29 Best Airtable Alternatives in 2022 (Free & Paid)

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

Airtable is an interactive database tool that’s great for many things. 

This spreadsheet-cum-relational database lets you manage projects, generate forms, create customized calendars, build functional apps with zero code—yes, believe it or not—and can even serve as a zero-code backend for your web apps. 

Clearly, Airtable is a remarkably powerful tool that offers a dazzling—even baffling—array of possibilities. 

But for all these possibilities, Airtable may not be the best option for your project management needs. There are a few issues that make it more sensible to consider an alternative. 

And while the platform shares a lot of similarities with other project management tools, there are quite a few alternatives that may be as good or even better than Airtable. 

In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at the 30 best Airtable alternatives in 2022.

Why Look for an Alternative to Airtable

Being a sophisticated visual project management software, Airtable provides you with a wealth of features—Gantt charts, Kanban view, a light and user-friendly interface, excellent support for collaboration, and several others.

In addition to this, it also integrates neatly with several other third-party software like Google Drive, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, and more.

Still, despite all its many benefits, Airtable is far from flawless. Here are a few reasons why some might consider an alternative to Airtable.

1. The Generic Feature Set Can Be Limiting

One thing that Airtable is renowned for is the sheer number of features on offer; it’s truly staggering. But this feature-fest is also the source of one of its major weaknesses: it can be a bit useful for almost any task but can never be all you need for any particular task. 

In other words, it’s too generic to be exclusively useful for anything because it tries to do too much. 

On the surface, this might not seem like much of a problem. Until you find out that setting up tasks—and subtasks—on Airtable is a complex activity. 

That makes no sense for task management software. After all, with project management software, you will be setting up a lot of tasks and subtasks. 

This is just one of the many things that don’t make sense about Airtable as a project management software.

2. The Project Management Features are Limited

Airtable lacks a bunch of vital project management features, too. In fact, when it comes down to brass tacks, Airtable is only suitable for task management, not full-scale project management. 

Sure enough, there’s support for various views such as the recently added Gantt charts, grid, form, calendar, kanban, and gallery. 

But each is just a visualization of a task list for you or your small team. If you need to manage projects that involve people from other teams, you can do better than Airtable. 

Another important project management feature that’s conspicuously missing from Airtable is time tracking. Airtable does not offer timesheets or time reports, which means that teams cannot track their billable and non-billable hours on projects.

There are also no custom reports that allow project managers to view overall project and resource progress in a single click.

3. Expensive for Larger Teams and More Complex Uses

Even though Airtable offers a free package for a single user, larger teams and enterprises will have to pull out their checkbooks and fork over some cash for the tool. 

Airtable’s cheapest plan is at $10 monthly per user (billed annually). It’s easy to see how quickly costs can add up if you have a team with dozens of members.

Also, as Airtable is little more than a collaborative spreadsheet, you’ll most likely need apps to make the best of the software. And to use Airtable apps, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan which starts at $20 monthly per user (billed annually). Now do the math again.

So what are your options when it comes to Airtable alternatives?

Best Airtable Alternatives

1. Monday.com

Most Customizable Airtable Alternative.

Monday.com is the Most Customizable Airtable Alternative

Much like many other project management tools, Airtable and Monday.com share a good number of similarities seeing as they both promote efficiency with their task management features.

However, Monday.com is a more favorable option because it literally provides all you need for internal project management since customization is one of its major strengths.

With Monday.com, you're able to save time using its extensive template offerings and automations. You can devote time to other tasks without forgetting those small but important administrative tasks.

To help you get a hang of the system more quickly, Monday.com offers a lot of help via in-app walkthroughs and tooltips for various on-screen tasks. 

The features listed above just about scratch the surface when you consider some of Monday.com’s other perks like charts and reports, a long list of integrations, efficient mobile apps, and so much more.


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com offers a 14-day free trial; then pricing starts at $10 monthly per person. There are also prices for groups.


  • Several in-app automations
  • Offers a modern UI
  • Extremely customizable


  • Basic timeline view
  • Pricing may be out of reach to smaller teams
  • Not enough integrations to email software

Sign up for Monday.com’s 14-day free trial today

2. ClickUp

Best Airtable Alternative for Video Conferencing.

ClickUp is the Best Airtable Alternative for Video Conferencing

With features like video conferencing, brainstorming, version control, and so much more it is easy to see why ClickUp is one of the best project management tools out there.

One of the biggest advantages that ClickUp has over Airtable is not that it offers more features, but that you can access most of these features without paying a dime.

ClickUp gives you different perspectives on how to tackle a project with over 15 powerful views which help you manage your projects without any add-ons.

This software gives you a visual database that lets you connect documents, tasks, integrations, and all you might need to execute a project in one place, a veritable single source of truth for your projects.


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp offers both a free trial and a free account. But the best features are hidden behind a paywall. The cheapest plan costs $5 monthly per user.


  • Offers premade templates
  • Easy to learn
  • Offers an excellent customization feature


  • Terrible android application
  • New projects appear at the bottom instead of appearing at the top.
  • Not very user-friendly

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3. Wrike

Best Visual Proofing Tools on an Airtable Alternative.

Wrike is the Best Visual Proofing Tools on an Airtable Alternative

Although Wrike and Airtable both serve as collaboration platforms, Wrike holds the advantage of automated visual proofing which solves the issue of transparency between remote teams and their clients.

This project management application is loaded with intelligent features like workload management and scheduling that ensure that project delays are eliminated in your organization.

Although Wrike comes with a hefty price tag, it is one of the most complete project management software you'll find offering Gantt charts, financial management, real-time collaboration, and much more.


Wrike Pricing Plan

Wrike has a free version and pricing starts at $9.80 monthly per user.


  • Easy to use
  • Lets you manage completed projects as well as ongoing work


  • Too many confusing pricing plans make it hard to make the right choice

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4. Smartsheet

Top Airtable Alternative for Manufacturing Companies.

Smartsheet is the Top Airtable Alternative for Manufacturing Companies

Airtable might be a decent task management tool but manufacturing, construction, and the oil and gas industries need more robust software that goes beyond basic task management. This is where Smartsheet comes in.

Depending on your needs, it can serve as a resource management tool or function as a task tracking application.

It is an extremely customizable project management tool that supports information imports from web forms, can serve as a CRM application, and can automate parts of your workflow, thereby letting you focus your attention on other areas of your organization.


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Smartsheet offers a 30-day free trial. It is divided into four tiers of service: Pro, Individual, Business, and Enterprise. Pricing starts at $33 monthly per user.


  • Provides an impeccable customization feature
  • Supports web form inputs


  • Does not update quickly
  • Needs another software that includes additional fees for resource management, budgeting, and time tracking.

Try Smartsheet's 30-day free trial today

5. Teamwork

Best Airtable Alternative for Task Tracking.

Teamwork is the Best Airtable Alternative for Task Tracking

The goal of using project management software is to simplify and reduce the time spent on project management. 

Viewed from this perspective, Teamwork is a better alternative to Airtable because, unlike Airtable that focuses on task management, it simplifies the entire project management process.

Teamwork eases the burden of project management by breaking projects into less overwhelming tasks. Plus, it provides teams with excellent time tracking and all you need for successful project execution.

With features like Kanban board view, invoicing and billing, excellent chat functionality and so much more, Teamwork is a formidable competitor to Airtable.


Teamwork Pricing Plan

It offers a 30-day free trial. Then there are four account types: Free forever, Deliver, Grow, and Enterprise. Pricing starts at $10 monthly per person.


  • Has an intuitive and simple design
  • Includes billing and invoice features
  • Offers impressive customization options


  • Does not include PDF or image markup tools
  • CRM function is lacking

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6. Scoro

Airtable Alternative with Unmatched Gantt Charts.

Scoro is an Airtable Alternative with Unmatched Gantt Charts

The operational costs for Airtable and Scoro are relatively the same, although Scoro goes the extra mile by providing extensive project management, CRM, and resource management functions and gives you a full overview of each client and project.

The needs of organizations vary depending on their industry and for creative and professional services, Scoro is an all-in-one work management software that lets them streamline work and automate routine tasks.

With Scoro's Gantt chart, invoice & billing, and Kanban view, you can easily monitor team members and projects hence focusing on other administrative tasks while your business runs like a well-oiled machine.


Scoro Pricing Plan

Scoro offers a 14-day free trial. Pricing starts at $26 per user, per month.


  • Easy to use
  • Good customer support


  • Marketing and CRM tools are lacking

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7. Celoxis

Top Airtable Alternative for Expense Tracking.

Celoxis is the Top Airtable Alternative for Expense Tracking

Celoxis offers better project management features than Airtable and this is because it can be installed as an on-premise solution that offers excellent expense tracking and time tracking features

The high level of visibility Celoxis offers to teams is a great way to ensure transparency among team members. This feature is great for teams in larger organizations that include several members. But it can also benefit smaller organizations and teams as well.

Celoxis easily stands out in the crowd of project management tools due to its ability to combine ease of use with project and employee tracking


Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis offers a free trial and pricing starts at $22.50 monthly per user.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Short set up time
  • Easy decision making with the inbuilt reporting features


  • No free version
  • No invoicing and billing features
  • No proofing tools

Get Celoxis’ free trial today

8. Asana

Best Airtable Alternative for Collaboration and Productivity.

Asana is the Best Airtable Alternative for Collaboration and Productivity

Asana and Airtable both happen to be excellent task management tools. However, one of the advantages that Asana has over Airtable is its history of regularly adding new features, the most recent being the new video conferencing feature.

The flexibility and vast capabilities of this project management software are attractive perks because it can easily adapt to your will without the restrictions of a stuffy interface.

Asana is one of the best collaboration tools that aids teams with tracking tasks and managing workflows, although it should not be considered a traditional full-scale project management tool as it does not include budgeting, expense tracking, and resource management tools, to name a few.


Asana Pricing Plan

It offers a free trial plus a free version. Then pricing starts at $10.99 monthly per user.


  • Fast, flexible, and modern design
  • Feature-rich free version
  • Dependencies are managed easier with its Timeline view


  • Not the best for graphic intensive work

Make project management easier with Asana

9. Workfront

Top Airtable Alternative for Enterprise Teams.

Workfront is the Top Airtable Alternative for Enterprise Teams

As an enterprise work and project management solution, Workfront is obviously a better alternative to Airtable not just because of the amount of work it can handle but also because it is a centralized flexible solution that supports collaboration at all levels

Workfront is a highly customizable project management tool that helps enterprise teams manage tasks, stay on top of budgets, balance resources, track project progress, and tackle large workloads easily.

Despite Workfront being the best option for large enterprises, small and medium scale businesses can also benefit from features like version control, timesheets, document management, and task management, to name a few. 


It offers no free trial or free account. Workfront's pricing is quote-based.


  • Handles enterprise-level project and work management
  • Includes an open API
  • Rich with a wide range of work management features


  • No chat app included
  • Not the best option for smaller organizations
  • Setup time may take weeks due to its rich customization

Get a quote for Workfront today

10. Paymo

Leading Airtable Alternative for Time Tracking.

Paymo is the Leading Airtable Alternative for Time Tracking

If you struggle with getting the hang of—let alone getting the best out of—Airtable, then Paymo just might be worth your consideration. It not only has a considerably shallower learning curve but also offers a better time tracking function.

It is a mid-range project management software, which means that it offers a perfect balance of functionalities between low-cost offerings for small businesses and enterprise-level solutions.

Paymo is more focused on areas that many other similar tools do not give much importance to—like time tracking, billing & invoicing, and so on.


Paymo Pricing Plan

It includes a free trial and offers two tiers of service, Small Office and Business. Small Office is priced at $11.95 monthly per person.


  • Invoicing and billing features
  • Customizable user permissions
  • Detailed companion task timer


  • Not very intuitive
  • Web task timer does not turn off automatically if left running

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11. Clarizen

Best Airtable Alternative for Collaborative Project Management.

Clarizen is the Best Airtable Alternative for Collaborative Project Management

Offering large-scale businesses the ability to run all their projects and resources on a single platform, Clarizen is definitely ahead of Airtable in the project management space.

Because Clarizen is a cloud-based tool that combines work and project management systems into a single platform, it can help centralize the communication, tasks, and scheduling involved in managing a project.


It offers a free trial. Clarizen pricing is quote-based.


  • Offers a chat app
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Setup is really quick
  • Comes with an open API for custom integrations


  • Can be pretty slow to update small changes to project plans
  • No feature to manage request tracking on an hourly basis.
  • No functionality to track or allocate requests automatically on the basis of FIFO.

Try Clarizen

12. Hygger

Best Version Control Features on an Airtable Alternative.

Hygger is the Best Version Control Features on an Airtable Alternative

Hygger and Airtable are both quite good as project management solutions; however, Hygger is a cloud-based project management solution for businesses of all sizes with more of a focus on time tracking, version control, and live activity stream.

It improves a business' workflow by helping with the collection and organization of ideas from different sources, monitoring project progress, and assigning tasks.

As communication is an integral part of the collaboration between teams, Hygger also offers a two-level comment structure that helps establish communication with team members.

It provides a backlog board that lets users upload feedback, feature requests, reviews, and ideas from multiple sources.


Hygger Pricing Plan

Hygger offers a free trial and a free version. Then pricing starts at $7 monthly per user.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Provides a user-friendly interface


  • Difficult to delete items
  • Unengaging layout 

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13. ProofHub

Best Airtable Alternative for Tracking Multiple Projects.

ProofHub is the Best Airtable Alternative for Tracking Multiple Projects

ProofHub is a project management software whose main aim is simplicity whilst delivering all the core features you need to manage a project, and this is what makes it a worthy competitor to Airtable.

With ProofHub, tracking project status, setting deadlines and reminders, posting feedback, sending messages, assigning tasks, and collaboration with clients are less of a burden for team members.

Users can track multiple projects, get time estimates from team members, and create dependencies of tasks in a Gantt chart view.


ProofHub Pricing Plan

ProofHub offers a free trial and three pricing plans: Free, Essential, and Ultimate Control. Pricing starts at $45 monthly per user.


  • Easy and quick setup
  • Offers a good balance of simplicity and rich features
  • An excellent tool for collaborating on visual materials


  • Lacks budgeting tools
  • Can be slow sometimes

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14. Axosoft

Top Airtable Alternative for Scrum Teams.

Axosoft is the Top Airtable Alternative for Scrum Teams

With the ability to customize the overall project management experience, Axosoft is definitely a formidable competitor to Airtable.

If you have a scrum team and are looking for a project management tool to help you manage your product backlogs, sprints, and user stories, then you should consider taking a look at Axosoft.

Axosoft gives your team a clearer view that helps them discover issues with releases and transform requests into backlog items.

Its bug tracking feature is an agile option that gives your team the advantage to automatically turn incidents into defects and uses burndown charts to pinpoint how to eliminate bugs quickly and efficiently.

Axosoft Help Desk lets you use email to ticket automation, in-app threads, and canned responses to highlight and solve customers' support issues.


Axosoft Pricing Plan

It offers a free trial; then priced at $126 for 5 team members per month.


  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Offers quick configuration
  • Allows users to customize the overall experience


  • The interface can be confusing at first
  • Customer support can be a bit slow

Get Axosoft

15. Nifty

Best Task Visualisation on an Airtable Alternative.

Nifty is the Best Task Visualisation on an Airtable Alternative

Nifty is definitely a better project management tool than Airtable, seeing as it is more intuitive and simpler to use.

Nifty is a remote collaboration tool that helps you manage goals, communication, projects, and teams from a single platform. It reduces search time, is fully customizable for every workflow, and helps with insight prioritizing.

This platform helps create actionable tasks by reducing projects into subtasks. Also, it highlights task progress with a progress indicator and a to-do list, thereby making a project appear less overwhelming.


Nifty Pricing Plan

It offers a free trial and a free version. Then pricing starts at $49 per month.


  • Very intuitive interface
  • Features match the price point


  • Limited built-in integrations

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Leading Airtable Alternative for Creative Agencies.

Mavenlink is the Leading Airtable Alternative for Creative Agencies

With features like time tracking, task collaboration, and professional service automation, amongst many others, Mavenlink is better equipped to meet the needs of creative businesses than Airtable.

In addition to these, it is an online collaboration and project management software that helps teams get real work done through centralized communication, task management, and workflows.

It is a mature collaboration tool that combines a professional user interface with account permission settings that let you control the privileges of team members on each project.

Mavenlink’s main target is professional service providers, as well as firms in the engineering, technology, and architectural industries.


Mavenlink offers a free trial and four tiers of paid service. Pricing starts at $39 monthly per user.


  • Offers an open API
  • Robust permission levels
  • Rich with features


  • Too pricey for small businesses
  • No chat app
  • Website is not the easiest to navigate

Try Mavenlink now

17. Hive

Best Airtable Alternative for Extensive Project Views.

Hive is the Best Airtable Alternative for Extensive Project Views

As the world's first democratic project management platform, Hive is a better option than Airtable because it lets users build a product for themselves with the feedback from its forum.

A powerful process management software, HIve offers flexible layouts, native email, file sharing, and group messaging tools.

Users also get extensive project views like Gantt chart, team view, portfolio view, and calendar view, plus more than 1,000 integrations.

This project management platform also comes with excellent time tracking and resource management features that help organize your resources.


Hive Pricing Plan

It offers a 14-day free trial and a free version. Then pricing starts at $12 monthly per user.


  • Easy to use
  • Makes task creation and assigning easier
  • Rolls out regular feature updates 
  • Great customer service


  • The reporting feature is a bit lacking
  • Does not support the creation of dependent tasks within recurring project actions.

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18. Zoho Projects

Most Affordable Integrations on an Airtable Alternative.

Zoho Projects is the Most Affordable Integrations on an Airtable Alternative

Due to the fact that Zoho Projects is a low-cost project management tool with a long list of helpful features, it easily beats Airtable as one of the best options for small businesses.

This cloud-based project management platform helps users easily assign tasks and monitor the progress of a project. With it, project managers can establish effective communication with team members and clients.


Zoho Projects Pricing Plan

The free version allows 3 users and 2 projects. Pricing starts at $5 monthly per user.


  • Easy to set up and navigate
  • Several communication platforms
  • Excellent configuration options


  • No premade templates
  • Complicated resource management view

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19. Kissflow

Best Airtable Alternative for Managing Human Resources.

Kissflow is the Best Airtable Alternative for Managing Human Resources

Unlike Airtable that is restricted to a few project management functions, Kissflow is an online forms automation software that helps track performance and automate business processes across the board.

It is a cloud-based software that aids in managing members of an organization the management of in some areas such as timesheet management, invoice approval, and employee onboarding processes.

This project management software helps businesses of all sizes monitor KPIs, generate reports, and track process performance with its analytics features.


Kissflow Pricing Plan

There’s a free trial. Then pricing starts at $12 monthly per user.


  • Customer support is great
  • Pricing is suitable for small businesses
  • Easy to use


  • Many integrations, as well as the API, are not fully functional.

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20. HyperOffice

Top-of-the-line Airtable Alternative with Excellent Document Management Features.

HyperOffice is Top of the line Airtable Alternative with Excellent Document Management Features

HyperOffice is a better project management software than Airtable mainly because it offers a more user-friendly and affordable integrated suite of web applications for growing businesses to collaborate, communicate, and manage information.

It provides tools that cover the entire range of project management needs that exist in any organization, boasting features like online document management, shared calendars, contact directories, mobile applications, and many more.

Offering an online database and a web forms add-on, this platform lets users simplify the gathering of information through web forms and automate common business tasks with database applications.


HyperOffice Pricing Plan

It offers a free trial. Pricing starts at $5 per month.


  • Easy to use
  • Can access all relevant emails and documents


  • Customer support is lacking 

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21. Workzone

Best Airtable Alternative for Unrestricted Project Management Tools.

Workzone is the Best Airtable Alternative for Unrestricted Project Management Tools

As the most mature and battle-tested web-based project management software available today, Workzone easily outclasses restricted offerings like Airtable.

Although Workzone is more expensive than Airtable, it offers a unique balance of simplicity in project management and document collaboration.

Workzone is a great option for all types of organizations and industries with features like document management, task management, expense management, scheduling, and so on. 


Workzone Pricing Plan

There’s a free trial, then pricing starts at $24 monthly per user. 


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Supportive customer service
  • No flashy and pricey features


  • Interface needs improvement
  • No financial features within the software

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22. Microsoft Planner

Best Airtable Alternative for Mobile Access.

Microsoft Planner is the Best Airtable Alternative for Mobile Access

In the case of Microsoft Planner, the advantage it has over Airtable is that it offers integration with other Microsoft products like Outlook, OneDrive, and OneNote.

This is a lightweight mobile and web-based project management solution that lets you easily manage teams, tasks, documents, and conversations to provide better results.

Microsoft Planner includes features like a task manager, a drag-and-drop interface, reporting, version control, and so many other exceptional project management features.


Microsoft Planner Pricing Plan

It is included in the Office 365 package for which pricing starts at $5 monthly per user. There is no free trial.


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Can be accessed from any device
  • Excellent for simple task management 


  • Integration with other software solutions is not the best
  • Takes time to set up
  • Can be a bit confusing initially

Manage projects better with Microsoft Planner

23. Basecamp

Best Airtable Alternative for Automatic Check-in.

Basecamp is the Best Airtable Alternative for Automatic Check-in

Comparing Basecamp and Airtable, it is clear that Basecamp is a better alternative as it helps your team access all the answers they need in an easy-to-comprehend thread.

Basecamp’s Message Board is another great feature that lets your team have conversations on a single page while ensuring that these discussions are accessible and understandable.

Some other notable features of Basecamp include document management, resource management, scheduling, task management, and many others.


Basecamp Pricing Plan

Basecamp offers a free trial and a free Basecamp Personal account. Pricing starts at $99 per month.


  • Easy to set up
  • One price for unlimited users
  • Supports a wide range of integrations


  • Limited reports
  • No proofing tool

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24. Pivotal Tracker

Best Airtable Alternative for DIY Style Methodology.

Pivotal Tracker is the Best Airtable Alternative for DIY Style Methodology

Pivotal Tracker is a better project management software than Airtable not just for the agility of the software but because it is also a faster and more responsive software.

With its DIY style methodology, Pivotal Tracker supports an agile workflow and has been refined to provide the perfect amount of structure to facilitate team communication and collaboration. 

With key features like agile project management, collaboration, document management, issue tracking, and so on, it is easy to see why Pivotal Tracker is on this list.


Pivotal Tracker Pricing Plan

It offers a free trial and pricing starts at $6.50 monthly per user. There is also a free account.


  • Great customer service
  • Easy to use
  • User interface updates without reloading


  • The interface can sometimes be laggy

Start your 30-day free trial of Pivotal Tracker today

25. Backlog

Best Airtable Alternative for Git Integration.

Backlog is the Best Airtable Alternative for Git Integration

Although Backlog and Airtable are ideal for small businesses, Backlog provides project management with bug tracking, Git, and Wikis, all rolled into one simple platform.

Backlog provides powerful features like milestone tracking, prioritization, product roadmapping, surveys & feedback, and workflow management to project management teams via a clean UI that anyone can use.


Backlog Pricing Plan

It has a free trial and pricing starts at $35 monthly per user. There is also a free forever plan.


  • Effective email notification
  • Shallow learning curve


  • Interface is laggy
  • GUI can be more intuitive

Try Backlog today

26. Targetprocess

Best Airtable Alternative for Out-of-box Templates.

Targetprocess is the Best Airtable Alternative for Out of box Templates

Targetprocess is a project management software that provides visibility and transparency across your organization, a function that Airtable does not provide.

Targetprocess is a visual platform, an agile portfolio and work management solution which natively supports SAFe and other frameworks for scaling Agile.

It enables a visual approach to project management by visualizing project data and by providing visibility into priorities and dependencies across teams, projects, and the company.

It is a platform that offers out-of-the-box templates for SAFe, LeSS, Nexus, Scrum of Scrums, and other frameworks. 


It offers a free trial. The pricing is quote-based.


  • Good reporting tool
  • Simple to use
  • Great customization capabilities


  • Loads slowly
  • Limited analytics available

Demo Targetprocess now

27. Microsoft Project

Best Airtable Alternative for Streamlining Projects.

Microsoft Projects is the Best Airtable Alternative for Streamlining Projects

Microsoft Project is an excellent project management tool that helps businesses of all sizes plan projects & collaborate from anywhere at any time.

With tools like task assignment, due-date tracking, scheduling, business intelligence integration, and many others, Microsoft Project stands as a worthy competitor to Airtable. This solution helps businesses to streamline projects, resources & portfolios.


Microsoft Projects Pricing Plan

Microsoft Project provides a free trial. Pricing begins at $10 monthly per user.


  • Quick data entry
  • Easy to use


  • The learning curve is steep
  • Poor customization

Try Microsoft Project

28. Kanbanize

Best Airtable Alternative for Kanban Board View.

Kanbanize is the Best Airtable Alternative for Kanban Board View

Kanbanize’s advantage over Airtable is that it is a Kanban software for agile project management that helps you gain visibility across all projects and portfolios.

Kanbanize is equipped with an advanced set of features and an excellent support team that make it a better business option than Airtable.

Some of these features include prioritization, task progress tracking, time & expense tracking, resource management reporting, and analytics.


Kanbanize Pricing Plan

It offers a free trial. Then pricing begins at $149 for 15 users per month.


  • Good customer service
  • Regular improvement
  • Easy to implement


  • The user interface is un-intuitive in a few places
  • The learning curve is steep

Try Kanbanize for free now

29. Trello

Best Airtable Alternative for Reporting.

Trello is the Best Airtable Alternative for Reporting

The main difference between Trello and Airtable is their focus. Trello is built to help you manage tasks in a simple but effective way with Kanban boards.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use software that boasts features such as time tracking, reporting/analytics, as well as resource and task management.


Trello Pricing Plan

Trello offers a free trial. There is also a free account. Pricing starts at $5 monthly per user.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Mobile and desktop application


  • No swimlanes
  • Billing and time tracking feature require add-ons

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Airtable Alternatives FAQ

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a powerful, flexible, and dynamic spreadsheet software, relational database, and work management tool all rolled into one. 

It is applicable in a large number of use cases and will feel like a simple alternative to spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets if you’re already familiar with those. 

This amazing software can be used to organize and manage tasks in a repeatable way, assign work to resources, facilitate file sharing, and automate workflows with powerful integrations.

Is Airtable any good?

Airtable has a lot of benefits to offer. It’s a particularly capable all-in-one tool with use cases that are only limited by your imagination. In other words, it’s good for many things as it is highly and easily customizable. 

But it’s not perfect for pure-play project management and there are better alternatives like Monday.com, ClickUp, Wrike, and many others.

Is Airtable cheaper than its alternatives?

At its core, Airtable is a glorified collaborative spreadsheet; all its superpowers come from apps that are available on the app marketplace. And to use apps, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan which starts at $20 monthly per user (billed annually). 

This is a lot more expensive than most pure-play project management software that come with many of the features you need for project management built into the cheapest plan. And despite this higher price tag, you still don’t get all the same project management features.

What are the drawbacks of Airtable?

For one, Airtable is only suitable for task management, not full-scale project management with cross-departmental teams. 

Another drawback is that although it’s a spreadsheet software, it’s not suitable for power users of tools like Excel, Google Sheets, or Smartsheets; it just doesn't have the formulas or pivot tables you need to analyze the data.

Reporting is also non-existent in Airtable. And what’s project management without reporting?

Choosing From These Airtable Alternatives

The Airtable alternative you eventually decide to choose is dependent on your budget and the needs of your team.

We have highlighted several excellent alternatives to Airtable and now you can choose the one whose features are best suited to the needs of your organization.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Monday.com offers some of the best customization features.
  • Get ClickUp if you want the best free alternative to Airtable for video conferencing.
  • Wrike comes with an impressive bunch of tools for visual proofing
  • Smartsheet is more than a great fit for manufacturing companies.
  • If you require excellent task tracking features, Teamwork is hard to beat. 

Martin Luenendonk

Editor at FounderJar

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