The 10 Best Android To-Do List Apps of 2023

Updated Mar 6, 2023.

Do you google “best to-do list app android” and want to know as much as you can about these apps? In a world where to-do lists reign supreme, it can be hard to choose the best app for the job. From a minimalist to-do list app that focuses on simplicity to feature-rich options that allow you to customize your experience, there’s an option here for everyone. Here are our top 5 picks!

Todoist icon


One of the most used to-do list apps, and for a good reason. This task management software comes with all the features you need to get tasks done.
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An all-in-one to-do list management tool that has a simple interface and can be easily utilized for task and project management.
TickTick icon


A to-do list app that helps you get more done in less time. It has a simple interface, powerful features and is available on all major platforms.
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Microsoft To-Do

A to-do list management app that is simple to use and helps you get your tasks done. With no charge and a user-friendly interface, it's hard to beat. icon

A great to-do list app that offers a flexible calendar and reminder system. It is both easy to use and customizable, so it can be individualized for your business.

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To-do list apps are an important part of any productivity system. They help you track what needs to be done and ensure you don't forget anything important.

There are a variety of to-do list apps available for Android, each with its own unique set of features. For example, some of them, like Microsoft To-Do, have a simple interface with a focus on getting things done, while others, like Todoist, offer more advanced features such as task sharing and scheduling.

Selecting the right app can be daunting, but we've done the hard work for you. Here are the ten best Android to-do list apps of 2023 that will make your work easier!

Let’s get started!  

Best Android To-Do List Apps 

1. Todoist

Best Overall To-Do List App to Delegate Tasks

Editor’s Take
9.2 out of 10
Best for:
Free – $6/member/month
Annual discount
Save 25%
Free Plan

Compared to other to-do list apps, Todoist is exceptional because it not only works on Android devices but also synchronizes with all your devices. In addition, this to-do list app tracks productivity and lets you easily organize and analyze every aspect of your life. For these reasons, among others, we say that Todoist is the best overall.

Todoist is an online to-do list app and task manager that helps you get your work done quickly and efficiently. With Todoist, you can delegate your tasks and projects from anywhere at any time.

Key Features

  • Quick Add: Todoist ‘s Quick Add feature is one of the fastest ways to add tasks to your to-do lists. Simply type in a task, hit enter, and the task is added to your list.
  • Recurring Due Dates: You can set tasks to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. By creating recurring tasks, you will never feel overwhelmed or unsure about your next step.
  • Setting Reminders: Choose to be reminded about a task via email, push notification, or text message. You can also set location-based reminders, so you never forget to pick up milk while you're at the store.
  • Delegate Tasks: Assign tasks to other people in your organization so everyone can stay on the same page. This feature is perfect for work projects or family chores.
  • Personalize Your Task Views: Todoist has multiple ways you can organize tasks, so you can always find what you're searching for quickly and easily. Choose from a list view, calendar view, or even a productivity chart – whatever works best for you and your workflow.


Todoist - Pricing Plan

Pricing on the Todoist app is simple – there are only three options:

  • The first option is the Free version, which gives users access to all of the features of the app with some limitations. With this option, you can work on up to five projects at a time while also setting priorities and due dates.
  • The Pro plan is the second option, costing only $4 per month. With this deal, you can add 25 collaborators to every project as well as access unlimited activity history!
  • The Business Plan is the third and final option created for teams. This one costs $6 per month and gives users all of the priority features of Pro while also adding team management tools and custom branding.


  • Super user-friendly
  • Sleek and intuitive design
  • Very affordable
  • Offers a great free plan
  • Has a ton of features, updated regularly


  • While the free plan offers some basic features, others, such as reminders and automatic backups, are not available
  • The Business plan is the only one that allows for user roles

Bottom Line

If you want to get a to-do list app that will make your life more organized and productive, look no further than Todoist. It is a powerful and versatile task management app that can be used for work, home, or school. If you work alone or have a tiny team and don't manage many intricate projects, Todoist may be one of the best to-do apps for you!

2. ClickUp

Best All-In-One Platform for Its Multifunctionality

Editor’s Take
9.0 out of 10
Best for
Best for
Annual discount
Save 45%
Free Plan

ClickUp is one of the best to-do list apps available on Android today partly because developers constantly take into account user feedback to improve the software. If you want to get a task management app that can help you get work done faster and more efficiently, ClickUp is the perfect tool for you. This app is perfect for both solo entrepreneurs and teams searching for project management and work collaboration tools.

ClickUp is an all-in-one task management app that helps you get work done faster and more efficiently. With over 100 features, from simple to-do lists to complicated project management tools, it is one of the market's most multifunctional task management apps for Android.

Key Features

  • Customizable Tasks: ClickUp offers more than 35 different templates to customize your task list and increase productivity. You can also create Custom Fields to track anything you need.
  • Nested Subtasks & Checklists: You can simplify your projects by creating as many levels of tasks as you need. You can also add Checklists to your tasks to ensure nothing is missed.
  • Workload Management: With the Workload feature, you can easily monitor task status, see who is overloaded with work, and make sure everyone is always working at their optimal capacity.
  • Gantt Charts: Gantt Charts enable users to see the project's timeline at a glance and make sure everything is on track.
  • Priority Setting: You can easily prioritize tasks so that you can focus on the most important things first.


ClickUp - Pricing Plan

ClickUp has five different pricing plans:

  • The Free Forever Plan: As the name suggests, this plan is free forever and includes unlimited users and unlimited tasks.
  • The Unlimited Plan: This plan costs $5 per month/user and provides unlimited storage and integrations for your team.
  • The Business Plan: This plan costs $12 per month and features such functions as Google SSO, custom exporting, and other automation functions.
  • The Business Plus Plan: This plan is $19 per month and includes all the features of the ordinary Business Plan, plus unlimited workspaces, groups, and projects and some custom permissions.
  • The Enterprise Plan: This is Click Up's most expensive plan, coming in at a specific price for every enterprise. It includes all the features of the Business Plus Plan, plus white labeling and advanced team collaboration features.


  • Very user-friendly, with a clean interface
  • Multiple views
  • Offers a free forever pricing plan with unlimited users, projects, and tasks
  • Has many built-in templates and a Gantt chart creation option
  • Offers customization capabilities, team collaboration & communication, and real-time reporting


  • It can be overwhelming to use all of the features at once
  • Gantt chart feature can be difficult to use
  • Paid plans may be quite expensive for solo users
  • Many Android users complain about constant bugs and errors

Bottom Line

ClickUp is the perfect solution for anyone looking to increase their productivity and get organized. It's an all-in-one productivity to-do app that can help you achieve your goals. Besides, you can even start with the Free Forever Plan to explore the app's multifunctionality. So why not give it a try? 

3. TickTick

Top Task Manager With Voice Input

Editor’s Take
8.5 out of 10
Best for:
Kanban View
Free – $27.99/member/annually
Annual discount:
Free Plan

If you want a to-do app that has numerous productive features but is still easy to use, TickTick is the best option. It helps users be organized and productive with an easily navigated interface. Besides, its Kanban feature lets users visualize their tasks and priorities. It makes it one of the best to-do apps for people who like to get things done quickly.

TickTick is one of the high-rated to-do list apps for Android that helps you get things done fastly and efficiently and stay organized. You can use TickTick to create to-do lists and track your progress. Besides, with its Voice Input, you can set reminders and get more done.

Key Features

  • Voice Input: TickTick has a feature that allows you to input your tasks using your voice. In such a way, you can create tasks faster and easier.
  • Smart Date Parsing: With TickTick, you don't need to type in the exact date and time when your task is due. You can simply input something like “tomorrow at 3 pm,” and the task will be scheduled for tomorrow at 3 pm.
  • Various Calendar Views: TickTick provides multiple ways of viewing your tasks in the calendar so you will get a better overview of what's coming up.
  • Pomo Timer: TickTick has a Pomodoro timer to help you optimize your time. The Pomodoro technique is a unique time management method that helps you accomplish more in less time.
  • Sharing Lists: You can share your lists with others so that you can collaborate on tasks and get things done together.


TickTick- Pricing Plan

TickTick offers two pricing plans – Free and Premium.

  • With the Free Plan on TickTick, you're able to create nine lists and add 99 tasks per list.
  • The Premium Plan is available for only $27.99 a year (less than $2.4/month) and provides users with access to customized themes, calendar views, and historical statistics.


  • Beautiful and clean interface that is easy to use
  • Powerful features that help you manage your tasks and projects effectively
  • Integrates with a variety of productivity apps and services
  • Time-tracking option to help you manage your time more efficiently


  • Limited customization options
  • No dedicated desktop app (though there is a web app)
  • Some users have reported occasional bugs and glitches

Bottom Line

If you want to get a to-do list app that will help you organize tasks and stay on track, look no further than TickTick

This to-do list management tool for Android is packed with features, including Voice Input, that will help you get your life in order. Plus, TickTick is a joy to use with its sleek and user-friendly interface. 

4. Microsoft To Do

One of The Best To-Dos for Its Simple User Interface

Editor’s Take
7.7 out of 10
Best for
Simple interface
Annual discount

Microsoft To-Do helps you stay organized and manage your day-to-day tasks easily. Microsoft To-Do is much more than a grocery or to-do list; it can also be used as a notebook, event planner, and reminder system to increase productivity and help you focus on what's important.

Microsoft To-Do is one of the simplest yet most effective to-do list apps available. It's free to use with a Microsoft account, and it syncs across all your devices.

Key Features

  • Task Prioritization: One of the most important features of Microsoft To-Do is the ability to prioritize all your tasks. It can be done by assigning a ‘priority' to each task, which can be either ‘High,' ‘Normal,' or ‘Low.' This way, you'll always have a clear vision of what your next steps should be.
  • File Sharing: Microsoft To-Do allows its users to share files with others. It can be done by selecting the ‘Share' option when creating a new task. From here, you can select the people you want to share the task with and the level of access they have (view only or edit).
  • Recurring To-Dos Management: Microsoft To-Do also makes it easy to create recurring tasks. It is useful for “to-dos” that need to be completed on a regular basis, such as paying bills or taking out the trash.
  • Data Sync: One of the best features of Microsoft To-Do is the ability to sync tasks across all of your devices. It means that you can access your tasks from any device, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection.


Microsoft To-Do is completely free to use with no ads and no limits on the number of tasks you can create. You can also add a task to your To-Do list from anywhere using the Microsoft To-Do app for Android, Windows 10, or your favorite web browser. 


  • Simple interface that is easy to use
  • Can sync across devices
  • Can share lists with others
  • Provides suggested tasks based on your previous patterns
  • Can set reminders for tasks
  • Can break down tasks into smaller sub-tasks
  • Is completely free


  • Lack of functionality compared to other task managers
  • It may be buggy at times
  • Needs a Microsoft account to use

Bottom Line

Microsoft To-Do is a great option if you're searching for a to-do list app that can help you organize tasks and achieve your goals for free. With its simple interface, you can easily add and manage your tasks from any device, including your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. You can also share your lists with others and work together on tasks.


Top Project Management Tool with Flexible Calendar Integration

Editor’s Take
7.4 out of 10
Best for:
Flexible calendar
Free – $5/user/month
Annual discount:
Free Plan is one of the best to-do apps with a flexible calendar. It lets you organize all your tasks, appointments, and event reminders in one place. We love its intuitive interface, which is super easy to use. Besides, you can share your to-do lists and calendar with others and make your life easier! is one of the most common to-do list apps out there. Its flexible calendar makes it easy to keep track of what and when needs to be done. You can use AnyDo to create grocery lists, track your fitness goals, and more. 

Key Features

  • Flexible Calendar:'s calendar is flexible and easy to use, allowing you to see your tasks for the day, week, month, or even year. Besides, setting reminders for yourself is a great way to ensure you never miss a deadline!
  • Daily Planner:'s ‘plan my day' feature is unlike any other, allowing you to schedule when you will accomplish your tasks. This way, you can be sure not to forget or fall behind on what needs to get done.
  • Location-Based Reminder:'s location-based reminder is a great way to make sure you never forget to pick up some groceries on the way home or any other task you need to do in a specific location.
  • Collaborative Lists: With's collaborative lists, you can easily share shopping lists, to-do lists, or any other kind of list with anyone you choose. This way, you can get things done together, even if you're not in the same place.
  • Priorities and Tags: allows you to set priorities for your tasks, so you can easily see what is most important. You can also tag your tasks, so you can easily find them later.

Pricing Pricing Plan offers three pricing plans – Personal, Premium, and Teams.

  • The Personal plan is free and includes basic features like task lists, reminders, and sharing.
  • The Premium plan is $3/month and adds features like calendar sync, location-based reminders, and advanced sharing.
  • The Teams plan starts at $5/month/user and includes all the features of Premium, plus collaboration tools like team chat and task assignment.


  • Flexible calendar
  • Can share tasks and lists with others
  • Easy and friendly interface
  • Can attach notes and files to tasks
  • Can set location-based reminders
  • Comes with multiple features to help you organize your tasks.


  • Free version is quite limited
  • Reminders are not always reliable
  • Some users find the interface too simple
  • Occasional syncing issues between devices

Bottom Line

If you need help organizing and managing your tasks, look no further than Android App. For example, with, you can use a flexible calendar to manage your daily tasks easily and stay organized. 

Besides, this task list app offers an opportunity to attach files to tasks and set location-based reminders. As a result, you will be able not only to receive notifications about some events near the location but also be able to view the required files associated with this event.

6. 2Do

The Most Powerful Personal Task Management App

2Do- The most powerful personal Task Manager

2Do is a quick and powerful task manager that can help you get organized and get things done. With its smart lists and customization options, 2Do is a great tool for both personal and professional time management. It can be used to manage simple to-do lists or complex projects with multiple tasks and deadlines. 

Key Features

  • Smart Lists: 2Do comes with a smart task management module. You can create more or edit the existing task list to better suit your needs. These are lists that are populated automatically by the app based on certain criteria that you specify. 
  • Cloud Sync: 2Do supports popular cloud sync services such as iCloud, Dropbox, Toodledo, CalDAV, and more. You can set up multiple accounts and sync different lists with each account.
  • Tags Panel: 2Do features handy tags that tell you how many tasks are due today, overdue, or scheduled for the future. You can also turn on a badge that shows the number of tasks in your Inbox.
  • Quick Add: Quick Add is a feature that lets you quickly create tasks using natural language processing. For example, you can type “meeting with John tomorrow at 10 am,” and 2Do will create a task titled “Meeting with John” and schedule it for tomorrow at 10 am.
  • Nearby Alerts: 2Do can alert you of upcoming tasks based on your current location. You can specify the radius around a certain location in which you want to be alerted, and 2Do will take care of the rest.


2Do App is Free to download for Android users. Still, in order to keep the app running smoothly, the developers offer In-App Purchases of $9.99 per item.


  • Huge flexibility and customizability
  • It can be used for both work and personal tasks
  • Can be synced across multiple devices
  • Tags, notes, and reminders can be added to tasks
  • Can share tasks with others
  • Support for location-based alerts


  • Cannot attach files
  • Sharing features are limited
  • Only supports two priority levels
  • No offline access on mobile devices
  • Limited integration with other apps and services

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a to-do list app that will help you get your life organized, 2Do Android App is a great choice. But remember, you’ll need to spend some additional money to get the full benefits of this comprehensive task management tool!

7. Google Tasks

Best To-Do Android App Integrated with Google Calendar

Google Tasks- Quickly capture tasks anywhere

Google Tasks is a great to-do Android app that can help you easily keep track of your tasks and to-dos. This Google assistant is simple and easy to use. Besides, it integrates with your Google calendar or Gmail, so you can see your tasks and to-dos in one place. 

Key Features

  • Calendar Integration: One of the best features of Google Tasks is its integration with Google Calendar. It allows you to see your tasks in relation to your schedule, so you can better plan your time.
  • Simple Interface: Google Tasks has a very simple interface that is easy to use. You can create task lists and add tasks to them with just a few clicks.
  • Integration with Other Google Applications: Google Tasks integrates with other Google applications, such as Gmail, so you can create tasks from emails and add them to your lists. It makes it easy to keep track of all your to-dos in one place.
  • Set Priorities: With Google Tasks, you can set priorities for your tasks so you can focus on the most important ones first. It is a great way to organize tasks and make sure you get the most important things done.
  • Due Dates and Reminders: You can set due dates and reminders for your tasks, so you never forget to do something important. It is a simple way to stay on top of your to-do lists and ensure you get things done on time.


There is no cost to use the Google Tasks app. You can create and manage tasks for FREE. However, you will need a Google account to use the app. Still, if you don't have one, you can create it for free.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Offers basic to-do app functions
  • Can create tasks and subtasks
  • Can set date and time reminders
  • Integrates with Gmail and Google Calendar
  • Free version


  • This to-do app does not allow tagging others or sharing lists, unlike Todoist and other more versatile apps
  • Not recommended for those who need more organization with their tasks because you can only sort by date or manually

Bottom Line

Google Tasks is a great option if you're looking for a FREE to-do list app that will help you get organized and be more productive. It's simple to use and integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar, so you can easily manage and track all your tasks from anywhere. So why wait? Get organized with Google Tasks!

8. Remember The Milk

Top Smart Task Management System for Busy People

Remember The Milk- The smart to-do app for busy people

Remember The Milk is a top smart to-do list management app for busy people. It's easy to get started with and simple to use, but it has all the features you need to keep your life organized. With this good to-do app, you can create smart lists, set due dates and reminders for tasks big and small, and attach files!

Key Features

  • Smart Add: Remember The Milk has a feature called “Smart Add,” which allows users to quickly add tasks with natural language processing. For example, users can type “Call John at 3 pm tomorrow,” and the task will be created along with the due date and time automatically set.
  • Location-Based Reminders: The app can also remind users of tasks based on their current location. For example, users can set a task to be reminded of when they arrive at or leave a certain location.
  • Files Attachment: The app also allows users to Connect to Google Drive or Dropbox to attach files to tasks, which can be helpful for attaching meeting notes or other documents related to a task.
  • Magical Search Wizard: Remember The Milk has a search feature that allows users to find tasks based on various criteria, including the due date, list, tag, priority, and more.
  • Task Sharing and Collaboration: The app also allows users to share tasks with others and collaborate on them. For example, users can assign tasks to others and set up reminders for when the task is due.


Remember The Milk is always FREE for those who don't need the extra features. Still, you can get a yearly Pro paid version for $39.99 to access powerful features, swift customer service, and more.


  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Synchronization across devices is seamless
  • Great for both personal and professional task management
  • Can share lists and tasks with others
  • Set recurring tasks
  • Location-based reminders
  • Integration with Google Drive and Dropbox


  • In contrast to paid users, some find the FREE version too simple and lacking features 
  • No built-in calendar view
  • Can be difficult to keep track of shared tasks and lists
  • Lack of integration with other productivity apps

Bottom Line

Are you looking for a to-do list app that will help you get more organized and productive? Remember The Milk is a great FREE option with which you can create smart lists, set up reminders, and sync your tasks across all your devices. Still, the FREE version is pretty limited. That's why upgrading to Remember The Milk Pro is definitely worth it! 

9. Trello

Top Task Management App for Android with Kanban Boards

Trello- Trello brings all your tasks, teammates, and tools together

Trello is a project management app that can easily help you keep track of your work and get things done while collaborating with your team. With Trello, you can create Kanban boards to organize anything you and your team are working on. 

Key Features

  • Kanban Boards: Trello's Kanban boards are perfect for managing any work-related project, a household chore list, or even a digital scrapbook. With this app, you will have a clear overview of what needs to be done, who is working on it, and what has already been completed.
  • Built-In Automation: Automate your workflow with Trello's built-in Power-Ups. They turn Trello Kanban boards into living applications to help you automate tasks, visualize your work, and more. 
  • Easy Synchronization: Trello allows you to stay on top of your work, whether you're at your desk or out and about. All of your boards will be saved onto every device you use, so no matter your location, you can always come back to your progress.
  • Checklists Creator: Keep your work organized with Trello's built-in checklist feature. You can create checklists for any task and easily keep track of what needs to be done.
  • Integration with Top Work Tools: Trello integrates with various top work tools, such as Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive, so you can easily add your work to your existing workflow.


Trello - Pricing Plan

Trello has four main pricing options – Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

  • The Free plan is the most basic, allowing users to create an unlimited number of boards and cards.
  • Standard, which costs $5 per month, gives users access to additional features like unlimited Power-Ups (integrations with other apps), as well as custom fields and advanced checklists.
  • Premium, at $10 per month, builds on Standard with even more features like board attachments (up to 10MB) and pre-built project templates.
  • Enterprise is Trello's most expensive option, coming in at $17.50 per month. It includes all of the features from Standard and Premium and allows users to get organization-wide permissions and public board management.


  • Simple and friendly interface for Android users
  • It can be used for individual or team projects due to its convenient Trello workspace
  • Can easily share your tasks with others to track the progress of projects
  • Offers a variety of features and integrations, such as Kanban boards
  • Can easily reply and send reactions from a push notification


  • Limited customization options
  • No built-in features for advanced project management
  • Not suitable for very large projects

Bottom Line

If you haven't tried Trello yet, you're missing out on one of the best productivity tools available. Trello is a simple yet powerful way to manage your projects and tasks with many built-in automation functions. Still, if you have a big team or if you're working on a complex project, Trello can be less helpful!

10. Evernote

Best Note-Taking App with Project Templates for Android

Evernote - Tame your work, organize your life

Evernote is an amazing app that can allow you to keep track of all your notes in one place. This project management software applies cloud-based technology to make sure that your notes are always available when you need them.

Key Features

  • Built-In Templates: This note-taking app includes several helpful built-in templates to make your notes more impactful.
  • To-Do Lists: Keep track of your tasks and to-dos with ease using Evernote's interface, ​​set up due dates and reminders, and mark important items with flags.
  • Meeting Notes: Make sure you never miss a beat during your next meeting by taking notes with Evernote.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Evernote's drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to organize your notes any way you want.
  • Multi-Device Syncing: Evernote keeps your notes updated on all of your devices, so you can get to them no matter where you are.


Evernote- Pricing Plan

Evernote offers three different plans – Free, Personal, and Professional.

  • The free plan is great for simple note-taking and offers basic features like syncing across devices and sharing notes.
  • The personal plan is the best option for those who want to organize their life and work and includes features like setting reminders and integration with Google Calendar.
  • The professional plan is perfect for businesses and teams who need advanced features like unlimited storage, customization, and collaboration tools.


  • Simple interface
  • Advanced reporting functionality
  • Offers offline mode
  • Can share notes and notebooks with others
  • Has many built-in templates
  • Integrates with other productivity apps


  • Limited monthly upload limit for a free plan – just 60MB 
  • No live collaboration
  • More expensive than some alternatives

Bottom Line

Evernote is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to be more productive. It allows you to take notes, organize your thoughts, and keep track of your tasks. If you're looking for the best to-do list to manage tasks, then Evernote is a great choice.

Key Features of To-Do List Apps for Android 

There are many great to-do list apps available for Android, each with its own unique set of features. They can help you keep track of your tasks, goals, and to-do items in a variety of ways, thus increasing your productivity. 

Here are several key features of to-do list apps for Android that you should take into account:

Simple Interface

Many to-do list apps have a very simple and straightforward interface, making it easy to add, remove, and edit tasks. Some even let you create different lists for different purposes, such as work, home, and personal. It can be very helpful in organizing your tasks and making sure you don’t forget anything important.

Multi-Device Syncing

Trello App Synchronization Option
Source : Trello App

If you use multiple devices, having a task management app that supports syncing across all of them can be very helpful. This way, you can always have your latest tasks and items with you, regardless of which device you’re using. Almost all to-do list apps for Android support this feature nowadays.

Notifications and Reminders

Todoist App Task Reminder
Source : Todoist App

Another key feature of any to-do list app is the ability to set up notifications. By keeping a reminder on your calendar, you won't have to stress over forgetting any important deadlines. Notifications can be very helpful in managing tasks and ensuring that you don’t miss anything important.

Cloud Backup

To-do list apps that offer cloud backup are beneficial as your data is always safe and accessible. If you lose your device or switch to a new one, you won't have to fret about losing all your progress. Cloud backup is often a premium feature, but it's worth thinking about if security is a major concern for you.


Todoist App Task Prioritization
Source : Todoist App

Many to-do list apps also let you prioritize your tasks, so you can focus on the most important ones first. This option can be beneficial to increase your productivity and ensure that you’re always working on the things that matter the most.

Customizable Tasks

TickTick App Task Customization
Source : TickTick App

Some to-do list apps also let you customize your task list. For example, you can add subtasks, notes, due dates, and even reminders. This function allows users to guarantee they have all the information required for a task before moving on.

Voice Capture

Evernote App Voice Capture
Source : Evernote App

Another great feature of any to-do list app is voice capture, which lets you add tasks simply by speaking. Such an option can be very useful if you don’t have enough time to type out a task or if you want to be able to add tasks hands-free.

Choosing The Right To-Do List App for Android 

When it comes to managing your tasks and getting things done, there is no shortage of to-do list apps available for Android. However, with so many options on the Google Play Store, it can be quite hard to discover which one is the best fit for your needs.

  • For an Android to-do list app with a simple interface, try out Todoist, Google Tasks, or Microsoft To-Do.
  • If you need help with a real project management app for delegating your tasks and staying organized, try out Trello, 2Do, or Evernote.
  • To get a great reminder for recurring tasks, try out or Remember The Milk
  • If you want to find a to-do list app to manage tasks with your voice, try out TickTick.
  • And to get the best to-do lists for a variety of purposes, try out ClickUp

The best to-do list app for Android is the one that fits all your needs the best. Consider what you need to use the to-do list app for, and find the one that has the features you are looking for. With so many options available, there is sure to be a task management application that is perfect for you.

Best Overall


One of the most used to-do list apps out there, and for a good reason. This task management software comes with all the necessary features you need to get your existing tasks done.
Best All-in-One Tool


An all-in-one to-do list management tool that has a simple interface and can be easily utilized for task and project management and team collaboration.
Best for Productivity


A to-do list app that helps you get more done in less time. It has a simple interface, powerful features and is available on all major platforms.
Best for Simplicity

Microsoft To-Do

A to-do list management app that is simple to use and helps you get your tasks done. With no charge and a user-friendly interface, it's hard to beat.
Best for Flexible Calendar

A great to-do list app that offers a flexible calendar and reminder system. It is both easy to use and customizable, so it can be individualized for your business.

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