22 Best Basecamp Alternatives & Competitors of 2022

Updated Aug 3, 2022.

Whether you have heard of Basecamp before or not, it's definitely not a newbie among project management software.

But as good as it is, there are even better project management software which come with better offers.

There are alternatives to Basecamp that offer more features, rich free plans, excellent customer support and are even more affordable.

Why pay thousands of dollars a year when you can just go for another cheaper software?

The best action you can take now is to check out the Basecamp alternatives that will be reviewed below and choose the one that best satisfies your business needs.

We have provided all the necessary information you need such as their features, plans and pricing and you just need to read carefully.

Without further ado, let's move on.

Why Look for Alternatives to Basecamp?

1. Basecamp Is Not Suitable for Small Businesses

If you manage a small business, Basecamp might not be the best option for you.

The first reason is that you might find Basecamp to be complicated to use

It could also be difficult to know what feature is for what function. 

Another reason is the pricing. 

You would have to pay out $99 per month for the Basecamp Business edition, except you want to use the limited free plan which only offers a few features. 

Now, multiply that with the 12 months in a year. 

You know the results? I will leave you to do the maths yourself. 

And even the features offered on the said Basecamp Business plan such as unlimited projects and 500 GB storage space would probably exceed the capacity you need for a small business.

For example, it's very likely you only manage a handful of projects and clients, and Basecamp's unlimited projects and users might not be just what you are looking for. 

Yes, you can grow your business if you do the right things and take the necessary actions. 
But, isn't it better if you upgrade your payment as your business grows instead of paying out a large sum for what you might not need now?

2. Great for Communication, Not Advisable for Everything Else

Do you know what Basecamp does best? It's communication as it offers a considerable number of features meant to drive team communication. 

Even though communication is also a vital part of project management software, you need much more features for effective project management

And Basecamp lacks here too despite the large amount of dollars you would have to pay monthly. 

But the good news is that most Basecamp alternatives offer many more features that you need for practical project management at an affordable pricing

You can find different features for collaboration, communication, time management, reporting and dashboards, all on the same platform.

3. Basecamp Offers a Limited Free Plan

Another place where Basecamp is lacking is the limited free plan which it offers. 

The free plan, known as Basecamp Personal only allows you to manage 3 projects, add 20 users and access 1GB storage space. 

And yet, there are Basecamp competitors who give you access to a lot more features within their free plans.

Therefore, your best bet would be to go for an alternative to Basecamp.

Best Basecamp Alternatives

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Basecamp Alternative 

Monday.com is the Best Overall Basecamp Alternative

Better than Basecamp in every aspect including pricing and available features, Monday.com allows you to build and run your workflows, manage projects, tasks and software development on one platform. 

Better Features

  • Monday workdocs: Connect, collaborate and execute ideas and workflows, embed monday.com boards, dashboards and videos straight into the workdocs, co-edit in real-time, share comments and drag and drop text easily. 
  • Automations: Set up customizable automations within minutes, send emails and receive real-time updates upon the arrival of due dates and tasks completion, create the perfect workflow for your team with code-free automations.
  • View: Transform your data with powerful views like Gantt, Kanban, Workload and Timeline, run your team's workflows smoothly.

Plans and Pricing

Monday.com Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best for individuals who want to track their work, allows up to 2 team members, includes unlimited boards, unlimited docs.  
  • Basic: Charges $8 per seat per month, includes unlimited free viewers, and 5GB storage.
  • Standard: Most popular plan, charges $10 per seat per month, includes automations and time tracking.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, best for enterprise-grade features.

Take a free 14-day trial plan, choose a yearly subscription and save your budget by 18%.

2. ClickUp

Free Basecamp Alternative for Task Management

ClickUp is a Free Basecamp Alternative for Task Management

Have you ever wanted all your work (tasks, docs, chat and goals) in one place? Then, it's time to use ClickUp.

Better Features 

  • Customizable Tasks: Customize your task management for any work by choosing from more than 35 ClickApps, add custom field data, assign sprint points and set up automations easily.
  • Subtasks and Checklists: Break down complex projects into subtasks level, create checklists within tasks to track simple to-do lists, multi-step workflows and anything you want.
  • ClickUp Docs: Create Docs, Wikis and Knowledge bases, easily create tasks from within the docs, share and set custom permissions, assign comments and tasks directly from docs.

Plans and Pricing 

ClickUp Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best for personal use, includes unlimited tasks and members, two-factor authentication.
  • Unlimited: Charges $5 per member per month, includes unlimited storage, unlimited integrations and dashboards.
  • Business: Charges $9 per member per month, includes advanced automations, Google SSO and advanced time tracking.
  • Business Plus: Charges $19 per member per month, includes team sharing, custom role creation and custom permissions.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, includes, whole labeling, advanced permissions and enterprise API.

Try out ClickUp now and save 45% by choosing the yearly plan. 

Don't worry, you can always get your money back within 30 days if ClickUp is not for you.

3. Wrike

Best Basecamp Alternative for Customization and AI-Powered Features

Wrike is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Customization and AI Powered Features

Wrike is a work management platform which gives you access to customization, automation and collaboration tools that you need for effective business work management.

Better Features

  • Customization and Collaboration: Customize dashboards, workflows and request forms, share files, tasks, and reports, and explore other collaboration features like visual proofing, digital publishing and shared team calendars.
  • Work Intelligence™: Get results fast through smart automation and project risk prediction, use advanced communication tools like voice commands and smart replies.
  • Workflow Automation: Automate your workflows with over 400 tools, easily protect your data with smart automation, utilize resources management and automated insights to balance workloads.

Plans and Pricing 

Wrike Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best for teams getting started, include unlimited users, task and subtask management, cloud storage integrations, live activity stream across global, project and task levels.
  • Professional: Charges $9.80 per user per month, includes shareable dashboards, interactive Gantt charts and productivity integrations.
  • Business: Most popular plan, charges $24.80 per user per month, includes automation engine, custom workflows, branded workspace, resource management, request forms and calendars.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, includes admin permissions, two-factor authentication, custom access roles and user audit reports.

Use Wrike freely for 14 days and explore its features to your business advantage.

4. Smartsheet

Another Alternative to Basecamp Suitable for Work Collaboration and Execution

Smartsheet is Another Alternative to Basecamp Suitable for Work Collaboration and Execution

Get access to unlimited sheets and dashboards, process automation and real-time collaboration tools and other flexible capabilities for work management by using Smartsheet.

Better Features

  • Multiple Views and Baselines: Switch between grid, card, Gantt and calendar view with the same data, capture and compare variances between your planned and actual schedule, see when projects are off track, keep everyone updated throughout the project cycle.
  • Automations: Automate repetitive processes by sending alerts, requesting approvals and updates, combine many actions and conditional paths in an intuitive visual editor and automate your workflows.
  • Resource Management: Stay in control of your resources and projects with project budgeting, portfolio management, time tracking and reporting.

Plans and Pricing

Smartsheet Pricing Plan
  • Pro: Charges $7 per user per month, includes unlimited sheets, reports and dashboards, forms, 20GB attachment storage, cell and column formulas, dependencies.
  • Business: The recommended plan, charges $25 per user per month, includes unlimited automations, document builder, proofing, baselines, activity log, brandfolder integration.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing, includes unlimited attachment storage, WorkApps, single sign-on/SAML, DocuSign and Directory integration.

Try out Smartsheet freely for 30 days.

5. Teamwork

Best Basecamp Project Management Alternative for Project Templates

Teamwork is the Best Basecamp Project Management Alternative for Project Templates

Managing your projects, clients, and team in a single place becomes a lot easier by using Teamwork, a project management platform similar to Basecamp and even better than Basecamp in some aspects.

Better Features

  • Templates: Get access to a library of pre-approved project templates, simplify workflows by using pre-populated templates, create new task list templates or turn existing task lists into templates.
  • Workload: Manage resources, drill into tasks and quickly reassign tasks based on shifting deadlines and priorities, add project resources with a simple drag and drop function.
  • Collaboration: Use boards to organize and manage your tasks, get quick updates on very important tasks with customizable dashboards, plan your timelines and handle dependencies seamlessly with Gantt charts.

Plans and Pricing

Teamwork Pricing Plan
  • Free plan: Best for individuals and small teams, includes basic project and task management, milestones and messages.
  • Deliver: Charges $10 per user per month, includes 20 project templates, time tracking and invoicing, collaborative document editor, agile view with workflows, integrated team chat.
  • Grow: The recommended plan, charges $18 per user per month, includes 50 project templates, custom fields, project portfolio workflows, resource scheduling, project time budget.
  • Scale: Custom pricing, includes profitability report, unlimited financial budgets, advanced resource scheduler, unlimited projects, 500GB storage.

Try out Teamwork freely for 30 days.

6. Scoro

Best Basecamp Alternative for Time Management

Scoro is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Time Management

Track time, projects, sales and daily activities, automate workflows and billing, and have all of your work in one place by choosing Scoro.

Better Features

  • Time Management: Distribute tasks with a drag-and-drop planner or Kanban task board, use shared calendars and timesheets together with a built-in time to manage your time efficiently, monitor billable and non-billable hours easily.
  • Sales and CRM: Keep track of all your deals and opportunities in real-time, get a comprehensive view of each customer without excluding communication history, projects, files, quotes and contact details.
  • Project Management: Track progress, tasks, dependencies, and events, visualize how changes and delays affect your plans with the Scoro's Gantt chart.

Plans and Pricing

Scoro Pricing Plan
  • Essential: Best for Smaller Teams, charges $26 per user per month, includes customizable dashboards, personal and shared calendar, tasks, project management, resource planning, granular permission management.
  • Work Hub: Starts from $37 per user per month, includes task board, task to multiple users, Gantt chart, phases and milestones, project timeline, project templates.
  • Sales Hub: Starts from $37 per user per month, includes sales margin, product codes, detailed work reports, utilization report.
  • Ultimate: Custom pricing, includes advanced project management, unlimited customer portal, unlimited custom fields, unlimited PDF templates.

Try out Scoro freely for 14 days before upgrading to a paid plan.

7. Asana

Free Basecamp Alternative for Project Tracking

Asana is a Free Basecamp Alternative for Project Tracking

Asana gives you the power, control and customization you need to manage all your projects, including a free plan which offers many features better than Basecamp.

Better Features

  • Workload: Manage your team's workload in real-time, assign a value to tasks to know the effort they require, drag and drop tasks to reassign and reschedule them, get a clear overview of workload by person and project.
  • Automation: Create custom rules fast with the custom rules builder, automate routine tasks with rules, build accurate processes, convert common projects into custom templates, and easily track requests in one place.
  • Boards and Timelines: Visualize all project tasks in one place, label columns to reflect your workflow stages, customize your work-in-progress columns to align with your specific workflows all with the digital Kanban boards, create project plans with timeline easily.

Plans and Pricing

Asana Pricing Plan
  • Basic: Free forever and suitable for individuals and teams getting started with project management, includes unlimited tasks, projects and messages, unlimited activity log, unlimited file storage, board view projects, project overview.
  • Premium: charges $10.99 per user per month, includes unlimited dashboards, timeline, advanced search, reporting across unlimited projects, custom fields, start dates and times.
  • Business: charges $24.99 per user per month, includes custom rules builder, forms branching and customization, proofing, portfolios, workload, lock custom fields.

Try out Asana freely for 30 days to see if it will meet your business needs.

8. Infinity

A Basecamp Alternative Best for Visualization and Item Customization

Infinity is a Basecamp Alternative Best for Visualization and Item Customization

Do you want to collaborate easily with your team, store all your work in one place and organize projects the way you want? Sign up now to Infinity, a software like Basecamp but with better and more features.

Better Features

  • Views and Attributes: View your data in six different ways which are table, columns, list, calendar, Gantt, and form, add up to 20 custom attributes to your items including date, labels, checkbox, links, attachments, number, members, email.
  • Customization: Explore various options such as filter, group, sort, reorder, change view multiple select and summarize to customize your data.
  • Collaboration: Invite your team members and colleagues to infinity by adding their email address, leave comments on every folder/board to communicate with the rest of your team, share and embed all boards directly in infinity.

Plans and Pricing

Infinity Pricing Plan

Initially, Infinity offers a regular $9 per user per month pricing. 

But now, you can make a one-time payment of $149 for a lifetime account which gives you access to all available features, 5 members and 25GB storage, plus full customer support available 24/7. 

And if you want to add more members and more storage capabilities, you have to pay more. 
Try out Infinity now and you can always get your money back if you don't want to proceed provided it's within 30 days of purchase.

9. Bitrix24

Best Basecamp Alternative for Small Businesses

Bitrix24 is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Small Businesses

Bitrix24 delivers more than many Basecamp project management alternatives; it gives you access to useful tools to manage communications, tasks and projects, CRM, contact center and websites on one platform.

Better Features

  • Communication: Create conferences for up to 24 participants, discuss ideas and share files with private and group chats, use the online and inbuilt time clock for work time tracking.
  • CRM: Generate leads through multiple channels like web forms, phone calls or social media, allow your sales representatives to see prospects that require focus on and assign them automatically with the built-in lead scoring tool.
  • Tasks and Projects: Automate recurring tasks, monitor project activity, receive work reports and distribute workload, explore visual project management tools like printable Gantt charts and customizable Kanban boards.

Plans and Pricing

Bitrix24 Pricing Plan
  • Free: Allows unlimited users, includes basic features for collaboration, tasks and projects, CRM, contact center and website builder.
  • Basic: Allows 5 users, charges $39 per month, includes 24GB online storage, webmail, screen sharing, audio/video recording, workgroups, smart search.
  • Standard: Allows 50 users, charges $79 per month, includes 100 GB online storage, company drive, event planner, announcements and polls.
  • Professional: Allows unlimited users, charges $159 per month, includes maximum features for collaboration, tasks and projects management, website builder, online store and documents,  marketing, sales intelligence and business process automation.

Try out Bitrix24's features freely for 30 days, enjoy 24% yearly discount and technical support.

10. Workfront

Best Basecamp Alternative for Workflow Management

Workfront is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Workflow Management

You can now use Workfront, If you have always wanted to connect, collaborate and execute on complex workflows, plan and deliver great work.

Better Features

  • Dashboards and Reports: Prioritize work and allocate resources accurately, generate insights and make smart decisions with the decisioning dashboards and reports. 
  • Automation and Collaboration: Simply automate processes, simplify collaboration and keep the review process running with side-by-side comparisons and on-screen collaboration.
  • Resource Management: Easily distinguish between work in progress and incoming demand to use your resources more effectively.

Plans and Pricing

Note that you would have to request the pricing information for any plan that you want to choose.

  • Enterprise: Premium APIs and integrations, enhanced security, advanced support.
  • Business: Premium integrations, unlimited reviewers, enhanced analytics.
  • Pro: Resource management, demand management, content review/approval.

Contact Workfront to know more about the available plans and how it can help your business.

11. ProofHub

Most Ideal Alternative to Basecamp for Project Planning and Task Management

ProofHub is the Most Ideal Alternative to Basecamp for Project Planning and Task Management

A project management and collaboration software like Basecamp, ProofHub provides a simple platform where you can gather all your projects and team collaboration in one place, together with the tools you need for effective project management.

Better Features

  • Task Management: Assign tasks and share important details, capture every step of the project, view pending tasks, including the order of priority, arrange your work how you like with sorting and grouping.
  • Communication: Share information, ideas, and feedback in threads, @mention team members to attract their attention and loop them in discussions, send direct messages, have quick conversations and use emojis for more visual communication.
  • Reports: Create custom reports with any parameters that you want, get detailed resource and project reports in one click, visualize project and resource progress for easy planning.

Plans and Pricing

ProofHub Pricing Plan

Just like Basecamp, ProofHub does not offer its software on a per user basis. 

But a major way in which ProofHub is distinct from Basecamp is that its plans are cheaper than that of Basecamp's.

  • Essential: Charges $45 per month, includes 40 projects, unlimited users and 15GB storage.
  • Ultimate Control: Charges $89 per month, includes unlimited users, unlimited projects, 100GB storage, custom roles, advanced activity logs, white labeling, priority support.

So, choose any plan that you can afford or try out ProofHub freely for 14 days.

Most Suitable Alternative to Basecamp for Project Accounting and Visibility

Mavenlink is the Most Suitable Alternative to Basecamp for Project Accounting and Visibility

Mavenlink lets you stay in total control of your projects, teams and accounting, have access to real-time business data, and collaborate better.

Better Features

  • Project Management: Visualize tasks and improve execution, manage workflows and maximize resource allocation, track billable and non-billable time against tasks, projects and clients, get access to real-time project health metrics with Project Pulse.
  • Team Collaboration: Keep all your team members updated throughout the project lifecycle, engage more with your team and utilize contextual collaboration to enhance communication.
  • Project Accounting: Track time, expenses, and costs across clients and projects, plan and estimate accurately, drive reliable outcomes with work breakdown analysis.

Plans and Pricing

Mavenlink's plans are Premier and Enterprise.

You get the highest number of features on the Enterprise plan and you can also purchase add-ons like proofing and optimizer.

Nevertheless, contact Mavenlink for pricing, request a demo and get started with using a leading online project management software, today.

13. Paymo

Best Basecamp Alternative for Work Planning and Task Management

Paymo is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Work Planning and Task Management

Whether it's planning and scheduling, task management, resource management, time management or team collaboration, Paymo has the features you need to carry out all of these functions conveniently.

Better Features

  • Planning and Scheduling: Create and reuse task templates, easily set up alerts for major events that need special attention during a project lifetime, view a project's start and finish dates including its summary elements with Gantt charts, view all tasks across all projects, categorized by task priority/due date/project.
  • Task Management: Assign multiple users to the same task, set task dependencies and the length of time necessary for the completion of a task, create templates for common tasks, comment on individual tasks, and keep all task details in context.
  • Team Collaboration: Use the dedicated discussions and comments area to collaborate in real-time with other team members, access activity streams and have all email notifications for important updates automatically sent to resources.

Plans and Pricing

Paymo Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best for small teams, allows up to 10 users, includes unlimited projects and clients, 3 project templates, native time tracking, file proofing and versioning, integrations, community support.
  • Small Office: Charges $9.95 per user per month, includes unlimited users, unlimited tasks, unlimited time entries, recurring tasks, active timers, in-app tech support, 50GB storage.
  • Business: Charges $15.79 per user per month, includes employee scheduling and workload, free onboarding and training, Gantt charts, portfolio Gantt chart, priority support, 100 GB storage.

Choose any plan that you want and try out all the available features in that plan, freely for 15 days. 

You also get 2 months free if you opt for an annual subscription.

14. Clarizen

Best Basecamp Alternative for Configurable Workflow Automation

Clarizen is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Configurable Workflow Automation

Get access to project management, configurable workforce automation and rich collaboration tools by using Clarizen.

Better Features

  • Dashboards and Workflow: Get clear sight across your organization's portfolio, access to configurable UI and project workflow software processes which you can customize using dynamic rule sets.
  • Collaboration: Share discussions, emails, files and links across both internal and external shareholders to create a rich project archive, get everyone in sync with centralized digital proofing and approval process.
  • Automation: Automate repetitive processes, alerts and workflows, get complete visibility into project health and improve business decisions with resource and financial management workspaces.

Plans and Pricing

  • Enterprise: Includes unlimited number of projects, portfolios and programs, unlimited number of cases, resource management, time and expense management, reporting and analytics.
  • Unlimited: Includes more customization features like 10,000 custom fields and 500 custom actions, unlimited file storage per paid seat, API access, SSO and LDAP integration.

Try out Clarizen freely for 30 days and request pricing for the two plans to know the one to choose.

15. Celoxis

Most Suitable Basecamp Alternative for Project Request Tracking

Celoxis is the Most Suitable Basecamp Alternative for Project Request Tracking

Manage your projects, resources and business processes with Celoxis, a comprehensive and collaborative solution which gives access to dynamic dashboards and lots of customization. 

Better Features

  • Project Planning: Use the planning and scheduling tools to create dynamic project plans, explore automatic scheduling, inter-project dependencies and multiple resources per tasks.
  • Workflow Apps: Create workflows apps with custom fields, routing rules and escalation policies or use the built-in workflow apps to track your business processes and projects.
  • Dashboards and Reports: Assign multiple and shared dashboards to users, view all reports on dashboards, gather real-time insights across projects and teams easily.

Plans and Pricing

Celoxis Pricing Plan

Celoxis offers pricing plans for both cloud-based and on-premises deployment modes. 

  • Cloud: Charges $22.50 per user per month for the annual subscription, includes free support, free clients and virtual space, 2GB file space per user.
  • On Premise: Only make a one-time payment of $450, includes free support for a year, free clients and virtual users, access to all upgrades provided you purchase the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) from the 2nd year.

Overall, note that your account must always have at least 5 licensed or purchased users. 

A 30-day free trial plan is available so you can explore what Celoxis has to offer.

16. ProProfs Project

Affordable Basecamp Alternative for Comprehensive Project Visualization

ProProfs Project is an Affordable Basecamp Alternative for Comprehensive Project Visualization

ProProfs Project is a complete Basecamp project management alternative which gives you access to all features you need to manage your projects online and delightfully at affordable costs.

Better Features

  • Projects and Tasks: Divide complex projects into tasks and subtasks, set start and due dates for projects, allocate tasks to employees using a shared calendar, and get easy access to information about all your milestones, projects and tasks.
  • Collaboration: Increase team collaboration through task comments, give feedback, discuss roadblocks and share files fast, get real-time notifications about project developments, active and completed milestones.
  • Dashboard and Reports: Assign tasks and allocate resources, monitor and manage all your work on a single dashboard, gain insights into project status and progress with smart reports.

Plans and Pricing

ProProfs Project Pricing Plan
  • Essentials: Charges $2 per user per month, includes 50 projects, tasks and sub tasks, list and calendar view, custom fields, milestones, Kanban board, branding, basic integrations, premium support. 
  • Premium: The most popular plan, charges $4 per user per month, includes unlimited projects, collaboration, presentation and docs, task dependencies, roles and permissions, time tracking, approvals, workflow, custom status, Gantt chart, advanced integrations, onboarding and success manager.

Yearly subscription and user-based discounts are available plus you can try any plan freely for 15 days.

17. JIRA

Best Basecamp Alternative for Business Teams of All Types and Sizes

Jira is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Business Teams of All Types and Sizes

With Jira, you can now take charge of your team collaboration and work the way you want with the tools you want.

Better Features

  • View: Track and edit your work or projects with in-line editing, view and manage tasks across time and schedules to meet deadlines faster, plan and establish dependencies, plan and establish dependencies for work allocation and mapping out of large projects.
  • Form Builder and Custom Workflows: Use the drag-and-drop form builder to create beautiful forms for any project, also create custom workflows for any process to streamline how your team works together.
  • Templates: Create new projects from over 25 crafted templates, designed with customer feedback and industry best practices.

Plans and Pricing

Jira Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best for small teams who want to plan and track work more efficiently, includes 10 user limit, scrum and Kanban boards, customizable workflows, agile reporting, basic dependency management, apps and integrations, community support.
  • Standard: Charges $7.50 per user per month, includes 20,000 user limit, one site limit, scrum and Kanban boards, basic roadmaps, project roles, advanced permissions, data residency, 25 GB file storage, support based on local business hours.
  • Premium: Charges $14.50 per user per month, includes 20,000 user limit, advanced roadmaps, advanced dependency management, unlimited storage, 24/7 premium support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA.
  • Enterprise: Charges on an annual basis, charges $128,000 a year for enterprises with up to 800+ users, includes unlimited site limit, global and multi-project automation, advanced dependency management, unlimited storage, 24/7 enterprise support, 99.95% guaranteed uptime SLA, centralized per-user licensing.

Sign up for a free 7-day trail plan and try out Jira's Standard or Premium plan.

18. Zoho Workplace

Affordable Basecamp Competitor That Provides Apps for Almost All of Its Features

Zoho Workplace is an Affordable Basecamp Competitor That Provides Apps for Almost All of Its Features

Zoho Workplace is similar to Basecamp in that it's also best suited for remote work management, but Zoho Workplace triumphs over Basecamp in terms of pricing, ease of use, and features. 

Better Features

  • Dashboard: Customize your dashboard layout, create custom widgets from existing ones, rearrange, remove or add app widgets, have all your emails, chats, notifications and announcements, updated in real time.
  • Team Collaboration: Easily host meetings, conferences and webinars, store, share and collaborate on files in your workspace from Zoho workplace applications.
  • Communication: Make audio and video calls directly from your chat window, communicate in personal chats, groups, and channels, check in and view availability status with remote work tab.

Plans and Pricing

Zoho Workplace Pricing Plan
  • Free: Allows up to 5 users, 5GB/user, 25MB attachment limit, web access and email hosting for single domain.
  • Standard: The most popular plan, charges $3 per user per month, includes 30 GB Mail storage per user, 10 GB WorkDrive storage per user (shared), Zoho Mail, Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Office Suite, Zoho Cliq, Zoho Meeting.
  • Professional: Charges $6 per user per month, includes 100 GB Mail storage per user, 100 GB WorkDrive storage per user (shared), and more features under Zoho Mail, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Connect, Zoho Cliq.
  • Mail Only Plan: This plan only allows you to use Mail and Calendar which includes email routing, email hosting for multiple domains, email and folder sharing, tasks, notes and bookmarks, shared calendar, group calendar, appointment scheduling, calendar sync.

Try out Zoho Workplace freely for 15 days, without submitting any credit card details.

19. Airtable

Most Suitable Basecamp Alternative for Flexible Reporting

Airtable is the Most Suitable Basecamp Alternative for Flexible Reporting

Airtable gives you access to four powerful features which are views, automations, sync and reporting, so you can manage your business data, work, projects, and resources more effectively.

Better Features

  • Views: Track resources, events and projects on customize timeline, manage your work better with Kanban view, map out activities, task dependencies, and milestones to manage complex or multi-step projects, easily create a shareable form that populates records in your Airtable base.
  • Automations: Build a multi-sequence workflow through trigger and action logic or begin a single notification, expand the functionality of your automations by extending your logic with JavaScript.
  • Reporting: Create dashboards of charts, graphs and top-line metrics with out-of-the-box apps, group or sort your data to reflect progress, build your own reporting systems using scripting, Airtable apps SDK or by developing I. The robust APIs.


Airtable Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best for Individuals just getting started with Airtable, includes unlimited bases, 1,200 records per base, 2GB of attachments per base, grid, calendar, Kanban, form and gallery view.
  • Plus: Charges $10 per seat per month, includes 5,000 records per base, 5GB of attachments per base, 6-month revision and snapshot history, 1 synced table per base, automatic table syncing.
  • Pro: The most popular plan, charges $20 per seat per month, includes unlimited apps, 50,000 records per base, 20GB of attachments per base, 1 year revision and snapshot history, field revision and snapshot history, SAML-based single sign-on, Salesforce external source syncing.

Sign you now to use the free plan or try out the plus or pro plan for free.

20. Kissflow

Best Basecamp Competitor for Process Automation

Kissflow is the Best Basecamp Competitor for Process Automation

Kissflow provides a unified platform known as digital workplace where you can optimize, manage and track all of your work.

Better Features

  • Automated Processes: Create simple or complex workflows including parallel branches and conditional tasks, assign tasks through formulas or to groups, set custom parameters, use ageing metrics, pivot tables or custom reports to track and process efficiency.
  • Projects and Cases: View all tasks in the value stream and drag and drop items to the next step with the Kanban boards, engage in contextual conversations with comments and mentions, create custom resolutions with case management tools, switch from Kanban boards to a spreadsheet layout or activity stream.
  • Collaborative Channels: Create open, closed or secret channels for different teams and interest groups, allow team members to decide on the type of notifications they want and give them the ability to make posts, search current and archived files, posts, and users across the entire platform.

Plans and Pricing

Kissflow Pricing Plan
  • Basic: Starts at 10 users, charges $20 per user per month, includes team collaboration, process 2, case management, reports and metrics, basic integrations, 8*5 standard support.
  • Advanced: The most popular plan, starts at 20 users, charges $25 per user per month, includes process management, advanced integration, 12*5 gold support.
  • Fully Loaded: Starts at 50 users, charges $40 per user per month, includes enterprise security features, named account manager, 24*5 platinum level support.

Select from any of these paid plans and try it out freely for 14 days.

21. HyperOffice

Best Basecamp Alternative for Process Management

HyperOffice is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Process Management

With HyperOffice, customize workflow processes with the automations engine, manage how your process behaves and set up your workflow apps even if you don't have any database expertise.

Better Features

  • Online Workflows: The AI engine automatically enters data based on rules, intelligently establishes relational connections between resources-allocations, people-tasks, and assigns tasks smartly.
  • Workflow Templates: Select from the expansive library of workflow templates to suit your needs, send rule baser SMS and email reminders with key information.
  • Scheduling and Booking: Schedule multiple resources, enable self-scheduling via public forms and set availability for individual resources.

Plans and Pricing

HyperOffice Pricing Plan
  • WorkMap Standard: Charges $15 per user per month, includes 15000 records per user, 5GB storage per user, 24/7 standard support.
  • WorkMap Enterprise: Custom pricing, includes unlimited records per user, 20GB storage per user, 24/7 priority support, dedicated client success manager.

Here are the pricing plans for the Atlas and uShare.to products.

  • Atlas: Charges $5 per user per month, includes document management, online project management, custom intranets/extranets, shared calendars, online contact management, 5 GB/user storage.
  • uShare.to: Charges $7 per user per month, includes website video chat widget, group chat, persistent workspaces, shared items.

10% annual discount and volume discounts for more than 100 users are available. You can also take a free trial or request a custom quote.

22. Trello

Best Basecamp Alternative for Task Management

Trello is the Best Basecamp Alternative for Task Management

Manage projects, organize tasks, set up and customize workflows and collaborate with your team in a single place with Trello.

Better Features

  • View: Start up a Trello board fast, organize work on a Trello board with lists and cards, view board data from multiple different angles, manage time better with a calendar and visualize board statistics with a dashboard.
  • Cards: Spin you a Trello card with one click, asisign tasks and hand work, manage deadlines, provide and track feedback, connect work across apps.
  • Automation: Create custom buttons to build processes quickly, automate common actions, notify team members with upcoming deadlines, schedule teammate assignments.

Plans and Pricing

Trello Pricing Plan
  • Free: Best for individuals or teams who want to organize their work, includes unlimited cards, unlimited members, unlimited storage, up to 10 boards per workspace, 2-factor authentication, custom backgrounds and stickers.
  • Standard: Charges $5 per user per month, includes unlimited boards, custom fields, 1,000 workspace command runs per month, advanced checklists, single board guests.
  • Premium: Charges $10 per user per month, includes dashboard and timeline views, map view, unlimited workspace command runs, admin and security features, priority support, Google Apps sign-on, simple data export.
  • Enterprise: Charges $17.50 per user per month, includes organization wife permissions, organization visible boards, public board management, attachment permissions, power-up administration.

Enroll your workspace in a free trial of Trello Premium and get access to timeline, automation, dashboards and new views.

Which Basecamp Project Management Alternatives Should I Try?

Now that we have comprehensively analyzed various Basecamp alternatives that are available in the market, the next step is yours to take. 

And what you need to do is to choose a Basecamp alternative that will meet your business needs on a close-to-perfect level

Since you already know the major function you want(project management) and the average cost you can conveniently afford, it actually becomes easier to choose a Basecamp alternative. 

So, just go through the different Basecamp alternatives mentioned below, note the ones that provide the specific features that you want and check if you can afford their pricing plans. 

Note that some Basecamp alternatives and work management software charge additional fees for important tools like Gantt chart software or Kanban software while others include it in their plans.

We have also provided major use cases of the Basecamp alternatives.

The best Basecamp alternative that you need is certainly among the listed software; all you probably need is a gentle search through the review.

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