12 Best CRM Apps of 2024 (Free & Paid)

Updated Aug 6, 2023.

There are claims that the best CRM apps are expensive and difficult to use, but we are here to prove otherwise.

Because many CRMs are flooding the market and the competition is tighter, the prices have dropped drastically, and the user interfaces have simplified.

Even though that’s the case, many solutions will only complicate your business processes even further.

So before you make any decision on the right system for your business, go over this list so you have a broader perspective of the best CRM applications for this year..

Best CRM Apps

1. Monday.com CRM

Best CRM for Scaling Your Business

Monday.com is the Best CRM for Scaling Business

Monday.com CRM is a highly flexible all-in-one CRM tool that affords you the luxury to run all your business operations from one central location.

Main Features

Sales Automation

Automate different parts of your sales process like follow-up campaigns and outgoing calls. Doing so will help you to devote more time to activities that move the needle forward.

Contact Management and Organization

Connect your email inbox to Monday.com CRM and automatically organize and sync your contact in one place. That will help you stay organized and know where everything is at all times

Sales Dashboard

Get a quick look into your monthly sales with ease. Examples of metrics you'll see on Monday.com’s sales dashboard are Customer Lifetime Value, Cost Per Lead, and Monthly Sales.


Monday.com offers five plans:

  • The Individual plan is free
  • The Basic plan at $8 seat/month
  • The Standard plan at $10 seat/month
  • The Pro plan at $16 seat/month
  • Request a custom price for the Enterprise plan

Save 18% when you choose the annual subscription.

Sign up to Monday.com CRM today for free.

2. Keap

Versatile CRM Software For Growth Hacking

Keap is a Versatile CRM Software For Growth Hacking

Keap is a cloud-based CRM solution that specializes in sales and marketing automation. The platform started in 2001 and now has over 200,000 users, making it one of the top CRM apps in the world.

Main Features

Sales Data

Organize sales and customer data into manageable chunks. After that, Keap turns the data into visualizations so you can understand and use them to quantify KPIs, pain points and make data-driven decisions.

Performance Management

Enhance and manage your sales team’s productivity with the help of forecasts of potential revenue. This feature helps predict and prioritize leads and deals that are likely to convert.

Role-Based Views

Restrict access or view of files on Keap based on the user's role in the organization. This feature helps combat data leaks and security breaches.


Read more Keap pricing

Keap offers three different plans.

  • The Lite Plan is $56/month for your first five months, followed by $79/month.
  • The Pro Plan is $119/month for your first five months, followed by $169/month.
  • The Max Plan is $140/month for your first five months, followed by $199/month.

One user is allowed 500 contacts, and if you want to add a user, you'll have to pay an extra $30.

Try Keap today for free to see if it’s the right CRM for business needs.

3. Pipedrive

Best Sales CRM System With AI Capabilities

Pipedrive is the Best Sales CRM System With AI Capabilities

Pipedrive is responsible for aiding the closing of over $25 billion in deals for its 90,000+ customers. The CRM has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and customize.

Main Features

Sales Forecasting

CRM apps are supposed to help you determine the metrics for success. The sales forecasting feature gives you data-rich sales forecasts that show if your results correlate with your efforts.


Pipedrive allows you to customize the layouts of different processes and the information you want to see, like modules, buttons, and custom fields. As your brand transforms, your CRM can follow suit.

File Storage

Store different files such as invoices and quotes to customer profiles, eliminating the hassle of looking for them later.


Read more Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive offers four plans:

  • The Essential plan at $12.50 user/month, billed yearly
  • The Advanced plan at $24.90 user/month, billed yearly
  • The Professional plan at $49.90 user/month, billed yearly
  • The Enterprise plan at $99 user/month, billed yearly

Get Started with Pipedrive today for free.

4. Freshsales

Best CRM App for Remote Sales Teams

Freshsales is the Best CRM App for Remote Sales Teams

Freshsales is a data-driven CRM software with a complete suite of out-of-the-box apps made to close more deals in a short space of time.

Users can use this tool to manage and build pipelines with the assistance of AI.

Main Features

Automation Features

Accelerate workflow processes by automating specific actions like changing statuses of deals and sending out notifications with trigger-based rules you define. When a trigger is detected, a reaction follows.

Campaign Management

Use this feature to forecast future campaign strategies, analyze campaign data, and reduce campaign costs. Freshsales automates the marketing process to increase the efficiency of the marketing campaign.


This is a convenient feature that allows you to make calls using Freshsales, record calls, and take notes afterward. Other telephony features include call forwarding, enhanced caller ID, and call scripts.


Freshsales offers four plans:

  • The Free plan
  • The Growth plan at $18 user/month
  • The Pro plan at $47 user/month
  • The Enterprise plan at $83 user/month

5. Salesforce

Best CRM App for Rapidly Growing Businesses

Salesforce is the Best CRM App for Rapidly Growing Businesses

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM apps, thanks to its world-class customer relationship capabilities.

The platform enables you to take control of your data, so you spend less time maintaining information and more time acting on it.

Main Features


Get a detailed summary of your sales team’s figures or performance instantly or on a scheduled basis. You can analyze the data of your previous campaigns to improve your future marketing campaigns.

Product Level Quotes

Track quotes of different products you sell individually. This feature enables Salesforce to find the products that are selling and ones that aren't using any type of device.

Account management

This feature separates information about companies you do business with from contact record information about the people you work with, which often is a cause of confusion on other CRM apps.


Salesforce offers four plans:

  • The Essentials plan at $25 user/month, billed annually
  • The Professional plan at $75 user/month, billed annually
  • The Enterprise plan at $150 user/month, billed annually
  • The Unlimited plan at $300 user/month, billed annually

6. Insightly

Easy-to-Use CRM for Dynamic Sales Teams

Insightly is an Easy to Use CRM for Dynamic Sales Teams

Insightly is a carefully designed CRM app that over 25,000 businesses trust to boost revenue growth and manage sales. It has everything a sales manager would want to run his team efficiently.

Main Features

Contact Management

Start saving time by automatically recording customers’ names, phone numbers, addresses, and social media handles.

Document Management

Create, edit, access, and share files with your clients or team directly on Insightly. This feature also enables you to set document access and edit rights to improve security.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Know who your hottest leads are by analyzing the scores of each. This feature is super limited in the Plus plan, so you should upgrade to the Professional plan to enjoy its full benefits.


Insightly Pricing Plan

Insightly offers three plans:

  • The Plus plan at $29 user/month, billed yearly
  • The Professional plan at $49 user/month, billed yearly
  • The Enterprise plan at $99 user/month, billed yearly

7. EngageBay

Best CRM App for Small Marketing Agencies

EngageBay is the Best CRM App for Small Marketing Agencies

EngageBay is a robust CRM solution that provides users with complete control and visibility over their sales processes and pipelines.

The tool can also help you focus on building brand loyalty and delivering five-star customer experiences.

Main Features

Lead Management

After EngageBay captures leads through social media, phone calls, and other channels, the lead management feature determines the best leads you or your team should follow up with based on psychographic and demographic factors.

Workflow Automation

Set up custom rules to help free up time for your team. By using rules, you can set EngageBay to perform actions based on triggers or events, like directing a message to the right sales representative when a lead submits a form on your site.

Customer Service

Use the 360-degree view feature to get and retain more customers. This feature shows you everything there is to know about the customer from the first point of contact. Use the data to personalize your interactions and close more deals.


EngageBay Pricing Plan

EngageBay offers four plans:

  • The Free plan
  • The Basic plan at $14.99 user/month
  • The Growth plan at $49.99 user/month
  • The Pro plan at $79.99 user/month

If you pay annually, you’ll get an 18% discount.

If you pay biennially, then you’ll get a 28% discount.

8. Capsule CRM

Affordable CRM System for Startups

Capsule is an Affordable CRM System for Startups

Capsule CRM is a cloud-based CRM application with numerous business tools for sales and customer relationship management.

As such, it gives sales teams the capabilities to run super-profitable marketing campaigns.

Main Features

Customer Opportunity Management

This feature allows you to identify hot leads that are most likely to convert, also known as lead scoring. Start quantifying the opportunities that your sales reps bring forth.

Contact Management

Store all the data you have on your customers in one location. That includes but is not limited to; emails, phone numbers, names, social media handles, and addresses.

Sales Automation

Organize your data for more effective future campaigns and automate certain parts of your sales process, such as outgoing calls and follow-up emails.


Capsule Pricing Plan

Capsule CRM offers three plans:

  • The Professional plan at $18 user/month
  • The Teams plan at $36 user/month
  • The Enterprise plan at $54 user/month

Get started with Capsule CRM today for free.

9. Hubspot CRM

Best Free All-in-One CRM App

HubSpot is the Best Free All in One CRM App

Hubspot CRM is a favorite software among high-level sales teams worldwide due to its time-saving tools and exceptional features.

The 100% free version of their software is a steal you should exploit.

Main Features


Connect Hubspot to over 875 different apps you’re already using so you can centralize all your data into one place and avoid jumping from one platform to the next in search of specific functionalities.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Convert more website visitors into leads with the help of relevant, personalized conversations. Use the lead bot or answer bot to launch chat campaigns to engage with customers in real-time and build a qualified sales pipeline.

Robust Reporting

Troubleshoot problems before they even arise with the help of scheduled reports and analytics that can give you an insight into the future of your company sales.


Read more Hubspot pricing

Hubspot offers four plans:

  • The Free plan
  • The Starter plan at $45/month, billed at $540/year.
  • The Professional plan at $450/month, billed at $5,400/year
  • The Enterprise plan at $1,200/month, billed at $14,400/year

Sign up to Hubspot CRM today for free.

10. Streak

Best CRM App for G Suite Users

Streak is the Best CRM App for G Suite Users

Streak is a gift from God for companies built around G Suite because it integrates seamlessly with the platform. It is one of the best CRM apps, thanks to its clean interface and self-explanatory dashboard.

Main Features

Email Integration

Your CRM is built right into your Gmail account, which means you can segment and manage your emails effortlessly with the help of Streak.

Campaign Management

Manage your sales campaigns which include campaign ROI, analytics, scheduling, and more from a single user interface.

Data Import and Export

This feature can import and export a contact list from another software in CSV or XSL format. You can use this feature if you want to make changes to a long list of contacts with a single click.


Streak Pricing Plan

Streak offers four plans:

  • The Free plan
  • The Professional plan at $19 user/month
  • The Enterprise plan at $59 user/month
  • The Ultimate plan at $159 user/month

Sign up for your 14-day free trial with Streak today.

11. Nimble

Simple CRM App for Small B2B Businesses

Nimble is a Simple CRM App for Small B2B Businesses

Nimble is one of our favorite CRM apps on the list because it’s affordable and offers you a vast number of features that can help invigorate your lead generation and maximize sales.

Main Features

Social Media Monitoring

Gain insight into how people are interacting with your brand on social media. Are they liking, sharing, or commenting about your brand

Real-Time Data

Make swift and better marketing decisions based on what this feature is telling you. Use your computer, android, or iOS device to view that data.

Customer Satisfaction/Customer Management

This feature enables you to manage your customers individually to enhance customer satisfaction. It also allows you to avoid cyber security issues and data leaks by storing your customer’s confidential information in a secure environment.


Nimble Pricing Plan

Nimble offers one plan.

The Nimble Business plan at $19 user/month, billed yearly and $25 user/month billed monthly

12. Copper

Best CRM Solution for Managing Change

Copper is the Best CRM Solution for Managing Change

Copper excels at being user-friendly and intuitive. Like Streak, it integrates seamlessly with Gmail, allowing you to control your business from your email inbox.

Main Features


Pinpoint where you or your sales reps are winning or losing deals, Get sales forecasts, and identify opportunities for improvement. Use this feature to view quality or bad deals, as well as the conversion rate of each stage.

Lead Tracking

Track where your leads are coming from and capitalize on your findings by targeting marketing campaigns towards the source.

Manage Multiple Pipelines

Manage your leads and customers in pipeline view, giving you a quick view of the sales funnel. Use this feature to drag and drop prospects into various stages of the sales process as they convert.


Copper Pricing Plan

Copper offers three plans.

  • The Basic plan at $69 user/month, billed yearly
  • The Professional plan at $99 user/month, billed yearly
  • The Business plan at $149 user/month, billed yearly

Start your free Copper 14-day trial today. No Credit card is required.

How to Choose the Best CRM App

1. Know your business needs and the features you may require

Your business needs and the type of business you're running will dictate the CRM app or features you will need.

Ask yourself the following question:

“Does my business need a CRM?”

The question might be simple, but the fact of the matter is that not every business needs one.

As crazy as that may sound, your business might need customer experience management (CEM) software instead.

If you finalized that you need a CRM program, look for one that can scale flexibly and affordably with your business.

2. Choose a CRM solution that can integrate with other apps.

You probably already use several apps in your day-to-day activities, so you don/t want to add another one.

Look for a CRM that can streamline most of your other program processes into one, so you don’t have to jump from one platform to another.

3. Search for industry-specific vendors

There are many industry-specific CRMs dedicated to specific niches like real estate CRM software for example.

These are difficult to spot, so ask around, and maybe you’ll be lucky.

If you aren't, google: (industry you’re in) + crm”

4. Check if training is available

Modern CRM apps have a lot of features, so you have to learn most of them from an expert if you want to take full advantage of your software.

Check the website of the CRM for any training material – whether in text, video, or animated format.

If there is, binge on the content.

5. Test the CRM Software

Narrow down your list of possible candidates, then apply for a full-featured trial for each of the solutions. Most CRM apps give you at least a 14-day free trial.

If any of the platforms have the “Request a demo” option, you should apply so an employee or AI-powered assistant can show you around..

Fiddle around with the trial versions until they expire. If you're not satisfied, continue with the free version.

Take note of the pros and cons of each platform, then finally pick the one you feel resonates with your brand.

Which CRM Apps Should I Try?

  • Monday.com CRM is inexpensive and superb for managing and generating leads. You can also capture and share notes with your colleagues on the same platform..
  • Keap is a titan and one of the most popular CRMs online. It offers all the tools a small or medium-sized business needs to operate successfully.
  • Pipedrive is one of the fastest-growing CRM apps in the market today because it’s visual and easy to understand. The sales-focused tool has all the functionalities you need to attack leads from all the invisible angles at the right time.
  • Freshsales is a simple yet powerful sales-boosting CRM solution with an outstanding collection of features that can make the sales process effortless.

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