14 Best Spreadsheet Software Options to Try in 2023

Updated Jul 19, 2023.
Best Spreadsheet Software Options to Try

Many businesses still rely on spreadsheets to handle many of their business tasks such as creating a to-do list, creating a budget, and generating reports. Businesses use spreadsheets to display, manage, and manipulate data.

The flexibility of the spreadsheet is one of the reasons why it is still indispensable for many businesses even with the presence of advanced spreadsheet-database software tools.

Creating a spreadsheet manually is time-consuming and limiting on your productivity. The best alternative is to use spreadsheet software. However, when choosing a spreadsheet software to use, you need to consider the needs of your business to pick the best choice.

The best spreadsheet software programs are rich in features, easy to use, create, and personalize, and offer collaboration features. In this article, you will learn about 14 of the best spreadsheet software options to try out now for improved organization and productivity.

Let’s get started.

1. Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the Best Overall and Most Popular Spreadsheet Software

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet software tool that constitutes rows and columns for the means of documentation. It was developed by Microsoft for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

The sole purpose of Excel is the organization of data. It is used to calculate, analyze, and enter data through the use of grids, rows, and columns. Some other functions provided by the spreadsheet software include financial analysis, customer relationship management, task management, financial modeling, charting, and graphing.

Microsoft Excel is used to carry out a wide range of calculations, data importation for analysis, sorting, and filtering of data. Other features of Microsoft Excel include offline accessibility, templates, pivot tables, macro programming, and collaboration tools.

This spreadsheet software has shortcuts to make maneuvering easier such as Ctrl+S to save, Ctrl+V to paste, Ctrl+C to copy, and more.


Microsoft Excel Pricing Plan For Home

Microsoft Excel offers a one-month free trial period. To enjoy access to Microsoft Excel beyond the trial period, you have to subscribe to Microsoft 365 home plan or business plan.

Microsoft 365 home plan consists of Microsoft 365 Family plan (for up to 6 people) and Microsoft 365 Personal plan for 1 person. The plan gives you access to Microsoft 365 software programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and more.

Microsoft Excel Pricing Plan For Business

Microsoft 365 business plan consists of Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, and Microsoft 365 Apps for business.

2. Apple Numbers

Best Spreadsheet Software Application for iOS Users

Apple Numbers is the Best Spreadsheet Software Application for iOS Users

Developed by Apple, Numbers is a spreadsheet application used for inputting data just like Excel. It possesses an easy-to-navigate interface and can be used on iPhones, iPad, Mac, or PCs with iWork.

Apple Numbers do not only represent data on tables but also on a feature called Numbers Canvas. With this feature, you are allowed to insert media like photographs, pictures, videos, and illustrations. Modifications using templates, layouts, fonts, and styles are allowed and can be saved in Excel format, or shared on iCloud.

You get to import, export, and edit Excel files or sheets. A lot of upgrades have been made to improve the Numbers application. It has other features like a calculator, multi-user collaboration, and charting.


Although there is no free trial available, Apple Numbers is free on All Apple devices.

3. Google Sheets

Best Free and Customizable Spreadsheet Software

Google Sheets is the Best Free and Customizable Spreadsheet Software

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheets program for the creation and editing of spreadsheets. It works on all Android and iOS devices, web browsers and is available as an application. You can merge files and create various types of charts with Google Sheets.

There is easy access and easy sharing of files using any device. Access to all spreadsheets is gotten through the use of Google Drive. Google Sheets supports different file formats, for example, .tab, .txs, .xls, .xlt, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xltx, .xltm, .csv, .ods, .tsv. It also provides collaboration and works on Cloud.

Documents can be imported and exported using Google Sheets. Other features of Google Sheets include integration with Google applications, options to restore actions made on files, complex calculators, customization options, and more.


Google Sheets is free to use. The only requirement is a free Google account and a web browser (like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and more).

4. Smartsheet

Highly Secure and Customizable Spreadsheet Software with Multiple Integrations

Smartsheet is the Highly Secure and Customizable Spreadsheet Software with Multiple Integrations

Developed by Smartsheet Inc, Smartsheet is a spreadsheet software program used for sharing files, managing projects, tasks, calendars, and more. It is used to formulate, analyze, organize and track tasks and projects.

This spreadsheet software allows multi-collaboration among group members and assists with file sharing for the completion of tasks. Smartsheet has various customization options for you to create files the way you desire. There are reliable data security features like 2FA, secure data centers, data encryption, and much more available on the application.

Other features of Smartsheet include time tracking, cloud tools, data mapping, and key integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft, and cloud storage and file-sharing services such as Dropbox.


Read more Smartsheet pricing

Smartsheet offers users three pricing plans: pro, business, and enterprise. The pro and business plans offer free trials.

The pro plan is suitable for individuals with limited spreadsheet needs, while the business plan is suitable for businesses with large spreadsheet needs. The enterprise plan is best for large organizations that require customized features to serve their needs.

5. Airtable

Best Multipurpose and User-Friendly Spreadsheet Software

Airtable is the Best Multipurpose and User Friendly Spreadsheet Software

Airtable is an online collaboration tool that is also used as a database tool. It makes use of spreadsheets to store, organize, and manage data.

This spreadsheet software can also be used to manage projects, take inventory, and as customer relationship management (CRM) for businesses.

Airtable works on the cloud and can be used both online and offline applications on Android and iOS. There is the provision of various templates (both ready-made or self-designed) to customize your spreadsheets.

This spreadsheet software has a feature known as Blocks that allows you to create custom apps with little or no experience. Other features of Airtable are filtering and sorting tools, collaboration tools, database records, reading permission, and others.


Airtable Pricing Plan

Airtable has four payment plans: free, plus, pro, and enterprise. The free plan gives you access to 2GB storage and unlimited databases. It is suitable for individuals or teams new to Airtable.

The Plus plan is best for growing teams that need more space and advanced features. It offers everything in the free plan plus 5GB storage and automatic table syncing.

The Pro plan is suitable for teams and companies that need to collaborate on complex workflows. It offers users access to all the features in the free and plus plans plus access to unlimited apps, 20GB of attachments per base, and field & table editing permissions.

The enterprise plan is best for companies with advanced control, support, and security needs. You need to contact the Airtable sales team directly for a quote.

6. Quip

Secure and Accessible Spreadsheet Software

Quip is the Secure and Accessible Spreadsheet Software

Quip is a software tool used for creating and editing spreadsheets, and documents. The web-based application can be used on Android and iOS devices.

This spreadsheet software allows the invitation of others to work, create, and edit documents. Quip offers integration with third-party applications, read-only access, file organization, customization, and audit trail features.

Other features of Quip are chat rooms, history of edits, presentation slideshows, word processing, and comment sections.


Quip Pricing Plan

Quip offers three pricing plans: Quip Starter, Quip Plus, and Salesforce Anywhere Advanced. The Quip Starter plan is suitable for teams or small businesses.

The Quip Plus plan is suitable for large and complex teams while the Salesforce Anywhere Advanced plan offers real-time alerts and collaboration inside Salesforce for sales and service teams.

7. Zoho Sheets

Best Free Spreadsheet Software with Multiple Features

Zoho Sheets is the Best Free Spreadsheet Software with Multiple Features

Zoho Sheets is a spreadsheet software application used to make, edit, collaborate, and share spreadsheets. It is an online application that organizes, analyzes data, projects, and teamwork. This spreadsheet software is accessible on any device through web browsers. Zoho Sheets works on both Android and iOS.

The pivoting options available in the application helps to rearrange data, get findings, and summarize complex spreadsheets.

With over 350 functions, Zoho Sheets allows importing or exporting files from various cloud drives. It provides editing and data visualization features.

Zoho Sheets supports other formats like .csv, .ods, .tsv, .xls, .xlsx, and more. Other features this spreadsheet software offers include data analysis, multi-user collaboration, charting, audit, and reporting.


Zoho Sheets is free to use.

8. EtherCalc

Best Open Source Spreadsheet Software

EtherCalc is the Best Open Source Spreadsheet Software

EtherCalc is an online spreadsheet maker that allows multi collaboration and editing of various spreadsheets. On the interface, there are available options to create, edit, merge, copy, paste, delete and insert rows and columns.

This spreadsheet software is used to track progress, create invoices, manage finances, and take records. EtherCalc is an open-source and web-based software tool that can be used for graphical analysis.

A good reason to use EtherCalc is its simplicity. You can easily collaborate with team members without creating an account. This tool also offers access to different types of files with different formats.

Although it is web-based, it functions on multiple operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS. Data on EtherCalc is always safe and can not be lost because it saves your data. Documents can be shared through created links. There is also room for comments.


EtherCalc is free to use.

9. WPS Office

Best Spreadsheet Software that Supports A Vast Range of File Formats

WPS Office is the Best Spreadsheet Software that Supports A Vast Range of File Formats

WPS means Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheets. It consists of three productivity applications: WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, and WPS Presentation. This office suite operates on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. It also has a web-based version.

Similar to Microsoft 365, WPS Office supports various formats such as text document formats, spreadsheet formats, slideshow document formats, and XML document formats.

WPS Office also serves as a spreadsheet software that you can use to input data and create charts and graphics. It is easy to use and download and requires little storage space on your device. You can use WPS Office to view, edit, merge, and convert PDF files.


WPS Office Pricing Plan

WPS Office offers users different payment plans. It is free to use but the free plan offers limited features. If you want access to more advanced features, you have to subscribe to WPS Premium. You can either pay once in six months, one in a year, or once in two years.

You can purchase WPS Office License for a one-time fee for Windows. If you want access to unlimited downloads across different platforms, you have to subscribe to the WPS Template Premium plan.

10. OnlyOffice

Best User-friendly and Secure Spreadsheet Software

OnlyOffice is the Best User friendly and Secure Spreadsheet Software

OnlyOffice is an open-source software similar to Microsoft Office or WPS Office. With OnlyOffice, you can create, edit and view spreadsheets, documents and presentations.

You can edit documents from any cloud drive, multi-collaborate, manage tasks and projects. It supports formats like .docx, .pptx, .csv, .doc, .xls, .ppt, etc. along with conversion options.

OnlyOffice is easy to use for beginners with no experience using spreadsheet software. This spreadsheet software allows you to use links, change designs, and customize documents. Your data is protected thanks to its end-to-end encryption. It autosaves your work so you do not lose valuable data.

Other features of OnlyOffice include co-editing, history, merging of files and mails, use of comment sections, and chatting options.


OnlyOffice Pricing Plan

OnlyOffice has three types of payment plans: startup, business, and VIP. The Startup plan is free and provides access to 2GB of space. It supports up to 5 users.

The business plan starts from 3 users and offers 100GB per user. The VIP plan starts from 100 users and offers an on-demand disk space option.

11. LibreOffice

Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Beginners

LibreOffice is the Best Free Spreadsheet Software for Beginners

Consisting of over 5 different applications, LibreOffice is a software application for creating documents, spreadsheets, and preparing presentations. It is open-source software that is available in over 100 languages.

The different applications on LibreOffice include LibreOffice Maths, LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Base, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress, and LibreOffice Draw. Their functions are mathematical equations, word processing, database, spreadsheets, presentation editing, and design editing respectively.

LibreOffice supports lots of formats and can also export documents as eBooks in EPUB format. It is available on modern web browsers and other operating systems like Android, Linux, Chrome OS, macOS, iOS, and Windows. LibreOffice allows viewing of documents in print mode and with no page formatting.

While using its spreadsheet program, LibreOffice Calc displays functions in a clear outline form. Another advantage of LibreOffice is that it supports any type of document format no matter how outdated it is. Other features of LibreOffice include image and text editing, file conversion and sharing, presentation tools, and more.


LibreOffice is free to use.

12. Apache OpenOffice Calc

Best Free and Intuitive Spreadsheet Software

Apache OpenOffice is the Best Free and Intuitive Spreadsheet Software

Apache OpenOffice is an open-source office software. It consists of various applications for word processing, presentations, drawing, database management, and mathematical calculations.

The OpenOffice Calc software is meant for creating spreadsheets. Calc possesses the same features as Microsoft Excel and can view documents in Excel format. It can be operated on operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.

This spreadsheet software supports various formats such as Excel, .xls, .xlsx, .csv, .doc, .docx, and more. Apache OpenOffice Calc can also be used for data querying, calculations, planning, and carrying out projects.

Other features of this spreadsheet software include collaboration tools, presentation tools, generation of documents, document importation and exportation, and more.


Apache OpenOffice Calc is free to use.

13. Stackby

Best Spreadsheet DataBase Software with Built-in Integrations

Stackby is the Best Spreadsheet DataBase Software with Built in Integrations

Stackby is a spreadsheet-database software application used for managing businesses and creating business Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). You can use the spreadsheet software to import and export data, connect data to third-party APIS, automate and customize data, and collaborate with multiple users.

With an interface of over 25 types of columns, different layouts, and over 100 inbuilt templates, Stackby allows you to create your desired spreadsheet design.

Stackby is used to create an online database for the importation of files, teamwork communication using the live chat option, and creating task reminders. It supports the integration of third-party applications and data visualization tools. This spreadsheet software works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, it is also web-based.


Stackby Pricing Plan

Stackby has five pricing plans: free, personal, economy, business, and enterprise. The free plan is suitable for teams and individuals who are new to Stackby and spreadsheet software in general.

The personal plan is perfect for individuals while the economy plan is suitable for small teams. The business plan is suitable for growing teams that require comprehensive collaboration features. The enterprise plan is best for companies with advanced needs such as security and support.

14. SeaTable

Affordable SpreadSheet Software

SeeTable is an Affordable SpreadSheet Software

Created by the Seafile group, SeaTable is an online database with a spreadsheets interface. It is open-source, used to manage data, automate data, and arrange or manage any form of information.

Other uses of SeaTable include data collection, data analysis, ready-to-use UI, and data visualization. This spreadsheet software is flexible with a limitless database. It allows personalized designs, organizes, and manages your work, tasks, or projects.


SeeTable Pricing Plan

SeaTable has a free version with 1GB storage and not more than 25 users. If you want access to more features, you have to subscribe to its premium pricing plans: plus and enterprise.

The plus plan offers unlimited tables, unlimited team size, and 50GB storage. The enterprise plan comes with 100GB storage, enterprise support, advanced sharing permissions, and advanced customization features.

Which Spreadsheet Software Option Should I Choose?

Choosing a spreadsheet software goes beyond picking the first spreadsheet software you find with a quick Google search. With so many options in the market, you have a rich luxury of options to choose from.

Before you choose a spreadsheet software option among the numerous options available, you need to consider what your needs are. Although almost all spreadsheet software tools share the same features, some have additional features that make them more suitable for a particular need.

If you are looking for general-purpose spreadsheet software suitable for simple to advanced needs, Microsoft Excel is the go-to choice. For iOS devices, Apple Numbers is built specially to cater to the spreadsheet needs of iOS users.

Google Sheets is the best free and customizable spreadsheet software. If you are looking for a highly secure and customizable spreadsheet software tool that supports the integration of multiple third-party applications, Smartsheet is the best choice.

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