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17 Best Wix Alternatives in 2022 (More Powerful and Reliable)

We’ve reviewed and ranked the best Wix alternatives to launch your website, blog, or online store including website builders and ecommerce platforms.

wix alternatives

“Create a website you are proud of.”

“Design and build your own high-quality websites.”

“The best choice for you.”

These are just a few of the claims Wix made on their website.

To an extent, we agree, and we are definitely not alone.

The 165 million Wix users who contributed to the tremendous increase of its annual revenue from $426 million in 2017 to over $700 million in 2020 also agrees.

However, Wix is not for everyone!

From affordability, SEO to more backend control and powerful advanced features, every business owner has some specific characteristics they look out for in a website builder.

As you'll see in this article, there are other Wix alternatives available that can perfectly cater to your business needs and build the perfect website or online store in line with your business's goals and values.

Let's get started!

Best Wix Alternatives for Regular Websites and Blogs

  1. Squarespace
  2. Weebly
  3. WordPress
  4. Webflow
  5. Gator Builder by Hostgator
  6. Webnode
  7. Jimdo
  8. Duda

1. Squarespace

Best Wix Alternative with an Amazing Online Community for Creatives.

Squarespace All round Functional Blogging Platform with Maximum Flexibility.

Amongst the numerous website builder tools available, Squarespace is a website builder that focuses on building your website and showcases your work regardless of your technical ability.

Squarespace gives you the freedom to customize your pages and make your site unique. Although it is not precisely a drag-and-drop builder, you can still replace images, enter text, manage multiple pages at once, add and delete sections on any Squarespace template.

However, you must replace those images with high-resolution photos to retain the beautiful outlook of your website.

If you can't find or design suitable images, Squarespace also partners with Getty images to provide you with stock pictures you can use. Most of the best pictures cost $10 each, but you can also get some lovely ones for free.

Implement a “social feeds” feature on your Squarespace website, and your web visitors will be able to easily keep track of every update in one place.

Squarespace extension store allows you to add extra features to your website so that you can manage, grow, and optimize your site.

If you have a little technical know-how and some patience, Squarespace might be your best option as absolute beginners might struggle to understand and use the platform more effectively.


Squarespace offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on its four pricing plans – the Personal Plan, the Business Plan, the Basic Commerce Plan, and the Advanced Commerce Plan.

The Basic Commerce Plan and the Advanced Commerce Plan, however, are suited for Ecommerce functionalities.

Squarespace Pricing

Also, Squarespace offers students 50% off their first full year of Squarespace, provided you can verify your school address and sign up with your academic email address.


  • Numerous unique website templates, fonts, and color palettes to suit your taste.
  • Built-in email campaigns and social tools to help you grow your audience across multiple channels.
  • You can edit almost all your website sections, such as pages, Ecommerce functions, and blog posts, using any of Squarespace's mobile apps.
  • Apart from several built-in blogging features, Squarespace allows you to host your podcast on its platform.
  • Accelerated mobile pages (amp) support.
  • Integrate Squarespace mobile apps easily with numerous platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Maps, Open Table, Unsplash, Xero, and many others.
  • All Squarespace’s themes are optimized for mobile devices and are highly customizable using the site styles' menu.
  • Squarespace offers webinars, help guides, and an online community to help you navigate the platform, learn the basics, and seek professionals' advice. 

Why Choose Squarespace Over Wix?

Squarespace is an amazing Wix alternative offering convenient blogging tools and features. These tools are built-in and ready to use. Examples of such tools include comment moderation capability and multi-author collaboration.

In contrast, you can't launch a proper blog on Wix unless you add the free Wix blog app to your site.

Squarespace's template designs are much more flexible than Wix's, as professional designers created them. It offers flexibility in spades, massive customization options, modern, professional, and quality designs.

In contrast, Wix does not hit the same standard as Squarespace as it has some template designs with very low-quality.

2. Weebly

Most Budget-Friendly Website Builder with Extensive Versatility.

Weebly - homepage

Weebly is one of the undisputed kings of website builders currently available, and it powers more than 50 million websites globally.

It is very easy to use and has a drag and drop editor that allows you to move elements such as images, buttons, forms, and text boxes around on your web page.

Weebly's huge app store has several built-in features for you to create the website of your imagination.

If you don't want any of Weebly's free themes, you can always purchase any of its developer-built themes.


Weebly has a free plan that offers some of the basic features you'll need to run your website.

However, to get a custom domain name and access to more features, you'll have to purchase either the Connect Plan, Pro Plan, or Business Plan.

Weebly - pricing

The Pro Plan and Business Plan both come with a free domain and $100 Google ads credit.


  • As a small business owner, Weebly provides you with over 60 website templates and all the essential tools necessary to build a great business.
  • Besides having simple, mobile responsive, and stylish themes, you can easily switch between Weebly's themes.
  • Excellent blogging tools and email module to communicate with your audience.
  • 24/7 live chat and email support. Phone support is also available but on higher plans.
  • Amazing SEO tools and an app center with third-party integrations and add-ons to scale up your website.
  • An Ecommerce module with an easy and secure checkout process, simplified order management, a powerful filtered product search, and many other features.
  • Weebly's help and support center contain expert starter guides and help-resources to help you launch your website easily and helpful SEO guides to boost your site's ranking, keyword optimization, and coding.

Why Choose Weebly Over Wix?

When you're spoilt for choice, you might struggle to choose the right template for your website.

While you can preview your template on Wix and Weebly, only Weebly permits you to change your template after publishing your website.

If you decide to change your Wix website's template after publishing, you'll need to start your design afresh.

Also, using the Weebly code editor, you can fully access your site's backend code.

If you are a tech expert, this option is hugely beneficial because you can fix formatting anomalies, fine-tune visuals, and add custom features. However, you can still operate Weebly perfectly without having any technical knowledge.

In contrast, Wix doesn't give room to access your site's backend code.

3. WordPress

Most Flexible Content Management System with Powerful Customization Functionalities for Entrepreneurs.

Wordpress.org - homepage

WordPress is an extremely flexible open-source Content Management System (CMS) powering over 33% of all the websites on the internet.

There are two types of WordPress which you must know of.

WordPress.com, a fully hosted version that manages your hosting for you and WordPress.org (which we are reviewing), a self-hosted version that gives you maximum control of your website without WordPress.com's limitations.

WordPress has a simple WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that allows you to add content and new features without affecting the design you are using and modify the design without changing your content.

There are numerous free and paid WordPress themes available that you can use to create your website.

You may also decide to pay a WordPress developer to build you a personalized WordPress theme from scratch.

There's also a vast community of users, developers, experts, and a web of online classes and tutorials available on the internet, which you can easily access to learn how to use WordPress.

To create a website on WordPress is 100% free, but you will need to register your website's domain name and select a web hosting platform.


Most WordPress web hosting platforms will give you a free domain name when you purchase their hosting services.

Let's see the best WordPress hosting platforms you can choose from.

a. Bluehost

Best Overall WordPress Hosting Platform.

Bluehost is a popular web hosting service recommended by WordPress since 2005.

It offers a one-click automatic WordPress installation and updates, and every web hosting plan comes with a free domain name and a free SSL certificate.

Choosing a pricing plan on Bluehost depends solely on your preference. However, Bluehost offers three pricing plans beginning at $3.95 monthly for the Basic Plan.

Bluehost - WordPress hosting pricing

b. Hostinger

Most Affordable WordPress Hosting Platform.

Hostinger is an appealing WordPress hosting option housing so many WordPress-specific features for you, including a guided installation process.

It also automatically updates your site's features and uses LiteSpeed Cache to enhance your site's speed.

Hostinger offers four pricing plans beginning at $1.59 for the Single WordPress Plan.

Hostinger - WordPress Hosting Pricing

c. Hostgator

Most Preferred WordPress Hosting Platform for Small Scale Entrepreneurs.

Hostgator is a great web hosting choice for high-traffic websites seeking faster loading times.

It offers free email accounts, free domains, and you can easily access your website on any device.

Hostgator offers three pricing plans beginning at $5.95 monthly for the Starter Plan.

HostGator - WordPress hosting pricing

d. Hostpapa

Most Versatile WordPress Hosting Platform.

Hostpapa is a unique web hosting platform with a free Cloudflare Content Delivery Network that enhances your site's performance.

It automatically updates WordPress to the latest version and offers excellent customer support via calls or live chats.

Hostpapa offers three pricing plans beginning at $3.95 monthly for the WP Starter Plan.

HostPapa - WordPress hosting pricing

e. WP Engine

Most Preferred Managed WordPress Hosting Platform.

WP Engine is a popular managed web hosting platform with a simple and straightforward sign-in process.

It has a highly optimized platform that improves your WordPress site's performance, increases conversion, and enhances search engines' rankings.

WP Engine offers four pricing plans beginning at $25 monthly for the Startup Plan.

WPEngine - Pricing


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Extremely customizable design, features, and functionalities.
  • Out of the box SEO functionality.
  • No HTML Editing or FTP software is required.
  • Fully-functional in-built blogging features.
  • In-built management system which you can access from anywhere and on any device.
  • Seamless integration with social media platforms.
  • Over 55.000 plugins are available to improve your website's functionality.
  • Since WordPress is an open-source CMS, you can benefit from thousands of community users' contributions and expert advice, including WordPress developers and web designers.

Why Choose WordPress Over Wix?

WordPress is a more reliable Wix alternative offering you total control of all your website files and data.

In contrast, Wix directly offers web hosting for your website, and even though you can create a custom domain, you do not have total control over your website's functionality.

Also, WordPress has a much more extensive range of themes and design layouts, and you can easily switch themes or customize them to your taste without any limitations.

In contrast, since Wix also offers Ecommerce functionality, the templates available for website creation are limited, and even after selecting a template, you can only customize it as you like, but you cannot switch to another template.

4. Webflow

Webflow - homepage

Webflow's target niches are designers and developers. Therefore, newbies might find its user interface a bit overwhelming.

There are over 200 themes on Webflow available for you to choose from. However, you can create your own personalized theme from scratch using its blank canvas.

You can also select a different template for every page on your website. Simply put, you can have a different template on your home page, services page, about us page, and contact page.

Although you can incorporate custom HTML codes into your website header and footer, Webflow integrates the Zapier system for practical team cooperation. This Zapier integration makes it possible for your team members to work on specific projects with you.

Webflow allows you to export your website code as a CSV file and import it into another platform without paying a penny.

You can also activate anonymization of user IP addresses, add your HTML/CSS code, and connect Google and Facebook services.


You can get started on Webflow using its free plan. However, you can only use a subdomain from Webflow and are only limited to 500 views monthly.

To increase your site's functionality, you'll have to purchase either of its paid plans.

Webflow offers four different pricing plans to suit your specifications. They include the Basic Plan at $12 monthly, the CMS at $16 monthly, and the Business Plan at $36 monthly when you pay annually.

Webflow - pricing

On the other hand, the Enterprise Plan can be customized and tailored to suit your company's needs, and you'll have to contact Webflow to determine your price. 


  • Webflow has over 200 free and paid fully responsive themes to help you create your desired website.
  • Over 2000 fonts are available with an excellent typography control.
  • HTML/CSS website editor offering limitless design customization options.
  • Useful for teams wishing to collaborate with one another or with clients and collaborators can easily share website projects, edit content, and authorize others to make suggestions.
  • Supports 3D transformations and animations.
  • Integrates with Mail Chimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, and many others to improve its functionality. 
  • Numerous support materials are available through its user forum, videos, and courses in the Webflow university.

Why Choose Webflow Over Wix?

With an HTML/CSS website editor, Webflow is a better Wix alternative that will provide you with an extensive and complete web building control.

Webflow also offers a more in-depth SEO set up option than Wix by allowing you to set up alt tags, keywords, and meta descriptions for each page.

5. Gator Builder by Hostgator

All-round Functional Website Builder for Small Scale Businesses.

Hostgator Website Builder - homepage

Gator is a simple website builder by Hostgator, one of the most popular web hosting solutions worldwide, that combines a few templates with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

It offers amazing features for building professional and well-designed websites suitable for small businesses or anyone starting their first online project.

Regardless of your technical know-how, you can easily create your website with its easy-to-navigate interface. However, there's also an excellent onboarding tutorial that teaches you all you need to do to get started.

Gator offers 24/7/365 tech support for every user and free analytics that helps you monitor every activity on your site.

However, Gator is not suitable for large businesses looking for a more complex website because there are extreme limitations to email marketing and blog building.


With an amount less than what you'll spend on a takeout pizza, Gator's Start Plan offers you an excellent way into the online world.

Other plans include the Site Plan and the Store Plan, and each plan comes with a free SSL certificate and a 1-year free domain name.

Gator Builder by Hostgator - pricing


  • Gator has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that allows you to easily build your site using design elements such as images, videos, columns, maps, text boxes, and contact forms just as you desire.
  • Built-in stock photo library in case you do not have access to quality photos.
  • You'll receive a 1-year free custom domain name and a free SSL certificate when you create your website.
  • Over 200 visually enticing and flexible templates to help you easily customize your site to your taste and satisfaction.
  • Best SEO tools and practices to help you monitor your site's activity and scale your business.
  • Simple and intuitive menus to create and navigate your website easily.

Why Choose Gator Over Wix?

If you need extensive web hosting plans to create a highly professional website, then Gator website builder is your perfect Wix alternative.

Also, Gator has a cheaper pricing plan with amazing benefits than Wix. Its lowest plan at $3.84 monthly, comes with a free domain name and SSL certificate.

In contrast, Wix's lowest plan at $18 monthly doesn't offer any of these unique benefits.

6. Webnode

Most Trusted Website Builder for Every Enterprise Level with an Easy-to-Use Online Editor.

Webnode - homepage

Webnode is a cloud website builder with multiple features and tools suitable for portfolio display.

As a point-and-click website builder, you can customize a portfolio template using its extensive collection of third-party services.

You can also integrate third-party widgets and extensions to improve your small business website's exposure, improve the quality of your site's design, and monitor your site analytics.

Webnode has numerous unique features, such as a block editor that allows you to customize your contact forms, including the options for advanced field options such as date pickers, file uploads, and drop-down lists.

It also provides pop up tips within the editor section while building your site so that you're optimizing your site for various search engines even before building it is complete.

While it doesn't have a newsletter tool, you can use the HTML element to integrate external newsletter systems such as Mailerlite and Mailchimp.


Webnode offers a 15-day free trial period, after which you must purchase one of its subscription plans to continue using the platform.

The plans include the Limited Plan, the Mini Plan, the Standard Plan, and Profi Plan.

Except for the Limited Plan that comes with a subdomain, every other subscription plan comes with a 1-Year free domain name.

Webnode - pricing


  • Webnode has modern template designs that are responsive across all devices and will allow you to change a template's background color.
  • User-friendly website builder that lets you add different types of content in just one click.
  • You can connect your existing domain name with your Webnode website or get a professional domain free for one year.
  • Easily backup your website and restore previous versions of your website any time you need to.
  • Professional email account functionality.
  • Built-in multi-language functionality for some price plans.
  • If you're new to the Ecommerce business or the sales of digital products such as music and ebooks, Webnode provides you with enough functionalities to get your business off the ground.
  • Easily optimize each page of your website individually for SEO purposes.

Why Choose Webnode Over Wix?

Webnode poses as a more simpler, reasonable, and affordable Wix alternative with unique features such as Professional emails to help you build your personalized website effortlessly.

Wix, on the other hand, isn’t exactly hard to use, but it does come with a steeper learning curve than Webnode.

7. Jimdo

Most Preferred Website Builder with Artificial Intelligence Functionality for Creating Highly-Personalized Websites.

Jimdo - homepage

Jimdo is a simple, easy-to-use, and convenient website builder that offers you all the tools and features you'll need to create your website. 

Rather than static templates, Jimdo offers flexible content blocks to suit your business needs and will automatically create navigation menus and pages to fit your industry or niche.

For example, if you run a local restaurant, Jimdo will automatically get a map page with your logo, address, working hours, and more.

If you're using Jimdo for blogging, you can set up an RSS feed, split posts into categories, and track your readers with its analytics. Your web visitors can also comment and bookmark your posts.

Jimdo uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically improve your website's functionality.

It has an Automatic SEO that effortlessly syncs up the Google Search Console to monitor and maintain your site's performance and content blocks that build web pages faster than older website builders.


Jimdo has a free plan that offers you all the basic features you'll need for your website, but with a Jimdo subdomain name and advertising.

However, you can opt for its premium plan, which includes the Start Plan, Grow Plan, and Unlimited Plan, which offers you more advanced features and a free domain.

Jimdo - pricing


  • Jimdo uses AI to build your site images from their image library.
  • Very simple and straightforward interface.
  • No coding knowledge is required.
  • You can easily build your website using Jimdo Creator, which offers over 100 templates and various customization options, or Jimdo Dolphin, which offers you an AI-created website.
  • Numerous social media integrations, navigation menus, and page designs that fit your industry.
  • Automatic SEO and very easy-to-track web statistics that help you monitor your business growth.
  • Numerous tips and support documents to help you create your right website easily.
  • Transfer your domain from an existing site to Jimdo easily.
  • Using Jimdo guarantees you an ad-free website, which is vital for every professional business site.

Why Choose Jimdo over Wix?

Jimdo has a convenient Dolphin feature that offers its users an AI created website effortlessly. 

In contrast, Wix doesn't use AI to create their websites, so users may not get a personalized website like Jimdo offers.

Jimdo also has a reasonable pricing policy coupled with amazing features, and so is a far more affordable Wix alternative.

8. Duda

Most Conventional Website Builder with SaaS Platforms Integrations for Creating Agencies and Multilingual Website.

Duda - homepage

Duda is an excellent website builder particularly suited for SaaS platforms and web design agencies. However, small and medium-sized businesses will also find it useful.

Like all drag-and-drop website builders, Duda allows you to customize any template of your choice when building your site without having any previous coding knowledge.

Duda excels in design. Apart from its numerous pre-filled, professional templates, you can customize your own templates to suit your business needs.

The platform also allows you to customize any template you choose to display in a way you desire on any device and preview your design on mobile, tablet, and desktop before making your choice.

One unusual design feature of Duda is that you can create your widget to develop a customized experience for your web visitors.

For example, you can use factors like the number of visits to the site or location to trigger particular messages, promotions, videos, and pop-ups for each web visitor.

That will help you to connect with your audience personally and boost engagement on your site.  


Duda offers a 14-day free trial period, after which you must select a pricing plan to continue accessing its numerous features.

The plans include the Basic Plan, the Team Plan, and the Agency Plan.

However, for the Custom Plan, which allows you to customize your web features and tools just as you'd like, you'll have to contact Duda and request a quote.

Duda - pricing


  • Duda is a website builder that excels in its simplicity.
  • It has helpful and innovative ‘personalization' rules.
  • Duda websites are hosted on Amazon AWS and claim to have an impressive 99.9% uptime.
  • Extremely flexible and extensible, with numerous developer tools and Application Programming Interface (API) integrations. 
  • Multi-language capabilities that allow your audience to view your site in over 55 different languages.
  • Increase your international SEO ranking with language-specific URLs based on geo-targeting.

Why Choose Duda Over Wix?

After building your site on Duda, you can export or download it at any time using the built-in Duda site export feature.

In contrast, every site built with Wix cannot be exported anywhere as they are hosted exclusively on Wix's servers.

Duda offers a cost-efficient solution for agencies that build websites at scale. For instance, the Duda Agency Plan, which supports up to eight client websites, currently costs $59 monthly.

In contrast, the same number of sites on Wix will cost $100 monthly (on the Unlimited Plan) and $196 monthly (on the VIP Plan).

Best Wix Alternatives for Online Stores and Ecommerce Businesses

  1. Shopify
  2. WooCommerce
  3. Constant Contact Website Builder
  4. GoDaddy
  5. Shift4Shop
  6. Zyro
  7. Selz
  8. BigCommerce
  9. Magento

1. Shopify

Top Wix Alternative with Powerful Dropshipping Functionality for Every Ecommerce Business.

Shopify Best Wix Alternative for any Ecommerce Business.

Despite the numerous Shopify alternatives available, Shopify has made a name for itself in the Ecommerce space, with over 2 million active store owners operating the platform.

It has a simple and straightforward user interface that allows you to drag-and-drop your products and automatically optimizes all images in your online store.

There are over 100 responsive and professional themes compatible with any device, and you can also purchase additional plugins from Shopify's App Store. 

You can also customize these themes to suit your taste with Shopify's Live Editor.

Shopify integrates with other potential sales channels, including social media platforms, and offers a good range of SEO tools to increase sales.

Every online store on Shopify is PCI compliant by default and includes SSL security to protect your customer's information.

There's also 24/7 live support, an active community forum, email support, help center, video tutorials, and other advanced specialist support to help you clarify any confusion you may have.


Shopify offers a 14-day free trial with its pricing plans: The Basic Shopify Plan, The Shopify Plan, and The Advanced Shopify Plan.

Shopify - pricing

There's also a Shopify Lite Plan that allows you to add products directly to your website or blog and accept credit card payments, and Shopify Plus Plan that offers enterprise-grade solutions for large businesses.


  • Shopify has a simple and Straightforward interface that can be navigated by anyone.
  • Responsive and customizable themes that are compatible with any device.
  • Integrates your online store with Google Analytics to monitor your store's performance.
  • Abandoned cart recovery.
  • Email and social media marketing tools integration based on your country.
  • Shopify has a dedicated payment gateway, “Shopify Payments” to process services, and integrates with over 100 different payment processors like Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • High-level security protocols with Level 1 PCI compliance, SSL security, and a default fraud analysis.
  • 24/7 live chats, email and phone support, active online community, and a web of helpful resources.

Why Choose Shopify Over Wix?

Shopify is a better Wix alternative for growing businesses seeking to expand with numerous Ecommerce integration apps to choose from.

In contrast, the Wix app store has various cool integration apps, but it's limited since all the apps do not cater to only online stores.

Shopify also has a much more sophisticated range of product features with robust inventory management organized in one area. For instance, you can easily access the product creation page, inventory tab, and area for your gift cards directly from the same unit.

In contrast, since Wix is designed for small businesses, it offers pretty basic inventory management features.

2. WooCommerce

Best All-round Ecommerce Platform for WordPress.

WooCommerce - homepage

WooCommerce is an entirely free open-source plugin that can turn your WordPress website into a great Ecommerce business.

It has various free themes that you can use to create your online store. However, for more advanced Ecommerce functionality, you’ll need to add paid extensions, integrations, and themes that will set your store apart from the public.

WooCommerce has its own payment gateway, “WooCommerce Payment,” with no setup charges or monthly fees. You can also set up various payment options from major credit cards to integrations with Stripe, PayPal, and many others.

However, you must know that WooCommerce will charge you a transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢ and an additional 1% for every card issued outside the United States.

Before you can create your online store on WooCommerce, you must already have a WordPress website in place.

When deciding the right web hosting platform for your WooCommerce store, you should consider Bluehost web hosting.

WordPress has recommended Bluehost since 2005, and with just one click, you can install the most secure and latest WordPress version.

Bluehost also provides an email account branded with your domain name and a 24/7 live chat and calls to clarify all your confusion.


Bluehost has three pricing plans: The Basic Plan, The Plus plan, and The Choice Plus Plan.

Bluehost also offers a one-year free domain name and a free SSL certificate in every pricing plan you purchase.

Bluehost - WordPress hosting pricing


  • WooCommerce plugin is free to use.
  • Simple and highly customizable interface.
  • Easily integrate your online store with Google Analytics to monitor your store’s performance.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase from the WooCommerce app store.
  • Endless SEO customization.
  • Large community of active developers, experts, and users providing support.
  • Geo-location-support gives you information on your customer’s location to help you address tax and shipping rate calculations.
  • Integrates perfectly with social networks.
  • Powerful blogging functionality.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Functional inventory management tool to track abandoned orders, assess any available stock and conceal out of stock products.

Why Choose WooCommerce Over Wix?

WooCommerce is a better Wix alternative in the field of design and customization. You can modify almost anything just the way you want it from the thousands of themes and extensions available.

In contrast, Wix has over 500 templates available in its library to build stylish online stores. However, you cannot transfer your content from one template to another.

3. Constant Contact Website Builder

Best Ecommerce Platform Providing Solid Email Marketing with Social Media Integrations for All Business Levels.

ConstantContact - Website - homepage

Constant Contact Builder, mostly known for its email marketing programs, is an Ecommerce platform best suited for Ecommerce businesses that seek to undertake ambiguous email marketing campaigns.

It has a huge library of highly-customizable email templates optimized for every kind of device.

However, its design quality isn't the best in the market, but you can get some impressive or professional designs for your online store.

Constant Contact uses auto-generated Artificial Intelligence to assemble your site, after which you can customize it to suit your taste.

You'll also get access to great Ecommerce features such as auto-calculations, tracking, integrated shipping, and analytics to monitor your store's performance.


Constant Contact offers one plan for Website Builder with $10 per month. Free hosting, unlimited storage and mobile-responsive website are part of the long list of features withing Website Builder.

ConstantContact - Website - pricing


  • Simple and intuitive User Interface.
  • Constant Contact has a free plan for startups with SSL certificate protection.
  • The best platform for extensive email marketing.
  • Easy to understand analytics.
  • Powerful list-building tool.
  • Social media marketing and optimization.
  • Segmented and automated email to help your online store grow.
  • Real-time email tracking tool.
  • Employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) in site creation.

Why Choose Constant Contact Over Wix?

Constant Contact is an incredible Wix alternative that focuses on integrating powerful email marketing tools and social media with your online store to help scale your business and provide an excellent ROI.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy - Online Store Builder

GoDaddy is an excellent web hosting platform that offers Ecommerce packages with well-designed and easily customizable templates to help you build your perfect online store in no time.

It is not a drag-and-drop builder but uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to create your online store. That simply means that you can easily customize your website by filling out specific fields, which is easier and less time-consuming.

GoDaddy has a built-in analytics system that easily monitors your store's traffic and rankings and uses “Smart learning” to share the most relevant metrics from your store.

Godaddy integrates with email and social media marketing tools to improve your online store's connection and sales.

It also integrates with third-party marketplaces making it super easy to sell your products on Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, eBay, and Walmart.

However, these features do have certain limits and may not be the most suitable option for large businesses.


GoDaddy offers a 1-month free trial period, after which you must purchase its only Ecommerce pricing plan, The Ecommerce Plan, to continue accessing its features.

GoDaddy Website Builder - pricing


  • You can easily customize your themes without losing any previous data.
  • Add up to 5,000 products to your online store.
  • A “Bulk Editor” that simultaneously modifies multiple items on the products page, thus saving time.
  • No transaction fees.
  • Auto-optimization of your online store to improve ranking on search engines.
  • Process payments securely through gateways like PayPal, Square, or Stripe.
  • Integrated email and social media marketing tools to improve sales.

Why Choose GoDaddy Over Wix?

GoDaddy is a better Wix alternative offering faster solutions to creating online stores.

GoDaddy allows you to easily switch templates even after your online store goes live and stores all your previous data whenever you may need them.

In contrast, Wix doesn't allow you to change your templates after your online store goes live.

Also, although Wix has a few SEO specific apps, GoDaddy has more built-in SEO tools. Everything you need to rank highly is readily available to you in your online store, from editing meta descriptions and URL slugs to getting keyword suggestions and submitting a sitemap.

5. Shift4Shop

Most Preferred Ecommerce Platform with Full-fledged Functionality for Advanced Ecommerce Businesses.

Shift4Shop - homepage

Shift4Shop, which was formerly 3dcart,  is an all-in-one hosted Ecommerce platform that allows you to build and launch your online store effortlessly.

Simply put, Shift4Shop offers you access to its powerful online builder, and you can easily monitor and manage your online store directly from your store's product management software.

Shift4Shop has unique Ecommerce tools and features such as built-in email marketing that enhances sales and draws your existing customers back with customized offers.

It also has a cart abandonment recovery feature that automatically engages your customers and prompts them to return to their abandoned cart.

You can also access its robust SEO features that allow you to easily create custom URLs, dynamic meta-tags, link titles that will improve your store's ranking.

Shift4Shop supports over 200 payment gateways, thus, offering your customers great flexibility during checkout time. You can also easily integrate your Shift4Shop online store with multiple channels such as eBay, Shopzilla, Google, and many more.


Shift4Shop offers five pricing models: the Mini Plan, the Starter Plan, the Professional Plan, the Professional Plus Plan, and the Power Plan.

However, The higher your price, the more access you have to access its different amazing features.

Shift4Shop - pricing


  • Great for selling digital and physical products with various fulfillment channels such as regular shipping, dropshipping or direct downloads.
  • Free 24/7 technical support.
  • 100+ customizable template designs to create your online store with.
  • Simple and straightforward interface which is responsive across all devices.
  • Over 200 payment providers, including Stripe, Paypal, Authorize.net, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout.
  • Sell an unlimited amount of products on Shift4Shop with no transaction fees.
  • In-built SEO friendly feature.
  • Visa PCI certified web hosting.
  • It has a high processing speed and excellent order management.
  • Easily integrates with various apps such as Facebook, Instagram, eBay, Shopzilla, etc.

Why Choose Shift4Shop Over Wix?

Shift4Shop is a better Wix alternative at managing large online stores.

It is specifically built for Ecommerce purposes and offers you access to advanced features such as POS system, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), unlimited bandwidth, and real-time shipping.

In Contrast, Wix doesn't offer a POS system or an efficient CRM and has bandwidth limits. There's also no real-time shipping feature, and so you cannot provide accurate rates to your customers, which can lead to cart abandonment.

6. Zyro

Latest Ecommerce Platform for Multi-Channel Sales with Unique Features.

Zyro - homepage

Launched in early 2020, Zyro has incorporated all its website builder's features and added some incredible Ecommerce features to help you set up your lightweight online store in no time.

Zyro currently has over 68 appealing themes that you can use to create your online store and an interface laced with grids and a drag-and-drop editor to assist you in mapping your online store's layout.

There's a library of royalty-free images and logo options to customize your online store with, and you can easily add SEO targeted descriptions to the pictures you upload.

Since it is still a new platform, it may be lacking some advanced features at the moment.

Nevertheless, Zyro offers unique Ecommerce features, including various communication and analytics tools such as Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Hotjar, and Google Tag Manager, which will help you monitor your store's traffic and make better marketing decisions.

You can also assemble a site that supports multiple languages, offer discounts, carry out real-time shipping tracking, and enable a wish list easily.


Zyro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with free web hosting on its pricing plans.

The plans include the Ecommerce Plan and the Ecommerce Plus Plan.

Zyro Pricing Plan


  • User-friendly web building interface with a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Great looking themes and images to assemble your store.
  • AI writer tool to help you craft copies for your site.
  • AI heatmap shows you how customers move around your site and what section of your store they focus on.
  • Incredibly responsive themes for all devices.
  • Zyro's Artificial Intelligence writer can help you craft the perfect sales copy to promote your online store. 
  • Easily customize logos, images, and add SEO descriptions to your images.
  • Zyro guarantees high loading speed.
  • Numerous analytics and interaction tools to help you monitor your online store.
  • Excellent round the clock customer support.

Why Choose Zyro Over Wix?

Zyro is a cheaper and more affordable Wix alternative with an AI writer that helps you create compelling sales copy to influence conversion and increase your online store.

7. Selz


Selz is a fully-functional Ecommerce platform with a simple drag and drop store builder that provides you with all the features you need to build the perfect Ecommerce business.

One unique functionality about Selz is that it allows you to use their backend Ecommerce hosting and sell products on any existing website.

For example, if you already have an established website, Selz allows you to add products, buy buttons, and different widgets to your website. So, instead of creating a new site, you simply integrate Selz with your current site, add your product information, and begin selling.

You can also start selling your products directly via your social media pages. For example, you can open a fully functioning Facebook store and handle the sales you get through this platform from your Selz dashboard.

Selz accepts payments from over 100 different currencies using Selz's payment gateway, “Selz Pay,” which doesn't incur any transaction charges.

You can also use other payment gateways, but that will incur a transaction charge ranging from 0.5% to 2%. 


Selz has a 14-day free trial, after which you'll purchase one of its pricing plans.

Selz offers four pricing plans: The Basic Plan, The Standard Plan, the Advanced Plan, and The Do It For Me Plan.

Selz Pricing


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop online store builder.
  • “Pay What You Want” feature which allows artists to accept patron donations.
  • A plethora of tools to help you sell or rent various digital products, including eBooks, videos, courses, software, and many more.
  • Manage your Ecommerce shipping methods directly.
  • Abandoned carts recovery.
  • Built-in tools to help you create and manage advertising campaigns on Google, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Track sales and traffic through Bing analytics and Google Analytics.
  • 24/7 live support tailored for your business needs.
  • Free SSL certificates for each of your web pages.

Why Choose Selz Over Wix?

Selz is a better Wix alternative for creatives and entrepreneurs looking to make a fortune selling their digital products. They allow you to use their backend Ecommerce hosting and sell across all sales channels, including existing websites.

In contrast, all product sales on Wix occur directly on Wix's server.

8. BigCommerce

Robust Ecommerce Platform with Solid Tools for Scaling Ecommerce Businesses.

BigCommerce - homepage

Amongst the numerous Ecommerce platforms available, BigCommerce is one of the best SaaS Ecommerce platforms in the market, providing open APIs, zero transaction fees, and an open partner ecosystem to every store owner.

BigCommerce is fully hosted, which means that you don't have to bother about installations, server-related issues, or server maintenance bills, and its servers use hardware firewalls and hacking deterrents to ensure security.

Unlike some other Ecommerce platforms, a sudden hike in traffic won't affect your store's management as BigCommerce is designed to handle any sudden increase in traffic.

Information about your customers is secured because SSL certificates protect checkout pages, and you can easily access content management tools such as blog pages.

BigCommerce integrates well with ShipperHQ, and easily gives real-time quotes, and uses standard shipping rates. You can also use multiple payment channels without incurring transaction fees, except you are on its lowest-tier plan.


BigCommerce offers a 15-day free trial period, after which you must purchase any of its pricing plans to continue accessing its features.

The pricing plan includes the Standard Plan, the Plus Plan, the Pro Plan, and the Enterprise Plan.

Only the Standard Plan, which is its cheapest plan, charges a transaction fee of 1.5%.

Also, to use the Enterprise Plan, you'll contact the BigCommerce support team and request a personalized quote.

BigCommerce - pricing


  • Bigcommerce is a hosted web builder.
  • Numerous intuitive marketing tools, including banners, coupon codes, abandoned cart notifications, and discounts.
  • Advanced analytics to help you monitor your store's activities such as traffic, revenue, conversion rate, customer details, your orders, and many more.
  • 24/7 live customer support service and personalized advice from BigCommerce experts.
  • BigCommerce allows you to easily integrate with apps, including Facebook, MailChimp, eBay, Amazon, and Google Adwords.
  • Shopping cart recovery feature and content management tools.
  • Your store is super secure with its SSL certificate and anti-hacking design.
  • Integrates well with ShipperHQ to make dropshipping and regular shipping easy.
  • Even on the cheapest plan, there is no limit to the amount of product you can sell or the number of customers you can have.

Why Choose BigCommerce Over Wix?

Unlike Wix, which provides a basic report on your sales activities, BigCommerce offers advanced and in-depth information on your sales and store's activity. 

BigCommerce also offers you access to over 5000 extensions to improve your online store's functionality.

In contrast, Wix offers you access to a few hundreds of built-in Wix apps.

9. Magento

Most Preferred Ecommerce Platform Providing Effective and Scalable Ecommerce Solutions to Large Enterprises.

Magento Commerce - homepage

Magento is not built for small businesses. That's because it has diverse, extensive capabilities and features that would be wasted on any Ecommerce business that's not processing several transactions per minute or making over a hundred thousand in ROI.

It offers a simple dashboard that makes your online store easy to operate daily with well-arranged sections and strong inventory management tools.

Magento has over 1000 extensions and themes. However, you can customize a Magento theme for your store. If you don't trust your skills on this, you can get great-looking themes from a third party such as Magento Connect catalog or ThemeForest.

You must be tech-savvy and have substantial knowledge about coding or have a budget for one in order to use Magento.

Magento offers integration with channels such as PayPal and other extensions via Magento Connect and allows guest checkouts.

A big part of Magento is its community of developers who are willing to work on your online store for a fee and answer any questions or concerns you may have for free. 


Magento has three pricing plans; the Magento Community (a free Plan) and the Magento Commerce and Magento Commerce Cloud (annually paid plans).

The Magento Community Plan is free to use. However, you'll pay around $15,000 for things like web hosting, extensions, and hiring tech experts to help code your site or fix issues.

Suppose your Ecommerce business generates close to $1m gross sales. In that case, you can choose either the Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise) Plan, which costs around $22,000 yearly, or the Magento Commerce Cloud Plan, which costs around $40,000 yearly, depending on your business's needs.


  • Scalable and highly customizable with over 5,000 extensions and themes.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Amazing inventory management.
  • Built-in SEO tools and a marketplace to get extensions and themes that will improve your store's functionality.
  • Magento has an incredible customer support and a web of developers available to answer all your concerns.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and access to marketing tools that will increase your store's lead.
  • Excellent site management tools and analytics module, with reports, purchase funnels, abandoned carts stats, and much more.
  • You can sell thousands of products depending on your plan.

Why Choose Magento over Wix?

Magento offers thousands of templates for you to customize and build your online store with.

In contrast, Wix being also a website builder, poses a little difficulty as only one-fifth of its themes are suitable for Ecommerce purposes.

Although Wix and Magento offer quality Ecommerce functionalities, Magento is a better Wix alternative that will furnish your store with advanced Ecommerce features by default.

Pros and Cons of Using Wix to Build Your Online Store

Wix is the sixth most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world.

most popular content management system (CMS)

It is a widely-used cloud-based website builder that offers you a great capability to create an online store that reflects your brand and design preferences. 

However, despite these unique functionalities, there are also some downsides to creating your online store using Wix.

Let's see the pros and cons of using Wix to build your online store below.


1. Remarkable User Experience

Wix offers an impressive user experience right from its homepage. Even newbies can navigate the platform with its drag and drop editor and build their perfect online store without stress.

Wix has two super intuitive content management tools, “Wix ADI” and “Wix Editor,” that helps users customize their online stores.

You can also animate your text, images, and video content so that your online store can match your business's look.

Wix doesn't only keep things easy for beginners but also allows tech-savvy Ecommerce business owners to turn their online stores into a real powerhouse with “Wix Editor X.”

In the end, your Wix site’s flexibility and functionality will depend on the pricing plan you choose.

2. Automatic Backup

Wix helps you save and store all the content on your site automatically so that you can easily restore your previous autosaved content from its backend.

A save happens every seven days, and every content saved automatically is the content that was available at the time of automatic backup.

3. Hundreds of Design Templates

Wix offers useful templates designed by top-quality graphic designers for different industries, including photography, music, food and restaurant, creative arts, health and wellness, fashion and beauty, and many others.

These templates are all responsive and optimized for any device, and you can fully customize them with images or videos that reflect your online store's goals.

4. Incredible Support System

Wix has one of the best support systems for a website builder.

It has a responsive and professional customer support team that is always available 24/7 via live chat, calls, emails, or tickets.

Wix also has a library of resources, help articles, and training materials to clarify your confusion on any aspect of its features.


1. Templates are not Interchangeable

Although Wix allows you to customize your templates just the way you want, you cannot transfer content from one template to another after your site is live.

Therefore, ensure you carefully choose the right template for your online store because if you change your mind later on, you'll have to start the customization of your online store all over.

2. The Limitations of Site Editors

Wix has some unique and useful website editors that help you build your website with so much ease. They are just like takeouts, prepared for you to tweak and use as you like.

But what happens when what your business needs is beyond their scope?

No doubt, Wix has introduced many improved features for every Wix site over the years, but you can only work with what they have, and this restriction keeps your creativity within borders.

3. Poor SEO

Wix offers an SEO Wizard option for content optimization, but it does not match the recent technological trend.

It focuses more on grouping, ranking, and keyword targeting but falls short of other modern SEO aspects.

That may not seem like an issue for new online store owners. However, entrepreneurs looking to scale their online stores may need to look at other Wix alternatives.

4. Not the Perfect Choice for Large Stores

If you own a large online store or have intentions to scale your business, you will need to look out for another website builder.

That's because Wix's navigation menu cannot accommodate complex substructures, and Wix also does not give you access to your online store files and source codes.

Additionally, in cases where you decide to host your online store on another platform, there's no way to export your data in Wix to that platform.

Although Wix says they are working on it, but for the time being, you will have to manually copy and paste every single piece of content and data from Wix to your new online store.

Not fun!

Wix Alternatives FAQ

What is Wix?

Wix, founded in 2006 with its headquarters in Israel, is a cloud-based platform that provides web hosting and design services, making it easy for you to build your website or online store easily without having technical skills or hiring a web developer.

It has a drag-and-drop editor to help you customize your site's templates and a Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) editor to create a website or online store tailored for your business. 

All Wix sites are mobile-optimized, and you simply build and manage your site with numerous unique features via the Wix website.

What is a Website Builder?

A website builder is a tool that allows you to create an online presence for yourself. You can easily build your own website or online store from scratch using its pre-built structures.

There are two main types of website builders: Online website builders and offline website builders.

Online website builders are web-based platforms mostly designed for people with little or no coding experience. They usually have in-built web hosting services, and with just a web browser and an internet connection, you can easily create your own site.

Examples include Wix and BigCommerce.

Offline website builders are software programs that you download on your computer.

Once you have created your website with these programs, you will have to find a domain name and upload all your website files to a web host.

You may need some technical skills to upload your website files to a web host or simply use a web host that has affiliations with offline website builders, such as Bluehost and Hostpapa, offering a one-click installation with WordPress.

What are Cheaper Alternatives to Wix?

No doubt, Wix offers quite an affordable pricing plan. It has a free website plan and begins pricing at $18 monthly for the Combo Plan.

Also, its cheapest Ecommerce plan, the Business Basic Plan, costs $28 monthly.
However, other platforms offer cheaper pricing plans than Wix.

There's Gator Builder by Hostgator at $3.84 monthly for website builders, Webnode at $3.90 monthly, Weebly at $5 monthly, Jimdo at $9 Webflow at $12 monthly, Duda at $14 monthly, and Squarespace at $16 monthly.

WordPress is also 100% free to use, but you may experience price variance based on the web hosting platform you choose.

For Ecommerce platforms, there's Zyro at $8.99 monthly, Shift4Shop at $19 monthly, Constant Contact Website Builder at $20 monthly, and GoDaddy at €19.99 monthly.

What are the Top Wix Competitors?

Wix has offered millions of people an easy way to build their website, but they are not the only ones in the game.

Weebly, Jimdo, Squarespace, Webnode, and WordPress are top Wix competitors for websites. They are slightly cheaper than Wix and provide powerful blogging functionality.

The top Wix competitors for online stores are Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

They have great SEO features and can comfortably accommodate both large and small scale businesses at an affordable rate compared to Wix.

Is Wix Slower than WordPress?

Initially, when Wix entered the website builder market, they were based on Flash technology.

With all the well-known problems associated with flash technology and major internet browsers implementing their plans of phasing out their support of Flash-based elements, Wix switched from Flash technology to HTML5.

On the other hand, WordPress websites are HTML-based, making all WordPress websites lightweight and supported by all browsers. 

However, WordPress websites may experience slow loading if your web hosting plan doesn't match your traffic level.

In conclusion, WordPress and Wix offer reasonable speed levels.

Is Wix Safer than WordPress?

A hacked website can cause severe damage to your business.

Recently, Google has started encouraging site owners to have HTTPS security protocols validated by an SSL certificate, which will ensure that the interactions visitors have with your website are secure.

Wix includes an SSL certificate in every of its paid plans. However, Wix doesn't support SSL to domains and sub-domains connected to external websites.

On the other hand, open-source platforms like WordPress are always an easy target for hackers, but you can protect your WordPress website by purchasing a web hosting plan that includes an SSL certificate.

Most web hosting platforms offer a free SSL certificate on each of their plans.

Finally, WordPress and Wix are both safe to use. However, you should ensure that the web hosting plan you select for your WordPress website includes an SSL certificate.

Next Step: Start Your Website or Online Shop with a Website Builder

Here are the best Wix alternatives for general websites and blogs.

  • Squarespace: Best suited for artists, freelancers, and creatives, and does not require any technical knowledge.
  • WordPress: Easy to set up and has powerful blogging features, but you’ll require a domain name and a reliable web host.
  • Webflow: Offers advanced website solutions and is best suited for developers, designers, or tech-savvy business owners.

Here are the best Wix alternatives for online stores.

  • Shopify: Offers reliable dropshipping functionalities and robust Ecommerce solutions to any Ecommerce business level.
  • Constant Contact Website Builder: Most appropriate for any entrepreneur with huge email marketing plans for their Ecommerce business.
  • Magento: Provides advanced Ecommerce solutions to large Ecommerce businesses.

As you have seen, there’s a wide range of Wix alternatives at your disposal.

However, creating your website or online shop with a website builder depends on factors such as your technical skill, budget, and business goals.

So, assess the factors, compare them with the Wix alternative you’ve learned, and select the right website builder that suits your business needs.

Written by
Anastasia Belyh