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Updated Aug 6, 2023. Sales CRM Review

When it comes to intuitive design, customization, and affordable plans with complete CRM features, Monday offers the best value for money out of all CRM sales platforms on the market.

We have weighed its pros & cons, compared it to its biggest alternatives, and explained who it is for and how you can use its features to increase your sales.

Read this in-depth Monday guide to find out how to sell more with less effort.

What is Monday CRM?

Editor’s Take
9.1 out of 10
Best For
Startups & small business owners
$0 – $24 per seat per month
Annual Discount
Save 18% is a robust project management software with a fully-featured CRM functionality that is easy to use and set up. has almost no learning curve and provides CRM software tools that cover the basics and the more advanced CRM needs. is perfect for small business owners & startups looking for time-saving automations, 24/7 customer support, and a platform to help you create an effective sales pipeline. while best-suited for startups & small businesses, ensures to accommodate growing & enterprise businesses with its various pricing tiers through a pipeline-driven CRM platform that aligns its CRM resources with your needs from the start.

Right off the bat, the CRM platform guides you through evaluating your business's size and requirements.

With the assistance of a web-based wizard, you will open the sales pipeline template and access the learning center with a repository of demo videos about template customization, automations, email & collaboration, user invitations, and more.

The CRM solution will provide a list of template recommendations based on the answers you provide during the setup process, after which you will gain access to hundreds of customizable templates, automations, and third-party integrations like Slack, Mailchimp, Facebook Ads, Gmail, HubSpot, SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, and much more.

You can capture leads, manage sales pipelines, and nourish long-lasting customer relationships through this fleshed-out CRM platform.

The software is intuitive and aesthetically pleasing. It provides a library of support options like live webinars, a YouTube channel, and more to cover the major requirements of different industries.

Through Monday's CRM management tool, you can automate repetitive manual work, manage leads, remove the burden off your teammates, track progress & incentivize the customers through all the deal stages, all while gliding through the setup process.

Plans and Pricing offers three paid subscriptions, one free version, and an enterprise tier in the Monday sales CRM platform. The pricing structure is highly accessible and generous. You can save up to 18% if billed annually, and students, nonprofits & NGOs can qualify for discounted pricing or a free plan.

The businesses that want to purchase over 40 seats will need to contact the support team and ask for a custom quote. You can test the Pro plan with a 14-day free trial.

Monday CRM - Pricing Plan

Individual Plan

You can get the Individual free forever plan for $0 with a limitation of 2 seats, and it allows you to visualize your contacts & pipelines with up to two team members for up to 1,000 contacts.


  • Up to 3 boards
  • Unlimited docs
  • Over 200 templates
  • 200 available items
  • Over 20 column types
  • Two team members allowed
  • Embedded forms
  • Kanban visualization
  • iOS & Android apps

While the main boards are accessible to all your teammates, there is a limit of 200 items that you can exceed by 100 additional items for every new customer you successfully refer to the CRM management platform.

The project management tool allows you to refer up to 8 accounts and earn an additional 800 items.

You are not allowed to invite viewers or guests to the free plan, and each dashboard can display information from just one board. Still, you can create an unlimited amount of widgets & dashboards for budget tracking, workload estimations, progress tracking, and more.

The free tier lets you communicate with your teammates through the @mention functionality, and you can create teams & manage files in the updates section.

You can utilize the files, forms, Kanban views, and the Monday workdocs to centralize and execute your workload.

Basic Plan

As with all the paid plans, you will need to purchase the Basic plan for a minimum of three users. The Basic plan is priced at $10 per seat per month when billed annually.

It is ideal for small businesses that need basic customer relationship management, client communication & project management software.


  • Unlimited free viewers
  • Unlimited boards
  • 5GB file storage
  • Lead, contact, and deal management templates
  • Unlimited visual sales pipelines
  • Shared whiteboard & documents
  • Unlimited contacts
  • Custom fields
  • Unlimited items
  • Prioritized support
  • Two-factor authentication
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Including everything from the Free plan

Although you can only create dashboards based on a single board, the limitations this tier removes, such as the items, free viewers, and prioritized support, are more than enough to help the sales managers & sales teams manage their everyday operations on a smaller scale.

While there are no automations & integrations in this plan, the awesome whiteboard feature helps you brainstorm with your team and collaborate during meetings.

Also, all boards are embedded with columns so your team can customize the board to suit your needs.

Whiteboard Feature

You can display website links, statuses, people, and more with only the time tracking and formula types being unavailable. The sales CRM solution delivers templates for the deal, contact, and sales management for an accelerated sales cycle.

Through the Basic plan, you can track your tasks, projects, KPIs, requests, and much more while providing full visibility to all your team members, team collaboration features, and creating as many boards as necessary.

The customer support dashboard
Source: Monday.Blog

Standard Plan

For just $4 more than the Basic plan, you can purchase the Standard subscription for $14 per seat per month.

The Standard tier is the most popular subscription, and it offers the most customizability with its extended repertoire for tailored, automated workflows and easy collaboration.


  • Dashboard based on up to 5 boards
  • 20GB file storage
  • 250 actionable automations
  • 250 actionable integrations
  • Timeline & Gantt views
  • Calendar views
  • Advanced search functionality
  • Customizable forms
  • Guest access
  • Two-way email integration with Gmail & Outlook
  • Activity management
  • Quotes & invoices
  • Including everything from the Basic plan

Monday's CRM management platform brings a beneficial guest access functionality in this tier, allowing external team collaboration while delivering great new sales features like email synchronization, Mailchimp integration, sales analytics, sales forecasting, and more.

Sales Pipeline
Source: Monday.Blog

The Standard plan is best suited for smaller sales reps & managers that need to improve the quality of their projects.

It enables smaller sales teams to add up to three guests for free, collaborate with guests & external users through shareable boards without granting access to the full account, and search for files, items, and updates across your account through the advanced filter search feature.

With access to the timeline, calendar, and map views, the Monday sales CRM solution ensures you can view your items by dates logged, visualize all your tasks by day, week, or month, and check your location & country columns in a single map.

Since you have unlocked the automations/integrations with this tier, CRM enables you to connect with Google Drive, Excel, Dropbox, and more.

Pro Plan

For $24 per seat per month, offers the Pro plan. It is the plan used for the 14-day free trial and is designed for larger businesses and managers dealing with heavier workloads & a larger number of people to track.

Everything from storage to dashboards, automations, and integrations is expanded to help you run complex sales processes and post-sale activities.


  • 100GB file storage
  • Private boards & docs
  • Time tracking & workload visualization
  • Custom notifications
  • Workflow & approval automations
  • Email tracking & automations
  • Chart views
  • Formula & dependency columns
  • 10-board dashboard
  • Commission management
  • Advanced reports
  • Custom notifications
  • Google Authentication
  • 25K actionable automations & integrations
  • Including everything from the Standard plan

The Pro tier ensures that your dashboards are only seen by you and the people you invite through private boards, which is great if you are in HR or financial departments or for constructing a to-do list before sharing it with the team.'s advanced sales CRM tier unlocks advanced restriction & permission settings, allowing you to manage who can view and edit content in the boards & columns.

Turn all data into valuable insights, differentiate information through chart views, automate repetitive tasks, and gain precise data about upcoming tasks & capacity through workload views.

With full access to the column center, you can manage projects, categorize, track time, and perform more complex functions with the tags, formula, and time-tracking columns.

Enterprise Plan

Through Monday's enterprise sales CRM solution, you can manage your sales pipeline from the pre-sales process to post-sales management with enterprise-grade security & features.


  • Lead scoring
  • Team goals
  • 50 boards per dashboard
  • 1000GB file storage
  • VIP support & dedicated customer success manager
  • 250K actionable automations & integrations
  • Tailored client onboarding
  • Documents for sales
  • Advanced security features
  • Multi-level permissions
  • HIPAA compliance program
  • Personalized email templates
  • Including everything from the Pro plan

With continued personalized support, tailored customer onboarding, and other advanced features that allow you to expedite the entire sales cycle, designed an enterprise sales CRM tier with the most sophisticated security, deal management, and CRM functionality.

Key Features

The Monday sales CRM solution provides extensive customer relationship management features ideal for tracking leads and closing deals in a smooth sales process.

Sales reps will find everything they need to capitalize on prospects while ensuring the clients' most comfortable customer journey.

The repertoire includes automation tools for pre and post-sale activities, deadline & assignment management features, different types of views, an integration center, automatic alerts for the financing team, and more.


Through Monday sales CRM, you can easily create custom dashboards and track project progress, budgets, and timelines to help you gain an easily trackable and up-to-date view of your projects' progress.

This project management tool provides over 15 widgets in all its tiers that help you estimate the workloads, understand project progress better, and optimize your budgets through different frameworks.

You can create reports, and summaries, organize groups from multiple boards into one dashboard, choose between main & private dashboards, and control information access through permissions & restrictions for facilitated workflows & multi-board oversight.

Monday sales CRM allows you to print your dashboards, share them with your colleagues by exporting them through PDF documents, edit them, and filter them by boards, groups, and different columns or by specific conditions.


The project management & sales CRM tool enables you to build automations based on simple if/then statements.

You can use Monday's automation recipes with different third-party apps. For instance, you can set up automated workflows when syncing due dates with your Google Calendar, sharing your Dropbox files & important customer data with your teammates, or even sending messages through Slack when prospects turn into qualified leads based on custom criteria that you set up.

Monday sales CRM allows you to create your recipes or use the ready-made automation recipes, select the triggers to be people, dates, statuses, or specific actions, and choose conditions & actions.

You can generate multi-step automations, set up time-based automations, or construct automations with pre-prepared templates for more complex automated workflows.

If you want to go back on something or save time for a similar sales pipeline in the future, you can edit, delete, duplicate, and save automations as templates.

Views & Widgets

Monday sales CRM engine provides a rich selection of views. These include the files view, through which you can see all the uploaded files within a board and view them as lists or thumbnails, and the forms view enables you to convert your boards into forms and send them to your contacts.

The workload widget provides insight into how the tasks are distributed within your team & upcoming timelines for all your teammates.

With the chart views, this project management tool delivers in-depth analytics from several boards in one chart. At the same time, the timeline widget enables you to pull timelines from different boards and gather them in a single view.

You can construct a Gantt chart widget combining the sales pipelines from different projects with a visual representation of all items & connected dependency lines.

Through Monday's calendar widget, you can generate a high-level picture across multiple boards and visualize it according to dates and timeline columns from a calendar. Map views allow you to display organized customer data pulled from location & country columns in a single map.

The fully customizable sales CRM solution makes it easy for you to collaborate with stakeholders through configurable Kanban boards that you can create on your own or utilize the ready-made templates.

Monday lets you easily track iterations & backlogs to track where your teammates stand on each milestone.

File Management

Monday sales CRM provides an engine for easily-shared files and efficient workflows. It helps you finalize assets faster and speed up edits & approvals with direct communication on files, transparent status updates, and smart notifications.

You will eliminate the cluttered “doc18-final-final2.doc” files, organize all file iterations in coherent timelines, review briefs, update statuses, and upload new assets without leaving the app. will enable you to connect with InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat DC, and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps so you can check updates at a glance, update your columns & task statuses within the apps, tag teammates in within the Adobe Creative Cloud apps, access project briefs, and much more.

Through Monday's digital asset management, you can store, organize, and manage your assets while uploading files in all formats from your computer Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

This sales CRM solution provides tailored workflows, allowing you to set clear due dates, dependencies, and automations and view your files as detailed cards, visualized grids, or a full project view.

Digital asset management (DAM)
Source: Monday.Blog

Integrations helps you centralize your pipelines through open API and native CRM integrations, helping you connect with popular communication, marketing, customer support, eCommerce, finance, software development, CRM sales, and project management tools.

CRM integrations

Connect with your clients and sync the most up-to-date information with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, Slack, Todoist, Mailchimp, Outlook, Gmail, HubSpot, and more.

Merge your support team with your product, sales, and engineering teams to resolve customer requests while enriching your accounts with valuable customer data through support solutions like Clearbit, Jotform, Typeform, SurveyMonkey, and Zendesk.

Track your Facebook ads from within, integrate all your registrants' data into Monday, embed Google Data Studio reports & analytics, and run impactful social media campaigns across multiple channels through marketing apps like Facebook Ads, Eventbrite, Data Studio, Hootsuite, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud,, and more.

Project Management Integration

Supercharge your task management capabilities through integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Jira, and PagerDuty, and automatically sync bugs & features within two platforms, share updates on managed & tracked bugs, utilize the two-way synchronization & convert Jira issues into manageable tasks, and optimize all your digital operations in


This sales CRM engine has created workdocs to keep the information visually organized while allowing your team to collaborate on, brainstorm, and execute all the tasks. lets you enable anyone with access to workspace access to workdocs or only for workdoc owners, add & move different elements and, customize the layout of the documents, add @mentions to notify different teammates within a document, and embed boards, widgets, images, videos, or files from anywhere within the workdocs.

You can even comment on specific content within the docs, add comments in the updates section, add annotations on images & files, generate the tables of contents to navigate the docs easily, create new items connected to boards, and add tables & layouts to support numerous columns, or insert code blocks.

The sales CRM solution provides long-term functionality by allowing you to save workdocs as templates and export them as PDF files while also allowing you to see the history of your docs and restore older versions to share with your teammates.

Lead Management offers a comprehensive lead management functionality through which you can capture and qualify leads from any source and automatically score them based on any criteria.

The software enables you to automate the follow-ups & updates so that the sales team can track and prioritize the leads requiring follow-ups and contact the prospects at an ideal time. Also, the prospects can contact sales teams and submit their requests directly.

Account management & Interactions

The project management tool ensures straightforward, instant communication. It allows you to manage hundreds of customers simultaneously by exchanging emails, capturing meeting notes on different business topics, events, and more, and then viewing it all in a timeline.

You can automatically log meetings, calls, and all interactions in a concise view, add them to the activities board, and generate reports. As a result, Monday ensures that you follow the customer journey with perfect timing.

Reporting & Analytics

Monday sales CRM offers the perfect platform to identify trends and generate reports based on imported CRM data to determine how to improve your team & increase the flow of leads. You can manage your company's budget through formulas and filters and narrow down specific criteria based on specific board filters.

Through chart reports, you can track how well different team members perform and how fast your tasks get completed and set different parameters to see how projects change over time.

You can enhance your chart reports with benchmarks & cumulative data to check how the reported data is progressing over time, with each month's report having the previous months included.

Identify projects that the system identifies as either completed, on track, or at risk through the overview widgets by analyzing the status of an entire board against the number of remaining tasks and the remaining time to complete them.

Through the pivot board views, you can slice & dice information for a deeper perspective on reports, identify trends, and summarize your data by the sum, average, median, and more.

Team Performance & Productivity

To ensure that everyone is moving their prospects through the sales pipeline, you need project management & CRM solution like Monday to track who is nailing their targets and who is lagging.

Utilize the performance insights views and track how long an item spends on a specific status or how long it stays in a specific phase.

Monday allows you to manage your team based on precise, actionable data and incentivize your team to stay motivated and perform at their fullest potential.

The Mobile App delivers a mobile app that is easy to use and enables you to access your inbox, workflows, and daily tasks on the go. You can collaborate on your boards with your teammates or even use the app offline.

Through the mobile app, you can access different board items divided into groups, and the groups can represent different days or weeks, locations or sites, people, projects, teams, clients, and more. The groups, which are further divided, make navigating the app extremely easy.

This project management platform ensures that you stay in the loop at all times, with bell notifications alerting you of any important activities involving you, such as receiving an assigned task, being mentioned in an update, or getting replies to your updates.

Also, you can see everything your team posted for specific boards, even if it doesn't involve you, through the inbox in the mobile app. provides mobile apps for all iPhone & iPad devices with the iOS 14 operating system or above.

Web Forms

Monday project management platform allows you to collect information through web forms without coding.

A few of Monday's most popular form-related boards include the contact form for collecting new leads, the job application for contact information recording & job application management, the order for streamlining the relevant order information, and work requests for servicing requests of other teams within your organization.

Creative Requests Add Board Description

The contact template allows you to manage all contact information and stay on top of your deals.

Get an instant overview of the status of your deals, email teammates & clients directly from your board, call your contacts from within the platform, add files & textual information to items, and add dates like deadlines to keep everything on track easily accessible.

Along with the contact template, the order form template will help you save a lot of time, stay on top of all orders, and track the progress of all deals.

You can easily store and access all the order information in one place with real-time status alerts and visual organization to prevent errors.

Pros and Cons

Monday Pros

Project Flexibility & Visual Appeal fosters flexibility by providing a variety of pre-made templates that allow you to jump into a project from the start, along with various column and view types that increase the visual appeal & efficiency of the represented data.

And this goes beyond the aesthetics as the software is extremely intuitive. Monday's layout will boost your sales performance with grouping features that allow your team to delegate multiple tasks simultaneously in one place.

Abundant Free Plan

Along with providing unlimited boards to all its tiers, Monday offers a generous free subscription that provides everything you need to organize your projects & clients on a smaller scale.

You can create a limitless amount of boards, communicate and collaborate on tasks with your team, manage all the files for each item, filter tasks by assignment or specific information, access different column & view types, and utilize the 500 MB file storage to save important documents.

Easy-to-Follow Interface with Tutorials

Monday has made everything simple to learn and use with little to no training and onboarding time required for your team.

The support engine provides access to an extensive knowledge base through which you can quickly find answers to all questions.

The webinar hub hosts live & on-demand webinars to find out about new features, updates, or strategies to elevate your sales. Their YouTube channel provides tons of practical video tutorials.

Monday Cons

Limited Features

Monday limits both automations & integrations to a set number of actions per month in all its plans. The jump from 250 available automation & integration actions in the Basic plan to 25,000 in the Standard is especially intense.

The limitations don't stop there, as Monday caps the number of users at 200 free users available in its free version. The only way to get more items in the free tier is by referring friends, but then you are still limited to 1,000.

Also, the free plan doesn't provide any automations or integrations. Monday sales CRM integrates with many essential apps, but some valuable tools like ActiveCampaign are missing.

Security Features Limited to the Enterprise Plan

Monday provides the single sign-on, HIPAA compliance, integration permissions, IP restrictions, and content directory only in its Enterprise plan, leaving users in lower tiers without significant protection functionalities.

Additionally, you can only activate the functionality of Google authentication and private boards & docs if you scale up to the Pro plan.

Customer Support

Monday provides 24/7 support by email & chat in all its plans with an attentive, knowledgeable team ready to assist you with any issues and guide you through any processes.

The help center grants access to a repository of FAQs, step-by-step guides, video tutorials, webinar links, and other documentation if you want instant answers to questions.

The learning center can help you get the most out of the tool's CRM capabilities, and there are training modules ranging from beginner to master levels of difficulty.

Enterprise users will receive priority support and a dedicated customer success manager to assist with tailored onboarding and provide extensive training.

If you want live chat support, you will need to integrate with Slack, and all the contact buttons on the website lead to embedded forms before connecting with support representatives.

Real Monday CRM Reviews

A great sales CRM review wouldn't be complete without some real reviews from reputable review platforms. I have listed some of the reviews from a number of users from these.

Yondel P. – Main Developer, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“Monday provides a great user interface, it is very intuitive to use and has a lot of tools. Those that like me more are that you can create a project, and also a subitem for that project where you can work on other things related to it and choose which members of your team will work on it. That is just one of all things I can say. When I upload an image, it doesn't lose quality and always remains as I uploaded. It is very fast to use on my computer and in the mobile app. The Mobile app is great. When I receive notifications on my phone, I can check very fast comments, likes on posts I made, new work to do, assigned jobs, etc…I used to work with other platforms, but no one of those can even be close to Monday, which has become my preferred tool to work online.”

Ajay Y. – Product Improvement Engineer, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“It is one of the best software products I ever used till now. Monday has lots of cool features such as different views of the same board to please all members of the team irrespective of their personal choices.Automations are one of the best features where you can automate routine tasks and notify people across different platforms.Adding new features and hosting webinars to learn more about them is one of the best practices.”

Jim M. – Real Estate Agent- Distressed Property Specialist, Small-Business (50 or fewer emp.)

“I like the flexibilty of being able to create workflows that help me manage projects from start to finish and keep me on tract to serve my clients to the best of my ability. I like the was it is easy to create reporting dashboards that tract the business stats I need to measure my success.”

CRM Alternatives

Monday CRM vs Pipedrive

Both Monday and Pipedrive provide the industry's best CRM software, but some standout features with each tool make it better suited for certain businesses and use cases.

Firstly, while Monday provides a respectable repertoire of email marketing features in its paid plans, Pipedrive requires you to pay additional fees to get the same features as customizable templates, real-time reporting, email marketing campaigns, segmentation, and more.

On the contrary, Monday includes all its email marketing features in its regular plans, allowing you to sync your Gmail & Outlook accounts and create campaigns through automated, personalized email sequences.

At the same time, Pipedrive's pipeline management features are more robust, with the tool enabling you to track leads and close cross-channel deals.

You can assign leads to sales representatives and track them through Facebook conversations, qualify leads automatically, and provide pointers & reminders to sales team with the sales assistant.

Overall, Pipedrive is more often considered one of the best eCommerce CRM software and better suited for mid-sized businesses with its more expensive and wide selection of email marketing features & robust pipeline management.

Monday is a better fit for freelancers & startups with its more robust automation features, all the essentials in the regular tiers, and phone support.

Monday CRM vs Freshsales

If you want a strictly easy-to-use package with AI-powered tools & analytical insights to help you get a headstart and improve efficiency, Freshsales is the perfect CRM tool.

The intuitive, predictive analytical tools are among the biggest advantages Freshsales has over Monday, allowing you to get a clear picture of the sales insights easier than you would with Monday.

However, Monday is a more customizable CRM solution with a wider array of integrations and an easier setup.

Monday and Freshsales provide a deal management functionality, but Monday's deal management features allow clearer drag-and-drop visual pipelines, while Freshsales provides a more analytical solution.

Regarding lead management, Monday can help you unify data from multiple sources but may require manual entry for lead management. Freshsales lets you track lead activities and qualify leads through AI-powered scoring.

When you apply the right project management principles, Freshsales will help you consistently keep the new high level of sales execution.

Suppose your team already uses tools from the Freshworks suite. In that case, you will more likely cater towards Freshsales, while the small businesses looking for fast and easy implementation will find Monday more appealing.

Monday CRM vs Salesforce

Considering how easy it is to scale the CRM functionalities with Salesforce during any stage of your business growth, it makes the tool one of the best long-term CRM solutions & best enterprise CRM software.

Monday focuses more on team collaboration, whereas Salesforce delivers a wider range of analytics & e-commerce features.

While Salesforce is more feature-rich overall, Monday delivers a more in-depth CRM solution at the expense of lacking features in other areas.

Monday is more visually appealing and simpler to use with a dedicated customer support team with a faster response time.

Salesforce delivers more extensive product offerings beyond CRM and seamless integration functionality than Monday, which can cause difficulties when integrating with certain tools.

While Salesforce is more expensive and has more complicated pricing, Monday is cheaper and provides a straightforward pricing plan.

Monday is ideal for smaller businesses and beginners that are not tech-savvy, while Salesforce is more suitable for larger organizations.

Verdict: Is Monday CRM Worth It?

Monday CRM has been consistently noted for improving workflows & productivity for numerous businesses across many industries as it focuses on providing excellent collaboration while facilitating sales growth.

The software looks great and requires no training for your staff, making it perfect for smaller businesses, startups, and individuals like you looking for a platform to manage contacts & pipelines in the most convenient way possible.

When you take the generous free tier, the depth of CRM functionality, and the support team ready to guide you through sales processes, it is easy to conclude that Monday is more than worth it.

Try Monday today to supercharge your sales with more customizability at the lowest price than any other tool on the market.

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