28 Best Asana Alternatives in 2022 (Free & Paid)

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

Looking for the right project management software? 

There’s a high chance that you must have come across Asana a lot of times.

When it first launched in 2012, Asana was the cool kid on the block in project management circles.

But over the years, a plethora of project management software have emerged, offering more convenience and ease of use than Asana.

So, if you’re looking to create and manage your projects more efficiently, this article has got a lot to offer.

We have covered 28 Asana alternatives, their key features, pricing plans, and the distinct feature that separates them from Asana.

But first, let’s see why you need to look for an alternative to Asana.

Why Look For an Alternative to Asana?

Asana is a project management software designed to improve team collaboration and work management.

The organization has recorded $227 million annual revenue in 2021, with about 1.5 million paying customers.

However, despite Asana’s large number of users, it may not be the right choice for you.

Here’s why.

1. Affordable Pricing

Sure, Asana has a free version.

However, the free version has heavy limitations on its capabilities.

Considering that most project management software offers a wide range of features for free or at a minimal price, Asana is quite pricey as most of its important features are available in its premium plans.

Especially when you are a small business and would not need to use all the features, paying $10.99 per month is totally unnecessary.

2. Intuitive User Interface

Asana was developed to cater to dedicated project managers, and as such, it’s equipped with every project management feature important for businesses.

However, as a small business owner or user without technical knowledge, navigating through the features can feel clunky and often glitch.

Moreover, most team members may not be as tech-savvy as the project managers and may find Asana overwhelming.

3. Time Tracking

As a project manager, tracking the time spent on your project and tasks will help you bill your clients accurately without running at a loss and provide more insights into your overall business performance.

Sadly, Asana doesn’t have an in-built time tracking tool. The only option you have is integrating your workflow with a third-party time tracker, which means more cost for your business.

Best Asana Alternatives for Project Management

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Asana Alternative.

Monday.com is the Best Overall Asana Alternative

Monday.com is a cloud-based Work OS (Operating System) with an easy-to-use visual interface that lets businesses and teams of all sizes build, customize, and manage their tasks and workflow.

Key Features

  • High-Level Customization: Use over 200+ templates and over 30+ drag and drop column types to customize the workflow you desire.
  • Visualization: Easily visualize your data in 8 different forms, including Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, Gantt, Map, Workload, Form, and Main.
  • Automation: Say goodbye to your routine tasks and automate your workflow in seconds.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate Monday.com with helpdesk software and other CRM software, including Zendesk, Microsoft Teams, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Keep track of your business performance with data-driven insights built into your daily workflow. 
  • Mobile Apps: iOS and Android apps available, ensuring that your team has everything centralized at their fingertips.


Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com has a free plan that offers unlimited boards and docs, over 200+ templates, and allows up to 2 team members.

However, if you want access to unlimited free viewers, prioritized customer support, numerous integrations and automation, and advanced reporting and analytics, you’ll have to purchase its pricing plans.

Monday.com has four pricing plans: Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise, and offers a 14-day free trial to check out the advanced features.

The Enterprise plan contains customized features, and you’ll have to contact their sales department to request a quote.

Why Choose Monday.com over Asana?

Although both Monday.com and Asana offer templates grouped by industry, Monday.com includes real-life content examples in every template to simplify your project management processes.

Try out Monday.com for free.

2. ClickUp

Simple Asana Alternative for Task Management.

ClickUp is the Simple Asana Alternative for Task Management

ClickUp is a project management software with a clean and straightforward user interface that helps you tackle all your work in one place.

Unlike some alternatives to Asana, ClickUp allows you to visualize tasks and subtasks across your entire team in multiple views, including list, board, calendar, box, activity, timeline, Gantt, doc, map, table, map minds, chat, form, embed, and workload views.

Key Features

  • ClickUp Documents: Customize your documents to reflect your business values, track activities on your doc, and create custom templates for team members. 
  • Task Management: Create folders for your business tasks and track progress with numerical, monetary, and task targets. You can also edit in bulk with the multitask toolbar and control who can access tasks and goals by setting permission-based access.
  • ClickUp Spaces: Your team members can work together while using their own spaces. Spaces are highly customizable, and you can create a simple space for little group tasks and complex spaces for collective tasks. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Get a detailed overview of your business and team performances.
  • Integration: Easily integrate ClickUp with your favorite cloud storage services and SaaS platforms, including Loom, Google Assistant, Intercom, Zendesk, Dropbox, Zapier, Discord, and Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Accessibility: ClickUp is available on every device – mobile, desktop, chrome extensions, email add-ons, and voice assistant.


ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp has a free plan that allows unlimited members and tasks and offers 100MB storage.

However, you can get more advanced features like unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, and advanced automation on its pricing plans – Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

Why Choose ClickUp Over Asana?

ClickUp is an affordable alternative to Asana. Its free plan allows unlimited users, and pricing begins at $5 monthly per user.

On the other hand, Asana allows only 15 users on its free plan, and pricing begins at $10.99 monthly per user.

Click here now to start using ClickUp for free.

3. Wrike

Best Asana Alternative for Task Automation.

Wrike is the Best Asana Alternative for Task Automation

Wrike is a sophisticated Asana alternative that lets you effortlessly interact and collaborate with your team and create workspaces for them to manage tasks, workloads, and processes.

Key Features

  • Customization: Quickly create tasks and projects using Wrike’s pre-built templates and visualize your dashboard in multiple views, including an interactive Gantt chart and kanban board.
  • AI-Powered Tools: Easily improve your business performance through automating your workflow, document processing, and advanced communication tools like voice commands and smart replies.
  • Advanced Analytics: Use charts and infographics to get detailed insights into your team performance and work statistics.
  • Task Management: Organize data using tags and folders, create due dates for tasks, tag relevant members, attach files, and track team progress using workloads and timesheets.
  • Integrations: Wrike offers integration with email marketing tools and other third-party software, including Zendesk, Google Sheets, HubSpot, Dropbox, MailChimp, Slack, Microsoft Outlook, and WordPress.
  • Budgeting: Easily create custom budgets reports using Wrike’s report building tool.
  • Collaboration: Plan with your team ahead of time using a shared calendar and create individual dashboards for tasks and projects. There’s also a comment section within each task to enhance effective communication.


Wrike Pricing Plan

Wrike’s pricing begins with a free plan that offers integration and collaboration functionalities and 2GB storage space per account.

However, you can access more advanced features like interactive Gantt charts, customized workflow, and over 2GB storage per user on its pricing plans.

Wrike has three pricing plans; Professional, Business, and Enterprise plans, and offers a 14-day free trial on the Professional and Business plans.

Why Choose Wrike Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, which offers external integration with time tracking tools, Wrike fully integrates its time tracking functions into all tasks.

Try out Wrike freely for 14 days.

4. Smartsheet

Best Asana Alternative With Spreadsheet-style Format for Business Teams.

Smartsheet is the Best Asana Alternative With Spreadsheet style Format for Business Teams

Smartsheet is the Gucci of spreadsheets for project management.

This alternative to Asana empowers business teams that deal with large amounts of data in their tasks to manage their tasks and projects effectively.

Key Features

  • Customization: Easily create customizable forms with Smartsheet’s drag and drop form builder and provide access to forms by embedding them on your websites, dashboard, or sharing a unique link.
  • Visualization: Easily switch between standard view, calendar view, card view, or Gantt chart to visualize your workflow. 
  • Custom Email Domain: Increase the trust and relevance of your Smartsheet emails by configuring a custom email domain at the organizational level.
  • Reporting: Smartsheet offers you access to real-time insights about your projects via live data, charts, and critical metrics.
  • Automation: Easily automate key processes in your work routine, such as repetitive tasks, to save time.
  • Advanced Team Collaboration: Securely collaborate with your team members and partners and share folders and sheets to them as PDF, Excel, or Google Sheets attachments. You can also utilize tools like automated alerts, pinned annotations, status reports, and automatic locking to keep track of your team’s progress.
  • Budget Tracking: Easily connect planned and actual spendings with team activity and create detailed financial reports, all sorted by hours, days, and amounts.
  • Integration: Smartsheet integrates with your project management software and file sharing services, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Box, Dropbox, Jira, Salesforce, and Slack.


Smartsheet Pricing Plan

Smartsheet offers a 30-day free trial and has three pricing plans: Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Why Choose Smartsheet Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Smartsheet allows you to include links and external web content in your dashboard, thus enabling you to view business-critical information quickly.

Try out Smartsheet free for 30 days. Cancel anytime.

5. Teamwork

Best Asana Alternative for Team Collaboration.

Teamwork is the Best Asana Alternative for Team Collaboration

Teamwork is an all-in-one project management tool that helps you manage multiple projects and keep you organized.

This alternative to Asana has numerous templates to improve your business efficiency and a mobile app available on iOS and Android devices to help you keep up with your tasks anywhere.

Key Features

  • Collaboration: Write, save, and share all files and documents in one place and specify which users have visibility and access across projects.
  • Task Management: Create tasks and sub-tasks to break down the workload for team members and assign an owner to each task. You can also save time by creating task templates, default templates, and custom fields to track and manage your tasks and projects anytime.
  • Invoicing: Easily create invoices for clients by estimating your team’s billable and non-billable hours.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate your workflow with cloud analytics providers, billing and invoicing software, and other third-party tools, including MailChimp, Stripe, Xero, Box, Harvest, and Zoho Analytics.
  • Time Tracking: Effortlessly measure the time spent on your projects across multiple tasks and gather valuable insights to manage team resources and timelines better.
  • Report and Analytics: Track changes made to tasks and use custom filters to view your project information. Build personalized dashboards to show key project metrics for you and your team.


Teamwork Pricing Plan

Teamwork has a free version best suited for individuals and small teams just getting started.

Large Businesses can access more advanced features on Teamwork’s paid plans – Deliver, Grow, and Scale and get a 30-day free trial on the Deliver and Grow plans.

Why Choose Teamwork Over Asana?

Unlike Asana that only offers integration with third-party time tracker tools, Teamwork has an in-built time tracker tool that helps optimize your time management.

Deliver timely projects with an in-built online time tracker. Try Teamwork for free now.

6. Scoro

Best Asana Alternative for Businesses Looking to Optimize Their Finances and Track Their Sales Performance.

Scoro is the Best Asana Alternative for Businesses

Scoro is a cloud-based Asana alternative that offers a broad spectrum of products from work scheduling and tracking to sales and finances to help you fully manage every aspect of your business and scale your business performance.

Key Features

  • Customizable Dashboard: Centralize your workflow in one place and offer permission-based access to tasks and projects.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate Scoro with your favorite accounting software and sales CRM software.
  • Finance Management: Manage your finances in multiple currencies, create customizable invoices, and automate your billing processes. You can also streamline quoting using predefined services, clients’ profiles, and multi-currency rate cards.
  • Team Management: Scoro allows you to distribute tasks quickly with a drag-and-drop planner or Kanban task board. You can also allocate tasks and resources based on your team members’ availability and get detailed insights into your teams’ capacities.
  • Project Management: Schedule and track task progress in real-time, automate routine tasks, monitor billable and non-billable hours with clients, and get a detailed overview of planned and completed activities with Scoro’s Gantt chart.
  • Reports and Analytics: Analyze your business processes, create customized high-level reports in a single click, and download reports anytime in PDF.


Scoro Pricing Plan

Scoro offers a 14-day free trial and has four pricing plans: Essential, Work Hub, Sales Hub, and Ultimate.

Why Choose Scoro Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Scoro offers you full control of your sales funnel and allows you to manage and analyze your finances.

Try out Scoro’s features free for 14 days. No credit card required.

7. Bitrix24

Ideal Asana Alternative With A Dedicated CRM Tool for SMBs.

Bitrix24 is an Ideal Asana Alternative With A Dedicated CRM Tool for SMBs

Whether you manage your tasks and teams, improve your communication, or streamline your CRM systems, Bitrix24 has you covered.

This tool is highly versatile and a better alternative to Asana for SMBs on a tight budget.

Key Features

  • Communication: Use Bitrix24’s in-built video conferencing tool to carry out HD video calls for up to 24 participants without any time limit and record your call. There's also a social intranet feature that acts as a social media feed for your employees and allows them to create polls, start a conversation, and post announcements.
  • Document Management: Easily store and edit your documents in Bitrix24 Drive and grant your team members and clients access permission. Similarly, you can store documents on your private cloud or server and create a group folder for team members to collaborate online.
  • Automation: Easily automate recurring tasks and auto-schedule a sales call task whenever you get a new lead.
  • Task Management: Track task performance via detailed reports and evaluate team members' performance via an efficiency indicator tool.
  • CRM: Bitrix24 is a perfect alternative for other CRM software like Salesforce and HubSpot. It offers you an intuitive dashboard and reliable old kanban boards so that you can manage your clients and leads more efficiently.


Bitrix24 Pricing Plan

Bitrix24 has a free plan that offers you 5GB storage space and allows unlimited users to access the platform.

There are also three pricing plans available on Bitrix24 – Basic, Standard, and Professional plans that offer you access to over 24GB of storage space and other advanced features.

Why Choose Bitrix24 Over Asana?

Unlike Asana that integrates with third-party CRM tools, Bitrix24 offers in-built CRM functionality, which means less cost for your business.

Try out Bitrix24 for free.

8. Workfront

Best Asana Alternative With Powerful AI-Powered Tools for Large Businesses and Enterprises.

Workfront is the Best Asana Alternative With Powerful AI Powered Tools for Large Businesses and Enterprises

Created by Adobe, Workfront uses AI technology to track all the details of ongoing tasks and projects and deliver work that’s on strategy, on time, and on budget.

This Asana alternative lets you customize your workflow however you want and manage your tasks and projects from anywhere via its mobile app.

Key Features

  • Work Management: Easily create a consolidated task list from numerous customization templates and automation features to provide your team members with a single view for managing all work while receiving real-time updates. You can also toggle between the Agile and Waterfall views for more detailed visibility of your workflow.
  • Collaboration: Simplify your collaboration process with features like custom smart forms, real-time notifications, side-by-side comparisons, and on-screen collaborations. You can also use inline proofing and asset review to uphold your business’ standards.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Workflow uses artificial intelligence to power your workflow, including team scheduling, project scheduling, resource scheduling, and planning.
  • Smart Analytics: Get real-time insights on the performance of your tasks via an intuitive dashboard and unlimited custom reporting for over 50 workflow elements.
  • Security: Workfront offers numerous security and compliance features, including encryption at rest, audit rights, and allowlist IP.
  • Integration: Connect your existing tools and apps to your work so your team can be efficient and productive.


Workfront has three pricing plans; Enterprise, Business, and Pro, and you’ll have to contact their sales department to get a quote.

Why Choose Workfront Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Workfront provides advanced features and uses AI technology to control your workflow.

Try out Workfront’s advanced features now.

9. Paymo

Best Asana Alternative With Budgeting and Invoicing Tools for Marketing Teams and Entrepreneurs.

Paymo is the Best Asana Alternative With Budgeting and Invoicing Tools for Marketing Teams

Paymo is an Asana alternative with an easy-to-use user interface to help you manage your project and improve your teams’ productivity.

You can easily customize the display and layout of your dashboard and work areas and visualize your workflow in multiple views, including list, spreadsheet, calendar, kanban board, and Gantt chart view.

Key Features

  • Task Management: Easily create tasks and assign them to multiple users, set task duration, comment on individual tasks, and create templates for common tasks.
  • Financial Management: Track your project expenses, set price rates on your work item, and measure its outcome. You’ll also get a comparable analysis of the financial health of your project.
  • Time Tracking: Easily track and log your work time on a task and even add multiple time entries on one screen.
  • Invoicing: Create invoices in Paymo from available templates in 15 different languages, create estimates that can be converted into invoices, and set payment directly from the invoice through a payment gateway.
  • Reporting: Get detailed insights on your team’s performance on each project, create customized reports on your tasks and project, and download reports in multiple formats.


Paymo Pricing Plan

Paymo has a free version that offers unlimited projects, three project templates and allows only ten users.

However, its pricing plans – Small office and Business plans offer advanced features, including no user limit, unlimited project templates, and in-app tech support.

You’ll also get a 15-day free trial to try out the advanced features before making any financial commitment.

Why Choose Paymo Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Paymo helps you track and manage your work-time to improve your business performance.

Plan your project and assign tasks with Paymo easily. Try Paymo out for free now.

10. Clarizen

Best Asana Alternative With Intuitive Communication Tool for Agile Teams.

Clarizen is the Best Asana Alternative With Intuitive Communication Tool for Agile Teams

Clarizen is a work management solution that helps teams become more agile, deliver results effectively, and increase alignment across the entire organization.

This alternative to Asana allows you to review your entire workspace at a glance and adjust timelines and priorities, all from a centralized location.

Key Features

  • Customization: Clarizen provides scrum-friendly boards and lets you create multiple boards representing different projects, teams, and clients. You can also personalize each board with a unique workflow that matches your team or client’s style.
  • Task Management: Create and assign tasks, attach documents, links, and videos to tasks, and comment directly on tasks. You can also choose to view your team member’s workload by estimated or running effort to track their progress.
  • Automation: Carry out tasks easily with Clarizen’s automation features, including automatic consolidation of status, auto milestone updates, and automatic status reporting.
  • Collaboration: Define your target dates using milestones and invite as many guests as you’d like to view, comment, and ask questions. You can also easily invite external users and clients into the workspace without the need for admin support.
  • Integration: Extend the power of your workflow by linking it with Cloud ERP software, help desk tools, and spreadsheet software, including ServiceNow, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, NetSuite, Procure, Oracle, Zendesk, Box, and Zapier.


Clarizen offers two pricing plans; Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition.

Why Choose Clarizen Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Clarizen has an in-built communication tool that lets you get updates and share ideas with other team members and external users.

Try out Clarizen to increase your teams’ output.

11. Celoxis

Celoxis is the Full Featured Asana Alternative With A Dynamic Dashboard for Large Businesses and Enterprises

Celoxis is an Asana alternative that helps businesses tackle complex project management issues in one portfolio.

This platform satisfies the whole gamut of business processes and is mobile-optimized so that you can stay up-to-date with your business wherever you are.

Key Features

  • Project Management: Use Celoxis’s pre-built workflow applications for your projects or create custom workflows using custom fields and routing rules. You’ll also get to auto-schedule tasks and projects and build dynamic project plans that auto-updates whenever there’s a change.
  • Collaboration: Easily collaborate with your team members and clients via online discussion forms and a shared calendar and directly tag them in a comment to get their direct attention. Your client can also access and share comments on information via Celoxis free client portal.
  • Time and Expense Management: Keep track of your team members’ time on a particular project to help you accurately bill invoices to clients. There’s also an in-built timer and weekly timesheets to improve your teams’ productivity.
  • Project Accounting: Measure your project’s actual and estimated costs and revenue and get real-time data on KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as profits and margins.
  • Reports and Analytics: Gather consolidated real-time insights on your projects and perform bulk actions on record in one go. You can download your reports as PDF or schedule reports to be delivered via email to multiple people.


Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis has two pricing systems; Cloud Plan, a subscription-based plan, and On Premise Plan, a one-time payment plan.

You’ll also get a personalized demo to help you determine if they are the best fit for your business.

Why Choose Celoxis Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Celoxis has a comprehensive suite of tools, including time tracking tools to help manage the time, costs, and billings associated with your business processes.

Click here now to improve your business performance with Celoxis.

12. Hygger

Budget-Friendly Asana Alternative for Solopreneurs and SMBs.

Hygger is the Budget Friendly Asana Alternative for Solopreneurs and SMBs

Hygger is an Asana alternative that allows you to share, organize and assign ideas, tasks, and projects and monitor your business progress process.

Key Features

  • Project Management: Define specific project goals, prioritize them, and make a schedule. You can also use Hygger’s visual Kanban board to view your tasks and workflow and its visual sprint board with tools to manage backlog, progress tracking, and estimation.
  • Collaboration: Engage in organized conversations with your team members’ via Hygger’s inbox tool and set up permission-based access to documents and tasks. You can also use the swimlanes feature to highlight important tasks on your board.
  • Task Management: Create your tasks, organize them in a list, and create WIP (Work-In-Progress) limits to reduce multitasking or task switching. You can also get a quick overview of your task with a unique URL link.
  • Time Management: Create accurate timelines for your projects, track the time of completed tasks, and estimate project costs with detailed reports about all team members.
  • Integration: Seamlessly connect your workflow with Kanban software and file sharing services, including Jira, Google Drive, Dropbox, GitLab, and Harvest.


Hygger Pricing Plan

Hygger has a free version that offers 100MB storage, up to 50 tasks, and unlimited users.

However, its pricing plans – Standard and Enterprise plans offer advanced features, including unlimited storage, unlimited tasks, and premium support.

Why Choose Hygger Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Hygger offers a robust communication function and allows you to use threads in commenting to keep your messages organized.

Try out Hygger for free.

13. ProofHub

User-Friendly Asana Alternative for Business Teams.

ProofHub is the User Friendly Asana Alternative for Business Teams

ProofHub is an Asana alternative that helps team members plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects effectively and within budgets.

Key Features

  • Multilingual: Create your workflow in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese (Taiwan), and German.
  • File Management: Keep your files and documents organized in one place and share them with your team members anytime you choose. You can also access multiple versions of the same file and restore older versions if need be.
  • Task Management: You can easily create and assign tasks to team members, add comments to tasks, and manage the progress from a centralized dashboard. You can also limit your tasks list, files, and events visibility to only those you choose.
  • Collaboration: Create discussion topics and share ideas, files, and documents, all from a single window.
  • Time Management: You can set time estimates on individual tasks, manually track time spent on billable and non-billable hours, and create custom time reports. You can also export timesheets and use them for payroll and client invoicing.


ProofHub Pricing Plan

ProofHub offers a 14-day free trial and has two pricing plans: Essential and Ultimate Control.

Why Choose ProofHub Over Asana?

Asana offers a pay-per-use pricing plan while ProofHub pricing plans support unlimited users.

Plan your projects with ProofHub free for 30 days. No credit card required.

14. Nifty

Best Asana Alternative for Digital Agencies and Product Teams Looking to Manage Projects in a Collaborative Workspace.

Nifty is the Best Asana Alternative for Digital Agencies and Product Teams

Nifty is an Asana alternative with a fully customizable dashboard that helps you maintain organizational oversight and manage tasks, projects, and goals in a centralized location.

Key Features

  • Project Overview: Get a bird’s-eye view of your project and tasks with Nifty’s overviews and visualize your project in multiple views, including swimlane, kanban, list, Gantt chart, and master overview.
  • Collaboration: Access and share files directly from your computer or cloud storage and create collaborative documents with your team, all in one place. You can also create threads to keep your discussions organized and create tasks directly from your discussions.
  • Task Management: Create tasks and subtasks, stay on top of all task assignments, and filter tasks by due dates and milestones. You can also set bulk task dependencies and organize your tasks with custom tasks to manage priorities.
  • Automation: Automate your workflow by setting repeating schedules for regular tasks and assigning team members to the entire task list.
  • Time Management: View team members’ time log on tasks and track how much time you spent completing a project.


Nifty Pricing Plan

Nifty has a free plan that allows unlimited team members, two active projects and offers 100MB storage space.

However, if you want access to over 100GB of storage space and 40 active projects, you’ll have to purchase its pricing plans.

Nifty has four pricing plans: Starter, Pro, Business, and Enterprise, and offers a 14-day free trial to check out the advanced features.

Why Choose Nifty Over Asana?

Nifty allows you to track your tasks’ status and identify whether they are in progress, reviewed, or approved.

However, with Asana, you cannot check your task status or view your subtasks in a single view.

Try out Nifty freely for 14 days. No credit card required.

15. Hive

Best Asana Alternative With Email Collaboration for Project Managers and Agencies.

Hive is the Best Asana Alternative With Email Collaboration for Project Managers and Agencies

Hive is an Asana alternative that helps you create and organize tasks for your business, stay on top of your actions and projects, and build sustainable teamwork, all from one project homepage.

Key Features

  • Project Management: Create tasks and subtasks, automate repetitive tasks, and collect information easily with forms directly on Hive. You can also visualize your tasks in multiple views, including Gantt, kanban, portfolio, and calendar view.
  • Time Management: Easily track the time spent on any action and project and assess time-tracking data from your teammates.
  • Collaboration: Seamlessly communicate with your team members via their personal inbox or Hive mail and tag team members to your comments on their tasks. Designate priority levels and provide permission-based access to your projects.
  • Hive Chat: Hive offers an in-app chat feature that allows you to communicate with your team members seamlessly.
  • Email to Action: Easily add information, data, and other details to your project or workspace via your unique Hive address.
  • Hive Notes: Hive offers a note feature with numerous pre-developed templates to help you create meeting agendas, assign action items, collaborate with other members of your team directly from the note.


Hive Pricing Plan

Hive has a free version, Hive Solo, that offers unlimited storage and allows up to two users.

To access more advanced features like no user limit, you’ll have to purchase one of its pricing plans – Hive Teams and Hive Enterprises.

You’ll also get a 14-day free trial on the Hive Teams plan.

Why Choose Hive Over Asana?

Asana lets you assign tasks to one user at a time, whereas Hive allows you to assign tasks to multiple persons, thereby improving your team collaboration.

Get your team to work. Try Hive for free now.

16. Zoho Workplace

Most Affordable Asana Alternative With Powerful In-Built Suite of Tools.

Zoho Workplace is the Most Affordable Asana Alternative With Powerful In Built Suite of Tools

Zoho Workplace is a bundle of all the apps any business would need to create and communicate with team members and deliver results effectively.

Key Features

  • Work Productivity: Create tasks and projects with Zoho Workplace’s collaborative online word processor and cloud spreadsheet. You can also create presentations with their presentation software, Zoho Show, and allow input from your team members.
  • Centralized Dashboard: Zoho Workplace helps you organize your workflow in one integrated view and automatically syncs all updates in real-time. You can also customize your dashboard layout, remove or add widgets, and create custom widgets from existing ones.
  • Unified Communication: Share emails with your team members via Zoho Mail and access other applications like calendar, contacts, notes, and bookmarks directly from Zoho Mail. You can also build a private social network for the members of your organization via Zoho connect.
  • Collaborate: Create, store, and share documents with your team with Zoho WorkDrive and set up meetings across multiple locations through video and audio conferences.


Zoho Workplace Pricing Plan

Zoho Workplace has three pricing plans: Mail Only, Standard, and Professional Plans and offers a 15-day free trial on the Professional Plan.

Why Choose Zoho Workplace Over Asana?

Although Asana has a free plan, you’ll most likely opt for its pricing plan because of the massive limitations on the free plan.

Asana’s pricing begins at $10.99 monthly, whereas the most expensive pricing plan on Zoho Workplace is $6 monthly, making Zoho Workplace a more affordable alternative to Asana.

Try out Zoho Workplace freely for 15 days.

17. Jira

Best Asana Alternative for Easy Onboarding.

Jira is the Best Asana Alternative for Easy Onboarding

Jira is a highly customizable project management solution with an intuitive web interface that helps you capture and organize your workflow and stay updated with your team's progress.

Built by Atlassian, this alternative to Asana also allows you to access all your data and complete tasks and projects via its native mobile app, available on Android and iOS devices.

Key Features

  • Agile Views: Jira offers scrum and kanban board views to manage your tasks and projects.
  • Custom Workflow: Group the stepwise process of your tasks and projects in workflows so that you can easily keep track of their progress. You can either choose to create custom workflows or import workflow templates from the Atlassian marketplace for free.
  • Powerful Querying: Jira's AI tool, Jira Query Language (JQL), allows you to create custom filters and queries in a few minutes.
  • Automation: With little knowledge in tech, you can easily build an automation process using Jira's drag and drop interface and a wide range of templates.
  • Reporting: Track your business performance as well as the progress and workload of your team through its detailed reporting dashboard.
  • Integration: Easily integrate your workflow with flexible REST and Java APIs and over 3000 third-party tools.


Jira Pricing Plan

Jira has a free plan that offers you 2GB storage space and allows only ten users.

More premium features such as over 250GB storage space and 20,000 user access are available on Jira's pricing plans; Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

You'll also get a 7-day free trial for 10,000 users on the Standard and Premium plans.

Why Choose Jira Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Jira has a powerful and customizable workflow engine that helps you keep track of your tasks effectively.

Try out Jira for free.

18. Airtable

Visually Appealing Asana Alternative for Creatives, Solopreneurs, and Small Businesses.

Airtable is the Visually Appealing Asana Alternative for Creatives, Solopreneurs and Small Businesses

Airtable offers you an easy-to-use worksheet with a visually appealing user interface that allows you to effortlessly organize your ideas, tasks, projects, and records in a centralized system.

You can easily automate repetitive tasks to save time and access your tasks anywhere and anytime via its native mobile apps.

Key Features

  • Customization: Use its drag and drop tool to create your workspace from over a hundred pre-made templates and include your brand’s identity in every form.
  • Visualization: Easily create custom Airtable views, including grid, calendar, kanban, form, gallery, Gantt, and timeline views, and share them in a link or embed them on a website.
  • Task Management and Tracking: Create tasks using the tables in the Airtable workspace and set up custom time tracking to monitor the progress and workforce of your team. Airtable also syncs every change automatically across all devices.
  • Collaboration: With its familiar spreadsheet interface, your team members can add notes, records, comments, and discussions conveniently. You can also set user permission levels to restrict database access.


Airtable Pricing Plan

Airtable has a free plan that offers you unlimited bases and 2GB of attachments per base.

There are also three pricing plans available on Airtable – Plus, Pro, and Enterprise plans that offer you access to over 5GB of attachments per base and other advanced features.

Why Choose Airtable Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Airtable stores and organizes large amounts of data and allows you to create custom reports of your business performance.

Click here now to start using Airtable for free.

19. Kissflow

Best Asana Alternative for Creators and Small Businesses With Modest Workload.

Kissflow is the Best Asana Alternative for Creators and Small Businesses With Modest Workload

Kissflow is an Asana alternative with a clean and modern interface that helps you streamline your business process.

You can easily visualize your project in multiple views, including kanban board view and task list view.

Key Features

  • Customization: Kissflow offers you an intuitive dashboard with customizable templates and a visual workflow tool that shows you a graphical representation of your business process.
  • User Control: Assign access and responsibilities to tasks and projects according to your team members’ roles, levels, and other custom filters.
  • Task Management: Easily create and analyze tasks, set conditional tasks, and request data validation from team members, all in a central hub. You can also automate tasks, assignments, and notifications via its drag and drop interface.
  • Reporting: Derive actionable insights on your business performance, create complex filters to highlight the exact information you need, and use heatmaps to create easily interpretable contexts.
  • Integration: Link your digital workspace with file sharing tools and cloud service providers like Zapier, Dropbox, Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, Xero, and Quickbooks.


Kissflow Pricing Plan

Depending on your business needs, you can choose a plan from Kissflow’s pricing systems; Workflow, Low-Code, Procurement Cloud, Digital Workplace, Project, and Community Platform.

The workflow pricing system has four pricing plans; Basic, Advanced, Fully Loaded, and Enterprise, and offers a 14-day free trial for you to try out its features.

Why Choose Kissflow Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, you can assign tasks to multiple team members at once and deliver timely results to clients.

Try out Kissflow freely for 14 days.

20. HyperOffice

Cost-Effective Asana Alternative for Medium-Sized Businesses and Entrepreneurs.

HyperOffice is the Cost Effective Asana Alternative for Medium Sized Businesses and Entrepreneurs

HyperOffice is an Asana alternative that offers communication and collaborative capabilities to suit your growing business needs.

You can smoothly manage every process, project, document, and team in a single platform and keep track of all activities in real-time.

Key Features

  • Communication: Build communication spaces for your team members and clients, share and comment on documents, and manage multiple versions of a file or document, all in one place. You can also have audio and video meetings with team members as well as share and record your screen.
  • Contact Management: Create custom contact records and sync your contact list with third-party tools like Outlook. You can also manage important dates through the online calendar feature.
  • Integration: Easily connect your workflow with all your existing CRM software tools to streamline internal operations.
  • Automations: Break your workflow into multiple phases and automate specific aspects of your workflow, depending on your choice. You’ll also automatically receive email and in-app notifications when there’s an important event.
  • Accessibility: Manage tasks and share files easily from anywhere via HyperOffice’s mobile apps, available on iOS and Android devices.


HyperOffice Pricing Plan

HyperOffice has four pricing plans; Atlas, uShare.to, WorkMap Standard, and WorkMap Enterprise, and offers a 14-day free trial on the Atlas and WorkMap Standard plans.

Why Choose HyperOffice Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, HyperOffice has an in-built contact management tool to help you easily track and manage your clients’ contact.

Try HyperOffice free for 14 days.

21. Workzone

Best Asana Alternative for Marketing Teams and Agencies that Manages Countless Projects.

Workzone is the Best Asana Alternative for Marketing Teams and Agencies that Manages Countless Projects

Workzone is an Asana alternative with comprehensive tools to help teams and organizations track multiple projects and tasks.

Key Features

  • Customization: Workzone has an intuitive dashboard that allows you to include your logo and color to reflect your brand’s identity and visualize your workflow in a calendar view.
  • Collaboration: Share files securely with your entire team with varying access levels and keep track of multiple versions as they are revised. You can also link dependent tasks to ensure efficiency and comment directly on documents and tasks.
  • Automation: Receive automatic email alerts when certain activities occur and automate your approval workflow.
  • Time Management: Keep track of your team members’ time on specific tasks and use them in client billing and project costing. You can evaluate your team members’ workload, compare actual hours to budgeted hours, and export reports to Excel.
  • Project Management: Build and edit projects from your project dashboard, create a to-do list that Workzone automatically emails to your team members, and save previous projects as templates. You’ll also get an Interactive Gantt Chart to provide a graphical view of your projects’ schedules and a group calendar for tracking events and project tasks.


Workzone Pricing Plan

Workzone has three pricing plans; Teams, professional, and Enterprise, and offers you a personalized demo to find out which features suit your business needs.

Why Choose Workzone Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Workzone offers unlimited support with an extensive onboarding and training process in every plan.

Try out Workzone advanced features now.

22. Notion

Best Asana Alternative for Individuals, Content Creators, and Entrepreneurs Looking to Manage Basic Tasks.

Nation is the Best Asana Alternative for Individuals, Content Creators and Entrepreneurs Looking to Manage Basic Tasks

Notion is a popular cloud-based productivity tool that allows teams to collaborate, share notes, and manage projects in one central space.

Every item in Notion’s database is its own page, and you can easily create a new page inside an already existing page to keep all related work together.

This alternative to Asana is also available on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android devices to ensure a seamless experience across platforms.

Key Features

  • Customization: Customize your workspace with its drag and drop editing tool and thousands of free, pre-built templates. You can also create your own templates and visualize your tasks in Gantt, kanban board, and calendar views.
  • Note-Taking: Notion allows you to take notes in numerous content types, such as plain texts, audio, video, code snippets, or bookmarks, and exports notes in PDF and HTML files.
  • Easy Communication: Every task and project on Notion has a comment section and a file-sharing system to enable you quickly share resources with your team members.
  • Task Management: Easily track tasks and collaborate with your team on the same page.
  • Community: Notion has an active community of creators where you can get numerous ideas, inspirations, and support resources.
  • Integration: Notion has an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables you to integrate your workflow with other third-party tools.


Nation Pricing Plan

Notion has a free plan that offers you unlimited pages and blocks and allows you to share with five guests.

However, its paid plans – Pro, Team, and Enterprise – offer more features, including unlimited guests, team members, and advanced security.

Why Choose Notion Over Asana?

Notion is a more affordable option, with its pricing starting at $4 monthly. On the contrary, pricing on Asana begins at $10.99 monthly.

Try Notion for free.

23. Microsoft Planner

Free Asana Alternative for Personal Use.

Microsoft Planner is the Free Asana Alternative for Personal Use

Microsoft Planner is a robust to-do list tool that enables you to assemble the elements of your projects and create a project plan in a centralized location.

This alternative to Asana is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and uses tasks cards in a kanban board interface.

Key Features

  • Schedule View: View your task schedule on a calendar and make changes to the tasks on the calendar via Microsoft’s drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Task Management: Assign multiple users to a task, comment and attach files to tasks, and communicate with other members of your team via Microsoft’s in-app chat feature.
  • External User Access: Easily collaborate with external project members like vendors and contractors by granting them access to interact with your project plan.
  • Notification Alerts: Receive email notifications with a summary of your tasks for the coming week.
  • iCalendar Feed: Seamlessly import your Microsoft Planner into your Outlook through the iCalendar feed to improve your scheduling and time-management strategies.
  • Accessibility: Microsoft Planner has a native mobile app available for iOS and Android devices to help you keep up with your project plans on the go.


Microsoft Planner is free to use.

Why Choose Microsoft Planner Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Microsoft Planner offers its features free of charge.

Try out Microsoft Planner for free.

24. Todoist

Best Asana Alternative for Tackling Your To-Do Task Lists.

Todoist is the Best Asana Alternative for Tackling Task Lists

Todoist is a simple to use Asana alternative yet comprehensive enough to help you stay on top of your tasks and projects.

Key Features

  • Project Management: Organize your project using Todoist boards and get a snapshot of every activity carried out by team members. You can also set recurring due dates to keep you on top of every project.
  • Task Management: Create tasks, sections, and subtasks to organize your workflow and delegate tasks to team members. You can also forward email content into Todoist as comments or tasks and include rich context to communicate with your team members.
  • Integration: Connect your workflow with customer database software, file sharing services, and email providers, including Zendesk, Ganttify, Exist, Zoho Mail, Dropbox, and Zapier.
  • Todoist Karma: Todoist Karma keeps team members on their toes and improves productivity by awarding points for every task completed.
  • Accessibility: Todoist has a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices and a browser extension for on-the-go planning.


Todoist Pricing Plan

Todoist has a free plan that allows only five active projects and two pricing plans – Pro and Business plan that allows up to 300 active projects.

You’ll also get a 30-day free trial on the Business plan only.  

Why Choose Todoist Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, which allows you to assign tasks to a single person at a time, Todoist allows you to delegate tasks to multiple people at once.

Organize your project with Todoist for free.

25. Slack

Best Asana Alternative With Robust Workplace Communication Functionalities.

Slack is the Best Asana Alternative With Robust Workplace Communication Functionalities

Slack is an Asana alternative that connects extended teams seamlessly with one another and with the tools needed to improve business productivity.

All information shared on Slack is automatically indexed and archived, and you can easily connect with others via your iOS and Android devices.  

Key Features

  • Advanced Search Modifiers: Find specific messages by using Slack’s advanced search functions. Some of them include “in:” – to search for messages within a channel, “from:” – to search for messages from a specific team member, and “Has:link” – helps you search for only links.
  • Task Management: Easily use Slack’s workflow builder tool to create and organize tasks, assign them to your team members, and automate your routine tasks.
  • Communication: Create a Slack channel for every project, topic, or team, share files in real-time, start a live voice conversation with your team members via Slack Huddles. You can also use Slack’s built-in video and screen sharing app to connect with your team and other external users.
  • Security: Slack automatically encrypts your data at rest and in transit and meets specific industry regulations, data privacy standards, like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and FINRA.
  • Integration: Connect your workflow with marketing automation software, productivity tools, and helpdesk ticketing systems, including IFTTT, MailChimp, Salesforce, Twitter, Zendesk, and HubSpot.


Slack Pricing Plan

Slack has a free plan and offers more advanced features on its pricing plans – Pro, Business+, and Enterprise Grid plans.

Why Choose Slack Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, Slack allows you to collaborate with your entire organization in smaller groups for effective communication.

Seamlessly communicate with your team members. Try out Slack for free now.

26. Basecamp

Best Asana Alternative for Businesses Looking to Improve Their Team Collaboration Efforts.

Basecamp is the Best Asana Alternative for Businesses Looking to Improve Their Team Collaboration Efforts

Basecamp helps businesses manage their projects and teams in a centralized place. Although its user interface isn’t one of the most intuitive on this list, it works nonetheless, offering you everything you’ll need to coordinate and execute your tasks.

To avoid missing any information, you can easily access the Basecamp app on your mobile and desktop devices and even receive an email notification whenever you are away from the app.

Key Features

  • Document Storage: Easily upload images, documents, files, and spreadsheets from your local computer or cloud storage and organize them in folders for easy accessibility.
  • Automatic Check-ins: You can check on your team members’ progress by creating recurring messages that Basecamp automatically sends to your team members. 
  • Task Management: Basecamp lets you make a list of tasks, set due dates, share project resources, comment on task progress, and tag relevant team members. 
  • Integration: Build your workflow across your Gantt Chart software, Scrum tools, and other existing third-party tools.

However, we don’t like that Basecamp lacks other forms of task tracking besides to-do lists.


Basecamp Pricing Plan

Basecamp has a free plan that offers you 1GB storage space and limited features.

However, you can access all its features on its premium plan, Basecamp Business, and get a 30-day free trial to check out the features before making any financial commitment.

Why Choose Basecamp Over Asana?

Unlike Asana, which allows you to communicate with your entire company or per task, Basecamp offers you a three-tier communication system that enables you to communicate on the company, team, and project levels.

Start your free 30-day trial today. No credit card required.

27. Trello

Best Asana Alternative for Kanban Style Management.

Trello is the Best Asana Alternative for Kanban Style Management

Unlike other alternatives to Asana, Trello offers a unique board and card system to keep track of projects, tasks, and assignments.

A board is assigned to each project, and a card is organized into lists and categories. You’ll get access to unlimited cards and can assign them to team members, comment on them, and move them between lists.

Key Features

  • Customization: Easily access numerous templates or create your own custom list with its drag and drop editing tool. You can also visualize your workspace in a board, dashboard, calendar, map, timeline, and workspace table view. 
  • Built-In Automation: With Trello’s built-in automation, Butler, you can set up automation, rules, commands on your Trello board and create custom buttons to build your work process quickly. You can also automate some actions in your integrated tools.
  • Searchable Database: Trello securely stores all relevant discussions and data in its system, and you can use a wide range of labels and filters to locate your desired file.
  • Collaboration: Easily create a workspace for an unlimited amount of team members, share and attach files, communicate in real-time, and set user permission access all from a central board.


Trello Pricing Plan

Trello has a free version that allows unlimited members and up to 10 boards per workspace.

However, you can access more advanced features like unlimited board and multiple views with its pricing plans.

There are three pricing plans on Trello; Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans, and you’ll get a 14-day free trial on the Premium plan only.

Why Choose Trello Over Asana?

If you prefer visual planning and enjoy working with kanban boards, then Trello is your best alternative to Asana.

Start using Trello for free and keep track of your teams’ activities.

28. Microsoft Project

Best Asana Alternative for Large Enterprises That Primarily Use Microsoft Workspace.

Microsoft Project is the Best Asana Alternative for Large Enterprises That Primarily Use Microsoft Workspace

Created by Microsoft, Microsoft Project helps you plan your projects from scratch, analyze budget and resource allocation, and track your project process.

This alternative to Asana is a heavyweight tool with numerous enterprise-level features and may take a while for new users to understand.

Key Features

  • Resource Management: Microsoft Project enables you to track and monitor the availability of your project resources, assign costs to individual resources, and analyze how team members use resources.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with your team members, edit and update tasks lists and schedules, and share files with team members, all from a centralized dashboard.
  • Visualization: Visually plan, manage, and track your projects in multiple views, including grid, board, and timeline (Gantt) views.
  • Shared Team Calendar: Easily create custom calendars for one or many tasks and share access to available team members.
  • Reporting: Track the progress of your projects, resources, programs, and portfolio and create custom reports based on your requirements.
  • Integration: Although Microsoft Project offers a limited integration function, you can seamlessly integrate it with your existing Microsoft tools, notably Microsoft office 365.


Microsoft Project Pricing Plan

Microsoft Project has two pricing systems: Cloud-based solutions and On-premises solutions.

The Cloud-based solutions offer a subscription-based payment mode and have three plans: Project Plan 1, Project Plan 2, and Project Plan 3.

The On-premises solutions offer a one-time payment mode and have three plans: Project Standard 2021, Project Professional 2021, and Project Server.

Why Choose Microsoft Project Over Asana?

Microsoft Project is for experienced project managers with a solid Microsoft workflow and allows you to navigate different Microsoft applications directly from your dashboard.

Try out Microsoft Project now.

Choosing From These Asana Alternatives

Here are our top best Asana alternatives.

There you go. These are the top alternatives to Asana teams use today.

While Asana may be a popular software for project management, it has fallen behind its competitors in many ways. Hence, the need for an alternative to Asana.

No doubt, finding a suitable project management solution from this list of 28 alternatives can be a challenge.

That’s why I recommend you list out the requirements you need in a project management tool first to have a clearer view of what you want.

Hopefully, one of these free or paid alternatives to Asana is the perfect fit for you.

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