simply import your contacts from Gmail or in a CSV file. 

It finds data through Google+, LinkedIn and other publicly available channels which saves you time and improves accuracy. You can even pre-qualify who makes it onto your next campaign list with one click and an email address based on the details it gathers. 


Pipedrive offers a free 14-day trial to which you can even add other users and switch between plans. Paid plans start from $12.50 per user per month billed annually and range up to $99.00 per user per month billed annually. 

Pipedrive Pricing Plan

For a small business, the advanced plan offers full email syncing and scheduling plus workflow integrations at $24.90 per user per month billed annually. 

Get started with Pipedrive today.

4. Really Simple Systems

Best User-Friendly, High-Security, B2B CRM and Contact Management System.

Really Simple Systems is the Best User Friendly, High Security, B2B CRM and Contact Management System

Really Simple Systems is your go-to CRM solution that offers an easy to use contact management tool for all your customers, suppliers and vendors. This tool is designed to better fit small businesses in the B2B space.

One of its most outstanding features is its high grade security systems that encrypt data stored in the system. This makes Really Simple Systems a preferred choice amongst financial institutions and even some government organizations. 

Apart from high grade security, it also offers sales and customer service features so you can easily complete your sales process from within the software.You’ll be able to track your entire sales process from first contact to final purchase so you can automate the entire process. 

For example,you can integrate targeted email campaigns and set follow up tasks based on previous customer interaction. The system also provides complete visibility which supports team collaboration especially in terms of customer support. 

Everyone can see a client’s last conversation and instantly pick it up from there once the vendor reaches out. 


Really Simple Systems CRM has a free plan that limits you to 2 users, unlimited contacts, 100 company records and 100MB document storage.

Really Simple Systems Pricing Plan

Its paid plans start from $14 per user per month billed annually and go up to $46 per month for their most advanced plans. 

You can try out all their paid plans with a free trial to see if it’s a good fit for you. Try Really Simple Systems for free now.

5. Method: CRM

A Powerful QuickBooks CRM Contact Management for Small Businesses. 

Method is a Powerful QuickBooks CRM Contact Management for Small Businesses

Method CRM is a simple and intuitive CRM platform that incorporates contact management and CRM via QuickBooks. The platform helps you stay on top of your customer contact history and client details without hassle. 

You can get an instant overview of your customer interactions straight from your Gmail or Outlook inbox. What makes Method CRM unique is its direct integration with QuickBooks. It offers real-time sync with QuickBooks so there’s no risk of entering data twice. 

Preview your customer’s estimates, invoices and other business transactions, especially online payment processing all from Method:CRM’s central dashboard. For small businesses that are in accounting, field service and manufacturing, Method CRM can be a game changer. 


Method CRM offers a free 30-day trial, but you can get its contact management features alone for $25 per user per month billed annually.

Method Pricing Plan

If you’d like it’s CRM and QuickBooks functionality in addition, you can choose the Pro plan for $44 per user per month billed annually. 

Get started for free with Method:CRM now.

6. EngageBay

Best Full-Feature Small Business Contact Management Solution for Multiple App Integrations.

EngageBay is the Best Full Feature Small Business Contact Management Solution for Multiple App Integrations

EngageBay offers multiple business solutions including CRM and Sales Bay which is where it integrates contact management. Its contact management tools are simple and built to boost your business’s growth. 

The platform helps you cover all your customer touchpoints, monitor web activity, email responses like open and click rates and much more. It also provides great social listening features and collates contact details from anywhere on the web your customers reach you. 

Apart from its multiple features, it integrates with a large number of third-party apps like Zapier, SendGrid, Gmail, Xero and many more which helps to better streamline your workflow. You can schedule appointments and meetings and even set follow-up tasks.


EngageBay has a free plan that offers everything from email autoresponders to live helpdesk and lead grabbers. 

EngageBay Pricing Plan

Paid plans start from $12.29 per month per user but if you want call records, proposals and service automation, the growth plan is ideal and bills at $40.99 per user monthly. 

Sign up for EngageBay for free today!

7. Freshsales

Ideal Solution for Both Contact Management and Lead Capture.

Freshsales is an Ideal Solution for Both Contact Management and Lead Capture

Freshsales is part of the Freshworks CRM suite. It is designed to boost customer engagement and provide comprehensive and inclusive contact management solutions for your customer database. 

This tool stands out because it bakes lead capture and lead contact syncing into contact management. You can include notes, track recent conversations and other linked activities, find related accounts plus full or limited visibility for your team.

Freshworks has a lead capture feature which automatically helps you build a qualified lead list based on your preferred criteria. You can even create custom parameters to build categories based on the leads you collect. 

That means you’ll get better customer segmentation, more personalized communication and can better test customer response to different offers and deals. Your campaigns will be more efficient overall and you can save time for other tasks thanks to centralized data storage. 


Freshsales offers both free and paid plans, however you’ll need to complete it’s free 21-day trial which gives you access to its premium services. Once the trial period is up, you will have the option to subscribe to either its paid plan or free plan. 

Freshsales Pricing Plan

The free plan gives you up to 10 users and 10,000 records/leads or contacts. The cheapest plan is its Blossom plan which bills at $15/month per user billed annually which is perfect for small teams

Its enterprise level plan bills at $69 per user per month annually and is great for large teams and businesses. It comes with complete customization tools and A.I powered forecasting insights

Try Freshsales with its 21-day free trial today.

8. Bitrix 24

Best Free Contact Management and CRM Software for Soloprenuers and Small Businesses. 

Bitrix24 is the Best Free Contact Management and CRM Software for Soloprenuers and Small Businesses

If you’re looking for a free contact management solution with powerful CRM as a bonus, Bitrix is your ideal solution. 

Bitrix gives you a contact center that helps you gather information on your leads from social media, messaging apps and even even your existing landing pages to help you build a list of well-qualified leads.

On top of that, you get the benefit of its CRM functions including project management, team collaboration, sales and marketing campaigns all in one place. 

The software has two modes, Simple CRM for only deals and contacts without the leads and the Classic option which includes leads and is ideal for large teams. 


Bitrix has a free plan that gives you unlimited users, 5GB cloud storage, team collaboration tools like video calls and company workspaces as well as the contact center feature. 

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Paid plans start from $39 per month for five users, $79/month for 50 users and $159 per month for unlimited users. Each paid plan also comes with more document storage. 

Get started with Bitrix24 for free now!

9. Less Annoying CRM

Most Intuitive and User-Friendly Contact Management Software for Small Businesses. 

Less Annoying CRM is the Most Intuitive and User Friendly Contact Management Software for Small Businesses

Less Annoying CRM is a unique CRM and contact management solution designed to be fluff-free, efficient and easy to use for small businesses. It helps you stay on track with managing customer details and communications without getting overwhelmed. 

You’ll be able to track sales and customer journeys through the sales pipelines, remove bottlenecks and even assign follow-up tasks to other members of your team. It does this through a clear and simple calendar dashboard and agenda forms. 

Communication like emails done outside the software can still be logged inside the software thanks to the unique email logging address it gives every user. 


Less annoying CRM offers a free 30-day trial after which you’ll be automatically switched to its single price plan of $15 per user monthly

Less Annoying CRM Pricing Plan

If you however have a large team of 10 or more users, you can contact their sales team for a personalized quote. 

Try Less Annoying CRM, free for the next 30 days now!

10. HubSpot

Best Contact Management with CRM Software for Businesses with Large Contact Databases. 

HubSpot CRM is the Best Contact Management with CRM Software for Businesses with Large Contact Databases

HubSpot is a known brand when it comes to CRM and business tools for sales and marketing. It offers its CRM with contact management tools included which make it a great option to consider if you’re just starting out with building a contact list for your business. 

HubSpot has a large pre-existing database of 20 million+ businesses from which it can automatically trawl to compile a list of relevant industry, revenue and other contact details. 

All you’ll have to do is simply add the email addresses of your choice to its CRM platform directly from your Gmail, Outlook, corporate email or web form. 

HubSpot allows you to add details for up to a million contacts and company records, making it great for companies with existing large databases. 


HubSpot gives you its CRM features for free with unlimited users. To be able to add contacts to the platform, you’ll need to pay for its marketing hub feature.

HubSpot Marketing Plan

Pricing starts at $45 per month for 1000 contacts after which pricing increases for every additional 1000 contacts. 

Sign up for HubSpot for free today!

11. Zoho Contact Manager (now Bigin)

Best Option for Task and Email Communication Automation.

Bigin is the Best Option for Task and Email Communication Automation

Zoho CRM evolved its Zoho contact manager into a new pipeline-centric CRM and contact manager system designed for small businesses called Bigin

Bigin stands out from the competition because it combines a little bit of customer service features like telephony and social media integration via Twitter with sales-centric features like visual pipelines, and lead capture via webforms. 

The software’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. You’ll be able to follow up on deals with its fully customizable sales pipelines. An in-built activity tracker lets you log calls, invite people to presentations and even mark how far along a customer is in the buyer journey. 

Bigin also lets you assign roles to your team members while granting or restricting information access where need be. 

It even gives you smart tasks and email templates to help automate routine actions and messaging with clients for improved productivity. 


Zoho Contact manager’s new offering Bigin gives you two pricing options, a free forever plan and a paid plan that starts from $7 per user per month

Bigin Pricing Plan

Its free plan allows only one user and up to 500 records and three workflows. 

Try Bigin by Zoho CRM for free now!

12. Affinity

Ideal A.I Powered Contact Management for Large Businesses and Organizations with Large Databases.

Affinity is an Ideal A.I Powered Contact Management for Large Businesses and Organizations

Affinity is one of the few A.I powered platforms designed for large businesses with a longstanding list of clientele. It prides itself on being “the relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers.” It is aimed at venture capitalists, fundraising firms and real estate companies. 

Affinity is powered by machine-learning and uses its intelligence to build a contact list based on your past interactions while telling you who to talk to to get to who.

You’ll get real-time updates on their active social profiles. Affinity’s A.I also processes the natural language of your conversations with your contacts to give you insights and overall sentiment scores of your relationship with contacts in your database. 

It also has an alliance feature, which lets you know which of your contacts or their associates you should network with for better opportunities or can introduce you to others in their company. You’ll even get prompts about which potential decision-makers you should connect with. 


Affinity doesn’t offer fixed pricing plans, but you can request a free demo or reach out to their sales team for a consultation and personalized quote. 

Get a free demo of Affinity today!

13. Copper

A Powerful Contact Management Solution for Businesses Running on G Suite and Google Workspace.

Copper is a Powerful Contact Management Solution for Businesses Running on G Suite and Google Workspace

For businesses running on Google Suite and using other Google business features, Copper is made to sync easily with Google to give you the ultimate contact management solution. 

Your Google contacts can be added with just one click and instantly syncs your Gmail contacts with its CRM. 

That gives you a ready-built contact list complete with conversation history, pipeline details and everything else you’ll need. There’s even an in-app voice transcription feature to help you record important contact details. 

Copper’s user interface offers beautiful visuals that let you see the progression of your leads through your sales pipeline. You’ll be able to better qualify them plus get weekly reports on how to improve your team’s collaboration, your pipeline and workflow. 


Copper offers a free 14-day trial after which you’ll have to switch to a paid plan. 

Copper Pricing Plan

Basic plan pricing starts from $25 per user per month billed annually. The advanced plan costs $119 per user monthly and offers full customization. You can also choose the professional plan for $59 per user per month. 

Sign up for Copper today!

14. Nimble

Best Contact Management Software with Social Media Integration.

Nimble is the Best Contact Management Software with Social Media Integration

Nimble is a CRM that offers contact management powered by social media. It is able to combine contact information from across multiple channels to create a single, fully-fleshed profile for a lead in a Contact Page View

The contact page view shows you everything about a contact including email conversations, social media activity, follow-up actions and any pending deals in your sales pipeline. It also offers a smart social search and segmentation feature to help you segment your audiences properly. 

Nimble also gathers all your contacts’ posts and social media interactions so you have a live view of what people are saying about your business, much like a social listening tool. This will help you streamline and improve your social media posts and content to better resonate with your audience. 


Nimble offers a 14-day free trial after which you can choose from two paid plans. It's monthly billing plan starts from $25 per user per month while choosing to pay annually brings it down to $19 per user per month

Nimble Pricing Plan

All paid plans feature both G Suite and Office 365 integration.

Try Nimble for free today!

15. Streak

Ideal Gmail-Based Contact Management Tool for Personal and Business Use.

Streak is an Ideal Gmail Based Contact Management Tool for Personal and Business Use

Perhaps you’re looking for a contact management system that’s simple, syncs with Gmail and let’s you manage more than just contact emails. Streak was designed purposely for this. The software integrates seamlessly with Gmail for both personal and small business use. 

This gives you flexibility and convenience of tracking everything directly from your Gmail inbox without having to keep switching apps, be it messaging, shared files or notes and tasks. You’ll have a bird’s eye view of your sales pipeline and can filter, sort and categorize data however you like.

You can even save and share the details and reports from your sales pipeline with your team. 


Streak is free for personal use but business users will have to pay anywhere between $15 to $129 per user per month based on which additional features need to be added. 

Streak Pricing Plan

Get a free Streak personal plan today!

16. Nutshell

A Powerful B2B Sales Automation and Contact Management Tool.

Nutshell is a Powerful B2B Sales Automation and Contact Management Tool

Nutshell is a contact management and CRM solution designed for B2B sales teams and businesses. The tool has features to help you automate your entire sales and customer management process for improved overall efficiency. 

The software lets you convert visitors to your website into contacts in your database by allowing you to include lead forms on the site. So you’ll be able to use their details like email address and name to create customer profiles complete with chat histories. 

Nutshell lets you segment your contacts and leads on custom attributes like industry, lifetime value and location. It also even offers a Chrome extension to help you import and sync contacts directly from Gmail and events from your Google Calendar. 

In terms of team collaboration, you can share notes, track communication, create tasks and even follow-up on shared emails all within the app. 


Nutshell offers two pricing plans, the Starter plan and the Pro plan billed at $19 per user per month and $35 per user per month respectively. 

Nutshell Pricing Plan

Each plan offers pipeline and contact management features plus 150 free marketing emails even without subscribing to the marketing plan. You can try Nutshell for free with a 14-day trial. 

Ready to try Nutshell? Get started for free now!

17. Insightly

A Powerful Contact Management Option for Maximum Team Productivity.

Insightly is a Powerful Contact Management Option for Maximum Team Productivity

Insightly is the ultimate business and contact management system with a productivity focus. The software is easily customizable, with a drag-and drop editor to help you create custom fields for storing contact information that make it easy to customize the software to suit your needs. 

It integrates with Google Workspace making it easy to sync with Google apps like Calendar, Gmail and Docs. 

Aside from Google apps, it also readily syncs with your favorite third-party business and productivity apps like Xero, MailChimp, Evernote and Dropbox to provide an efficient and streamlined workflow. 

Insightly’s simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to keep tabs on communication, sales pipelines, exchanged documents and even team projects. 

You’ll be able to enter information into the standard fields like email address, name, phone number and custom fields like subscription type, billing ID numbers and much more. 


Insightly offers a free 14-day trial if you subscribe to its Plus or Professional plan. The Plus plan bills at $29 per user per month billed annually while the Professional plan bills at $49 per user per month. 

Insightly Pricing Plan

For large businesses, the Enterprise plan offers the full suite of CRM features including lead capture and management alongside contact management for $99 per user per month.

Sign up for Insightly for free today!

18. Salesmate

Best Contact Management Software for Sales with Built-In Calling and SMS. 

Salesmate is the Best Contact Management Software for Sales with Built-In Calling and SMS

Salesmate is a sales-focused CRM but its contact management feature packs quite a punch especially, if you’re looking to nurture long-term relationships with your contacts. 

The software helps you track customer conversations, follow-ups and helps you focus on those which are more likely to convert into sales. 

You’ll be able to manage all your contacts with a visual timeline that tells your communication and activity with each contact over time all from a single page. There’s also a bulk messaging feature to help you message multiple contacts with personalized greeting at a time.

In terms of third-party apps, you can use Zapier with Salesmate to sync contact details from other apps and across multiple platforms. That means no need to hop around just to find customer details. It can all be done from within the Salesmate app. 


Salesmate offers four pricing plans. Their cheapest plans start from $12 per user per month billed annually.

Salesmate Pricing Plan

Its most advanced plan bills up to $40 per user per month on its advanced plan and includes built-in calling and texting. All plans are available for a free 15-day trial.

Ready to try Salesmate? Get started here for free now!

19. Scoro

Ideal Enterprise CRM and Contact Management Solution for Large Teams.

Scoro is an Ideal Enterprise CRM and Contact Management Solution for Large Teams

Scoro is a complete CRM solution that competes with the likes of Salesforce and HubSpot, providing a powerful contact management tool ideal for large businesses. You’ll be able to search, sort through and filter your contacts based on multiple criteria in a few clicks. 

See your latest activity with each contact on your list using its contact view feature. The feature also lets you see how far along in the sales process a customer is and how likely the customer is to convert

Scoro’s end-to-end approach gives you a complete bird’s eye view of your entire customer communication process from the first touch point down to the final sale. 

This means you’ll be able to see everything you talked about with your customer including quotes, orders and invoices. You can then easily collate quotes or data to send to your contacts as PDFs. 


Scoro offers a free 14-day trial after which you can switch to any of its paid plans. 

Scoro Pricing Plan

For starters, you can choose its basic plan which bills at $26 per user per month annually. Medium-sized teams will  benefit from its Work Hub plan which bills at $37 per user per month. 

Large teams can choose the Business Hub plan, which bills at $61/user per month. 

Sign up for Scoro for free here.

What Does a Contact Management System Do?

A contact management system can simply be explained as either an electronic or digital address book with advanced functionality. So they allow you to store contact details and information plus a little bit more like conversation history or geographical data. 

Contact management software can be considered the lite versions of CRM software. They however may not offer some of the advanced functionality CRMs come with, like added sales and marketing tools as well as integration with popular third-party apps. 

Contact management software vs CRM system
Source: Act

Nonetheless, you’ll still be able to sync, categorize and organize your contacts according to preset fields and in some instances, any field of your choice. It’s basically a way to maintain an up to date record of contacts and any communication that beats using a spreadsheet.

This could be business contacts, past clients, prospective customers or leads, employee details, and even order and sales history. Contact management systems are great for keeping tabs on marketing efforts, follow-ups, and generally nurturing leads through their buying journey. 

Like CRM software, contact management software will help you improve the overall efficiency in your workflow by automating manual data entry tasks and in some instances integrating with other tools you may be using in your business like CRM and ERP software.

Benefits of Contact Management Software

Contact Management software can be very useful, especially to solopreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses that often have one person handling customer care alongside other responsibilities. 

Benefits of Contact Management Software
Source: Naw.org

Let’s take a closer look at some of the main benefits using contact management software offers to businesses and professionals alike.

1. Better Customer Experience

A great customer experience makes for a happy and loyal customer. Being able to constantly keep in touch with and communicate with clients in a personalized way adds to a great customer service experience. 

This will make it easier for your sales rep(s) personal data, location and last records of communication including reminders for follow-ups and notifications for linked tasks. It helps increase customer lifetime value, improve their experience with your brand and customer loyalty.

2. Unified Hub for Key Contact Data

Your clients or customers may reach your business through many different channels. Some may contact you via website, social media, email or even phone number. A contact management system makes it easy to collate and sync all this data.

This gives you a central database of all prospects and contacts who have reached out and interacted with your business and what their specific interests were. It also makes it easy to migrate and transfer all contact data to a different app or platform.

3. Collect Deeper Business Insights

Want to know how many new leads your business is generating? Or perhaps you’re looking for which method your customers try to reach you most on? 

Whether it’s finding out which product customers are interested the most or their frequently asked questions, contact management software can help. 

Because contact management software syncs contact details and tracks communication, it makes it easy to collect such data which is often helpful in marketing and sales decisions. Some tools even have built-in data mining and analytics features to provide in-depth insights. 

4 . Easily Log Customer Communication

A big part of creating a good overall customer service experience is knowing a customer’s communication history with your business. Is it their first time or have they ordered/made inquiries before?

Contact management software helps you to keep track of such communications so your reps know how to handle a customer’s questions, complaints and even follow-ups. It can also come in handy in terms of upsells and cross-sells for repeat customers. 

5. Better Team Collaboration and Data Access

This is especially useful if you have a team working on customer support or contact. Contact management software makes it easy for everyone on the team to get whatever data they need, when they need it. 

It’s great for team management and performance reviews of how contacts are handled. For remote teams, it makes it possible for everyone to collaborate virtually, without needing to be present physically.

Key Features of Contact Management Software

Contact management software offers a lot of benefits to businesses, but it can be tough to choose from the wide array of options available on the market. The first factor that should influence your choice of contact management software are your own business needs. 

Key Features of Contact Management Software
Source: Apptivo

That aside, here are some other important features to look out for in contact management software. 

1. Customer Data Record Automation.

The biggest benefit of using customer data management software is eliminating the chore of manually entering and editing customer data and communication. Manual data entry can be time-consuming and is error-prone. 

Thus your contact management software should allow you to automate entering customer details in specific fields, like location and date of last contact. It should sync customer contact updates, order details. 

Some pro versions may even let you set reminders about next due communication dates and sync this data to third-party apps for email marketing and sales automation. 

2. Data Sorting and Segmentation

The next major feature contact management software should offer is data sorting and segmentation. Segmenting customer data helps you create customized messages and communication which helps to deepen the relationship and personalize your customer’s experience. 

Benefits of Customer Segmentation
Source: Namogoo

Without customer management software, sorting out contact details based on attributes like location, occupation, business name and others will be a headache. 

Contact management software is designed to let you easily segment your contacts based on attributes you specify, which makes it easy to streamline communication and run targeted marketing campaigns. 

3. Team Collaboration and Task Control

Good contact management software should also have features that support team collaboration and task management on shared projects. 

If you have multiple customer service reps or are simply running multiple campaigns targeting different groups in your contact list, contact management software will make it easy to collaborate with other members of your team on such projects. 

You can instantly give everyone access and let them see the overall progress of the project, set deadlines and reminders, or even restrict access. 

This feature is even better if your software of choice integrates with a third-party cloud-based CRM tool. It will allow your entire workflow to be automated from one hub for maximum efficiency.

4. Streamlined Data Exports/Imports

Contact management software should make it easy to move bulk contact data. When you’re managing bulk data sets, having to migrate to a different application or tool is inevitable as your business grows, especially contact details. 

Without a well-organized and documented digital library of your contact data, such migrations can be a hassle. The data export feature on contact management software simplifies this whole process by making it easy to export your contact data either in spreadsheets or CSV file formats. 

Likewise, you can readily import data that is already in this format into your contact management software of choice and start working with it right away. 

5. Mobile App Versions

Being able to manage your contacts on the go and access contact details from any device is crucial in today’s business environment. That’s why a key feature for your contact management software is to have mobile app support

Having an iOS/Android version of your software will make it easy to access client contact details on the go and you can quickly or easily sync details directly from your mobile device, without needing to turn on your PC.

Choose Your Contact Management Software

No matter the size of your business, keeping up-to-date contacts and nurturing relationships with leads and customers plays a big role in the success of your business.Contact management software helps to simplify, automate and integrate this process into your workflow.

Your business size and needs may directly determine the kind of software you choose. 

  • Between customer service and closing deals, Monday.com CRM will help you make the most efficient use of your small team’s time. Your team will always stay on track with its built-in project management features.   
  • For sales-driven businesses with small teams, Pipedrive or EngageBay are both budget-friendly yet offer features like gathering data from customer public social channels, monitoring touch points and engagements with your business. 
  • If you’re looking for a hands-free contact management solution with built-in sales and marketing automations, Keap is the ideal choice. You’ll get integration with over 2,000 third-party apps to help streamline your workflow. 
  • For large, fast growing businesses, HubSpot, and Scoro are equally great options. HubSpot is helpful thanks to its large pre-existing database from which your contact profiles are built. Scoro on the other hand is designed to suit large teams that handle customer service.