11 Best Infusionsoft Alternatives in 2024 (Cheaper & More Powerful)

Updated Aug 6, 2023.
Infusionsoft is the best HubSpot Alternative for Marketing Automation and Contact Management.

Are you looking to purchase a suitable CRM software for your small business?
Without doubts, you already have a favorite in mind.
And it is no other CRM software than “Infusionsoft” which is now known as “Keap“.

Just like most people who think “Keap!” when it comes to choosing the best email marketing software which is pretty understandable.

The reason is because Keap boldly boasts of helping thousands of small businesses since 2001.

And this allows it to establish itself as a popular choice when it comes to small business marketing automation software.

But wait a second!

Is Keap really the best CRM software in the market today?

Are there other alternatives to Keap that are cheaper, powerful and offer more features?

Of course, there are Keap competitors and they are even many.
Infusionsoft alternatives that give you better features, services and at affordable pricing for your small business.

In this review, you would get to know the features, benefits, pricing of 11 CRM softwares, and why you should choose them over Keap.

So, keep reading!

Why Infusionsoft Alternatives?

1. Expensive Pricing Plans

Are you on a limited budget?

Or maybe you are just a start-up brand still looking for that affordable CRM software which offers the features you need for your marketing automation and email marketing services?

Then you might want to consider other email marketing softwares, except Keap.


The reason is because even though Keap boasts of helping small businesses, their pricing plans say otherwise.

The CRM software has three major pricing plans which includes Lite, Pro and max.

Even in the lowest plan which is the Lite version, you've got to pay nothing less than $50 per month.

And the highest plan charges $140/month.

Therefore, chances are you might not be able to afford Keap pricing plans, especially in the long run.
So, why choose a CRM software that gulps down your budget when you can go for another alternative?

2. Limited Integrations

Yes, Keap reputedly has many integration options such as Zapier, Outlook, Typeform and WordPress.

But a major drawback is that you don't get the “juicy” integration options on all your plans.
Instead, you get “limitedintegration options as written on the website, if you go for the basic plan which is Lite.

Yet, being able to integrate with favorite third-party tools is an essential feature of a CRM software you want to use for your business.

3. Poor Reporting Features

One of the most important things about CRM softwares is access to well optimized reports and analytics.

What is the importance of tracking your lead, monitoring your sales pipelines or onboarding your customer details using a CRM software?

When you don't have enough insights into the level of your progress with all these CRM activities.

Unfortunately, Keap does not really offer much when it comes to reporting tools.
For example, you only get access to the reporting feature and customizable dashboard on the Pro and Max plans.

Even the analytics feature is only for those who subscribe for the highest version- the max plan.

4. Compulsory and Expensive Coaching Payment

Before you can purchase any plan, Keap has a requirement and it's that you must pay a fee of $499.
Keap said the fee is for a coaching program.

Now you may ask, what if you don't want the coaching program?

Simple, you can't use Keap.
As a small business, paying a mandatory coaching fee of $499 might just be expensive.
Remember you have got some other expenses too apart from paying the exorbitant fees for each Keap plan.

But if you have got some cash to spare, then this might not be a hard pill for you.
However, you would be right to consider an alternative to Keap from the ones reviewed below.

Which has more integration options, cheaper pricing and powerful reporting systems.

Without wasting time, let's get started!

Best Infusionsoft Alternatives as Your CRM Software

1. HubSpot

Best Keap Alternative That Provides Free CRM Tools

HubSpot is the Best Keap Alternative that Provides free CRM Tools

Main Features

Hubspot is definitely a big name when it comes to providing top-notch products for marketing, sales, and customer service.

And one of the main reasons why Hubspot is that popular is due to the suite of free tools including CRM software which it provides.

Despite being totally free, these tools still give users access to basic features that they might need, especially for small businesses.

For example, you can add as many contacts as you want (up to 1,000,000) and unlimited number of users.

Using Hubspot CRM makes your customer service delivery easy and stress-free.
You can easily handle every interaction with your customers from a single inbox known as the universal inbox no matter the communication channel that you use.

Instead of moving endlessly from one communication channel to another, view, manage, assign and address your customers issues fast from a single inbox.

You can also access records from the inbox directly so you know how to give the best experience to each customer.

Another important feature available in Hubspot CRM is ticketing.
Ticketing involves addressing your customers queries through the use of tickets i.e raising a ticket for each customer query.

Your support agents can easily attend to the tickets and track your customers issues in a single dashboard.

Likewise, you can also build templates and canned responses for repetitive questions which saves you the stress of providing repetitive answers continuously.

Hubspot CRM ticketing feature also provides important report details like ticket volume, response time, category, and customer wait time.

Email templates are also available, and other included features are team email, ticket closes reports, and time-to-close reports.


Hubspot CRM tools are completely free with no credit card requirements; all you need is to create a free account.

You have access to features like contact management, deal pipeline, quotes, live chat, meeting scheduling, and reporting dashboard.

However, depending on your choice, you can also subscribe for an advanced CRM version.

Learn more about Hubspot pricing

The paid plans are:

  • Starter which starts from $45/month
  • Professional from $450/month, and
  • Enterprise starting from $1,200/month.

Some extra features you would enjoy if you go for any of these paid plans are multiple currencies, rep productivity performance, abs conversation routing.

For the enterprise version, additional features are forecasting, playbooks, recurring revenue tracking, custom objects and predictive lead scoring.

You can request for a free demo of the premium CRM platform.


  • Simple to setup and use
  • Store up to 1,000,000 contacts
  • Access to unlimited number of users
  • Document sharing and meeting scheduling features are available
  • Manage your contact, deal and task easily using the contact, deal and task management features
  • Use the ticketing feature to track and manage all your tickets
  • Receive every customer messages in a single inbox
  • Access to reporting dashboard even on the free version
  • Community support available on the free plan
  • Free version available
  • Update anytime to the sales hub™ if you want more advanced features like call tracking and recording

Why Choose Hubspot Over Keap

  • Keap doesn't have any free version.
  • Contrarily, Hubspot has a free version.
  • Keap only allows 1 user on its paid plans whereas even Hubspot free plan offers unlimited users and 1,000,000 contacts.
  • Reporting dashboard is available on all Hubspot plans including the free version but which is not available on Keap's Lite plan.
  • Hubspot allows more than 650 custom integrations unlike Keap which offers limited integration options, especially on the Lite plan.
  • Hubspot CRM provides ticketing and live chat features on its CRM, and also in the free version, unlike Keap.

2. ActiveCampaign

Best Keap Alternative for Customer Experience Automation

ActiveCampaign is the Best Keap Alternative for Customer Experience Automation

Main Features

ActiveCampaign is a cloud based software used by more than 130,000 businesses for automating their customer experience activities.

It offers feature-rich platforms for email marketing, marketing, CRM and sales, service and support automations.

If there is a single reason why you should choose ActiveCampaign, then you might want to consider it for the CRM and sales automation features it offers.

More importantly for your sales process, use ActiveCampaign to interact with your contacts, generate new leads or send campaigns to your favorite customers.

You can keep track of your leads and manage your contacts in a single, organized platform.
Assuming a web user visits your website and indicates interest in a particular deal, you can either follow up with the user until a purchase is made.

Better still, you can just put a call across to the visitor.
This way, you can largely increase your sales level and boost your business revenue.

Using ActiveCampaign, say “no” to junk emails, business cards, or physical help desks which increases costs, puts more stress on your employees and leads to overall wastage of time.

Instead, you have the contact record where you can view every details of each contact including the entire history of your interactions with each contact.

With the contact record, your sales team members can always work together easily without any mix-up or messy records.

Know the leads you won, lost or delete leads that are no more important.
You can also automate your sales funnel, assign tasks to your sales team members, or send notification emails to your sales teams.

Overall, get insights into the performance of your individual sales team members.

How do you give the best care to your customers by using ActiveCampaign?

For skyrocketing your customer experience service, ActiveCampaign has lots of customer service tools that you might need.

For example, you can use the multichannel support to engage your customers in yielding conversations via different channels.
Talk of webchat, email and in fact Facebook messenger.

How do you know what your customers are doing on your website or app?

Simply use site and event tracking and discover every activity performed by your customers on your app or website.

How about automating your messages and collecting data anytime you want whether you are online or offline?

ActiveCampaign allows you to do these and more with the chatbox automation feature.
Likewise, you can also increase the level of collaboration with your teammates.

By tagging them and bringing them to important conversations they can handle all with ActiveCampaign.


ActiveCampaign Pricing Plan

Learn more about ActiveCampaign pricing

There are four pricing plans on ActiveCampaign: Lite, Plus, Professional and Enterprise.

Starting from 500 contacts and billed annually, you have;

  • Lite plan at $9/month
  • Plus plan at 49/month
  • Professional at $129/month, and
  • Enterprise at $229/month.

You can also take a 14-day free trial plan.


  • You don't have to be a tech guru to use ActiveCampaign; it's easy to set up, and use with no set up cost
  • Access ActiveCampaign on the go from your mobile devices using the mobile app
  • Even if you want to go through the email route, you can integrate with Gmail, outlook or any other email provider that you want.
  • Availability of sales pipelines to keep track of your open deals
  • Use the contact record to keep every customer information
  • Availability of 20% discount for non-profits organisation
  • Integrate with more than 300 third-party apps to simplify your customer service process.
  • Access ActiveCampaign in many languages including French, German, and Portuguese.
  • ActiveCampaign provides an unlimited number of high-quality landing pages
  • You can migrate freely from another CRM service to ActiveCampaign
  • Try it freely for 14 days without putting in your credit card details
  • Want to use ActiveCampaign freely for more than 14 days?
  • Then, take advantage of the trial extension request.

Why Choose ActiveCampaign Over Keap?

  • ActiveCampaign has cheaper pricing plans than Keap for the same number of contacts where Keap charges $56/month for their Lite plan, Activecampaign charges just $9/ month.
  • Keap's basic plan, the Lite version offers limited integrations whereas you have access to more than 850 integrations on ActiveCampaign's Lite plan.
  • Shopify integration is not directly available on all Keap's plans while it's available on Activecampaign's Plus, Professional and Enterprise plans.
  • Keap only allows 1 user on all their plans while ActiveCampaign allows up to 3 users on the lowest plan and unlimited number of users in the Pro version.
  • To add more users on Keap, you would have to pay additional $30/month.
  • Custom user roles are not available on any of Keap pricing plans while the custom user permissions feature is available on ActiveCampaign's Plus, Professional and Enterprise plans.

3. Pipedrive

Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Sales Management

Pipedrive is the Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Sales Management

Main Features

Do you need a CRM software that is primarily focused on giving your sales team an advantage over your competitors?

Will you like your sales team to be effective and achieve huge sales results?

If you do, then Pipedrive might just be the best CRM platform that you need.
According to their website, Pipedrive is used by 95,000 companies in 150 countries globally, so you are in safe hands.

Using Pipedrive, you can easily track all your communication channels, from calls to emails and contact history.

Likewise, you can automate repetitive tasks using artificial intelligence which allows you to focus on the activities that matter.

Pipedrive allows you to use custom chatbox and web forms to get new leads while your data and privacy are well-secured.

Automatically get reminded of your schedules and activities, and you can also choose to sync with Google calendar so you don't miss out on important activities.

Customize your different activity types, add or edit new ones and get updated as each activity is done.

Pipedrive has a visual sales pipeline which allows you to manage your sales processes easily and fast.

You can enter your data, update them or search for already existing data.
Note that you can do this on your desktop or mobile device using the mobile app.

Another important hallmark of Pipedrive is that you can combine your email with the visual sales pipeline so that all your data can be kept in a single platform.

Hence, you can look up any data without difficulty when you need it.
Apart from allowing you to work anywhere, Pipedrive's mobile apps also come with tons of benefits.

One is that you can plan your activities from any location even without internet connection. Two is that you can add call logging tasks to your deals.

The mobile app also has a useful feature known as nearby feature.
It allows you to locate clients which are near you, i.e in your location.

What if you are in a meeting or a call and you've got to write down some notes?

No worries, you can perform this function still with the mobile apps.
The Pipedrive reporting is another important feature which you can use to get insights into important data about your deal stages.

For instance, you can know the conversion rate of the deal stages, know the deals that are won or lost, and those that almost succeeded.

This way, you can know your best conversion rate.
You won't also be in the dark about why some deals are not working.
Ultimately, you would know the ways to adjust or correct them.

Using Pipedrive, you can import or update your Google contacts.
Additionally integrate with other third-party tools that are vital to your sales processes.


Learn more about Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive has four pricing plans and they are Essential which goes for $12.50 per user/month, Advanced at $24.90 per user/month, Professional at $49.90 and Enterprise at $99.00 per user/month.

You can also try Pipedrive freely for 14 days and thereafter go on a paid plan if it meets your needs.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • You can use Pipedrive on your mobile devices and access the CRM software from anywhere
  • App multilingual support for about 16 languages
  • Robust security features like GDPR and SOC 2 compliances, and AES-256 encryption
  • Integrate with more than 150 apps and tools
  • Take advantage of ‘Lead Booster' to generate new leads
  • Has a free trial with full access to the features
  • You have 24/7 support on all plans including chat and email
  • Sign up easily for the free trial without using your credit card
  • Use the help center to get answers to your common questions about Pipedrive.

Why Choose Pipedrive Over Keap?

  • Keap offers three pricing plans which are more expensive than Pipedrive pricing plans.
  • Pipedrive provides remarkable data security features like GDPR compliance on all plans unlike Keap.
  • At least, you have access to about 150 integrations on all Pipedrive plans, including Google drive integration but for Keap, the integration options you have is limited especially on the Lite plan
  • On Pipedrive, there are good reporting features like visual dashboards, and shareable dashboard links even on all plans, whereas, Keap offers limited reporting features and you might have to go for higher plans such as Pro and Max to enjoy most of them.
  • One of Pipedrive's most desired automation features, the sales assistant is powered by AI and is also available on all plans while Sales assistant is not available on Keap.

4. Benchmark

Best Keap Alternative for Carrying Out Powerful Email Marketing

Benchmark is the Best Keap Alternative for Carrying Out Powerful Email Marketing

Main Features

What does benchmark do?

Benchmark is an email marketing platform that offers tools that you can use to carry out simple and effective email marketing strategies without breaking a bank.

Generate leads by using the subscriber forms.
Let's say you have a website, you can put the subscriber form on your website and request visitors to fill in their details, especially email addresses.

Also, take advantage of the online survey platform to conduct polls and surveys using the subscriber forms provided by Benchmark.

You can also put a custom signup form on your website to gain more contacts and build your contact list.

Benchmark also provides an easy-to-use landing page builder which you can use to set up your landing pages in a few minutes.

Choose your favourite template from the available templates and add Benchmark's provided forms to your landing pages.

You can also combine your landing pages with your marketing campaigns and emails, or publish to your own subdomain.

Use the landing page goals to gain insights into your campaign ROI and know the needed actions to take.

The traditional way of sending emails one by one to your contacts can be demanding, stressful and time-consuming.

Your team members do not have to go through that route.
Build effective emails with the simple email drag and drop builder and if you know your way around the HTML editor, then use the code editor to build your desired emails.

Another available option is the RSS emails which you can use to update your customers on new information or changes about your blog or RSS feed.

Photo editing is another important feature of Benchmark's email marketing.
Right in the email editor, you can adjust color, add effects, or favorite fonts to your emails.

And what if you don't know what your email should even look like?

Then, Benchmark's built-in email templates were created with you in mind.
Select your preferred email template from the available ones categorised into different classes like type, industry and holiday.

Customize your email templates by using the color themes that you want.
With the marketing automation feature, you can reduce the amount of manual marketing tasks you do by automating important marketing processes.

For example, you can welcome each subscriber, convert the subscriber to lead and ultimately to a paying customer all by default.

The reporting features will help you to get an overview of your subscribers' interactions with your emails.

You get to know if your emails are actually generating great results or not.
And the changes you can make to your email marketing strategies.

For instance, you would know the percentage of opened, unopened and forwarded emails, and links clicked.

You can even know the number of your social media shares and contacts who share your emails via social media platforms.

Benchmark integrates with more than 1,500 services including popular platforms and tools like Facebook, Google, LiveChat Shopify and PayPal.

You can do what you want, where you want it.


Benchmark Pricing Plan

To start with, Benchmark has a basic version which is completely free.
Notwithstanding, you have access to 250 emails/month and basic features like lead generation, basic email marketing, and Lite marketing automation on this free plan.

The other two plans are Pro which goes for $13/month, and Enterprise plan where you have to consult the sales team for the price.


  • Has a free plan with access to basic features
  • Presence of A/B testing to test the effectiveness of your various email identities
  • Use Benchmark's inbox checker to have a preview of your emails before you send them.
  • Presence of image storage space
  • Availability of unlimited video storage on all plans
  • Build your email easily with the drag and drop email builder
  • Availability of various email templates which you can customize to your needs
  • 24/7 support for contact through call, email or live chat.
  • Online support is available for all plans
  • Integrates with different third-party apps and tools like PayPal, Google and Zendesk to increase productivity

Why Choose Benchmark Over Keap?

  • If you are looking for a specialised email marketing software, then Benchmark is the best option unlike Keap which only offers a general CRM software.
  • Benchmark has a completely free version with access to important features making it suitable for small businesses than Keap which does not have any free version
  • You have access to more than 1,500 integrations on all Benchmark's versions including the free plan while Keap doesn't not offer many integration options, especially on the Lite plan.
  • The email white labeling feature is present in Benchmark's enterprise plan while this feature is not available on Keap.
  • Benchmark offers unlimited video storage on all plans while you can only store files which are under 10MB on Keap.
  • Benchmark has rich reporting features on all plans such as click heatmap reports and live engagement reports while most of Keap reporting features are only available on the Pro and Max plans.

5. Autopilot

Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Marketing Automation

Autopilot is the Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Marketing Automation

Main Features

Autopilot Is a marketing automation software which has earned the trust of many businesses globally including Microsoft, Samsung, and Typeform.

Using Autopilot, you can easily capture new leads, wherever they are and the journey doesn't end there; turn your new leads to paying customers too.

For example, capture leads from your business websites or blog, and continue to send them specialised messages and incentives until they patronise your business.

Let's say a lead somehow landed on your website, and you want to convert the lead to a customer.

All you have to do is put up a creator sign up form and encourage the lead to fill out the creator signup form.

Once that is done, continue to keep the lead engaged with your business either by sending brief and succinct email messages.

Moreso, it could be an invitation to an important video conference.
Note that while keeping in touch with your leads is necessary, constantly updating your customers about your business is also important.

And you can keep in touch by sending periodic newsletters or webinar invitations, so that they can continue to patronize you more and more.

Apart from using an online survey software, you can also use Autopilot to conduct important surveys to get new insights for improved present and future decisions.

More than generating new leads, you can boost your productivity by scheduling repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as sales lead follow up which will be performed automatically.

Communicate with your customers via their favorite channels and keep the mutual connection with your business going.

Autopilot allows integration with many popular and helpful third-party apps so you can engage with your leads and customers more.

Examples of common integrations are Delighted, Typeform, Facebook, Twillo, Pipedrive and Google Adwords.


Autopilot Major Pricing Plan

Apart from the 30-day free trial plan, Autopilot has three major pricing plans and they are Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The costs for each plan depends on month to month, monthly(one year validity), or annual subscription.

For example, for the annual plan, you have;

  • Silver at $39.20/month
  • Gold at $119.20/month, and
  • Platinum at $199.20/month.

There are also optional add-ons which you can purchase at additional charges.
They include VIP support, expert set up and training, Salesforce CRM integration, and advanced custom IP and activity streams.


  • Simple software for automating marketing processes even if you don't know how to code
  • Autopilot is good for team collaboration
  • Integrate with many third-party apps like Salesforce, Pipedrive, LiveChat and Shopify.
  • Autopilot has a beta platform which provides various templates you can use for your marketing automation
  • Capture leads from blog posts and web pages easily
  • Track the effectiveness of your strategies and messaging channels easily on your mobile devices with intelligent reports
  • Use the drag and drop interface together with a simple canvas to drive your customer experience processes automatically and smoothly
  • Send messages easily through SMS, email, heads up, Google AdWords, and even postcards.
  • Get VIP support and instant access to the 24 hours live chat and email at an additional fee
  • Save 20% when you subscribe annually and 10% for monthly payments
  • You have access to 10% additional discount on all annual plans as a nonprofit organization
  • You can try any Autopilot plan freely for 30 days.

Why Choose Autopilot Over Keap?

  • Keap offers a 14-day trial period, however allows their trial period to cover up to 30 days.
  • While Keap is an overall CRM software, you might want to go for autopilot if you want a more specialised and powerful marketing automation platform.
  • Autopilot's lowest plan, the Silver version costs $39.20/month with access to about 2,000 contacts unlike the Keap Lite plan which costs $56/month and access to just 500 contacts.
  • While Autopilot has three pricing plans with discounts for the monthly and annual subscriptions, contrarily, Keap only offers a single pricing plan.
  • Even though both Autopilot and Keap offer expert setup and training, that of Autopilot is optional while Keap's own is compulsory.

6. Drip

Best Keap Alternative for E-commerce Marketing Brands

Drip is the Best Keap Alternative for Ecommerce Marketing Brands

Main Features

Drip is a marketing automation platform used by e-commerce brands and online stores to automate their marketing and sales processes.

It has three major products which are customizable forms, email, SMS and automation, and segmentation and reports.

Drip comes with a built-in app builder which you can use to build simple and professional signup forms specifically tailored to your brands.

You can otherwise call the signup forms the lead capture forms and it is used to convert a large size of your audience to leads, and then to paying customers.

Let's assume, you want your audience to sign up for an upcoming product.
Doing this doesn't have to be difficult or odd; all you need to do is to use the Drip form builder to create beautiful forms that will convince your customers enough.

Drip's form builder allows you to select your desired font and style and preferred audience.
You can choose to display the forms to your email audience or better still, through SMS channels.

With Drip, you can also create forms that are like pop-ups and insert them on your website pages.

You can set the pop-ups display to only your targeted audience or to the general audience.
Another type of form you can build with Drip's customizable forms feature are targeted forms.

This type of forms involve forms which are directly involved with your customer experience strategies and are often used to alter or determine the behaviour of your customers.

For example, you can create forms which are targeted to customers who have not purchased your products for a particular period.

You can also introduce sweet offers to your already paying customers.
SMS Opt-Ins is another important feature of Drip which allows you to collect the SMS numbers of your preferred customers without any stress.

Here, you can send email and SMS campaigns using Drip visual workflow builder.
Say no to poor emails which do not convert.

Instead use Drip to send compelling emails to your customers and see them take the action that you want.

Drip provides various additions such as image, text, discounts or recommended products templates that you might wish to add to your email messages to boost its conversion rate.

What if most of your customers communicate with your business through SMS channels?

You don't have to worry as Drip also allows you to collect your customers's phone numbers and keep the interaction going through SMS texts.

Send automated texts to your customers to update them about latest offers and discounts, promos and product launches, and keep them engaged with your business.

When you do this, you are likely to retain your customer for a longer period.
With e-commerce segmentation and reports, you have access to custom campaigns and workflows plus a storehouse where you can store all your data in a single platform.

You can also sync data from third-party integrations.

Another feature in this category is the segment updates which provides you with real time updates of whatever action your customer is taking, whether browsing, clicking or buying your products.

Drip also provides simple dashboards which contain the insights you need to make informed decisions about your email campaigns or workflow.

Drip's additional features are customer data, personalization, engagement, optimization and workflows.


Drip Pricing Plan

Drip has a $19/month pricing plan, and a pay-as-you-go plan.

Before you purchase the $19/month pricing plan, you can firstly take a 14 day free trial and thereafter subscribe for the paid version which gives you access to 500 contacts, unlimited account users, integrations and email support.

You also have access to important features like email builder, A/B split testing, automation and customer data.

Also, the pay-as-you-go plan allows you to add SMS and MMS for US numbers to your paid plan.


  • Most suitable for e-commerce store owners
  • Simple to set up and use with a few clicks
  • Presence of in-app form builder which you can use to build all types of forms
  • Carry out A/B split testing easily
  • Centralize all your store data in a single platform
  • Presence of beautiful and suitable templates for building your emails
  • Availability of unlimited account users on all plans
  • Use the pre-built e-commerce visual workflows to carry out important strategies
  • Engage with your customers using multichannel
  • Integrate easily with your e-commerce stores or third-party apps
  • Access to email support
  • Availability of a 14-day free trial with access to many features

Why Choose Drip Over Keap?

  • If you have an e-commerce store on popular e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, then we highly recommend Drip as a suitable e-commerce marketing software compared to Keap which is mainly a CRM software.
  • Drip's single plan goes for $19/month which is lower than the Keap's lowest plan which goes for $40/month.
  • On all Keap plans, you only have access to 1 user whereas you can enjoy unlimited number of users on Drip.
  • Drip makes the reporting and performance tracking process easier with its account dashboard on the paid plan, while to enjoy the reports and analytics feature on Keap, you would best subscribe for a higher plan.
  • Drip gives you more insights and control over your customers data with features like tagging, custom fields, list pruning, behaviour and engagement tracking, than keap.

7. Salesforce

Best Keap Alternative for Delivering Allround Customer Experience Service

Salesforce is the Best Keap Alternative for Delivering AllRound Customer Experience Service

Main Features

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM softwares available today and it also provides varieties of other products for marketing, commerce and sales automations.

The Salesforce CRM software known as Customer 360 allows you to deliver top-notch customer experience service to your customers while combining your sales, service, commerce, and IT processes.

Using Salesforce, you can easily unite each team to increase productivity and make workflow management a lot easier with advanced technological features.

The Einstein AI is powered by artificial intelligence and it functions as a digital smart assistant.

It helps you to deliver top-notch customer service experience by getting crucial insights from your customers obtained from previous interactions.

You can in turn use these insights to gain and classify your leads and campaigns.

Your sales agents can easily know the best actions to take with Einstein AI which provides intelligent case classification, and important recommendations.

Attend to customer needs fast using AI powered bots which provides answers to customers' questions and needs.

Your customer service agents can therefore focus on the highly sophisticated customer issues that really matter.

Your employees are one of the most crucial assets of your organisation and thus, you should give them the best experience.

But how do you do this?

No worries, you can use Salesforce's employee experience feature.

Your employees can easily collaborate, work on multiple tasks and get notified of important updates fast.

Likewise, they can work anywhere anytime without sacrificing productivity.
Using a sales cloud, you can have your data and conversations arranged in a single platform.

This way, you don't have to go through the stress of arranging data and conversations from multiple sources whether email, files or chat apps.

There are also available templates which you can use to create important documents, and make your work processes easier.

Using Salesforce's Customer 360, know more about your customer's feelings and interests and attend to their needs easily based on those insights.

You also have Mulesoft which connects all your data from any system on a single platform.

Another feature known as tableau analytics provides clear-cut analytics of your data in the form of visual patterns.

Depending on your needs, examples of some other areas where you can use the Customer 360 platform are sales, service, commerce, marketing, and integration.


Salesforce's small business pricing has four paid plans.
They are Essentials, Sales Professional, Service Professional, and Pardot Growth.

The lowest plan which is the Essentials version charges $25/user/month while the highest plan, Pardot Growth charges $1,250/month.

There is also a free trail plan available for up to 30 days.


  • Access to CRM starter pack when you use Salesforce
  • Get personalized and on-time notifications on premium items by subscribing for AI powered suggestions
  • Want more benefits?
  • Then use two or more Customer 360 apps for increased benefits
  • You can control all your communication channels, email, phone, and chat, from a single view
  • Automate tasks and functions using Einstein AI
  • You have access to free training using the trailblazers and reskilling hub
  • The Mulesoft Anypoint Platform™ allows you to connect device or data to your Customer 360 platform
  • For security purposes, use Salesforce shield to monitor your app and encrypt sensitive and important data.
  • Take advantage of trailhead to learn new skills on CRM and sales
  • Enjoy the free trial plan for 30 days

Why Choose Salesforce Over Keap

  • Salesforce has cheaper pricing plans than Keap, making it more ideal for small businesses.
  • Keap supports one user in all its pricing plans unlike Salesforce which supports up to 10 users on the Essentials plan, and unlimited users on other plans.
  • Salesforce provides specific platforms for each feature and this allow it to provide in-depth and seamless experience than keap
  • Both Salesforce and Keap offer a free trial plan, however, Salesforce offers a 30-day free trial while the Keap trail plan is only for 14 days.
  • Salesforce has more integration systems such as Mulesoft, and AppExchange which allows you to integrate and use your favourite third-party apps easily even if you don't have built-in integration, than Keap.

8. Agile CRM

Most Affordable and Simple Keap Alternative

Agile CRM is the Most Affordable and Simple Keap Alternative

Main Features

Agile CRM is another CRM software you should consider as it is simple, easy to use, and affordable.

Reputed to be used by over 15,000 businesses, agile CRM is packed with all-in-one sales and marketing features together with useful customer service and integration options.

With the contact management feature, you can manage your contact and deals, all with a single page contact management.

You don't have to lose track and records of your deals anymore and likewise automatically schedule your meetings, invites and you can also distribute your calendar online.

Manage and track your projects smoothly using simple task lists.
Building up deals is one thing, landing them successfully is another.

You can know each stage of your deals and identify the actions you've got to take accordingly.

Use the telephony feature to access one-click calling, call scripts, and voicemail automation and encourage more participation and collaboration by gamifying your sales processes.

For marketing automation, create marketing workflow by using the available drag and drop designer and build crisp and beautiful landing pages that convert using landing page builder.

Email Marketing gives you access to various email marketing features including newsletter and analytics while you can use important metrics to track your email performance and see where you need changes.

Easily send out converting SMS mobile messaging in your campaigns and harness social media power by integrating social media into your contact views and marketing campaigns.

Apart from buying a helpdesk software, use Agile CRM helpdesk feature to provide complete and excellent customer service experience to your customers.

Handle customers queries and needs by assigning tickets and resolving them quickly.
Prioritise important tickets using your preferred rules and get their real-time view on the dashboard.

Feedback allows you to get honest feedback from your customers and serve them better.

Are you tired of typing the same answers to questions from multiple customers?

Then, the canned response feature will help you out.
You can provide automated replies to repetitive questions and set up a self-service portal which allows your customers to find solutions to their common problems, themselves.

Agile CRM allows you to integrate with important apps and tools like your favourite Google apps, Ringcentral, Facebook, Zendesk, WordPress, and Shopify.


Agile CRM Pricing Plan

Agile CRM software has a free version which covers up to 10 users and about 1,000 contacts and companies.

There are other features available in the free version like lead scoring, custom data fields, and email tracking.

The other paid plans are Starter, Regular which is the most popular plan, and Enterprise.


  • Most suitable CRM software for small businesses and growing startups
  • Unlimited users on Enterprise plan
  • Email tracking and lead scoring features are available on every plan.
  • You can buy the email add-on package to add more emails to your Agile CRM account
  • Access to call recording when you buy the Enterprise plan
  • Landing page builder is available on the four plans
  • Integrate easily with third-party apps and websites
  • Develop your choice custom widgets in your preferred backend server language
  • Provision of email support for all plans
  • Has a free version

Why Choose Agile CRM Over Keap

  • Agile CRM has a free version which offers access to up to 1,000 users and many rich features but Keap does not have a free version.
  • Apart from the free version, agile CRM software has one of the most affordable pricing plans in the market when compared with Keap.
  • Agile CRM provides the help desk feature on all plans unlike Keap which doesn't provide this important CRM feature, the highest it provides is integration with help desk softwares.
  • There is no way to record your calls using Keap, but you can do this with the Agile CRM call recording feature available on the Enterprise plan.
  • On all agile CRM plans, you have access to up to 5000 branded emails while this is not available on keap.

9. Wishpond

Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Small Businesses

Wishpond is the Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Small Businesses

Main Features

Have you ever wished to upgrade your market strategies, create more effective campaigns, and generate more leads?

Then, Wishpond is what you need.
It provides a suite of marketing tools which are easy-to-use and effective to increase your business growth.

Using Wishpond's email marketing, you can send out emails, and not just any random emails but attractive and converting emails to your leads and turn them into paying customers.

You have access to lots of beautiful and unique templates which you can tailor to your brand to create targeted and mobile optimized emails.

And you don't have to use HTML or write any code when designing your emails; use the simple-to-use drag and drop builder easily.

You can also keep your customers updated of new information about your business by sending top-notch email newsletters to your subscribers lists.

This way, your customers are more in touch with your business.

Want to test different variations of your email and see the one that delivers?

Wishpond does the testing and you get the results on your campaign dashboard; it's that easy for the different email variations that you like.

Another feature available in Wishpond's email marketing is the email drip campaigns.

Using this feature, you can send emails automatically to your visitors according to their actions and eventually turn them to customers by utilising drip campaigns.

From nurturing your leads to retaining your customers, Wishpond's marketing automation allows you to automate the processes easily.

Thus, you don't have to manually set up the step by step processes for each lead.
You can send customised and personalised email campaigns to your leads according to activity or demographics.

Say no to losing leads at the last minute.
All you need is to forward leads with high conversion potential to your sales team.

Landing pages, online forms, Shopify marketing, marketing funnels, and lead database are some other features you can find on Wishpond.

Wishpond allows access to more than 300 integrations which covers various emails, sales, payment tools that you might need.


Wishpond Pricing Plan

On the pricing side, you have three pricing plans to choose from of which ‘Everything You Need‘ is the most popular.

The three versions are;

  • Starting Out at $49/month
  • Everything You Need at $99/month
  • Rapid Growth at $199/month.

Wishpond also has a 14-day free trial plan.


  • Simple and easy-to-use for small businesses
  • Access to the A/B testing feature on the Everything You Need and Rapid Growth plans
  • Simple drag and drop campaign builder for building intuitive campaigns is available on all plans
  • Unlimited user accounts on all plans
  • Access to Custom CSS on all plans
  • Access to hosting campaigns on the Wishpond site.
  • Access to more than 200 templates for building your landing pages, forms and popups
  • Integration with popular tools like Slack, GotoWebinar and even CRM softwares like ActiveCampaign is available.
  • Support includes phone, email and live chat on all plans
  • Use Wishpond freely for 14 days

Why Choose Wishpond Over Keap

  • Keap only allows one user on its plans whereas Wishpond allows unlimited user accounts even on its lowest plan.
  • Wishpond allows you to host your campaigns on Wishpond.com unlike Keap.
  • Using Wishpond, you can integrate your Shopify store directly to Wishpond, however, this is not so with Keap except if you go through the Zapier route.
  • Wishpond offers unlimited user accounts on all plans but Keap only allows 1 user on all plans, including the highest plan.
  • Unlike Keap, you have access to custom CSS on all Wishpond plans.

10. Ontraport

Best Keap Alternative for E-commerce and Marketing Brands

Ontraport is the Best Keap Alternative for Ecommerce and Marketing Brands

Main Features

Ontraport is a sales and marketing platform which you can use to gather and keep data and contacts details to deliver the best customer service experience.

Its different solutions are sales + CRM, marketing automation, pages and forms, and payments.

Using the marketing automation platform, you can collect data about your customers which you can segment into contact fields.

Doing this will allow you to know the best ways you should relate with each customer.
Likewise, you can also build winning campaigns using Ontraport's campaign builder by selecting your favourite template.

Also, your sales team can communicate easily with your customers through your various channels like emails and calls.

You can also automate replies to common queries from your customers irrespective of the channel they use.

Included in the marketing automation solution is Ontraport lead source tracking which allows you to identify potential leads' source.

You can plan your marketing strategies using the campaign performance mode.

Rest assured of having your email messages delivered to your right contacts at the right time without any of your customers missing out.

Ontraport also gives you access to a library which contains a catalog of proven campaigns, and marketing funnels which you can employ in your business.

If you want, you can also share the content available in your Ontraport accounts such as emails and campaigns with whoever you want to.

Drag and drop campaign editor, split testing, deep funnel conversion reporting are some other features available on Ontraport campaign automation.

You can also integrate with important third-party apps and tools that you want such as Shopify, Zapier and Zoom.


Ontraport Pricing Plan

Ontraport has four monthly pricing plans; Basic, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise.

The basic plan charges $79/month, Plus charges $147/month, Pro goes for $297/month while you would pay $497/month for the Enterprise plan.

The lowest plan which is the Basic plan gives you access to about 1,000 contacts and unlimited emails while you have access to about 200,000 emails monthly and 20,000 contacts on the highest plan.

The number of users depends on the price of the plan.
There is a free trial which lasts for 14 days.


  • Send unlimited emails monthly using Basic, Plus, or Pro plan.
  • Campaign map for uniting all your marketing, automation and business processes
  • Access to free setup call and templates during your trial period
  • Chat, email, and screenshare support are available
  • Facebook lead capture available on all plans
  • VIP support available for enterprise plan
  • Automate important and repetitive tasks like phone calls and customer followup using automated task management
  • Store all customers details and notes in a single record
  • 2-way SMS text messaging is available on all plans
  • Go on a free one-on-one session with Ontraport specialists even before starting your trail plan
  • Access to 14-day free trial plan

Why Choose Ontraport Over Keap

  • Each Ontraport pricing plan gives you access to up to 1000 contacts and more monthly while Keap pricing plans are only for 500 contacts.
  • You have to pay more if you want more contacts.
  • Apart from sales, CRM and marketing automation, ontraport also provides access to useful E-commerce features on some of its plans which are not available on keap.
  • While Keap only allows one account user on all plans, Ontraport only allows more than one user account on its other plans apart from the basic plan.
  • As part of its robust email marketing features, Ontraport offers free Postmaster Consultation, on the other hand, Keap doesn't offer this feature.
  • While Ontraport allows split testing on all plans, Keap only allows this feature on its Pro and Max versions.

11. Zoho CRM

Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Small Businesses

Zoho CRM is the Most Suitable Keap Alternative for Small Businesses

Main Features

Zoho CRM is a CRM software used by over 150,000 businesses in about 180 countries to deliver the best customer service experience to their customers, generate more leads and increase sales.

This CRM platform provides features like process management, sales force automation, marketing automation, omnichannel, sales enablement, analytics, and process management.

Using Zoho CRM marketing automation feature, you can organize effective campaigns and gain more leads for your sales team.

Likewise, customer segmentation allows you to group your customers into different classes based on region, lead source, or their level of interest in your business.

Therefore, you can know the right message to deliver to the right class of customers at the right time.

And it's not only for your customers, you can also segment your leads according to your desired specifications.

Using survey campaigns, you can also send out survey campaigns to your audience and track their performance.

Zoho CRM marketing automation allows you to send emails, reminders or follow-up emails to your contacts using email templates.

Then, use the email analytics to keep track of your email metrics and performance.

Other subfeatures in marketing automation are card scanner, event management, sub-campaigns, lead nurturing, and marketing analysis.

Using Zoho CRM omnichannel feature, you can communicate with your customers using various channels such as telephone, email, live chat, and social media using the Omnichannel communication feature.


To start with, Zoho CRM has a free version which allows up to three users and access to important features like documents, leads and the mobile apps.

The pricing plans for Zoho CRM starts from Standard, Professional, Enterprise and ends on the Ultimate plan.

Starter charges $12 per user/month with access to features like custom dashboards, workflows, scoring rules, and multiple pipelines.

Professional also charges $20 per user/month with access to standard and additional features like inventory management, validation rules, web-to case forms, and blueprint.

Both the last two plans, the Professional plan charges $35 per user/monthly while the Ultimate plan charges $35 per user/monthly.

A 30-day free trial plan is included in the Ultimate plan apart from the general 15-day free trial available for the other plans.


  • Zoho CRM has a free version which gives access to 3 users, leads and documents.
  • Manage and track all your inventories using the inventory management feature
  • Custom dashboards feature is available for all plans.
  • Multilingual support covering 28 languages is available.
  • Good security features like biometric access and advanced theft monitoring systems are available
  • Multi-user portals available on the Enterprise and Ultimate plans.
  • Zia, an artificial intelligence platform provides effective working tips useful for your sales team
  • You can request for a demo
  • Subscribe yearly to save 34% off the charges
  • Free trial plan is available for 15 days
  • If you've got any questions about Zoho CRM, use the live chat option or send them an email using the address provided on the website.

Why Choose Zoho CRM Over Keap

  • Zoho CRM pricing plans are cheaper than that of Keap, even Zoho CRM's highest plan, Ultimate, does not charge as much as Keap's lowest plan.
  • Custom dashboards feature is only available on Keap's Pro and Max plans while this feature is available on all Zoho CRM plans.
  • Keap does not have a free version unlike Zoho CRM, which provides a free version.
  • Just 1 user is allowed on all Keap plans, contrarily, Zoho CRM allows up to three users on all plans, including the free version.
  • Sales pipeline featureis not available on keap's Lite plan yet Zoho CRM allows multiple pipelines feature on all paid plans.

How to Choose the Best Infusionsoft Alternative

Now that you have explored different Keap alternatives, the next step is choosing a Keap alternative that best satisfies your business needs.

But how do you do that?

What should you consider in a CRM software before you hand over your credit card?

This is where you will know how to choose the best Keap alternative.
Here are nine factors you should consider when choosing a Keap alternative.

Best CRM Infusionsoft Alternative
Source: Appy pie

1. Available Budget

One of the most important factors you have got to consider before buying any Keap alternative is your available budget.

What is your budget limit?

Which Keap alternative can you afford that will fit in exactly into your budget limits?

You should consider buying a Keap alternative that will allow you to cover all business expenses conveniently without breaking even or recording losses.

Especially, if you operate a small business, then budget becomes a top priority.
You don't have to break a bank all in a bid to purchase a CRM software.

Instead you should go for a Keap alternative that offers lesser pricing which you can comfortably afford and yet gives you access to basic features that you might need.

You might not even have to pay a dime to use some CRM softwares.
Because they provide free versions.

There are some Keap alternatives like Hubspot and Zoho CRM which provides a forever free version and yet allows users to access important features and believe it or not, more than one user.

Hubspot even allows unlimited users and up to 1,000,000 contacts.
So as a growing startup, you can go for any free CRM software that you prefer.

However, here is a quick note: don't forget to update to a higher version as your business size and revenue increases.

2. Ease of Use

Choosing a Keap alternative that is easy to use is another important step toward using the best Keap alternative.

It's not just about choosing any Keap alternative that you find in the market.
You have got to choose a Keap alternative that won't give your sales and support teams stress when handling it.

For example, a Keap alternative that requires some in-depth training or codes difficult to crack might lead to poor handling by your agents.

And this might ultimately affect their performance.
Apart from your employees, this also extends to your customers too.

Consider using a CRM software which will allow your customers to reach you easily through their preferred channels.

Though, giving your sales and support teams a basic training on managing and handling CRM softwares is definitely not a bad idea.

3. Marketing Automation

One of the most important features you should watch out for when choosing the best Keap alternative is marketing automation.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing Automation Software
Source: Capterra

Marketing automation involves the use of advanced technology to organize effective campaigns on many channels such as email and social media to generate new leads.

And nurturing them until they become paying customers.

Using marketing automation features, you can automate marketing processes and workflows to be performed automatically.

Implementing your digital marketing strategies is not left out; you can use marketing automation systems to carry out digital marketing strategies such as conducting highly-converting campaigns.

Although, most Keap alternatives have the marketing automation platform but still you have to choose one that provides suitable marketing automation features that address your specific needs.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important feature that comes with a good CRM software.
The power of using emails both as communication and marketing channels cannot be overemphasized.

And even though using an email marketing service is important, you should look out for a Keap alternative that comes with the best email marketing features.

You should be able to send automated emails, and covert subscribers to paying customers while keeping them engaged with your brand.

Ensure you can easily run and optimize email campaigns on your chosen Keap alternative while growing your audience simultaneously.

If you want the best Keap alternative, then, email marketing features should be on your watch list.

5. Reporting and Analytics

You have gotten a good CRM software that has excellent marketing automation and email marketing systems.

You run your email and marketing campaigns periodically, and likewise attend to your customers' needs as they arise.

But, how do you know you are making progress?

In short, how do you know the best campaign strategies that deliver? What about your pipelines?

This is where the CRM reporting and analytics feature is important.

CRM reporting and analytics feature
Source: Commence CRM

If you want to choose the best Keap alternative, then you should consider choosing one that comes with good reporting and analytics features such as custom reports, custom dashboards and analytics.

Doing so will allow you to track your CRM performance, upgrade or change your marketing strategies and ultimately increase your business revenue, success and reputation.

6. Security of Your Data

One crucial thing about CRM software is that it acts as a storehouse of your contact records.
Therefore, they should be strictly secured and protected.

Any leakage or breach of customer records can lead to a bigger problem such as customer exploitation by hackers.

In the long run, your business might get a bad reputation.
If you want the best Keap alternative, then go for one that has robust security features such as data encryption and theft monitoring systems.

Data Security
Source: WorkFusion

Consider a Keap alternative that maintains GDPR and other important security compliance certifications.

Therefore, you can rest assured of having your customers data safe and secured.

7. Integration

Apart from a CRM software, it's very likely you use other apps and tools in different categories for various functions.

So, how would you use a CRM software in harmony with those tools?

No worries, advanced technology has made it possible for you to integrate different third-party tools and apps with your CRM softwares using the integration feature.

Integrate different third party tools and apps with CRM softwares
Source: SendPulse

So, you can work with other third-party apps and tools conveniently in your CRM software once you choose a Keap alternative that allows integrations with as many third-party apps as possible.

Examples of commonly integrated apps are Shopify, MailChimp, Salesforce, Google apps, and Slack.

8. Free Trial

An important reason why the free trial feature is important is so that you can try our different CRM softwares and see the one which perfectly suits your needs.

This is especially important if you are on a limited budget and can't afford jumping from one CRM software to another after subscription.

Most Keap alternatives offer a free trial plan spanning 14 to 30 days without requiring your credit card details.

Some also offer free versions.
Before you choose a particular Keap alternative, make sure you test out two or three CRM softwares you intend to use or better still go for the free version if available.

However, avoid moving from one trail plan to another all in a bid to avoid paid plans as it might not be helpful for your business in the long run.

Better still, consider trying out the free trial of any CRM software you intend to purchase irrespective of the expensiveness or cheapness of the pricing plans.

9. Customer Support

A good CRM software company should be able to lead by example.
By providing top-notch customer support for its customers, of course.

You can never tell when you might need some help from your chosen CRM software manufacturer even after setting up software.

This means you should choose a Keap alternative that allows fast and reliable access to customer support either through emails, phone or live chat.

Rest assured though, most Keap alternatives have reliable customer support channels where you can access them.

Nevertheless, choose a Keap alternative that offers reliable customer support and fast resolution of customers' issues.

Infusionsoft FAQ

Here are answers to other questions that might be troubling your mind about Keap and its competitors.

What is Infusionsoft?

Firstly, note that Infusionsoft has undertaken a name change to Keap

This means its CRM software is now known as ‘Keap' though the name change does not affect its offerings or features

Still, what is the company known for? 

Keap is an email marketing company which provides CRM, sales and marketing automation solutions majorly for small businesses

It boasts of features like sales pipelines, email marketing, landing pages, a/b testing, reporting and analytics, integrations, among many others. 

About its pricing plans, Keap offers three pricing plans

Below are the pricing plans for 500 contacts and 1 user each

The pricing is valid for the first 5 months.
Lite at $56/month
Pro at $105/month
Max at $140/month.

Keap also allows a 14-day trial period.

What are the top competitors of Infusionsoft?

Any company that offers CRM, sales and marketing solutions for businesses, small or large is a Keap competitor, since they both offer similar products. 

But, which competitors have the larger share of the competition

Top competitors of Keap are Zoho CRM, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign and Hubspot

This is because most of these competitors are also largely recognised in the market and they offer very similar features to Keap

Some of them even offer cheaper versions and give users more features on their platforms as compared to keap.

Which Alternative to Infusionsoft Should I Pick?

For every small or large business, customer relationship management, sales and marketing automation are one of the most vital elements.

Treat your customers wrongly and you stand the risk of losing them to the next available competition.
Make your sales agents perform tasks manually and watch your sales inflow decrease.

Or still, run poor marketing campaigns and generate few or no leads.
The solution lies in using a CRM software.

With a CRM software, you can ensure your business keeps the best relationship with your customers, generate new leads, automate your sales and marketing processes while giving your business a lasting reputation.

And you would do best to consider an alternative to Keap for your CRM software.
This brings us to the biggest question.

Which alternative to Keap should you choose?

Well, it depends on your needs.
Here are some categories of Keap alternatives and their important functions.

Go through the features and benefits of each Keap alternative and select the best one that attends to your needs and budget.

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