19 Best Basecamp Alternatives & Competitors of 2023

Updated Jul 14, 2023.

To help your team coordinate and manage your projects more efficiently, you might be looking for Basecamp alternatives. We’ve reviewed the 19 best Basecamp alternatives and competitors with our top 5 choices.

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This work OS lets you shape and customize your workflows to boost your team's efficiency and productivity.
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ClickUp lets you manage all your work in one place, including tasks, documents, chats, goals, and more.
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Transform the way you work by maximizing your team's performance and accelerating growth.
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Align your global teams, build and scale business-driven solutions, and maintain compliance on the platform.
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View everything in one place and effortlessly manage your team, projects, clients, and other freelancers.

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You might look for the top Basecamp alternatives, as the application has been a bit sluggish in updating its features for the modern work culture. Basecamp was founded more than 22 years ago, and its adaptability has been a bit of an issue in the past few years.

Your team needs software with varying levels of customization to help strengthen the team communication lines. The alternatives mentioned in our review are a unique substitute that sets them apart from others.

Why Look for Alternatives to Basecamp

Even though Basecamp is a powerful team collaboration and project management software, there are a few reasons why you might look for alternatives to Basecamp.

  • Lacks a quick visual overview of your project progress.
  • Offers limited project insights and does not include task dependencies or budget allocation reports.
  • Lacks task management features to plan a timeline or allocate resources to individual tasks.
  • Does not offer a native time tracking option.
  • Lacks features to help you visualize your team’s workloads.
  • Offers expensive monthly and annual plans.

Best Basecamp Alternatives for Project Management

Here are the top Basecamp competitors you should try out for your business.

1. Monday.com

Best Basecamp Alternative for Visual Customization

  • Visualize and track project progress with the help of charts.
  • View all the changes in real-time.
  • Keep your team synchronized by assigning due dates to tasks.
  • Monday Docs lacks features, including exporting options.
  • Lacks consolidated notifications.
  • Limited customization options for email updates
Monday icon
Editor’s Take

Monday.com helps you streamline your work and maximize your team’s productivity. I would highly recommend this tool for customizing your dashboard visually. This flexible project management software lets you stay on track and achieve your goals faster by customizing your workflow. You can view your project and team progress visually with a central dashboard.

Best For
Visual Customization
$0/mo – $22/mo
Annual Discount
Save 18%

Monday.com is built for a new way of working, which lets you improve your team’s productivity by customizing workflow to fit your needs.

Best Features

Centralized Dashboard

This task management software gives you a visual overview of your entire project. You can create custom dashboards to track your progress, timelines, and budget at a glance. These customizable boards keep your team synced.

Gantt Charts

Monday.com provides powerful charts for your team, offering project planning, execution, and progress tracking. These charts let you set dependencies for your project and keep track of your milestones. These charts make Monday.com one of the top Basecamp competitors.

Marketing Automation

With code-free automations, you can focus on tasks that matter the most. Your team members can easily save time by leaving the repetitive work behind. The project management app lets you set automations within seconds.

File Management

Finalize your assets faster and access file sharing to build seamless and efficient workflows with the file management feature. You can shorten your feedback loop by collaborating and communicating directly on your files.

Monday.com offers five plans to its users – Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

Monday.com gives you access to a free plan. With this free version, you can create unlimited project boards and access more than 200 project templates. This makes Monday one of the best free Basecamp alternatives.

2. ClickUp

Top Basecamp Competitor for Document Management

  • Easily create multiple spaces and folders within your organization dashboard.
  • Offers extensive customization options for your virtual workplace.
  • Add unlimited users to your team.
  • Lacks advanced management features for resources.
  • Inefficient comment feature in docs.
  • Slight learning curve due to several features.
Clickup icon
Editor’s Take

ClickUp lets you plan, track, and manage your projects to simplify your work and manage more projects. What I love the most about this tool is its document management feature. ClickUp lets you create beautiful docs and wikis, which you can then connect to your workflows. You can collaborate on ideas together and edit your documents in real-time.

Best For
Document Management
$0/mo – $19/mo
Annual Discount
Save 45%
Free plan

ClickUp helps you get more work done and customize your tasks or workflows the way your team needs.

Best Features

Multiple Views

ClickUp gives you access to more than 15 different views. You can select any of them and tackle your work from any angle. These multiple, flexible views make ClickUp better than Basecamp.


Manage any project on ClickUp without the need for any add-ons or coding, with the help of quick customizations. You can automate your recurring tasks and processes with triggers and conditions. With this task management software, you can customize these automations based on your needs.

Efficient Team Collaboration

With ClickUp, you can streamline your teamwork with powerful collaboration features. These features make it simpler for you to work together on any project. With this collaboration tool, you can use a whiteboard, comments, and visual proofing to collaborate on ideas.

Real-Time Reports

With real-time reports and insights, you and your team can easily stay on track. These powerful reporting features let you set goals, track your progress, and manage resources more effectively.

ClickUp has five plans to choose from – Free Forever, Unlimited, Business, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

ClickUp offers a free forever plan to its users. With this free version, you can work on collaborative docs, add unlimited members, and manage unlimited tasks.

3. Wrike

Leading Alternative to Basecamp for Growing Businesses

  • Offers company-wide transparency with notes, drafts, and dates.
  • Quickly alerts your team with project risk prediction.
  • Easily organize your daily or weekly tasks and assign them to members.
  • Lacks advanced search options.
  • Medium learning curve.
  • Limited visual project tracking features.
Wrike icon
Editor’s Take

Wrike is a powerful work management software that helps you remove barriers, find clarity, and exceed your business goals. I would recommend this software for companies looking to scale up their business. You can work in real-time across your entire organization and be prepared for what’s next with end-to-end visibility. 

Best For
Growing Businesses
$0/mo – $24.80/mo
Annual Discount

Wrike transforms the way your teams work and lets you tailor your entire workflow as per your needs.

Best Features

Purpose Built Project Templates

Use Wrike’s pre-built project templates to speed up your projects. You can easily personalize them to fit your project’s and team’s needs. This makes Wrike one of the leading Basecamp alternatives.

Interactive Gantt Charts

Use interactive timelines to quickly view your project’s progress and keep your entire team on the same page. These charts allow you to control multiple projects from a single platform. You can do this by using critical path analysis, snapshots, and baselining.

Custom Request Forms

With custom request forms, you can simplify your intake and gather details to auto-create and auto-assign tasks to the right members. These forms let you build seamless request processes across your organization.

Visual Proofing

Ensure that your feedback does not get lost in the process with the help of visual proofing. You can centralize your feedback and approvals, and collaborate with context. This task management tool helps you optimize and simplify your creative process.

Wrike offers four plans to choose from – Free, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.

With Wrike, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can create shareable dashboards, use interactive Gantt charts, and build custom workflows.

4. Smartsheet

Best Basecamp Competitor for a Dynamic Workspace

  • Easily prioritize and manage tasks by adding dependencies.
  • Minimal onboarding training required due to a familiar interface.
  • Easily import an Excel document and start working on Smartsheet.
  • Limited mobile application features.
  • Lacks advanced visual charting and dashboard options.
  • Lacks advanced search parameters.
Smartsheet icon
Editor’s Take

Smartsheet offers custom solutions that can fit your work at any scale. I would highly recommend this tool for its dynamic workspace. You can use Smartsheet to empower your teams to manage projects, automate your workflows or recurring tasks, and rapidly build new solutions. It lets you unlock dynamic work across your organization.

Best For
Dynamic Workspace
$9/mo – $32/mo
Annual Discount
Save 21%

Smartsheet helps you align your work, people, and technology across your enterprise.

Best Features

Activity Log

You can easily view who made, what changes, and when to the sheets, reports, or dashboard. You can filter the activity log by date, action, or collaborator. Activity logs made Smartsheet one of the top Basecamp alternatives.


Make sure that your projects stay on track by keeping your team members accountable with baselines. You can easily capture and compare variances between your planned and actual schedule. With this task management software, you can use these learnings to forecast your future estimates better.

Content Collaboration

Similar to Basecamp, you can use Smartsheet to plan, manage, and review your content production. However, Smartsheet offers advanced tools like automated alerts and reminders, which keeps your designers on schedule.


You can use Smartsheet to perform calculations and lookups across multiple sheets. You can use these formulas and conditional formatting to easily spot trends and at-risk tasks. Formulas make Smartsheet better than Basecamp.

Smartsheet has three paid plans – Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Smartsheet offers a free 30-day trial, where you can create unlimited sheets, access online Gantt charts, and build dependencies for your tasks.

5. Teamwork

Top Alternative to Basecamp for Team Collaboration

  • Easily adapts to your project’s needs.
  • Quickly set user permissions for different projects.
  • An excellent option for managing projects and multiple remote teams.
  • Lacks a holiday management option.
  • Limited visual charting options.
  • Lacks advanced Kanban automations.
Teamwork Projects Icon
Editor’s Take

Teamwork lets you view everything in place and effortlessly manage your projects, team, clients, and freelancers. What I love the most about this project management software are its team collaboration features. You can collaborate on projects with your team, in real-time and deliver them on time and within budget. 

Best For
Team Collaboration
$0/mo – $18/mo
Annual Discount
Save 20%

Teamwork offers all the advanced features you need to deliver projects on time and grow your business seamlessly.

Best Features

Resource Management

You can quickly manage your team’s resources effectively with Teamwork. With the workload planner, you can manage your team’s work in real-time and get a complete picture of everyone’s capacity. This is what makes Teamwork better than Basecamp.

Kanban Boards

Use Kanban boards to visualize your progress, map out your workflow, view the status of tasks, and quickly automate the recurring tasks and processes. When each stage of your process is clearly defined, you can easily get deeper insights into your workflow’s efficiency and identify blockers.

Portfolio Management

With Teamwork’s project management tool, you can get a panoramic view of your projects. This helps you view the top-level updates and quickly glance at important details. Portfolio management makes Teamwork one of the best Basecamp project management alternatives.

Insightful Reports

You can build a personalized dashboard and view all your key project metrics at a glance. The popular project management software offers multiple filters to view the project information through customized lenses.

Teamwork offers four plans to choose from – Free Forever, Deliver, Grow, and Scale.

With Teamwork, you can access the free forever plan. With this free version, you can create dependencies for your tasks and access the time tracking feature. This makes Teamwork one of the best free Basecamp alternatives.

6. Asana

Leading Alternative to Basecamp for Remote Teams

Asana - Make work, work for you

Asana helps you stay organized and connected by bringing your team’s work together in one shared space.

Best Features

Gantt Charts

Use these charts for mapping and project planning. With Asana, you can view how project tasks and deadlines connect to identify problems and fix dependency conflicts.

Strategic Goals

You can quickly connect your company goals and work to support them in one place. It helps you keep your teams on track by viewing their progress. Strategic goals make Asana the leading alternative to Basecamp.

Marketing Automations

Spend more time on strategic work, and leave all the repetitive tasks to Asana’s automation tool. You can use rules to automate your recurring tasks easily.

Custom Fields

With Asana, you can go beyond tracking project tasks and track anything you want with the help of custom fields. The task management software lets you create fields for whatever information is crucial to your workflow. Customer fields make Asana better than Basecamp.


  • Get instant reminders of upcoming project tasks.
  • Offers multiple sorting options.
  • Set priority and manage tasks from within the platform.


  • You can assign tasks to only one person.
  • Lacks detailed reporting options.
  • The mobile application lacks an intuitive interface.

Asana has three paid plans – Basic, Premium, and Business.

With Asana, you get access to a free 30-day trial. This free trial lets you build unlimited dashboards, access activity logs, and use advanced search options.

7. Infinity

Best Alternative for Basecamp with Custom Attributes

Infinity - One Tool to Organize All Your Work, Your Way

Infinity lets you work together with your team, store everything in one place, and organize the projects the way you like.

Best Features

Kanban Boards

With Kanban project boards, you can track and manage tasks, projects, and progress more visually. You can view all your data at a glance with the centralized dashboard.


Infinity is software like Basecamp, which offers to-do lists in the form of checklists. These to-do lists come in handy when you have a lot of tasks in your hand. You can tick off the tasks you're done with, reflecting on the project's progress.

Rating Attribute

When you want to collaborate, prioritize, or rate your team's ideas, the rating attribute will come in handy. You can choose a rating symbol and maximum value from 1 to 10. Rating attribute makes Infinity one of the top Basecamp alternatives.

User Permissions

Make sure that your project is safe and secure by setting up user permissions. With this basic project management software, you can set permissions for your team members on the workspace and board level.


  • Easily customize the interface as per your project's needs.
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable customer support team.


  • Lacks advanced notification and reminder options.
  • Lacks advanced and customizable formula functions.
  • Lacks direct integration options with multiple thyroid-party applications, including webhooks.

Infinity has two paid plans – Basic and Pro.

Infinity offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, where the company will refund you 100% of your money if you're not satisfied. You can access their different custom attributes and automations to experience the environment the tool offers.

8. Bitrix24

Top Project Management Tool for Workload Management

Bitrix24 - Tasks&Projects

Bitrix24 offers a single ecosystem for your business to work and grow in.

Best Features

Work Time Tracking

A native time clock is built into Bitrix24, which your team can use to start or pause their working day. This makes Bitrix24 one of the leading Basecamp project management alternatives.

Sales Automation

Bitrix24 offers a dozen sales and marketing automation rules and triggers, which help you save time and money. You can automatically generate and convert more customers with the built-in lead acquisition and a comprehensive management tool.

Workload Management

With a centralized dashboard, you can monitor your project activity easily and receive work reports instantly. This task management software helps you distribute your workload evenly among your team. Workload management makes Bitrix24 better than Basecamp.

Task Dependencies

This task management tool offers Kanban boards, through which a project manager can implement the agile project management approach. He can set task dependencies by dragging an arrow from one task to another.


  • Easily access file sharing across the organization.
  • Monitor and visualize the sales flow of the company.
  • Convert more leads into customers with segmentation.


  • Lacks an intuitive and interactive interface.
  • Medium learning curve.
  • Unresponsive customer support team.

Bitrix24 offers four plans – Free, Basic, Standard, and Professional.

With Bitrix24, you get access to a free plan, where you can assign task roles, build kanban boards, and integrate with Drive. This makes Bitrix24 one of the best free Basecamp alternatives.

9. Hive

Leading Basecamp Alternative with Visual Proofing

Hive Cloud Project Management Platform For High Performing Teams

Hive helps you stay on top of your actions and projects by updating you on upcoming deadlines or tasks.

Best Features

Flexible Project Views

With Hive, project managers can view projects and tasks in a way that makes the most sense for their team. They can easily toggle between different views at any time.

Team-Wide Resourcing

Visualize and understand the project breakdown and your team’s workload in just a few clicks. You can easily manage in-person, remote, and hybrid teams by understanding where your team spends time.

Visual Proofing

Hive lets you give feedback easily to your creative team. External and internal approvers can leave comments and visually approve multi-stage design processes. Visual proofing makes Hive better than Basecamp.


With Hive, you can put your projects on autopilot and focus on tasks that matter the most. With easy-to-understand ratings, you can use AI to assess, identify, and alert you about project risks. Automations make Hive one of the best Basecamp alternatives.


  • Keep everyone on track by assigning tasks to team members.
  • Interactive and user-friendly interface.
  • Organize your project efficiently with folders.


  • Lacks advanced task management and organization options.
  • Limited billing transparency.
  • Limited mobile application features.

Hive has three paid plans – Solo, Teams, and Enterprise.

Hive offers a free 14-day trial. With this free trial, you can add unlimited users, create Gantt charts, and build automations.

10. Workfront

Best Basecamp Alternative for Financial Reporting

Adobe Workfront - Work Management. Built for the enterprise

Workfront is a modern work management platform that connects your team members to work and helps your organization work towards success.

Best Features

Demand Management

You can use custom forms and automated request queues to automatically lay out a project and analyze task priorities. This makes Workfront one of the leading Basecamp alternatives.

Consolidated Task List

Workfront offers a task list that shows the most important assignments. The task management platform also offers real-time updates, through which you and your team members can maximize your productivity.

Remote Work

Workfront is a cloud-based software through which project managers can update tasks, assign team members, submit requests, and approve decisions. Through this application, the team members can work from around the globe.

Financial Reporting

The insightful reports offered by this project management tool help you stay up to date on the profit margins and project financials. You can break down your reports based on hours or budget spending. Financial reporting makes Workfront better than Basecamp.


  • Keep your team in the loop with real-time updates.
  • Supports robust customizations.
  • Offers full transparency among the entire organization.


  • Lacks advanced dashboard customization options.
  • Lacks an interactive interface.
  • Steep learning curve.

Workfront has three paid plans – Enterprise, Business, and Pro.

Workfront offers a free demo to its users. With this free trial, you can manage your resources, collaborate with your team in real-time, and access insightful reports.

11. ProofHub

Top Alternative to Basecamp with Timesheets

ProofHub - The one place for all your projects and team collaboration

ProofHub offers ultimate control over your project teams and helps with on-time project delivery and team accountability.

Best Features

Table View

ProofHub offers a visual table view where you can plan and present your project-related data in a well-organized manner. This collaboration tool offers powerful sorting and grouping features that give you the flexibility to arrange the work the way you like.

Gantt Charts

With these charts, you can plan and visualize how different pieces of your project fits together. You can adjust task dependencies on the platform and adjust your plans as the work changes. While ProofHub is similar to Basecamp, it does offer advanced Gantt chart options.

Custom Roles

Stay in control of who gets access to what by defining custom roles according to your organization’s workflow. Custom roles make ProofHub one of the best alternatives to Basecamp.


ProofHub makes time tracking easier for your team members. The timesheets help you bring all your time data to one central place. These sheets let you improve the productivity of your team.


  • Keep the entire feedback in loop with the flexible proofing process.
  • Easily drag and drop files from Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


  • Lacks advanced resource planning and management features.
  • Difficult to set up web forms.
  • Loads slowly at times due to a clunky interface.

ProofHub’s paid plans depend upon the number of members in your team.

With ProofHub, you get access to a free 14-day trial, where you can create Gantt charts, set up custom roles, and access time tracking features.

12. Mavenlink

Leading Alternative to Basecamp for Professional Services Automation


Mavenlink offers a modern, powerful resource management platform with purpose-built technology for clarity and confidence.

Best Features

Resource Management

Improve your client outcomes by making the most out of your resources. You will need to manage your demand, match your resources, and optimize your allocations accordingly.

Operations Management

Boost your team’s efficiency by streamlining and simplifying your professional processes. The project management software offers efficient team collaboration and project accounting options. Operations management makes Mavenlink one of the best Basecamp alternatives.

Project Accounting

Get real financial control with the project accounting features. By capturing your team’s time and expenses, you can keep your project on budget. This expense management tool gives you access to in-the-moment insights with Mavenlink.

Business Intelligence

Bring together all your data, work smarter, and drive continuous improvement with deeper insights offered through business intelligence. This is what makes Mavenlink better than Basecamp.


  • Offers an interactive activity feed that provides regular updates.
  • Improve your team’s performance with easy timesheet management.
  • Get access to real-time budgets and burn rate reports.


  • Lacks interactive mobile application features.
  • Limited graphical insights.
  • Steep learning curve.

The pricing plans of Mavenlink would depend upon your industry, company size, and country.

With Mavenlink, you get access to a free 10-day trial. With this free trial, you can assign resources, manage project accounting, and access AI features.

13. Paymo

Best Alternative to Basecamp for Invoicing

Paymo helps you manage your projects and tasks, track time, and bill your clients accurately.

Best Features


While Paymo is a project management software like Basecamp, it does offer advanced project scheduling features. You can automatically adjust task dates for the dependent tasks. You can do this by keeping into account or ignoring the lead or lag time.

Holiday Management

Build a visual resource calendar to view your allocation and overview resource usage quickly. You can adjust your resource calendar to account for holidays or special events. Holiday management makes Paymo better than Basecamp.

Seamless Invoicing

You can issue estimates to your clients and convert them into invoices with a single click. This collaboration software automatically lets you generate and send recurring invoices to your clients.

File Proofing

Paymo lets you attach files to tasks from different sources. You can pinpoint design changes and leave actionable feedback on the platform. This project management solution lets you view how your files have evolved from the first version.


  • Track your team’s productivity with the native time tracking feature.
  • Accurately track invoices based on your project.
  • Offers real-time project reports and insights.


  • Lacks a centralized dashboard for payments.
  • Limited customization options for the project table layout category.
  • The mobile application lacks an intuitive interface.

Paymo has four plans to choose from – Free, Starter, Small Office, and Business.

With Paymo, you can access the free plan, where you can add up to 3 clients and generate static reports or invoices. This makes Paymo one of the best free Basecamp alternatives.

14. ProProfs Project

Top Basecamp Alternative for Enterprise Project Management

ProProfs Project - Manage Projects Online, Delightfully

ProProfs Project helps you collaborate on projects and get the work done delightfully.

Best Features

Efficient Team Collaboration

With ProProfs Project, you can bring different departments and remote teams together. This team collaboration software helps your team stay updated with real-time notifications. This makes ProProfs Project one of the best Basecamp alternatives.

Task Prioritization

Easily prioritize your projects and ensure you never miss a deadline. This powerful project management tool lets you set project start and end dates and offers real-time updates.

Discussion Boards

The task management platform allows project managers to communicate seamlessly with file sharing and task comments. They can use task comments to leave feedback and discuss project risks or bottlenecks.

Powerful Analytics

Similar to Basecamp, ProProfs Project also gives you access to project reports and analytics. However, this project management app offers timeline reports for each task, helping you keep your clients and stakeholders updated.


  • Quickly discuss risks and project details with your team with instant messaging or comments.
  • Offers multiple project views.
  • Offers a drag-and-drop functionality for customization.


  • Lacks an intuitive mobile application.
  • Limited third-party integrations.
  • Lacks advanced time tracking features.

ProProfs Project has two paid plans – Essentials and Premium.

ProProfs Project offers a free 15-day trial. With this free trial, you can automate recurring tasks, create kanban boards, and export your data seamlessly.

15. Jira

Leading Alternative to Basecamp with Scrum Boards

Jira - Move fast, stay aligned, and build better - together

Jira is amongst the leading software development tools agile teams use to stay aligned and build better businesses.

Best Features

Efficient Roadmaps

Jira offers efficient roadmaps that keep your teams organized and in sync. The full visibility offered by this team management software gives your members context to make crucial business decisions faster.

Code and Deployment Status

Jira is specially designed for software development teams. Your members can view code and deployment status at a glance. This is what makes Jira one of the best Basecamp project management alternatives.

Scrum Boards

Keep your team focussed by breaking large, complex projects into manageable pieces of work with scrum boards. These boards are designed for agile teams so that you can deliver your projects on time and within budget.

Marketing Automation

Jira is a project management software similar to Basecamp but offers native automation options. A project manager can focus on the important things and let automation take care of project planning and recurring tasks. He can create these triggers with a drag-and-drop tool.


  • Analyze vast amounts of data with customizable dashboards.
  • Easily update your team about project status.
  • Offers out-of-the-box backlog management with Kanban boards.


  • Lacks suggested workflows.
  • Medium learning curve.
  • Lacks training materials on different basic features offered by the software.

Jira has four plans – Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

Jira offers a free 7-day trial for its customers, where you can create scrum boards, set automations, and access admin insights.

16. Zoho Project

Best Basecamp Alternative for Issue Tracking

Zoho Projects - the best project management software for any business

Zoho Project is a cloud-based project management software for efficient project planning and time tracking.

Best Features

Task Automation

Zoho Projects is a highly flexible software, allowing you to do your work effortlessly. You can automate the recurring tasks with the help of workflow rules. With this task management tool you can automate the task processes with blueprints.

Visual Charts

Similar to Basecamp, Zoho Projects also offers charting options. You can use multiple charts for project planning and managing your team with ease. The detailed project reports give you deep insights on how to move forward.

Time Management

Enable task timers to record your time as a new timesheet entry automatically. These time logs can then be invoiced directly to your clients. You can also plan and manage your project budget to improve cost management.

Issue Tracking

The platform lets you record issues and bugs in your project so that you can track and fix them immediately. You can also create custom views for issues. Issue tracking makes Zoho Project one of the best Basecamp alternatives.


  • Offers options for advanced setup.
  • Create and manage unlimited projects on the platform.
  • Offers pre-built task and project templates.


  • Lacks calendar integration.
  • Lacks customizable data storage.
  • Limited advanced reporting and project management tools.

Zoho Project has three plans – Free, Premium, and Enterprise.

With Zoho Project, you get access to a free plan where you can manage two projects and generate basic tasks and issue reports. This makes Zoho Project one of the best free Basecamp alternatives.

17. Kissflow

Best Alternative to Basecamp for Low-Code App Development

Kissflow - The Power of Simple

Kissflow lets you manage and track projects your way and work more.

Best Features

Multiple Views

Kissflow gives you access to multiple views, including Kanban, lists, and matrix views. You can organize your tasks and visualize the flow of work efficiently.

Custom Forms

Kissflow offers key project management features, where you can assign task states and build custom forms. With the help of a drag-and-drop form builder, you can completely customize forms. The platform offers more than 25 field types.

Contextual Team Collaboration

Mention people directly on posts, comments, and task cards and make every piece of team communication contextual. You also get access to robust search features. Contextual team collaboration makes Kissflow one of the leading Basecamp alternatives. 

Data Security

Kissflow ensures that nothing falls through the crack by letting you track the history of each task. You can also define roles and permissions for users to control who has access to what.


  • Easily streamline your invoice approval process.
  • Seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools.
  • Extremely powerful and easy to customize dashboard.


  • Lacks an intuitive interface.
  • Limited exporting features.
  • Limited mobile application features.

Kissflow has three plans to choose from – Free, Basic, and Advanced.

Kissflow offers a free 14-day trial. With this free trial, you can access unlimited custom views, view advanced reports, and analyze activity logs.

18. HyperOffice

Top Basecamp Alternative for Contact Management

HyperOffice - Online Database Apps & Team Tools

HyperOffice is a cloud-based online team collaboration and project management tool that is highly customizable and cost-effective.

Best Features

Task Tracking

Similar to Basecamp, HyperOffice also offers task assignment, time tracking, and advanced project management features. You can create new tasks with a click of a button and instantly assign them to team members. The platform lets you monitor and track progress on all tasks.

Document Management

The platform lets you organize and store documents on the cloud. These documents can be accessed by your team when needed. Document management makes HyperOffice one of the best Basecamp alternatives.

Contact Management

With the contact management feature, you can import, export, and synchronize all your contacts with ease. It also gives you access to an online calendar, where you can manage important dates and share them with your colleagues.

User Management

HyperOffice adds an extra layer of customizability where project managers can add or delete members as per the project’s needs. They can manage the level of access given to the team members.


  • Offers advanced database management features.
  • Get access to customizable reminders.
  • Generate and manage leads by easily creating web forms.


  • Lacks training materials on different features offered by the software.
  • Medium learning curve.
  • Unresponsive customer support.

HyperOffice has four paid plans – Standard, Enterprise, Atlas, and uShare.to.

With HyperOffice, you get access to a free 15-day trial. With this free trial, you can organize documents, access shared calendars, and manage your contacts online.

19. Trello

Leading Alternative to Basecamp with Advanced Checklists

Trello - Trello helps teams move work forward

Trello is an online visual project management tool that empowers your team to manage multiple projects, workflows, and tasks.

Best Features

Task Cards

This team collaboration tool lets project managers create cards for different tasks, which hold all the information they need to get the job done. The colorful card covers make the team collaboration more visual. This makes Trello one of the best Basecamp project management alternatives.

Advanced Checklists

Map out all the subtasks and other moving parts of the project with the help of advanced checklists. You can add these to-do lists to task cards, set a due date, and assign multiple team members to the tasks.

Task Automations

Trello allows you to set up automations, rules, and commands for your task cards. You do not need any coding proficiency to set up these automations. The task automations can be easily created using the natural language.

Multiple Views

While Trello is quite similar to Basecamp, it offers different views, bringing a fresh perspective to the task. You can analyze your project from every angle with a calendar, dashboard, map, timeline, table, and board views.


  • Easily set up new task cards and manage your projects efficiently.
  • Easily assign multiple team members to tasks.
  • Seamlessly integrate with tons of third-party integrations, including Salesforce.


  • Lacks task management features for tracking dependencies.
  • Lacks notification customization features.
  • Lacks road-mapping features.

Trello has four plans to choose from – Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise.

With Trello, you get access to a free plan. With this free version, you can create unlimited cards and analyze unlimited activity logs. This makes Trello one of the best free Basecamp alternatives.

Which Project Management Software is Better Than Basecamp?

The best project management software, which is better than Basecamp, would depend upon your strategic goals, the skillset of your employees, and the needs of your industry.

  • If you are looking for a Basecamp alternative with visual customization, Monday.com or Wrike might be good.
  • If you are looking for project management software with advanced document management features, you can try ClickUp or HyperOffice.
  • When looking for a project management tool with a dynamic workspace, Smartsheet or Bitrix24 might be better.
  • If you are looking for a Basecamp competitor with kanban boards, you should try Teamwork or Infinity.

When looking for the best Basecamp alternatives for your company, you can compare ClickUp and Monday.com, ClickUp and Asana, and Trello and Asana. You can also compare Wrike and Asana to find what suits best for your business needs.

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