11 Best Wix Alternatives in 2024 (More Powerful and Reliable)

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

Wix allows anyone to create a decent website, but it isn’t the best option for everyone.

This article will review the 11 Best Wix Alternatives in 2023 to give you more insight into Wix alternatives and help you make the right choice.

Squarespace icon


Notable for making it incredibly simple for even the most inexperienced novice to make attractive websites.
Shopify icon


Powerful platform designed for eCommerce stores with a simple interface, low prices, extensive third-party apps.
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Bluehost Builder

Design your personal website with ease using Bluehost Builder's drag-and-drop website editor.
Weebly icon


Website builder with a focus on speed and affordability, great for solopreneurs and small enterprises looking to go online.
Zyro icon


Excellent content management system (CMS) and web builder designed for simplicity and ease of use, no coding skills needed.

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Wix is a good website builder; the overall result is impressive, allowing one to create any website easily.

While Wix offers a lot, it isn't ideal for every eCommerce site, online store, or blog. Numerous sites like Wix for website creation and web hosting are available but determining which one is best for you can be quite the headache.

We've pulled together what we believe are the best Wix alternatives you can use. Check out these alternatives to Wix to see what features you might be missing out on.

Best Wix Alternatives For 2023

Below are our top picks for the best website builders in 2023.

1. Squarespace

Best Wix Alternative With Remarkable Design Templates For Creative Professionals and Visual-Heavy Businesses.

Editor’s Take
9.5 out of 10
Best For
$19 – $65/month
Annual Discount
Save up to 30%

Squarespace is one of the best Wix alternatives and our preferred website builder as it’s a user-friendly, all-in-one solution that offers the highest-quality designs and features on the market. While it takes some time to get accustomed to, the results are well worth the effort.

Squarespace is a flexible website builder for creatives, bloggers, and eCommerce store owners.

Known for its visually appealing professional designs and more advanced features, you can create a stunning website with this platform.

Squarespace is also an excellent platform for building professional websites if your small business website's central focus is not to sell online.

Best Features

Wide Variety of Templates

Squarespace has several professional-looking designs to help you save time and get your site fully operational quickly. The responsive templates are simple to change, so you don't need to hire a designer to achieve a professional, practical look.

Portfolio Options

Squarespace's portfolio choices make it simple to showcase your professional work if you're building a website. You may personalize galleries to show your work in the most flattering way. If you have confidential content you'd like to share with specific clients, Squarespace provides a password-protected gallery as a secure way to do so.

Detailed Site Analytics

Squarespace analytics are extensive and detailed, allowing you to see where your traffic is coming from and how to enhance it. Analytics includes the location of your online visitors, a traffic summary, an activity log detailing how users explore your site, and the search phrases generating traffic to your site.

eCommerce Templates

Squarespace offers eCommerce designs in addition to basic website templates. These templates will help you showcase your products to increase traffic and revenues and help you get your eCommerce business up and running quickly with features like inventory management and related product suggestions.

SSL Certificates

A free SSL certificate will be included with your Squarespace site. With SSL certifications being required, Squarespace ensures that your site is secure from the start, making visitors know your site is trustworthy.

Round-the-Clock Support

Squarespace offers free webinars and a support page with hundreds of instructive guides, videos, and articles to help you along while building your website. You can also use community forums to get solutions to issues. If you still need help, Squarespace customer service is available via live chat and email 24/7.


Squarespace has four site-building plans but no free long-term subscription, only a 14-day free trial. Unless you subscribe to an account per month, your trial site will not be available on the internet. Unlike Wix, which charges $4.50 per month for its entry-level plan, Squarespace’s rates are relatively high.

2. Shopify

Best Wix Alternative for Online Stores and Large Businesses.

Editor’s Take
9.4 out of 10
Best For
$29 – $299/month
Annual Discount
Save 10%

Shopify is great because it provides an interface that makes it easy for beginners to create an eCommerce store online without knowing how to code. On the other hand, developers can also access the platform's code to customize it to their tastes.

Shopify is a powerful builder for eCommerce stores available today that offers hundreds of built-in features and a plethora of apps. No matter how big your online store is, Shopify is equipped to manage it.

With its social media integrations, you can sell products easily on your website and multiple social media platforms.

Shopify provides a variety of themes that you can tweak extensively to match your specific branding needs with the ability to sell both digital and physical products. With an incredible number of professional templates and integrated capabilities, the eCommerce platform offers maximum satisfaction even for large businesses.

Best Features

Shopify POS

Shopify offers a feature named Point Of Sale that enables companies to sell their products in the real world. Companies can set up physical stores to market and sell their items and receive payments from customers using a credit card machine. Payments are recorded immediately to the company's Shopify account, which keeps track of all sales.

Robust Analytics Tools

Shopify offers a variety of analytics tools to help users evaluate the effectiveness of their online store. Shopify Analytics provides actionable insights into customer activities, marketing, revenue, and other areas to help businesses develop their operations and make better-informed strategic decisions to boost sales.

Customizable Options

Shopify is a flexible, professional online store builder with many in-built tools and features that allow businesses to customize their websites to meet their requirements. Users can personalize website themes to give their customers a better experience by providing customized coupons, sale reminders, delivery options, multiple payments, etc.

Mobile Phone Friendly

Online shoppers prefer mobile devices for browsing and shopping. As a result, eCommerce businesses need to use mobile-friendly sites. Users can use Shopify to create, host, and maintain flawless websites that work well with mobile devices.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned cart recovery is a highly successful means of drip-feeding clients who hesitate or become distracted when buying on a website. Shopify's Abandoned Cart Recovery functionality enables businesses to track consumers who have things in their cart and send them emails to remind them of those items. By upgrading to the advanced plan, you can automate these emails to be sent at predetermined intervals.


Shopify has three different pricing plans, ranging from the most basic ($29 per month) to the most advanced ($299 per month). You'll need to get in touch with Shopify to set up a custom rate and any other features you require.

3. Bluehost Builder

Excellent Website Builder For Individuals or Businesses Looking To Create A WordPress-based Website.

Editor’s Take
9.3 out of 10
Best For
WordPress Websites
$2.95 – $24.95/month
Annual Discount
Save 64%

Due to its easy-to-use, zero-code interface, 24/7 customer service, and helpful website analytics tools, Bluehost Builder is at the top of our list of the best Wix alternatives available today. You can have a completely functional website up and running in no time.

Bluehost’s outstanding web hosting service is enhanced by including a user-friendly, WordPress-focused website builder called Bluehost Builder.

It's WordPress-integrated, so you can build a website with Bluehost Builder, customize it, then publish it through WordPress.

You can effectively combine the benefits of a quick, simple builder with WordPress functionality.

Although the Bluehost Builder is dependent on WordPress, you receive a unique interface to set up and manage your website.

Best Features


Bluehost's WordPress website builder includes over 300 pre-installed themes. Additional premium themes targeted for selling online are included in Pro and Online Store plans. At the moment, you can't import third-party WordPress themes; however, Bluehost claims to be working on it.

WordPress Media Manager

Using Bluehost Builder offers you access to WordPress's media manager, one of the key benefits. You can use the in-built media manager to add photographs, videos, files, and more to your website. Though the file size restriction is 512MB or smaller, the WordPress media manager still performs a fantastic job of organizing your stuff.

SEO Tools

You can use various SEO tools to improve your search engine rating and bring more traffic to the website. Every page has a basic message box where you can write a meta title and meta description. The main settings menu allows you to change a few significant SEO settings. You can also utilize WordPress plugins such as Yoast SEO for additional features.


Bluehost's builder comes with a lot of eCommerce functionality, and you can quickly and easily create an online store for your website with these design features.


Learn more about Bluehost pricing or Bluehost review

Bluehost Builder is available in three different packages. You should thoroughly analyze each plan before deciding on one, as they each have distinctive features.

The Basic plan is designed for personal websites and blogs, while the other options are geared toward businesses and store owners.

4. Weebly

Easy-to-use, Free Website Builder For Small Businesses That Want To Stay Small.

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best For
Small Businesses
$5 – $25/month
Annual Discount

Weebly is an excellent alternative to Wix if you wish to design a website for free. It's an excellent option for personal websites like blogs, and its simple design provides the perfect setting for your creativity. But it could do with more themes and a fuller photo gallery.

Weebly is a popular website builder that’s free and simple to use. It allows you to create attractive websites for personal sites, online stores, and your online business and is older than many other platforms, with little flexibility.

It is a favorite among folks who aren't tech-savvy as it provides step-by-step advice.

Weebly supports multiple user profiles, blog-specific SEO, comments, and social sharing.

Best Features

Drag and Drop Builder

Weebly's drag-and-drop builder makes creating a website from the start simple. You may drag an element to wherever you like it in the Weebly website builder after selecting it to add or update it.

Multiple Apps and Integrations

If Weebly doesn't have an integration you're looking for, it probably has an app for that functionality. You can quickly integrate email targeting for inbound marketing or social media integrations into your site. These app integrations expand Weebly's capabilities without overburdening it with unnecessary features that you may never use.

Thanks to Weebly templates, Weebly Templates

Your website will be functional and speedy. They already have all the necessary infrastructure built in, so all you have to do is modify it; also, there’s no need to worry about messing up the structural design.

E-commerce Upgrade

Weebly makes it simple to convert your site to an online store. Weebly allows you to turn your standard website into an online store, analytics, sales, metrics tracking, and advertising channels, all in one location if you want your company website to start making sales online.

Fast Page Loading Times

Weebly's websites are self-hosted, and its dedicated servers allow pages to load quickly. Your pages aren't competing with others, and they're designed for the server where they're hosted, so they load faster. Because load speeds are a ranking component in search engine algorithms, this offers businesses an SEO advantage regarding market visibility.


Learn more about Weebly pricing

Weebly's pricing offers a long-term free plan. So your Basic plan is $0, and you may keep it that way.

In contrast to Wix offers, Weebly offers a free tier that accommodates a free online store.

Naturally, there are certain restrictions with the free option. Your website will have 500MB of storage, a Weebly-based domain name, Square advertisements, and a file size limit of 10MB.

5. Zyro

Best AI-powered State-Of-The-Art Website Builder.

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
$2.90 – $15.90/month
Annual Discount
Save up to 68%

Zyro is a website builder with a fantastic UI and solid, unique capabilities that give you complete control over your digital presence. It doesn't provide a free version, and some modification restrictions may limit your design options, but it's an excellent option for small businesses to open an online store.

Zyro is a good choice for novices who don't require or desire a lot of complex features but still want a good deal. It offers basic but reliable functionality at reasonable pricing, and its AI tools are impressive. While Zyro is inexpensive, it lacks all the tools to create a successful business website, especially when compared to Wix.

The beauty of Zyro is that you can easily upgrade or reduce any of your plans.

Best Features

Multiple Integrations with Payment Gateways

If you're selling online, you'll require a platform that can process credit and debit card payments from customers. Zyro has 70+ payment gateway integrations, including popular options like PayPal to help with online payments.

Simple User Interface

Zyro has a user interface that is very simple to use. Creating an account is simple, and it's easy to navigate the website. Zyro provides theme-labeled templates to quickly find what you're looking for, and they're also searchable by keyword. If you hover your mouse over one of the designs, you'll be able to view the template in greater detail or jump directly into designing.


Zyro has over 100+ templates for a variety of purposes. eCommerce, services, photography, portfolio, blog, and events are among the categories. All of the templates are free. In addition, Zyro's templates have a modern look that contributes to a stunning website. Zyro's templates are also responsive, which means they will adapt to any screen size, whether a tablet, a desktop, or a smartphone. This feature can help your SEO strategy by improving the user experience.

Store Manager

Zyro's Store Manager feature makes it easy for users to administer their stores as an eCommerce platform. This involves inventory management, pricing, and order fulfillment.

Storefront Customization

With Zyro, you can easily change the appearance of your product page to match your brand. There are options for users with technical skills to write custom code or edit CSS directly, providing more control.


Zyro - Pricing Plan

Zyro has four paid plans that range from $2.90 to $15.90 per month. All options include a one-year free custom domain name, controlled cloud hosting, and free custom email for three months.

These four paid subscriptions also include live chat, integrations to marketing and blogging tools, and 24/7 customer support.

6. BigCommerce

Best Wix Alternative Ideal For Small Businesses Looking For An Affordable All-in-one eCommerce Website Builder.

BigCommerce - Ecommerce for a new era

BigCommerce is a popular eCommerce platform that offers a high level of scalability for online companies.

It has more in-built eCommerce tools than any of its competitors, and it incorporates these features with smart SEO and excellent multi-channel integration.

BigCommerce helps rapidly expanding firms break into the big leagues.

Best Features


BigCommerce websites are mobile-friendly and incorporate SEO functionality, including on-page SEO, automated image optimizer, sitemap production, and site speed enhancers. All BigCommerce themes also support AMP.

Reporting & Analytics

BigCommerce offers extensive analytics reports, and most of its reporting tools are available for all plans, unlike Wix, which requires you to be on the $79 plan before you can see more detailed sales and customer reports. Marketing reports, customer reports, finance reports, and abandoned cart reports are just a few of the standard reports available.


While BigCommerce themes aren't as pretty as Wix's (at least the free ones), many of them come with eCommerce tools that you'd have to either add to a Wix template yourself or voluntarily give up entirely if you're eager to start selling and do not have the time to properly create and develop a store from a more basic template.

Website Customization

BigCommerce is a platform that is easily customized. Users can customize fast-loading templates with the BigCommerce Stencil upgrade framework to meet their business demands. These pre-built flexible templates make it easy to create an online store that appeals to clients and displays your products. Developers can also edit shopping cart templates with Stencil.

Payment & Inventory Management

BigCommerce supports many third-party payment services and inventory management. They accept payments from various major sources, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc. This feature enables companies to determine which service is ideal for them based on attributes relevant to their customers.

Application Integrations

BigCommerce works with third-party apps and offers a marketplace of approved and tested apps. Businesses can obtain unique pieces or request functionality to boost their sites thanks to an active app development community and a good app marketplace.


BigCommerce pricing is different such that you must upgrade as your business grows. BigCommerce will upgrade you to a more advanced plan after reaching a certain annual sales quota.

Essentially, all plans provide powerful features that are appropriate for any company. BigCommerce provides a 15-day free trial. After this trial, you can choose the appropriate plan for your company.

7. Gator Builder by Hostgator

Simple AI-Powered Website Builder for Beginners.

Gator Builder by Hostgator - Go from zero to website

Gator Builder by Hostgator is an affordable and intuitive website builder that’s great if you want to publish a simple small business website, a freelance portfolio, a blog, or an eCommerce store.

This AI-powered solution is excellent for beginners because it breaks website building into five simple steps.

The process starts with you answering basic questions about your site. Then you can insert your logo, add relevant images, make some adjustments and finally launch your website.

Unfortunately, Gator’s customizable features are inferior to other website builders like Wix and Squarespace. But the cost and ease of use make this website builder an excellent choice for beginners.

Best Features

Email marketing

Gator Builder takes the load off email marketing with its incredible email marketing tools. With tools like professional AI-driven designs, automated email scheduling, and integration with eCommerce landing pages, you can schedule monthly campaigns, share a blog post, etc. The best part is that all of these tools are mobile-friendly, so you're not restricted to the desktop version.

Online Store

Gator Builder provides full-fledged eCommerce tools like online payments with discount and coupon features, digital product downloads, and more for online store owners. These features make it easy for you to create an eCommerce store without coding knowledge or plugins. Bear in mind that you can only access many of these features like zero transaction fees and the ability to add unlimited products with its higher pricing plans.

Themes and Templates

Another perk of using Gator Website Builder is its library of responsive templates and themes that vary from minimalistic to modern designs. In addition, you get categorized templates based on industry or niche. However, as broad as their collection of themes may be, they are pretty basic. Creative professionals may find these templates too bland for their taste.

Customization Tools

Gator Builder helps you create your web pages with its drag-and-drop website editor, the holy grail of intuitive website design. You can simply move the elements within your website and place pieces without consuming much time or going through an extensive learning process. There is also the option to change sizes, fonts, colors, add images, and other media types.

3rd Party Integrations

Gator provides an App Market comparable to WordPress’s plugin marketplace. You can easily incorporate any app you need into your small business websites, from payment to marketing apps. The site builder takes pride in its range of social media integrations. These integrations cover everything from directly connecting with your audience to updates, product coupons, or marketing campaigns without needing to create separate social media content.


Gator Builder by Hostgator - Pricing Plan

Learn more about Hostgator review

Gator Builder by Hostgator provides one of the most competitive pricing plans for website builders, with introductory offers ranging from $3.84-$9.22.

Note that the introductory offer only lasts for the first two years of your subscription, and there are different versions of each plan.

Gator Builder does not provide a free trial or a free plan, but you can access Gator Builder for free if you sign up for any Hostgator hosting plan.

8. Web.com

Best Wix Alternative With Business Email Services.

Web.com - Create a website or online store

Web.com is an online website builder that essentially serves as a one-stop-shop for everything you could need to build a professional website, including a custom domain and email services.

Its website builder is approachable for first-time website builders. However, we believe other website builders are better suited since its page editor can be challenging to work with and takes a while to customize.

The platform also makes it hard for your website to be found unless you upgrade to a more expensive plan.

Best Features

Web Hosting Accounts

All sites built on Web.com include web hosting accounts with unlimited bandwidth and storage. You also get a free custom domain for one year, five email addresses with 2GB of storage each, and an SSL certificate.

Expert Design Service

The new Web.com website builder package includes an hour of one-on-one support with the company’s design experts. There is also an option to pay Web.com’s design team to build your website for you. Your site will be designed to suit your specifications, and you can go on to manage it using Web.com’s site editor once your site is launched.

Marketing Tools

The primary marketing tool that Web.com offers is Local Listings, a feature that will help list your business on sites like Google Maps, Yahoo Local, and Yellowpages.com. You can connect your site to Instagram, Pinterest, and Disqus, but not to a Facebook business page. Web.com also doesn’t offer email marketing tools, and to have access to Web.com’s marketing features, you will have to upgrade from its basic plan.

SEO Functionality & Add-Ons

One of the most significant issues with Web.com is how it treats SEO. For your site to be listed on major search engines like Google and Bing, you must upgrade from the basic pricing package. The good news is that if you decide to upgrade, Web.com helps you customize your pages’ SEO titles and descriptions and add alt text to your images. You can also launch a blog with any Web.com site. Web.com doesn’t have its traffic analytics tools but offers integration with Google Analytics.


Web.com’s top-tier plans enable you to sell up to 500 products. Web.com online stores can create discount codes, and you can choose between Stripe, PayPal, and Square to accept payments. You can also set up an unlimited number of product variants for customers on your eCommerce website. It’s impossible to sell digital downloads or gift cards, and the platform doesn’t support in-store pickup or local delivery. Web.com also has many advanced features, like inventory management or abandoned cart recovery.


Web.com provides three pricing plans starting with Essential Hosting, which costs $5.95 and going as high as $9.95 for Premium Hosting.

These prices are only valid for the first month of the subscription, and the recurring bill then increases to $14.95 to $36.95 per month, depending on the plan you settle to get.

9. Jimdo

Best Wix Alternative for Self-employed Users.

Jimdo - Ready, Set, Site

Jimdo is a website builder that allows you to choose from two methods to build your website — Jimdo Dolphin and Jimdo Creator — based on your coding experience.

Irrespective of your method, Jimdo allows you to choose from a series of templates to quickly and easily customize, edit, and launch your website.

Before committing, you have to understand that while Jimdo is perfect for you if you’re just starting out and testing the web, you will have to consider other options once you decide to build anything serious.

Best Features

Web Building

Jimdo helps you build your website using either Jimdo Dolphin or Jimdo Creator. Jimdo Dolphin is designed to accommodate business owners with little or no website experience and want a tool to get their site up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whereas Jimdo Dolphin is the simplest way to develop your website, Jimdo Creator gives you more control over the building process, akin to competitor platforms like Wix or Shopify. With Jimdo Creator, you’ll choose from various pre-built templates and then customize and edit the template using a drag-and-drop editor. Using this editor, you’ll have the option to create your custom template using HTML or CSS.

Domain and Security

Jimdo offers a one-year-free domain name for all of its paid plans. You can connect it to your Jimdo account for free if you already own a domain. If you use the free plan, you’ll be able to create a free subdomain with jimdosite.com or jimdofree.com, depending on whether you use Dolphin or Creator. All Jimdo websites are protected by HTTPS encryption, even if you opt for the free plan.

Storage and Bandwidth

The storage and bandwidth you receive with your Jimdo website will depend on your plan and Creator method. For both the Dolphin and Creator free plans, you’ll have 500 MB of storage and a bandwidth of 2 GB. As the plan levels increase, you’ll have access to increased storage and bandwidth, up to unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Customer Support

The customer support you receive depends wholly on your chosen plan. If you use either the Dolphin or Creator free plan, you won’t have access to one-on-one support. However, you will be able to use the self-service resources on Jimdo’s website. With the free plan, you’ll only receive customer support via email, which Jimdo will answer within one to two business days. While other paid plans receive support assistance within one to two business days, the highest level plan receives support in less than one hour. Jimdo only supports customer support over email and no phone support.


Jimdo - Pricing Plan

Jimdo provides three paid pricing plans and a free plan called Jimdo Play that covers all you need to build your website, albeit with limited features.

There are other pricing plans depending on your needs, but the pricing for building regular websites starts at $9 per month and goes as high as $39 per month.

Only the Unlimited Plan provides unlimited bandwidth and storage

10. WordPress.com

WordPress.com - Welcome to the world’s most popular website builder

WordPress.com was mainly designed to offer all the blogging tools one could ever need but has developed into a versatile website-building software that helps you create any website you can think of.

It's incredibly flexible, meaning you have complete control over the design and functionality of your website. WordPress is hands down one of the best Wix alternatives for bloggers.

Best Features

Social Media Integration

With WordPress.com, you can link your site to all your social media pages so that your new posts will get shared to your news feed. There is also the option to add widgets that show your social feed on your website. For example, you can embed your Twitter feed to show your timeline on your site.

SEO and Marketing

WordPress.com handles the bulk of the mechanics of SEO so you don’t have to. All the themes offered are designed to optimize your rankings, meaning you can sit back and focus more on creating a great site. If you want to tailor what appears on the result page and be more hands-on, you can upgrade to the Business plan to get a custom domain and access advanced SEO tools.


WordPress.com offers free domain names irrespective of the plan you are settling for. If you’re using its free plan, you simply have to type your site name and pick the best free domains available. However, if you need something that looks more professional, it’s best to get a custom domain. Once you upgrade to any paid plans, the custom domain is part of the package. There is also the option to transfer an existing domain from another site.

Backups & Restores

You sure don't want to go through the nightmare of your site crashing and losing all the changes you make while editing your website. To this end, this Wix alternative provides a useful Restore function that helps you recover your site from any given point if you accidentally delete something or it crashes. This feature takes backup a step further than other sites where you can only restore it from the last time you saved, and this might include the mistake you were trying to resolve. Your site data is automatically backed up so that issues like power failure or natural disasters don't result in data loss.


You can get started with WordPress.com with its day free trial. The pricing plans are determined by who wants to use WordPress services.

The first plan, called Personal, costs $4 per month and is built for only personal support use. The Premium Plan ($8 per month) and The Business Plan ($25 per month) are best for freelancers and small business websites.

The final plan, called eCommerce, is excellent for online store owners, and it costs $45 per month.

11. Webflow

Potentially the Most Powerful Wix Alternative.

Webflow - The site you want — without the dev time

Webflow is potentially the most powerful website builder on the market with a drag-and-drop editor, offering various features to help you set up and run beautiful, fully-customized websites without any coding knowledge.

It is a full-featured website builder that offers an abundance of templates that you can fully customize.

Naturally, being so powerful, there’s quite a bit of a learning curve to it, given its advanced editing features.

Webflow knows this and, with its focus on customer experience and satisfaction, has provided many written and video resources for its customers to learn how to get the most out of the platform.

It is a great website builder; unless you are interested in a complete eCommerce website, you should go for another website builder.

Best Features


Webflow’s designer can be classified as one of the more advanced editing features among content management systems since you get complete control over your website’s CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, all from a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. However, you generate your code using the visual designer instead of writing code line by line. You move pre-built blocks around, add more features, and make customizations. Meanwhile, the designer makes clean, semantic code for an optimized website behind the scenes.

Webflow’s Editor

With Webflow, whenever you’re ready to publish changes to your site, you can do so with just one click. Live preview means that you won’t see any surprises when your content has been published. Because Webflow separates content from the underlying support features, you can easily edit things without worrying about breaking any part of your site. You can also collaborate with your colleagues on anything you create, and detailed version history means that you know exactly who changed what and when.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

You can optimize your content for search engines without additional plugins. The ability to set your meta title and description is included directly in the editor, and you get instant previews of what your website’s entry will look like when it’s live on the internet.

Webflow Site Builder Templates

Webflow provides over 25 free templates to choose from and three wireframes. There are enough templates, whether you want to build an eCommerce site, a blog, or a basic portfolio site. Each of these professional templates provides information about the type of site it is best for. Nearly all the templates are responsive, so building a responsive website for mobile is easier.

WireFrame Options

In addition to dozens of templates, Webflow also offers three wireframe options–Startup, Portfolio, and Business. Wireframes provide general outlines for your site and offer more customization options than templates. These are great options for the more design-savvy, and they don’t require coding skills.


Learn more about Webflow pricing

Webflow’s pricing is a bit complicated because pricing is divided into Site plans and Workspace plans.

A Site plan is like a hosting plan for a single website.

On the other hand, Workspace plans are designed for teams and agencies that need to create and operate several websites for either themselves or clients.

For ecommerce functionality, you must opt for one of the eCommerce plans that Webflow offers.

Webflow allows you to export the code for your website and deploy it to any server of your choice.


What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-based website builder that provides drag-and-drop simplicity when designing and publishing your small business website, blog, portfolio, or online store.

Wix offers more than 500 ready-made templates to help you build your website without either specialist skills or the need to hire a web developer.

How to choose the best alternative to Wix?

Wix is best known for its industry-specific template categories. When you choose a Wix alternative, it's best to go with a website builder that offers a wide range of website templates and should also offer other advanced features like eCommerce tools, content management, and many other intuitive features.

What are cheaper alternatives to Wix?

It is not surprising that Wix is not the most competitive website builder cost-wise. Thankfully, numerous website builders offer similar services but are kinder to your purse.

One good example is Squarespace which is a leading all-in-one website builder. Some other examples include Zyro and Shopify.

What are the top Wix competitors?

Wix has several competitors, but a few have distinguished themselves based on their services.

The first is Squarespace, which is an all-rounder for website building. Shopify is an excellent alternative and the top choice for eCommerce websites the world over.

What are the disadvantages of using Wix?

The list of disadvantages you will have to battle with Wix is longer than you might expect.

The first is that you cannot transfer your site from this software. It does not offer a pricing plan that supports multiple sites.

There are also many hidden costs associated with this software.

Is Wix slower than WordPress?

WordPress seems far superior to Wix since it is a powerful website builder that helps build a website in real-time, but its flexibility also means that you can easily mess up and do some serious damage to your load speeds.

WordPress’ speed also has a lot to do with your web hosting server since you have the flexibility to choose any server you want.

Is Wix safer than WordPress?

Both Wix and WordPress are relatively safe, but WordPress security can be at risk when you use a plugin created by a malicious actor or one that is not regularly updated.

These plugins tend to have loopholes that can be exploited by hackers and other malicious actors to access and do significant damage to your site.

Wix offers better protection in cases like these because it does not rely on plugins. But as long as you only use plugins from reputable developers and make sure that everything stays up-to-date, your WordPress site should be fine.

I already have a website. Can I easily migrate to Wix?

Yes! You can easily transfer your existing website to Wix. All you have to do is obtain an authorization code known as an EPP code from your current registrar.

This code is usually sent to your domain registered email when you request it.

What is the Best Alternative to Wix?

Since there are so many Wix alternatives, choosing the best one for you can be tricky.

It doesn’t matter if you want an online store or a small business website, and whether you are a coding pro or a beginner, finding a suitable Wix alternative is no easy task.

Here are our top recommendations to help ease the search process:

  • Squarespace is the best Wix alternative with awesome design templates for creative professionals and visual-heavy businesses.
  • Shopify is the best all-in-one eCommerce platform for online stores and large businesses.
  • Bluehost Builder is a fantastic website builder for individuals or businesses looking to create a WordPress-based website.
  • Weebly is the best easy-to-use and free website builder for small businesses that want to stay small.
  • Zyro is the best AI-powered state-of-the-art website builder.

For more information to help you decide on the most suitable Wix alternative for you, check out our reviews of various website builder tools for more in-depth reviews and comparisons of different website builders.

Best Overall


Notable for making it incredibly simple for even the most inexperienced novice to make attractive websites.
Best for eCommerce


Powerful platform explicitly designed for eCommerce stores with a simple interface, low prices, extensive third-party connectivity, and offline support.
Best For WordPress Websites

Bluehost Builder

Harness the power of WordPress while designing a personal website with ease using Bluehost Builder's drag-and-drop website editor.
Best For Small Businesses


Website builder with a focus on speed and affordability, great for solopreneurs and small enterprises looking to go online.
Best For Beginners


Excellent content management system (CMS) and web builder designed for simplicity and ease of use, obviating the need for coding.

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