7 Best Website Builders for Musicians and Bands for 2023

Updated Jul 17, 2023.

Are you wondering if you need a website as a musician?

Have you decided to create a website but don’t know the best website builder for musicians that you should consider?

This review was written with you in mind and it would provide answers to all your questions provided you read to the end.

Squarespace icon


Squarespace is our first website builder for musicians by no chance; It provides awesome music-related templates and site-building tools that make building a website a breeze.
Bandzoogle icon


You have a band that rocks; you need an affordable website builder for musicians that lets you create a stunning band website, thereby helping you increase fan engagement.
Wix icon


Enjoy a free plan that provides all the basic music-focused features necessary to create a website and efficiently keep your music business running online without stress.
Zyro icon


You are a low-budget musician, no problem! Zyro has got you covered as it allows you to create a professional website for a few bucks where you can take all your event bookings.
Weebly icon


You don't know a thing about coding; welcome to Weebly! Your part is to drag and drop the feature you want to where you want, and did I mention its 30-day money-back guarantee?

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Let's go back to a little bit of history.

In 1991, the first ever website was launched.

Fast forward to 2022, which is about 31 years after, there are more than 1 billion websites on the internet, without leaving out your favorite grocery store's website.

Almost everyone seems to have a website or a blog, at least.

Now, if you are a musician, having a website is more important in this century than ever.

Apart from merely joining the trends, you stand to gain lots of benefits that let you elevate your music business to the levels you have always dreamt about.

What are these benefits, and what is the best website builder for musicians that you should consider?

Let's get started at once.

Do I Even Need a Website as a Musician?

Yes, you need a website as a musician.

To be sure, here are three major benefits you can gain from building a website with the best website builder for musicians.

1. Promote and sell your music

Let's say you want to announce the release of a new song or album; where do you go?

Don't bother; I can guess the answer already, and it is no other than social media platforms.

Of course, social media is great, but it only gets the job half done.

On the other hand, a website gets the job completely done.

With your own website, you are not limited to the confines of social media's competitive algorithms, and all the content you put on your website stays there for as long as you want.

When you take advantage of social media integration with your website, you can promote music better than ever.

Additionally, you can also sell your music directly on your website.

2. Establish your music brand

Do you want your brand to be taken seriously, or do you want to be as professional as possible?

If yes, then consider creating a website.

A website is the best way to show what your brand represents while establishing its credibility in the music industry.

For example, you can display the central themes of your music through the use of images.

When you have a website that stamps your credibility, promoters, booking agents, or fans are more likely to book your band or music team.

3. Engage better with your fans

A productive way to engage better with your fans is through a website.

You can, for example, put a newsletter sign-up option where visitors can leave their email addresses to access premium updates and content.

Apart from that, you can also display your upcoming events and shows on your website while providing links that lets your fans purchase tickets to these events.

As far as engagement is concerned, a website is a great tool.

Best Website Builders for Musicians

1. Squarespace

The Overall Best Website Builder for Musicians

  • Squarespace websites work excellently on mobile devices
  • Access to a portfolio of third-party extensions for every plan
  • Squarespace allows you to register your custom domain free for one year
  • Access to personalized support through email or live chat
  • Squarespace does not lead in customization
  • Even though the live chat and email support are good, Squarespace lacks phone support
Squarespace icon
Editor’s Take

Squarespace is an all-around best website builder that lets you release songs online, promote your band website, sell merchandise and keep your fans informed. If you have enough budget or want to maximize the annual plans, Squarespace is more than enough for all the tools you need in a good website builder.

Best for:
Big artists/record labels
$23 – $65 per month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 30%

Squarespace is a leader among other website builders for musicians.

Founded in 2003, it has not looked back in helping many people worldwide build and host a website and sell anything they want while building their brands.

Key Features for Musicians

Award-Winning Music Templates

One of the major Squarespace features that establish exceptionalism is the available website templates. They are available for various use cases, including music, and allow you to present your sound online easily. You can browse popular designs or navigate straight to ‘musicians and bands.'

Audio Collection

If you want to showcase your music, Squarespace's audio collection is a cool way to do it. Your task is to drag and drop your music files while leaving Squarespace to handle it from there. This way, you can create your playlist in a matter of minutes.

Events Collection

There are many ways to keep your fans informed about impending events. But you want to go through a faster and better method; that's where the Squarespace events collection comes in. Save the date on the events page if you want to update your fans or inform them about festivals, concerts, classes, or events.

Merchandise Table

Squarespace allows you to add online stores to your band website where you can sell various items, from music to posters and shirts. You have access to the marketing tools needed to manage your merchandise effectively.

Site Building Tools

Squarespace's custom editing engine supports various content you might want to publish on your website, including complex multi-column layouts. A markdown block lets you insert markdown on your site effortlessly, while image blocks automatically fit your images to ensure they look right. Squarespace's audio blocks support podcasting, allowing you to insert audio on your site. Use video blocks with custom image overlay to maintain your website style and easily present videos uploaded from your computer. Multiple gallery presentation options allow you to embed image grids and slideshow strips whichever way you want.

Squarespace Scheduling

Choose a plan with single or multiple calendars for each team member. Squarespace also allows you to sync appointments with calendars like iCloud, Office 365, and Google. Let's say you have an event coming up as a musician, and if you want to make sure your fans stay updated about the event. Squarespace allows you to easily reach them with customized confirmation, reminders, and follow-up emails. You can also send text message reminders to your fans while receiving notifications on the go. One benefit Squarespace also gives is that it allows you to integrate your scheduling profile with your Instagram or Facebook Business account.


Squarespace offers four paid plans.

Personal at $16 per month: This plan provides all the functionality you need except marketing and commerce.

Business at $23 per month: This business plan allows unlimited contributors, premium integrations, and all marketing and basic commerce features.

Basic Commerce at $27 per month: Every commerce feature you couldn't access in the initial plans is available on this plan.

Advanced Commerce at $49 per month: Here's the juicy plan that lets you in on all Squarespace features and benefits.

2. Bandzoogle

Affordable Website Builder for Building a Band Website Fast

  • Enjoy high performance and fast speed and access to lots of tools no matter the plan you choose
  • Bandzoogle doesn't charge any commission on sales
  • Access to integrated reporting tools
  • Extensive access to unlimited support, a help center, and a musician advice blog
  • You might experience a steep learning curve if you are a beginner
  • You might have to pay extra for some add-ons
Bandzoogle icon
Editor’s Take

When it comes to selling your tracks and albums online,  promoting your music, and informing your fans about upcoming events,  Bandzoogle is not an easy pushover. Add to all these benefits how it allows you to connect to other musician services you use, and you have a clear winner.

Best for:
Band Websites
$8.29 – 12.46 per month
Annual Discount:
2 months free

Bandzoogle entered the scene in late 2003 and is now used by thousands of artists worldwide.

Reputedly created by musicians and for musicians, Bandzoogle packs mobile design options, commission-free music and merch sales, fan subscription tools, and built-in crowdfunding in one solution.

Key Features for Musicians

Design Tools

Bandzoogle gives you access to dozens of modern mobile-friendly templates made specifically for musicians. Choose anyone that catches your eyes and build a gorgeous band website in minutes. You can customize your layouts, colors, and fonts without touching a line of code and set up a professional electronic press kit to distribute to media and the music industry.

Selling Tools

If you want to sell single tracks and albums, you can launch your digital music online store. Use a calendar and built-in ticket sales to manage live and virtual events and take online orders for band apparel, vinyl,  and other physical merchandise. While you can earn monthly income from fans that subscribe to your website, you can also raise funds through crowdfunding.

Promotion Tools

Bandzoogle is also equipped with promotional tools that allow you to build a following and showcase your music online. Create and grow a mailing list that comprises fans and other website visitors that you can send professional email newsletters. Increase the visibility of your website and keyword rankings through search engine optimization, and connect and engage with your fans by sharing website content to your social profiles.

Tech Tools

Access interactive visitor reports, giving you insight into how visitors use your website. Select a free custom .com domain extension for your band,  and take advantage of the top-notch hosting technology that Bandzoogle provides.

Built-in Tour Calendar and Fan Mailing List Tools

Easily include a tour event calendar to your website with clicks or sync with Bandsintown. Provide fans with detailed event information and share links. Grow your fan email list by adding email sign-up forms to your website.


Bandzoogle offers three paid plans.

Bandzoogle - pricing

Lite at $8.29 per month: This plan is best for bands just starting and includes 80% of the useful features available on Bandzoogle.

Standard at $16.63 per month: This plan is best for bands growing a fanbase as it provides only a few advanced features over the Lite plan.

Pro at $12.46 per month: This plan is best for established bands and gives you access to 100% of Bandzoogle features, including all the ecommerce features you need to market and promote your music.

3. Wix

Free Music Website Builder With Generous Music Website Templates

  • Wix templates are beautiful, fully customizable, and ready-for-use immediately after you click on them.
  • Customize your Wix music player and upload files in different formats
  • Wix websites boast an above-average loading speed
  • Availability of 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support is available on all plans
  • Transferring your website from Wix requires big money, so think twice before buying Wix
  • You can only change the design of a template that you have chosen, not pick an entirely new one from scratch
Wix icon
Editor’s Take

Wix is a free website builder with free web hosting,  unlimited pages, and 100s of website templates. If you choose any of the premium plans, Wix rewards you with more control and flexibility over your site.

Best for:
Free music website
$4.50 – $24.50 per month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 20%

Wix is mainly popular in the market because of the rich free plan that it amply provides.

As a musician, you can access a music player and a music tool kit while promoting your tour through Bandsintown or Songkick.

Key Features for Musicians

Music Website Templates

Wix gives you access to multiple music-specific templates from which you can easily choose anyone you like. These templates are available under different music categories like the music industry, music promotion, singer and musician, band, DJ, and producer. You can also sort by recommended, newest, and top templates.

Music Promotion and Selling

By building your website with Wix, you would enjoy different tools for promoting and selling music effortlessly. Add albums to your site, and allow your fans to listen, share, and buy your music by taking advantage of the Wix music player. Conveniently grow your fan base on social media, and track all your music stats.

Wix Music Tool Kit

The Wix Music Tool kit gives you access to the tools and features needed to manage your music career straight from your website. The drag-and-drop editor lets you enjoy easy web design. You can set up an online store for selling your merch while making commission-free sales directly from your website—access tour promotion through Bandsintown or Songkick and customizable electronic press kits with password protection.

Wix Email Marketing

Wix, an email marketing feature, is extremely useful if you want to grow your fanbase faster. You can easily send and share beautiful emails in a matter of minutes. Also, update fans on tour dates, manage your contacts, and allow fans to subscribe directly to your site.


Wix offers four paid plans.

Connect Domain at $4.50 per month: This is the most basic, and it gives you access to limited Wix features while displaying the Wix ads.

Combo at $8.50 per month: This plan is best for personal use, and its limitations are limited bandwidth, lack of unlimited storage, site booster app, visitor analytics app, professional logo, and social media logo files.

Unlimited at $12.50 per month: This plan is the most popular and best for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

VIP at $24.50 per month: This plan offers priority support, unlimited bandwidth, 35GB storage space, 5 hours in video hours, and every other Wix feature.

4. Zyro

Great Website Builder With Artificial Intelligence Tools

  • Zyro is easy to use and fast enough
  • Upload your images to Zyro or choose from lots of Unsplash images
  • Free domain name registration for one year
  • Availability of 24/7 customer support
  • Zyro has a limited customizability
  • Connecting a domain name is not as easy as Zyro claims
Zyro icon
Editor’s Take

When it comes to affordability with paid plans, I give it to Zyro as the most affordable musician website builder. For less than $5, you can create your own website in minutes, share your music with the world, and even take event bookings.

Best for:
Solo artists with a small budget
$2.99 – $3.99 per month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 75%

Zyro combines all the website tools you need with free hosting and a custom domain in one platform.

The only limitation is that you cannot sell your music, although you can link your website with your iTunes and Spotify profiles if you are bent on making music sales.

Key Features for Musicians

Website Templates

Access fully customizable and dedicated templates built to meet your needs in different categories. You can edit any element, such as the colors, fonts, and images. There are also blank templates like blank blog templates and blank portfolio websites.


Upload your music and video material to your website and customize the other aspects without requiring coding skills or downloading anything. The drag-and-drop editor and the heady grid feature allow you to add, edit,  and remove any elements you want.

Band Website Features

While you share albums with fans, you can take bookings for events and announce tour dates with just a few clicks.

Social Media Integration and Blogging Tools

Social media platforms, including Messenger Live Chat and Google Tag Manager, are integrated into Zyro so you can connect with your fans,  engage with them, and share your work with the world. You can create a blog on your Zyro website, which you can use to attract new traffic and share your story.

AI Business Tools

When it comes to artificial intelligence tools and features,  Zyro stands out. You have an AI Heatmap that lets you know where to put important information and buttons,  an AI Logo Maker, which you can use to create a unique logo fast, and an AI Slogan Generator, which provides suggestions for catchy taglines.


A free SSL certificate is available for every Zyro website, and your website is also protected with HTTPS encryption. With this, you can control your data and privacy settings. A typical Zyro website is easy to set up and safe to run.


Zyro offers two paid plans.

Zyro - Pricing Plan

Website at $2.99 per month: This is the cheapest and most suitable plan if you want to create a professional music portfolio, blog, or personal music website.

Business at $3.99 per month: This plan is best for selling instantly with e-commerce features and functionalities.

5. Weebly

Best Website Builder With Customizable Webpage Designs

  • Availability of a free plan
  • The drag and drop builder makes it an easy go-to for beginners
  • The available tools are intuitive and easy to use
  • Weebly's templates are responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Phone support is only available for the higher two plans
  • Weebly does not offer many themes
Weebly icon
Editor’s Take

There are two reasons why I consider Weebly as one of the best website builders for beginner musicians. The first reason is its drag and drop editor, which makes website building much easier without coding knowledge, while the second is no less than its generous free plan.

Best for:
$5 – $25 per month
Annual Discount:
Save up to 30%

With Weebly, you can build a free website that scales with your business while growing your music business online with customizable tools and designs.

Key Features for Weebly

Drag and Drop Builder

One of the major perks of Weebly is the drag and drop builder, which makes it easy for you to create a professional website instantly, even if you don't have any technical skills.

Element Customization

Add various content elements such as photos, text,  maps, and videos to your website by simply dragging and dropping them into the place you want. Edit your text just like you would in a word processor, and you can even build a website straight from your web browser. You don't have to worry about installing or upgrading anything.

Video Backgrounds

One way to impress your website visitors is using a video background. Weebly provides a free video library from which you can select a video. However, you can also upload your video, especially if you are the type that fancies attractive header images and sections. You stand out from competitors with video backgrounds and establish your brand as a professional musician.

Custom Headers

Access a fully customizable header that lets you drag and drop slideshows, videos, and dynamic content into your website header. Using custom headers, you can build impactful pages that engage your fans and build sales using custom headers.

Customizable Image and Color Backgrounds

Easily create unique and modern designs with customizable image and color backgrounds. Once you drag and drop a full-width section onto your page, it works like its own mini-site, and it can contain multiple design elements such as color backgrounds, images, text, and video. With the new elements, you can conveniently add more variety and customization to your site by stacking independent sections into page layouts.

Website Statistics

There's an intuitive dashboard that lets you track your visitors and understand your website performance. From this dashboard, you can effortlessly track how many people visited your website, the search words they used to find your websites, the pages they visited, and the websites that referred traffic to your site. The interesting part is that you can check all these website statistics from any device with Weebly's popular mobile apps. These website statistics are calculated in real-time to keep a close tab on your data and traffic patterns.


Weebly offers a free version and three paid plans.

Read more about Weebly pricing

Connect at $5 per month: This plan is the most affordable if you only want to connect a domain and enjoy the Weebly basic features.

Pro at $12 per month: This plan is best for groups and organizations, and it offers a free domain, unlimited storage, and site search, and you can also remove Weebly ads.

Business at $25 per month: This plan is what you can call an unlimited plan as it contains all the features on Weebly.

6. Music Glue

Best Website Builder for Musicians With Large Merchandise

Music Glue -Ecommerce, fac clubs & ticketing for music

Go for Music Glue if you want to gain large profits from your music through sales of heavy merchandise, as it provides an online store, customizable design options, and awesome order management services.

Key Features for Musicians


Easily build a mobile-ready website, create an online artist hub that incorporates all the aspects of your online business and other future brands, and seamlessly integrate with Google, Facebook, and Mailchimp shopping tools. This way, you can reduce costs and the need for smart link services.


Straight from your online store, you can sell tickets directly to your fans and own your ticketing data, customer emails, and fan relationship. There's a dedicated ticketing team that manages all things ticketing effectively. MusicGlue also allows you to ballot tickets for in-demand events or VIP tickets for your first-rated fans.

Fan Club

Create custom-made products and intimate experiences for your most engaged audience members while rewarding subscribers with valuables like exclusive merchandise,  content, and early ticket access. You also have access to insights and data, which lets you track the behavior of super fans efficiently.

Print on Demand

Create customized merchandise and test new merch designs by taking advantage of the environmentally-friendly way provided by Music Glue. You can, therefore, ensure reduced water usage compared to screen printing and create anything on demand, including t-shirts and tote bags.

YouTube Merch Shelf

Another benefit of Music Glue is that it allows you to showcase merchandise inside your YouTube channel in a matter of minutes. The merchandise will appear alongside your YouTube content, and direct viewers from YouTube can thus checkout on your Music Glue Store.

Chart Reporting

Chart reporting is a prominent feature as it works directly with chart companies worldwide to ensure your campaign is eligible before launch. Report sales in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany. You also can access automated reporting, which sends sales directly to chart companies.

Insights and Data

Easily view sales from multiple stores in a single dashboard, reorder using the automated system, and integrate with Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

Bundles and Live Streaming

Create authentic merchandise, album, and ticket bundles without codes or third-party websites, incentivize album pre-orders with ticket sales from your store and provide discounts to your most engaged fans. You can create a live stream merch desk, sell merch,  tickets, and album bundles, and access a fully customized live stream landing page with fan chat. Live streaming is also made a lot easier.


  • Music Glue provides fast delivery and rich ecommerce features
  • Availability of efficient communication process
  • The order management services are topnotch
  • Availability of 24/7 customer support with an average resolution time of 2 hours


  • You might find the packaging cost expensive
  • Music Glue is only free if you don't want to sell


Music Glue does not provide any pricing information on their website, so you would have to contact them directly.

However, we got a hint from past users that it costs $4.99 per month.

7. WordPress

Free and Open Source Music Website Builder

WordPress - Publish your passion

In this review, our focus is on WordPress.org, and we believe it is a better alternative to WordPress.com if you want to maximize the full potential of your website.

With WordPress.org, you can set up a WordPress.org website in a matter of minutes, customize every part as much as you want, and take full control over your site.

Key Features for WordPress


There are over 9000 free themes on WordPress, and all you have to do is pick your choice and add style to your WordPress site. If you want to add your theme, a WordPress theme directory is easily accessible and used by millions of WordPress users globally.


With a simple copy and paste, you can add a beautifully designed and ready-to-use layout to any WordPress site. Patterns are collections of pre-arranged blocks, and WordPress provides lots of them in different categories such as the gallery, header,  images,  text,  and columns. Note that featured patterns are also available; if you wish, you can create a new pattern too.

WordPress Editor

WordPress Editor, called Gutenberg, is what you need, whether it's your first or hundredth time building a site. You can create modern layouts with rich content, work with fewer plugins, and ensure that your editor is a carbon copy of your website and works across various screen sizes and devices. You can even preview the exact appearance that your site will take in real-time while adding, editing,  and rearranging your content.


If you want to build your custom posts and images without prior coding knowledge,  welcome to blocks. Gutenberg's default blocks are video,  audio,  paragraph, heading,  image,  cover,  gallery,  columns,  file, and list.


With WordPress, you can either start with a blank canvas or select from various themes and patterns. Then, customize every detail you want, not excluding color, fonts, layouts, and functionality.


WordPress has got you covered when it comes to plugins. There are more than 59,000 free plugins in which you have popular plugins,  featured plugins, block-enabled plugins, and beta plugins.


  • Create a custom site with intuitive editing and flexible design features
  • WordPress' extensive plugins allow you to add anything you want to your site
  • You can sell any number of ads you want on your site while keeping 100% of your earnings
  • Create pages and membership sites for your fans


  • Regular expenses, including a yearly domain registration fee and monthly hosting provider fee
  • Apart from the need to install WordPress, you are also responsible for updates and backups


WordPress is an open-source content management system that is therefore completely free.

You only need to pay for a domain name and web hosting.

What Pages Will Your Music Site Need?

1. Your Home Page

Every website has a home page, and it is the first thing you see when you type in the address of a website.

Also, the attractiveness of your home page determines whether visitors would stay on your website or move on to the next available website.

If you want to retain your visitors, you have to create an awesome home page.

Your home page can include a high-resolution picture of you or your band.

Likewise, it could be a display of your latest album or song.

Here is an example.

Merchato - New Album - website
Source: Music Industry How To

Whichever media you use, just make sure it is awesome and attractive.

2. Music and Videos Pages

Another top page you should have on your website is a page that provides access to your music.

This gives your website visitors the choice to play and listen to your songs straight from your music website.

And I am not only talking about previewing snippets; I am talking of real access to your music.

If you prefer to sell your music or want fans to access your music on popular live streaming platforms, you can add links to your music on your website.

Now, the same thing goes for your videos too.

You want to include a visually appealing video page that allows people to view and watch your videos in real-time.

3. Other Important Pages

Other additional no-brainer pages you need on your website are a shop page, a contact page, an about page, a blog page, an events page, and a gallery page (if you like).

Note: Having background music play on your website is unprofessional and a bad idea because it distracts visitors and lowers your site's credibility.


Can I build a band website for free?

Hmm. Yes, you can. Thanks to free website builders that allow you to build a band website without paying anything. 

The only limitation is that you won't have access to many useful tools, including ecommerce features that you would have enjoyed on a paid general website builder.

Is WordPress a good website builder for musicians?

Yes,  WordPress is indeed a good website builder for musicians. 

Apart from the fact that it is free and easy to use, it also allows you to be the owner of your website and all its data.

That is not all; you can customize your website design, start an online store, add plugins and apps to your website, run your ads, and maximize other useful tools such as Google Analytics.

How do music websites make money?

Well, they make money in a variety of ways. 

The number one way is through the sale of your music

It could be digital downloads of your songs, CDs, and Vinyl records. 

Another way is through the sale of merchandise and affiliate products

You can also create and sell a course or generate revenue from advertising on your website.

Can I sell music on my website?

Yes, you can and should sell music on your website. 

What else can sell better on your website than your music? 

Most website builders for musicians even allow you to add music players and make music sales on your site.

Some even allow you to set up online stores where you can sell merchandise and other digital products you desire.

What are the Best Site Builders for Musicians?

As always, the best site builders depend on the major features you want, the money you can afford in the long run, and your experience and expertise in using website builders.

Of course, you can build a music website with all the website builders reviewed above, but the number of additional features depends on the best website builder for musicians you choose.

A few are very good for making sales online, while other website builders are ideal for uploading your music online via music players.

Additionally, you can access blogging platforms that help you increase fan engagement and conversion.

However, note that the features you enjoy depend on how much you want to pay.

All the website builders offer pricing plans which are graded from the higher prices to the lower prices.

If you want more features, you simply have to pay more.

You can even take advantage of the yearly discounts many website builders offer.

But make sure you are ready to use the right website builder for the long term.

With that said, here are the most popular website builders that you should first consider.

You can try out the free trial plan for anyone of your choice.

Best Overall


Squarespace is our first website builder for musicians by no chance; It provides awesome music-related templates and site-building tools that make building a website a breeze.
Best for Band Artists


You have a band that rocks; now, you need an affordable best website builder for musicians that lets you create a stunning band website, thereby helping you increase fan engagement.
Free Music Website Builder


Select Wix and enjoy a free plan that provides all the basic music-focused features necessary to create a website and efficiently keep your music business running online without stress.
Most Affordable


You are a low-budget musician, no problem! Zyro has got you covered as it allows you to create a professional website for a few bucks where you can take all your event bookings.
Best for Newbies


You don't know a thing about coding; welcome to Weebly! Your part is to drag and drop the feature you want to where you want, and did I mention its 30-day money-back guarantee?

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